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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 30, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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smoke billows from an underground electrical volt at uc. forcing the cancellation of all classes tonight. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there is little if any electrical power at uc
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berkeley. we learn that university officials blame cooper thieves. and the damage is extensive. ken wayne is now live at the campus, where he's been getting updates from campus police, ken. >> reporter: the campus is still closed. you can see behind me campus police are t parked right in between the campus plaza to keep people from coming on campus and using loud speakers to tell people to turn around. and the area is dark. this all started with a power outage around 4:30 this afternoon. about two hours later a tremendous explosion. >> reporter: heavy smoke and some flames sparked from an underground vent. one man said he was walking by when he heard a tremendous explosion. >> i turned around and i saw this unbelievable fire ball. it was huge. >> reporter: the blast caused several injuries and at least one person was taken to the
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hospital. and uc officials say all of the injuries are minor. >> officials say that they believe cooper vandals are responsible for the explosion. the explosion knocked out power to many of the campus with many buildings in the dark. they believe vandals are responsible for the outage. >> it appears that unknown individuals were stealing cooper grounding wire from the university's electrical system. literally using heavy equipment to pull it out of the ground. >> reporter: the outage cut power to off campus dorms that are served by the bridge. classes are cancelled tonight and it's not known if they will resume tomorrow. >> i have midterms tomorrow as many students on campus. a lot of students don't have power to turn their laptops on, everything like that. >> reporter: some carrying the students downstairs on their backs. >> a lot of people came
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together and nobody had to organize. people just stepped into gear and we were helping each other out and checking all the buildings and being really organized: because they're berkeley students and they're very smart. >> reporter: a lot of people were stranded on elevators that did not have power. we've been told in the last half hour that those people have been rescued. we have another update, several people suffered minor injuries because of this fire and explosion. one person was taken to the hospital with live injuries. we're also being told that power will slowly be restored in stages here on campus. but as you can see it is still dark and that hasn 't happened yet. ken wayne. >> have the vandals been caught and have they said anything about the cooper thefts? >> reporter: they did tell us that the thefts were discovered last week and they did a damage assessment and fixed the problem they thought yesterday. they said this fire explosion
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showed them that the damage was far more extensive than they had thought. they're still reviewing that. the vandals have not been caught but they're saying they're looking for them. >> ken wayne, tonight, thank you ken. the campus emergency came on the same tka that janet napolitano started her job as the president of the university of california. she did sent a note to parents and students tonight. critics have suggested the 55- year-old napolitano doesn't have enough education background. sources telling ktvu news that oakland police have made several arrests in connection with the killing of 8-year-old alicia. it was a shooting that stunned people. alacia was known to her friends as lady bug.
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she was at a sleep over, there was a knock at the door, she answered it and she was killed after the suspect shot into the door. we've learned separately that police are trying to make an announcement. major developments from the nation's capital tonight as the federal government shut down takes effect for the first time in 17 years. just a few minutes hour, the federal government was ordered to shut its doors. heather holmes is here with the last minute offer that did not bring a deal. >> reporter: harry reid was blunt today. saying we are no, ma'am walking in with a gun to our head. well into the night spending
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legislation vollied back and forth the gop controlled house repeatedly pushed to stopgap spending bill to stop the government and defund the president's health care law. >> the motion on the table is approved. >> reporter: a motion the democratic control senate rejected twice tonight and sent back to the house. house minority leading nancy pelosi expressed frustration minutes before the deadline. >> you do not use the threat of shutting down government to try to advance your policy agenda. that's just not the way it works. and that's what is called irresponsible. >> reporter: earlier today president obama blasted the gop's attempt to weaken his health care law that takes effect tomorrow. the shut down will negatively impact the fragile economy. >> the shut down will have a real economic impact on real people right away. >> reporter: the president blamed the extreme right wing referring to the tea party for
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the closure. >> one faction, of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. >> reporter: house republicans have voted more than 40 times to repeal all or parts of the president's affordable care act and insist they won't fund the government until changes are made. >> it's time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the houses listen to the -- house has listened to the american people and pass a delay of obama care. >> reporter: the one thing republicans were fighting to stop the health care law does move forward. it is the law not the shut down that the president hopes hopes history will remember. does history give us any indication of how long this shut down will last. >> the government was shut down
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for a combined period of 28 days between president clinton and the republican congress. we'll have to see how long it takes for the two sides to work out their differences. >> let's hope it's soon. the shut down forced the stocks lower today. analysts say markets do not like uncertainty. on the local level the effects of a partial government shut down could be far reaching and intensify if the shut down stretches on. our team coverage picks up now with ktvu's deborah villalon, she's live at oakland's federal building which may be looking like a ghost town tonight, deborah. >> reporter: more than 2,000 people work at these two towers as they went home for today, many wondered when they would be back. >> yeah, i'm scared. what are you going to do. >> reporter: some are full of dread, others curiosity. >> i have not been through a shut down. it'll be a new experience for me. >> reporter: workers put in their time on this monday.
