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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 26, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." >> intruders trash a bowling alley and then -- >> fell all over the place like a couple of bumbling idiots. >> now hear from the owner left to clean up the mess. >> these guys are pretty much the dumbest criminals i've seen. >> you don't see many crashes -- >> with this kind of exuberance. >> doing a wipeout with a sense of humor. ♪ not really sure how to feel
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about it, something in the way you move ♪ >> it's rihanna's hit but that sound is all -- >> 11-year-old jamie lou. >> how her first performance shocked even dad. >> my jaw was dropping. >> plus thursday's chance at your chance at an ipod mini. >> and how she tends to make men -- >> goo-goo, goo-goo creepy even. >> a new ad to send you over the edge. >> we have a pair of bowling alley bozos in this one. they broke in through the roof. they smash a ton of stuff up. they broke the vending machine, broke the jukebox. they did carry one flat screen
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tv out of this play but broke stuff up and fell all over the place like a couple of bumbling idiots. this one guy trying to get into the vending machine topples over. they destroyed a bunch of liquor bottles. >> they're ninkapoops. >> they caused $40,000 worth of damage. the owner joins us. tell us some of the stuff these guys did. >> these guys are pretty much the dumbest criminals i've ever seen in my entire life. they'd broken through the roof, they left a nice hand print on the window the police were able to get a fingerprint from. they came down the stairs and literally laid waste to the entire place. >> they did something stupid with the liquor bottles. >> they had the worst taste in
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liquor, they smashed the expensive liquors and took the cheap liquor. and they took the funnions and they left a track that led police right to his vehicle. he left a cigarette in his mouth. when he dropped the candy, he picked over to pick it up and the police got dna from it. >> any leads? >> my facebook exploded. i've had thousands of e-mails come in, which i've forwarded to the state police. it's just a matter of time before these guys trip up again, so to speak. >> a couple of videos from china, this is from typhoon usagi.
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this captures the strong wind as a man is trying to cross the street. he falls over, seems to grab on to something and stay there is. incredibly dangerous situation because debris is flying everywhere. according to some reports, the wind when is they hit land were 100 miles an hour. >> here come the police. do they help him out? >> it does look like that's some sort of emergency vehicle. and they stay there waiting, waiting for someone to pull the man in. that doesn't happen. the vehicle stays away and the man stays on the street. >> thanks, officer. i'm grabbing on to this large pallet here and i'm just fine. >> unfortunately the video ends before we see what happens but it's shocking on so many levels. >> let's head over to pakistan. they recently experienced a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. caused a lot of homes to collapse, hundreds died. this is surveillance camera from
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inside a grocery store. you see a woman running away and things start shaking a little bit. but before you know it, the building, the whole store starts shaking and things start falling off the shelf. >> that's a dangerous place to be during an earthquake. you think of the tall shelves with all the items that could call on you. >> here's another view of the aisle. as soon as the shaking starts, things start falling off the shelves and before you know it, the floor is covered with stuff. >> and this goes on for an extended period of time. i'm sure it felt like forever. >> it's not often you see someone crash with this kind of exuberance. this is swedish mountain biking slope specialist martin. this is at the x games in munich this past june. this was posted by go-pro. >> whoa! >> whoa!
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i'm alive! >> i don't know what's better, the fact that he's okay or his commentary about being okay? >> wow! who said no braking? >> what happened? why did he wreck? >> he said he overshot the jump. >> when he's so far up there, i get that weird feeling in my gut like i'm that high up. >> whoa, whoa! i'm alive! whoo! >> we're giving away another ipad mini today. >> you're going to need thursday's buzz word to win. >> remember, you have to be 18 years old or older to enter or you have to be a u.s. resident. >> so stand by, everybody, it's the ipad mini giveaway coming up. >> time for a little blurred line and this time i'm not
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talking about robin thicke. we're talking about the line between video and movies. they believe that the post production process will be no more. movies like you're seeing here in realtime. the filmmakers are able to make the movie right there and in realtime the computers are generating the costumes right over top. so once the shot is done, it's done. >> we've seen it with avitar. but this is new because it's all realtime. we don't see the actors but the director does. >> imagine downloading the movie to your ipad or television at home and being able to manipulate the movie yourself. you can choose the way the movie
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will look is one thing they'll be able do. >> how? >> just by manipulating the video. one guy changes the type of day. that changes the whole lighting scheme in wholt shot. >> this creates something new and gives them another option to sell you. >> the lines are blurring toward traditional film and new wave technology. >> something has cyrus baring his teeth. what he's after next. and it's a typical night out for these guys until -- >> what was that? >> the party trick one dude pulls that has everyone flipping out.
