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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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change the state constitution. mayor reed is making a serious effort to put this on the ballot. >> as we will show you he is trying. there's a lot of the cities with budget problems watching city hall as mention reform appears to being a focal point in the election. >> many insiders believe chuck reed will launch a statewide ballot campaign at the speech at the hoover institution to allow cities to change pension plans for the current employees. mayor reed is in the spotlight after leading a reform fight here measure b approved by voters but being challenged in court. >> he villainized the work force. >> reed in washington, d.c., today said he has not decided what to do, but there's a paper trail. public documents show all year
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long reed has been conferring with mayors and leaders, in the past two weeks reed collected $100,000 in donations including $50,000 from richard riordan and $200 from action now initiative. the money was channeled to the chamber of commerce and coalition for fair and sustainable pensions. melinda jackson said an announcement soon is crucial to collect 800,000 signatures and run a campaign for november. >> it's good timing politically. pension reform has been a hot topic. >> sam believes reed is undecided despite the fund and support. there would be a lot of money need to be raised and a lot of people to be put out in shopping malls throughout the state. the speech will be streamed
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live and there's a lot of 70s and nations to be watching. the battle over pensions is not over. right now the cities of stockton, detroit and san bernardino are in bankruptcy and people are waiting to see how they handle pension plans. more security guards are standing watch at a habitat for hume and -- humanity are being watched. investigators say four men targeted eight habitat crew members yesterday afternoon. one man was pistol-whipped. no arrests have been made. jimmy carter is scheduled to tour the site on monday. tesla motors had a car fire
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and a downgrade hitting the stock price. the web site posted the picture of the fire. the driver hit a large metal object near seattle yesterday. the construction of the car kept the fire from entering the cabin and the driver was not hurt. shares of tesla dropped 6% on news of the downgrade along with the fire. tesla stock has risen more than 400% this year. police say he ran a massive online black market drug bazaar but he's out of business. federal authorities releasing new details about this case. >> federal investigators say the man behind this sig:00 road web -- silk road web site was arrested at the glenn park library. he was willing to commit murder
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to protect his business. 29-year-old ross-william official break ran silk road. the -- olbrecht. >> in a criminal complaint silk road is a sprawling black market bazaar where illegal drugs and others have been bought and sold. 13,000 listings for marijuana, a good counterfeit goods, forged pass ports and pirated videos. the ip networks were concealed. when a user threatened to expose the web site he solis ited an assassin. way like you to put a bounty on
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his head. what would be an adequate amount to motivate you to find him? >> he gave $150,000 to that assassin. federal agents have found no record of homicides or suspicious deaths in that area the day that hit was supposed to take place. >> the new law funds a trial run of the smart herballance assessment -- smarter balance assessment. does away with multiple choice test replaced with new language and math tests on computers. susan bonilla says the old star testing system is outdated and this will better measure students real world knowledge.
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redwood city police are reaching out to spanish speakers on facebook. the new site is in spanish. it's a game changing way to engage with the latino community. redwood city has expanded the online image. the labor dispute between bart and the union members is more complicated. passengers would rely on ac transit if there's a strike. but ac transit workers are poised to go on strike. >> we're going to start with ac and go to bart and update everything. it was a hard day, a hard day of hard-nosed negotiations and dualing press conferences. >> bart began this morning. >> we're closer, are we close enough to reach a settlement. >> the union countered.
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>> our proposals are $40 million apart. >> bart says that's closer to $100 million. we've made another proposal. we're waiting for that response. >> the response vague. >> the assumption we'll meet to financials every day until we get to a settlement. >> the majority seems to be this. you have a job, you are blessed in that way. some people are looking for that. it's not fair, a lot of people depend on it. >> many support the unions. >> there's tons of money coming into the bay area. people working for. transit, their salary should refrequent that. >> the union blame bart. >> the closer we move the further apart they say we are. they brought in someone trying to cause a strike. >> the best practice is to hire outside experts to negotiate
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these very complex contracts. >> apart on every detail. >> we're sticking to the three year contract, we understand that bart wants a four year. other contracts show at the last minute hope may spring eternal. >> ample precedent but there's precedent for a protracted strike. >> and with ac transit union twice rejected a contract the danger of a double strike and more than half million stranded riders looms closer. >> the fate of bart service next weekend remains unclear, bart will have longer trains for bigger events this weekend. bart expects more passengers saturday and sunday headed to the a's game, the oakland raider game, and the bluegrass festival. on the second day of the
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partial government shut down congressional leaders came out of a without meeting no closer to a agreement. president obama med with -- met are leaders of the houses. john boehner accused president obama of refusing to negotiate. nancy pelosi and others say they will not make chances to the affordable care act. with no end to the shut down in site, people who deliver meals to the elderly wonder how long they will be able to keep it going. anita is one of many who rely on meals on wheels. about a third of the budget, $100,000 a year is federal money. >> it's coming out of the sky, a miracle. here comes a meal. we could make due for a week,
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10 days. after that it's a problem. >> aren't more than half a million people in alameda county alone count on meals on wheels so they can have something to eat. >> the california opinion party says it is -- republican party says it's debt-free. it ode a million dollars in march. they credit volunteers for wiping out the debt. republicans say at the weekend convince in anaheim they will focus on how to eliminate the democrats supermajority. google needed approval before acquiring navigation. the $1 billion deal happened in june, ways and google have two weeks to submit documents to
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israel antitrust authority. then it will decide whether or not to expand the investigation. dwindling bank acts. >> my account has $3 in it. >> how a bay area woman is managing. it's only october, some people are getting into the christmas spirit. a company is prepping for the season. dry weather making for dangerous conditions. coming up. i'll layout the spots with weather warning. map
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macy's is gearing up to hire more workers this holiday season than last. it will hire 83,000 people
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nationwide. that compares to 80,000 last year. macy's says most of the cease on -- seasonal johns and will part-time. the soft wear company has a new plan. it did not reveal how many jobs will be cut. auto desk has 7300 worldwide. two months ago it reported a 4% drop in net income. the restructuring will be completed in april. the employment department says it is almost caught up with processing checks for californians. as the weeks are drawing on people are forced to go through their saving, one woman is down to a few dollars. >> she as parentally done nothing wrong but she's not
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seen a dime in unemployment since late august. they have cleared a log of back cases but some people are waiting. >> 29-year-old reach -- reachard is running out of time and money. >> 3.29. she's due $1200 from the state. >> it's hard to look at that every day. it's supposed to go in at midnight. i have my alarm set for 12:03 to check. she was among 400 laid off last year. she qualified to go back to school and receive 327 a week in unemployment but the money stopped. >> i can't go to the store and buy bread or saidal or water. >> -- or soda or water.
