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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 23, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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north. not much will impact us here. clear skies. we will keep our eyes on a little bit of fog. cool to mild. sunday was a little chilly in the morning. sunshine and warming up. a lot of 50s here. some low, mid. everyone is pretty close. 70 noon and a high of 81 degrees. we will bump up these highs a little bit. that system will amplify and give us a little cool down starting form and into wednesday. mainly 70s and 80s. some low 80s to upper 70s. here's sal. good morning, steve. right now traffic is doing very well. if you are driving through the area, there are no major problems if you are driving on to the bay bridge as we look at the span here. it's a nice looking drive all the way through to the other side of the bridge. which by the way looks good
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coming through. it is a nice looking drive all the way across and some of the road work on the lower deck of the bay bridge is there. but they are picking it up. and at 4:30 we are looking -- well, you know i had brought up candle stick park there. and we are looking at traffic nearby. it looks good. 4:30 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news out of kenya where several large explosions were heard just about an hour ago at that shopping mall where terrorists are still holding hostages. we want to show you new video this morning. this 1 smoke rising from the west gate mall. it's not clear if the explosions were set off by the al qaeda linked terrorist who attacked the mall on saturday or by kenya forces trying to rescue the hostages. we know 69 people were killed in the attack. another 175 injured. about a dozen gunmen stormed that shopping mall on saturday. this is video of the chaotic scene as terrified shoppers
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heard shots rang out. reported lid the gunman targeted nonmuslims. >> you can hear while we were back there methodically going from store to store talking to people, asking questions, shooting, screaming, and it would stop for awhile. and then it would go to another store. >> the gunmen are from al- shabab. the group claims three americans are among the attackers. one of those injured is a uc berkeley graduated. she posted a photo of herself getting treatment for facial cuts and hopes the shooting doesn't have people thinking badly of kenya. >> i don't want people thinking badly of kenya. i'm prideful for the country and love kenyons even though i'm american. >> she works as the general manager for eat out kenya website that helps visitors
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find restaurants there. back there in the bay area pg&e crews are working to repair a broken gas line in san bruno. alex savidge is there on the scene which is just three miles from the gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. alex. >> reporter: well, good morning. there is still the faint smell of gas in the air right foul this morning. this-- air right now this morning. the problem is with this construction. crews are building elevated cal train tracks. the busted line is just beyond the orange barriers we are showing you right now. that was lined with spewing natural gas for five hours over night. just after 8:00 last night, workers with the private construction company ruptured that under ground gas main. there were no evacuations ordered and no one was hurt but the leak probably made a lot of people nervous because it did happen three miles away from the deadly san bruno pipeline
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explosion back in 2010. and because of the proximity to the train tracks cal train had to be stopped as well. passengers were put on buses. and finally at 1:00 this morning pg&e crews were able to cap that leak. the rupture pipeline is being repaired. i'm not exactly sure how long it will take. even if that repair works, we understand the work will two on. and cal train service will resume as normal later this morning. live in san bruno alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland a's are headed to the playoffs. in case you missed all of it, the a's claimed the american league west title during their final home game of the season. they found out they were heading to the playoffs in the third eastbounding. but they still finish strong with a win against the
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minnesota twins and the champagne was flowing as the team shared their excitement with the fans. >> you know we've got our crowd here. we've got everyone waiting here. and the energy you feel is undescribable. >> pretty exciting. this is the second year in a row the a's have captured the american league west title and fans couldn't be happier. >> oakland a's world series we will be there. we will take the championship because that is what we believe. >> reporter: fans stood in line -- oakland may fennish with the best record in the this year the team soaping the third deck and if you go to the oakland a's website that is all they
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have from you can show our red by going to our polk page. time is 4:34. al din smith will not be paying with his teammates this thursday against the rams following his dui arrest last week. smith will be taking an indefinite leave so he can get treatment. smith was arrested friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence after his pickup truck slammed into a tree in a residential neighborhood. smith addressed reporters after yesterday's loss to the colts. here's what he had to say. >> i wanted to apologize to the team. to the organization. my family. everybody i let down. smith was arrested last year in miami. he also faces a civil lawsuit for an incident at his home in
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which he had sustained minor stab wounds as well. york did not give a timeline on when smith would return. sonoma county authorities are looking for a man after -- that happened at 9:00 yesterday morning at sonoma valley regional park. investigators say the man wrapped a leash around the 60- year-old woman's neck, ripped off her glasses, and threw her phone in the lake. he then kicked her dog and ran off. he is described as white, 50 years old, six feet tall with a thin build. he had a brown and gray beard and a red baseball cap. his dog may have been a brown and white australian shepard. an oakland city councilman
