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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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breezy conditions around the bay area this morning. when the high winds will calm down and how your forecast is today. the stage is all set to a traumatic finish to the america's cup later on today. what oracle team usa has to do to cap off an improbable comeback. we are live in san francisco where an elderly couple is scheduled to be evicted this morning. we will tell you why some say this case is not fair. plus new scrutiny for the company behind the crash at sfo. what federal officials say asiana airlines may not have provided to the families of the crash victims. and good morning. here's a live look at at & t park this morning. lights are on. it's breezy out there now. but how will it be for the game against the dodgers tonight? steve is going to let us know. good morning, to you.
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it's wednesday, september 25th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather, traffic, steve everyone wants to know what you have to say. >> i don't know about everybody. thank you, dave. sunny and breezy. cooler. we don't have to worry about fog. the wind will be turning more northerly. right now it's a little westerly. clear skies. already wind any in the higher elevations. not transplaiting to the surface quite yet. sunny, cooler and breezy. 52 santa rosa 37 there is a lot of temperatures that are rearing to go to get in the 40s. there is enough of a breeze to hold things up. santa rosa now this kind of pattern can warm up. again that all depends on a north wind. i think the warmest temps will be in the north bay. cooler temps everywhere as our system dives in here. it will usher in cooler air. fire watch starts tonight. north and east bay hills for that northerly breeze which will be above 1,000 feet. 20-50 miles an hour does not
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surprise me. a little cooler to the north. it will bring in cooler breezy to windy conditions at times and temperatures inland definitely coming town. a lot of 70s here out of those 80s. here is sal. steve, the high winds are a problem today for drivers if you are going to be on any of the bridges. you should be careful especially if you drive a very small car or a truck. something like that. that could be pushed over by the wind. let's move along and take a look at the east shore freeway and 80 looks good. it's nice and clear. that is one of the side products of the wind. you can see visibility is good almost everywhere. looking at the commute on the westbound bay bridge, that traffic is backed up very small delay. only really paying the money. especially if you pay cash. if you are driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge, remember the winds are there. i want to mention that traffic is going to be a little slow on the altamont pass. once you get to livermore, it
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does look good. at 5:02 let's go back to the desk. >> as they come to the line the comeback is complete. unbelievable. sailing experts calling it all a mir welcome louse comeback -- miraculous comeback for team usa. they beat new zealand to tie the race at eight points each. and alex savidge is live for us in san francisco this morning with a look at today's winner take all race. alex. >> reporter: and it should be a fun one. organizers expect huge crowds to turn out here at america's cup pavilion. for what should be an exciting race. if oracle can win later on today, it would be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. it was a week ago the american team was trailing eight races to one in the quest for the cup. but since then the team has turned things around.
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they are bankrolled by billionaire larry ellison. they have rattled off seven straight victories to bring the series even. and bar any delay because of high winds oracle will face off against team new zealand later on this afternoon in one final race. winner take all. oracle skipper feels like his team has the momentum and he wants to capitalize. while new zealand fans have been a constant force in the stands for most of this competition, this improbable comeback has energized american sailing fans. >> it's been very exciting. we are very proud of the oracle team. just very, very satisfying to see them come through like this. >> reporter: organizers tell us an average of 20,000 people a day have turned out to watch america's cup races. critics of course have said the event hasn't necessarily lived up to expectations but now
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thisly georgia that is coming down to the wire. and unless it's too windy for the teams to go, today's final race should get under way sometime after 1:15 this afternoon. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll watch that wind very carefully. oracle's ceo has him focused on the cup and angering some of the attendees. the billionaire high-tech tycoon skipped the keynote speech at the convention yesterday because guess what he was at the races. some people attending open world say part of the reason they did pay all that money thousands of dollars in red fees and travel expenses because they wanted to hear from ellison. about 60,000 people are attending that convention which ends tomorrow. some believe if oracle does win the cup ellison could come back and display that trophy to try
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to make amends. go to for a slide show of photos. just look for the images tab which is right on our front page. happening today some long- time san francisco residents are getting evicted from their home because of what some call a loophole in tenant laws. tara moriarty is live. tara. >> reporter: we are talking about an elderly couple who has a 48-year-old disabled daughter. they say they have lived here for 34 years. they have raised seven children here. as of 6:00 this morning they have been told they need to get out. this is the eight unit complex on jackson and larken street. matthew miller bought the property last year and many says his plans are to renovate into luxury tenant units and sell them.
