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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the wheels kept digging into the ground? >> but he didn't know. he was sleeping. >> reporter: aldon smith was booked into santa clara county jail, posted bail and was released by midmorning. >> he has been released from custody. signed a promise to appear with a court date in november 4 of this year at the hall of justice. >> reporter: san jose police are releasing very few details. no one was seriously hurt. smith did not appear to be disoriented after he parked the car on the driveway after police arrived. >> he looked like normal. the police asked him to come out. and he talked with the police. >> reporter: coming up at 6, we'll tell you more about how smith behaved with officers as well as more about the allegations he faces concerning driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. this isn't the first time aldon
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smith has been in trouble. last year, he was arrested in miami for dui, although those charges were later reduced. he's also accused of illegally firing a weapon during a party in 2012 at his home in san jose. and he suffered minor stab wounds when a fight broke out at that party. plus, smith has been named in a lawsuit by a man who said he was shot during that party. join the conversation on our facebook page. we're asking people, do you think aldon smith should play in sunday's game against the colts? and a lot of people are weighing in. visit our facebook page and tell us what you think. and what does aldon smith's arrest mean for the 49ers? again, coach harbaugh said aldon smith will be on the field this sunday. ahead at 5:30, what else the coach and two other star players are saying about what happened. a live look at san francisco here over the oakland estuary. summer is coming to a close. with its final days comes the threat of wet weather.
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bill martin joins us now with what we should all expect for our last days of summer. >> it's all coming to a quick end. as we've been talking about all week, there's a system out there. we've got rain and showers in the forecast, mainly north. you can see what's happening. it's already occurring. north of the bay area, you've got rain up in eureka. saturday's forecast, we could see a tenth of an inch, quarter of an inch of rain in some places. chance of a thunderstorm. coolest day of the week. numbers are coming down on saturday. turns out that is the last day of summer. the next day, of course, becomes the beginning heading towards winter. coming up, we'll talk about the computer model, show you the timing on this thing, give you the rainfall timeline precisely. and then changes coming for your sunday. all that back here in 10 minutes. a shattered window is stark evidence of a courthouse shooting that happened in the east bay in the city of pittsburg. we'll put up a map here to show
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you where it happened. it was at the arnason justice center. that's on center drive. the shooting happened at 7:45 this morning. let's bring in noelle walker. noelle, how did deputies explain to you it all happened? >> reporter: it's very strange. investigators believe the suspect was looking for a shotgun that was hidden here in this shrubbery. when that shotgun accidentally fired and hit that building, all the way over there. this is not the most comfortable sight at a courthouse. a spiderweb shattered window, a direct hit from a shotgun fired this morning. >> i'm just shocked and amazed that, you know, something like that would happen at a courthouse. >> reporter: it happened at 7:40 a.m. police didn't have to wait for a 911 call. the department stepped away. officers heard a gunfire. >> it's rare. there was an officer that heard it and we were on scene within seconds of hearing the shot. >> reporter: officers didn't see a suspect but surveillance
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cameras around the arnason justice center did. police believe the suspect was near this statue, trying to recover a shotgun when the shotgun fired. >> ultimately, we don't know how that shotgun got there. it's definitely not safe to have firearms out in the public like that. we don't know why it was there. >> reporter: the suspect jumped into this suburban. police don't believe the suspect intended to fire the gun and don't believe he was aiming at the jury assembly room. >> if i was hit, i would hopefully get out of jury duty for that day. >> reporter: no one was hurt, though there were people inside and around the building at the time in we're very fortunate there were no injuries as a result of this. >> reporter: so pittsburg police are checking with other departments to see if they have other crimes involving shotguns that might be related to this crime today. in the meantime, they want you to take a look at this chevy
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suburban. if you know anything about it, pittsburg police would love to hear from you. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a worker was killed at a construction site. now cal osha is investigating. the accident happened on club drive. police say a 51-year-old newark man was hit by a machine called a scraper. he was part of a crew grading the site for new home construction. police say the driver was making a u-turn and didn't see the victim. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. new developments tonight in the recent freeway shootings along highway 101 in san jose. ann joins us live from san jose with the surprisingly young age of the two suspects. >> reporter: well, investigators had been trying to track down the shooters in this case when one of them showed up at the police station this morning to turn himself in. he is young and he says his partner is even younger. now, take a look at these images. authorities say at least 12 cars were hit by a barrage of
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bb's that punctured doors and shattered windows. it happened on highway 101. this morning, a 15-year-old approached police to admit his guilt. he also implicated an 11-year- old friend. the two juveniles were interviewed with their parents and later released into their custody. investigators with chp say they aren't sure what prompted them to come forward. but they say they're lucky the damage in this case wasn't worse. >> at 5:45, 6:00, southbound 101 could very easily have caused a chain-reaction traffic collision where we could have had fatalities. a little bit of guilt got the better of this child hopefully and he needed to come clean. >> reporter: authorities will charge them with felony vandalism. they say they are still looking for more victims in this case. live in san jose, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. a new twist tonight in the legal saga.
