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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 26, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: we're live in san  francisco where homicide investigators are trying to figure out who stabbed a dodgers' fan after a giants' game. we'll have the latest left. >> reporter: we're live in santa cruz where a man has been arrested after he is found stalking children. we'll tell you what police found at his house and you will also hear from a principal at one of his schools where he was -- where he was stalking children. red flag warn something out for some but for others there's hardly any breeze at all. so how does this shape up for your forecast.
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and a power problem at a bay area hospital. when the lights are expected to go back on. "mornings on 2" starts now. you're looking live at at&t ballpark in san francisco. the giants and dodgers played there last night. shortly after the game, there was a deadly confrontation between some fans, a few blocks from the park. we'll have more on that developing story in moments. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve. some of the higher elevations, gusts to 40. other locations no breeze. santa rosa had a north wind. it looks like it collapsed. they are 48. concord, livermore, even hayward. other locations, fairfield with a gust of 26. san jose we'll start off at 52 go for a high of 74 with a
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sunnyside up forecast. wall-to-wall sunshine. yesterday morning pretty good breeze. not the case this morning. we'll start in the 40s. high today, 68. there's not an offshore breeze in the city yet. lake county, sunshine, breezy warm. some of the higher elevations red flag warnings. i've seen about 38 to 40 gusts for some. that's above 1,000 feet, not at 1,000 feet. sierra nevada could get isolated snowshowers today. for you, sunny and breezy -- for us you, sunny and breezy -- for us, sunny and breezy. here's sal. traffic is at its peak really if you are trying to get into san francisco. you will see slow traffic on the bay bridge, although we haven't had a big delay. if you look at the 880 ramp which you know if you drive it, it's light there and also 880
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here in oakland is not bad as you drive past the coliseum. we're getting a little bit of a break on this thursday early in the commute or mid to early in the commute. if you are driving on 580 we haven't seen the road sensors showing a lot of slow traffic there. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni. i just spoke with the dispatchers. so far they are doing well. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. developing news out of san francisco. a dodgers' fan stabbed to death just blocks from at&t park shortly after the giants' beat los angeles. ktvu's tara moriarty is in san francisco with the deadly confrontation between fans of the two teams. good morning, tara. >> reporter: we're here at police headquarters and waiting for a statement from the giants. they did not know this happened, this altercation between some giants' fans 57 dodgers' fans that ended with this, you know, deadly confrontation. we want to show you video of where this happened just blocks from at&t park.
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this was at perry and third street. the game had just let out. right around 11:30, this fight broke out between two groups of men and a giants' fan stabbed a dodgers' fan. he was transported to the where he died -- to the hospital where i died. the victim's brother and father were with him. they were not hurt. the police have detained three people. they are questioning them. as far as we know, no suspects arrested. we'll keep you updated. we'll be talking with investigations here in about two minutes. we're live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. this violence comes on the night a fund-raiser was held for bryan stow. coming up at the bottom of the hour, the fund-raiser on the final weekend of the giants' season. the prize giveaway as part of the donation drive. new this morning, pg&e working harld to get the power
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-- hard to get the power back on for 39 customers in castro vallan overnight outage affected thousands of homes and businesses, including a hospital. eden hospital had to run on generators. but patient service was not faithed. the power is back on -- affected. the power is back on at the hospital. at the height of this power outage, more than 3,000 homes and businesses lost power. by 9:00 this morning, the power should be fully restored. power has been restored to more than 8800 homes and businesses that lost power overnight in brisbane, daly city and san francisco. pg&e is investigating whether the wind was a factor in that power outage. the high winds mean higher risk of fire danger. a red flag warning is in effect until 3:00 tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. i'm talking about the north bay mountains and the east bay
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hills, including mt. diablo. this new warning after a fire danger comes after the morgan fire burned more than 3,000 acres on mt. diablo earlier this month. there are also worries that high winds could knock down trees which could knock out power. >> if you have a tree that's overhanging your house. you need it cut it back so it's at least ten feet away. >> pg&e has 96 crews out there removing or stabilizing trees. the santa cruz man is behind bars after being arrested for stalking several young people. police think there could be more victims. janine de la vega joins us live from santa cruz where she just spoke to a principal at once of the schools where police believe some of the victims may be from. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're at the pacific collegiate charter school. the principal told me that this suspect was actually here on monday as well as tuesday and it was a neighbor that actually
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spotted him. he was parked here in his car along swift street and that neighbor was able to observe the man photographing girls on campus. the neighbor ended up taking down the suspect's license plate number, and that's how police were able to track him down. let's go to some photographs of the suspect. here are the different looks of 31-year-old joshua paul james. he was arrested on charges of child pornography as well as child annoying and stalking. on monday, two student athletes who are running as part of their training at santa cruz high school reported a suspicious man was following them in a car. then on monday, pacific collegiate school also reported that a suspicious man was photographing and filming girls. the principal said he returned the next day. police linked the incidents together because of the suspect and car descriptions were both similar and they were able to
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track down james. >> i'm disturbed and i really appreciate that the police followed up on it, apparently, and were able to grab him so quickly. >> reporter: after searching his home, police found obscene matter depicting children and say it appears that james had been filming and taking photographs of girls between 13 and 16 years old for his own gratification. detectives seized photography equipment and storage cards and they are looking through images to see if there's any more victims. now, if you have any information regarding james and these incidents, please would like to hear from you. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the menlo park city council approved a request by the police department to buy four surveillance cameras and three license plate readers. the council says the police department cannot use the equipment until there is an ordinance in place to address
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privacy concerns. the cameras will be mounted at inter-- intersections in the bel haven neighborhood. the automatic license plate readers will be attached to three patrol cars. 7:08. the highway patrol urging all drivers slow down after a recent string of crashes at road construction sites. at one incident in placerville r the chp officer suffered minor injuries. that officer purposely drove his patrol car that was about to run over a cans worker -- caltrans worker. the chp says this month, 14 other people were hurt in road construction areas. they are reminding drivers to slow down and keep your eyes on the road when you approach the cone zones. san francisco police investigating a fatal motorcycle crash in the twin peaks area. it happened around 9:15 last night in the 1000 block of portola drive we've been told
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the unidentified cyclist was killed after slamming into a parked truck. the investigation into the cause of the crash continues. the miracle comeback is complete. >> america's cup will stay in america! >> oh, yeah, baby! >> oracle team usa capped off one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. down 8-1 to new zealand one week ago. oracle won eight straight races including the finale by 44 seconds. this is raising new questions about the future of the oldest traffy in international sports -- trophy in international sports. coming up, the possibility of whether the races will be held in san francisco again. well, tori, team oracle and the trophy, they will be proudly displayed at the oracle open world convention. last night, the convention lit up the sky at treasure island.
