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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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if there is no agreement by sunday at 12:01 that there would be a strike. >> there will be no strike today but the threat still looms, both sides will be back at the table this morning and the unions say things will be different. we will tell you why. >> bart trains are back and running this morning. live at the walnut creek bart station, where we have been talking to passengers, the strike has been averted but they could be right back where they started come sunday. we will explain. >> a possible end in sight for the government shut down, the progress the two sides made overnight, all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, we are live at the walnut creek bart station. you can see quite a few people.
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maybe they got up early just in case there was a bart strike. the good news is there is no strike this morning. the bad news is there still could be a strike come monday morning. they are working on that. negotiations continue and we will have coverage on that, thank you for joining us waking up with us on friday morning, october 11th, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark, we will check weather and traffic, steve is right over there. >> i am, low clouds around, a cooler day by the coast, you friday forecast temperatures coming down a little bit. not too much. mainly by the coast. we will see upper 50s or low 60s. inland temperatures mainly low to mid 70s or upper 60s really. 40s some, 50s others, there is a chill in that morning air so kind of bundle up a little bit. jacket weather or layer weather, thick fog, cool, i knew i had to cough, i could feel it coming, just trying to get through that. mostly sunny, a little breezy later on today. it happens, hey, it happens. you can see the low clouds there and out of here soon so
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fog and sun, chilly and breezy, here in a second, sal, save me. >> steve, glad to, let's see what we have now with the roads trying to get somewhere on a friday and your plan includes the bay bridge, well your plan is a good one right now, no problems getting in to san francisco. no trouble on the lower deck from san francisco to oakland. on interstate 880 the traffic looks good in both directions here. as you drive down through hayward it continues to be a nice drive all the way to san jose. if you are driving into livermore valley westbound 580 traffic looking good from 205 to the 580 interchange then on 880 north and southbound the traffic here in hayward as we mentioned looks good, that includes 238 off the castro valley y. 5:02. back to the desk. >> thank you, starting with developing news on the bart labor dispute, no strike today. the trains are still running this morning. however, there could possibly be a strike monday morning. we have live team coverage for
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you. we have ktvu's tara moriarty out there talking to commuters getting their reaction but first let's go to ktvu's claudine wong in oakland to tell us what happened overnight and what may happen today and over the weekend. >> good morning, dave, yes, union negotiators are likening the talks to a critically ill patient on life support with barely a heartbeat. not a great picture but those talks are still alive and everyone will be back at the table at 10:00 this morning and there is hope things will turn around. the unions say there are three very specific reasons that they think a deal could be reached. >> those reasons have to do with who is now getting," involved and engaged." lawmakers, bart board and management, people doing that.
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>> these are significant developments and don't have in a vacuum, they saw through discussion, that is what we saw today, that is huge a commitment to really reach an agreement we have not had. >> a commitment that follows a lot of disappointment, it was just before midnight when both sides announced a deal could not be reached. >> we want to get this deal done. it needs to get done, it should have been done may 30th, june 30th, july 30th, should have been done way before now. >> but the unions say even without a deal and the cooling- off period officially over they will not strike at least not yet, a message to the public they say are listening although they say a new proposal from bart is not worth listening that, that has not yet been presented. >> they asked us not to and we have not. >> who asked you? >> the union. >>s. >> we are trying to get a deal and when you sit at a table and
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saying that, that is not negotiations. >> so back at the table at 10:00 this morning, talks planned throughout the day and through the weekend if necessary. the new deadline we are watching now is sunday at midnight. the unions say that is a firm deadline, if there is no deal by then, they will walk off the job. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> even though possible bart strike has been delayed for now the threat of another strike on monday is causing a lot of unwanted stress for riders and drivers. tara moriarty is out at the walnut creek bart station to see how some people are getting prepared, tara. >> reporter: well, a lot of bart riders made plans last night, they were going to carpool or stay from home so either having to ditch those man or changing their minds and catching bart this morning. now we want to mention that lot -- sunday night we may be right back where we started because nothing was really decided in labor talks as claudine mentioned, sunday at midnight we could find out a strike is