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the lease is just one in a rising number of evictions juice using a state law -- using a state law to evict a tenant. the state superior court cited with miller so the eviction notice went up. find out what san francisco supervisor says he plans to do to prevent what is happening with the lease. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:07. we have new information about a teacher arrested earlier this year on abuse charges. fifth grade teacher joseph martin worked at wood side elementary in concord since 1991. he faces a possible life prison sentence if convicted. now the contra costa times uncovered an internal school district report from 2006. it warned that martin posed a possible abuse threat to his students. but the administrators failed to notify the police and
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allowed him to keep teaching until april of this year. just before his arrest. we have new information on the asiana air crash at sfo. according to the associated press federal investigators are reviewing whether or not asiana airlines to help the families of the 291 passengers. under u.s. law asiana was required to provide a range of services that included providing information and lodging. three people died and dozens were hurt in that disaster at sfo on july 6th. negotiations will continue in the bart labor dispute. the 60 day cooling off period ends on october 10th. workers could go on strike beginning the next day. meanwhile bart officials have reportedly released a new contingency plan in the event a strike does happen. janine de la vega will tell us why bart officials think it
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will make things much better for bay area commuters. governor brown will be in oakland today. he will sign legislation increasing the state's minimum wage. the minimum wage will go up from $8 an hour to $9 an hour on july 1st of next year. then on january 1st, 2016 the minimum wage will go up again to $10 an hour. the governor will say peer at a signing ceremony at noontime today. he will be at the city press mandela training service. individuals will be able to take six weeks of time off to take care of sick family members. they will be given 55% of their pay. before the law allowed paid time off only to care for a child, for a spouse, for a
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domestic partner, or for a parent. the new definition doesn't take effect until next july. a super market manager brutally attacked and it was all caught on camera. the innocent action that proceeded this violent encounter. new details emerge about aldon smith. what happened at a party last year that led to smith being stabbed in his own home. good morning. if you are driving out there soon going to highway 4 it looks good so far on your way to concord. the weather looks good if you like cooler weather and breezy to windy weather. most people don't like the wind but it will pick up here.
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welcome back. time is 5:12. new details involving 49ers star aldon smith and an incident that happened last week. they are disclosing new information about a violence at a party. smith tried to break up the party which was hosted by a friend. authorities say smith fired a gun into the air. they say 27-year-old steven barba later stabbed aldon smith. investigators say smith's roommate former 49er delaney walker also fired a shot in the air. they say someone else returned gunfire. wounding two people. both walker and smith have been
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named in a civil lawsuit. the former member of the san francisco fire commission could be charged today after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. donald carr monowas arrested monday night and posted a $130,000 bail. now yesterday he resigned from the fire commission. police say his wife filed a report against him accusing him of attacking and threatening her. 17 hours and counting. republican senator ted cruz has been on the floor for hours talking about his opposition to president obama's health care law. there is senator cruz again. he's been trading on and off at that podium allowing other republican senators to speak and then he speaks a little more. now at one point this morning, he actually admitted that his marathon is causing him some discomfort. >> standing on your own feet sometimes there is pain.
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sometimes fatigue that is involved. but you know what, there is far more pain involved in rolling over. >> senator cruz does not have enough votes to stop democrats from moving forward today with a vote on a government spending bill that would keep funding in place for the health care law. so today we are starting to find out just how much exactly health care premiums will cost under that affordable care act. the department of health and human services is releasing charts showing how much the marketplaces will charge for the bronze, silver, and gold plans. for example before tax credits a mid range silver plan would cost about $328 a month. time is 5:15. we have new information about the death toll from that 7.7 earthquake in pakistan. the numbers rosed to 210 the death toll. take a look at this video.