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former santa clara county board of supervisor's president, the lead judge has recused himself. a new judge ruled today that an impersonation charge relating to an illegal campaign mailer should not be thrown out. as part of a plea deal shirkawa entered into. another possible bart strike. just 22 days remain. make that 20 days remain. now, as that deadline approaches, there are -- there is word that bart is taking extra steps. they have trucked cars in order to train some of its managers to operate them. tom vacar has been looking into that. and just how realistic this
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training plan is. tom? >> reporter: here's what the law says. the law says nobody, nobody drives a bart train with passengers without first having been fully tested and certified by the california public utilities commission. these bart cars are sitting up on flatbed trailers while bart insists familiarization training, not track training, will take place. >> we have about 12 managers who are already certified. we can start doing some training with noncertified employees. but we can't do the real hands- on training until employees actually go on strike. >> reporter: the union argues those bart managers aren't really certified. >> they may have previously been certified, but there are constant revisions, constant changes. and it's been years since they were certified. >> reporter: i looked for answers about bart's safety record and trained operator
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records. for two days now, the california public utilities commission has been unable or unwilling to give me that information, which raises the question, is the cpuc as cozy with bart as it once was with pg&e? today i filed a comprehensive california public records act request that requires the cpuc to answer each question in detail. meanwhile, the bart manager training season underway. >> we have to prepare for a possibly very long strike. everything we're hearing from the union is they're gearing up for a possible month-long strike. >> reporter: now, coming at 6, what corridor bart's manager operator service would actually serve and why that won't be nearly enough. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. containment of the rim wildfire in and around yosemite has now been pushed back to october 1st. crews say the fire is still burning around the hetch hetchy
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reservoir. that, combined with a red flag warning, prompted this new containment estimate. officials say they still have to carve 133 miles of dozer lines around the fire. it could be months before the damage to the washington navy yard is repaired following that shooting massacre on monday morning. it will take six to eight weeks to clean up and repair building 197, where that gunman went on a rampage, shooting and killing 12 people. navy officials say they expect the fbi to turn the building back over to the military next week so that the repair work can begin. we're learning more now about white house plans to honor the victims of that shooting. president obama and first lady michelle obama will visit the families of the victims on sunday. they'll also attend a memorial service that day. it will be held at marine barracks washington. it's a historic marine corps base not far from the navy yard. the memorial will not be open to the public but a spokesperson says about 4,000 invitations are going out.
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getting ready for business. one of the bay area's largest casinos is set to open its doors. and more on linebacker aldon smith's rest. it's a huge change for the golden gate bridge. a median barrier gets the green light. the steps that remain before that barrier is put in place. they were billed as the fastest thing on the water. but not today. the unusual reason why oracle usa will live to see another day.
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after an unusual day along the san francisco bay, oracle team usa stays alive. the win came in today's second race in the america's cup. the first race was abandoned after light winds hampered any chance of both teams crossing the finish line before the time
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limit. in the next case, oracles beat the kiwis. >> reporter: the kiwis are wonderful people. but we have to do it here. they'll race again tomorrow. >> what a weekend it's gonna be in san francisco! >> reporter: many thousands of extra visitors. though race organizers acknowledge less than predicted. >> the fact of the matter is that san francisco is seeing an upsurge of business, restaurants, the wharf. >> reporter: after watching every race since july, olivia says -- >> it wasn't as crowded. now it's really picked up. i think people are really enjoying it. >> we just flew in yesterday. we thought this would all be over by e time we got here. my husband has been watching it on the telly.
