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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 25, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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> hello, everybody. > hello, everybody. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. this is "right this minute." >> a woman think the truck will stop for her. >> a woman's german shepard comes to the rescue. now dad reveals the story behind the video going crazy viral. >> some folks set up a security
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camera and -- >> this is what they captured. >> what cops say this guy was about to do. plus the wednesday buzz word for your shot at an ipad mini and an internet prankster gets into it with stevo. must be fake, right? why the cops weren't in on the joke. >> holy moly, that's crazy. >> keep an eye on these pedestrians. they are on a crosswalk. there is an older lady. >> oh, no, no, no. >> she's not fast enough and ends up getting -- >> oh, stop! >> it does not stop. >> no! >> i don't want to see it! >> that was bad. >> it stops just in time to not run her over. it has pinned her arm under the wheel. the driver looks out the window and then backs up. the woman doesn't move. it appears as though she's unconscious but did survive the
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accident with some minor injuries. >> that truck just couldn't see. i don't know that it's his fault. she was just short enough that she was below his windshield. she crossed so close to the car. if she was a few feet in front of it, i think he would have seen her. >> you're right. >> and up ahead, a pedestrian is using a cane to cross the street. he's able to make it to the middle of the road right before the light turns green and the car that has the dash cam stops to wait for the man but the car is not paying attention and look what happens. one of the cars comes out of the left and hits the car and goes straight in the direction of that old man, fortunately barely taps him. it looks like it did knock him over. >> this is not where i thought this video was going. i didn't think it was heading
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into a guy running a stop light and then hitting this guy. >> it's widely known that dogs are man's best friend but how about little girls' best protector. >> no. >> yeah, you're coming. >> this is 5-year-old valentina and this is her german shepard. this is a training exercise. the dog is protecting her against two strangers. >> that dog was so cool, calm and collected. as soon as that guy stepped towards her, he was, boom, up in his face. >> the dog stays down, listens it his command, stay. >> we have little 5-year-old
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valentina and her father, frank. >> explain to us what's going on? >> the dog is trained to respond to the command but at the same time he keeps looking, both guys. >> do you train other dogs to be protectors for their families? >> that's what i do for a living, i train german shepard and breed them for 30 years. and i do it for the military and the police department. >> is this valentinvalentina's ? >> that is valentina's dog. they're the same age and grew up together. >> what do you think?
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>> it's hard to learn some of the words. >> so what are some of the words? >> oust. >> that's release command in germany. >> walk away. >> this one definitely qualifies for a dumb criminal award. >> oh, dear. poor fella. >> this happened about 11 miles outside of boston in the community woburn and they identified this man as charles. they say they saw this unit next to the air conditioning unit. this home belonged to the duffys and they had been robbed two times and they put up a surveillance camera. >> come on, dir there's kids' toys all over the place. you're invading people's homes.
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>> the alarm went off and police came soon and discovered he entered through the window and exited through the door. so when mrs. duffy got home, she collected the video. she e-mailed it to the police and this fella happened to be familiar to the police. they went to his house. according to police, after a couple of questions he confessed to the crime. >> look at the dopey look on his face. >> you just want to punch him. >> when i first watched this, i was hoping he'd get stuck but he seemed to have just gone through the house. >> he's facing a breaking and entering misdemeanor crime for this. >> okay, we're giving away another ipad mini in just a
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while. >> you'll need wednesday's buzz word to win. >> you have to be a u.s. resident and 18 years or older to win. >> stay tuned. it's the ipad mini give away in just a bit. >> i think first i'd like to put a big warner, warning on the screen because we're about to see some panties drop. >> panties are dropping in this video. dropping. >> panties on the ground, panties on the ground. >> those are panties dropping out of that airplane. >> why would you drop panties out of an airplane? >> because this is at the utopia festival. you might run out of clear underies. these are panties with cool things. maybe some goodies, some prizes
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and maybe tickets to next year's festival, just cool things to sprinkle amongst the crowd. >> she's like, no, i said glitt glittery. >> it's just the weirdest conversation. when it rains panties, you know you're in a weird place. >> or a fun place. >> look at the all panties -- i've never said panties so many times and not laughed. it's hard for a man to say panties and not at least smile. >> panties on the ground! >> a sky diver coming in for a smooth landing gets an unexpected surprise when -- >> something throws him off course. >> what took him down hard. >> he got body slammed. >> and a room that will make your head spin. >> this whole thing was built for $350. >> the cheap budget behind the big budget effect.