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it's an island created by the force of the earthquake. incredible. people gathered along the coast just to see this. this land mass is about 30 feet high, 109 yards long. they confirms the mass was created by that earthquake. they say scientists are trying to figure out exactly how it happened. authorities in mexico say the death toll from last week's floods and mud slides has risen to 130. soldiers and emergency crews are still out there looking for more bodies in the mud slide. 68 people are believed to have died there but few of their bodies have been recovered so far. firefighters say they are making progress against two wild fires burning in southern california. it's burned 260 acres.
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it is 70% contained this morning. that wild fire began on monday and briefly threatened homes before ground crews and aircraft knocked down those flames. the fire in the da hone pass began yesterday afternoon. and spread to 200 acres. mandatory evacuations were ordered for a couple dozen mobile homes in the afternoon. those became voluntary evacuations by midnight. your time is 5:17. the former pope, pope benedict is talking for the first time since he stepped down. the way he did it is surprising catholics around the world. the former pope released a letter he sent to one of italy's best known atheists. in that letter he talked about several topics. strongly denying he covered up sexually abusive priests. he became the first catholic leader in 600 years to resign. a woman who lived in the santa cruz mountains is being
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declared a servant of god. that is the first step toward saint hood according to the catholic church. core evans dies back in 1957. two family friends are working to prove she is worthy becoming california's first saint. in order for that to happen two miracles will have to be credited to her. usually they come in the form of unexplained medical cures. time is just about 5:18. sal, the winds, the commute. you are watching all of that. >> we are. it's one of the commutes where it can get a little windy on the span. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic does look good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. also looking at interstate 880, that has been a very nice drive. and in fact, if you look at the entire bay area region with the roads, you don't see a lot of red. a little bit of red on the at mont pass. bay area freeway looks good. but it's a little windy on the
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candle stick causeway. that area between south city and san francisco approaching candle stick. going to the airport there are no problems on 101 heading south. 5:18 let's go to steve. thank you very much, sal. sunny and breezy. windy on some of the higher elevations. cooler air is on its away. temperatures will struggle to get into the 70s. wind forecast it's already starting to pick up here. i expect it to get any stronger as the coldest air doesn't arrive until tonight and tomorrow morning. small craft advisory starts in the bay at 11:00 this morning. and it might have started already. fire watch starts tonight though. and that will take us for the north and east bay hills. gust 25 over 50. mt. diablo is already 50.
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41 tahoe. 52 ukiah. 49 up in eureka. so that cooler air is on the way. if we didn't have a little bit of breeze it would be even colder. the amount of moisture in there is light. not much of a breeze yet. but it is showing signs of it being more north westerly. it will be a breezy day. but the winds by tonight will turn more northerly. not much in the sizier a. we expect them to increase. it will be a cooler, breezy day. we will get the cooler temperatures so 60s and 70s. coast bay inland so really coming down on the temps. sunny for everybody.
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san rafael 75. 70s though for even morgan hill and gill roy. low 70s for livermore. mountain view at 70. san mateo at 71. windy pattern. maybe a few partly cloudy. it will be warmer on friday. saturday looks pretty good. european markets opened with trading in a very narrow range this morning. most finished with small losses. most are concerned about this possible u.s. government shut down and mixed signals on possible american monetary policies. let's take a look at how the markets closed yesterday. everything was down. we've been talking about this health care debate it is a budget debate in this possible shut down effecting markets this morning. the house is meeting today to hash it all out. the senate is expected to reject a measure that would continue to fund the government. so investors certainly concerned about that. and we are learning a little
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bit more about twitter's planned initial public offering. they have chosen the new york stock exchange over the nasdaq for its ipo. the street reports twitter wants to avoid the problems facebook had when it launched on nasdaq last year. twitter is also hoping to sell about 50 million shares with a price of $28-30 a share. giving 911 a whole new look at menlo park. the new help you can send to first responders. right from the scene of an emergency. but next a kayak trip in santa cruz turns into a close encounter. check that out. i love having a free checked bag
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you've got to see this. talk about a close call. two kayakers got real close to a hump back whale off the coast of santa cruz. that photo that was taken by a marine biologist for sanctuary cruises. now he says right after these shots were taken, the whale slapped the water causing a giant wave that washed over the kayakers. he is advising if you do go whale watching, don't get within 100 yards and avoid getting in the whale's path. time is 5:25. the manager of a san leandro safeway gets punched in the
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face. monday's afternoon attack was caught on camera. check it out. on the top left of the screen. there is the manager talking to a man on bancroft avenue. and right there the manager gets hit. that man punches him in the face pretty suddenly. the punch knocked the manager unconscious and he had to go to the hospital. >> somebody needs to help us out. it's becoming a jungle out here. >> police are not sure what the two men said to each other before that punch was thrown but there were more cameras that we have shown you. those capture the suspect running away. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. time is 5:26. police in belmont releasing a photo. it all happened on the past three sundays during the afternoon little league game at the belmont sports complex.