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>> reporter: new zealander atta told me her country has been more than willing to pay for this moment of national pride. >> it's about all of us getting together, behind our team, supporting our boys. >> it's been a pretty good time. >> reporter: they're getting ready for a concert right now. it's 8:00 here tonight. the weather is turning a bit chilly, but the enthusiasm for america's cup is only heating up. reporting live in san francisco, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. some team new zealand fans are filmed having a little fun at the ceo's expense. this video shows three men in costume putting three flags in san francisco. they did it during the early morning hours on tuesday.
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afterwards, the pranksters came out and took the flags down. allegiance air cancelled flights, grounding all 52 of its airplanes. that leg to cancellations, including two flights between oakland and reno. dozens of other flights were rescheduled or delayed. the problem started when the airline discovered that maintenance of the slides was not in compliance with manufacturer recommendations. the employment development department is still dealing with a backlog that has delayed employment checks to millions. they blame a computer glitch and a $150 million shortfall in federal funding. >> we just don't have enough staff to go around when demand remains more than twice what it was before the recession. so we have to get it automated. we have to get the assistance of automation to help us get more efficient in our workload. >> they say they cannot
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estimate when those affected will be receiving their checks. a huge new casino is set to open in just about six weeks. these are drawings of the casino that's under construction. according to the santa rosa press democrat, crews are putting the finishing touches on the $800 million casino. it is set to officially open on november 5. it's located on 66 acres of land owned by the federated indians. pretty dramatic changes ahead in the weather. bill martin is here to tell us. >> we've been talking about showers. now looks like they're going to verify it. wet weather in the bay area tomorrow. and you can see how it looks. just more winter-like. of course, saturday, the last day of summer. this is going to mark the beginning of a change, as we go into tomorrow. we're looking for the clouds to increase and showers in the forecast. here's the system now as it moves through the northern portion of the state. it's going to slide through
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tonight. gives you a little wind shift. it's this area behind that front that's going to bring us the best shot for showers tomorrow afternoon. today was partly cloudy. tomorrow, showers and cooler. is it a washout? you'll get some stuff done, but i think between 7:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon, i think you're going to need umbrellas, especially in the north bay. i keep an umbrella in my trunk of my car. here we are tonight with drizzle, forecast model. here we are tomorrow morning. not a big deal, right? you can get away with stuff. so here we are, 10 a.m. this looks like significant stuff. maybe some drizzle occurring now over parts of santa rosa. as that slides through, between 10 and about 1, 2, that's some pockets of rain. that's rain. it's not a lot of aerial distribution but it's patchy , and even a chance for a
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thundershower. between 10 and 2 is your best chance to get wet. forecast highs tomorrow, 71 in fairfield, 73 in antioch, 73 in livermore. in the five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, everything is changing around. we talked about sunday. well, sunday is going to end up being our nicest day, actually. we're looking for sunday's temperatures to get back into the upper 70's. so a nice warm day as we head into sunday. but saturday, a little sketchy. i'll have the latest update, next time you see me at 5:45 and we will dial in specifically your hour-by-hour forecast. >> but this rain helped tamp down any fire concerns we have? >> yes. a crowd of people watching a basketball game in a park in chicago. what happened next that injured 13 people, including a three- year-old child who is now in critical condition. plus a war of words on capitol hill.