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they had a giant ferris wheel and massive tents. there was music by maroon 5 and the black keys for oracle customers and partners. today is the last day of the convention. the attendees will be able to take a photo right alongside the america's cup. a four-day festival celebrating technology and music kicks off in downnoun san jose. more than 70 bands are scheduled to perform at the c 2 sc festival, including the ocs, the limousines and the lemonheads. iggy and the stooges will perform at an outdoor concert on saturday at st. james park. the speakers include apple's co- founder and john mcafee, he's giving his first public interviews since he escaped problems in belize. >> that would be interesting, hear what he has to say. two weeks left until a possible b.a.r.t. strike. there's an effort to ban such a
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move. coming up at 7:30, what one local politician is doing to prevent transit workers from ever walking off the job. and what twitter will do to try to bring more sports fans to the site while they still watch their favorite team. we have word of a crash on the eastshore freeway blocking lanes. we have a look at the traffic after that. you can see it's lightert than usual. there is an accident up the road here. well, it happened again, the sun came up right on queue. it will be warmer today -- right on cue. it will be warmer today. we'll talk about it -- coming up. ♪
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it is 7:14. happening today at a hearing on capitol hill, a bipartisan group of senators will answer questions about new legislation to cut back the national
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security agency's surveillance programs. the legislation would end the nsa's bulk collection of american's communications records. the senators say putting restrictions on the scope of the surveillance program will not put national security at risk. >> under this bill, the federal government would still be able to get ahold of terrorists' and spies' phone records but when there's a link to espionage or terrorism. >> this has come under intense scrutiny after the edward snowden incident. all right. 7:15. there's a new poll showing president obama's approval rating dropping as he faces a looming battle with congress over the healthcare reform and a possible shutdown. 49% of the public disapproves of president obama's job perform aps.
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43 -- performance. 43% approves. that matches his worst approval numbers in two years. the postmaster general is about to go before a committee to ask lawmakers to raise the price of stamps again. these are live pictures from the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee. the testimony has begun just yesterday the postmaster proposed to raising the price of a stamp to 49 cents. the postmaster will urge lawmakers to act quickly on legislation to fix the postal service which expects to lose $6 billion this year. the postal service needs the approval from lawmakers and regulators to raise those fees. if it's approved, the new 49- cent rate would fake effect january 26th. want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. hey, sal. >> hey, tori. good morning to you and dave. the traffic is getting busier
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all over the place. we have a new crash west 80 -- actually it's the central avenue offramp. traffic is very slow in the area. i want to move up and pull back here and show you how slow it is. i'm gonna outline the traffic. it's gonna be slow all the way here. let's take a live look at the eastshore freeway. since the crash is blocking lanes. look at the east shore, it's not getting through. when you get to the bay bridge, the same thing goes. it's not as heavy as it normally is. you might want to take advantage of this little window you have where traffic is slightly better than it normally would be at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound once on the bridge looks good. let's go to steve at 7:17. the future looks so bright, you better put on those shades. it's gonna be sunny.
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kelly from bridgeport, slight snow up there. some will get the breeze and winds. others not so much. in the santa cruz mountains, it's cold. 42. i saw 39 near scotts valley. for some it's a brisk warning. red flag warnings are out. some areas are 40. the peninsula and then near mission peak in fremont, gusting to 40. the red flag warning goes through friday. santa rosa had a north wind. that kind of fell apart. they dipped to 47. i will still go 81. that north wind will head up there. the sierra, 29 up in tahoe, 41 in reno. 49 ukiah. 47 in redding. even 52 in fresno. that's a sign of the breeze.
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an offshore breeze is what we have for some but not for everybody. if no breeze at all, it's cool. walnut creek, 43. steve, that's cold. okay. it's cold. santa rosa, 48. napa, 48. 58 fairfield with a north wind. concord no breeze. 47. also on the coast, clear skies, north gusting to about 26 at fairfield, 29 vacaville, napa with the west wind. novato with the north. this is a northerly northeast for some. a little component of a westerly from sfo, mountain view, san jose. it's mainly north and east bay that's showing the offshore breeze. occasionally some isolated snowshowers. for us, it will be sunny side up. and the cold air will settle in here, i think tomorrow morning, it could be cooler as we see the breeze start to tail off. sunny and breezy. a lot of sunshine. coast, bay, inland. temperatures rebounding. it will be warmer. not a lot. but it's gonna be close.
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60s, 70s, very low 80s for some. windy hills and out to the valley, sunny and breezy for some. not as bad for others. low 80s for some. napa, 81. napa downtown, much warmer than napa airport. that's for sure. 79 novato. berkeley 72. 76 concord. we'll go 74 for san jose. santa cruz will warm up from 47 low this morning. san mateo, 75 and livermore also 75. don't see that all of the time. warmer weather with a decrease in the breeze. warmer into saturday. a little cooler sunday. cooler to the north. 7:20. twitter will soon have a treat for pro football fans. the microblogging site will carry nfl instant replays in twitter's biggest sports- related project yet. twitter is looking to cash in on sports fans' use of social media while they watch tv.
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the move could boost twitter's revenue before the ipo. the struggling 49ers face the rams in st. louis. the 9ers will patel their long time rivals without aldon smith. he's on a leave of absent and is in a treatment facility after his second dui. and patrick willis could miss the game as well due to an injury. the 49ers have lost two of their first three games. as i was talking in the newsroom, very haven't really lost, they've lost badly. >> i know. it has to get better. >> yes. two threatening letters mailed to a bay area high school. why investigators are focusing on businesses near the school. fallout in the historic collapse in the america's cup.
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why new zealand may find it difficult to win the competition any time soon.
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michael hopkins and two russian cosmonauts blasted off from a soyuz capsule. they flew sings hours and then docked with the international space station. their six-month mission will include a spacewalk with an unlit olympic torch. hopkins received a master's degree in engineering from sanford in 1992. even if you want buy a tess lar car you can rent one. hertz is adding them. they will be available at l.a.x. and sfo. rental prices for the model-s start at $500 a day. but the car retails for
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$70,000. 7:24. well, larry ellison won't make a firm commitment yet that says he wants san francisco to host the america's cup. yesterday in front of a packed crowd, oracle team usa hoisted the oldest trophy in international sports. they won eight straight races, they capped off an amazing comeback to beat team new zealand. it's estimated that more than a million people watched the competitions on the bay with july. with fewer foreign entries anticipated, the financial windfall won't be as much as anticipated. the croppicle is reporting that they will break even or be slightly ahead. >> we tried to make it more friendly for the viewing audience. >> the 35th america's cup and next one, that will be held in three years from now. larry ellison says he will meet
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with san francisco city officials to talk about if it's possible to hold another regatta. he will also look at reducing the cost of these high-tech catamarans. more teams will compete. people in new zealand reportedly they are questioning new zealand's involvement in the expensive racing competition. the emirate's team relied on a $36 million contribution from the new zealand government. after their stunning loss, support for tax payer money to fund the challenge is dropping. new zealand's prime minister who is at the united nations in new york called the final race gut wrenching. he said there will a lot -- there are a lot of things to consider before putting more tax payer money on the line. on our channel 2 website, we posted new video, more photos from the final race and the celebrations. check it out. look for our america's cup special section. click on the sports tab on our home page. some promising news on the
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job front. the u.s. labor department announced the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits for the first time fell by 5,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 305,000. analysts say the steady decline in applications show that very few companies are laying off workers. meanwhile, state officials are telling tens of thousands of out of work californians the check's in the mail. the employment development department says it will begin to pay out more than 80,000 backlog claims as soon as today. the backlog happened over labor day weekend when the department had problems upgrading the computer system. a deadly confrontation between los angeles dodgers and giants' fans, the jit that led to a -- the fight that led to a stabbing last night following the baseball game at at&t park. two weeks left to avoid a b.a.r.t. strike. the proposal from lawmaker to keep transit workers from walking off the job. good morning. it looks like we've cleared or
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they've cleared the accident on the eastshore freeway. traffic is going to be getting a little better. highway 24, a little bit slow in a la fayette. a lot of sunshine. but boy there's some very cold readings in wind protected areas. areas that get the gust, we still have the red flag warning. we'll talk about that.