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but could stay out starting tuesday without federal funds to issue their paycheck. >> i'm a single mother of three so automatically even a day missing work is going to impact my entire family. >> reporter: and impact local businesses. especially the flower shop down the way. without the workers and public at the federal building dollars don't come downtown to be spent. >> this has been a good summer. it's been increasing sales. we all talk about it looks better and then stuff like this happens. it's like you never get ahead. >> reporter: also facing slow downs, home shoppers who's lenders are getting them preapproved for a federally backed mortgage. >> there are times when they need to actually get on the phone and talk to someone at fha. >> reporter: with no one processing applications, those would be home buyers lose out. >> reporter: sellers aren't going to wait indefinitely for you to provide them with the
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approvals that you will need. >> when people talk the internal revenue service they're going to want someone to talk to and we're not going to be there. >> reporter: federal workers heading home tonight without answers hoping that they wake up to a breakthrough in the morning. >> we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. but if anything changes, i will be here tomorrow to do my job. >> reporter: 140 million federal employees on the same boat. so will the lights stay on -- >> we apologize. we seem to have lost deborah's audio there. we have late word the faa is furloughing 3,000 aviation safety inspectors. also the program known as wic would shut down. that's the women and infant care program. and about half the defense
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department civilian workers are expected to be furloughed. president obama and the republican lawmakers are not getting a good mark. 56% don't like the way democrats are dealing with the budget. and 57% don't approve of the way president obama is handling the shut down. stay with ktvu news. we will bring you updates. someone opened fire on an ac transit bus injuring an elderly passenger and shattering windows. near tenth avenue, police are not confirming that report. at the time of the shooting the area was very busy and there
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were a lot of witnesses. >> i was coming home with my brother. i heard like five shots. >> another witness said he saw two people running from the scene. police say the person hit by the bullet did not suffer life threatening injuries. a spokesperson for ac transit says the passenger was very shaken up but not injured. the union representing ac transit drivers has struck a tentative contract agreement that could be approved within days. the atu negotiating economy announced the deal over the weekend. the union held an informational meeting for drivers and other workers yesterday and today. a ratification work is scheduled for tomorrow. tomorrow you can start shopping for health insurance under the affordable care act. but coming up, we investigate reports of fraud. >> i just have a few questions about your website. >> we had some wet roadways this morning. i'll break down what you can expect for your morning
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commute. >> next, speaking out about the loss of his son in a horrific crash. a grieving father's tearful plea to drivers.
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noxious fumes at a hotel in san francisco left more than a dozen people complaining of burning eyes, throats and breathing problems. the problems started on fisherman's wharf. the manager called for an evacuation of the hotel. firefighters ended uptaking about five people to the hospital as a precaution. the hotel manager says the
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trouble stemmed from a canister of bear repellent that was set off apparently by a worker who was trying to throw it away. the canister was left behind by a guest. bear repellent is actually pepper spray. tonight the manager says things are now back to normal at that hotel. his teenage son died in a horrific crash and tonight the father is speaking publicly for the first time about the loss of his son and safety. we're live at the intersection where that accident first happened. noell walker has the story. >> reporter: across the street over there is a owing memorial. a stark reminder of the consequences. there are no words for the loss of someone so young who died so suddenly. but friends and family are trying to find them here at the corner memorial near the
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intersection where kevin sam died. kevin's father chokes back tears talk about the horrific crash that killed his son, injured his daughter and has his wife clinging to life. she was driving her silver mercedes suv 80 miles per hour. a spokesperson told ktvu sue has a clean driving record. tonight she's out on bail. no one answered her home at her sunset district home. her curtains were shut tight. a neighbor said she never saw sue speeding. at abraham lincoln high school, fellow students held a
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memorial. the loom here hangs as thick as the fog. >> you can tell everybody is missing him. >> he feels so angry about her killing him. >> reporter: his father says this could have been anyone's son. kevin sun's family is still making funeral arrangements. noelle walker, ktvu news. new developments tonight in the case of a san francisco couple fighting eviction from their home of 35 years. governor brown signed a stay for the eviction order. the two share an apartment with their disabled adult daughter. a tenant advocate working with the lease to fight the eviction say the 10 day stay will give them time to figure out their next step. two people are in custody.