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>> this place is a mess! let's get our house in order. >> the move made today by house rebublicans against president obama's health care plan as capitol hill heads for a shutdown showdown. now to our julie haener in the newsroom with what we're working on for 6. >> dui and marijuana accusations against a 49er pro bowler. the surprising number of incidents that suggest the niners may have a bigger dui problem. plus -- >> 36 men and women about to embark on a new adventure. and that is the streets of oakland! tonight we talk to them about what many folks across the country call a violent city. >> these stories and much more, coming up new at 6. 5ñ
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police in chicago are searching for the gunman in a shooting that injured 13 people, including a three-year- old. the vicks were in a crowded neighborhood park watching a basketball game. that's when witnesses say a group of men fired assault- style weapons from a car. the child was hit in the cheek and is now in critical condition as are two other victims. investigators say they're not sure yet how many shots were fired. once again, the u.s. congress is in a shutdown showdown. today, the debate over the budget dissolved into a partisan fight over the president's health care reform plan. >> this place is a mess! let's get our house in order. we are legislators. we have come here to do a job
5:24 pm
for the american people. >> the american people don't want the government shut down, and they don't want obamacare. >> today, house rebublicans approved a budget measure that keeps the government running for another three months but also strips funding for president obama's affordable care act. in missouri today, the president lashed out at congress, while speaking to workers at a car plant. the president urged congress to pass a budget and raise the nation's debt ceiling to avoid throwing the country into default. >> this is the united states of america. we're not some banana republic. this is not a deadbeat nation. we don't run out on our tab. >> they have promised to kill the house budget measure. but if congress fails to meet the september 30 deadline for a spending bill, a government shutdown will begin. the next showdown will be the debt ceiling battle. it puts america at risk of defaulting for the first time
5:25 pm
ever. the communications chair for the sacramento county democrat party is apologizing for several tweets sent after the house vote. there was a tweet praising the vote to strip funding from the affordable care act. bower then wrote, quote, may your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases disease and he sent similar tweets that included expletives. minutes later, brower apologized, saying he was just upset and had lashed out. three transients have died over the past three months. the latest involve a man under the d street bridge. police are concerned about homeless camps and the threat to people passing by. yahoo ceo marissa meyer comes out ahead of mark zuckerberg. but first -- >> here in the
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shadows of a 49ers new ballpark, the team is dealing with legal problems of one of its stars. how other players are reacting. and in a story you'll see only on 2, we go behind the bars of san quentin for a basketball game that stresses team work over the final score. and standing in line for hours to get their hands on a new iphone. however, some left disappointed because one model ran out early. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. on the field, he's a force to be reckoned with. but tonight, he's in trouble again. one of the nfl's rising stars. we return to our continuing coverage of this morning's arrest of 49er linebacker aldon smith. this afternoon, head coach jim harbaugh spoke publicly about the star player's run-in with the law. we're live in santa clara with that and what some of smith's attempts had to say. john? >> reporter: gasia, the 49ers have a huge game this weekend. but at the practice facility, the players and their head coach couldn't avoid questions on a different topic. the 49ers are dealing with the fallout of this morning's arrest of star linebacker aldon
5:30 pm
smith. he was arrested on suspicion of dui after police say he crashed his truck into a tree in the silver creek neighborhood. he was also charged with possession of marijuana. smith was at practice today and seemed to be fine. this is not smith's first problem with the law. last year, he was busted for dui in miami and he was stabbed at a party in a south bay house. he's also named in a lawsuit by a man who says he was shot during another party at smith's house. harbaugh and some other players addressed it. >> i'm disappointed. and, you know, i felt like he needs to go to work, face his teammates, and, you know, soldier through it. >> sometimes stuff just happens. if anybody went looking through everybody's past, you'd find some stuff on everybody, even the people probably asking the questions. so i'm not concerned. >> when you're winning and you're a winning team, so much comes at you. i mean, it's easy to get off
5:31 pm
track. but the way you do it is just by staying together as a team, maintaining a good level of focus. >> reporter: harbaugh said he expects smith to play on sunday. of course, the league could take disciplinary action, perhaps even suspending smith. >> smith isn't the first 49er to get in trouble. coming up at 6, the teamwide troubles facing the 49ers. san jose firefighters say they found dozens of marijuana plants where they put out a fire earlier today. the fire was reported about 5:30 this morning. firefighters say no one was home. the house had bars on the windows and doors. and that slowed firefighters as they tried to get inside. it took them about an hour to put out the fire. police are investigating the discovery of the marijuana plants. fire inspectors are also looking for the cause but say it may have been illegal wiring. a 13-year-old boy was hit by a car while riding his
5:32 pm
bicycle to school in marin county today. this happened on pine hill road. the highway patrol says that a crossing guard and the child were in a marked crosswalk. but a bmw drove through the intersection and hit the boy. he was treated for minor injuries. officers identified the driver as 30-year-old anne rothmann of san francisco. for the second month in a row, california's unemployment rate has gone up. the employment development department puts the august figure at 8.9%, up 2/10 of a percentage point from july. labor officials say more than 1.6 million people were out of work in california last month. bay area counties, though, are bucking that trend. unemployment rates here went down last month. marin had the lowest rate at 5%. solano county is the highest at 8.2. san francisco, 5.6%. alameda, 7.4. contra costa, 7.3.