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you are looking live. this is from the b.a.r.t. station in orinda where there is a local politician. he's passing out fliers because we are two weeks away from a possible strike and this morning, that man is heading an effort to outlaw transit workers from going on strike. something that a lot of b.a.r.t. riders will be very interested in finding out more about. more on that in a moment. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i just looked outside, it looks nice but it feels like fall. >> definitely cool for some or cold for others. a few locations near 40 or 40, 45 from lake county all the way to the santa cruz mountains. a little bit of snow flurries up in the sierra nevada. for us, it's sunny and will be nice. definitely cool. 40s. that's at the airport. i've seen about 59 not far away from yountville. fairfield being one, they get a north wind.
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antioch brentwood in the 50s. hayward 47 and 48, 40 -- book ends for napa and santa rosa. speaking of san jose we start you off at 42. palo alto i saw 44 to 47. 74 for a high in san jose. san francisco yesterday had a lot of -- a lot of reports of breezy conditions. not so much this morning. we'll go for a high of 68. most of the coast reports hardly any breeze at all. some of the higher elevations, yes. we have the red flag warning through friday afternoon. a lot of sunshine here. maybe a few clouds popping up in the sierra to the north but it's really the cool air that's here. the afternoon highs will be warmer today. here's sal. steve, we have a lot of slow traffic around the east bay this morning. we've had a couple of crashes that have been cleared but traffic is still busy. i want to show you some live pictures. i want to show you that traffic is going to be okay on 880 northbound.
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this is one of the nice commutes. it usually starts to get heavier at 8:00. let's take a look at the toll plaza westbound. we had a little bit of a slowdown there. but traffic has been held up. i will show you where. on the eastshore freeway, we had an earlier crash at the albany hill. the traffic has been slow. now the crash has been cleared but the traffic is still kind of easing up from when the lanes were blocked near the albany hill. also we have very heavy traffic on interstate 880. speeds are pretty slow. i would say down below 30 miles an hour for a lot of that stretch. please give yourself plenty of extra time to make the commute. let's go back to the desk. we have some developing news in san francisco. in fact, a brand-new development. we've gotten word that two suspects are in police custody. this follows a los angeles dodgers' fan stabbed to death following the baseball game at at&t park. the attack happened in the area of third and perry street, just
7:34 am
blocks from the ballpark. police say it's early in the investigation but they believe there was a fight between dogers and giants -- dodgers and giants' fan. the victim was with his brother and father. they were not hurt. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital where he died from his wounds. again, police have just confirmed to us two people have been arrested in this case and we'll have a live update in the next hour. this violence comes on the very night the giants held a fund-raiser in support of a will-known victim of -- well- known victim of fan violence involving the giants and dodgers. pam cook is in the newsroom with more on that part of the story. >> good morning. baseball fans say it's ironic and particularly sad this this violence should happen during a fund-raiser event for an injured fan. the giants holding fund-raisers at three home games this week to support bryan stow, the giants' fan, severely beaten after a game against the dodgers in los angeles in 2011.
7:35 am
now, fans who bought tickets at certain sections at at&t park for games last night tonight and then on sunday will have $10 of their ticket price donated to the bryan stow thgam the padres. the money goes to his recovery. he's the paramedic, father of two who suffered a severe injury in march of 2011. stow is recovering at home but continues an extensive rehabilitation process which is why they are holding the fund- raisers. we'll hear from giants' fans about not only the fund-raiser and what's being done but also about the violence that happened last night outside of the ballpark. a bench-clearing crawl erupted during the second at- bat between the brains and
7:36 am
brewers. the fight started after carlos guzman took a very long home run trot around the races -- bases. he yelled at several braves before getting into a shouting match with the braves' catchers. milwaukee won the game, 4-0. police in richmond investigating two threatening letters mailed to de anza high school as a possible hate crime. one letter started by saying "you're so-called students are a nuance at the plaza where my business is located." it also says, "i can only hope and pray the next school shooting happens real soon." the high school has increased campus security and have alerted parents about the threat. >> all students should come to school wearing their i.d.s everywhere where visible. this is an important parent of being able to identify our students and keeping them safe. >> that first letter arrived
7:37 am
september 12th. the second letter came a week later. the police think both letters came from the same person. investigators are questioning business owners near the high school as they search for suspects. a vigil will be held tonight for a san francisco state university student who police say was the victim of a random killing at a muni stop. 20-year-old justin valdez was gunned down monday night in the ingleside heights neighborhood. investigators arrested a man seen on muni cameras surveillance video right before the shooting. friends of the victim say they can't believe he's gone. >> i can't believe it. i was in total denial. i did not believe that justin was shot. >> valdez grew up in southern california. his friends say he was a good student, a swimmer and someone who has passionate about the virm-- environment. today's vigil is at 7:00 p.m. at san francisco state. police plan to release more information about the case
7:38 am
later today. 7:37. there are just two weeks left now for b.a.r.t. and its unions to reach a deal and avoid a resumption of the strike that was first held in the early week of july. but little progress has been made. ktvu's claudine wong is live with the proposal from one bay area lawmaker to keep transit workers from walking off the job. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're at the orinda b.a.r.t. station because out in front of the station for the last hour or so, this is the councilmember steve glashier handing out petitions. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: you've been out here handing out these informational fliers. what do you want meal to do? >> go to ban b.a.r.t. and sign up and let this conflict be heard. the rider should not be the consequence of a failure. our economy is at stake.
7:39 am
400,000 people use b.a.r.t. every day. they should work it out. but if they can't, we should have a ban on strikes. >> when people talked about this before, i've talked to b.a.r.t. they say their position is generally they don't take a position especially if there's something like binding arbitration. unions obviously depend heavily on their right to strike if things go south. how do you feel both sides taking away some of the power they are given in negotiations? >> i think as a rider, we expect them to work this stuff out. if they can't work it out, we should not be the consequence. the economy, the bay area, all of the people that depend on b.a.r.t. for jobs to get to school and health appointments. look at the consequence to the environment. congestion on the roads, air pollution. so they should work these things out. if they can't, they should not make all of these things at risk. >> you are not taking a position on the little things, just the big things, there should be no strike and we should be able to get to work?
7:40 am
>> i am taking a position on the big things. there are bans on striking in other states. we should have that law. in the last hour, almost 500 people have signed up online for this petition. so we gotta get people engaged. this is a chance for them to have a voice. we're not at the bargaining table. they have can a voice. >> reporter: again, we'll be out here talking to commuters. as far as the time frame, i asked him about -- how many signatures he wants or when this should be done. he said really nothing. he wants to put the pressure on both sides to say hey, this is where the riders stand on the potential of another b.a.r.t. strike. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. if you are driving in the east bay, you may have noticed that caltrans has been testing
7:41 am
new signs in the caldecott tunnel. it's been causing traffic to slow down. the new signs are similar to those recently installed in the devil's slide tunnel in san mateo county. in the caldecott tunnel the signs will warn drivers of any tunnel-related issues, including lane closures, accidents or serious events such as fires or earthquakes. the signs will direct people to one of several cross passages that will lead to a safe evacuation. >> i like that because then you just are prepared and you don't go into panic mode. >> the new signs are meant to prevent a repeat of the 1982 tunnel disaster. that's when a gasoline tanker caught fire inside the tunnel. seven people were killed in that fire. new concern over american involvement in the deadly kenya mall attack. the community that some say is a deadly pipeline to the terrorist cells. any progress in the budget battle to avoid a government shutdown by monday night and a
7:42 am
new deadline that congress faces in defoughting on their loan -- defaulting on their loan. we'll tell you where the hot spot traffics are, including this freeway getting into the have. a very brisk morning for some. low 30s, even 40s. it will be sunny today but what about the breeze?
