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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a mother's search for answers about her daughter's disappearance forced police to reopen her cold case. >> i am so excited. i am feeling like maybe my days of running into a brick wall are over. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. police agreed to open the case
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of p amber swarts. eric rasmussen is live in pinol where the chief made the decision to open up the case. >> reporter: tonight , the chief told me that he believes believes the case deserves a second chance. tonight kim got her wish that police would actively be looking for her daughter again. >> i am so excited, i feel like maybe my days of running into brick walls is over. >> the bottom line is amber wasn't found. we want to make sure we do everything we can to locate her. >> reporter: police closed the amber swarts case in 2005. convicted child killer curtis
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lee anderson confessed to kidnapping and murdering amber swarts. he confessed that he dumped her body in arizona, he died a month later. >> i think he wanted to make a name for himself. the chief warned it doesn't mean they've ruled out curtistean. >> there's no statement that is have been uncovered to dispute that. the fbi says they have talked about the case. the fbi says it's not aware of any evidence in the case but in if that case is out there, agents want to hear it. five years after amber
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swarts vanished, polly klaas was kidnapped and killed. today polly's father attended a memorial. he told us lots of things have changed since polly was kidnapped. >> there was no protocall to follow after a child was kidnapped. >> how do you deal with this. there was no guide book on what to do. >> reporter: polli's best friend now has a 3-year-old son. anette nelson says she never keeps her windows open, even on a hot night. and she locks up her doors to make sure nothing ever happens
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to her son. and ken wayne is live with the story. >> reporter: 20 years after that kidnapping, the memory is still very fresh here. especially for one veteran police officer. >> you can see the shock, you can see the fear in the girl's eyes. >> reporter: lieutenant fish was a young officer the first to respond to polli's home. he found her friend's barely able to speak. >> shock, pure shock. they were unable to speak. >> reporter: despite the efforts, polly's america's child as some called her was not found until her killer was found. >> it haunts you of all of the little pieces that could have come into play where you could have made a difference a little earlier. >> reporter: dozens turned out
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to her memorial. the governor attended and linda rondstand sang her favorite song. >> ♪ >> there's warning on your phone now, you see it all over the roadways when a child is missing. i think that helps getting a child quicker. >> it has never left my head that i could have driven right by him. there's not ever any october 1st that i don't stop for a moment and think about that case. >> reporter: a memorial will be held here at petaluma at the petaluma community center. an overflow crowd can come here. and watch that simulcast on a big screen.
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now to our continuing coverage of the partial shut down of the federal government. this is a live picture from washington, d.c. where day one has come and gone but the stalemate on capitol hill remains. and now that they've gone through the brink, no changes tonight. what comes next and the rising shock. somewheres the -- >> the price of this political shutdown has reached 300 million. and the longer this shutdown continues, the larger it gets. these veterans saw the price of
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political stalemate. that once again included defunding the president's health care law. >> they've shut down the government over an ideological crusade. >> reporter: if today's proceedings are any indication we're no closer to an agreement. >> so urge our colleagues to see this for what it is. it's pathetic it's not responsible. >> since when is it beyond the power of the united states congress to change existing law by amending it or repealing it or defunding it. >> speaker boehner and his band of tea party radicals have done the unthinkable. >> my goodness they won't even sit down and have a discussion
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about this. >> reporter: but the embarrassment of veterans forcing their way into a memorial could spur talks. >> they'll start to feel pressure from the very bad visuals. >> reporter: republican political consultants bill wayland expects it will be a few more days before there's any more progress. in part because of what didn't happen during the last shutdown. >> reporter: bill clinton was in the white house, republicans took their positions back. republicans sat across empty chairs. they blamed democrats of refusing to join them. republicans would prefer not to compromise on health care and with the polls showing that voters blame the gop, well democrats may be willing to let this drag on. >> there was at least a move to fund part of partisan today.
