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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  September 21, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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down by fiso. taking a look at the upcoming schedule for the cardinals. washington state next week. >> charles: they'll play that one in seattle. century link stadium wi where the seahawks play. washington state does that once a year and then washington comes here. utah has been rejuvenated. a big one with byu, ucla. how about what they did last week going into nebraska, dismantling them and then oregon state. nothing easy copying up for the cardinals. >> gus: third down and nine. here's another bootleg. hogan wants to throw it. and is brought down. take a look at what's going to take place in the near future for arizona state's murderous schedule for todd graham's squad coming up next week,
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sc at home and then notre dame. >> charles: yeah, how about that one? notre dame wants to play that national schedule and have one of those neutral site games. that's a big one. they'll play that one at the dallas cowboys stadium. colorado, washington. washington state. next week, usc, a divisional game. you can jump up on a divisional opponent. huge down the stretch. >> gus: arizona state finishing second behind ucla. and the field goal is good. 24 yards. for jordan williamson. 42-28. stanford, 31 seconds remaining in this game. >> charles: a character drive right there, wasn't it? because they did get tested. you know, we've talked a lot about it. and did they pull their foot off the gas a little bit early? probably.
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more than likely the answer is yes. a teaching moment for david shaw and his staff about having to play for 60 minutes. but when they needed it, had to have it, they found a way on offense to possess the ball and bring the clock down and finish this thing off. >> gus: 5:30 drive for david shaw's team. beating up the clock. 29-0 at halftime. hogan had to come back in the game. take a look at his numbers. stanford will remain unkey undefeated and arizona state handed their first loss of the year. sun devils will start from the 7 yard line. and this is jaelen
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strong. over the 25. so with 26 seconds left. >> charles: strong played some game tonight, hasn't he? >> gus: yes, he has. >> charles: he has been a true force for arizona state. if your game plan is arizona state now, junior college transfer, jaelen strong, will have a big star in everyone's scouting report now going forward. taylor kelly, second half, something to truly build on. >> gus: 20 seconds to go. but for arizona state, they'll look at this second half and they'll see some very
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positive signs. >> charles: todd kelly, todd graham told them at halftime, you want to fight, find a way back in it. look at this. >> gus: smith. >> charles: not down yet. >> gus: arizona state out of time-outs. 31-yard gain. they want to get to the line of scrimmage as quickly as possible. >> charles: fighting to the end. >> gus: and taylor kelly may have time for one more play, a shot at the end zone. >> charles: hear all the whistles there, because arizona state substituting on offense, allowed to match up on defense, getting their guys out there. >> gus: fox play of the game. taylor kelly. trying to reach the
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end zone. and that's it. alex carter ends up with the football. the final score from palo alto, stanford 42, arizona state 28. we'll return to stanford stadium to wrap-up this evening's game right after these messages. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i singing? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen.
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welcome back. 42-28 the final score. the cardinals defeat arizona state. stanford 1-0. gus johnson with charles davis. you thought this game was definitely over, but you know, they took their foot off the gas a bit and arizona state made a game of it. >> charles: stanford dominated so much of the game. but as you noted, when they took their foot off the gas, arizona state did not quit and kept coming back. so things to build on for arizona state
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moving forward. number one, don't let anyone get that kind of lead on you. but for stanford, learning to play a full 60-minute game. because that won't be satisfying for them, despite the fact they won the football game. still, that's a pretty darn good stanford football game. >> gus: starting quarterback for stanford on the sideline now with pink. >> kristina: kevin just spoke with david shaw, not happy with the way this ended up. what did you learn about your team in that second half of action? >> we just got to find a way to finish the game. we started fast, put some points on the board, everything clicking. second half, we have to find a way to finish and run down the clock, play our best football and make holes and run the ball. >> kristina: you had 152 yards, 2 touchdowns, but the biggest play, probably the bootleg in the fourth quarter. how confident were you with the play call you would be able to get it done? >> coach just told me we were going to have a run plow by told me to pull it and not
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tell anyone even on our offense so i pulled it and got the first down and tried to stay inbounds to run the clock down more. >> kristina: thanks, kevin. congrats on your win tonight. >> thank you. >> gus: thank you very much. final score here at stanford stadium, stanford 42, arizona state 28. join us tomorrow for the pregame show as the guys take you right up to kickoff with previews and analysis of all the big games. for more post game coverage of our game and the day of college football are turn to fox sports 1. coming up next on fox, except on the west coast, is local news, followed by animation domination. for charles davis and pink, i'm gus johnson saying so long from saying so long from palo alto. -- captions by vitac --
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traffic headaches across the bay area after an early morning storm dumps rain across much of the region. police arrest a man suspect in a hit-and-run crash that killed two women on their way to work. and four americans are among the injured in kenya after an attack inside an upscale mall. >> announcer: complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. heather holmes is off tonight. this is a special postgame edition of ktvu channel 2 news. it was a soggy start to
