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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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with concern that she just heard. >> the police, the district and the administrators worked together to investigate and we did find there was evidence that an inappropriate relationship happened. >> police say he was interviewed and arrested. investigators say there were four incidents. the distribute points out he passed the teachers screening process that includes finger printing by the department of justice and the fbi, a review on teacher credentialing and they check references and that over all monitoring continues. >> when these kinds of things are actually proved and when they happen it feels like a betrayal. >> reporter: many students agreed. >> because he is a teacher that makes everyone shocked because he is a teacher. >> reporter: police say at this point they believe there was
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only one victim what are still investigating. she expected to be -- he is expected to be in court tomorrow. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. winds are gusting across the bay area tornado. you can see the flag in the wind with the bay behind it. come midnight a significant change and increase in fire danger. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's jum f foul -- john fowler followed the impact on the ground but first our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> winds are blowing strong pthe winds -- strong and the winds clock around and when they do the red flag warning goes into effect. 11:00 p.m. tonight for the north and east bay hill as red flag warning. what we are looking for is windsgusting 40 miles per hour out of the -- winds gusting 40 miles per hour out of the northeast. right now they are 22 at
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oakland. sfo30 miles per hour out of the west. -- sfo 30 miles out of the west. coming up in weather, the red flag warning, we will talk about the increase in charities and how strong the winds will get. >> thank you. >> john fowler is live where firefighters and homeowners are preparing preparing for a dangerous next few days. >> reporter: that's right. it is dangerous firefighters say because of the trees and the topography here. the winds are picking up, still out of the west. that is the good news but many homeowners are taking the red flag warning seriously. >> reporter: trees clinging to homes and power lines all around here. with red flag warning winds hours away a tree service crew took down this dangerous pine.
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>> reporter: another crew climbed into her trees to stable them. >> mostly what we like to do is preventative care so there won't be problems. >> we are getting into the meat of the fire season where we get the winds, the humidities that drop. >> reporter: contra costa county fire captain points to another red flag day in 1990. the most distributive urban fire in u.s. history. firefighters call it now a mirror image of that fire potential. we found money branches twined around power lines but firefighters urging homeowners to protect themselves. >> check gutters, check trees close to home and give your home a fighting chance. >> reporter: at 6:00 p.m. what pg&e told me about
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clearing the power lines as we face the red flag warnings. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for weather updates and alerts download our ktvu app. they said it couldn't be done but oracle team usa has come back to win the america's cup. >> america's cup will stay in america. >> oracle team usa started with a two race penalty and was down early to team new zealand but then went on to win 8 in a row. what oracle team usa did has to be one of the biggest come backs ever. ktvu's david stevenson was there for the race and also the big celebration afterwards. david? >> reporter: the victory celebration wound down an hour ago but there are still a lot of people here at america's cup
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park after a day that saw record set as oracle team usa took home the america's cup trophy again. >> reporter: just after 3:00 p.m. the oracle team usa came ashore to applause and a rowdy celebration with confetti, champagne and the cup. [ inaudible ] [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the crowd cheering on oracle as they headed into home stretch. 25,000 people turned out here to watch. so many that police and fire department told me they had to close down had entrance to the park. oracle team usa took the cup, a
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big thrill for supporters, a big disappointment for new zealand fans. >> this is super bowl, world series all wrapped into one coming from behind like that. can't beat it. awesome. >> yeah, been rough. i have been out here every day rooting for new zealand and just disappointed. >> oh, my god, it was absolutely amazing. you know, the biggest come back in sports history. couldn't get better than this on a beautiful day in san francisco. >> reporter: oracle team usa sponsor joined the crew with the celebration. at 6:00 p.m. more of the party and what the mayor's office told us when we asked would the city be willing to host again. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> posted more videos and slide shows, look for our america's cup section on the sports tab on the home
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page. was the america's cup a boom or bust for san francisco? coming -- for san francisco. coming up, john sasaki looks at whether it lived up to expectations. police made an arrest in the shooting death of a student in san francisco, we went to the suspect's house and talked to his father. ktvu's eric rasmussen with sny information about -- new information about the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: we are here where the shooting happened. a muni line runs through here. and today police confirmed they arrested nikhom thephakaysone at his family's home that is around the corner from here. >> the victim justin valdez was a student at san francisco state university. monday night he was shot and killed. yesterday investigators released video of the suspect seen on surveillance cameras before the shooting.
