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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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clouds. you can see the source of that. a little system coming, once that be goes through high pressure will kick in tomorrow. we'll get a northerly breeze. today high clouds, lighter breeze so far. it will turn north for areas to the north bay. so some low 80s for some, but a lot of 70s and 60s for some. >> traffic is doing well eh around the bay area. as we can see traffic will be moving along relatively well. no major problems. the commute looks good as you drive through. also this morning. we're looking at 2:37, and westbound 237, traffic is moving well. that traffic is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. >> crews are on the scene of a house fire in san jose. it star started less than be an
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hour ago. >> the fire has been knocked down. we're down here in virginia. >> reporter: firefighters are inside the house and doing salvage work. the fire blew out the home. people were inside, four got out without any injuries. it took firefighters 15 to 20 minutes to knock down the flames. he had a prayer room, a small shrine in the attic. he had lights on there, no candles or open flames. he didn't smell the smoke. it was a crackling noise that alerted him to the flames. >> no smoke, nothing. >> then you got up and saw the flames. >> no, i get up, then i call
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911. >> firefighters are out here investigating, they say after speaking to the homeowner there was a little bit of a language barrier, but it appears that nothing malicious happened here. again, most of the damage is in that small attic area where that small shrine prayer room is. they're fortunate that everyone was able to come out safely. the red cross has been called out to assist the family. they are hoping to go back inside the home later this morning. >> san francisco police are checking out a smash and grab at a clothing shop in union square. it happened at the ice breaker store. it's a high end retailer specializing on high end sports apparel. there are no words on what items were stolen.
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a man accused of killing a state student is in court today. he first appeared in superior court last week. he went out hunting for victims, the prosecutors say. he is accused of killing valdez as he stepped off a m you felt. in i train. he's charged with murder and possession of firearms. police have reopened the case of missing girl amber schwartz. she disappeared from her front yard in 1988. the police closed the case after the convicted killer confessed, a body died after a month after the confession. now, they say the case deserves a fresh set of eyes. it's welcome news from amber's mother. >> i feel may be my days of running into brick walls is
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over with. >> police say they believe it's important to reopen the case. however, they emphasize there is no new evidence to contradict anderson's confession. the kids foundation is developing a search team dedicated to missing children. >> as soon as you can engage the public in a predatory kidnapping, the greater chances of you can get back that child alive. >> polly klaas was kidnapped 20 years ago from her petaluma home and murdered. it marked the 20 anniversary and they are fighting for tougher laws for people who hurt children. a vigil is being held from polly klaas in afternoon. we hear from the first officer
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the night she was kidnapped. a link on student died in a horrific crash last week. a speeding driver slammed into the family's van killing the teenager and critically injuring his mother and sister. the wake is at on friday afternoon. his funeral will be held at the same funeral home at 8:00 saturday morning. there will be a funeral procession for a 9:30 burial ceremony. they're considering charges for a firefighter who ran over a teenage girl after an airline crash at sfo. the coroner determined the 16- year-old survived the crash and then run over and killed by a fire truck. prosecutors are trying to determine whether the veteran firefighter broke any laws or it was an accident. our continuing coverage of
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the government shutdown. the white house announce you had president obama is cancelling two stops on his upcoming trip to asia. he'll travel to indonesia and bernai, he's cancelling trips to the philippines. john kerry will visit those countries in the president's place. there is no end in site. they're trying to restore funding to specific parts of the government. >> veterans today, parks tomorrow, maybe security agencies tomorrow and the next day and this will go on for weeks. >> the two houses disagree, we should sit down and discuss and resolve those matters. my goodness, they won't even sit town and have a discussion about this. >> yesterday world war ii veterans had to break in and
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visit the memorial in washington, d.c. which had been barricaded because of the shutdown. it's images like these that may embarrass politicians to take action. they're not sure how long they'll be back on the job. they're nervous about being able to pay bills without paychecks. they're nervous about the political steal mate in washington. all classes are scheduled to resume after a major power outage. a dozen buildings had been without electricity monday night. they confirm the theft of copper cables from a station, causing an explosion. five people suffered injuries in that explosion. they're looking for the copper thieves. a man shooting and killing
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an oakland girl, this woman was gunned down in july while sleeping at a friend's house. the judge read the charges of the 22-year-old man who pulled the trigger. he fired several shots on wilson shots. two other children and a grandmother has been wounded. >> i've been waiting for this day, the day i got the phone call she was dead and i'm ready, i'm ready to fight i'm here at every court date and every parole hearing. they charged 27-year-old man of oakland for this attack. they believe they were looking for the father to avenge an early year shooting. this man keith woodhouse was convicted yesterday on 30 felony counts of molestation.