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they have identified at 25-year- old alexis aresiga and andrea mcfall. the two are believed to have lured a plan to a bank of america. that's where the victim was discovered last saturday morning at 4:30. he was unconscious in his car. he had been shot in the head. he died from his injuries yesterday afternoon. authorities have not yet released his name. and it's still unclear if he knew the suspects. a police officer on the wrong side of the law. the allegations stemming from his previous job. now to the bart negotiations to the possibility of a b.a.r.t. strike. b.a.r.t. and his union have just 10 days left before a possible walk out. b.a.r.t. management held indirect talks with one of the unions. both sides say they want to keep the training running.
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today the topic was wage rules and benefits. one former member of the b.a.r.t. board of directors told us today there is just a 60% chance of a last minute settlement. what started out as a rescue of a capsized boat in santa cruz today turned into the discovery of a drug smuggling operation. the crippled boat ran aground and authorities were there to seize the drugs on the boat. after the santa cruz county sheriff's department responded word spread quickly the situation was drug related. >> the people who were running from the boat. >> they confiscated 80 pounds of marijuana. >> reporter: it attracted the coast guard, state parks and department of homeland security. we saw agents loading marijuana on to a truck as well as half a dozen containers of boat fuel. the sheriff's department says it believes the boat came from
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mexico, docked off four mile beach early this morning and that four 20-pound bails of pot was all that was left when the boat capsized and the crew fled. >> it's where this marijuana 20- foot boat and capable of carrying a few thousand pounds of marijuana. >> reporter: looks like a foolish maneuver that went bad. i'm not sure how often they try that. but apparently this time they didn't make it. >> reporter: ironically the coast guard has issued a warning about dangerous large waves all along the coast today. some surfers we talked toe said that the waves were hard and this was not a good time to try this kind of operation. >> a short break like that it was a foolish idea. they found out the hard way. >> reporter: deputies combed the area and said they did not find any drugs. at this point no suspects have been identified. in santa cruz county, robert
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handa, ktvu news. a few light showers this morning. just light rain for many of us. the temperatures tonight are going to get kind of chilly in the north bay. upper 40s, maybe some mid-40s way up north. tomorrow morning tuesday morning you wake up there's lots of fog at the coast. there'll be coastal fog in and around the bay. tomorrow is marked by more sunshine and slightly warmer. yellows are 70s. so you're going to see lots of 70s tomorrow. upper 60s around the bay. low and mid-70s with a lot of showers popping up at well. we're going to be looking at this warm up. he disappeared on a trip to the bay area four years ago. coming up in two minutes the development giving his family closure tonight. then at 10:30, ktvu
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investigates the health care reform act. how you can avoid being a part of track. and hikers were buried in a collapse, why rescuers have not tried to recover them.
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a rock slide today killed five people out for a slide in colorado on what was supposed to be an easy trail. huge boulders rumbled down the slide. a 13-year-old girl was pulled out alive but injured. authorities say it had rained recent by but they still don't know what caused the rock slide. they can't attempt to recover the five bodies yet because the body is too instable. there is closure tonight for a man who disappeared on his way to work. dna tests confirm remains found
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near bonny doon are those of alanis corsen. shortly after he disappeared, his burned pickup was found. three men were previously convicted of his murder. the robbery capital of the united states. the new statistic for oakland. the city is on pace to have 356 robberies. that is about 14 robberies every single day. it's also about 1,000 more than last year. we checked on several robberies reported today including four people robbed at gun point at a statuary story. and the owner of a martial arts studio said a shot came through his window and he said he was never able to get someone to come out. >> i called and they said i was
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incident 700. the oakland police department started a new police academy today. it had nearly 60 recruits including seven women and 14 spanish speakers. another 36 joined last week. the city hopes to boost that number to 700 officers by the middle of 2015. san francisco is number one when it comes to the creation of new technology jobs. a report by the bloomberg technology summit shows san francisco's tech employment grew nearly 20% from 2007 to 2004. brooklyn new york was number two and wake county north carolina was third. santa clara came in fourth with a 25% increase.
