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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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robert handa spoke to the startled homeowner. >> reporter: we have been reporting from the accident scene. we are seeing more and more people driving by to get a look at this strange-looking scene we've been showing. as you can see, there's a series of tread marks and gouges that tell at least part of the story. but now you will hear more about how he acted once police arrived. she didn't recognize the driver of the truck that crashed onto her driveway at 7:00 this morning. all she and a neighbor saw was a vehicle had hit her tree and ended up on the driveway with wheels spinning. one leaving a pile of rubber on the pavement, the other gouging a hole on the lawn. the driver, aldon smith, was later arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and possession of marijuana. >> the engine was working. and then when the neighbor knocked the door, woke him up,
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and he turned off the engine. >> reporter: she says when police arrived, smith got out of the car and seemed friendly. and to her, he did not appear to be disoriented or drunk. >> i think he's normal. he don't fall or anything. he was like a nice guy. >> he seemed like a nice guy? >> yeah, i think so. nothing showed that he's a bad guy. >> reporter: smith posted bail and is scheduled to go to court november 4. he was booked on misdemeanor dui. according to this booking information, possession of one ounce of marijuana which is considered an infraction and usually means a fine. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it is possible the nfl could take action against aldon smith. but he was back on the practice field today at 49ers headquarters in santa clara. harbaugh says he expects smith to play on sunday.
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>> i'm disappointed. i felt like he needs to go to work, face his teammates, and, you know, soldier through it. >> this is not smith's first run-in with the law. last year, he was arrested for dui in miami and he was stabbed at a party at his house in the south bay. he's also named in a lawsuit by a man who says he was shot at a party at smith's house. >> mark, police say aldon smith was at twice the legal limit when he was arrested this morning. >> are you surprised at all that he is expected to play this weekend? >> after covering sports for about 35 years, i don't want to be cynical, but i think if he was just joe smoe, he might not be playing on sunday. but he is one of the best and i don't think there's any question that he'll be allowed to play. that's a big subject we could talk about more hours.
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it really wouldn't be that big a deal if it were not for the fact that this is the third such incident that aldon smith has been involved in. you see some of the other 49ers who have had team troubles. mcdonnell in 2010. demarcus dobbs, al netter, and aldon smith with those two arrests. and that's not to forget an issue that his fellow linebacker, ahmad brooks, had. just this summer he had charges dropped after allegedly hitting a teammate over the head with a beer bottle, following a night of supposed heavy drinking. smith will most likely be allowed to play sunday, as you just heard, but the league most likely will suspend him, pending an investigation, because this is his second offense. and there are guaranteed rules to guard against that. so, you know, to me, aldon smith shouldn't walk proud around the 49er headquarters. he should be a little ashamed of his behavior.
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i'm sure those folks who were just mentioned as having past problems don't want their name dragged back into it. and i think the 49ers have a problem. jim harbaugh himself had a dui- related incident back in 2005 when he was the head coach at the university of san diego. so he should know, the entire 49er organization has gotta get a wrap on this, because this is becoming a major problem. >> thanks, mark. you can join the conversation on our facebook page. we're asking viewers, do you think aldon smith should play in sunday's game against the colts? go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. and just got off the phone with mike up in north bay. he tells me they've got light showers falling up there now. the real activity is back here. that gets here tomorrow. the story right now, as your bay area weekend is here, we've got rainfall that could fall to the tune of a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. and a cooler day. tomorrow is the last day of summer, and it's going to be a
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much cooler day than we've seen. when i come back, i've got a timeline for the rainfall. part of the weekend is going to be good. part of it will be wet. we'll see you back here in 10 minutes. the driver of a large earthmover never saw the worker he ran over and killed at flagship and club drives. the 51-year-old vick -- victim was part of a two-man survey crew. police say the driver was making a u-turn and didn't see the victim. he was pronounced dead at the scene. cal osha is now investigating. bart managers are being trained to run a skeleton crew operation in the event of another bart strike. it's a story we first told you about last night. now tom vacar is here and he's asking, would this even be enough? tom? >> reporter: well, if there's a strike, and that looms closer and closer every day, bart says it needs to keep some trains
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running. as bart begins non-powered familiarization training with these cars, it will rely on a dozen managers it claims are certified and can train other managers to get a state-trained operator certification. >> they have to get certified. they have to pass certain tests. >> reporter: that on-the-track training cannot begin until a strike does. and it's a time-consuming process to get certified. >> it takes about a 16-week course to become a train operator. >> reporter: how will they certify bart managers to train them if there's a strike? >> a couple trains into the city -- it's really a lifeline service. >> and that's the most dangerous section of the system. what are people going to do, when they have one person who is supposed to know what's going on and that person doesn't have a clue?