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the victims were enrolled at day care problems. all of them testified at the trial which lasted about two weeks. a sentencings date has not yet been set. a slimming i will is scheduled for tomorrow to remember a mother who was run over and killed at san francisco holly park. they've created a shrine for christy while sun bathing at her park with her 11 month old daughter and dog. her husband shared photos with ktvu who says he's grateful for the support of friends and strangers, but he's having a difficult time raising his baby girl. friends say she was a lovely mother. >> she was texting a picture of the daughter playing in the grass. she texted that shortly before the incident happened. >> the city gardner was suspended without pay.
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no charges have been filed against the 57-year-old city worker. his attorney says he's depressed and the incident has taken a heavy toll on him. the california highway patrol wants to help anyone who died on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. we showed you this woman who was at the spot where she was killed by a drunk driver. they are offering other families who lost a loved one to go out on the closed bring during during a special memorial ceremony next month. blue mass is open this morning. all the presses and others have been invited at the end of the mass -- first responders will be able to join in a line of
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procession. the mass and memorial service begins at 10:00 a.m. >> the time is 4:40 and bart contract talks are set to resume this morning with a strike deadline 8 days away. ktvu news have known that they've made their proposal over a six hour negotiation yesterday. there knows word on how management responded but there is still plenty of tension between the two sides. union leaders thomas hawk has erected a $194,000 tab since the talks began in the spring. we should know later this morning if they accepted a new contract proposal. it calls for a 9:5 pay raise over three years plus lower health care contributions. they rejected the last proposal until august. this is the bay area's largest transit system caring 180,000 people each day.
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new controversy surrounding the chinese flag. the reason why it was stopped in two cities in the east bay in one month. >> she can't jump a fence in a wedding dress. >> and the government shutdown shuts down a wedding as they can't have the site of their ceremony. if you're driving on the golden gate bring, there are no major problems here. we'll tell you about the commute and bay weather. >> we have higher clouds that will play into a cooler forecast, plus we'll have a look at the weekend.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. oscar hired a forensic team to look at evidence in his murder trial. the forensics team is already
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in south africa and has met with the defense team. the trial is scheduled to begin on march 20th of next year. at 10:00 a.m., a tsunami sirens will be tested, the sirens were installed seven years ago. the sirens were upgraded though to include voice announcements in addition to the roaring tones. the fema said this morning's test will be full volume. it is scheduled to last three minutes at 10:00. overnight campers have until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. to live at yosemite national park. tourists are being turned away. 670 workers have been furloughed. no state money will be used to keep the parks opened. are the shutdown forced one couple to change their wedding
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plans. they were set to be murder i had -- married at the jefferson memorial. they're prohibited from setting foot on the memorial property. they're having the ceremony at the same location which is a restaurant on capitol hill. workers who buy or lease a new car this month won't have to make payments this january, for those who are affected by the furlough. and they won't have to make pilots until they go back to work. hyundai is saying they're trying to help government workers when they need it the most. health insurance exchange is back up and running this morning after being shut down on its first day of business. the covered california website got 5 million hits yesterday. it's where californiaians can sign up for health insurance after the new affordable care
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act. merit college in oakland had a sign up event. >> i lost my job and there goes the health care, back in school and i need to go and check out my heart. besides the website, california has three call centers for people to get qualification information. one of the call centers is it in the pay area in concord. we have a special section to help you navigate through the affordable care act. look for health care reform under our newsmen you're. >> something is going around. >> it's going around here. i'm trying to keep away from it. >> sal is staying away from me. how are you feeling this morning. >> i already had it. >> i no he you had it. >> now, my voice is back to where it should be. pam and brian. let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving well if you're driving around the bay area. i want to show you the east
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shore freeway. 80 westbound looks good, no major problems. the traffic looks good all the way out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking food coming up no san francisco. i want to mention in oakland we had a problem where a plane came into oakland airport a little low and we're watching it, and they came in with hydraulic problems, but the fedex plan with two people on board did land safely a few moments ago. oakland fire and oakland police were on hand waiting for the plane. again, they landed safely. >> you didn't ask how i feel. >> steve, you sound good. >> i have the strength of ten meteorologists, all feel good. clear skies, high clouds to the
