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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 20, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we've got them for you "right this minute." you have the registration? >> no. >> it's your basic traffic stop. >> that just goes terribly wrong. >> what the driver did tt sent a cop over the edge. >> you just threatened to give my public information out? >> a gamer goes off over "grand theft auto." >> we have a case of nerd rage here. >> the story behind the game
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stop showdown. >> why don't you write down your name and phone number. >> a remarkable time lapse captures the raising of the costa concordia. >> how are they going to get this giant hunk of trash out of the ocean? >> and now the discovery channel breaks down the biggest wreck since the titanic. >> and do pick-up lines work? >> why the cheesier the better to get that phone number. >> she just offered it up. >> guaranteed this will leave you scratching your head. it's another routine traffic stop that just goes terribly wrong. that woman is victoria king, a university of central florida student, pulled over by a campus police officer because she had a brake light out. the video we're watching is coming from the officer's body
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c cam. she said she was driving her mother's car, she didn't noknow where the registration was. >> do you have the registration? >> no, this is my mother's car. i just dropped her off and i have an appointment. >> okay. >> you don't want look for it? that would be $114 if you don't have it. >> when he comes back, she refuses to roll down the window. >> why do i have to have it all the way down? >> my hand is going to be near the vehicle, man. step out of the vehicle, step out of the vehicle. >> at this point she says she's having a miscarriage. >> i'm having a miscarriage. >> at this point another officer
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shows up. they warn her your window will be broken if you don't roll down your window. >> if you don't roll down your wind open, i'm going to break the window. >> what did i do? >> she had a brake light out. >> he claims she started to roll the window up. >> oh, my god! are you serious? >> they pull miss king out of the car, put her on the ground, place her under arrest. she was charged with resisting arrest and battery on the police officer. you see the officer's thumb is cut by the glass. all of this because of a brake light. miss king as filed an excessive force case. >> you wouldn't comply. >> what happens when a water spot turns into a tornado? >> destruction.
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>> yes, and a bunch of people freak out. >> this is a water spout that turned into a tornado right off the international airport in nassau in the bahamas. it formed as a water spout over the lake that's nearby but then it moved a little bit, touched ground for a tiny little bit. but people really freaked out. >> i can see the concern. heavy winds around an airplane. >> it so strange they are concerned verbally. they're vocal about it but nobody seems to take cover. they're standing there having the conversation film being the sucker. >> they got really good video. they panned up and showed us the water spout. but there is another video that does show people in the same location running for cover. >> whoa! >> you see a lot of people running back into what looks look a terminal or a building. i can't really tell from the jittery camera but as they're running in, you do see the spout
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form ing in the sky. >> it did look like it had picked up a plane and dropped it all catilawompus. >> oh, you're right. >> fortunately nobody was injured except the seaplane. >> dang! >> it's not unusual to have eighth grade boys fighting in school. it is unusual if that eighth grader is fighting with their teacher. this video comes to us from johannesburg in south africa. that student is launching a barrage of stuff at the teacher. >> the worst part is all the other students are cheering him on.
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>> oh. >> now the teacher is believed to have that kid's backpack but the teacher walks away as the student chases after him. >> with a broom stick in his hand. >> he does. he keeps going after the teacher. the teacher shows remarkable restraint. this student hit, kicked, bit and threw that broom at the teacher, as well as the chair. >> was this a case of bullying from the kid to the teacher? >> at this point we don't know what instigated the fight. the fight is under investigation by the department of education. the school hasn't made a statement but the department of education says this teacher should be commended for just walking away. >> the teacher could have fought back and claimed he was defending himself because the student was coming at him with all kinds of stuff. >> the student has been
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suspended. >> i friday, everybody. we should celebrate. >> we could give away an ipad mini? >> we could but you're going to need the buzz word to win. >> you have to be 18 to enter and be a u.s. resident. >> stand by, it's the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> oh, no, no, no, i'm very sincere. >> we got ourselves a little case of nerd rage here. i want you to tell me who's to blame. we're at a game stop. this is on the release date of 5," a game crazy popular. a lot of people are in line on the day this is released. when you preorder, you have to show up with your id. this guy wanted to show up to pick up his game. we're in the middle of an argument between he and the girl
