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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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jooirk . >> this is one of those times. you see them pull the reserve right here. there it goes. the reserve is working. doesn't get tangled up with the primary shoot. they are going down and going down really fast. pay attention to the ground and you can see how quick he is falling. wait 'til you see where he lands. >> oh, that's going to hurt. >> look how close he was to being impaled by one of these. he splits right between those two. lands safely, stands right up. you see his one shoot there, his
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reserve shoot, in the bush. >> how amazing is that? he has maybe four feet in between the poles. there is one in front, to the right, back and to his right. >> as far as crash landings go, this is good. when you stand up after the crash landing, that's a good landing. check out these videos of an explosion in columbia. this one, people are recording smoke. the small mushroom cloud that's developing where an explosion just happened. as a recording, you notice over here, that you see a little fireworks show. >> the sparks flying out of the base of that. >> then, before you know it -- >> wow.
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you see the explosion off in the distance. it is big. just a few seconds later, you hear it shatter the windows in this building. >> it rattled the entire building. >> the cows that are running across the field. >> apparently, this is a factory where they make fireworks and gun powder. employees were packaging explosives and got some quality celebration during that time. that's when this accident happened. amazingly, no deaths caused by this explosion. some reports say that two people were missing. no word on what caused the explosion yet. the investigation is ongoing. mustangs are not known to have wings but this one certainly took flight like it did. this is brad edwards at the south georgia motor sparks park. he is in the blue mustang on the ght, twin turbo charged. a lot of times the problem becomes getting ought the power
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on the ground andwheels. he gets plenty of traction and then some. >> did he win? >> i don't think it was a win here. it is hard to tell i think this may be a disqualification. you don't see the yellow mustang show up. he may have backed out, because he saw what was happening up ahead of him. >> what is he qualified for? he stayed in his lane. he still crossed the finish line. what do they say? you didn't keep all four tires on the ground. it is curious to see the skill and a little bit of luck to manage to bring this down without tumbling down the track. it is not uncommon. this video from the same, exact sports park, different mustang, same track, this is a little older. look, there he goes. >> whoa! >> manages to bring it back down without crashing but does cross the center line and luckily, the two cars don't collide. >> why don't they put wheels on the back and go up right.
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that would be a race i would pay to see. >> i just want you guys to know that this cat is perfectly okay. her name is chase. as you can see, chase's face is not normal. now, this may be difficult for some people to watch. when chase was four weeks old, she was unintentionally hit by a car. however, her face is mal-formed. she has been to multiple vets and all of them say, she is fine. she is not in pain. she is just a regular cat. >> she looks like a little monkey. like a little balled-faced monkey. >> she has a lot of love. >> she is getting lots of love from her family. she has a blog but on facebook, there are pictures of her where now they are requesting funding from anybody who is willing to donate to buy her medication. the one thing she does have to do is get drops in her eyes
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daily, because as you can see here, she does not have eyelids. >> that makes me wonder how she can sleep. >> she can sleep. people sleep with their eyes open. >> they have that ugly dog competition every year. maybe they should have an ugly cat. she would probably win every year. >> i am glad she is okay but, let's face it, she is pretty ugly. >> she does look different. the family put the blog up, because they want to send out the message even though she doesn't look like a normal cat up here, she is still happy and has something to give. two men rush in to rob a store but -- >> one of the guys end up taking one of ploit he's to a back room. do you see one of the guys pistol whip that employee a number of times. >> why not even a whipping could get them what they wanted? >> and, see how one dude's joke goes off with a bang.
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>> what was that? what the heck does surfing have to do with food? everything.