5:33 pm
sonoma county, 6.6. san mateo, 5.3. santa clara, 6.3. and napa county, 5.8. target says it plans to higher fewer seasonal workers for the holiday shopping season. the retailer says it's going to hire 70,000 people, down 20% for last year, or 18,000 fewer temporary workers. target says it wants to be more efficient in its hiring, and will let permanent workers pick up extra holiday hours. the 38-year-old marissa mayer wins the honors this time over mark zuckerberg, who came in third. the wait is over. thousands of die hard apple fans have their new iphone. in san francisco and other cities, lines snaked around the block. but some people left disappointed after the stores
5:34 pm
ran out of one particular model. >> reporter: not many people can stand in line for 14 hours. >> if you're a real geek, a new iphone, somebody is always excited to get it. >> reporter: but some iphone fans did just that, being some of the first to get their hands on the new iphone. many passed the time on other apple gadgets or meeting new people, but finally, when the doors opened precisely at 8:00 this morning, it was a moment they've all been waiting for. some eventually shelled out more than they wanted to. >> i got the last gold iphone 5s which is what i waited 14 hours for. >> reporter: the disappointment comes from those who wanted the coveted gold iphone 5s. at the apple store on chestnut, the third person in line got the last in stock, the 64 gig version. >> i had to pay $200 more to get mine. >> reporter: for now, the only way you'll get your hands on the gold iphone is if you see it on display at the apple store. >> i like the colors and it's a
5:35 pm
lot cheaper. >> reporter: very few waited in line for the 5c. >> i wasn't able to get the 5, but i mean the 5c is just the same thing. >> reporter: some say they'll keep the phones. others say they'll sell it. >> i think it's going to change the way we use mobiles in the next six to 12 months. >> reporter: brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. there's now a crowd funding website to raise a reward for the first person who can break into the new iphone's fingerprint reader. $10,000 of it is from a venture capital firm. a person has to have video showing that he or she can lift a fingerprint from any surface, reproduce the print, then use it to unlock the owner's iphone 5s. $17,000 for a bottle of scotch. why some say that's a steal.
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the steps that still must happen before the median is still in place. a suspected bank burglar leads san francisco police on a rooftop chase. the misstep that led to the suspect's capture. and the nation's only marijuana-themed restaurant gets nipped in the bud in california. why the owner says they still plan to open for business. ♪
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bmw is recalling more than 134,000 of its 5 series sedans, from model years 2008 through 2010. the problem is an electrical connection that could lead to the failure of the brake lights, the turn signals and taillights. bmw dealers say they'll fix the problem for free. blackberry plans to lay off 4500 workers, about 45% of their workforce. the company needs to cut costs. it says it could report a quarterly loss of nearly $1 billion when it reports quarterly results next week. no word on how those layoffs may effect the offices in redwood city and campbell. the dow and s&p 500 retreated further from wednesday's record highs.
5:40 pm
the nasdaq was off 14. the s&p closed the day down 12 points. investors blame the volatility on the expiration of options. the old assumption that alcohol depresses drinkers may not be true. australian researchers looked into it. they tested more than 3800 men and found there was no link between alcohol consumption and depression. but the study also found mild to moderate drinking doesn't reduce the risk of depression either. costco, of course, is known for big deals on everyday items. but the costco in scottsdale is selling a rare bottle of scotch with a huge price tag. it costs just under $17,000. it comes in a crystal bottle. insiders actually say that's quite a steal because the bottle usually sells for
5:41 pm
$20,000 to even $40,000. there are only 72 of the bottles in the entire united states. the nation's only marijuana- themed restaurant franchise has run into a roadblock. most of its menu items have some kind of marijuana reference. the owners say they were initially approved to buy another space in san diego but when the property owner found out what business would be moving in, they pulled the plug. italian prosecutors get ready to try amanda knox again. plus -- the golden gate bridge is about to become safer to drive. but will it also become more expensive to drive? it's unusual. it has blue feet. where in the bay area this rare bird is popping up, thousands of miles from home. back here right after the break, i'm gonna give you the timeline for your bay area
5:42 pm
weekend. there's rain in the forecast. what's sunday gonna look like? mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
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for years, there's been talk of putting a median barrier on the golden gate bridge and the bridge board of directors today unanimously approved the idea. rob is live in marin county with what an accident victim has to say. rob? >> reporter: well, it's taken some 15 years but it appears drivers traveling across the golden gate bridge will be
5:45 pm