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behind the lk out. >> and, hey, that's the video. >> he says, oh, we have his business card now. do you want his e-mail address? he comes back. >> did you just threaten to give out my public information and have me harassed? >> nobody is going to harass you. >> then why don't you write down your phone number and address. >> i want your last name so i can call and make a formal complaint. now other customers are starting to get involved like this. >> i can't believe people like you. >> you can't pick up something with a business card. you have to have a real id. at the same time you can't offer to give out someone's e-mail
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address. we reached out to game stop. they did say they're investigating and apologized to the customer. let's ask our customers who do you side with in our nerd rage argument. >> a couple hits the lake for a duo wave surf when -- >> things are about to take a little turn. >> when dude pull as move no one saw coming. >> and see how this little girl puts out the flame when blowing just won't get the job done. with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york... and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪
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guys, i want you to take a look at this remarkable time lapse footage. what you're seeing is the costa concordia cruise ship. remember that story january 13th of 2012, this cruise ship ran aground. it's been there ever since. it's been an eyesore for the italian people. raising this ship almost seemed impossible. how are they going to get this giant chunk of trash out of the ocean? this time lapse from the discovery channel shows the righting of this ship and it's just the beginning of the process of getting this ship out of there. many salvage companies cut the
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ship up and remove it piece by piece but that would have been an environmental disaster. dr. burke tells us how this worked. dr. burke, explain what a monumental task it is to raise a ship like this and get it out in one piece. >> it's a huge task. no within had done it for a ship this size in the past. it required hundreds of people, massive amounts of equipment and months and months of detailed calculations. this is an unbelievable achievement. >> i hear that one of the big concerns was everything inside the ship was still in there. can you talk about that a little bit? >> when the ship went over, nobody expected that to happen, it's not supposed to happen. unfortunately 32 people were lost when the ship stranded and the rest of the people got off and they left behind everything. and in addition to that, the ship was fully fuelled, it had
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literally tons of lube oil, cleansers and a lot of pretty noxious stuff inside of it. so as long as it stays inside the ship, it doesn't get out and damage the environment. and the environment of the island is absolutely precious. that's going to be a pretty dangerous job, going inside a ship that's been submerged is not fun. taking months to do this the right way will he benefit. >> "inside raising the costa concordia" airs tonight. >> they say a couple that plays together stays together. i think that's true for this couple. here they are for the perfect end of summer, heading into fall video. you see them getting up, holding on to the rope together. it's romantic. >> are you on the same board? >> yeah.
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>> i didn't know they could do a two-person wake board. >> he's doing the gentlemanly thing, letting her hold the handle. >> and she splashed him. >> but things are about to take a little turn. >> what? look at his face. >> her face is awesome. yes, you guys have figured it out. this is a proposal video. >> how are they still wake boarding? >> he pops the question, she nods yes and there they go. >> they take the plunge. >> they decided to take the plunge. he did not have the ring with him on wake board but it is on the board. there's the friends. he slides the ring on her finger. look at the smile on her face. >> that was like a ballet dance out there. how did they do that together is. >> i think when you can do this on a wake board and it's this
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romantic and beautiful, i think it's meant to be. >> it's a prison break. >> he tried to free a prisoner that was inside being treated. >> see how this scary scene ends. and your chance to went an ipad mini. friday's buzz word is coming up. would let me take you home.gies
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shorts but in an unknown location. in bogota, colombia, two men go flying in. this man in a long coat holding a rifle, waving it around in this lobby. this is a hospital in bogota, colombia and they burst in to try to free a prisoner who is being treated. >> it's one of their buddies. >> alexander was getting the checkup. he was convicted in a gang killing. these guys manage to get away with him. here they are running out of the building. before they leave, shots are fired. no one is injured. here you see people on the floor holding their heads down for cover. now the security guard tentatively steps up, tries to see where they go and then backs
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o o off. >> this looks not real, like they were shooting a video. >> authorities have still not found him. they're offering a $15,000 reward leading to his capture. >> he was already in custody and was in prison and transferred to the hospital for a checkup. >> it's scary they put all these other lives on the line in the hospital to rescue one convicted killer. >> how did the rest of the guys get caught and he didn't? >> if there's any doubt that cheesy pickup lines could actually work, let this video be a lesson. >> the guys over at simple pickup created this video with the cheesiest of cheesy pickup lines. >> i'm sorry, do you have a band-aid? >> i don't, i'm sorry. >> i just scraped my knee falling for you. >> aw! >> did you really just say that?