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business tenants signed up for 737,000 square feet more office space in the third quarter than they gave up. much of the increase is due to the growth of yelp which moved. the coliseum is being prepared for game one on friday against the detroit tigers game two will be on saturday. last year the a's lost to the tigers in the best of five division series so there's a little extra motivation this time around. in order to make the change over from baseball to football this is important here if you're a raiders fan. the raiders game has been moved back to 8:30 on sunday night. and we now know the starting times for the first two a's play off games. game one is set to begin at 6:30 in the evening, game two on saturday will start at 6:00 p.m. the teams then travel to detroit for games three and four. if there is a deciding game five it will be in oakland a
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week from this thursday. identity theft could wipe you out financially. with the new health care law comes the potential for fraud. ktvu investigates how to become a victim. up first though, a divided room tonight over tough new gun regulation. the proposed rules being considered in one bay area city.
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new at 10:00, standing room only tonight in the city hall chambers in pleasanthill as people spoke both for and against tightening regulations on the sale of guns and ammunition. the room seemed equally divided. supporters say the proposal will make the city safer while those opposed say it just places an undue burden on gun
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dealers. under the proposed ordnance, store owners and employees will have to pass criminal background checks. gun stores would also have to be at least 150 feet from homes and 1,000 feet from schools. in addition, dealers will have to install alarms and surveillance cameras. happening now, the federal government shut down is upon us in the past 15 minutes republican house speaker john boehner emerged to accuse democrats of refusing his last minute effort to strike a deal. president obama has already announced to federal government to seize work tomorrow. the federal government essentially ran out of money when the clock struck midnight on the east coast. the community of grove land near yosemite national park is bracing for a serious hit if the park closes. it's a popular spot to stay while visiting the park.
10:32 pm
cafe and hotel owners say a park closure could seriously hurt business just as they were getting over the rim fire. >> we may not survive the winter. we've already been taking one hit with the fire. >> reporter: the last time yosemite closed due to government shut downs were back in 1995 and 1996. the park stayed closed for a total of 27 days days. service agents say they expect to help at least 4,000 people sign up for health coverage tomorrow. operators speak 13 languages and will be asking callers half a dozen questions. each person must provide a birthday, social security number, home zip code, income tax information and legal status details. there are concerns that the roll out of the affordable care
10:33 pm
act could open the flood gates for potential scams and fraud. jana katsuyama has the warning for consumers in tonight's special port. how was school today? >> jamila smith says her family of four is low income and just trying to get by. their two sons have health insurance but the parents don't. >> my kids are taken care of. but what about me or their dad. and now i have to think about what if something happens to us. what are my next steps after that. >> reporter: the smiths are among the estimated 48 million uninsured americans trying to understand the affordable care act or obama care and the new insurance options rolling out october 1st. but as the date approaches, warnings and reports of fraud have been popping up. >> some courts are doing their best to accommodate people by lying that they'll go to jail unless they sign up right now. these are very menacing scams.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: some scams include calls by people posing as a government official or people promising to help you navigate through the information for a fee and fishing for your personal information. >> they're asking for credit numbers, social security numbers, addresses and all the ingredients of a identity theft. >> reporter: looking online we found this website covered based on the name you might think it's the same's official website but it isn't. the real one is actually covered we did some digging. and learned that the domain name is registered to a regis moore from tennessee. we put in calls to mr. moore. i just have a few questions
10:35 pm
about your website. >> reporter: when we reached him. moore told us he's been an insurance agent in tennessee and is working on the website to help people understand obama care and covered california. >> that worked out very well. >> reporter: moore told me he has 50 websites one for every state. and will have another site that will charge a fee to connect people with insurance coverage. >> i'm not trying to mislead anybody. >> but your website is the exact same name as the state's official group. isn't that a problem. >> the information i'm going to have is about covered california. >> there's nothing illegal about this but you can get official information for free. the state is spending $3.4 million to educate the public. we asked covered california how people can get legitimate information about these health insurance plans. here's what they told us. you can call the official call center. go on to the official website or talk to one of their
10:36 pm
certified enrollment counselors. california three call centers including this one in concord are already up and running to answer people's questions or help them enroll. the state also is partnering with county agencies and nonprofits to put on health events and help consumers understand their options. they required strict security screenings. >> from fingerprinting to background checks, a very comprehensive process that people have to go through. >> reporter: the state is prepared to answer questions in any language. >> we're trying to make it as understandable and accessible as possible. >> reporter: all things which the smith family and other americans need to keep in mind as we try to navigate a path toward physical and financial health through this new insurance landscape. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. at we've set up a special section to help you navigate the affordable care
10:37 pm
act. just look for the topic health care reform under the news menu. if you have an idea for a special report we want to hear from you. e-mail your idea to i reports at bay area companies apple and google are now outranking coca cola as the most valuable consumer brands in the world. according to a study by inner brand. apple takes the first place, google comes in second. an elementary school with a dentists office. the innovative step to keep classrooms full. >> does health keep students in school? >> the bay area police
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department taken by surprise when he was the one under aáeus. - - under arrest. [ male announcer ] footlong nation rejoice! right now at subway, any regular footlong is a $5 footlong, all subtember long! subway. eat fresh. at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible.