saying good-bye to those plastic yellow tubes separating oncoming traffic and instead, they should be seeing a concrete movable median barrier. cross the golden gate bridge now and all that separates oncoming traffic from you are these. since 1970, 16 people have died in crossover collisions. the last one was in 2001. there have been more than 300 collisions since 2006. but today, the bridge board of directors approved the $26 million movable barrier. we spoke to a phone by a man who has been confined to a wheelchair since this 1994 crash when a car rear-ended him and forced him into oncoming traffic. the other drive was killed. >> everybody is going to be living a more safer life to drive across that span. i'll never drive it again. >> reporter: the new barrier is scheduled to be installed nexting october and will require closing the bridge for 52 hours. some drivers say it's an
5:46 pm
unnecessary expense. >> if everyone went 45, the chances of a head-on collision would be almost nil. >> reporter: many commuters were less than thrilled with the possibility that bridge tolls could go up. bridge officials say there's a financial shortfall of about $140 million over the next five years, mostly, they say, because of seismic upgrade projects. >> that could include a toll increase. but we're not there yet. >> reporter: they will soon be studying whether to raise the toll. commuters seem less than thrilled. >> i would say -- can i swear? >> i think they could charge them more instead of raising tolls. >> reporter: we should know more by january. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. new u.s. power plants may soon have to meet strict clean air standards. the environmental protection agency today proposed new rules
5:47 pm
designed to cut carbon emissions. the standards would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that could be emitted. >> carbon plants are the single largest source of the pollutions. they can minimize their carbon emissions by taking advantage of available modern technology. >> existing power plants are exempt from the proposed standards. but the epa says it is planning to propose new regulations for those plants as well. calling all volunteers! tomorrow is the 29th annual california coastal cleanup day. tens of thousands of people are expected to gather on beaches, bays and rivers to pick up crash. bay area volunteers will help clean up san francisco's ocean beach. the port of oakland and other
5:48 pm
sites. the coastal zone commission says last year, more than 65,000 volunteers collected almost 770,000 pounds of trash and recyclables statewide. contra costa county vector control district says it has found more insects that tested positive for west nile virus. the mosquitos that carry west nile lay their eggs in standing water. the weekend is almost here. let's talk about our weather now with our chief meteorologist. boy, it is looking like rain outside! >> are you gonna change your plans? >> you told me not to. >> yeah. i wouldn't. i'd keep an umbrella handy and plan on sprinkles and wet weather between about, you know, 7:00 in the morning still about 2:00 in the afternoon. there will be scattered showers. that sets you up for some breaks. so there will be a little bit of sunshine out there as well. sunday is your best day on the
5:49 pm
bay area weekend. here's the system i'm tracking. we saw the clouds today uncreasing. the main front is just offshore now. but when this comes through, it might just bring a little bit of drizzle, light wet weather tonight. but this is what i'm tracking out here. this will create a chance for more aggressive shower activity. the real energy with this is this cooler moister air which is going to push through tomorrow afternoon. so increasing showers, cooling things off quite a bit as well. here's the forecast model. 11:00 tonight, some drizzle maybe. that's the front getting closer. there's the front going through right there. then by 6:00 in the morning, cloudy, drizzle. then here's your deal right here. about 11:00 in the morning, it starts to tee up. still kind of broken up a little bit. then it moves through.
5:50 pm
right? so 10:00 to about 1:00, 2:00. that will be wet. in concord, it will be wet. more scattered showers till about 3:00. not a washout. north bay, you're going to see more rain in the south bay. but you get the picture. it's going to change things in terms of what you expect on your saturday afternoon. it's not going to be a hot day. 71 in napa, 73 in livermore, 71 in san jose. so a cooler forecast. the five-day forecast, yesterday was the warmest day. temperatures drop further as we head into tomorrow. here's your saturday forecast. you can break it out. what you're looking at is the showers beginning in the morning, kind of lingering into the mid afternoon, then kind of backing off in the late afternoon stages. as you look at sunday's forecast, it's a much better day, right? sunday is the day you're gonna have a chance to get out. chilly morning, though. temperatures sunday morning, 45 to 52. that's cool. you'll notice that.
5:51 pm
the five-day forecast, then, as it comes back into view for you, you're gonna see plenty of cool weather in the bay area as we go into this bay area weekend. >> all right. thanks. jumping between rooftops to get away. the daring chase one suspect led police on in san francisco. plus, it's a story you'll see only on 2. >> definitely rehabilitations that work. we're growing. we're changing. you know, and some of us is ready for a second chance. >> the golden gate bridge warriors face off against some unusual opponents. the meaning behind today's game. back now to julie haener in the newsroom with more on what we're working on for 6. >> bart managers training on out- of-service engines. but could there plans really have enough trains to keep bart running during a strike? and graduation day for 36 new police officers. the hope that graduates told us brought them from around the country to oakland. and aldon smith's arrest and the ramifications for the
5:52 pm
49ers. mark ibanez will lay out why it may be a bigger problem for the team.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
dancing blue-footed birds are being spotted along the marin county coast. >> look at that! look! i am blue like you! >> ha ha!
