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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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peaking this morning. we begin to die down as we get into afternoon. let's take a look at where we are looking. napa 20 miles an hour. fairfield reporting 23 miles an hour. these are sustained winds. gusts could be anywhere 20-30 miles an hour. we've got 50 miles an hour gusts reported in areas around oakland hills to the north especially in and around berkeley. so that is something to be aware of as you get outside this morning. a breezy start to the day. . our temperatures are mild. we are talking 60s. and for the afternoon 70s and low 80s. a is -- a few 80s for our inland cities. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. right now we are doing well on the commute. it's windy out there so just
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take it ease is if you are driving on a bridge or causeway. let's take a look at the east shore freeway westbound traffic looks good. bay bridge toll plaza is light getting into san francisco. if you are driving throughout the entire bay area the the traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. that happened at 10:30 on solano avenue. and the st. helena highway. the tree landed right on the hood of the truck with a branch going through the windshield. narrowly missing the driver and the passenger. fortunately the people inside that truck only shaken and needed medical treatment at the scene. police are blaming high winds in the area and the roadway was closed for hours as crews had to remove that tree.
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a red flag warning remains in effect for parts of the bay area this morning. gusty winds, low humidity, and dry conditions are increasing the risk of a fire. tara moriarty is in one of the danger areas of course the oakland hills. >> reporter: that red flag warning is in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. you can see how dry and windy it is here. if you take a look behind me you can see the tree limb was knocked down in the roadway. crews should be arriving later on to remove it. firefighters from alameda county and oakland fire were busy overnight. wind gusts got up to 50 miles an hour in the oakland hills. down trees snagged wires off of old redwood road sparking spot fires. pg&e had to cut the power while crews snuffed out the flames. parts of alameda and santa cruz are also part of this red flag
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zone as are the mt. diablo and coast state parks. officials say they want to remind people to call 911 immediately if you see smoke today. gustst of 3035- 35-45 miles an hour. some winds above 2500 feet could gust to 50 miles an hour. barbecuing and parks effected -- barbecuing in the parks effected today. we were told by a city worker just about a half hour ago they would be there for hours. we will keep you posted. live from the oakland hills i'm tara moriarty. contra costa fire, pinole, and east county fire agencies all plan to increase their staffing because of the high fire danger. that red flag warning runs through saturday morning. one of the bay area peaks at
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high risk for wild fire is mount tam. people can reduce fire danger by removing tried mean needles from their loofs. gusty winds helped fuel a grass fire in napa county. the 35-acre fire burned at -- an pickly sound. some people as far away from san francisco they could smell the smoke from the fire. no evacuations have been ordered but some roads in the area will be closed until that fire is fully contained. right now firefighters in contra costa county are battling a grass fire in north concord. we have a crew on the way to that scene. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. the first friday of the
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month is usually when the federal government releases its monthly unemployment reports. however we won't find out what the jobless rate is for september because of the lockdown. today the house of representatives could vote on a proposal that effected all the furloughed federal workers. it would give them their miss pay. meantime senate democrats are restating they will not reopen symptom parts of the government. chuck schumer says quote you can't fall for that legislative blackmail or it will worse and worse. the shut down has forced the president to cancel his plans to go to asia. president obama had already shortened his scheduled visit to the far east but the white house hoped he could still attend economic summits in indonesia. now he will remain in washington to keep pressing for a budget that will reopen all of the federal government
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offices. the government shut down could have an impact on the northern part of the gulf of mexico this weekend as a tropical storm moves into florida. coming up the challenges the storm could pose for fema after many workers have been furloughs. we have new information about the woman shot dead after a high speed chase around washington, d.c.. she has been identified as 34- year-old dental hygienist mary ann. her sister is in disbelief saying she had talked to carrie a few days ago and everything seemed normal. carrie rammed her black infinity into a security post outside the white house. then she went down pennsylvania avenue toward the capitol building where she lightly injured a couple of officer. police eventually shot and killed her while rescuing her one-year-old daughter who was in the back seed. >> they had the car surrounded. we ducked for cover underneath
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the wall. everything was mass panic. >> dramatic scene in a quiet anserine apartment complex. bomb squads dozens of police and federal agents stormed 114 wood side green where the woman involved in today's deadly incident. >> last night police searched carrie's connecticut condo. she operated a dental related business from her home. she suffered from postpartum depression. the child was taken to carrie's family. contract talks continue in the bart labor dispute. this morning with the strike deadline just six days away. today's negotiations follow the first major agreement in this bitter labor dispute. yesterday the two sides announced they have reached a deal on pensions. but they remain far apart on the other big issues. there is also still a