7:43 am
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stocks advancing after unemployment claims fell. new data showed economic growth accelerated in the third
7:45 am
quarter. wall street likes that. the dow is up 74. the nasdaq is up 27. s&p up 6. the budget battle, though, continues in congress. the senate voted to move forward on a bill to fund the government without defunding obamacare. to avoid the shutdown, the bill must make it through both houses of congress by midnight monday. another dead lynn, the secretary treasure says the u.s. could default on its loans if congress does not raise the debt ceiling by october 17th. >> this is very serious. we're so glad administration is seping it out -- separating it. >> today house republicans will meet to discuss legislation to increase the debt ceiling. reportedly they are scheduled to add several gop priorities including construction of the
7:46 am
keystone xcel pipeline, tax reform and delaying the mandate on the healthcare law for one year. california will soon be the first state in the station with a minimum page of $10 an hour. [ cheers ] >> governor jerry brown has signed legislation that will raise the minimum wage to $9 next july and then to $10 in january of 2016. two cities in the bay area already have a minimum wage at or above $10. san jose's minimum wage rose to $10 in march. the minimum wage in san francisco is 10.55 an hour. 7:46. authorities in kenya say the militants from the same extremist group that lunched the deadly shopping mall attack, killed two police officers. al-shabab claimed responsibility for the deadly shopping mall attack. the official dead toll is 61.
7:47 am
but officials think many more people could be buried in the rubble. part of the shopping mall collapsed when the military fired rocket-propelled grenades during the four-day standoff. there are reports that two or three somali americans may have been among the al-shabab attackers at the shopping mall. that's not been confirmed. but what is known is that al- shabab has recruited dozens of young men from minnesota in many years. minneapolis is home to the biggest somalia moplation in the u.s. -- pop lalts population in the u.s. despite efforts to stop this, young men continue to turn up there to the dismay of their families. federal investigators are opening an investigation into how and why the washington navy yard shooter went on the killing rampage. this is video. that's aaron alexis stalking a hallway with a sawed-off shot
7:48 am
gup -- gun. you can see him sneaking around doorways. he wrote phrases on his gun that said "end to the torment" and "better off this way." investigators say he was delusional. >> aaron alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequently or e.l.f., electromagnetic waves. >> aaron alexis killed 12 people before he was killed. the department of defense is right now conducting three reviews of their security at those installations. it is 7:48. an 18-year-old man is now considered the only person of interest in the brutal beating of a pleasanton homeowner. police say 51-year-old david lamont was attacked on saturday when he tried to confront a group of young people making noise outside his home. he's still in a coma. investigators say the person of interest does not live in
7:49 am
pleasanton. three other teenagers were also questioned but they are only considered witnesses. a university of san francisco professor who died in a fire of berkeley will be remembered during a memorial service today. former students say andrew goodwin was a brilliant teacher who loved music and pop culture. goodwin was killed in a fire in his home in berkeley earlier this month. today's memorial will be at the xavier hall at 4:30 in the afternoon. this morning students and faculty are remembering a teacher and football coach who died on campus. officials say education etch tooer larry shimle collapsed yesterday morning -- educator larry shimle collapsed yesterday morning. they tried to perform cpr but he passed away. he was the head football coach at a christian high school in modesto. >> he was the best coach i've
7:50 am
ever experienced. he's inspirational. >> the team is planning a special tribute for him tomorrow at the game. he was 58. >> lets check in with sal. you are watching the -- let's check in with sal. you are watching the commute. >> it's heavy because of problems on 80 westbound. we had an earlier crash that blocked lanes. i'm gonna show westbound 80. very red fromler cue lease down to -- from hercules down to berkeley. contra costa county down to antioch very slow and 680 is backed up to 242. i want to show you the bay bridge. a lot of the traffic has been held up. and then if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 very slow on 280, 101 and 85 trying to get into the valley. let's go to steve. clear skies here. breezy for some, no wind at all
7:51 am
for others. cold for many. if you get the breeze, it's definite lit warming up. up in the sierra, we're getting isolated snowshowers. my friend john said paulson, snow on the west side of reno going up towards truckee. i will try to take a picture and send it to you. that's why i love twitter. red flag warning. we have an offshore breeze. it's not that strong. seeing gusts at 40 miles an hour. mainly north and east bay. some locations hardly any breeze at all. south bay looking more in a westerly direction. 81 today. 29 up in tahoe. 41 ukiah. there have been 30s and low 40s in the santa cruz mountains. the red flag warning goes north bay all the way down to san benito county. you can see some of the 40s. walnut creek is in there. napa airport 48. closer to town there's some 10- degree warmer readings. any breeze holding that temperature up without the
7:52 am
breeze collapses. we do see a component of an easterly breeze. from sfo to san jose, it's west. that's why the red flag warning mainly in the higher elevations, clear skies for us. a few clouds and popup snowshowers up in the sierra. high pressure wins out for probably saturday. 60s, 70s and very low, low 80s. double clutch. i apologize. 70s to near 80 degrees for some. pleasanton, 76 degrees. san jose, 74. santa cruz will warm up. they were 47. 60s, 70s, coast and on the peninsula towards palo alto. menlo park atherton. san bruno, 70 degrees. we have warmer weather. decrease in the breeze. a little cooler on sunday. clouds rolling in on monday. maybe some rain to the north. eight minutes before 8:00. a suspected stalker is behind bars in a child pornography case in santa cruz. how this case is tied to two
7:53 am
high schools in the santa cruz area. why media watchdog groups say the license of a sacramento radio station should not be renewed. ♪
7:54 am
[ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier.