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>> part of it. three different bills that would have provided funding for veterans affairs or to national parks even those bills couldn't make it out of the house. frank and bill that is further proof that no one is ready to give an inch here. >> looks like it could be a long time. the effects are long ranging. tourists were turned away at alcatraz. one woman told us she was going to disneyland next because the government could not shutdown that attraction. and a man arrived at the social security office at 7:00 to find out that it was closed. several people told us they did not realize that the irs would be shut down just when they need them to be open. and at 10:45, if surprise
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-- the surprise at yosemite. see what rangers told campers that were already camping out. summer already feeling a f inancial -- some are already feeling a financial hit. members of local 192 of the transit union rejected the last proposal. the san mateo county district attorney says his office is now considering whether to charge the firefighter who ran over a teenage girl on the tarmac at sfo after the asiana aircraft crash. the sheriff's department gave him office it report this last friday. the county coroner has determined that the 16-year-old survived the crash only to be run over and killed by a fire truck. prosecutors are now looking at
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whether the veteran firefighter responding to the emergency broke any laws laws or if this was just a tragic accident. the two women who helped pave the way for marriage equality were honored tonight in berkeley. after being denied the right to legally marry, they filed a lawsuit. in an historic decision the u.s. supreme court ruled in the couple's favor. today leaders of the lgbt community and their supporters celebrated the milestone. >> we thank the commitment. >> reporter: the two women were married in june at city hall by california attorney general camela harris. two dogs beaten to death and burned. >> i will never see them again. >> why this man says his son was forced to kill them and the law that makes it legal. >> the start of a warming
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trend. i'll pinpoint where temperatures could climb into the 80s tomorrow. >> she was run over and killed while sunbathing in the park. why her friends are not satisfied with the city's response. >> as a community we're really upset about this.
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new developments tonight in the case of a mother run over and killed by a city workers while she was sunbathing at a san francisco park.
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tonight family and friends are calling for change and planning an upcoming vigil. >> amber lee speaks to us live after speaking to the woman's husband to find out what it's been like to raise their 11 -month-old daughter on his own. >> reporter: there's a small memorial marking the spot where the 35-year-old mother was killed. tonight her husband tells me he's grateful for the support of friends and strangers, but that he is struggling to cope. neighbors often gather here to remember christie where she died. tonight he shared with me these pictures of christie. he told me that he is having a hard time getting through her
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death. >> she was texting him a picture of issah. >> reporter: christie lived in the twin peaks neighborhood but was at holly park to meet with friends. shaw says it's unthinkable that christie was killed while at the park with her baby and dog tonyo. >> i still feel anger that that happened. >> reporter: the thomas burnosio a gardener has been charged. >> he's terribly depressed. i talked to him today. he's got kids to raise. his life is up in limbo. and so, this has taken a heavy toll. >> reporter: the incident has also taken a toll on people who live near holly park. >> i have not brought my daughter here to play. we're realty upset about this. and that we would really like to know what they plan to do to
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prevent this moving forward. >> reporter: these mothers plan to gather here for a vigil thursday at 5:00 p.m. to honor christie and call on city leaders to make the park safer. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight administrators at uc burkely say they plan to fully restore power. university officials say the trouble lasted last week when thieves stole cooper wires from a remote understood ground vault. workers say when they restored power an underground switchboard got overloaded and that's what caused the explosion. five people suffered minor injuries from that blast.
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the new 49ers stadium will be ready next year. levi stadium got its first seats. marijuana and cocaine, it was all turned in voluntarily. today police showed dtvu some of the drugs that were placed in amnesty boxes at the range. not everyone played it straight. 90 people arrested and most were for drug related offenses. the search is on for a man who donned a wig and a mask while holding up a bank. police say he approached a teller and demanded money while carrying a device that appeared to have a red detonating
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button. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. the suspect is described as a middle-aged white man about 5'6" tall with a heavy build. oakland police confirmed what ktvu news first report last night. officers have arrested the men who they say are responsible for killing an 8-year-old girl almost three months ago. alecia carredine was killed as she answered the door at a friend's sleep over. her mother spoke to us. >> i don't get to see no years more with my daughter. and i don't want them to see any more light on the street. >> reporter: darnell williams told witnesses he was the one who fired multiple rounds into the home in july.
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he now faces numerous charges on the attempted murder of two other children and a grandmother. >> this was one of those crimes, something so despicable and an act that's so despicable it's even hard to describe. >> reporter: a second suspect said he helped to plan the attack but was not in court. williams and carol knew that the women and children of the men they were after lived in that home. police did get help from the public and were able to develop a catch. >> we got information that a local gang was responsible for the shooting. >> i'm [ bleep ] but i'm excited. i've been waiting for this day since the day that i got the call that she was dead.