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>> reporter: they say most train operators could get certification but they may not be able to operate the trains until sometime in mid-february. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and there are now just 20 days left in the cooling off period. bart and union representatives had tried to fit in another negotiating session today, but it didn't work out. they're scheduled to meet sometime next week. two san jose boys, one of them just 11 years old, are facing serious charges tonight for allegedly shooting at cars on highway 101. the windows of at least a dozen cars were shattered wednesday by shot from a bb gun. investigators say a 15-year-old boy walked into a police station today and admitted he was responsible. he told officers an 11-year-old friend was also involved. the two boys were released to their parents. they face possible felony vandalism charges. no one was hurt by the bb gun fire. we have new video of a shooting that happened in san
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francisco that briefly put an elementary school on lockdown. police are searching for a suspect after someone opened fire in hunter's point. it happened about 3:30 this afternoon near earl street. bullets shattered the windows of several cars, but fortunately, no one was hurt. students and teachers were told to shelter in place, but they were finally allowed to leave within an hour. no suspects have been found. the lead judge in the george shirakawa has recused himself from further proceedings. shirakawa, a former santa clara county board of supervisors president, agreed to a plea deal on corruption charges earlier this year. judge pennypacker later came under fire. another new judge will be assigned to a separate felony charge against shirakawa for his alleged involvement in an illegal campaign mailer. an appeals board made up of antioch residents will meet next week to decide the fate of two pit bulls accused in a
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vicious attack. 10-year-old hunter killborn was seriously injured last month in the attack. an investigation has revealed that the dog's owner's child was also bitten. animal services is recommending that the pit bulls be euthanized. the board will hear from the dog's owners and the victim's family. they'll also examine police and animal-control reports before deciding the fate of the dogs. a red flag warning means crews will keep working to contain the rim fire. the u.s. forest service says that the fire, burning in and around yosemite -- gusty winds and low humidity are delaying the efforts to contain the fire. crews say there is a natural fire break in the form of granite formations northeast of the fire. oracle team usa logs another win today. but their backs are still against the wall.
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>> team usa has come through with a victory! >> the win came in today's second race. the first was abandoned after winds hampered things. oracle team usa still trails the team new zealand. and team new zealand needs only one more win to take the america's cup. that makes this weekend crucial for both teams. the big face-off on the bay could finally bring big dollars to businesses on land. >> the fact of the matter is that san francisco is seeing an upsurge of business, restaurants, the wharf. >> it wasn't as crowded, and now it's really picked up. i think people are really enjoying it. >> weather permitting, tomorrow's first race begins at 1:15. meanwhile, we learned today that oracle ceo larry ellison's pay dropped 18%. in securities filings made
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today, it says he voluntarily declined to cash his annual bonus -- excuse me. he declined his annual cash bonus because the company failed to hit its financial targets. ellison's salary is technically $1 and he makes most of his income from stocks and other benefits. would you volunteer to be laid off? the bay area company hoping to save $20 million by asking workers to do just that. they came for the new iphone. but an extra surprise was in store. what one customer said about the visit from apple's ceo. and in two minutes -- >> 36 men and women about to embark on a new adventure. and that is the streets of oakland! tonight we talk to them about what many folks across the country call a violent city.
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new faces are about to hit the streets of oakland with badges and guns in hand. three dozen new officers graduated today as part of oakland's 167th police academy. the officers will start patrolling some of the most violent neighbors on september 28. and as ktvu's mike mibach reports, the officers say the challenge is what they signed up for. >> reporter: 36 standing tall. badges on the blues. gun in hand. eyes wide, staring out at a future on oakland city streets. rookie officer brooklyn. >> i'm very excited. it's been a long, long trial. but i'm here. >> reporter: for some of the new officers we spoke to, there was no debate about coming to the city of oakland. if there was one word on their mind, it was challenge. >> it's been a dream come true. >> reporter: the dream began in illinois. the home he left solely to protect oakland.
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>> he's looking forward to contributing to making the city safer. >> reporter: the rookie officers will start patrolling next weekend in some of the most violent neighborhoods. mayor jean quan. >> do you think the city streets of oakland are safe right now? >> no. obviously a lot of american cities are not safe right now. >> reporter: in 2008, there were 836 officers. today, 647. the goal by 2015, 700 officers. >> there's a lot of crime. >> reporter: two neighbors escaping their oakland homes for a break on the lake, both excited to see this new class. >> more people are less likely too the crimes if they see the cops around, of course, yeah. >> i think it will help. >> reporter: this weekend oakland received a $4.5 million grant to hire more officers. two more academies are already set to begin later this year. today the chief said the focus is on this class, rookies like robert and brooklyn. >> i think the key to anything is a good relationship with
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people, being genuine and being real. >> reporter: both days away from patrolling, arresting, protecting the citizens of oakland. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. ucsf researchers say more food sooner may be the best way to treat anorexic patients. traditionally doctors have taken the start low, go slow approach, starting patients on 1100 calories. but the ucsf team found that 1800 calories was effective, efficient and a safe way to start what's called the re- feeding process. re-feeding is a critical step of gaining we to reduce medical complications from the disease. after that, the patient can move on to more long-term treatments. john muir health is asking for volunteers to be laid off. ceo cal knight has sent an e- mail to employees, offering
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severance packages to 212 potential volunteers. john muir health has to cut $20 million in labor costs this year. employees have until mid- october to decide if they want to apply for that severance program. the employment development department said today the unemployment rate in california is now at 8.9%, up 2/10 of a percentage point from july. 1.6 million californians are out of work. the biggest job losses were reported in the trade, transportation and utilities and information sectors. taking a look at where the bay area stands, marin, san francisco, and napa counties have the lowest rate. what a difference compared to the last 24 hours when it comes to our weather.