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introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ it is 7:54. jurors could begin deliberating in michael jackson's wrongful death case as soon as today. jurors are being asked to decide who is responsible for hiring dr. conrad murray for jackson's "this is it" concert in london. attorneys for jackson 'family says an unsigned contract proves aeg hired murray. but aeg officials say jackson insisted on hiring the cardiologist despite their concerns. >> aeg didn't choose him. they told him, there are great doctors in london, some of the best hospitals in the world. they told him he didn't use his
7:56 am
money to bring his doctor with him. but mr. jackson was undeterred. >> murray has already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson an overdose of propofol to help him sleep. jackson's family is asking for $290 million in damages from aeg. two sacramento media watchdog groups are trying to block the license renewal of a radio station found liable for the death of a woman who took part in a radio station contest. the 28-year-old, jennifer strange, a mother of three, died of water intoxication in january of 2007. she drank several gallons of water and did not go to the bathroom during a station contest to win a video game. the station was ordered to pay her family $16 million. the media watchdog group says there are asking the fcc not to approve the station's pending eight-year license renewal
7:57 am
because it is not "in the public interest." 7:56. thousands lose power after an overnight outage including an east bay hospital. when power could be fully restored in castro valley. >> reporter: san francisco's police chief speaks out about the fatal stabbing of a dodger fan after last night's ball gail. we'll tell you about the -- game. we'll tell you about the identify tie of the victim. traffic is moving along slowly in some areas, especially along the eastshore freeway. we'll tell you what happened to get everyone slow. a lot of sunshine. snow up in the sierra nevada. that's a good sign. for us, a cool morning or cold for some. we'll give way to -- that will give way to warmer temperatures today.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. you're looking live at at&t ball back in san francisco -- ballpark in san francisco. shortly after the game, there was a deadly confrontation between fans a couple of miles away from the ballpark. we'll have more on this still- developing story. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let's have a quick look at weather and traffic. steve, wind is a big factor? >> yes. for some there's no breeze at
8:00 am
all. a lot of upper -- a few upper 30s. a lot of the 40s. mt. diablo is up to 48 miles an hour and that's at 3,000 feet. there's a dusting of snoi. the ta -- of snow. showing light snow around the truckee area and bridgeport. 40s and 50s. it looks like we're starting to warm off the lows. they were cool to cold. no doubt from lake county down to 41 i saw towards scott the valley. we'll go 74. san francisco, not as windy today as it was yesterday. there was some cool readings on the coast. we'll go 68 in san francisco. a lot of sunshine. we do have the red flag warning out. takes us through friday afternoon. mainly north and east bay hills. so far i'm not seeing an offshore direction on the peninsula. more of the south bay. sunny, breeze city, windy hills. especially around vacaville, you can get a breeze. 70s for most. but there will be a few low
8:01 am
80s. here's sal. we're looking at a lot of slow traffic. this is the peak of the morning commute and the eastshore freeway is taking the brunt of it. we had an crash 80 westbound. at the bay bridge toll plaza, as a result, there's not a lot of people who are getting through. this is an advantage for you if you are coming in from 580 a lot of people are stuck on the east shore and can't get through. i will show you what i mean with the maps here. it's very on 80 westbound. we've had slow traffic in cblg -- in contra costa county. the whole county is slow. 580 is slow as you drive out to the livermore valley. 880 is also super slow this morning. you see what i mean, everything is slow all over the east bay. watch out for slow traffic even when you get to the peninsula, it will be slow. 8:01. let's go back to the desk. throughout the morning we've been telling you about a developing story about a los
8:02 am
angeles dodger fan killed last night in san francisco. it happened a couple of blocks away from at&t park. tara moriarty is at san francisco's hall of justice. both the police and the medical examiner just gave you new information, tara. >> reporter: yeah, the medical examiner has just released the identity of the victim. he's described as a 24-year- old, onthin. we don't know what city he's from. greg suhr says two suspects have been arrested. we know three people had been detained and brought here to headquarters. but again, two people arrested. we want to show you some video exactly where the fight unfolded. just blocks from at&t at third and terry, police say that a group of people confronted the dodger fans wearing blue and white gear. someone stabbed the victim who was also with his father and brother at the time. he was wounded in the upper body. transported to the hospital where he later died.
8:03 am
now, the giants/dodgers game had just ended about an hour or so before the stabbing. the giants won 6-4. we don't know if the suspects or if denver had attended the game or a bar nearby. police will not confirm what the suspects were wearing, if it was giants' garb or not. we're waiting for a statement from the giants ago organization. they were unaware of the stabbing until this morning. the chief will be holds a press conference -- holding a press conference later this afternoon. he's expected to talk about this case. and we'll let you know what happens. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. the deadly fight has sports fans taking their outrage to social media this morning. one man bloet if you get into -- wrote if you get into a physical confrontation with someone as a result of supporting your team you are an idiot. another fan said a dodgers' fan was fatally stabbed after the game last night in san
8:04 am
francisco, it's just a game. someone just took a life. now, this violence comes on. very night the giants' held a fund-raiser for bryan stow. he's the giants' fan attacked outside of dodgers' stadium two years ago. coming up, the fund-raiser on the final weekend of the giants' season, the prize give away that was part of the donation drive. 8:03. new this morning, pg&e is working to get the power back on for the remaining 39 customers still in the dark in castro valley after an overnight outage affected nearly 3,000 homes and businesses including a hospital. eden medical center had to run on generators for several hours after losing power. but service to patients was not affected. the power is back on at the hospital except for a few nearby medical offices. pg&e says the cause of this outage is not known at this time. power should be fully restored by 9:00. and power is also back on for
8:05 am
almost 9,000 homes and businesses on the peninsula and in san francisco. more than 8800 pg&e customers in brisbane, daly city and san francisco lost power just before midnight. pg&e is looking into whether the wind was a factor in that outage. high winds mean an increased risk of fire danger. a red flag warning is in effect until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow in the north bay mountains and east bay hills including mt. diablo. the new warning about fire danger comes after the morgan fire burned more than 3,000 acres on mt. diablo earlier this month. there are also concerns that high winds could bring down trees, knocking out power. >> if you have a tree that's overhanging your house, you need to cut it back so it's at least 10 feet away. >> pg&e has 96 crews out removing and stabilizing the trees. happening right now -- president obama is on the road
8:06 am
promoting his healthcare reform law. these are live pictures out of maryland. let's listen in. >> see, the reason it's really expensive if you are buying it on your own is because you are not part of the big group. you are not part of a big prob group plan -- group plan. and groups spread risk between sick, young, healthy, young and old. and they will negotiate a better deal with a group than they will with an individual. if you are on your own, you are out trear trying to negotiate with the insurance company -- out there trying to negotiate with the insurance company, you are on your own. and if you have a preexisting condition, they will say we don't want to insure you because we think you might get sick later on. we don't want to pay. we want to take in premiums. if you are not part of a group.
8:07 am
you are either uninsurable or you need to spend a small fortune on insurance that oftentimes is not very good. >> we've been listening live to president obama speaking in maryland. he's been pushed by a lot of people to explain more in easy- to-understand ways what the health reform law is all about. he's trying to counter also negative attacks on the affordable care act by republicans. republicans have repeatedly tried to repeal what they call obamacare. well, californians will pay the 10th highest rates in the nations for hearth energy as part of the -- health insurance as part of the affordable care act. people in wyoming would pay $516 a month. in california, $373. the united states average is $328. and in minnesota, $192. the rates would be lower for people who qualify for federal
8:08 am
subsidies. on our channel 2 website,, we've got a special section. it's dedicated to healthcare reform. we've posted more information about the cost and the plans here in california. just look for it under the news tab on our home page. 8:07. a suspected stalker is now behind bars in a child porn case in santa cruz. and this case is directly tied to two santa cruz schools. ktvu's janine de la vega has now talked to the principals of both those schools and joins us now live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at santa cruz high school and parents and students are just learning about this arrest. this is one of the schools where the suspect was following two girls who were running here. they were able to take down the license plate number of the car and that's what helped police capture the suspect. here are two photographs showing the different looks of 31-year-old joshua paul jails. he was arrested on -- james. he was arrested on child
8:09 am
pornography and child annoying and stalking. on monday, two girls running on the track tale reported a suspicious man following them in a car. a neighbor also noticed a man filming people at the pacific collegiate girl the same day as well as tuesday. the police linked the two together because the car descriptions were similar and they were able to track dune james. >> we're greatlily concerned. we're happy he's behind bars. definitely, i think this will bring out awareness for the community. >> after searching his home, police found obscene matter and say it appeared he was filming and taking photographs of girls between 13 and 16 years old for his own gratification. detectives seized storage cards and photography equipment. now they are looking through the images to see if there are any more victims. if you have any more information on this case, you
8:10 am
are asked to call police. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:09. the trial is scheduled to resume this morning for a man accused of trying to rape one of his teachers in redwood city. david velasquez is accused of attacking a teacher at summit high school. propers say he was 19 -- prosecutors say he was 19 when he allegedly tried to force the woman into her car at knifepoint. when she fell to the ground, prosecutors say he tried to rape her but was stopped by another teach -- another teacher. jury selection began this week. opening testimony is set to start today. san francisco investigating a police in potrero hill last night. police say the victim was shot in the leg about 7:00 last night at the corner of 23rd and arkansas street. the shooting comes a week after 24-year-old jimmy chandler and a 21-year-old woman were shot on that same corner.