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>> reporter: if convicted he could face the death penalty. it was real cold this morning out there in the bay valleys inland. we had temperatures in the 40s. it's mild, 61 in santa rosa. you will still see upper 40s and mid-40s in the cool spots. the winds are pretty high there. that means temperatures will drop significant in the valley. it's going to be a little warmer than today. today's temperatures came up a degree or two. temperatures tomorrow warmer still. you're going to see more 80s and 70s tomorrow. the general trend is warming. we're going to warm to the point that fire danger becomes an issue. back here at 10:35, you're going to see brighter skies. green and gold on display. tonight at 10:30, the pride shown today for the oakland a's and a renewed effort to keep
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the team in town. up first, california's health exchange goes live but not without a few glitches. how many people signed up and how the state is addressing concerns.
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the president's affordable care act took effect today despite the government shutdown. president obama called the open of the exchange program's across the country historic. >> for the 15th% of americans who don't have health insurance this opportunity is life changing. the congressional budget office estimates the health care law will provide insurance for about 14 million people next year. that number is expected to jump to 25 million by the end of the decade. it was a day of fits and stars as cover california was
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launched. tonight the enrollment section of the website is shut down so that they can make repairs. this was the celebration ceremony this morning for the new health care's exchange. those overseeing the program said by 8:04 this morning the first insurance application has been submitted and they say the website got more than 5 million hits today. people also reported long wait times on the phone and computer crashes. >> so the website is downright now. okay. >> reporter: covered california says it expects to have its enrollment section up again by early tomorrow morning. at we set up a special section to help you navigate the affordable care act. just look for the topic health care reform under the news
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menu. israeli prime minister warned -- opened the door to talks about his country's nuclear program. the israeli leader says he doesn't believe that and israel will not allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. authorities have discovered three bodies within the wreckage of a plane crash. the cessna was traveling to idaho when it crashed after landing. tsa officials are on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. benjamin who's a ceo of a construction company in california and his son luke were two of the victims. the other two victims were women. and the victims of a car crash yesterday are all believed to be family. the only survivor is a 15-year-
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old girl. she reportedly credits her father for saving her life. beat him to death with a shovel. >> two pets killed violently, the outrage in one east bay community over why no law was broken. >> but up next, oakland bathed in green and gold. the new effort among city leaders to try to keep the team in town. >> and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app, click the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. [ taps baton ]
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[ dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ hundreds of oakland a's fans showed up for a rally outside of oakland city hall to cheer on the team in the play offs that's supposed to begin
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this friday. we have some behind the scenes business prospects to keep the team in oakland. jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: a's fans say their team is on a role and today hundreds showed up at a rally to cheer on oakland's green and gold. >> going to the world series. world series here in the coliseum. >> reporter: a team and a town that a's fans say couldn't be more alike. >> they're always the underdog team. they always make magic happen with guts and spirit and team work and never enough money which is just, that's always what oakland is doing as well. >> that's the real oakland. we're doing it ourselves. we're grass roots. >> reporter: at the oakland coliseum, the american league champions were out practicing this afternoon. >> we had the best record in all of baseball the last two years. at the end of the day, it's what you do now in the postseason. >> reporter: faithful fans were outside buying up tickets. >> because game one nothing in years. you know i think it's our time. >> reporter: some fans worry
10:30 pm
that owner lou wolf will decide the grass is greener outside of oak -- oakland. but city leaders say they found a person with deep pockets that might help keep the a's in oakland. >> we're hoping that lou wolf will either join us in building there or major league baseball will let the owners who want to build in oakland buy the team. >> reporter: and here is a live picture of those green and gold a's colors on top of oakland's city hall. they were lit up tonight. there's also an oakland a's flag that is above the door. now i checked with the team they say that game one on friday has been completely sold out. all about 48,000 seats with that third deck okay. game two has less than a thousand seats left. that was according to them this afternoon. so those tickets are going
10:31 pm
fast. and a lot of people here are hoping for a win there and also a win for oakland to stay in the city. reporting live tonight in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now in the a's play off schedule. here it is game one set for 6:30 this friday night against the tigers. game two is scheduled for saturday at 6:00 p.m. the team then travels to detroit for games three and four. if there is a deciding game five it would be played a week from thursday at the oakland coliseum. and our b.a.r.t. count down is just down to six days to a possible walk out if a deal is not reached. this afternoon, city leaders said they've learned that