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on in which case you need to be prepared, bart will fire up its bus shuttle service that can only accommodate 6000 people a day. we spoke to one man who got her 15 minutes early because he planned to carpool and ditched that plan last minute. >> very inconvenient. like water and electricity, and crow can't cut off water and electricity to 7 million people in the bay area, i think it is outrageous. >> in the event of a strike during the weekday you can catch the round trip charter bus from 5:00 until 8:00 and then from 3:00 until 7:00. these are the shuttle hubs from hayward, to west oakland to concord and all morning service will be directly to san francisco and if the buses get full earlier service will end earlier, so obviously the bus shuttle not really for those -- for everybody. if you can readjust your work schedule telecommute or take the ferry or carpool bart is obviously urging you to do that first, live in walnut creek,
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> because bart did not go on strike this morning all bay area transit agencies running on a normal schedule. if there is a bart strike monday though ac transit is expected to pick up most of the extra burden. it will run regular buses from the east bay to san francisco and to the peninsula and extra transbay buses as they are available. the san francisco bay ferry will also pick up the slack if there is a bart strike, even though monday is the columbus day holiday for a lot of people the ferry will launch extra boats and extend service hours to handle the extra demand. the chp says all hov hours and locations are normal today, but if bart workers go on strike monday morning the hours of the hov carpool lanes will go all day from 5:00 to 7:00. to make sure you stay right here with us on channel 2 with ktvu for all the continuing coverage of the bart negotiations you can also follow us on twitter and on
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facebook for the latest developments anytime. >> a court hearing is scheduled this afternoon for former santa clara county supervisor george cher a ka what, he faces prison after pleading guilty, there will also be a examination into a separate charge, he is accused of creating a phoney campaign mailer to discredit a candidate running for san jose city council in 2010, children a ka what says that should fall under his plea deal, gun right advocates are threatening to launch recall efforts if the governor signs them. they said it would be too costly to recall brown but they are considering 10 recall campaigns against 10 democratic legitimators who voted in favor of the bills, it comes after two democrats were recalled in colorado last month after
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supporting gun control legislation. >> 5:08. new this morning the nobel peace prize was awarded this morning to a group that works to eliminate chemical weapons, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons won the nobel peace prize. they have inspectors right now in syria, they are analyzing and destroying chemical weapons there. the group was formed in 1997 to enforce a chemical weapons treaty. they have 189 member nations and syria will join it in just a couple of days. one of the peace prize favorites who did not win was 16-year-old malala yousafzai, she is a teenager from pakistan. she survived an assassination attempt by the taliban last october. she is a spokeswoman for education for girls. she just received the european human rights award this week. a record 259 peace prize candidates, including 50 organizations, were nominated this year. >> for thousands of as fans the dream of a world series has
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been crushed again by detroit and justin verlander, game 5 of the american league division series was held in oakland last night. 48,000 fans were there for that do or die game but detroit came out strong right from the beginning. it was this 2 run homer by cabrera in the 4th that put detroit in the lead and there was no going back from there. >> you don't want to lose in general but to lose at home in front of your crowd it is never a fun experience and you know it feels the exact same as last year. >> detroit won with a final of 3-0. they won the series 3-2 and advance to play boston in the american league championship series. even though the as season is over fans are proud of what they accomplished, to the very last out take a look the crowd was there, full, didn't give up cheering and stomping and waving banners and banging drums to do that. >> always next year, what more