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officers made the arrest after that. it does not appear they knew each other. when we went to the suspect's home his father confirmed his father was arrested there. >> reporter: do you think your son is responsible for this? >> i have no idea, sir. i have no idea. [ talking at the same time ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he is an adult. >> yeah. >> reporter: she responsible for him -- he is responsible for himself. >> yeah. the university of san francisco state university released a statement, the president of san francisco state said this is a tragedy for friends and family and for the entire university community. today we are also hearing from friends of the victim, justin valdez, i got a chance to talk to his high school principal in southern california. he said he was a great student and we are putting together more reaction and comments
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coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a 25-year-old cold case may be solved. a break in the case led them to two suspects. as a result of dna evidence the district attorney issued warrants for fausto chavez and josafat presencion. they are accused of strangling wynetta davis in 1988. new developments tonight in the case of a elementary school teacher accused of molesting students. joseph martin is expected of abusing 13 boys. he pleaded not guilty. he taught at woodside elementary school. they say officials with the
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district knew he may have abused children in 2006 but did not report the finding to police. punch -- findings to police. punched in the face. the surveillance video that caught everything and tonight investigators say going public is propertying new -- promping new leads prompting new leads. ktvu's mike mibach with new information now. >> reporter: this afternoon police activity at the safeway on the 500 block. >> it is disoperation. >> reporter: the manager was hit in the face with a force of the punch throwing him to the ground. >> i can't imagine what is going through a person's head that will come up and just clock somebody. >> we have developments in
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leads. >> the store manager is at the hospital to serious condition. detectives are trying to piece together what prompted the punch and can't do so till the victim is alert. >> once he is able to communicate with us we can get to the bottom of what happened. safeway said we are deeply concerned about our employee. we have visited and are providing support and assistance. co-workers call the manager mo. and one neighbor said he is extremely nice and lived in the neighborhood for 15 years. customers are hoping he is able to recover. >> violence just really bad. >> reporter: police say the man who threw the punch is 5'10", african american. call police if you know where she. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2
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news. new video now, the fbi released surveillance video from the washington navy yard shooting. he is carrying a weapon and stocking his victims. 12 navy yard employees were gunned down that day. the shooter aaron alexis was also killed. the report from washington, the fbi released new clues about the killer's motive. >> reporter: just released surveillance video shows navy yard shooter aaron alexis stocking a hallway. the fbi says aaron alexis was prepared to die when he went to the base september 16. you can see him sneaking around corners, ready to shoot anyone as he moved about. the fbi is giving osfirst look at -- giving us a first look at etching on his gun. better off this way, this is my
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elf weapon. the fbi said aaron alexis was delusional. believing people were controlling his mind. >> to be perfectly honest that is what drew me to this. >> he shot and killed 12 people before law enforcement killed him. authorities said he had a pass on to the base. video shows his car pulling into the garage at the base. after the shooting here at the navy yard, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said warning signs may have been missed when checking the background of aaron alexis. he order a review world wide. >> we need to know how an employee was able to bring a weapon and ammunition on to a installation. >> the fbi said aaron alexis did not give anyone any hint this attack was eminent. ktvu channel 2 news. hewlett-packard is cutting
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ties with a subcontractor that employed aaron alexis. the group failed to respond to aaron alexis' mental health issues. and they said they had policies for contractors and they did not adhere to them. they said they ran two backgrounds checks on aaron alexis. michael jackson died from his own bad choice according to the attorney for aeg. he said during his closing argument today he said that during his closing argument today. he said the singer never informed show producers he was using a hospital anesthetic to help him sleep and if they knew they would have pulled the plug on the tour. the family wants $85 million in damage for each of his children and 35 for his mother. twitter is launching a new feature for emergency tweets
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for the red cross, centers for disease control and prevention to send tweets marked as alerts. they will have icons with orange bells. users must sign up in order to receive the alerts. two people actually ended up driving on to the taxi ways at the international airport in alaska because of a glitch in apple maps. you can see here in the wrong location on the map. although they are now showing up as blocked in three locations. the passenger entrance should be higher where you see the banner. apple assured officials the problem with the red marker will be fixed soon. offering drivers help in finding a parking space. real time parking information is available on the park me app. there is information about public and private lots and garages as well as parking spots on the street.