10:32 pm
thomas hoch has reached his 400,000 spending limit. >> they've allowed him to spend on fine dining and alcohol. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s general manager said if a reimbursement was made, they will recover the credit. b.a.r.t. only reimburses for coach air fare it went on to say. the judge said police did not use excessive force when they fired on 27-year-old daniel pham outside his home four years ago. pham had slashed his brother's throat. his family filed suit arguing that police should have called in an officer who was trained to deal with someone who is mentally ill. beloved family pets beaten to death with a shovel then set
10:33 pm
on fire. ktvu's john sasaki tells us why the neighbor accused of killing the dogs isn't likely to face criminal charges. >> reporter: what happened here at this brentwood ranch was bloody. >> all i have are the ashes left of the dogs. >> reporter: that is all that they have left of their two dogs that and the collars. >> he beat them to death with a shovel. he took them to his employment. used a shovel to dig a hole. poured gasoline over them and burned them to nothing. >> reporter: the dogs escaped their home and ended up in the farm. >> these dogs broke through the enclosure and basically killed all of them. or in the process of killing them i think when my son johnny came upon the scene. >> reporter: crist says his son
10:34 pm
beat the two dogs to death with a shovel. the county says that killing the dogs was not illegal. but what especially upsets the dog owners is how the younger christ did not contact them, even though the dogs had tagged. >> he shows no remorse, no conscious. i'm devastated, i'm broken. i will never see them again. >> reporter: the dog owners decided against a vigil for the two animals because of threats made online against jonathan chirst and his family. in brentwood, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. tonight more than 4,000 people have signed a petition calling on the governor to take a second look at the dog that allows the killing of dogs that attack livestock the petition will also see what charges could be filed against the person that killed those two
10:35 pm
dogs. san francisco based jay paul company bought out several other bidders. if selling price has not been disclosed. malibu grand prix shut down for good in august. it had been there for 35 years. also on that site, miniature gulf, go carts, batting cages and arcades. affordable housing is coming to menlo park. facebook is going to retrofit several units. as a major commercial developer in the city. the apartment complex will be located on haven avenue off of highway 101. less than 2 miles from the facebook campus. the ripple effect of the federal shutdown. why you don't have to work for the government to feel the pinch. >> that's really going to be hurtful. rising temperatures and
10:36 pm
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a $10,000 reward is being offered in a hit-and-run case that left a fremont man brain damaged. cara liu spoke to the victim's father who says she is desperate to find the driver who turned her family's life upside down. >> reporter: alexis hernandez had just watched her daughter walk down the aisle. >> your dad for the longest time is the strongest person you know and then to see him
10:39 pm
completely vulnerable was really hard. >> reporter: john vegdal was riding his bike south near old warm spring when a hit-and-run driver plowed into him. it happened about 5:45 in the morning thursday august 8th. he was in intensive care for about three weeks suffering from traumatic brain injury, broken ribs and a fractured spine. >> it was really hard to see, to see the scars on his skull. >> reporter: doctors likely won't know for a year or two how much he will recover. 56-year-old vidal and it service worker and sharks fan is starting to get some mobility back but is still missing huge chunks of his memory. >> he was upset like i had gotten married behind his back. and i had stolen the opportunity to see his daughter as a bride. >> i'm an only child. my parents are divorced and he
10:40 pm
needs me. >> reporter: police say the car involved was an early to mid- 90s black camry similar to this one. $10,000 donated by a family friend who wishes to remain anonymous is being offered for information leading to an arrest. in fremont, cara liu, channel 2 news. a chance for closure that's what the chp says it is offering to anyone who lost a loved one on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. last month carol lister visited the spot on the bridge where her 21-year-old son was killed by a drunk driver back in 2008. the chp says it wants other families now to have that same opportunity to try to heal. the highway patrol is inviting anyone who has lost a loved one on the bridge to contact them at the san francisco office for a chance to go on the span during a memorial planned for november. the city's minimum wage
10:41 pm
will increase by 15-cents come january to $10.15 an hour. that works out to an extra $6 a week for a full time worker. the hike is a cost of living increase. california currently has an $8 minimum wage. last week the governor signed legislation to increase it to $10 in 2016. says it plans on a big increase on seasonal workers being hired. seattle based amazon is looking to hire 70,000 full time workers than an increase of 40% from last year. amazon's founder jeff besos formally took over as the new owner of the washington post. he bought the newspaper for $25 million ending a run by the graham family. the postmade history breaking
10:42 pm
the -- signs posted and roads closed as tourists are given marching orders. how the government shut down is playing out at yosemite.