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can you say? heartbreaking. >> we had such a great season, some great moments to share that with all the fans and just to be here what could be better really? >> after winning the division two years in a row attendance and ticket sales have jumped by double digits, all home play off games drew crowds of more than 48,000. >> they had a heck of a season. >> yes they did and nice to see everybody stay until the end of the game. >> a woman attacked seriously hurt outside of a wall wal- mart, how the suspects were not caught by police but caught on camera. >> food to feed the hungry go missing, the unusual burglary there and the arrest police made. >> good morning right now traffic is getting busier as we get closer to the peak of the commute. a live picture of highway 24 on the way between walnut creek and oakland. >> the fog bank is getting busier, wasn't much there then but a lot this morning, how
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that plays into your friday forecast and will it carry into the weekend? ♪
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5:14, john kerry just made a surprise visit to afghanistan for talks with the president there. secretary kerry and the president will talk about a deal that will allow u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan after the end of the nato mission next year, the u.s. wants a deal reached by the end
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of the month put the talks have stalled over president karzai's demand of guarantees against future foreign intervention. >> talks resume today about that. kyla campbell joins us now from there with details of a meeting last night between president obama and house republicans. >> reporter: pam, the president and 20 house republicans talked for an hour and a half last night but ending the government shut down and raising the debt ceiling, both sides call the discussion constructive but no deal yet, paul ryan told president obama that republicans are not going away and that they need to deal with their differences. at that point president obama reportedly told republicans to continue talking on capitol hill and come up with some ideas on what it would take to
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re-open the government along with bumping up the debt limit for 6 weeks, democrats still say there should be no strings attached. >> the take away from the meeting was our teams are going to be talking. >> if they were to send them a clean debt ceiling extension, no partisan strings attached he would sign it but we don't know that that is what we are going to get. >> talks continue today, who is heading to the white house this morning and their ideas to fix the fiscal fights, i am working on that for you for 6:15. >> some states plan to spend their own money to re-open parks but california has no plans to do that, governors in other states asked to re-open parks because of the impact they are having on their economy. a spokesman for the california department of finance says paying to re-open them here would strain the state's budget, which is currently balanced. >> 5:16, a major marijuana bust in the east bay, 4 million
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dollars of pot seized, 13 people now in jail. police in hayward say they made the arrests yesterday after raiding 11 homes in hayward, san leandro and san lorenzo and found more than 700 plants and most were rigged with illegal power lines according to police. due to complaint by them police will clear out homeless camps in the next couple of weeks. a survey shows 4000 in walnut creek, police are telling the contra costa times they are going to give the homeless a 72 hour notice before they come in and take down those encampments, the city says they are trying to humanely move people into shelters and programs. >> a shelter had 300 pounds of meat stolen, police caught the man who did it.
5:18 am
he is accused of stealing food meant for needy people there. some of the meat has been recovered, officers do not think he acted alone. >> our time is now 5:17, let's check traffic, sal, it is a friday morning, how does it feel? >> it feels good dave. >> okay. >> right now we don't have a lot going on. >> okay. >> -- dave and pam -- >> -- good -- >> -- pictures we have for you and also the maps to show you the traffic on 880 the road sensors on 680, 580, and there all looking nice and no major problems on 205 or 580 so i think we are off to a pretty decent start. let take a look at live pictures from our live camera network, as you see westbound bay bridge moving along nicely the traffic is as you drive on to the bridge itself, one of the things i do want to mention is if you are driving on interstate 880 right now in oakland the traffic is moving well here in both directions,
5:19 am
we checked in with bart. it is on time and yes in case you are just joining us bart is running. >> steve. >> sal. >> justin verlander last night -- >> -- year, sal. >> two-hitter -- >> -- almost -- >> yeah -- >> -- year, yes, i agree with you. we have a lot of low clouds around and that is not something i usually say but there is a big fog bank out there and some of that reducing visibility, a quarter mile there, looks like almost summertime pattern here and san francisco only going 63 today, low clouds here, san jose might get early morning low clouds but it has been cool towards blossom hill and los gatos, cool numbers, 49 to start, 63, go for a high of 70, our low didn't do much for us went there and gave them rain and there and has wrapped up 80 mile per hour winds there and giving snow on the back side