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take a look at this video and tell me what you think caused this crash landing. >> oh, oh. >> something throws him off course. could you see what that was? did you see what caused him? >> he got body slammed. it looked like he was coming down and then all of a sudden he was just horizontal. >> you won't believe what it was. >> a little wind current. >> it was a dust devil that came
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in his direction, throwing him off and body slammed him into the ground. >> what a bummer. he was like three inches from having the perfect flight and then he gets just body slammed by this thing. >> that's when you know it's right to be calling it a dust devil. >> that was a devilish little act on that devil's part. >> no major injuries. in fact, he loaded this video up on his own youtube channel. >> now, this guy is paraguilidi. it is a wiy he is very, very fast. he has to release the brake to throw his reserve. but when he does that here, starts spinning out of control. >> oh, no. >> almost instantly crashing into the ground. >> oh, gosh!
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>> oh! >> amazingly, no broken bones. >> i knew it. it sounded like a punch to the gut, got the air out of him and crash. >> the cause of this crash, a dust devil. they're out to get the flyers. >> so two dust devils taking down two different sky divers, two different days. they really are devils. >> is it a high dollar hollywood set? is this the real spiderman? is it magic? is it tom foolery? what is this? >> i have a guess. it's a broom that dana cube and it's rotating around. >> it is a room rotating around but this thing was built for 300 bucks.
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>> the set was created in new paris, indiana. what you can see is a warehouse. an amateur filmmaker named justin frederick clark put to the this idea for a short film he was creating for his work. they got donated items, scrap wood, the furniture at a garage sale. but the coolest thing about this project is how they got this room to rotate. you would think high dollar budget, it's rotating on a motor. >> there as no way they can do this. >> they used a car rotisserie. >> that sounds like something you put a chicken on. >> it's very similar. >> you got two forklifts that kind of raise this summer up into the air. and look at what they use to rotate it. it actually car rims and they manually rotate it with their hands.
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it took them a week to put this together and after they were done with the short film, they tore it all down. >> nice touch with the ceiling light. >> to bosnia, where jumping off this bridge is all fun and games until -- >> oh! >> sounded like it hurt. it did. >> the picture that tell it is all. >> oh, my goodness. >> and want a shot at winning an ipad mini ♪ wednesday buzz word you'll need is coming up.
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wait, wait, hold on. >> bleep! >> i have bad news. one of our favorite pranksters lost his mind. he's trying to get a picture can stevo and stevo won't take a picture with him and vitale
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wontake him to the ground. >> no! >> we're being pranked here. >> is vitale being pranked? is stevo being pranked? >> i think they dreamed up this video on their own. >> they planned it. >> they go around hollywood repeating this incident where vitale is this crazed fan trying to get a picture with stevo. the on people in on it are stevo and vitale. >> he's nuts. >> it's a prank, dude? what the [ bleep ]. >> your biggest fan. >> thank you. >> at first i was like this is a setup, too, the cops were conveniently just right there. no. watch. they arrest vitale and he looks uncomfortable. i bet those two nut balls saw
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the cop cars and said this is a perfect this evening to do. we talked to vitale and he said the cops just kept him in the back of the police car for 20 minutes and then ironed things out and let him go. >> this deep into september, this is the last gasp of videos. this is from a city in bosnia where a very popular activity is to jump off the old bridge. watch this girl gooom! >> oh, she belly flopped. >> you don't see it but you hear it. this is an annual event, it's been going on for 1600, usually for men but this is a woman. >> sounded likes it hurt. it did. take a look at her. >> my goodness! >> that's like a full body bruise. her thighs, you can see the bruise marks u on her belly.