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today it's overcast. feels like rain out there. >> mike mibach called us from the north bay. he was up there. there's sprinkles showing up, up there. and that's where the bulk of this shower activity is going to show up. turbulent-looking sky. does not look like the -- well, it's the last day of summer. things start to change around. the weather pattern clearly changing. that's gonna set us up with a very different bay area weather pattern. we've got clouds showing up in the north bay. you can see those clouds really just kind of push nothing the area. as they do, the chance of drizzle remains tonight, as you know. and a chance for a widely scattered shower, mainly north of the bay area. but then tomorrow, things start to step up. now, radar is not picking up that drizzle or the wet weather showing up here. it's kind of flying under the radar. the real rain working its way from mendocino south. a chance of light wet weather tonight. then, as we go into tomorrow, 8
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in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, there's a chance for scattered showers. here's the front, sets us up tonight with mostly cloudy weather. the strongest part of this weather system comes in tomorrow and brings us a good shot at showers. overnight, drizzle. 7 a.m., drizzle, cloudy. then 10 a.m. tomorrow morning to about noon, 1:00, that's the wheelhouse for this thing as it moves through. we could see a quarter inch of rain in san francisco, oakland. san jose, less than that, maybe a tenth of an inch. in the north bay, maybe a half inch of rain. good news for firefighters. this helps out quite a bit. we'll be tracking it for you. i'm going to come back tonight at 10 and we'll update the forecast, because the models are changes. we're going to be paying attention to it as we go into the 10:00 news. then rose mary will be here in
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the morning and she'll be pinpointing the timing of this system. chance of showers at 7 a.m. and they continue through noon and into the afternoon hours as well. sunday ends up being your best day in the bay area weekend. we will be back on kicu at 7:00 and then back at 10:00. >> just like you called it. >> starting to feel like fall now. >> sure is. more follow-up on the 49er's aldon smith arrest. and an golden state warrior staffs have prison inmates game. join us at 7 on tv 36. two undefeated teams about to meet for the first time ever. it's our high school friday night football game of the week. we'll have a live preview. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall.
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this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at woo! >> a round of applause. the first customer to get an iphone in san francisco. people started lining up at 8:30 last night.
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in palo alto, they got a surprise for their patience. apple's ceo tim cook showed up to greet people, including a man and woman in town from moscow for a business conference. >> i'm not from here. i'm not local. so it's amazing. i met two great people in my life. woody allen and tim cook. >> great story to tell back home. many apple stores have already sold out of that gold-colored iphone 5s. friday night football. it's a nonconference matchup. >> that is our high school football game of the week. fred is live on the field with a preview. >> reporter: hi, julie and frank. this is going to be a fun game, because these teams have never met before in the history of these two programs. with me is the head coach of the milpitas trojans. it's his alma mater. we were talking about it. there's really, what -- 23 years now you've been a head
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coach here? the game has changed a little bit, hasn't it? >> yeah, it has. some great coaches around, so they're really working at it. >> you only scored 50 points in your first game. but like you said, this team can throw the ball. it has versatility. i know you have a quarterback who can hand off and who can throw. >> yes, he can. so we try to see what they're doing against us and match that up and either run or pass. >> last year, you guys got into the ccs, the central coast section division 1 championship. that had to be a real positive, something you could carry over into this year. >> yeah. it was a spring board for us. but we're going to take it one day at a time. >> versatility seems to be the keep on your offense. >> it is. we have some great receivers and some great running backs.
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>> tell me about sacred heart. how do you prepare for that? >> they've got a great coach. we were able to exchange film, so we got a chance to look at them. they got a chance to look at us. we're excited to get out there. >> 50 points in your first game. they scored 89 points. are we going to see a high- scoring game tonight? >> if you say that, that means there will be a defense thing. that's the way it goes. >> kelly king, head coach of milpitas trojans. they are taking on sacred heart tonight. we will have highlights tonight. reporting live in milpitas, ktvu channel 2 news. >> my apologies here. i said milpitas was 0-and-1. they're 1-and-0. we are tracking the possibility of rain. tonight on the 10:00 news, this thread of rain, just as the
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grape harvest kicks into high gear. that is not what grape growers want to see. >> and bill martin will be tracking it. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend, everyone! good night! >> good night! when it's time to talk business security,
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