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possibility that bart workers could walk off the job when the cooling off period ends next thursday. the public is running out of patience and anger over the threat of another strike that would cripple the bay area commute. 63 burst of those polled said bart employees could accept contract offers and avoid a strike. 26% said the two sides could continue to negotiate. >> i take note of this public strong feeling about this and the fact it has increased since the last time we took the poll. >> the bay area council released this poll after talking to 500 local commuters. excitement is building for game one of the american league division series in oakland. final preparations are under way. the biggest visible change happened yesterday when the tarps on the third deck were removed. that adds 13,000 feet to the
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stadium. getting fresh paint as well. all 48,000 tickets are sold out for tonight and tomorrow's game. it's something the team says they are looking forward to. >> the added decks should help to make sure this place doesn't crumble. when it gets loud and rocking this place sounds like an earthquake. >> you can still get tickets from online websites. but it will cost you $60 for standing room only. the team is also concerned about the plumbing problem they have been having. if you are heading to the game tonight, officials are warns you to come early because of the new security precautions put in place. they say that could take awhile to get through security. time is 4:39. this morning a federal judge is scheduled to take up san jose's lawsuit against major league
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baseball. the city claims the league has imposed illegal roadblocks in san jose's effort to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. major league baseball will ask a judge to throw out san jose's lawsuit. however the shut down of the federal government should slow down the entire case. that is because the lawsuit is being held in federal court. now 4:39. new information surrounding a major power outage at uc berkeley. coming up at 5:00 why officials say it may be linked to a bigger trend of copper theft. better have somebody driving that took a test and passed it, than driving without aligns. >> the dream of driving is about to come true for many undocumented workers. and if you will be driving to, i would say your commute is doing pretty well in oakland. you can see 880 north and southbound looks good passing the coliseum. it's a breezy start to the
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day. coming up when i expect the winds will ease up and the warmup it will lead to for the afternoon. if you are going to see the a's play, clear skies. it will be a great evening for a ball game.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. people all along the coast of the gulf of mexico are beginning to prepare for what is expected to be a weekend landfall of tropical storm karen. how is it looking so far? what are people thinking out there? >> reporter: good morning, to you, pam. the winds are starting to blow here on the beach. the surf as you can see is picking up a little bit.
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currently producing winds of 60 miles an hour. i should note it decreased in the past hour. karen is expected to move rapidly through the gulf and likely intensify into a hurricane late saturday or sunday morning near the coast. now residents here in florida are bracing a hurricane watch is in effect from grand isle. louisiana has already declared a state of emergency -- this storm poses a big challenge for fema. many workers were furloughed due to the government shut down and now being called back into work in anticipation of this storm and president obama has already been briefed about the threat of this storm and he's instructed his team to make sure the staffing is there and the researchers and make sure everyone is okay. pam, back to you. >> what are you hearing from meteorologists? are they comparing it to some of the other storms they know
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as to what the intensity might be when it does hit land? >> reporter: not yet. they are saying this storm is hard to pin down what it is likely to do. it could weaken as it approaches the gulf coast or it could pick up steam. right now they are warning against regardless if tropical storm karen becomes hurricane category one storm karen, regardless if it makes that the results and the threat is in the rain and not the wind. and that is because they are predicting this to be a big rain event. they are telling residents to brace for that flooding. back to you. >> we will continue to watch that. thank you for that update. investigators say it is too early to tell what sparked a massive apartment building fire in sunnyvale.
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highway 101. a neighbor shot this video of the fire. flames burning the top six units of the building. smoke and water damage making the entire building uninhabitable. >> i can say honestly that nothing of this scale has ever occurred anywhere around this block. >> no one was hurt in the fire and crews were able to get a dog that was in one of the apartments. >> reporter: 4:47 is the time. let's check in with sal. sal, we want 20 keep mentioning the wind out there. there is a lot of trash and tree limbs blowing around the road. it could certainly pose a danger. >> there is a tree down in oakland, pam. on highway 13. i just found out about it here according to chp. let me put it on a map here.
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let me sit up straight here. southbound 13 at lincoln which is the second to last exit before you get to 580. southbound 13 between lincoln and carson exit. there is a tree down blocking one of the lanes. they will need cal trans out there or someone with a chain saw to cut it up. southbound 13 at lincoln in the oakland hills. watch out for that if you take highway 13. and just watch out for tree debris anywhere. it's not hard to find. just a lot of branches and leaves that have been blown up because of the gusty winds. let's take a look at live pictures. this is interstate 880. you can tell the camera is shaking a little bit and the traffic is doing okay. also the morning commute looks okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's very light and clear there. at 4:48 hey, rosemary, when will the winds die down? mid-morning into this afternoon.