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is banning could face -- it requires anyone under the age of 18 be companied by exon 21 or older. the can't sharp the continue to tick. right now we are 17 days away from the court ordered cooling off period. as the deadline gets closer bart management will head back to the negotiating table this morning. bart released a schedule this morning with meetings set every day through october 10th. it should provide enough negotiating time. the meetings begin at account -- at 9:00 this morning. the difference between what each side is proposing is $112
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million. happening today oracle's open world conference is under way in san francisco. the international event kicked off with the welcoming speech from oracle founder larry ellison. he focused on new products to make search and storing data bases fast ever an cheaper. that is the type of thing some convention goers are looking for. >> i hope to learn as much as possible about the newest innovation. >> get a read for what the trend is. and where it's heading. >> some people are looking at the more social side of open world. they are looking for events such as wednesday night black key and maroon five concert on treasure island. 4:39 is the time. today a teachers union will file suit to keep city college of san francisco from shutting down. an accreditation commission is threatening to pull the school's certification due to
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charges of mismanagement and poor finances. but ed on behalf of 85,000 students and 1500 faculty members. construction near the transbay terminal will change the car pool pick up location. right now it's at biel street. but starting at 3:00 that location will have to move to the west side of spear between howard and poly? . national gas prices coded six cents a gallon in the last two weeks but not the case across california. the average price in the continental united states now $3.52. california average though $3.97. prices in the bay area have slipped a bit.
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two cents in the last week. that is according to aaa. the average in san francisco is $4.08 a gallon. analysts say -- it's a night of music and memorials add the emmy awards. >> enjoy every second of this. because there is a good chance they won't ask you back next year. [ laughter ] >> a little joking between the two. the big winner of the night was hbo behind the candle on a. the story of liberace starring michael douglas.
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starting tonight you can watch modern family. right now 4:41. a change in the making for electronic devices on airplanes. the rule the faa could be getting rid of and how soon it will be on your next flight. and growing concerns in the south bay. why some people are worried about the impacts of a shortage in parking at the new 49ers stadium. right now we are doing pretty well as we drive around the bay area. the rain is gone for now. temperatures will be warming up. we'll tell you how much and is there any rain in the extended outlook? there is a change. unbelievable.
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too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. the chief of navy chaplains
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reading the names of the 12 people killed in last week's navy shooting during a memorial in washington, d.c. yesterday. president obama says the u.s. cannot accept that mass shootings are enevidentable and says the attacks should lead to transformation on gun violence. >> i do not accept we cannot find a common sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic second amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence. >> the president says that he will keep pushing for new gun control measures. this is the fifth time president obama has comforted the nation. time is 4:46. >> today a federal court hearing in the boston marathon bombing. for recommending the death penalty. it will be up to attorney general eric holder to make the
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final decision. the bombings killed three people and wounded 260 others. tsarnaev is also charged with killing an mit police officer. the search is on for two missing crew members from a navy helicopter that crashed in the red sea. navy ships and aircraft are searching between northeast africa and the arabian peninsula. three crew members were rescued and being treated. the helicopter was a night hawk helicopter similar to the one we are showing you there. based in san diego and flew from the destroyer william. the navy's fifth fleet says it was not caused by hostile activity. earlier this month the u.s. and russia drafted a plan calling for syria to give up the chemical weapons. as part of the agreement the syrian government handed over an inventory of the stockpile.
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it was a long list. >> syria has been manufacturing chemical weapons for decades so it's normal to be large wants in the country. >> reporter: the united nations will vote on a resolution to authorize the use of force against syria if it fails to comply with the terms of the agreement to turn over its chemical weapons. there is an apparent settlement in two cases of religious discrimination against abercrombie and fitch. she was fired for wearing a religious head scarf. time now 4:48. organizers of the bay area's first bike sharing network says interest in the program continues to grow from its launch on august 29th through last week the bike share has recorded nearly 14,600 trips across san francisco, redwood
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city, palo alto, mountain view and san jose. the total annual membership count is at 2100 and the number of one to three day a week user is at 3400. only two thefts have been reported in san francisco and police were able to recover one of those bikes. 4:48 is the time. let's check in with sal for a monday morning commute. hi sal. >> good morning, to you. we are doing pretty well. if you want to get on the road early and take advantage. now would be a good time to do that. this is a look at toll plaza and westbound traffic is moving very nicely on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. we are also looking at interstate 880 if you are driving through oakland both directions here looking pretty good. if you are driving on the east  bay freeways in general we are looking pretty good here. westbound 580 as you come up to 680 we will investigate a crash. it could be eastbound 580 as well. i'm looking it upright now.