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it is free for the app. the remodel could mean a $5 million wind fall for the city. it calls for $5,000 for the plan. it calls for expanding macy's and remodeling other shops and rebuilding parking garages. they are expected to take a vote in december. new information about the deadly plane crash at san francisco international airport. the department of transportation is investigating. they were required to provide a range of services, including transportation and lodging and emergency contact information to the families of the passengers. marine county health department reported they had an ut break of e.coli -- an outbreak of e.coli cases. three of the four people live
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in tibron. they were likely infected between september 11 and the 15. officials are looking for a common link among the four. southern california firefighters are making a track on a wildfire near the san bernardino national forest. the fire started yesterday near interstate 15. it grown to 200 acres. is 40% contained. authorities issued mandatory evacuations. firefighters hope to get the fire contained before winds pick up this weekend. here in the bay area there is concern about fire. you were saying red flag warning soon? >> red flag warning and this is the time of year. we think oakland hills fire into the fall hunts. -- months. the weather system, this is a cooler low pressure center. you can see the rain and what
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have you, the low. this low starts to move off, which it does. high pressure jumps right in behind it. builds in and as it does, the air starts to turn and change directions. we will see the wind turns. the high jumps into the hole. that low leave as vacuum so the high builds in and creates a flow. that happens all the time. we get that in the summer time but in the fall it is more pronounced and could be the strongest. temperatures 69 in concord. winds 16 miles per hour ahayward. out of the west. hour in hayward. out of the west. red flag warning for wind, not for temperature or humidity. if you press wind down, it
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accelerates so we could see wind gusts 40 miles per hour maybe more. high pressure, air sinks, it warms, presses into the canyons and the winds go off shore and we get warm, nice days. 70s. low 80s. but then we get the strong winds. tonight through thursday. this red flag warning looks like a 7. it will verify but doesn't look like a major event. rain over the weekend, that doesn't hurt. doesn't hurt. highs for the beaches tomorrow. this kind of weather good for the beaches. san jose tomorrow 69 degrees at lunchtime. 74 degrees for a day time high in san jose. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view you can see it will be warmer tomorrow and breezy. friday warmer still. and saturday and sunday are
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your warmest days. thursday is the day, right, with the red flag red flag warnings. that is tomorrow. not that hot but looking at the winds. breezy at lunchtime and back down into the afternoon. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view red flag warning, not freaking out about it. but that time of year. we will watch it and update you. >> the direction of the wind, that is the concern. >> winds on shore it is cooler. firefighters, it is easier to put the fires out. when the winds come the wrong direction, it is tough. >> thank you. five schools are being recognized as blue ribbon schools honored for high achievement or for making academic improvements.
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law enforcement say they are dangerous but there is little they could do about it, the aca law maker a -- the action a law maker is taking. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> stun guns to save lives, the suicide prevention that could have been prevented if police in one city carried tasers and from litter to broken pieces of luggage, how the clean up could keep a plane crash from happening. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. mom...
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. police at san francisco state will soon be carrying tasers. the department is establishing rules before they start using them. this comes after a video of officers arresting squatters prompted rallies about police brutality. officials say thacked stop situations from getting out of hand. dianne feinstein introduced a bill to make it easier for authorities to crack down on bath salts or synthetic marijuana. >> congress recognizes that no matter how you alter the structure to get around the law they remain dangerous and should not be available for humor consumption. >> experts say they are more powerful than the cocaine or marijuana they are meant to mimic. >> people have the false sense
5:25 pm
if it is sold at a store it is okay. absolutely not. really dangerous. >> authorities say the makers are changing the names and formulas to stay ahead of the law. the inconsistent makeup of the drugs can make them dangerous because they are effects are unpredictable. the senate voted to begin can bait on a bill to avert a shut down. that came after ted cruz ended 21 hour filibuster calling on congress to cut off money for obama care. senate majority leader harry reid called ted cruz's fill bust arwaste of time -- filibuster a waste of time. last friday the county board of supervisors decided to pull out. people say they feel they don't get adequate representation in sacramento and they want to
5:26 pm
form their own state called jefferson. a new state would require approval. bart is getting ready. >> negotiations continue to go on. the question is, what happens if they remain routeless? still ahead. >> -- fruitless. still ahead. >> millions of california workers are getting a raise. >> the change a couple bucks will make and how our workers stack up. >> and side shows are getting more police attention. the call to the community from investigators tonight.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. time is ticking and both sides of the bart labor dispute try to hammer out a deal. there is just 15 days left in the 60 day cooling off period. ktvu's tom vacar is live to tell us how bart plans to get people across the bay if the unions walk out. tom? >> reporter: negotiations are continuing today. but there is a plan to keep