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some people can sing and some people can sing. this is 11-year-old jamie lou single. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to say it again, 11-year-old jamie lou! >> if you wouldn't have shown the video and just listened to that, i would never have guessed. >> you would never guess. >> she has all kinds of covers and they are blowing up. here she is singing rihanna's
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"stay." ♪ i want you to stay >> oh, my god! i want to take all the hits and have her sing them and that's all i need. >> how about another hit, pink's "give me a reason." ♪ just give me a reason, just a little bit to love ♪ >> i want to know what it feels like to sing like that. >> well, we can ask her right this minute via skype, we have 11-year-old jamie lou. >> hi. >> you're only 11 years old. how old were you when you found out or discovered you could sing? >> when i was 9 i really found out i loved singing. >> are you guys a musical family? can you describe how this all came together? >> i played piano for years.
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my wife is a singer. so she grew up around a studio. ♪ around and around we go >> she always said i want to sing, i want to sing. i said yeah, yeah, yeah. then she sang the first time in the studio and my jaw was dropping. >> how about a little performance for us now. >> okay. ♪ ♪ >> wow! ♪ coming through, coming through ♪ ♪ ♪ >> see how border collies try to herd sheep? >> yeah. >> well, this cat is trying to
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herd a border collie. viva is getting herded by this kitten. >> the thing is the cat has like the same sort of coloring and pattern as the bord collie. cat maybe thinks it's a collie. >> this is quite a little power struggle. the cat seems to have the upper hand. the dog is not fighting the cat. >> no, the dog is teaching the cat. >> we move from one dog to another. this is cyrus. he lives in houston. cyrus is a rescue and cyrus loves rain water, particularly that rain comes off the house. it just loves the delicious fresh rain water coming off the house. >> this is really cute. i've never seen a dog do this. >> thank you. and i love how the dog goes down the stairs and goes maybe there's something better off this other part of the roof. >> upstairs.
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>> look at him climbing up the wall to get at it. >> cyrus loves rain water. >> recording now. >> these guys are having a good old time reveling in the streets of ireland, a couple of them have their game jerseys on, maybe having a couple of beers. think thi i think this is what you call yucking it up. now something is about to happen here. it's going to blow your mind. >> what was in that? >> you got to watch the finish, man. >> oh, my god. put it back in, put it back in. i can't believe it. i'm going to get this on video. >> oh, my god. >> these guys were all wigged out about some guy on the street who has this i guess parlor trick where he pops out his fake
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eye, puts it in his mouth, mugs for the camera and then it ain't over yet, pops it back inside his eye socket. >> i thought it was his eyeball. i get it now that it's a false eye but -- >> that's gross. >> oh, my god. >> he's the dude whose beard went viral. >> guess what, he's going to show us how to eat something else with a beard. >> now meet the man who tells us all about his beard of many talents. >> you know, it's just kind of -- >> and we've got thursday's buzz word for your chance at winning an ipad mini.
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>> he's got the beard that's weird and apparently lots of people like it, too, because this video's got completely viral. you saw it a few days ago on our show. mr. incredible beard showing us how to eat a bowl of ramen needs from his beard. >> this going viral. >> he's going to show us how to eat something else from his beard and you don't have to use his hand this time. you just do this. >> he's got a cup holder and a plate. >> a fries and some sort of sandwich here. this is how you do it.