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right now it looks like there is nothing blocking the lanes. 4:49 let's go to steve. all right sal, thank you. we have pretty calm conditions right now. clear skies. mainly 50s on the lows. could get a couple upper 40s. couple pop up shower activity. 57 san francisco. we'll go for a high of 70 today. clear skies. there is a little of fog on the mendocino coast. 33 up in south lake tahoe. 53 ukiah. it will be nice up there today. low 50s, mid 50s for almost everybody. storm track stays north up toward eureka or crescent city. system will amplify. by that i mean you will see high pressure dig out in the pacific. we will be on the western edge
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of it. that will not be until wednesday. so maybe a little cooler for some but not too bad. and then by the afternoon it's a dry forecast. lots of sunshine today. patchy fog at best. a little bit warmer inland but no extreme or anything. we will see temperatures in the low 80s for most. or a few mid 80s. a lot of 70s around the bay. vallejo at 75 degrees. san jose 77. 67 half-moon bay. a little cooler an tuesday. that system moves into the sierra. there will probably be snow and rain up toward that direction. but not for us. we will get wind. offshore breeze looks good here for thursday and friday. people in the south bay are concerned after learning that the new 49ers stadium is thousands of parking spots short. the controversy kicked into high gear last week when the niners disclosed they still need 5,000 parking spaces. they are now eyeing the 11-acre
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used soccer park near the stadium. they are interested in leasing the city owned land for fans to park during game days and other events and will help fund a new $10 million soccer park. the oakland raiders are in colorado tonight for monday night football rivalry. the raiders and broncos will meet up for their 17th monday night football matchup. the game will feature peyton manning. first as a quarterback making his first career start. kickoff 5:40 tonight. 4:52 is the time right now. strip clubs are taking oriole to court. why the club says the company owes them thousands of dollars in unpaid bills. plus the fight to stay alive. why oracle team usa says they are not giving up and what it will take for them to keep the america's cup. 5ñ
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well, it's important to me because i don't want that. he can be in the loose and someone get in an accident again. i don't want that. and i think my wife deserves to have the justice. >> coleman had help avoiding capture but so far no other arrests have been made. an avid base jumper has died in a pair shooting accident over the weekend. according to the press democrat al don traveled the world to experience his love of base jumping. yesterday he was killed when his parachute -- when he parachuted and crashed into the mountain. the incident is still under investigation. >> new this morning a san francisco strip club is taking oracle to court. the san francisco chronicle reports a new isn'tly theater
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is suing oracle. the club claim answer oracle employee charged more than $33,000 in strip club services on a company credit card and oracle has not paid up. it happened over two nights. this year's conference is going on right now and ends on thursday. oracle team usa not giving up hope as they fight to stay alive in the america's cup. yesterday the team sailed to victory keeping the cup away from team new zealand. they have one race from claiming the cup since last week but oriole has hung on. managing to sweep the last four races. pleasing some fans and torturing others. >> it was awesome. we loved them. they are fantastic fans. but we are really glad we won today. >> racing is set to resume at 1:15. oracle still needs four in a row. more than 51,000 volunteers
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and nearly 502,000 pounds of trash. that is how much effort went into this year's coastal cleanup. it took place on saturday. this morning we are getting updated numbers. showing why organizers are calling it a big success. they found clothing, electronics, and bathe -- and baby strollers. a lot of them went out in the rain. so good for them. coming up next in our 5:00 hour a scary situation in san bruno. the stent tied to a multimillion construction project and the good news cal tran commuters are getting this morning. plus new developments about the violence in kenya. what witnesses have seen and heard this morning. and the possible link to suspects in america. good morning. right now traffic is looking good if you are driving in most bay area commutes but we will soon get slow downs at some key spots. clear skies right now. so are we done with the rain?
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is there anymore on the rain? ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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pg&e crews are working to repair a broken gas line this morning. we will tell you about the construction work that triggered this leak. new developments in kenya
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this morning where terrorists continue to hold hostages inside a shopping mall. what a uc berkeley grad who survived the attack is saying this morning. we are live in oakland where the call to renew a city- wide curfew is coming up again. plus from the football field to rehab. aldon smith talking about hiss latest struggles and when he will be back on the field. good morning. we want to take you out live to san bruno this morning. the scene of a construction accident that created a gas leak late last night did effect cal train services. we will have an update on how things are going this morning. but here's live look. you can seat work being done out there this morning


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