5:20 am
for us was quiet but did leave behind that so it is that with 50s around 60s, 29 tahoe, 30 there and so a chill, 43 walnut creek and navato, 40s napa, santa rosa or low 50s here so temperatures cold i felt it this morning, 14 miles an hour at travis, after that not too bad, showing nor of a northerly breeze or westerly, so northwesterly today although still southeast or early for them and them so i do expect the breeze to pick up, see everything diving straight down out of the north, another low moving in that will do but on sunday, for us morning fog then sunny to mostly sunny just a little bit warmer each day not a lot you may not even notice it but slight warming trend especially sunday into monday so a lot of fog there then sunny and nice may take a while there, if you want to say that that is fine by me, 60s and 70s, close here, thats a your
5:21 am
temperatures to not a big differencess to are your temperatures in those areas, seeing 60s or 70s, i mean very -- fremont only 68, gilroy 75, looks like a pretty gay day even down towards santa cruz, muff of the coast 60s, 72 redwood city one of the warmest, 70 palo alto, not much change friday, breezy then get rid of the fog and sunny as a little bit warmer as we get into early next week some markets across asia jumped to a three week high overnight amid increasing optimism on that. the rally there came after u.s. stocks jumped more than 2% yesterday, their biggest 1 day gain since january, the dollar gained dispense the yen and fell against the euro. checking our members the dow pretty good gain, gave back a little bit of that by the close but gained 323 points and starting the day back above 15,000, a good sign there.
5:22 am
nasdaq also up strong, almost 83 points, s&p up 36 right now, the futures indicate slightly higher opening for the u.s. we will get a better indication as we get closer to that opening bell. the toyota mortar company has been cleared of any liability in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by a family in southern california. 66-year-old person was killed in 2009 when her car was hit by another car then sped out of control into a tree. her family claimed the crash could have been avoided if toyota had installed a brake override system but yesterday the jurors said the driver who hit here is liable and should pay the family 10 million dollars in damages. >> 5:22. trouble for a raiders fan across the country, what happened during a night to man chaster, it could real ugly and one fan ended up well, you see baring it all. >> mom if you are watching look
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welcome back, time now 5:25, look at this, 40 students from the university of delaware hurt, a tractor-trailer ran into their bus. it happened about 10:00 last night in the town of bayer, 40
5:26 am
miles southwest of there, it ran a red light and hit that bus filled with the students, luckily none of them suffered life-threatening injures. >> well this is giving me the creeps but in the run up to halloween tarantulas are coming out of the wood work, it is their mating season, they live underground but at this time of the year can be seen doing that. the males come out looking for females, not as threatening as they look. >> the tarantulas that i have come across have been very friendly and they don't aggressively attack anything, if you approach them they will actually just stop. >> i am sure my mom is watching this morning, she doesn't think they look so friendly, the tarantulas can be seen there outside of livermore if you want to take a look and henry coe and mt. diablo state parks as well, they host tarantula related events this weekend and next weekend.
5:27 am
>> all right, pam, 5:26, ktvu's parent company cox enterprises presented three awards to recognize local volunteer efforts, it is part of a program called cox conserves heroes, chief meteorologist bill martin was the master of ceremonies, organizations received checks from 2500 dollars to 10,000 dollars for preserve in and enhancing outdoor spaces. >> this is the thing about volunteerism is that you give of your heart and you hopefully get other people to join you because it is a blessing to you but it is also a blessing for them. >> this is the 5th year for the event which has donated more than 350,000 dollars to volunteer groups around the nation. 5:27, a late night decision saves you bart passengers from a commute nightmare, the reason bart is not going on strike today but why we are not in the clear just yet. >> live in fremont where a violent attack handed in a wal- mart parking lot. now police need your help in finding the thieves.
5:28 am
>> good morning, traffic is going to be getting a little busier now that we are in the peak of the morning commute, we will tell you more about the commute coming up. >> happy friday morning, everybody, we have a lot of fog out there, in fact up and down the coast extending inland, not rain or anything but we will have the forecast for today and take a look and see if it holds into the weekend.