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some quick thinking teenagers are being called heros after helping catch a robbery suspect in antioch. a witness captured this photo. it shows the teenagers piled on top of a suspect in antioch in a city park there yesterday. the teens sprang into action after seeing a suspect grab the woman's bag. a suspect got away but the teens tackled another suspect and called 911. they held that suspect until police arrived. ktvu's christien kafton tells us investigators say the abuse happened several years ago at an afterschool program.
10:41 pm
>> livermore police arrested richard scott mccloud saturday evening following a month's long investigation. >> he's a livermore resident and a police officer. >> reporter: police arrested mccloud after a woman walked into the police station and said that mccloud had molested from the time she -- he was the head of the recreation and park district. >> we have not found anything that he has conducted any sexual crimes since departing from the kid zone. >> reporter: authorities say they say they simply asked him to come in and at the time he had no idea he was under suspicion.
10:42 pm
>> being a police officer, we didn't know if he was beginning to be armed or anything like that so we called him and he's had contact with us before. so we asked him hey can you come to the police department real quick. we needed to ask you a couple of things. >> reporter: the livermore police department is cooperating with kids. and there was nothing in mccloud's past to show that he would do anything to minors. >> when we hire someone, as we did with this person, we do a fingerprint check, background check. >> reporter: police say they are still investigating and looking for additional victims to come forward. christien kafton. our chief meteorologist bill martin is going to tell us about a system he's tracking
10:43 pm
for later this week. >> and we'll go live to uc berkeley where a fire is out but a power outage continues.
10:44 pm
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back now to our top story, that power outage and explosion at uc berkeley that cancelled classes tonight. ken wayne is on campus with new information on how power is going to be restored tonight. >> reporter: power is going to be restored but it's very slow going right now. as you can see behind me most of the campus is still dark so they still have a long way to go. the explosion and fire happened after an earlier power black out that took place about 4:30 this afternoon. power was trying to be restored and that's when the explosion and fire took place. now the power restoration is
10:46 pm
going in phases. >> as you draw power back up tonight. you don't know -- >> that's why we have members of the firefighters and police at every vault. it's why the campus remains closed. it's why we're standing out here far from the volts. because the last thing we want is to have any additional injuries tonight. >> reporter: begin, campus police are keeping people off the campus. it is still closed and evacuated. all of the buildings are vacant. there are some lights on in some of the buildings but most of the campus is still dark. it could take all night perhaps into tomorrow before power is restored. so officials are telling students to contact the university's web page to find out the very latest and they may not even know then. they just have to come to campus to find out whether or not classes are taking place. ken wayne, ktvu news. new at 10:00, residents of
10:47 pm
santa clara say they are pushing to close a sacramento postal service. the postal service is trying to cut coasts and is trying to move the postoffice. today they announced the start of a public conference. >> we're different than other business. we do not put up a going out of business sign. >> it's going to cost me $2 or $3. >> reporter: senior citizens say the move will be inconvenient. according to a new report by california attorney general camala harris, the truancy rate is up. some students are dealing with homelessness and lack of home care. so the school reopened a dental
10:48 pm
clinic on-site. it's also brought in social workers and a food bank program. >> does this help keep your kids in school. >> it definitely does. it helps keep our students in school because it's a service that's here on our campus. >> reporter: the truancy rate at perez elementary has dropped 10% compared to last year. and more details now, the bay area's highest truancy rate last school year were in contra costa county with 28.6%. alameda county 23.8 and san francisco 22.7. the lowest rates were napa and marin county. at you can check truancy rates by county. drivers in san francisco may want to think twice about double parking on the street. san francisco municipal transit agency says it is in the process of adding more traffic control officers. that means traffic enforcement is about to pick up.