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i have two different incidents caught on surveillance video. this first one is in orlando. two guys walk into this store. they pretend to shop but their intentions are to rob the store. one of the guys ended up taking one of the employees to a back room where very quickly, a struggle ensues and you see one of the guys pistol whip that employee a number of times,
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demanding money. in the end, they both end up running out with nothing in their hands. >> that's one tough dude in the blue shirt. he took a couple pistol whips to the face and he stayed up. >> police believe at least one of these guys is responsible for other robberies in a series of other stores. now, this other video near miami, florida, is very, very disturbing to watch. you see a man walking right next to a fence on the other side of the fence are a group of dogs. one of those is barking and jumping against the fence. >> then, the man you see reaches for something in his pocket and when the dog jumps and barks, he smacks him. you see the dog run again. you are thinking maybe he just smacks the dog. he stabbed the dog. >> with what? >> with the knife. he pulled his pocket. he jumped. >> is the dog okay? >> he had a few stitches but he
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is find. >> can you imagine coming out into your yard and finding your dog has been stabbed and you watch the surveillance video that and see it is someone walking through you the neighborhood. >> the owner was able to identify this man and he was arrested arrested. he is facing charges with cruelty to an animal with intent to injure or kill and carrying a weapon z. >> i'm going to expose you to a little culture and take you to the opera, the mouse opera. >> oh. >> it is hypnotized. >> this mouse is known as the singing mouse. they live in central america and this little singing guy is looking up to the clouds and singing an op per ratic tril is a defense mechanism and used to establish territory and stave off fights with other singing
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mice. >> i love his stage presence, the rolling smoke and the perfect lights. >> i can see why. >> it actually hurts my ears. >> i don't like it. >> people are blown away by this, because these mice are only found in central america, mostly co most mostly costa rica and man panama. people are mesmerized by this guy. >> he seems like an opera singer. >> and he bells at the end of his performance. >> thank you very much. an example of perfect comedic timing. oh! >> what the heck was that? >> this is the after party for the fantastic 2013 who are roar fantasy sci-fi film festival.
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this was a planned event. if you see over here, a car turned upside down. this explosion was also part of the event, sort of a stunt show of sorts. some guy in the crowd just had the spectacular timing to yell out to these people walking by, hey, put out that cigarette. >> that wasn't part of the show. >> the explosion, you said, was part of the show. >> i thought maybe the cigarette that someone was putting out caused the explosion. instead, it's just some guy that got lucky. >> yep. he thought he knew what was about to happen and nailed the timing. >> there were three that were walking by. >> when you used to look at your dad, and said, dad, you are so goofy. look what he is about to do. he has some sort of lightweight tractors or a piece of farm equipment with these large, oversized tires. maybe something that keeps the buggy from sinking into mud or a marshy property. he has his little girl in the cab of his tractor. he goes over and throws his body down in front of it and let's it
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roll right in front of him. he pops up in front of him. >> his daughter doesn't know this is lightweight. later in her life, she gets mad at somebody. a new stunt from an internet favorite. what happens next will shock you. >> oh, it bounced back at him. >> next, "right this minute." still to come, he is 89 and ready to climb. he has been rock climbing all over the world for eight decades. now, he is ready to take on a new range. see him hooking and head up next. plus, an orchestra on the street is in need of a conductor. >> pick me. i want to try. >> see who steps in to keep the beat. >> like this? [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, shshe'e's s agagrereeded to . that's today? [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] we'll be with her all day toto s seeee h howow i i. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. nonow w ththe e ciciababatae and the pain is starting again. momorere p pilillsls?? seseririououslsly.y.
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be prepared to be inspired and feel like you haven't done much? >> this features a pretty impressive rock climber, fred becky. let's meet fred. that's fred. >> oh, smokes! >> fred is 89 years old. he has been climbing rocks, rock climbing all over the world, for eight decades. >> no way! >> fred knows a thing or two, has some experience, huh? >> his hands and feet and body have been put to the test
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thousands of times. in this video, he is at the dolamites in northern italy. he is there. he always wanted to climb at the dolamites and had ner d 89, ready to climb the face. >> the hike alone is worth the trip. he is not hiking. he is going to be climbing. >> yep. >> he has been doing it for such a long time. this is probably a piece of cake for him. >> the hike would be hard for all of us but you are right, he hikes up to this rocky face and hooks in and off he goes. >> which means he is still really strong. >> don't you feel like we need to introduce him to betty white and they would be this cool, awesome, 90s couple. >> he makes it to the top and then he starts repelling all the way back down. >> fred. >> fred, undoubtedly, the most accomplished climber of all time if you thought a conductor
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was just some random person on a podium with a baton, you would be right. in this case. >> the guys at improv everywhere got members, you won't believe this, members of the carnegie hall orchestra to come to the middle of manhattan. they set up a stand with a sign that said, conductor needed and invited random people, random strangers to come, take the baton and start conducting. >> this is a dream come true. >> nobody picked me. i want to try. >> the orchestra will actually follow the cadence, the tempo that is set by the conductor. so when the conductor stops, they stop too. >> go up there and do my best impression. i like sword fights. >> that's exactly what this is. >> it is really cute. people get involved.