8:11 am
chandler later died at the hospital. the woman's expected to survive. police have not made any arrests in either shooting. a former oakland high school football star is one of two suspects charged with robbing casual carpoolers in oakland. the bay area news group is reporting the 17-year-old, ford, played high school in oakland and was named to several all-star teams. now, ktvu news was there at the scene shortly after that bold crime occurred monday morning. a second suspect, 22-year-old delonte johnson is facing armed robbery charges. the two suspects are accused of robbing a dozen people waiting in a casual carpool line in oakland's rockridge neighborhood. 8:11. banning b.a.r.t. strikes. the new petition to keep trains moving during labor disputes. new information about the south bay teacher accused of having sex with a student. signs of trouble long before
8:12 am
this week's arrest. good morning. we have a lot of slow traffic out there still in the east bay and also trying to get to the peninsula and in san jose, too. it's been a tough thursday morning commute. a lot of sunshine here. for some very cold this morning. it will be warmer today. but what about the preez or the -- breeze or wind? for some it's been nothing. for others, it's picking up a bit. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down!
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and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ new this morning we're learning givers have spotted hue -- divers have spotted
8:15 am
humane remains near the shipwrecked costa concordia. officials say dna tests will determine if the remains are of two passengers whose bodies were never found. 32 people died in the disaster. 8:14. later today, the santa clara high school teacher accused of having sex with one of his teenaged students is due in court. math teacher hugo cortez guzman was arrested tuesday. investigators say guzman had a sexual relationship with a 17- year-old female student at the school. now, we talked to some students who did not want to be on camera. they say there were rumors about how guzman acted around female students. >> they are always at a desk, always laying on his desk. he would just allow it. >> prosecutors are expected to formally charge guzman today during his court appearance. he's on indefinite leave from teaching. the school district says he
8:16 am
passed the very stringe ent teacher convenienting process. that includes fingerprinting by the department of justice and the fbi. also a review by the california commission on teacher credentialing. the school district says they checked references and says it continues to mon monitor teachers -- to monitor teachers after they are hired. a group of high school coaches in utah had enough of their players' unruly behavior. >> we're still practicing but on different skills. >> the school suspended both the varsity and junior varsity teams. instead of practicing on the field, they've been ordered to pick up debris and clean windows throughout the neighborhood. the coaches say some players were having academic issues, attitude problems and were cyberbullying another student. >> the coach is looking out for the team and helping these young men become men, you know, these boys become men. >> this will build team uni.
8:17 am
it's not a -- unity. it's not a punishment. i look at it as an opportunity to do good job in the community. >> the coaches say the teams can play again if the teens fulfill their obligations. they say the parents have not complained once. the san francisco 49ers are setting their sites on the college football game. they are looking to host the college championship game in 2017 in santa clara at the new stadium. they plan to play at the levi stadium next year and the stadium will host the super bowl in 2016. that would be kind of cool to have the super bowl in 2016 and the college championship in 2017. >> yeah. big game. >> yes. sal's back. everybody behaving for you in the south bay? >> yeah. we're trying to get cooperation
8:18 am
there. this morning's commute is actually getting a little better. you can see there's a sign of easing traffic here on 280 getting up to highway 17. it's better than it was last time we saw it. we have a stalled car in the center divide. it's not causing a huge traffic jam as you come up through the area. also the morning commute is okay on westbound 92. you can see how slow and crowded it is to 101. and this morning westbound 580 still slow through livermore. it gets better by the time you reach dublin. if you are driving to hayward. a lot of slow traffic, it's solid down to about mowry avenue where it finally picks up. on the lower peninsula, the slowest traffic is in mountain view on 101 in both directions. public transportation doing well. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni. 8:18. let's go to steve. thank you, kindly, sal. >> we have clear skies here. i mean, crystal clear. some snow, light snowshowers up in the sierra continue. the cold air is continuing to work its way in.
8:19 am
a very brisk morning for some. wind picking up mainly in the north and east bay hills. can't find that match. the peninsula and santa cruz yet. it may later on. so far, nothing outrageous. i think 48 is the strongest i've seen. red flag warning out in the north and east bay hills. that goes through friday afternoon. gusts 45, possible. diablo showing 48. that's above 3,000. 30 in tahoe. 27 in truckee. light snow, donner cam, nice tweet coming in showing light snow around the golf course. 43 ukiah. 42 eureka. some locations definitely cool to cold this morning from lake county to the santa cruz mountains. still red flag warning out. let's face it. north-northeast wind. the culprit. some locations hardly any breeze at all. it's warmer than that. but 60 in fairfield due to a north breeze. there it is.
8:20 am
gusting over 20 out towards vacaville. santa rosa in there. it's west at san jose. mostly north and east bay getting the offshore breeze. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy. a few isolated snowshowers. for us, it's sunny and breezy. not that bad at the surface. we warm up for a couple of days. nothing outrageous. 70s for most. upper 70s. very, very low 80s if you can get the north breeze. today we're going 75. saint helena, 80. 74 san rafael. fairfield, 81 vacaville. they are getting a north wind. 60s for some. closer to the coast or lower 70s. upper 70s. it's a tough call. if the wind collapses if won't happen. 78 santa cruz, warmer than san jose. los gatos, saratoga, cupertino,
8:21 am
sunnyvale. they can benefit from that breeze. 60s, 70s on the coast in san francisco. mid to low 70s on the peninsula. it will be warmer on friday. tomorrow morning it will be cold again. we'll see a decrease in the breeze. saturday looks warm. maybe some light rain to the north on monday. >> all right. 8:20. you may soon see more organic foods in grocery stores. the united states and japan just agreed to make it easier to import each other's organic products. under this deal food that's certified organic in japan will get an automatic organic label here in the u.s. the same goes for u.s. exports to japan. supporters say this could lead to a flow of new products to u.s. markets at a cheaper price. 8:21. 92 chefs including alice waters have signed a petition asking governor brown to declare a moratorium on fracking in california. the petition says the controversial practice of using
8:22 am
water chemicals hurts farmers. the chefs are asking for a moratorium until a study can be completed. cookware by paula dean is expected to stay on walmart store shelves, at least for the end of the year. the retailer severed ties with the celebrity chef back in july after she acknowledged that she had used racial slurs. walmart says they still have products with paula dean for the last three months. you order something online and it's delivered within hours. it's a new service launched by google. why this may be good for both businesses and for shoppers. also, a bay area police department makes another push for stun guns. the incident last week that prompted the move.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a new poll shows 77% of
8:26 am
californians aren't concerned about the early release of prison inmates. the federal courts have given the state until late january to reduces prison population. the poll from the public policy institute finds 60% of likely voters are not confident that local jails can handle the additional inmates who would be shifted from state prisons. half say violence and street crimes are a problem. there's a link between visible tattoos and unemployment rate. san pablo residents are paying $50 per session to have their visibility ink removed. it takes about ten sessions to get rid of the tattoos. the believe is the tattoos might turn off potential employer. the jobless rate is nearly double the state average. police in berkeley, once again, pushing to get stun
8:27 am
guns. the berkeley police officers' union says stun guns would give offers -- officers an alternative to using deadly force. the police point to last week's incident where a man stabbed himself several times. >> we had a situation of a mentally ill person in a crisis obvious. we were called to respond to help him. had a taser been available, then that individual could have been tased before he hurt himself with knives. >> this is the second time this year, the berkeley police have asked the city to give them stun guns. critics say using stun guns will be very dangerous especially when you are dealing with suspects with severe medical problems. 8:27. a los angeles dodger fan was killed last night near at&t park. the very new information about the victim and what we're finding out about his fight with the group of giants' fans. as the possibility of another b.a.r.t.