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good morning, welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, live outside the cal trans building in oakland where there will be more bart contract talks today, in case you are just waking up and didn't know there is no bart strike this morning, the trains are running, there will be more negotiations but bart is saying if they don't have a deal by monday morning they will be on strike again, we will keep you posted on what is going on, she is out there now, good morning, it is friday october 11th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am -- >> -- sure -- >> -- that -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- weekend -- >> -- too much farther pam it is almost here, low cloud deck in place, a lot of low clouds and fog so it is a cooler day by the coast, a friday forecast has that, temperatures coming down a little bit, little bit, today much cooler there with 50s and 60s, just this old sweet talking but i will tell you a little chill in that, 40s in there and fog, you combine that and if you are getting
5:32 am
drizzle treat me that by the way but low clouds and fog, thick fog for some, cold for some, cool for others but mostly sunny breezy there, overall sunny if you don't have that and if you do burn off there but by the coast could be stubborn, so fog and sun, nice to cool a chill there though, breezy at times temperatures soft side, 60s or 70s, here is sal. >> steve we have video of something -- new video of something that happened just a little while ago. this car crash in san francisco allegedly caused by one driver who hit several parked cars in the area of gary and 10th, that driver was taken to san francisco general hospital. look at this. these cars are on top of each other, this must have been a high speed collision judging by the damage of this car, brian flores is on his way, this is
5:33 am
still an active scene and still happening, sfpd still investigating and we will let you know more about what is happening here at geary and 10th, look at that video of these cars mangled up and on top of each other, 80 westbound traffic is doing well to the maze but you can tell it is busier, bay bridge toll plaza the traffic here is light. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, topping our news of course, the developing news this morning over the bart labor talks, negotiations will resume at 10:00 this morning. no strike today. the trains could stop running though as soon as monday. ktvu's claudine wong is outside the oakland building where the negotiations are -- have been taking place and could work all over the weekend, claudine. >> reporter: yes, they will be back at work at 10:00 this morning, they flooded out of the building before midnight last night to announce the deal had not been done but there have been significant
5:34 am
developments the negotiation table and union leaders say those may help finally get a deal done. hopes for that deal were dashed just before midnight. >> on behalf of acu i am disappointed. >> but they say it does not mean a strike yet. >> if there is no agreement by sunday at 12:01 that there would be a strike -- >> which has everyone asking of course how close are we. bart's chief negotiator says he still has a proposal he has yet to present. >> they asked us not and we have not. >> who. >> the unions. >> if it will be with new eyes, several of them are now," involved and engaged." he is expected to sit down at the table today, the unions call that a significant development. >> the other people do not have the authority to get a deal
5:35 am
done and we want her at the table because she does. >> -- at the table these are not the worst of times it is the will, if you get stuck own an i delogical difference you will never reach an agreement but if you get -- start bargaining on what can be done and what is possible then things start moving forward. >> the hope is of course, that things will move forward when everyone gets back here at 10:00 after getting a few hours of sleep. one union leader though said negotiations right now are like a critically ill patient that is on life support, they are hoping to bring those talks back to life today or this weekend as long as they do it in time for the monday morning commute, live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> even though a strike has been delayed for now, the strike -- the threat of another strike on monday is making a lot of people nervous, causing a lot of stress. bart wants people to plan ahead for next week.