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continuing coverage now of the government shut down and how it will impact one of the most popular national parks in the country. we're talking of course about yosemite national park. the signs are up saying the park is closed. and overnight campers who have been there are being given until thursday at 3:00 p.m. to leave. tourists arriving today weren't pleased when they heard the news. >> there's no hiking, the parks are closed. >> this is ridiculous. >> i'm most unhappy. >> we literally planned this
10:45 pm
trip for a year. 660 of yosemite's 820 federal workers are being furloughed. the closure comes on the 123rd anniversary of the park's founding. and governor jerry brown said no state money will be offered to keep it or other national parks in california open. the shut down is also having a ripple effect in bay area cities. 3,000 people work at the federal building in downtown oakland. as allie rasmus reports when they stay home, businesses suffer. >> this is a lovely arrangement that we were going to deliver today. >> reporter: because the person that was supposed to receive it is a furloughed worker. >> demoralizing that's what it is. >> reporter: she was so upset she put this sign up outside of her shop. >> this is the way i feel. i can't respect either one of them.they're not working as a
10:46 pm
team. >> reporter: the shops and cafe cater to the thousands of federal employees that usually work across the street. >> $1.59 please. it gets busy. >> reporter: not today say it is owner of this store. by noon only 20 customers had come in. less than half the number that usually shows up. >> i hope it doesn't last long, really. for everybody's sake. >> reporter: the dellums building wasn't completely empty. military personnel and other essential service personnel were asked to return to work. for the security guards and custodians it was business as usual. but the barristas noticed a change. >> nobody got sent home early. but i think by the middle of the week we're going to have to cut back some hours. businesses said they can handle fewer customers for a day or two, but if the shut down goes
10:47 pm
on for weeks, their business will really take a hit. more details now on the closures. most of the food and drug administration food inspectors are deemed nonessential so they are not checking food. but meat inspectors will continue. nasa is shut down except for mission control in houston. it's overseeing two american astronauts at the international space station and it there will be no federal recalls of motor vehicles. it appears investors did not panic. the dow gained 62 points today, nasdaq rose 46. one analyst said the economy is growing and unless the shutdown gets ugly, we should be okay. a test is planned for the tsunami sirens along the coast. since they were installed seven years ago, crews found that some of them were no longer working. the sirens have now all been refurbished and upgraded.
10:48 pm
tonight those at the office of american management said they will test those two sirens tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. these sirens not only wail but voice messages can be added. >> if this was an actual tsunami, the message would be a tsunami is threatening the coast. move inland and to higher ground. >> reporter: emergency individuals say for those concerned, the topography of the coast will be safe. nice day today out there. we had plenty of sunshine and temperature as little warmer in some places than yesterday. but quite similar, 78 in fairfield today. one of the warmer spots, 77 in livermore and 80 in santa rosa. here's how it goes tomorrow. more sunshine. not as cool in the morning. a few clouds out there maybe a little coastal fog. but temperatures should come up a couple of degrees. we're going to see lots of 70s and low 80s tomorrow. the winds out there are very
10:49 pm
light. overnight lows tonight are going to be upper 40s, low 50s. last time we had low 40s and it got really chilly out there. tonight slightly warmer. the extended forecast, warmer and breezier. that's where the fire danger comes in. we're going to have problems with fire danger. 52 in vallejo, 55 in san jose. kind of mild especially in the inland, or in the bay area right around the bay. temperatures tomorrow as we take a look at concord's forecast. we're looking at throughout the day, temperatures increasing by 4:00 in concord, you're at about 77-degree. you're coming up on 80 degrees right. if we take a look at san jose, forecast highs down there we're looking at 75 at 4:00 in the afternoon. so you kind of see the temperature profile there. that's how it goes tomorrow. a nice looking day. slightly warmer than today. high pressure settles in, and as it does on thursday, friday and saturday the winds start to go offshore and it starts to
10:50 pm