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north. and temperatures even down towards san jose, a lot of people are enjoying this weather. if you want warmer weather hold on it will start tomorrow. a lot of clouds are filtering in. i do expect a little puff of a northerly bring breeze to kick in. i think it will clear out. a little warmer in napa. 57 sacramento so there are cool readings even around here, 40s, had 50s, 60s, it depends. it was held up by the higher clouds. 48 and 49 allock the creek. hardly a breeze. it's going to be and calm day. there's even a west wind, a little east wind. sfo at 6, and san jose, everything is calm except for these high clouds. we'll see a little north, northeast, it will warm up,
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mild to warm, there's a lighter breeze today as you saw. fairfield, napa, santa rosa nevada, 70s low around the bay, 70s on the peninsula, morgan hill gill ray so it looks warmer. the wind will kick in and it doesn't look to be howling or anything, it it will be sunny and warmer into the weekend. hundreds of fans attended a rally for the green and gold yesterday. while the a's ownership wants to move to the south bay they found a deep pocketed investor to back the plan which expands the current site towards the airport and builds three pro stadiums. and this could be ready within months. game one at the coliseum against the detroit tigers will be sunday night.
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it's a sellout. there are 52 tickets for the game at 6:00 p.m. there are games 3 and 4 in detroit and if necessary game 5 is in oakland a week from tomorrow. the first team to win three games advances. the sharks return to the ice tomorrow night. while this are few additions to the team this year. hp pavillion will be called sap center. two dogs killed in contra costa county. >> it's supposed to be a safe alternative to smoking but these cigarettes are getting too hot to handle.
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juror the public memorial service is being held in petaluma for polly klaas. she was kidnapped 20 years ago during a sleepover with two friends. her body was found two months later. the officer says the case continues to haunt him. >> there's not an october 1st that goes over the last 20 years where i don't stop and think about that case. a memorial service is is
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being held at the center. you can watch a ceremony on the big screen there. the killing of two dogs in contra costa county could lead to changes in state law. ktvu news has the story. the ranch owner says that the dogs attacked some 40 egg laying chickens and his son beat the dogs to death with a shovel. they say killing those dogs is not a crime. >> killing an animal that is attacking livestock and poultry is legal in the state of california. >> it's prompted a change in the state law. 4,000 people have signed that petition. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered in a hit-and-run case
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that left a freemont man brain damaged. he was riding a bike when he was hit by a car. it happened 5:45 in the morning on august 8th. he spent flea weeks in intensive care with a brain injury and fractured spine. the car involved was an early to mid-90s black camry. >> this sh cigarettes that are a safer alternative to smoking but it carries risks of their own. >> it turned into a firework. >> renee said she was in bed when she heard something in her bed explode. it was her husband's e cigarette that was mugged into the computer to charge. he says the problem stems from batteries that don't have overcharge protection. >> facebook is cranking up the
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number 1 particular ad. the largest network is running ads for the apps. they're calling out new sales promotions for more apps, they want users to work with the apps more and facebook benefits because it gets a 0% in app payment revenue. coming up in our area, it happened within the last 30 minutes, we'll bring you the latest. >> we have developing news from san jose. what we have learned about an early morning health fire. stay with us, we'll be right back. >> right, now, on the san mateo bridge, traffic looks good, but things are getting busier or on other bay area bridges. >> highest day for fuel come up, we'll show you where. ñggg
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overnight in san francisco near busy union square, a local business gets targeted by a smash and grab. >> we're live at the scene of a house fire. we'll have the latest on what firefighters found inside and tell you how the homeowner is doing. >> the budget shutdown
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continues on capitol hill. the reason why there's no end in site for the government problem. >> the shutdown of the agency that monitors earthquakes all over the world including here in the bay area. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we're live on the scene of a house fire in san jose. flames, a smoke scene coming from that house early this morning. gene is out there, with fire investigators as they look to for clues on what happened there. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, let's check your weather and traffic. steve is right there. >> we do have an elevated fire danger for tomorrow. the red flag warning will ck


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