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the man forces door locked or breaks out windows. if you recognize him, get in contact with the police. consumer safety groups will file a lawsuit. they say they will force the government to require rear view cameras on all new cars. those cameras were supposed to become mandatory on all cars beginning in 2011. but the new law has never taken effect. but now the federal government says it will add rear view video systems to the lists of recommended features. car makers oppose that rule. they say it could raise consumer prices by $200 a car. a very important clue as police investigate the killing of a 20-year-old man in a san francisco muni stop. the video recorded just moments before that deadly shooting. no deyet between bart and the unions. so a plan has been unvailed just in case bay area commuters need to prepare for another
5:28 am
strike. good morning. windy out there. that may cause trouble on the bridges but oregon it looks -- but otherwise it looks good. there will be lots of sunshine today. coast, bay and inland. we'll have details. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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we are live here. this is the america's cup pavilion in san francisco. someone will be crowned the champion today. if the wind cooperates. stay tuned. steve will be here in just a moment. welcome back. it's the middle of the week. it's wednesday, september 25th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. time is 5:30. let's talk about that wind because it will be an issue today. might be an issue on the roads this morning if you are heading out. right steve? >> for some. mainly in the higher elevations. as you saw the breeze is picking up. clear skies. already wind any in the hills. 30-50 miles an hour. we expect that to pick up. lots of sunshine today. cooler to breezy. coolest air of the season begins to settle in. r50z on the temp -- 50s on the temps. wind protected areas i think we will see upper 40s here. santa rosa one of the few locations i think can warm up a little bit more than others
5:32 am
here as we get that north breeze. which is why we are going 77. if the winds stopped at all, they would be down 45 degrees. the coldest air is driving in. there is not a lot of moisture with this system. we will see partly cloudy skies up in the sierra nevada. this is about right. upper 60s. very, very low 70s. temperatures inland really will struggle here a lot of low 70s. it will be sunny. it will just be breezy to windy. cooler to breezy. sunny for me. windy at times. that breeze begins to pick up. 60s and 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. right now we're looking pretty good if you are driving around the bay. chp is not reporting a lot ovines accidents -- a lot of incidents. let's take a look at northbound 280. it's off to a nice start on 280, 101, getting into the valley. also we've been looking at the peninsula and the traffic here
5:33 am
looks pretty good if you are driving on southbound 101 from san francisco down to the bay shore exits on south city. it has been steady and smooth all the way to the san francisco airport. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is getting a little bit more crowded. you can see the outside lanes there is a little bit of a wait to pay the money. let's go pack. a new report says san francisco officials have released a plan in case that happens. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live with the details. good morning, janine. >> reporter: hi, dave. bart riders hope it doesn't come to that, but they are interested in hearing what their options are in case a strike happens. the mercury news is reporting bart would operate 200 free charter buses for commuters that would shuttle people between the east bay and san
5:34 am
francisco stations. this is triple the amount it ran during the first strike. bart is weighing whether or not to offer limited train service to the trance bay tube. those would be operated by certified former train operators who were promoted to management. all day car pool lanes would be open on 880 and 680 and temporary diamond lanes would be added to highway 24. other transportation services would chip in like ac transit and the ferries by boosting their number of buses and boats for commuters. this plan would still mean there would be delays. traffic will still be congested and commuters will have to resort to car pooling. getting up hours earlier to make it to work on time and waiting in long lines. but again bart will resume talks this morning. they are going to hash out their major sticking points and we'll have to wait to see what happens. reporting live from fremont janine de la vega ktvu channel
5:35 am
2 news. as they come to the line. the comeback is complete. >> unbelievable. that crowd going crazy. happening today the final race to decide the winner of the oldest international sports trophy the america's cup. oracle usa has tied the competition after being down eight points to one last week. alex savidge is live for us in san francisco with the comeback for the ages. and alex a lot of people talking about how they just didn't expect all of this. >> no. quite unexpected. in fact, this has turned into the longest america's cup event in history. and that is due in large part to quite a few races that have been delayed because of high winds. that is why later on today all eyes are on the weather. i want to show you the flags behind us. if you take a look at the flags, you see them blowing in the breeze. if it is too windy this