10:49 pm
double parking throws off bus schedules. last year parking control officers wrote 23,000 double parking citations. the fine is $110. the tm says the top three spots were mission, sutter street had about 900 and howard street had close to 800. rain this morning, clouds out there. then the sun came out and we have temperatures like these. tomorrow's highs are going to be about the same. maybe cooler in some places, maybe warmer in others. antioch 78 in morgan hill it's 78 degrees. as we take a look at the satellite. boy it's really going off in the pacific northwest. they've had a lot of rain. they're continuing to get rain up there. even cool air moving in. they're looking for snow in the cascades and it's full on winter in the pacific northwest. for us it's been nice. it's going to be nice tomorrow. and the weather headline is, temperatures on the increase as
10:50 pm
we go into the five day forecast. a warm up that's going to take us right into the bay area weekend. these are temperatures we have right now. 64 in livermore. as we go into tonight. we have coastal low clouds. tomorrow sunny and mild and the long range forecast a warming trend which could create cooling temperatures. we're looking at san jose 61 degrees. san jose you max out about 70 degrees tomorrow downtown. areas are outside of san jose you may get into the mid-70s. nice day tomorrow. so san francisco let's take a look at that downtown, we're looking at 67 degrees for a daytime high. fog at the coast. low fog and clouds, fog is back in the forecast there. 77 in fairfield tomorrow. 73 in clear lake, 73 in san helena and a pair of 77s in
10:51 pm
antioch and brentwood. these are the forecast highs for your tuesday. wednesdays numbers are going to come up. thursday numbers are going to come up and so are fridays. san francisco 67 downtown. so the story this week is a warming trend. showers are gone. fog has come back and temperatures are going to get on the warm side. wednesday a couple more degrees. thursday, friday it really starts to come up. here comes your weekend into view. friday night into saturday the friday suggests we might see robust offshore wind. we'll be watching that as well. right now saturday looks to be the warmest day. here's the five day forecast with your weekend in view. >> on friday and saturday night we have the a's games and looks like perfect baseball. >> real good baseball weather, you bet. >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. mark is here now. speaking of baseball high tension baseball going on
10:52 pm
tonight. >> yeah ratchet up the paper. it is not postseason yet but it seemed like that in arlington. had cruz not missed all those games may have made a difference in one. may not even have been a game tonight. young liner, martin leones with a nice effort but he trekked that ball. it's ruled a catch. cut the rays a run. just can't happen in play off baseball. didn't cost tampa power. david price goes the distance. tampa now meets cleveland in the one game wild card event.
10:53 pm
there's the final upset ranger fan. the rays in the play offs four times in six years. you don't exactly have to be a surgeon. if undisputed king of monday night football. not that guy. drew breas who had himself a game. drills it. 21-10. 3-0 but breas the difference. 413yards in the air. another touch to jimmy graham might be the best tight end in all of football. the ain'ts 4-0. they have won nine straight on monday night. they are a slam dunk when it comes to that kind of football. the raiders can only look at a quarterback like breas and wish as they definitely have some issue at that position right now. you will hear from one teammate and his thoughts of matt
10:54 pm
flynn's performance yesterday. sports part two, next. ♪
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[ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ as we did see on the monday night game, what a difference a quarterback can make. terrell pryor ruled out of yesterday's game with issues related to a concussion he
10:57 pm
suffered a week ago. enter flynn. not only throwing a pick six but not really a sense of the rush and where it was coming from. sacked seven times but as you would expect he has the full support of his teammates. publicly. >> matt is a great player. great competitor. he has great shoulders. he understands the role of qb. nobody outside of the walls puts on him or even inside of the walls. he puts more on himself. there's no doubt he is going to continue to get better as all of us are. >> well said but the raiders need terrell pryor in there. his momentum is where it needs to be. >> that was a tough loss. >> especially with the lead. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news.
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we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and we'll have more on the uc berkeley fire and when classes will resume. like always we're always here for you on, on facebook and twitter. good night. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead.
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and maybe don't tell me. oh. college! he was shielding his eyes from the sun. knew it when i hit it. phil is taking haley to visit his alma mater. loved college. mm, we were hoping some of that enthusiasm rubs off on her. go, bullfrogs! dogs. bulldogs. i feel like you do that on purpose. mnh-mnh. no, it's just-- i say "bull," and i can't remember if it's frogs or dogs. when i talk to my old friends from college, do we croak or do we bark? (telephone rings) i got it. (clears throat) (beep) hello? (grunting)


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