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you want my number? >> he didn't even have to ask. she just ofrfered it up. >> if i would have 5 cents every time i saw someone as beautiful as you, i would have 5 cents. >> do you know if there's an airport nearby or is this my heartaking offsoutiful? >> you know why this works? women say all the time make me laugh. despite this being a cheesy pickup line, they laugh and the ice is broken. bada-bing. >> did you just fart? you just blew me away. my love for you is like diarrhea. i can't hold it in. >> nice pickup line. >> give me a hug. now give me your number. >> if you're using diarrhea and fart in your pickup line, neh --
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>> i learned this from our producer. >> how much does a polar bear weigh? >> enough to break the ice? >> can i have your number? >> that's how girls use pickup lines. >> if you were words on a page, you'd be fine print. >> hey, that's a good one. >> it's ipad mini giveaway time. >> go to phase. >> time to reveal the friday buzz word. it is "prank." >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and then enter "prank" for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody.
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>> he's the little cheese head who knows his packers. >> hi. >> what? >> brett favre. immediately. >> hear h
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at first i thought this was a video of a relative of mine. >> oh, my gosh! >> i'm totally fine. i caught myself. >> then i realized i don't know who this person is. there is a security camera inside this office, several
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cubicles, there's this man here with a ton of stuff on his desk and a computer and then you see the shadow of someone walking in the door. they go to open the door and then -- >> ooh! >> did she pass out? >> she didn't pass out. i think she's just in pain. this poor woman opens the door but the thing falls off the hinges, falls over, knocks over this man's computer but he's more concerned about his screen than he is about her. so the woman comes and lifts this poor woman up. >> she was like i've got enough work to get through. i don't need any more things getting in my way. i'm in a mountain you stuff already. >> at first i thought what if she was a job applicant. >> that's one heck of a way to make an entrance. >> lizard eating ants.
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>> i got a couple of pretty darn cute videos for you. this first one i feel like i'm watching a little steven fabian. so this little guy has a packard bo -- packers book. go packers, go. obviously dad he as been teaching him. he has i prempressive knowledge. >> what's this? >> cheese head. >> cheese head. >> who's this? >> brett favre. >> this gets more impressive. dad gets to a page who has several packers players throughout history. >> who is this? >> tony cordero. >> if you look at this picture, this is like leather head days.
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>> keep going. [ inaudible ]. >> i can only name two of those, maybe one. >> he's got it all memorized. >> now from one really cute little guy to a really darn cute little girl. this one can't figure out how to >> i think she's getting nervous because she's holding the candle and the flame is getting closer to her finger. that's why she's in a hurry. >> blow it out. >> usually the kids want to blow out the candles, that's like the most fun. she's like you know what? someone else do it. >> i'm done. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." f0 now at 5, 49ers linebacker
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aldon smith facing new charges tonight. the crash that led to his arrest and what it means for this sunday's game. new developments tonight in a case of shots being fired at drivers in the south bay. the surprisingly young ages of the two suspects. and the rush was on this morning all across the bay area for the new iphone. but not everyone got what they came for. why some customers left empty- handed. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. 49ers linebacker aldon smith under arrest. he was taken into custody at 7:00 this morning after he crashed into a front yard and appeared to fall asleep while his car was still running. coach harbaugh says aldon smith will play this sunday against the colts. we begin our coverage with robert handa in san jose. >> reporter: we are at the
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accident scene on bentley ridge road drive. you can see, there are still tread marks and gouges that has the 49ers star in big legal trouble again. >> i don't know where the car come from and who he is. >> reporter: kim din had no idea who the driver was of a big truck that hit a tree in her front yard at 7:00 this morning, then hit the curb and ended up with one wheel on the driveway, spinning and leaving a pile of rubber, and another wheel gouging a big hole in the crash. a neighbor came over to help the driver, who police see was 49ers linebacker aldon smith, who would be arrested for dui and possession of marijuana. >> it looked like he was asleep, because i see the smoke come out from the car. but he didn't know. and the engine was still working. and the wheels in the ground. >> the wheels kept digging into
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the ground? >> but he didn't know. he was sleeping. >> reporter: aldon smith was booked into santa clara county jail, posted bail and was released by midmorning. >> he has been released from custody. signed a promise to appear with a court date in november 4 of this year at the hall of justice. >> reporter: san jose police are releasing very few details. no one was seriously hurt. smith did not appear to be disoriented after he parked the car on the driveway after police arrived. >> he looked like normal. the police asked him to come out. and he talked with the police. >> reporter: coming up at 6, we'll tell you more about how smith behaved with officers as well as more about the allegations he faces concerning driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. this isn't the first time aldon it


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