8:28 am
strike nears. one local politician is asking b.a.r.t. riders to get online and sign a petition. what he's asking them to support. and right now, we still have a lot of slow traffic all over the place where 680 to san ramon is slow. sunshine today, that's no problem on the forecast. the cold lows, how much warmer they warm up and how windy it will get for some today.
8:29 am
8:30 am
time is now 8:30. you are looking live at the b.a.r.t. station in orinda, we're two weeks away from a possible strike. we're on this picture, live picture because one bay area politician is leading an effort now to prevent future transit
8:31 am
strikes. we'll tell you more about that in a few moments. good morning, welcome back. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. we have clear skies. it will be night -- here in the bay area we have clear skies. the key for us, was very cold lows. the wind not that bad at the surface. other areas it's blowing. not far away it's calm. it's hit and miss. some of the higher gusts are in the higher elevations in the north and east bay. hence the red flag warning for the north and east bay through friday afternoon. about 30 for some. it will pick up later. sunny today. wall to wall. sunny to very low 80s. here's sal. we're looking at traffic that's doing pretty well and very slow still in some. some commutes have started to relieve -- get we leaf in there. northbound 280 it's still slow getting up to highway 17. there are no major problems by
8:32 am
the way if you are driving to 17 down the valley. 2378 also -- 237 also slow getting into the valley. it's backed up from downtown milpitas and stays that way to the lawrence expressway. 880 southbound is a miss from hayward to -- mess from hayward to fremont. let's take a look -- let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. we have developing news in san francisco. a los angeles dodgers' fan was stabbed to death last night after the game at at&t park between the dodgers and the giants. it happened during a fight in the area of third and perry street just blocks away from at&t park. the medical examiner identified the victim as 24-year-old onthin denver. police have -- jonathan denver. police have arrested two people in the case. again, the victim was with his brother and father. they were not hurt in that incident. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital. that's where he later died.
8:33 am
now, this violence came on the very night the giants held a fund-raiser in support of a well-known victim of fan violence. ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom now with more on that part of the story. pam? >> yeah. baseball fans this morning saying it's ironic and particularly sad that this violence should happen during a fund-raiser event for an injured fan. now, the giants holding fund- raisers at three home games this week to support bryan stow, the giants' fan who was severely beaten against a game against the dodgers in 2011. fans who bought tickets in certain sections last night, tonight and then on sunday, will have $10 of their ticket donated to the bryan so fund. the game on sunday against the padres. the money will go to help bryan stow's recovery. he's a santa rosa paramedic an father of two who suffered a severe head injury on march 31,
8:34 am
2011. we caught up with fans about what happened last night. >> people identify so much with the team, that it becomes a personal issue. it takes force to a level that we never did back in the day. >> extreme sadness that this sort of thing happens. i understand fan enthusiasm, for sure. but this is not that. this is -- this is beyond the pale. it's violence. >> now, bryan stow spent months in a rehabilitation facility. he's currently back home. but still suffers from a wide range of physical problems including memory loss and continues to go through his rehabilitation. so again, the fund-raisers continue tonight against the dodgers and then on sunday against the padres. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. it didn't take long for things to get out of hand between the braves and the brewers in atlanta. a big bench-clearing fight
8:35 am
erupted at the second at-bat in the game. started after carlos gomez hit a home run and took a very long home run trot. he yelled at several players and got into a shouting match with the braves' catcher, brian mccann. gomez and two other braves were kicked out of the game. milwaukee won the game, 4-0. happening now, orinda city councilman steve glazer is trying to gather support for a petition that would ban b.a.r.t. workers from striking. ktvu's claudine wong is live with the proposal that comes just two weeks before employees may walk off the job again. good morning, claudine. >> good morning. certainly the possibility of a strike on the minds of b.a.r.t. commuters as they head into this orinda station. the councilman was out here for a couple of hours handing out fliers about the petition. take a look who else is out here. supporters of the union came out here as well because this is obviously a very emotional issue with a lot of people when
8:36 am
you talk about the ability of the union to strike. and that is what this councilman wants to take off the table. let's show you the video we started to take of you earlier. steve glazer came out about 6:30 and started to pass out fliers for his petition that would support a ban on transit strikes. he says this is not a new idea. but it's one that he is coming out in publicly support of. he says when you're talking about negotiations, it's not about taking sides. >> a ban on strikes by transit workers is not a new idea. it happened in chicago, new york, washington, d.c., massachusetts, even san francisco. it's not a radical thought. if there's a breakdown at the bargaining table. don't make the riders the consequence of that. that's what we're asking for. >> reporter: he's also asking to avoid scenes like this, this is the last b.a.r.t. strike when it caused gridlock
8:37 am
on the roads. where is the push from? we talked to b.a.r.t. and said if any proposals include binding arbitration that would take away their power to bargain at the table, there's not been support for that from management. they said their board would lose power. of course, unions, the right to strike is something that unions hold as a power very dear to their ability to have power hat the negotiation table. when you talk about taking that away, some people are not happy about that. that's what's caused some people to come out here in opposition to this push. i will tell you that i've checked online on this van and he's had 700 or so -- or so views. live here in orinda, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:37. public health officials in marin county investigating a possible e. coli outbreak. it was found in three children, two of whom had to go in the
8:38 am
hospital, and an adult was also sickened. three of the patients live in tiburon, the other in inver necessary. officials say they -- inverness. officials say this happened between the 11th and 15th. bay area businesses say they are expecting a boost in sales thanks to google's same- day delivery service. this is one of 15 stores selling the products through google. the store manager says he expects sales to make up 10% of its business. and they are also preparing for a busier holiday shopping season. we do expect a very large amount of express orders. we're stocking up on the same sellers. >> the mountain view and san francisco sores are selling products. items are typically delivered between three to five hours after the purchase. google is completing with a similar service lawned by ebay
8:39 am
called ebay now. twitter users can get emergency alerts as text messages. users first have to follow organizations like the american red cross, the centers for disease control, as well as federal and local agencies. then those alerts will appear on your twitter feed and they will be marked with an orange bell. later on today, a panel of experts will speak at a special forum in oakland's jack london square. they will review the long-term effects on the huge fire in yosemite and the plans for recovery. investigators say a hun ter's illegal camp fire probably sparked the fire. the flames burned 400 square miles. these nasa satellite images indicate vegetation is dead in almost 40% of the area. there's a new study telling us more about the ban on flame
8:40 am
retardants concaning hazardous chemicals. researchers found levels of pbets in pregnant women have dropped 65% since the flame retardants were taken out of furniture and electronics sold in california. prenatal exposure to pbdes have been connected to neurodevelopmental problems in children including poor concentration and lower iqs. caltrans has installed new traffic lights on a san francisco street where a teenaged girl was hit and killed earlier this year. but the safety improvements are causing confusion for drivers. the lights on a two-mile stretch of slope boulevard are designed to make it safer for pedestrians to cross. but many drivers seem confused by the lights which continue to flash red for several seconds after someone has crossed the street. >> nobody here knows. they are not getting it.
