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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 3, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos from the web "right this minute." >> it's not every day you see a guy reviving a bull shark. >> that's bad ass! >> the story behind a remarkable move that impressed a boatload of guys. >> i don't know if i can say it but they were pretty excited. >> an officer walks toward a driver but then -- >> he had to leave. >> how a humble cop made a life saving grab. he made one of her biggest
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dreams come true. >> to get engaged and married in the same day. >> how one brave dude managed to pull it off. >> i'm thinking to myself she might absolutely love this or she might absolutely hate it. >> and going over the edge in pittsburgh. >> whoo! >> the pirates fans who know how to celebrate. >> there's a video that's going viral. people are blown away. that's captain o'ryan holian. if you notice, he has his hand on a large fish right off the edge of his boat. what he's actually doing is reviving a bull shark. >> what? >> we're talking a bull shark. >> reviving as in it's dead? >> reviving as in it's exhausted. captain holian was on a fishing trip, and this fish had been
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struggling. they had actually hooked this fish and went through the process of reeling it in. the shark struggled so much that it was clearly exhausted. once they got the hook out, they thought they could release the shark but the shark wasn't really moving, it was kind of staying put. so he's actually following the florida fish and wildlife commission's advice. they say to revive fish by moving them forward in the water to promote water flow over the gils. that's increasing the oxygen throw. >> now that's catch and release. >> shehe's circling around. >> that's cool. >> we have the captain to tell us all about the crazy video. tell us exactly what happened before the camera started rolling. >> we fought the fish for about 15 minutes. after we took some nice pictures
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with it and once i released it, i saw it start sinking and so i jumped in the water and i moved it back and forth and -- >> the other sharks. >> were you scared of the other sharks? >> i did get out of the water pretty quickly. >> what made you jump in and save the shark? >> it was pretty second nature to me. >> what are people say sfg. >> three quarters of people are saying it was an awesome ning -- thing and a few people are saying i shouldn't have caught it in the first place. you have to take a risk on life. >> when did they say when you got back on board? >> i don't know if i can say it but they were pretty excited. >> by now we know there's no
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such thing as a routine police call. this is dash cam from sergeant grizwald's car. he's coming to what looks like a disabled vehicle. as sergeant grizwald approaches this man, watch what he does. he tries to leap over that wall. that's 60-foot drop down the wall. it's a suicide attempt. >> i guess i was at the right place in the right time. i grabbed him by the legs and pulled him back over. >> he just randomly came across this vehicle? >> as he is on the way to the disabled vehicle call, he got another car saying they believe the man is suicidal. but as he arrives, you see him
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grabbing his legs he could have killed himself and another car full of people. >> i didn't give it a great deal of thought. i was thankful hi a chance to help somebody out who needed help. it worked out great. >> the sergeant told reporters he sensed relief in this man that, this man was grateful for being saved and he is now being treated. >> the videos i have are nothing short of shocking. this first video is surveillance from the streets of colombia. pay attention to this truck driving up the street. >> what? >> my goodness. >> it explodes in the middle of its drive. it ends up hitting that tree and stops completely and just a few seconds later, notice the passenger side window. someone actually manages to escape the fire. unfortunately inside the car were also a former city official, hajavier milan and th
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sister of the driver of the truck but they didn't make it. >> were they targets? >> they are speculating it's a hit. but reports are saying perhaps it was a gas malfunction? >> i hate to speculate but that doesn't look like -- >> something just went wrong with the car. >> here's the fire truck arriving. you can see the damage after. the second video in in the u.k. it's a surveillance track of a street with a railroad track running through it. the barriers are down, you see flashing, warning lights but there's always someone not willing to pay attention like this woman on a bicycle. >> no! >> what? >> who decides to ignore all of that, drives right up to the tracks just seconds before the train is coming, missing it by just -- >> that train was flying! >> i mean, aside from the barriers and flashing lights, couldn't she hear it coming?