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>> it's working! >> he's doing it pretty efficiently. his name is isaiah webb. he's joining us right this minute from san francisco. he and his beard are joining us. >> whoo! >> yeah. first of all, we were wondering with the ramen noodles, how did you make the bowl? >> the bowl was just a wrap around. i did do a braid around the rim just to give it a little extra structure. >> did you finish the ramen and did you eat any of your beard hair? >> i didn't finish all of the ramen. there was too much in there for me to eat and i actually didn't get any beard hair in there. >> how did you get all the ramen and stuff out of your beard? >> that was a little more difficult than putting it in. i have to clean it out, dump it out, then i had to take a couple showers after that but it was okay. >> isaiah, does your beard have a purpose? >> it all started with my wife pushing me to grow it up and
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then we started having some fun with it and now it's more of a symbol of certainly i like to call beard rights movement. >> after the ramen video came the fast food video. where was your inspiration from that? >> i had all these lists from my kids. and someone threw out fries and a shake and i thought perfect, i could have a whole meal. >> did that hurt? >> it was the process of actually shaping it. it gets a lite painful sometimes. >> the next time you go to a formal event you could tie your eard into a neck tie for a bowt. >> could you do a beard trick for us now? >> unfortunately not without any product. the hair itself is just kind of -- >> ew. >> that was good enough. >> i like that trick. >> this video proves that you can find fun anywhere.
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you don't need expensive toys and gadgets. >> aw! >> it's the old door stop. >> the old springy door stop. you got emma and connor. they're 11 months old. and emma already a famous youtube baby. you may remember little emma. the one who sneezes on command. >> bless you. >> right. i remember her. >> everybody loves little emma. and now her brother, connor, is getting in on the fun and everyone is falling in love with the babies playing with the springy door stop. >> that is a funny noise, even as an adult. sometimes i'll hit it by accident. it sounds funny. >> they're occupied. it's safe for them to play with relatively, as long as they don't get their fingers caught. >> you need a baby gift this
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holiday season? springy door stoppers for everybody. >> you two are ridiculous. you know that? >> it's ipad mini giveaway time, everybody. >> you got to be 18 years old and you need thursday' buzz word to win. >> you enter on our facebook page. if using a mobile phone or tablet, head to the first post and tap on that mobile link. >> it's time for the thursday buzz word. it is dashcam. >> now go to facebook and click on the ipad mini win. >> and type in dashcam for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. >> she is the latest celeb to stuff face. >> to promote the buffalo blue
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there's a question burning a hole in market's mind. what do eggs look like when they're breaking in -- >> super slow-mo. >> tell me you have a video to satisfy me. >> i totally do! >> they're using a slingshot, which is totally cool. >> like a marble. >> right. >> this video was in collaboration between the two guys and they're shooting these at frames between 639,000/24ths. >> now we see why it splatters in such a beautifully random fashion. >> next time you break one, you
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won't be so upset because you know it was beautiful. >> she may not look like she's ever eaten a burger in her life, but she's sure eating one in this commercial. >> katherine web, miss alabama, 2012. remember when brent musburger got a little goo goo over her, creepy, pointing her out in the crowd. well, they're going to recreate this for a commercial. >> the beginning plays off of katherine in the stands. >> it's all to promote the buffalo blue cheeseburger, which looks delicious. she gets a little sauce on herself. >> she's a gorgeous woman, no
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doubt. but here we go again. >> here's the but, ladies. >> this isn't the first one we've seen. we've seen paris hilton do it, kim kardashian. we've seen a lot of women strip down to barely nothing to eat giant burgers. >> to be a part of this i feel so special and to be chosen to be in this commercial. it's almost like a dream come true for me. >> it's advertising 101, sex sells. >> it's good. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, big sean takes the stage and performs his hit song. plus our hot talk tackles this week's biggest stories. and all the latest juicy "hot topics." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah.


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