5:36 am
their bus shuttle service can only carry 6000 people but think about it, about 400,000 people ride bart every day. the ktvu's tara moriarty is out now talking to commuters this morning at the walnut creek bart station. she will have a live report for you in about 30 minutes. marin da city councilman steve glacier will be back out there this morning still collecting signs -- signatures trying to ban transit strikes in california. he is gathering signatures for a petition. it calls for legislation to ban state transit workers, including bart workers from walking off the job, glacier says transit workers in san francisco and cities around the nation already are banned from going on strike. we have to note glacier is running for a seat in the seat assembly. >> a bart station agent and his wife harve convicted in a scheme to sell used bart tickets on ebay. avery and gladys nole were given fie years probation and
5:37 am
ordered to pay more than 48,000 dollars in restitution, he was accused of collecting low value tickets supposed to be destroyed. investigators say he added value to them at work then his wife sold them on ebay. knowles also faces possible discipline and termination from bart. time now 5:36, a frightening attack there is prompting police to ask for the public's help. janine de la vega joins us to tell us what they were after and just a shocking case. >> reporter: yeah, pam, the thieves were after a gold chain and targeted an elderly woman whom they followed around inside this wal-mart on osgood road and then once she exited they attacked her when she came out here into the parking lot. now take a good look at this picture of the male and female suspects who are believed to between 17 and 25 years old, after reviewing video police say it appeared the two were
5:38 am
stalking a 70-year-old woman and her family as they shopped. now when they elderly woman exited the store officers say one of the suspects grabbed her from behind, trying to rip the necklace off, during the struggle he slammed her to the ground and dragged her until the chain came off, the female suspect waited in this car, which police say is a silver or gray 4 door hyundai with rear tinted windows, after the attack they sped off. when officers arrived they found the elderly woman in a lot of pain. she required hospitalization and surgery. now, if you recognize either of the suspects that we showed you or if you have any information on the case fremont police would like to talk to you and you can send in a tip
5:39 am
anonymously. >> oakland police investigating a deadly shooting last night in the sob sob neighborhood, it happened there, police found the shooting victim in the street. he died there. police are out there questioning witnesses, so far no arrests have been made. police in concord trying to figure out what led up to a shooting late last night. it happened on darlene drive near mayette avenue, police got there and found a man shot, it appears they came from outside the home. he was taken to the hospital, reportedly still recovering this morning. police are also asking students on the campus of san jose state university to be extra careful for the next 24 hours. this after a student reported seeing a man with a gun near sweeney hall yesterday morning. that prompted a police lock- down of the building and hundreds of people were outside -- inside. now after a search they said no gunman was found. police say students and teachers did a good job taking
5:40 am
shelter. some even had to be convinced that police officers were really the police before they opened up their doors. >> new information now on the minivan that veered off i-80 and crashed down an embankment in ill sear rite to, it turns out the victim fatally shot himself while driving, they witnessed it after noticing the van was missing a tire, it hit the divide and crashed there. the coroner ruled his death was from a shot to the head and was ruled a suicide. people were were hospitalized after that car crashed into joe's cafe there, it went through the well and hit the electrical system. it is unclear what caused it to crash but two people in the car were taken to the hospital. no within no one in the store was hurt,
5:41 am
the crash is still under vision. those improvements are planned following that death. it is prompting chaigs, city supervisors and park officials discussed changes yesterday, including warning alarms for park trucks and more park service road signs as well as a 5 mile an hour speed limit. the park worker suspected of hitting her could be charged next week. >> time now 5:40, a san francisco police sergeant accused of driving drunk smashing into a parked car and then speeding away. 52-year-old police sergeant thomas heyman was arrested after the crash tuesday night. he was later released on his own recognizance, he is suspected of hitting a car there. a witness followed his car to his home six blocks away. >> how do you react to that when you -- when you find out it is an off-duty police
5:42 am