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it was right there. >> and now you're not even going to go? >> when the barriers go up, she turns around and goes the other way. she's like you know what, never mind. >> she's got to go home and change her pants. >> police released this video because they want to identify her and also to let people know pay attention! >> this is kevin richardson. when he wakes up in the morning, he greets his pets. >> oh, boy. oh, geez. >> what's up? >> hey there, little boy. hey there, little boy. >> that's a female and a male. we've got two lions on this guy's body. >> looks like they're really hugging him, though. >> he's a self-taught animal behaviorist. he's liked animals ever since he was a little boy. >> they love him. it's like he's coming home from being gone all day and they're like excited to see him. >> hey. >> i love how he talks to them
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like they're just little chihuahuas. >> and they're just cooing and rubbing on him. >> thousahow do you gain their and not just look like a steak sandwich? >> what's really neat is look at the rig he has set up. if you think about it, what angle is that? it's obviously not a third person taking the video. there's an arm that comes out of his back. but what i love about the video is the female is like there's something on his back and i need to look at that. >> and he's out there by himself. not for me. >> was a routine jump a of pro jumpers, but on this day -- >> he's giving me the sign like -- >> this video shows basically the final moments of mark's
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life. >> the story behind the jump and how his life is being honored. >> and two life changing moments, all in one day. >> one of his love's dreams was to get engaged and married in the same day. >> how one guy pulled off the huge surprise with the help of pinterest. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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ingredients for life. back in august, epic tv put
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on this event. basically it's 23 of the world's best wing suit flyers. three days of them jumping from all different mountains in the french alps. one of the guys, 42-year-old mark sutton, an ex-army officer, a base jump specialist, he also was a stunt double for james bond, he was the guy who flew into the london games opening ceremony. remember he dropped down. mark was a part of load five. he was up there with a number of other guys, one of them tony. >> mark suggested i follow him. i thought it was great because he's a much better jumper than me. >> mark is in the red and yellow suit. he jumped and i just followed him. it was real quick. and i couldn't believe it. >> tony lands safely, right? and when he gets to the ground, starts sort of motioning to the
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rest of the game. a couple of them get back in the helicopter and head back up to try to locate him. >> they can see from the heli that there is no point for him to go down and do anything about it. >> they realize this was, in fact, a fatal accident. >> mark dying up there, mark was my hero. >> this was supposed to be a multi-day event of jumping. they made the conscious decision we're going to continue this in honor of mark. >> new destination,destination, beginning. >> we came here to complete something, accomplish something, and i think mark would have wanted that as well. >> hands down one of the best stories ever! this handsome fella you're seeing on your screen is ryan
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leek and ryan met the love of his life, amanda rowen and decided it was time to propose. one of his love's dreams was to get engaged and married in the same day. >> what? that doesn't really allow to plan for the best dress. >> and technology to the rescue. a special thank you to pinterest. ryan used her pinterest account. they had a little section called my dream wedding. she had all kinds of photos of what my dream wedding might be. so she was planning her dream wedding without her knowledge. so now ryan decides how do i do this? he picks miami, florida. >> amanda, i love you so much. and it would honor me so much if you would marry me.
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>> incredibly romantic. but as you can see, ryan's like, all right, we have to move this along. she's like this is the biggest moment of our lives. why are you rushing? >> it's because he had the wedding planned. >> she gets her perfect make-up, her perfect hair, her perfect dress, ready for the wedding. we have amanda and ryan vid individuvideo skyped. ryan, how did you have the urage to do this? >> when you love somebody, you to do anything. i wanted to put all of my being into making this happen. >> you may kiss your bride. >> pulling you off, were you just nervous that she wouldn't like something or maybe that you did something wrong? >> absolutely. i love my wife, but she's still
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a female, which means she's entitled to change her mind at a moment's notice. i'm thinking to myself she might absolutely love this or she might absolutely hate it and it's just the risk you have to take. you go big or you go home. >> amanda, are you glad that it was your dream wedding? >> i got my dream wedding without ever calling the florist or the caterer. in retrospect, i am so glad that he did this. >> congratulations. you guys make a gorgeous couple. way to go. >> it's a prank that's funny, yet scary. >> when a skeleton rolls through the drive-through. the screaming good time next. and see how a couple of teens turn boredom into beat.