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even the little girl. >> that's cool. >> this lady singles out one of the players and makes him stand up. >> this guy is really funny. he gets them started and then he stops. he starts and then he stops again. it is really cool. i like that guy. we have the mad conductor. >> we are stuck in an elevator. >> trapped in an elevator. it is no big deal. >> that's tim the handyman. >> see how this handyman works his handy magic to bust them out.
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nothing cuter than a belly coming from an infant. precious. >> hands up.
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>> dad. >> all he had to do was go like this. >> dad just tried to teach ben, the baby, how to do up and down. he was teaching him what up and down is. ben thought it was hysterical. >> up, and down. >> up, and down. >> up, down. >> oh, my goodness. sometimes, you never know what is going to set off a little one. that's it. just raising your hands up. i can't imagine what this kid does when he watches football. think about all the refs going touch down. >> he will never be mad and yell at the referee for making a bad call. >> this is the first time they get a real belly laugh out of ben too and they caught it on camera. >> the fact they will have this memory forever. >> this is the store are i y of and relies. the woman you are can looking at right there is tiffany gore. she and her family found a little bunny in their garage. so they nursed it for weeks but
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now they are releasing it back into the yard. that's her daughter, lexi, her husband, joey, is behind the camera. >> mom was there to welcome her home. >> yes, mom was there to welcome her home. >> watch as she hopped across the grass. >> mommy. >> oh, no! >> yes. that was a bird of prey that went and got the bunny. >> are you kidding? >> the circle life comes around quick. right in front oflexi, watching this thinking this bunny is going back to mommy. >> it made it like five seconds, ten feet. >> hold on here. silver lining. lexi got to see a beautiful bird eat well. >> right. it was a bunny. >> some people on td internet is saying, is this real? so to tell us if it is, "right
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this minute" via skype, we have joey gore, his wife, tiffany, and their daughter, lexi. welcome to the show, guys. >> hello. >> well, the question everybody is wanting to know, is this real? >> oh, yes, it is really real. >> unfortunately and absolutely. >> i wanted to keep kermit. that's what we named the rabbit. >> you see a lot of videos online and you question if they are real or not. to see it and witness it firsthand and actually videotape it at the same time it was surreal. >> did you even expect this. >> oh, no. i really didn't want to let the bunny go. >> joey and langcy was like, let it go, find its mommy. there it's mommy was. okay. >> all of the sudden, they take it away. it was awful. >> i just started crying after he turned the video off. >> how about lexi, was she sad afterwards? >> happy. >> she is happy.
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the bunny took a little flight and made it back to its home. >> well, that can happen, for sure. sometimes the animals work together. >> did she ask for a puppy after all this? >> she wants a puppy. >> if you're gonna get stuck in an elevator, i would want to be stuck with these people, particularly this guy in the jacket at the elevator door. >> we are stuck in an el va doodoo tore. i'm going to put this on you. >> the lady behind the camera is giggling. the guy at the door is laughing. everybody seems to be in a good mood. i know you saw it. if you look really closely at the guy by the door, he is the handyman website jacket on it. >> open the door. you are the handyman. >> i love their sense of humor rmt. >> the lady behind the camera and the infectious laugh, that's his girlfriend, patty.
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they were at a sporting event at an arena. this is the elevator in the parking garage. the guy that stuck with them, you know he was happy the handyman was with him. >> this elevator looked unfinished. maybe they shouldn't have gotten into it in the first place. >> i think maybe they had opened. there are two layers of doors. i think the handyman had pushed those open. >> this is emergency related. >> maybe it is. >> hey! >> the handyman's website is his name is f. ken slekenstein that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time!
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for great videos from the web "right this minute." a guy barges into a packed emergency room and people immediately know he is up to no good. >> what he did to spark panic in the e.r. a crazy chase as a cop trails suspected car thieves who take off. >> how things came to a screeching halt. man, cheetah,


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