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notice you can also see a smile on her face. >> well, she did it. i'll give her props for that. but slowly. >> that one left a mark. >> next summer she's still going to have a bruise. >> these guys also having a ton of fun but this time they're at ohio dreams in butler, ohio. ohio dreams is an action sports camp that does all sorts of fun stuff. look what they got. this call this thing the slip and slide for very good reason. >> that is cool! and the pool is hugh amongoumon. >> some call it the slip and die. >> they love they get creative. they do some back flips off of it. >> i like the guys that just go like a missile. >> i want to go there so bad. >> bad that summer's over, huh? >> it's ipad mini giveaway time,
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everybody! >> remember you got to be 18 years old and you got to have wednesday's buzz word. >> now enter on our facebook page. go to the first post if you're using a mobile phone or tablet and click on that link. >> time to reveal the wednesday buzz word and it is mugshot. >> remember to go to facebook and click on win a mini. >> and type in mugshot. >>
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it's a good thing to go into every day trying to make yourself better. >> sure. >> martin here thinks so. martin's personal best at the front squat, 380 pounds. very respectable. >> sure. >> martin is going to try and break his own record. here he's attempting to lift 396.8 pounds. gets it up off the rack. gets a little woozy here, can't
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quite push it -- oh! down martin goes with nearly 400 pounds following him. >> did he pass out? >> he did. his knees buckled and down he goes. >> it looks bad but he was not injured. i'm sure he'll give it another try. the video said he racked the weight too close to his windpipe, maybe checking himself a little bit. maybe he can do this. just tweak that technique. >> 52 go pro, puppies means officer some video. he teamed up with pups and got this amazing footage of dogs jumping around, playing, being loveable. >> it's like dog mate trick. >> yeah.
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>> the videos often seeing these dogs in slow motion and getting 360 views of them but what's really cool is how they actually do this. >> they used a rig, they just lined them all up. >> this is the largest go pro array that has ever been conceived. >> remember, there are 52 of them but what's really interestinishey talkdirector of about stitching this all together. he says it takes about four hours to sync all the videos and reposition them because he says even though you have 52 ram r 2 and they may be on the same level, you still have to reposition the videos. >> i think the most amazing part is uncasing 50 go pros. i want a case of go pros. >> sorry, doggy. ♪ ♪
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>> well, the iphone no surprise sold a ton on its debut day. well, the guy over over at unbox therapy decided to give one away to someone who really needed an upgrade. >> we're just doing a quick poll today asking what phones people are using. >> and whom ever they feel has the oldest, nastiest, ugliest phone is going to get a brand new iphone 5s. >> oh, man, that's awesome. >> i'm using an lg chat -- >> samsung galaxy 2. >> a lot of the people have great smartphones. >> i'm sure there's somebody out there with something older than that. >> who still has this? not many people. >> i see, though, you have a crack in the screen. >> we're looking for the worst
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phone today. >> yours is pretty close. >> believe it or not, this guy gets the phone. >> would you like an upgrade? >> yeah, sure, but how? >> take it, man. >> that's yours. >> he's like what is going on here? >> no, you are joking. >> no, i'm not joking. >> he ends up getting the phone. he's really excited about it. >> thanks a lot, man. thanks a lot. >> no problem. nice to meet you guys. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. now at 5:00 p.m.
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a campus rocked by accusation as high school teacher had sex with a student, some students felt uncomfortable when they saw what the teacher allowed in the classroom. >> girls always on him. weird with the girls. >> new surveillance video of the gunman during the navy yard shootings. what the fbi is now saying about the shooter aaron alexis and the note that he left behind. >> bart is beefing up plans for a possible strike, the costs and the options. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. members of high school campus are in dispolice of a teacher is -- disbelief after a teach is put behind bars. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> his behavior with students
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always made students unfortunate. ktvu's robert handa is live with the person who got the initial tip that led to the arrest. >> home coming week for the school and the arrest put a damper on the celebration and generated concern and anger among students and staff. santa clara high school is trying to deal with a scandal, a math teacher was arrested tuesday on sex with a minor. the 32-year-old had a relationship with a 17-year-old female student at the school. some students say there were rumors on how he acted around female students. >> always at his desk, playing on his disk. he would allow it. >> the rumors got around and on monday they got a tip from a district employee. >> that is highly regarded and respected who was struggling
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with concern that she just heard. >> the police, the district and the administrators worked together to investigate and we did find there was evidence that an inappropriate relationship happened. >> police say he was interviewed and arrested. investigators say there were four incidents. the distribute points out he passed the teachers screening process that includes finger printing by the department of justice and the fbi, a review on teacher credentialing and they check references and that over all monitoring continues. >> when these kinds of things are actually proved and when they happen it feels like a betrayal. >> reporter: many students agreed. >> because he is a teacher that makes everyone shocked because he is a teacher. >> reporter: police say at this point they bee


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