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it will still be a bit breezy but the winds will be nothing like we are experiencing. 23 miles an hour in fairfield. 12 in oakland. 20 in napa so a bit breezy. the gusts anywhere from 5-10 miles above this and the heels is where they are really howling. we are clocking winds at 50 miles an hour. livermore reporting winds to 20 miles an hour. notice the arrows coming from the north. pam mentioned it a little bit earlier with that fire burning in napa we are downwind of it. if you are in hayward you may smell a little bit of smoke. in and along the peninsula the smoke may drift your way as well. san jose reporting a wind to 17 miles an hour. showing you exactly what is happening here. a trough to the east of us. ridge of high pressure to the west of us. we are right between. so for today the winds really going. at least through the morning hours. you will definitely notice it as sal mentioned be prepared.
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because they are going this direction across those bridges if you are driving east to west, we've got the wind hitting the side of your car. it could be a little breezy. because of the winds our temperatures are way up from yesterday morning. 65 in oakland right now. 65 san francisco. 66 in santa rosa. some of the numbers are anywhere from 15-20 degrees warmer. you will notice although the wind is definitely a nuisance in many cases, it's helping to drive those temperatures and it will drive our temperatures for the afternoon. it will be dry and warm. not the 84 for today. 79 in berkeley. low 80s in oakland. upper 70s for san francisco. under mostly sunny skies for everybody. along the coast 70s. 73 for half-moon bay. 82 for santa cruz. mid 80s in morgan hill. so we are looking at just a nice, warm day once we get rid of the wind which will be on saturday. saturday is the warmest day and we won't have the wind. definitely a day to enjoy if
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you do like the warm weather. by sunday we begin to see temperatures drop off am bit for along the bay and along the coastline. notice our inland cities will remain on the warm side. temperatures will continue to fall off by tuesday mid 70s. 70 around the bay. low 60s at the coast. pam. >> thank you. the associated press is reporting former giants manager dusty baker is out. the 64-year-old baker guided the reds into the playoffs three of the last four years. however they lost a heartbreaker to the giants last season and lost to the pittsburgh pirates earlier this week. the reds are expected to announce his replacement later today. undocumented immigrants are one step closer to being able to legally contain a california driver's license. governor brown signed the bill in los angeles calling it an important expansion of immigrant rights and the bill should serve as an example to other states. it cannot be used to vote or
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receive public benefits. adobe is syping a warning -- is sending a warning to three million customers. the san jose company says user names, pass words, credit card numbers and other personal information was compromised. today there is a job fair for a new and unusual restaurant in concord. the lazy dog is under construction. it is scheduled to open late next month. the restaurant is looking for 200 workers. people interested in working at the dog friendly cafe can interview at a center set up just outside of the restaurants location. just off of interstate 680. 4:52 is the time. cakes to the way -- changes to the way police investigate crashes.
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and a big surprise during construction of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. the reason more fans could attend the games come next season.
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more than 100 people attended a memorial yesterday evening for a mother who was
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run over and killed in a san francisco park. the husband of christie spoke publicly for the first time about the death. >> my wife dying has changed my world. the support is really what makes this possible for me. >> the victim's family has received more than $70,000 in donations. now christie was sunbathing last month with her baby daughter and 57-year-old thomas beer now skip a city worker is accused of hitting and kills her. a memorial services will be held for a? high school kid killed in a violent crash the
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58-year-old suspect has been charged with vehicle manslaughter. now at first police said that he was at fault but bicycle advocates found surveillance. during a hearing last night, bicyclists -- police deny any bias but the department says it's preparing a training video on cyclists in traffic law. this week construction
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crews begin installing the first seats at the new home of the 49ers and they made a new discovery. there will be more room for fans. the new stadium will be able to hold nearly 70,000 fans. that is up from the long plan of 68,000. construction supervisors say they were able to find space sprinkled around the stadium to put in seats. coming up next in our 5:00 hour happening now am house fire in san -- now a house fire in san jose. also how the government shut down is threatening california's ability to fight wild fires. it's windy out there. and if you will be driving across the bridge or on a causeway, you will definitely feel it so you might want to allow extra time. those winds i expect will continue through the morning hours. coming up when they will peak. what you can expect for the
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afternoon. when that red flag warning will expire. and in your extended forecast the warmest day of the week.
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a red flag warning in effect for the oakland hills and other parts of the bay area. we will tell you which areas
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are effected and show you the damage mother nature has caused. the winds are causing problems all across the bay area. the close call for a driver in napa county after strong gusts toppled the tree. and the dry winds will continue whipping the bay area this morning. how it is impacting fire concerns and your temperatures. coming up. san jose family of six is displaced over night by a house fire. we will tell you what made this fire so difficult for fire crews. we want to take you out live to oakland this morning. you can see by the flag what we've been talking about all morning. very, very windy out there. and that is certainly causing problems on the roads for the commute. i definitely felt it coming


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