5:36 am
afternoon, they may not be able to go. if they do, there will be one final race with the oldest trophy in sports on the line. a win today by oracle team usa would cap off one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. it was a week ago when the american team trailed eight races to one in the quest for the cup. bassinets then the team -- but since then the team bankrolled by larry ellison has pulled out seven straight wins to tie new zealand. no it comes to one final race. winner take all. oracle skipper believes his team can capitalized on it and win the cup. and it has been an incredible reversal of fortune for oracle and american sailing fans are excited. . >> we love our country and our team and thrilled, thrilled to be part of america's cup in the
5:37 am
city. >> reporter: organizers say an average of 20,000 people a day turned out to watch americas cup races. although the crowd hasn't necessarily lived up to expectations. now we are all set for a dramatic finish out on the bay later on today. and again unless the winds are too high for the teams to go, today's final race is set to begin at some point after 1:15 this afternoon. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> larry ellison's love for sailing is getting him into hot water with people attending this week's oracle open world convention in san francisco. they say they are up seat because part of the reason they traveled thousands of miles and paid thousands of dollars in registration fees and travel costs was to hear the oracle ceo give the keynote address at the convention yesterday. but guess what he skipped the speech. and guess where he was? he was at thely georgia that.
5:38 am
now you will find continuing coverage of the america's cup that will include a slide show of photos from yesterday's races. just go ahead and look for that images tab which is right on our front page. frank police releasing surveillance video of a suspect wanted in the deadly shooting of a 20-year-old man. the video shows the suspect on a muni train monday night moments before that deadly shooting. he's described as an asian man between 20-30 years old. the shooting happened just after the victim got off the train. investigators still don't know what prompted the attack. if you have any information, call the police. in oakland pg&e crews worked overnight to get the power back on after a car slammed into a power pole. this is video after the crash. it happened about 9:00 last night near 20th avenue and
5:39 am
gleason way. the car hit a power pole and then the car flipped over. the driver was rushed to a nearby hospital. still no clue on what caused the crash. one home lost power as a result of that crash. friends and family members gathered in livermore last night to remember 20-year-old christina chesterman. >> such a beautiful person. she touched so many lives. >> the chico state nursing student was on her bike late sunday night riding home from the chico campus library when a suspected drunk driver hit her. late yesterday doctors pronounced her brain dead. >> i lost my best friend to a fool who made one bad decision and there is no amount of justice or punishment that can be given to him to give back to us what we all lost. >> chico police identified the
5:40 am
driver as 19-year-old riley hoover. he is now facing felony drunk driving charges. strong winds and low humidity have triggered a fire weather watch for the north and east bay hills. it takes effect tonight at 11:00. it will last straight through friday afternoon. that warning comes after a fire at a home on max well road that destroyed one home and damaged two more. firefighters stayed on the scene during the night just making sure that fire was completely out. >> winds. not favorable to us. pushing the -- >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. fires in the hills they say are very, very difficult to fight. san francisco state university is training its officers to use tasers. that decision to allow campus officers to use tasers comes
5:41 am
after this incident in may. when they arrested suspected squatters outside of a campus dorm. university officials say tasers are compliance weapons and can stop situations from getting out of hand. but they still need to set rules for their use before they give them to all 28 officers. according to fbi annual crime report oakland has more  robberies than any other u.s. city. san francisco has 4.2 robberies. san bernardino and richmond have 3.7. time is 5:41. new information about asiana airlines after that plane crash at sfo. why the government is investigating how the airline treated the families of the passengers. the law that is under review. what we are learning about the advanced planning made by the terrorist in that shopping mall attack in kenya. good morning.