5:30 pm
commuters commuting as best as possible. >> reporter: they voted to increase alternativeruption funding to 21 million -- alternative transportation funding to $21 million. one rider sees it as a greater problem. >> the system is broken from the top up. the government and it is no different down here. people are not talking to each other. they are not working together. >> reporter: it looks like bart will provide 200 charter buses, risking $900,000 in deposits if there is no strike. they may run limited service with each train carrying a thousand passengers -- but at the moment part has only 12 operators in management to drive them. >> they are asking for a three year contract, we want a four
5:31 pm
year contract. >> reporter: other agents will beef up alternative transportation, a.c. transit, muni and the ferries. the 580 may allow trucks. highway 24 will have temporary hov lanes near the tunnels. even with all this expect a mess compared to july's 5 day holiday strike. >> people are back from vacation, school started. we are in october. we expect more traffic and less ability for people to extend their holiday or take one. >> reporter: when ramped up the 200 buses will cost $300,000 a day. giving bart 3 weeks of bus service before more money would have to be allocated. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can download our ktvu
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app for traffic, and public transit information to help you get to work in the event of a strike. changes are in store for san francisco's muni to improve service on the underground lines. they plan to begin double boarding. right now trains stack up at the same platform but passengers can only load on the front one. now they will be able to board two rains at the same time and muni also plans to run three car trains to ease crowding. the changes are set to begin in two months. police are looking for people involved in a side show and shooting saturday morning. >> someone posted this video on youtube. investigators say it appears no one was shut but we heard gunfire. it erupted after two cars
5:33 pm
collided. police hope people who recognize the people in the video will give them a call. continuing coverage now of the america's cup and oracle team usa's amazing come back. company founder boarded the boat just moments after it sailed to victory this afternoon to win the america's cup. now on land san francisco is taking stock and ktvu's john sasaki is here at a look at whether the america's cup was a boom or a bust. >> reporter: not far from the water front and the america's cup racing and today business has been booming. here was the post race crowd. during the last four days business has been up 30%. most guests were watching the
5:34 pm
ceremony. this surge in business hit across the city. many hotels were also packed. rooms were sold out for most of the finals. it may not have been the huge boom that some predicted but it had a positive impact that was enhanced by the oracle team usa come back. >> we have seen the energy in the neighborhood, spilled over from post and pre-races. we have been really excited about this and it meant lot to our businesses. >> reporter: coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 p.m. you will hear from the hotel industry and gavin newsom. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose school district has been dropped from a lawsuit. the school district and the los angeles school district
5:35 pm
negotiated settlements last week and have been dismissed from the district. they said dismissal procedures and layoffs deprive students of -- deprive stupidities of a education. the state of california is still a defendant. >> amazon started selling new kindle tablets today. they introduced two versions. one has an 8.9-inch screen and the other 7-inch screen. they also unveiled a lower end kindle fire hg. blinded behind the wheel. a woman is killed while crossing the street and what police say may have made it impossible for the driver to see her. >> the united states postal service financial crisis is about to become your problem, how much more you will be paying. >> and losing the only home they have known for decades. the reason their crisis is a
5:36 pm
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bank. an elderly san francisco couple and their daughter threatened with eviction will be able to stay in their home for tonight. the family has been evicted and was supposed to move out of the home but tonight supporters say they have been given a reprieve. ktvu's tara moriarty reports it is part of a growing trend. >> reporter: they have been paying $800 a month after 34 years they are being evicted. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he bought the property last year, the plan to turn it into luxury units and sell. >> breaking our hearts. we feel like we have to draw the line somewhere. we need -- as a city we need to come together and do something
5:40 pm
about it. [ music ] >> reporter: groups showed their support for them and their disabled daughter. their case is one in a rising number of evictions using a law adopted in 1985 that allows a landlord to evict to get out of the residential housing market. >> what happens when it becomes 4,000? do they just move out just because somebody else will pay more rent? >> the new landlord offered buyouts to the residents here but they refused to budge. >> reporter: they spent hundreds of dollars on fees applying for low income housing. they are on the waiting list but there are thousands of people ahead of them. they are willing to go to jail to draw attention. these type of evictions tripled since the beginning of the year. they thought they would retire
5:41 pm
here. they can't imagine leaving. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the united states postal service is proposing a 3-cent jump in postage. they plan to ask to raise the price from 46 cents to 49 cents. it is also prosing a increase on bulk mailing rates. it will generate $2 billion. they are forecasting a loss of $6 billion this year. the governor makes good on a promise, the deeper meaning he sees in california's minimum wage hike. >> and the latest technology to protect pedestrians but now some say this crosswalk is confusing to drivers. >> after the break, the red flag warning, windy out there, that is why the visibilities are so clear. winds will cause problems for firefighters into the next 48 hours, details coming up.