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it's officially october, the month of halloween. are you guys ready for a halloween-themed prank? >> we can always use it to the music of rahat to bring us something. fine yet scary. he's bringing back the old i'm dressed like a car seat prank. but before when it looked like no one was there, he now has a skeleton.
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and it's pretty funny how people react. it's not just about scaring people with the skeleton sitting there -- >> oh, it moves. >> it moves! >> oh, wow. >> that's got to be so much fun driving around just freaking people out. >> and this one more people are entertained than afraid. >> wait. >> this skeleton does have good driving posture. >> oh, whoa! >> do they ever give this poor skeleton its food? >> he does decide to take it to the conversation level. >> how are you? >> good. >> oh, my god! what made you come it chick-fil-a tonight, huh? >> chicken nuggets! >> you would think because the video is so popular, you would think people would be on to this guy. >> i would think they would be on to it because of our incredibly popular show. >> that's true, too.
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because so many people watch "right this minute," they are on to the imagi-- his magic. >> i've seen you on youtube. >> he's looking a little skin and bones. >> this song is a big hit among automotive enthusiasts. ♪ ♪ >> you like that groove? you like that beat? this whole song, nothing but sounds made in a garage by a couple of kids who were just bored. a couple teen-agers by the name of jake traitor and joel cronenburg. put it all together into a pretty sick beat. what's making the whoop sound? >> it's coming from that air
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wrench pup see the tire bouncing there, that gives you kind of that drum beat, the truck lid closing. looks like the jack handles gives you that little tinge. >> man, they were bored. they created not only the song but the videos, too. ♪ ♪ >> lindsey sterling and kurt snyder team up for an
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. this isn't exactly how the coaches drew it up with the xs and os but it worked anyway, high school football in iowa,
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galen catholic, quarterback takes the snap, rolls to the left, has some guys after him. throws up what you could call a prayer, as he's going down, flips the ball around right to his 6'7" tight end in the end zone, pulls that thing down like a rebound. a two-point conversion can't really be returned for a touchdown so you might as well throw it if you can. >> good heads-up play by the qb. >> i wonder if he really intended that. did he see that guy the end zone? >> but i do think he threw it on purpose. >> he's not even facing the end zone. he's like i'll just pray somebody catches it. >> and they won 46-26. >> they didn't even need the extra two points. >> the pittsburgh pirates made their first appearance at the playoffs since 1992! >> someone we know has been a fan of the pirates for quite some time.
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>> that's me. it's me. >> in '92 my mom woke me up in the morning, told me that we lost, didn't make the world series because the game ended at like 12:07 in the morning. i was real sad. but now i'm happy, we're back. >> time to celebrate. we have video of one fan celebrating off of the clemente bridge. >> that's awesome because the bridge is right there by the stadium. that's the stadium right there in the background. if you look at pnc park, you always see that gold vertical in the background, that's the bridge. >> if people can't score tickets, they can go to the bridge and see the game. >> because it's closed off in traffic. the chances of me knowing this guy are probably pretty good. >> it seemed like a fun jump. it was a 40-foot drop into the water. he was okay. he did say he shouldn't have
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done that because it is illegal. >> oh! >> don't break the law! >> we've been waiting a really long time, 20-something years. it's been a really long time. it's just hard to put in words. >> a little 9-year-old version of me who has been so sad ever since that time and now he's not sad anymore. >> i give you guys pokemon, the remake. ♪ ♪ >> of course, that's not the regular way that the pokemon theme song sounds. that's lindsey sterling, who has been on this show many times. and that is kurt, he's been on the show many times there. they dressed up in pokemon outfits. she's dressed up like misty.
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and they are pokemon characters peeking at you and they're going to encounter team rocket. >> i've never played pokemon and it doesn't make me want to play it but it makes the theme song sound really good. >> you could have been speaking greek. i didn't understand a word of it. i guess i'm a little too old for the pokemon thing. >> however, lindsey's music does make you want to listen to the pokemon theme over and over again. >> check it out on our mobile app. >> that's it for
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, backstreet boy nick carter talks about his life on stage and off. plus, breast cancer awareness month continues with another fabulous makeover. and juicy hollywood makeups and breakups and all the latest "hot topics." now, here's wendy! ♪ >> yeah.


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