sergeant? >> they are human, i think everybody is human. >> here is video of him when we interviewed him in 2006, he is a 22 year veteran of the san francisco police department. san francisco police say he is now on paid leave pending an internal affairs investigation. >> well, 5:41 is the time, another death being probed at a bay area hospital, this time in marin county. the discovery made outside the hospital that prompted the investigation. >> plus why some people in palo alto now have facebook founder mark suck suck as a landlord. >> good morning, if you are driving anytime soon you will notice that things are getting busier although they are not stop and go here on 280 yet. >> well your friday forecast has a lot of fog in fact a big fog bank on the coast. how does that play into the friday high forecast and what about the weekend -- [ wom,
5:43 am
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welcome back, time is now 5:44, an investigation is planned into the death of lynn spaulding, her body found there, she was admitted there then but apparently walked through the exit to the stairwell there. >> her family as you can understand traumatized, they were distraught for two weeks because they were searching. >> her body was found there one floor below her room 17 days after she went missing. this new information announced by the mayor is separate from other investigations over her cause of death and also the security measures taken the hospital. there is also a patient death investigation underway at marin general hospital in
5:46 am
navato, this one involves a man who fell to his death from the 4th floor, james was pronounced dead last wednesday night. a sheriff's lieutenant told the marin independent journal it appears he broke a latch to the window before that fall. >> a three-year-old is in stable condition after being rushed into surgery at oakland's children's hospital, police say the child's father brought him to the hospital last night with life threating injuries and told police the child had been unresponsive since being picked from day care, child protective services has launched an vision. the family of daphne webb marked her second birth diby holding a vigil there. >> 3, happy birthday daphne. [ cheers ] >> daphne's family gathered yesterday there where her father says she disappeared. police say they are still pursuing strong leads in the case. family members say they are hopeful she will be found safe.
5:47 am
>> i don't know what happened to her, i don't know if she was in fact abducted, i don't know if there is some foul play, you know, i don't know. we just want to really get closure -- >> daphne's father says someone took his daughter right out of his car when he was making a quick stop at a convenience store, police say they are reviewing video to verify the story. >> mark zuckerberg has just spent 30 million dollars buying 4 houses near his home there, one of them sold for more than 14 million dollars, they report he bought them after finding out about a developer's plan to buy one of the properties and then advertise that it is close to mark zuckerberg, he reportedly plans to lease the homes to the people who are already living in them. things turned ugly on a flight toen demand after a raiders fan became rowdy,
5:48 am
officials say he apparently had too much to drink on this flight from malta to manchester, when the plane landed the man stepped off the plane, took off his raiders shirt and took off everything else. he challenged the captain to a fight at one point. the man finally put his clothes back on, went to the terminal, where police tasered him and placed him under arrest. >> one way to get some attention. >> tazeed i meant. >> yes, tazed, 5:48 is the time, sal. >> you know i should not laugh. >> i am not making this up. >> it is not funny and i should not laugh -- >> -- laughed -- >> -- laughed -- >> -- sal -- >> -- everybody let's go out the greatness, anyway, let's go out and take a look at what we have now, the traffic is moving along pretty well westbound as you head up and i know i will hear about this on twitter, you can tweet me, pam, dave, steve,
5:49 am
everyone pretty much is on twitter, bay bridge the traffic is moving along pretty well, not filled in it, 880 this morning looks good in oakland, north and southbound. it has been a pretty decent drive as you head through. there have been no major problems, by the way driving on 580 westbound that is also a nice drive. let's go to the santa cruz mountains, i want to check that out, traffic has been good into the valley. if you are driving from the peninsula down to the south bay it has been nice and across the bay also a nice drive so as i switch around the maps here you can see the traffic continues to look got all over the south bay, 5:49, let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you and very happy friday by the way. a lot of low clouds usually temperatures inland coast and not that far apart so we don't get that, there is a lot so that will play into that forecast, mostly cloudy, 51 just heard from her by the way there she said it etcetera 51,
5:50 am
