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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 4, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." >> creeper on aisle three. a guy's accused of getting close to shoppers so he can -- >> shoot up their skirt, take photos up their skirt. >> what cops say happen when somebody confronted him. >> she's one of the youngest victims of the government gridlock. >> 4-year-old eliesa o'neill.
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>> why she and her family see the shutdown as a matter of life and death. >> we're doing the only thing we can, speaking out. >> see the big bummer when his beard gave him away. >> plus a deer who can hang ten. and one who can't hang on to desk job. >> you, sir, are out of here. >> some very scary actions of a shopper at this best buy in florida were caught on surveillance camera. you see this man walking around the store, looking around. you think he's just another shopper but he is not. police say he's a predator and that he's looking for women in skirts so he can then shoot up their skirt, take photos up their skirt. >> wow, freak. >> but wait till you see his
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victims. >> no, don't -- >> please don't tell me that they are children. >> they're not just women. they are underage girls. in fact, police believe these girls are probably under 10 years old and here he is pretending like he's looking at items next to where this girl is. she's wearing this short floral skirt. he, look here, rubs the outside of his arm on her leg and then appears to take pictures up her skirt. >> they know at best buy, right? they're following him around. >> security saw what he was doing and starred to follow him around. there's know video that shows his other victim, another young girl, here she's wearing a tank top and short denim skirt. he's looking at stuff against the wall. he gets close, bends down and
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also rubs his arm on her leg. >> disgusting and terrifying. >> soto does confront this man. and as soon as he does so, the man goes to exit the store. another employee tries to chase after him but it was too late. he was able to get away. now police officers are looking for this man, hoping someone recognizes him. >> i want to start this police video with this exchange here between suspect and officers because it's hilarious. >> why do you smoke marijuana? >> i don't smoke marijuana. >> can i ask you a question then? then why is there marijuana in your beard? >> he left it in his beard? >> there's too many pieces of
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marijuana on your face. >> he's already in the back of a cruiser. florida highway patrols got calls they saw an suv swerving all over the place and so they go after the driver and his suv, he is johnny fisher. he's suspected of driving high, drunk and without a license. and wendy. rolls the vehicle over. >> get out now! >> we're seeing this from a bunch of different angles. they rush up with guns drawn. >> coming out, man. >> and they're able to pull mr. fisher out. well, they did find felony amounts of marijuana in johnny fisher's car i don't think they wave the little chunks in the beard. they also questioned why the heck didn't you stop? did you not see the number of
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police vehicles chasing you down? >> i didn't see any of them behind me, man. >> maybe he has very bad eyesight. he didn't see the pot in his beard either. >> either way johnny fisher taken to jail. he'll be in a heap of trouble. >> the government shutdown has far reaching effects. you'll see how the government shutdown is affecting a 4-year-old and her family. this adorable 4-year-old is eliesa. her parents recently found out that she has a rare genetic disease called san felipeio syndrome. it is basically a degenerative condition. she may eventually lose her
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ability to heart, to heart, but there is some hope. thanks to clinical research in ohio, a treatment that was being tested on mice is curing the syndrome. >> and human clinical trials will continue on december 2014. >> the government shutdown has also shut down the research for this condition. to tell us how the shutdown has impacted eliza and her family, we have her and her parents, and her little brother via skype "right this minute." explain what you've been going through as the shutdown has been making headlines? >> they tend to move pretty sri sloe getting these things approved. the last thing we need is a shutdown that would delay the steps to get this approved.
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she can go from like you see her today to not speaking. >> when did you become aware this shutdown might impact your daughter's health? >> we started realizing this until it happened. we thought it wasn't going to happen. now it has happened and here we are. >> tell us about the money that you're trying to raise. >> really honestly the on hope is in this gene therapy trial in columbus ohio. you needed $2.5 million? five months. i don't know all the things this shut down but for us, it's our life. >> you can go to,
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or go . >> watch what happens to this guy in the pink long sleeve shirt. he put something up to his mouth and looks like he's smoking it. when he turns around, loo like he'sengaged with somebody >> ooh, punched in the face! >> the guy who knocks him out is the one believed to have taken cell phone footage of that surveillance video with his camera phone. seems he's not happy these guys were smoking in the bathroom. and look at this, he's not done with these guys. he picks something up off the floor and he starts smacking these kids in the head. the man alleges these kids were smoking marijuana. >> is he a bouncer? he work there is? >> they say this man doesn't work for them, nor has he ever worked for them. >> in a statement on their official facebook page they wrote mr. myberg and other
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parties to the incident were customers. mr. myberg was never an employee and as such they cannot take any action against him. >> this is just some dude that says i don't like that you're smoking in this establishment therefore i'm going to start hitting you? >> like vigilante bouncer. >> he's been on facebook and he didn't apologize for what he did. >> steep and slick, all seems to be going smoothly. >> but then you hear a bit of a thump and the truck starts to pick up speed. >> what got in the way of this truck's chance to make a clean escape. and dude proves -- >> never a bad time to serenade
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he passes that concrete truck on his right. then up ahead the traffic starts to slow to a standstill. but at this point he's got no brakes. >> oh, no. >> oh, no! right into the mercedes suv. >> two of 'em. >> tell me that's it. >> that's it. >> are you kidding me? >> runaway truck ramp was just a few more feet ahead. >> when do those ever get used? thankfully he wasn't going at a tremendous rate of speed. didn't look like anybody had any serious injuries. from that heavy truck to a small boat out of control. off in the distance is a little r.c. air boat that somebody has built and its remote control steering has gone out.