8:41 am
>> the lights have reduced accidents by almost 70% in other cities. big changes may be coming next year at the napa county fair. organizers are considering shortening the fair to only one day instead of the current five days. that one day would be the 4th of july. the proposed change is stemming from a trop in state fudding also coupled with low attendance -- state funding also coupled with low attendance. each competitor in the america's cup spent about a hundred million dollars. the concerns facing new zealand. while it may have trouble bouncing back from the gut- wrenching collapse. >> reporter: 45 minutes ago, we learned the identity of the fan stabbed at the ballpark. we'll tell you what we know about the two suspects in custody. find out where the slow spots are in traffic -- coming up. a lot of sunshine.
8:42 am
temperatures cold this morning for some. windy and a few spots. other areas no breeze at all. it will be sunny and warmer. we'll have the forecasted high.
8:43 am
8:44 am
new data showed that
8:45 am
economic growth accelerated in the second quarter. this is welcomed news for investors still worried about budget gridlock in washington. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 39. the nasdaq is up 19. s&p 3. and new this morning, there's also promising news on the job front. the u.s. lane hoar department announced that the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits for the first time fell by 5,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 305,000. analysts say the deadly decline in anally kaltses show that very -- annises show that -- analysis say data shows very few companies are laying off. sal? >> we're gonna go to the east shore and show you traffic is finally getting through after earlier problems in richmond. >> the richmond san rafael bridge is kind of a mess because of
8:46 am
some roadwork they are doing near the toll plaza. there's going to be a lot of slow traffic in this area because of that construction that's going on near the toll plaza. let's go to the actual toll plaza of the bay bridge. i think you will like this. it's cleared out. very nice, small delay before you get on the bridge and head to san francisco. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of twitter information coming in today. people saying a majority -- i love this weather. well, okay, i believe you. cold mornings. although there were some readings that were near 39 degrees or low 40s from mendocino county, lake county all the way to the mountains. light snow continues in the sierra. the strongest gusts, not widespread, not everybody. some areas it's calm. red flag warning north and east bay hills above 1,000 feet.
8:47 am
mostly it's in the east bay so far. 30 up in tahoe, 27 in truckee. 43 ukiah, very, very cool here. we had a lot of 40s. we are settling in on the 50s. not much of a breeze on parts of the coast. things have kind of flip- flopped a little bit. gusts to 24 plus. fairfield stronger than that. it's a northerly component. novato, santa rosa, concord with a little easterly coming in. it's mostly north-northeast but some areas are getting a westerly breeze from snow down to san jose. sunny and breezy for most. not for all. it will be sunny for everybody. that much we do know. but 60s for a few. a lot of upper 70s to near 80. vacaville being one. 76 sonoma. yvonne said steve, i love this weather. you've von, you have a lot of company. 75 petaluma. vallejo at 76. same for concord.
8:48 am
yes vallejo and concord. livermore, 75. alameda, beautiful alameda at 70. 74 in san jose. 79 gilroy. santa cruz warming up. 67 half moon bay. 76 redwood city, wood side portola valley and menlo park. atherton, san carlos, belmont, hillsborough, everybody in there. warmer on friday. saturday looks good. cooler on sunday. increasing clouds sunday night and monday, maybe some rain to the north. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. a red flag warn something in effect for the -- warn something in effect for the hills. this comes after a wildfire burned 3,000 acres on mt. diablo earlier this month. a suspected stalker behind bars in a child pornography case in santa cruz. police arrested 31-year-old joshua paul james on tuesday. investigators say he followed girls at two santa cruz schools
8:49 am
and also had child pornography in his possession. last night a 24-year-old dodger fan was stabbed to death blocks away from at&t park. san francisco police say they now have a couple suspects in custody. ktvu's tara moriarty is in san francisco now to tell us what you found out about the victim and his alleged attackers. tara? >> reporter: yeah. about an hour ago, a little less than an hour ago, the san francisco medical examiner released the name of the victim. he's described as 24-year-old jonathan denver. now, we don't know what city he's from. if he's from northern california or southern california. but we do know that he was wearing dodgers' gear when he was stabbed. now, the police chief told us also that two people have been arrested in connection with this deadly stabbing. this is where it happened blocks from at&t park at 11:350 last night at third and perry, police say that a group of people confronted the dodger
8:50 am
fans wearing blue and white gear. someone stabbed the victim who was with his father and victim at the time. he was wounded in the upper body and transported to the hospital wherer later died. now. giants/dodgers game had just ended, maybe about an hour or so before the stabbing. the giants had won 6-4. we don't know if the suspects or the victim had attended the game or just a bar nearby or what. police will not confirm what the suspects were wearing, if it was giants' clothes or not. we're waiting for a statement from the giants' organization. they were unaware of the stabbing until this morning. the chief is supposed to be holding a press conference later this afternoon. so we hope to learn more information about this case then. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, tara. 8:50. new zealand's sports fans are feeling bad. but u.s. fans they are celebrating. >> america's cup will stay in america america! >> oracle pulled off one of the
8:51 am
greatest comebacks in sports history. that yachting team remained the cup by winning eight races in a row including the final won by 44 seconds. team oracle and the america's cup trophy, proudly on display at the oracle open world convention. last night a convention party lit up the sky at treasure island. the gala included massive tents and a ferris wheel. bands performed for oracle customers and partners -- partners. fans can take a photo alongside the america's cup. meanwhile officials are wondering new zealand can fund another challenge. the prime minister called the
8:52 am
final race gut-wrenching and there are things to consider before putting tax payer money on the line. we have more information and photos at the home page on our website. look under the sports tab. if you drive through the caldecott tunnel, you may have noticed something different. we'll tell you what caltrans is doing that's certain to get your attention. but press them flat, add sauce...
8:53 am
and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! [ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel.
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8:55. a new study shows the majority of high school students are not prepared for college. the college board says 43% of students who took the s.a.t. this year earned a score of at least 1550 out of 2400. that's the minimal score for a student to be considered ready for college. the college board says 78% of students who are considered college ready go on to enroll
8:56 am
in four-year schools. if you are driving in the east bay, you may have noticed caltrans has been testing new signs in the caldecott tunnel and it's causing traffic to slow down. the new signs are similar to those recently installed in the devil's slide tunnel in san mateo county. now, the signs will warn drivers of any tunnel-related issues, including lane closures or crashes or even more serious things like fires or an earthquake. these signs will direct drivers to one of several cross passages that will lead to a safe evacuation. >> all of these systems have to be tested individually and then in concert with each other. ultimately, culminating with a series of fire drills right before the tunnel opens to traffic. >> now, the new signs are meant to prevent the 1992 tunnel disaster when a gasoline tanker burst into flames. seven people were killed. >> you and i drive through that tunnel every day. >> yep. >> and i know, sal, a lot of
8:57 am
people are excited for when the fourth bore opens. >> you won't have the slow downs in the middle of the day when it's just one bore open in our direction. let's go out and take a look at what we have now with the richmond san rafael bridge. people are complaining about how slow it is. they've been doing roadwork there. they have to do now. just wondering why they are doing it now. a lot of people drive from the east bay to marin. it's going on. also looking at some live pictures someone asked me what is the bay bridge like. it looks pretty good getting in san francisco. i got a tweet from someone. brenda says what's going on with the central expressway heading to mountain view? i looked around. no accidents. but the valley still very slow almost all over the place. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. people still trying to get across to 101. that's very heavy. unfortunately, at 9:00 we are or getting close to 9:00 we're not seeing a lot of relief on some of these commutes. let's go to steve.
8:58 am
kind of cold, it will be sun nip today. fire danger, a little high today but warmer into saturday. cooler sunday/monday. >> i think tori approves. >> i'm on board with a lot of people. thank you, steve. that's our report this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. be sure to join us at noon for more on the b.a.r.t. board meeting two weeks ahead of the strike deadline. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
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