going 63 by the way in fran frand and 70 san jose, she said it feels cold, more a like 41 so i understand there is cold lows out there even though it may be 49 or 50 it can feel colder if you get that or that, the low we had midweek well, we didn't but they did, it is now there but left behind a lot of low clouds and more of a little bit more of a westerly breeze, this picture really didn't do it justice, there is a lot out there, 28 tahoe, 39 reno, 40 there, 52 down in monterrey and we will see low cloud deck staying there, 43 navato and walnut creek so it is cold out there, see how everything has kind of carved itself out, dry air comment for the fog so sunny unless dealing that, so i say that unless some of that may be reluctant to burn off but it does that, a low digs in there, tahoe, today is fine,
5:51 am
saturday fine, high clouds cooler, broizy, bring sip stays north and east but the lows in the 20s so just so you know, fogs, then sun, nice for some but maybe a little cool for others but there is a bite to that so temperatures definitely on the chilly side, 60s and 70s vallejo, 68 fairfield, 73 vacaville, 75 navato, 70 san rafael, 68 petaluma, 68 have fog and 48 there, 70s there and those temperatures in those areas, santa cruz 67, santa clara cupertino 71, mainly upper 60s or low 70s there, 60s and 50s possible on parts of the coast, fog, patchy, it decreases sunday as that system moves in, it does look a little warmer early next week. >> she has filed a lawsuit
5:52 am
against one of the colleges, the lawsuit accuses them of lying to them. two of the campuses are even accused of paying a temp agency to higher graduates to boost numbers. they also operate those colleges. >> all right, pat, time now 5:51, where did half a million dollars go? the bay area symphony that claims money is missing. why the timing of the discovery makes the situation even worse. >> plus where is halloween in one bay area school district it is missing? how parents and school kids are fighting to get it back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñññññññ=ñ= we have live pictures now of this crash caused at -- by a driver that plowed into several parked cars this morning at about 4:00 near geary and 10th in san francisco's richmond district. a blue vehicle reportedly struck multiple parked cars. the driver was taken to san francisco general with unknown injuries. it is unclear whether or not she has been arrested but she is injured. we have no further details, however brian flores is there and he is speaking with investigators. we will let you know more about this coming up. >> all right, thank you, sal. three central california chicken processing plants linked to a major salmonella outbreak are allowed to stay
5:56 am
opennen. now the department of agriculture announced last night they have implemented immediate and substantial changes and inspectors are promising intensified sampling for the next 90 days, officials say salmonella outbreak has made nearly 300 people sick, most of those cases are here. 5:55, a restaurant has been hit with 481 thousand dollars in fines charged with underpaying its employees. we obtained citations from the state department of labor claiming hundreds of violations at too maniy's thai cuisine there, they include not paying the minimum wage as well as failing to pay overtime and split shift differentials, the owner declined to go on camera but told us," i did nothing wrong. he says he will appeal the citations. >> 5:56, some parents fighting back to save a school's
5:57 am
tradition even though administrators say the decision is final. they told parents the halloween parade and the costume tradition has been cancelled. one frustrated parent started a petition to bring halloween back and last night parents spoke out before the school board. >> i like wearing costumes to school. >> i just don't think that it is fair. >> i have been told several times that it is not the parents choice. >> well the school district superintendent says he supports the principal and the decision of the teachers, saying ultimately the tradition of the holiday was just taking too much time away, pam, from academics. >> i have heard that. >> i know you have. >> coming up next at our 6:00 hour bart trains and buses still running this friday morning, for now the midnight strike deadline come and gone, what negotiators will do today with the threat of a bart strike still a possibility. >> plus a driver lost control in san francisco, these are live pictures you are looking at in san francisco. it hit several parked cars.
5:58 am
what the police are telling us about this morning's crash. >> plenty of low clouds out there, in fact a big fog bank, biggest one in a while, how will that play interest the coastal forecast and will it hold into the weekend? send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
5:59 am
6:00 am
we have been here all day trying to get an agreement on behalf of acu i am bitterly disappointed that did not take place. >> still no deal in the dispute but the new additions at the table could make a difference. >> trains are running and passengers happy now, we will tell you how it could change come next week. >> live in san francisco where a driver is in the hospital after she apparently hit several parked cars. we will tell you what happened coming up. >> a frightening attack outside a wal-mart seriously injures one woman, the specific items she had that the thieves were after, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we want


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