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the u.s. senate cleared one hurdle but not before a marathon filibuster. >> i do not like them sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> ted cruz of texas read from dr. seuss during his 21 hour filibuster. he was trying to stop the senate from voting down a
5:45 pm
measure. the senate approved a measure that sets up a vote for friday or saturday. we have a better idea how much health insurance will cost under the affordable care act. the white house released the prices. california is one of a dozen states with his own exchange. the average individual plans in california range from $275 to $340 a month. people can start applying next tuesday october 1. and has a section dedicated to immigration -- on health care reform. california's minimum wage will jump in the coming year. ktvu's ken pritchett is here with who is against the action. ken? >> reporter: minimum wage is $8 right now.
5:46 pm
july next year $9 and $10 in january 2016. some say it is long over do, some say it is a job killer. >> reporter: governor jerry brown was so pleased he signed it twice, once in los angeles and once in oakland. >> we raise the wages of those who labor. >> reporter: he is one of the laborers. a dishwasher with a college degree. >> i go to food banks. >> he make as bit more than the $8 minimum wage. $9 will make a difference. >> every little bit helps. >> reporter: six other states have a higher minimum wage than california. including nevada. $8.25 and washington state the highest minimum wage in the nation $9.19 an hour. governor jerry brown decided to
5:47 pm
sign the bill in oakland where young people are seeking jobs escape minimum wage. she worked at a fast food restaurant for years. >> i had to live with a roommate. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says the minimum wage change will effect more than million californians. >> simpler, clearer and more moral. >> reporter: it has been six years since california raised the minimum wage. this bill signed by the governor was one of several job killing bills on his desk. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. several cities raised their minimum wage to $10 or more and one is considering a similar move. san jose $10 in march. in january san francisco $10.55
5:48 pm
and berkeley may follow. leaders are considering a plan to raise minimum wage to $10.55. a conference is wrapping up in seattle on how to prevent oil spills in the west coast. representatives from hawaii and british columbia are always there. this year's meeting focused on increase on rail transport and expansion of the pipeline from canada to washington state. uc davis won a grant to lead a study for the government on transportation and climate change. the study will help the department of transportation to prepare systems for climate change. three southern california universities will also participate in the project. it is very early in the season of fall and it is starting to feel that way.
5:49 pm
now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> things click quickly. getting into fall early. couple days ago. feels like it early. it feels fall like. temperatures on the mild side. notice how numbers are even from fairfield all the way to mountain view. you are not seeing the 30 and 40-degree spreads. there is a low pressure center to the north. as the jet stream lowers itself the systems tweak through the pacific northwest. they leave a big hole. the high pressure jumps in. and that is what is happening. when that happens the winds come out of the north and that gets you higher fire danger and a red flag warning that goes into effect after 11:00 p.m. tonight. 72 in fairfield.
5:50 pm
70 livermore. the winds, blowing right now, san francisco international airport 30 miles per hour. by 10:00 p.m. i don't think they will be out of the northwest but by 3:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, the winds out of the north. more north than northeast. threw the bay -- through the bay mid-70s. hot spots, mid-70s. temperatures tomorrow, nice looking day. fire danger comes up. red flag warning. san francisco this pattern is outstanding because you get downtown temperatures in the mid-60s. a nice day in downtown san francisco tomorrow with fog free conditions along the coast. look at the highs. 74, they are all -- it is flush. east bay, right, mid-70s. valley, mid-70s. along the coast, lower 70s. because of the sea breeze.