5:55 pm
a blue-footed booby, known for its pointed beak, it's blue feet, and it's known for its mating dance. the birds are normally found in south america, but there have been reports of them at the point reyes white house. experts think that's because of a collapse of their food supply in mexico. amanda knox says she has everything at stake as italian authorities get ready to try her again. knox was first convicted in the killing of her british roommate while both were exchange students. an italian appeals court overturned her conviction and the supreme court ordered a new trial. knox says she will not return for the trial. she says she thinks all the time about what it would be like to spend the rest of her life in prison. san francisco police today arrested a suspected bank robber after he fell through a ceiling and crashed right into an apartment. no one was injured inside the san bruno apartment building in the city's potrero
5:56 pm
neighborhood. police have opened the suspect as john franklin. they say he was going rooftop to rooftop, trying to get away from officers. this is after he had allegedly tried to use a crowbar to break into an atm at a nearby bank of america. police used a fire department ladder truck to help track him down. >> he was hiding, and we were eventually able to detect where he was hiding. and as we were giving him orders to place his hands up and come forward, the roof gave way and he fell through. >> franklin was arrested and did not appear to be injured. only on 2 tonight, an unusual basketball game featuring the warriors and inmates at san quinton. we went behind the bars today for a matchup that put prison life on hold for a couple of hours. >> no cell phones. no weapons of any kind. homemade or otherwise. no tobacco. i'm sure we've got none of that. >> reporter: the golden state warriors team, made up of head coach mark jackson -- >> i
5:57 pm
really didn't know what to expect. but pretty good basketball players. >> reporter: as well as assistant coaches. they went through the same procedure as everyone else who enters san quentin. >> gotta try to get a win! >> reporter: today it was the prison yard that held their fans and their opposition. >> we beat them, man! >> reporter: the san quinton team, made up of inmates, wearing the warriors' old blue practice jerseys. >> my strongest player is an inmate named macintosh. i think he has nba potential, myself. >> my money's on mark johnson. i gotta go with the blues! >> reporter: and then the game.
5:58 pm
a close game throughout. >> we're good on the offensive end, but we ain't playing no defense. all right? they can play. you gotta put a body on your man. >> that's right! that's a fragrant foul, man! >> reporter: ended with the warriors, in green, ahead. >> definitely rehabilitations that work. we're growing. we're changing, you know. and some of us is ready for a second chance. >> we made some mistakes. but all of us on the team are getting it back together. >> reporter: both sides call today's game inspiring. now at 6, a 49ers star linebacker accused of driving drunk and slamming his truck into someone's yard. >> the engine was on. smoke was coming out. but he didn't know. >> the impact aldon smith's arrest could have on the entire
5:59 pm
team, so early in this nfl season. we told you how bart is training managers to run a skeleton crew in the event of another strike. now we do the math and see how many people bart would need to keep those trains run. >> do you think the city streets of oakland are safe right now? >> no. obviously a lot of american cities are not safe right now. >> mayor jean quan says oakland needs more boots on the ground. but can this new batch of recruits make a difference? complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. 49ers coach jim harbaugh says his star linebacker's arrest will not be a distraction for the team when they take on the colts. >> aldon smith returned to the 49ers practice field just hours after making bail for a dui arrest at 7:00 this morning. robbery robert
6:00 pm
robert handa spoke to the startled homeowner. >> reporter: we have been reporting from the accident scene. we are seeing more and more people driving by to get a look at this strange-looking scene we've been showing. as you can see, there's a series of tread marks and gouges that tell at least part of the story. but now you will hear more about how he acted once police arrived. she didn't recognize the driver of the truck that crashed onto her driveway at 7:00 this morning. all she and a neighbor saw was a vehicle had hit her tree and ended up on the driveway with wheels spinning. one leaving a pile of rubber on the pavement, the other gouging a hole on the lawn. the driver, aldon smith, was later arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and possession of marijuana. >> the engine was working. and then when the neighbor oc


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