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>> i don't have any good news for you. >> she played us voice mails confirms she as morning the thousands affected by a problem upgrading computers. >> i am waiting for the day i can to back to work, not have two or three jobs, work, work, work, right now i'm going crazy. >> this afternoon edd officials said that new system is running properly, they have almost cleared up the backlog. some payments could still and going out the people tonight. santa rosa firefighters will vote on a new agreement. firefighters will receive a 4 1/2% salary increase in three
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years and pay 12% toward their retirement. the deal will save more than 1 1/2 million dollars over the course of the contract. oracle is defending larry ellison's $78 million paycheck. ctw says it will vote against ellison's pay plan at the annual meeting. the redwood city software company sent a letter calling the pay which is mostly stock options appropriate considering the value to the company. the team owner could have made more but turned down a $1 million bonus. in pacifica sirens were blaring as part of a tsunami siren test. if people thought it sounded louder they were right. monitoring reported hearing the full volumn test which was four times louder than past test. in a real emergency there will
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be voice announcements with evacuation instructions. >> it will sound at 15 the 20 minute intervals before the last two hours before we believe the tsunami tsunami would reach us. >> cal fire says it will beef up staffing for the red-flag warning. fire officials say several departments around the bay area and northern california will be on high alert as conditions turn dry and windy. temperature today, similar to yesterday and the day before that. warmer in some places. 80 in antioch, one in livermore, temperature tomorrow warmer than these. in the next couple days a warming trend. that's why we know the fire danger will come up. the humidity will drop down.
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right now the winds are due west at san francisco airport. that's cooler, moister direction, the winds tomorrow night will come north, north east early. that increases the fire danger, we're looking at red-flag warning on if entire state of california in terms of high fire danger, increased temperature and nice weather. this is the fall weather that people like. with that comes the alert about the fire. the reason we're doing this is not for the heat, the humidity will be low. the real thing is the winds in the hills. the red-flag warning is in effect above 1000 feet. we'll notice the temperature moving into the warmer rang as we go into friday and saturday. shows tomorrow. 76 trees.
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a lot like today. as a matter of fact tomorrow like today. no big changes. forecast high. the big change will be tomorrow evening late at night. 2:00, 3:00 in the morning the winds come into the hills and notice stronger wind gust. that's tomorrow evening. 77 in -- it looks like a nice one. great weather, everybody loves it. this is the down side. thursday night to friday night. we'll be watching for you. five-day forcast is going to be warmer, but i wouldn't call it hot. we're going to be dealing with the wind little, warmer and drier. >> good weekend. for outdoor activities it will be great. cal games, a's.
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raiders. coming up at 7:00. further in depth on a bold crime. hear from the group about what's being down to protect workers. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. it's a lifelong wish coming true. >> we're going to show you how to dolphins are helping a woman cross one more item off her bucket list.
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...quickly followed by skydive..
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. an 87-year-old woman fulfilled a lifelong wish, swimming with the dolphins. she was all smiles in the dolphin pool where she got the feed and pet the dolphins and see them show off the moves. after getting acquainted she dipped into the water and dried to hitch a ride. >> everybody told me at 87 would have said i lost my marbles. >> virginia swim with the
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dolphins was coordinated by vacaville convalescent center. that mile is priceless. >> she's looking good. how are the a's looking. they have a big game on friday. >> it's been strange, a long layoff. they haven't played since sunday and won't play until friday. do you enjoy the rest or get rusty. trying to work out the kinks as they prepare for friday's opener against the tigers, rookie sunny gray will start game two saturday, 5-3 record, everybody really impressed with his maturity. that's part of the reason he will get the big time start. the way he handles the pressure. >> came up here and continue to put the team in a chance to win, that's what the starting pitcher hopefully do you that more times than not.
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>> the kid has a big heart. battles every pitch. lets the defense work behind him. he'll be fine. >> going to be a busy weekend in oakland. the raiders can't play until 8:30 sunday night until the field is cleared. terrell pryor will be the starting quarterback against the chargers, what might be more news worthy, matt flynn, you saw how he did. he's been dropped to third string. third string quarterback at 6.5 million. mcgloin is now the backup. >> hadn't worked out like we anticipated and we have to make decisions and we have to move forward and continue to go and matt will continue to battle and crash and claw, i believe that he's a capable quarterback, but we're going to give mcgloin a chance.
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>> your third string. we'll have more on dante whitner changing his name to dante hitter in. -- hitner. tonight on the 10:00 news an east bay neighborhood fights back after a string of robbers, what they are doing. have a good night ♪
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