5:42 am
we are looking at traffic. it's pretty quiet out there but the winds will be a story. especially if you drew drive on bridges and causeways
5:43 am
5:44 am
new information this morning on how terrorists linked to al qaeda carried out the attack on that shopping mall in kenya. the terror group based in somalia reportedly studied blueprints of the shopping mall. then they rehearsed the attack and there are reports they also used employees to stash machine guns in one of the malls stores. the president of kenya has called for three days of national mourning for the
5:45 am
victims beginning today. >> i promise that we shall have a full accountability for the mindless destruction, death, pain, loss and suffering we have all under gone. as a national family. >> this morning they claim there are 130 hostages buried in that rubble of that shopping center but the kenya government is denying that claim. the death toll stands at 61 but that number is is expected to rise as the mall is searched. aeg was the company in charge of promoting michael jackson's comeback tour. jackson's mother file filed a suit claiming aeg of hiring dr. conrad murray. jackson's family wants aeg to pay $85 million to each of jackson's three children and $35 million to his mother. the police department on
5:46 am
the peninsula will soon update the technology for its morning response system. this is the story you will see only on 2. the menlo park police department just bought a next generation 911 system. it cost $360,000 and paid for through phone taxes. the system will be installed over the next two months. people who soon be able to send texts or photos even videos to 911. >> the more information we can get into the 911 center to that call taker to that dispatcher the better our response can be. however there are concerns this added digital information could overload the system. and right now it experts are testing and retesting everything just to see how much it can handle. now agencies are required to upgrade their 911 systems every seven years. paying for them with phone taxes. again the menlo park system cost $360,000. other cities in san mateo county that have the next
5:47 am
generation 911 system include burlingame and san bruno. police in pleasanton focusing on a group of teenagers in connection of a brutal beating of a man right in front of his own home. at this point the teenagers are only being called persons of interest. police haven't given their names out yet. they are only saying the teenagers are students from the pleasanton and nearby school district. david lamont is still in a coma this morning. following saturday morning attack. police say he was beaten after he tried to confront a group of young people who were making loud noise. governor brown has signed a bill into law that will create a statewide earthquake warning system. the system would give california let dents a 60 second warning before a potentially damaging earthquake hits. the new law directs the office of emergency services to find funding for the system by 2016. it's estimated to cost $80 million. and more than 100 volunteers will fan out along
5:48 am
two runways at san francisco international airport to pick up trash. they will be cleaning up debris that could get sucked into an airplane's engine. air traffic control will halt all airplane traffic on the two runways between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. time is 5:47. in just about 20 minutes from right now, another round of mosquito fogging begins in ports of contra costa county. . that will take place in the southeast corner of holland track. the fogging will go after mosquitoes that may possibly be carrying the west nile virus. time is 5:48. we've been talking about the wicked but certainly the roads are getting busy. especially that toll plaza we are hearing from sal castaneda this morning. hi sal. >> hello claudine and dave. it is getting busier. it's not stop and go completely though. there is still a little bit of room for you to get out there
5:49 am
and get ahead of the can crowd. especially in the middle if you are a fast track user. i would say another 12 minutes we will see a dramatic change here at the toll plaza. also the san mateo bridge looks good. that traffic looks nice heading out to the high-rise. but the winds are going to be an issue. it's windy out there. steve and i have been telling you about it. also windy on the dumbarton bridge. dumbarton bridge looks good. highway 101 will be nice with no major problems. hello steve. sal, how are you? >> i'm tired but other than that. [ laughter ] >> i understand. thank you, sir. we do have mostly clear skies. unless you are watching to the north. the cooler forecast is in place. it will be sunny today but it will be breezy to windy. not too bad yet. some of the higher elevations over 30 miles an hour.