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the weekend with widespread rain around much of the bay area. people out in burlingame this morning took cover in whatever they had on hand. others were more prepared with rain coats and umbrellas, even some pets ready for whatever mother nature dished out. die-heart oakland as fans lined up outside the coliseum ahead of the game against the minnesota twin. fans were ready for the rain, donning slickers and rain coats. meteorologist mark is here with a look at the wet, last day of summer. mark? ken, just two days ago, we had 80 and 90s without a cloud in the sky. take a look at the calendar for today. today is the last full day of summer and also the wettest day so far of 2013 for concord, livermore, mountain view, san jose. the it beats rainy days in january until now. it's the wettest day of the year for nose locations. as far as rainfall totals, very impressive amounts. this was the radar around 12:00 p.m. with the heaviest band of
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rainfall pushing in to the region. you can see the .83 inches for the airport, san jose and mountain view. san francisco the second- wettest september 21 on record with .39. you can see morgan hill, on the .02 inches. things have quieted down over the last couple of hours with rain focusing towards sacramento but even talking about this, some snowfall with in the see area are until 10:00 -- sierra until 10:00. snowfall with changes required this morning. the chance of a spotty shower, as you can see, where the bulk of the activity is north and east of fairfield. i'll look at your sunday forecast with more changes on board for the second half of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. >> the rain led to a slew of accidents on slick bay area roadways. a three-vehicle accident involves two cars and jackknifed big rig on
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southbound santa rosa. two people were hospitalized. the highway patrol closed the two left lanes of southbound 101 for several hours. here's more on the rain-related traffic headaches all over the bay area today. >> reporter: this is last day of summer felt more like the middle of winner around the bay area. >> i like it and have been wait for the rain. >> reporter: remember this has been an exceptionally-dry year, which helped this become the rainiest day of the year in some cities. >> that's nice we had some rain to water my lemon tree. >> reporter: but the rain wreaked havoc on the road. eastbound highway 24 in lafayette was the scene of two accidents. what were the concerns like? >> i was doing, like, 50 or less. >> reporter: she was in a three-car crash that began with a large chair that fell in the roadway. >> the truck dropped it, so -- uh, you know.
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things happen. >> reporter: this tow truck driver said his company was scrambling. >> a little nudge. i mean, the rain everywhere, people forget how to drive. >> reporter: people who work on the road like this edible arrangements driver in walnut creek say days like this are tough. >> like, i have to drive super careful. scared. i don't want to, like, fly down the road or anything. >> reporter: on northbound 880 in oakland, traffic was backed up because caltrans had to hammer spilled concrete. outside the oakland zoo, where at least today the fire danger sign was somewhat off, we met a volunteer who had been cutting a trail in the zoo when the skies opened up. >> we got a little bit done, but then we had to -- put on ponchos and run for our cars. >> reporter: if you think this signals the start of the rainy season, think again. there is still more than a month left in the fire season
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and could be a red flag fire warning coming soon. in walnut creek, ktvu, channel 2 news. this afternoon, the a game was delayed and another sewer issue in the bathroom and shower area of the as coaches room. this is the klein after the last problem a few days ago. kurt suzuki said sewage was coming out of the faucets at one point and "flowing like lava." the blustry weather washed what could have been the deciding race of the america's cup on the bay. organizers hoped the south wind would shift west before the start of the race, but that didn't happen. they hope to be able to run as many as two races tomorrow. em-mile-an-hour rat new zealand is one win from winning the cup but oracle usa is chipping at the kiwi's lead, which stands
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at three. two women were on their way to work at san jose airport when they were killed. they took 24-year-old danny coaleman into custody in union city on suspicion of homicide. 63-year-old carmen zavala and 62-year-old christina deleon were on their way to their job, cooking at airport restaurants on september 2 when the car was broad-sided. police said information from the mercedes that coleman was allegedly driving led to the arrest. a con cardinally is suing the mount diablo district after their two children were allegely molested by an elementary schoolteacher. joseph martin is a former teacher at woodland elementary school and pledded not guilty in july to more than 100 counts of sexually abuse students. the parents of two brothers sue the district, saying it should have known martin was a danger based on previous complaints of abuse. hundreds of people took advantage of free workshops in oakland to learn more about their insurance options under
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health care reform. more than 300 people turned out for the event at oakland technical high school. presenters included representative from kaiser permanente, alta beats, and children's hospital. organizers said the county has almost 200,000 uninsured uninsured resident who will be able to take advantage of the marketplace on october 1. >> we're reaching out to these people to let them know there is an opportunity to be insurer and subsidized and you will have a choice. >> small business owners received information on how the law will affect them and their employees. in kenya, gunmen are still holding hostages right now after a deadly attack at an upscale shopping mall. at least 39 people have been killed in nairobi and four americans are among the more than 150 injured. witnesses said at least five gunmen began shooting just after noon. they also attacked with
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grenades. an al-qaeda-linked militant group is claiming responsibility. they reportedly asked victims if they were muslim. those who answered yes were free to go. those who answered no were not. three american troops were killed in eastern afghanistan. the defense department said the three were fatally shot by an gaffe afghan wearing a security forces uniform. the killings bring the number of foreign soldiers killed by afghan forces to 11. several suicide bombings killed more than 90 people in iraq. in one attack, two bombers struck a cluster of funeral tent in baghdad, killing at least 72 people. officials say it's one of the biggest single terrorist attack on iraqi civilian in recent years. suicide bombers detonated explosive belts and police commando headquarter north of baghdad. that killed seven officers. the rain here in the bay area translated to a dusting of snow in the sierra. we'll show you how much snow is expected in the mountains. this is just a small sam.