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here comes the kid's dad to try to rescue the boat, try to save the boat. >> oh! >> in the drink he goes. manages to catch the boat. the guy taping this thinks it's funny. >> aw. >> this video proves never a bad time to serenade a lady friend. >> that is true. >> no matter the time or the place, even if it's a little bit awkward. this is a rising university film studio just walking into a classroom with a flower, shirt and tie singing "i'll be" -- ♪ i'll be your crying shoulder >> she seems unimpressed by the whole thing. >> i think she has no idea who she is. these are strangers. i don't even knew if the
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professor knew that was about to happen. >> he has no control in his classroom, the guy's still singing. classroom and he's singing "your body is a wonderland." ♪ your body is a wonderland ♪ >> why is he doing this? >> maybe to see if it works. >> he busts "you smile" by justin bieber. ♪ you smile, i smile >> this girl starts to play along in the glasses. she's feeling it. she gets the flower. she reaches out her hand to kyle. everybody claps, right. then he thought maybe i'll try this again on the much older professor. going back to john mayer, she's not impressed.
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>> it's not a surprise you would expect to have in a lecture hall. >> and i think animals, specifically deer, just want to be human. we see a kayaker going down a whitewater trail. but look what's following behind him. >> where'd he go? >> oh, there he is. >> the little fawn. >> and the fawn did it without a kayak. >> or a helmet and seemed to be just fine. at first this little guy tries to get up the wet rocks here. >> the kayaker continues to follow this little devil down yet another waterfall until he scurries back into the woods. >> also good at the deer bpaddl. >> this next deer, i think he just wants desk job. >> oh, no, no, don't go back.
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>> so he didn't get the job it seemed. >> i think he didn't get hired. i think he needed opposable thumbs. >> you, sir, have hooves. you're out of here. >> we're more than a minute into the video before he comes back out. >> this could be an equal opportunity claim here. >> look at how desperately he needs the job. >> yeah, he needs to lawyer up, i think. >> it's a kayaker's ultimate water slide. >> he picks up speed, going faster and faster and faster. >> so where does it end? >> oh, here we go. >> and forget the mess of tangled ear buds. >> the world's only ear buds with no strings attached. >> how the future could be all easy listening next. we all have our little tricks.
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i never thought of kayaking as much of a high-speed sport but check this out. this is probably one of the most fun kayaking videos i've seen. this is ben mahr. he's a remote spot. that's a concrete drainage ditch that spills into lion's bay, british colombia. watch what he does. you're spinning down the side, back into the other side and into this shall ow drainage. it's a shall-- he's picking uns fast and faster. >> is kayak completely gone by the end of this? is his bare behind rubbing the concrete? >> no. >> oh, that's fun. >> i wonder if he greased up the
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bottom of the kayak. i think there might be a little moss and algae making it slippery. >> slimy. >> slimy. >> later on they hike up even further up the drainage ditch and pick up more speed. check out this plunge into the bay from this angle. looked like he skipped over the water like a stone. >> looks like a great time. >> you can buy the most expensive ear buds on the market, right, but they're always going tond upettingngled. put them in your bag, you bring them out, it's just a mess, you spend 20 minutes untangling the things. let me introduce to you a product called split. they sell themselves as the world's only ear buds with no strings attached. >> they're cordless here buds. >> these here phones are magnetic. each has a memory chip inside that stores your song.
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a production version will store up to 24 songs and have up to four hours of battery life. it allows you to upload songs from your computer and recharge the battery using a special usb cable. >> here's the coolest part. you're thinking i don't want to hear this song. i don't wa-- how do i get to th next song? >> just bite. to skip two, double bite. >> this is a project out of green wing out of idaho. $435,000 is their goal. right now they have a little over $23,000 but a pretty cool product. >> he may be young but he's on his way to being one awesome snow boarder. >> scottie's been practicing to perfect one of the toughest
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tricks? snow
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this is tom. he works for blend tech. he has a series where he blends things show how powerful it is. he said let's blend some iphones. he got all four of the pastel colors and put this many in a machine and one gold one in a separate blender. >> there they go. >> check out when he pours out the gold phone. >> i think they added a little extra. >> they sprinkled some gold in there. >> i want to believe it's part of the phone.
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i just want to fall for the mystery. the other one, you don't really see the color. >> wow! >> i am 16 years old. >> not anymore. scottie james has since grown up and he's on his way to being one of the youngest and most talented snow boarders ever. he grew from 5'4" to 6'2" inches in three years. >> i had to find my center of balance again. >> here he is relearning some tricks and repetition really is what sets him apart. >> i mean, i try things hundreds of times before i get them. you just got to keep on doing it and repeating it over and over again, whether you're crashing or not. >> scottie is in practice to perfect one of the toughest tricks, the triple cork. he hopes to make his way to the olympic games.
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>> i had the best coaches in the world, they gave me the thumbs up. i trusted them 100% and i just went for it. >> perfect landing. came down completely smooth. of course week like to listen to our favorite tunes to get us all jazzed and jammed. you're not going to like his choice. >> my secret weapon "katy perry." "baby you're a firework." >> of course it's the worst katy perry song. >> we wish him luck in the olympic games. >> that's our show. city, it's wendy williams.
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melissa gorga setting the record straight on her new control book. nelly performs his new hit song. all the latest hot topics. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪


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