5:50 am
colder air is working its way in. wind forecast looks like it's definitely picking up. small craft advisory at 11:00 a.m.. right now i'm seeing 16-21 miles an hour. so i think that will pick up. fire weather watch because of a north wind. we had a little rain on saturday but we could use a little more. cooler, breezy. sunny today for everybody. windy at times. higher parts of the coast higher elevations temperatures will be mainly in the 70s. 60s and 70s. inland temps take the big plunge. back to claudine and dave. a few minutes ago the government reported durable goods orders were up last month. the one tenth of a percent increase didn't surprise analysts. [ inaudible ] the boost came from increased demand from cars and trucks.
5:51 am
orders for core capital goods were up 1.5% which is a sign that businesses are ordering more long-time products. new report says walmart's made in america campaign may not be quite what it looks like. walmart says it's leaving an american renewal in manufacturing. several say they were in the process of moving jobs back to america. amazon is unvailing its newest version of the kindle fire. the hdx model is faster and lighter than earlier versions and has a sharper display. but its most popular feature may be the one called may day. that allows you to push a single button to connect with a live customer service representative who appears in the small window on the screen. that rep is available 24 hours
5:52 am
a day, seven days a week, and can explain new features or help troubleshoot problems. >> that is wild. >> that is wild. and probably very helpful. time is 5:51. stealing from the people who help disaster victims. the clue investigators are look at to find $50,000 of stolen fema equipment. but up next the big surprise at the san jose earthquake practice. check out that military vehicle and how it gave the team's goal keeper quite a scare.
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an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back. time now 5:55. the ground was shaking yesterday under the san oh say earthquakes. they sent us these photos of a fighting vehicle crashing into a concrete barrier just a couple feet from its training facility. now luckily no one was hurt. but as you can imagine the players and coaches they were shocked. the company that builds those vehicles they test them out at a nearby track. governor brown has handed a major victory to hollywood.
5:56 am
actresses like halle berry and jennifer garner testified before the state legislature back in august supporting an antipaparazzi bill. the governor has signed it into law. the legislation imposed tougher penalties on people who harass the children of celebrities and other public figures. animal rights groups are trying to stop a spanish tradition from running through san francisco. we will show you video of the great bull run that began its u.s. tour last month in virginia. but animal rights activists in san francisco have passed a resolution now condemning it an they want the city's name left out of any advertising. but tour officials say that is a violation of their first amendment rights. the bay area has three of the 24 mcarthur foundation grant winners this year. they are also known as the genius grants. two are from stanford.
5:57 am
the third is carl haybard who is a physicist. each of them get $625,000. and they can spend that on anything they want. no strings attached. >> bravo for them. >> time is 5:56. eviction facing long-time residents of san francisco this morning. we are out there live this morning. these are live pictures. the deadline to leave their home is approaching. why they think they are being unfairly kicked out. the cooling off period in that bart labor dispute ends in just 15 days. the management's new plan b. thing are getting a little more crowded for the morning commute we will tell you what it it's looking like in the valley. lots of sunshine today but temperatures won't be very warm for some. they will cool off and breezy conditions. ♪
5:58 am
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6:00 am
victims they say of a law savoring landlord. i can't say the weather has been boring the past five days. we've had rain and temps. but today some very cool air is on the way. more scrutiny for the crash at sfo. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. and here's a beautiful shot. a live look at the bay bridge from san francisco. lights are on. cool and breezy out there. could be a little windy on that bridge and that bridge likely to get a lot busier later today as people head in for that historic america's cup race. good morning, and welcome back to the morning news. it's wednesday, september 25th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this


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