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of some is of stuff cleaned up in the coastal cleanup. we'll tell you what the number one most-littered item is on california's coastline.
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volunteers hit the beach, braving wet weather for the annual california coastal cleanup. collision captain has a look at what volunteers pulled out of the bay today. >> reporter: volunteers showed up at 7:30 this morning, getting dirty to get the bay clean. today's work was -- >> fun. interesting. dirty. >> reporter: organizers said close to a thousand volunteers turned out here last year and expect when the tally is all said and done, they will have a similar number fill a bucket or two this year. the california coastal commission said in all last year, 65,000 volunteers picked up a total of 38-tons of trash up and down the california
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coastline. volunteers say the decision to come out today was an easy one. >> it's a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and to do something great for our environment. >> reporter: not even a downpour could dampen the enthusiasm out here. organizers kempt things light with a contest to see who could find the biggest or most interesting piece of garbage. >> what happened was i got soaking wet. >> reporter: among all this garbage, one item stands out, not for being unique but the most commonly-found item of trash on the beach. cigarette butts. >> reporter: they're the largest number one polluter of our waterways, followed number two by plastic bags so whatever we can do to stomp those out, we need to get butts out of the ocean. >> reporter: illegal dumping and runoff from inland contribute to coastal trash, which is if uncollected, will wash to sea. christian captain, ctvu news. the storm is brings some
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snowfall to lake tahoe. people at heavenly ski resort said it was raining at lake level this afternoon. that's 6200 feet. but it was a different story at the top of the mountain around 1:30. there was already a dusting of snow. 90 minutes ago, we saw the snow level start to drop. here's a picture from the caltrans camera on interstate 80 near donner summit. chains are required from donner lake to king veil. donner summit is 7200 feet and looks like the dead of winter. let's check in with mark. what's going on with this unusual weather that we're seeing? hi, there. they have a winter advisory until 10:00 p.m. this evening. you can see on live stormtracker 2 we have mostly clear sky in the bay area, but a few lingering rain showers out toward our east out toward -- in fact, north and east around lodi. so we have some activity in that region but the activity here has backed off quite a bit sot we'll hold onto the slight chance of a shower this
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evening. tomorrow, a cool morning and fall begins. today is the last full day of summer. we're talking extreme rainfall, extreme for this time of the year in the bay area, but fall begins tomorrow afternoon and the extended dried weather pattern with gusty wind. overnight lows will drop to the 40s for santa rosa. a cool start here with patchy, dense fog reforming with the leftover moisture in place. that could impact your visibility so a cool start to the day, a lot going on tomorrow in terms of baseball for the oakland as. lots of sunshine for the afternoon game for tomorrow with temperatures on track to reach basically in the upper 60s to lower 70s. that's a game forecast and should be coming up but looks like not right now. i can tell you lots of sunshine there and for the 49ers at candle stick park, temperatures on track to reach the 60s to around 70 degrees. both games begin during the 1:00 hour tomorrow. satellite and radar can see all systems moving out, still a cloud-producer for us with no raindrops to worry about tomorrow, just patchy fog to
7:58 pm
start your sunday morning with lots of sunshine for the afternoon hours and temperatures at least for the afternoon hours warmer than today. the warmest locations on track to reach the upper 70s in santa rosa and brett wood. san jose, 70s. san mateo, 71. here's the five-day forecast. sunday, no raindrops to worry about, ken, but a cool start. we'll work things up by monday and key concern becomes the high fire danger by win night into thursday with some gusty offshore wind so it's the time of year to watch out for that. >> a little bit of everything. thank you, mark. thank you for making ktvu news your source of news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and see you again at 10:00. have a great night and remember, we're always online at and mobile ktvu. good night. get in? 6:00?
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