5:51 pm
highs as we go into the next couple days, warming. winds picking up tonight. tomorrow will be warmer. friday warmer. saturday warmest day of the week. a peak at saturday. the warmest day on the bay area weekend that is. it will have temperatures in to the upper 80s saturday. lunchtime low avenues. bay saturday, 80s -- low 80s. bay saturday, 80s. nice forecast. thursday, friday fire danger is up. that is the big story. the fire danger is a concern here. tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will talk about this. red flag warnings are a big deal. goes into effecting tonight. >> visibility, air quality -- >> man, the views. >> you guys are locals, right? everybody loves the fall. except for the fire danger thing but the weather is
5:52 pm
perfect. >> thank you. a conference, people pin san francisco on the -- in san francisco, on the pink can get same day delivery on google. it has been testing with selected customers but today it was open to everyone from the city, to the peninsula to san jose. google is promising to deliver in 3-5 hours at $5 a store. not all of the reviews you read on yelp are genuine. according to a study 20% of all yelp reviews are fake. the study claims some are written by the business or employees or someone paid to write a good review. yelp says their own filters catch a lot of fake reviews and they don't show 25% of the
5:53 pm
reviews that receive. a dangerous intersection just got safer. >> san francisco has a new kind of traffic signal to help keep pedestrians safe but why are drivers getting confused? >> back now to -- julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a student is shot and killed as he steps off a muni train, what we know about the man in custody and what a relative told us today. could stun guns help prevent a suicide attempt? the surprising push for police to carry tasers in one city. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. 5ñ
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woman was hit by a truck and injured this morning at 840 a.m. this morning as the woman was crossing the street. she was in the crosswalk. officers say the driver may have been blinded by sun light and didn't see her. the driver remained at the scene. the woman is in critical condition. it is believed she is in her 70s. new at 5:00 p.m. a busy intersection and drivers barrel on through. now there is a new measure to slow things down. it got attention after student was killed there. now her father tells ktvu's rob
5:57 pm
roth something good has come from something so painful. >> reporter: a two mile straight away where cars silldom drive the speed -- seldom drive the speed limit. it was here that a student at a high school was struck and kill by a drunk driver -- killed by a drunk driver. her father has been pushing for safety improvements. >> something positive comes out of my daughter's death. >> a pedestrian beacon. >> wait. >> reporter: during the wait lights are activated to warn drivers to slow down and stop on red. that is when it is safe for the pedestrian to cross. the system reduced accidents by 70% in cities that have them. >> the light started to bring people to slow down.
5:58 pm
stop, take a look before they go. >> we know there is confusion among drivers as the cycle winds down the red lights flash for several seconds acting as a stop sign. but we found many drivers just stay stopped. >> nobody knows. stop and go. >> reporter: still the family hopes something good came out of this. >> if lights were there several lights ago my life would be different. if all goes well they plan to put up another signal next year. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now, a number of other cities are using the pedestrian beacons. they include sacramento, tucson, phoenix, memphis and portland, oregon. a college student getting off a muni train shot and
5:59 pm
killed. tonight a man is behind bars for random shooting. we are learning more about the victim. >> will they make the streets safer. why police are asking for stun guns. >> and winds whipping up fire concerns, we are out as pg&e and homeowners get ready for a rough couple of days. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. police say the killing of a college student in san francisco was a random and unprovoked attack and police now have the killer of justin valdez. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> a student at san francisco state is getting off of a muni train when he was shot and killed. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in san francisco where he spoke to the suspect's father and also people who knew the
6:00 pm
victim. eric? >> reporter: friends of the victim say justin valdez was an athlete and a hard working student. moments ago i spoke to a friend of his in southern california who said he loved being in san francisco and enjoyed taking the train and walking. we got a tip that there had been an arrest. this afternoon police confirmered and it appears -- confirmed and it appears they didn't have to go far from the shooting to find the man. >> reporter: the death of justin valdez near a muni stop not far from san francisco state came as a shock to students on campus. >> it is really sad and tragic. >> reporter: san francisco police say justin valdez was getting off of the train when he was shot before 10:00 p.m. monday night. police released this video of a suspect. it is nikhom thephakaysone, arrested at his home yesterday.


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