warm even more. we will see temperatures going into the upper 80s with a heightened fire danger because of this high pressure which is very similar to the high pressure that we saw last week. this is kind of the same deal. so we will be tracking this for you. we haven't issued anything as the maps set up and models set up we will expect something to come from the weather service. 77 on thursday or friday. 80 in antioch. these are the forecast highs for wednesday. thursday will be warmer, friday warmer still. saturday warmer still and sunday temperatures trend down. along the coast the patchy fog should burn off pretty quickly. the five day forecast with the bay area weekend in view it kind of warming up a little bit there. and friday end up being the warmest day with temperatures getting up there. fall like weather but with that those winds on thursday night, friday night could prompt or promote fire danger watch or perhaps even a red flag
10:51 pm
warning. so we'll watch that. >> okay, thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. chevron announced a $15.5 billion investment for the city of richmond today. the money is aimed at improving the schools and reducing crime for the next five years. the money will be used for job training, small business development and new business recruitment. $5.5billion will go to the west contra costa schools with the focus on science, technology and engineering. mark is off tonight. joe is here. wild card baseball play offs. >> some new blood in the play offs this year. it was a long wait for the fans of the pittsburgh pirates tonight. they got to see their team in the postseason for the first time in 21 years and it isn't over. the pirates hosting the reds in the national league wild card.
10:52 pm
marlin byrd gets the pitch. that was the first at-bat for byrd. russell mark got a home run. soriano hit seven strong innings. padres had the lead in the ninth the padres 6-two winners now set for the national league game starting wednesday. and the series in oakland at 40 years of age, bartolo colon will get the ball for the opener against the tigers. detroit counters with 21 game winner max shertzer. still to come. when we come back the element that puts a smile on every coach's face.
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[ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ there is more anticipation for this warriors season since there's been for two decades now. some of the reasons were obvious, the warriors were the surprise of last season's play offs and they're considered to be one of the young teams on the rise. everyone is healthy in camp this yearing something the team could not claim lasten season
10:56 pm
at this time. and there's also an element that makes every coach happy. >> i think the biggest thing right now is the competition. at every position they're battling each other. and they're getting after it. they're making each other better so it's exciting. >> you have guys like tony douglas who brings it every day. picking up full court. kind of rubs off on me on the defense. that's the reason for my play. just comes with the territory i'm just trying to make my teammates better. >> no one doubts the nfl is serious about cutting down on head shots and today the 49ers donte whitner is a little lighter in the pocketbook because of it. we just learned he has been fined for this hit on stevens last thursday. even though he did not lead with his head. he was ruled to have hit a receiver when he was in a defenseless position. 49ers also made a couple of
10:57 pm
roster moves today. they sidelined cunningham and cut quarterback bj daniels and full back owen lorisick. that's it. >> so the 49ers down to just two quarterbacks, kaepernick and colt mccoy. >> i think they would like to get b.j. daniels back on the practice squad but we'll see if that develops next few days if no one picks them up. >> the oakland city hall is bathed in green and gold. it's a gorgeous sight. >> and they have a sell out. >> sound like it's going to be great weather for saturday and sunday. >> great winner. >> a little window though. >> no, i don't think so. the wind will be up high. >> and there's a few tickets left for the saturday game. >> that's what we're talking about as the fire danger comes up on thursday and friday. that's the story we'll be talking about perhaps a red flag warning that will come
10:58 pm
into play. >> thank you for joining us. the ktvu news starts tonight and if you missed the news, you can always catch the replay right now on tv 36. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.
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honey, what is all this? hey! hey, mom? i'm trying to write this stupid college essay question, and i really don't even know where to start. okay, what's the question? tell me. "what's the biggest obstacle you've ever had to overcome?" didn't my third grade teacher say i had, like, a.d.d. or something? oh, no, honey. she said you couldn't a-d-d, and she put it that way because she also knew you couldn't s-p-e-l-l. wait, slow down... ohh! sweetheart? what's this? we talked about this last week. i said i'm building luke a tree house. you said "fine." you know, sometimes i think you just tune me out. i never told her. she just would have said "no." i don't remember agreeing to this, phil. this is like the time you backed down the driveway


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