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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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an evacuation is underway while a bomb squad investigates after a suspicious package with wires was discovered at a federal building in richmond. b.a.r.t. trains are running but the threat of a strike is not over. what's going on and how soon workers could walk off the job. and new information about the city of san jose's lawsuit against major league baseball concerning the oakland as. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell.
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we begin with breaking news out of richmond. police say a suspicious package has forced the evacuation of hundreds of people at the federal building on nevin avenue near 12th street. the call came in just after 10:00 a.m. you can see from newschopper2, a large area has been blocked off. police say the social security office received a package that appeared to have metal and wires instead. as a precaution, the building and some nearby homes have been evacuated while the uc berkeley bomb squad investigates. the robot went inside the building just about ten minutes ago. as you can see from the live pictures from newschopper2, there are a few vehicles there who are dealing with this investigation. a suspicious package found at the social security building in richmond. this is the stoifer we'll continue to -- story we'll continue to follow. if we have any new developments for you, we'll bring them to
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you. the deadline for b.a.r.t. and the union to reach a contract agreement came and went at midnight. despite no new contract, b.a.r.t. trains are up and running today. as tara moriarty joins us live to explain, the threat of a strike is not over. >> reporter: good afternoon. we asked b.a.r.t.'s lead negotiator what the mood was like at the table. he said it was not contentious. there was not screaming and yelling but you could definitely hear the exaspiration in the union leaders 'voices. around 10:00 this morning, both sides walked into caltrans headquarters for another round of labor talks. what is giving hope, grace cronucan is here. >> when the rubber meets the road, you come together table to get the deal done. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. management said they had an
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officer to submit but the unions were not ready because they had to compile more information. the unions denied that. we asked if the government needs to step in. >> they can get their input and meet with grace. but coming over here, i don't think it's done anything at all. >> reporter: so the two sides are here. they are ironing out a proposals that if pass talks are any indicator, it will down to the wire. but the unions say they don't want to but they are prepared to strike on monday. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. more details now on other bay area transit agenciesle they are planning to try to accommodate commuters if there is a b.a.r.t. strike on monday. it might be less crowded because monday is columbus holiday. a.c. transit will run russs from east bay to the peninsula as well as extra buses as long as
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vehicles and drivers are available. the ferry is prepared to launch extra boats if there's a strike next week. the agency also plans to extend office hours to handle the extra dae manned. the chp says -- demand. the chp says in the event of a b.a.r.t. strike, the hours of the hov car lanes will go from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. some passengers are already making plans for a strike but are hoping they won't have to implement them. >> i'm thrilled b.a.r.t. is running today. i'm beyond -- i'm over the moon about it, yes. i hope that they settle today and i actually hope that somebody makes it illegal for them to strike. it's crippling our bay area. >> very inconvenient trying to to do your job and having to get up earlier and carpool. getting in and out of a city in a car with 400,000 people that
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don't normally drive is horrible. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on the b.a.r.t. negotiations. you can follow us on twitter and facebook fork the twit latest -- for the latest developments any time. we have new developments on the ruling in the legal battle between the city of san jose and the mlb. they accused the governing body of baseball of unlawfully keeping the as from moving to san jose. a federal judge found that major league baseball has the legal right to see side where -- decide where the teams are located. but a judge agreed. both sides said the ruling helped their case. they will meet for a conference to decide when the remaining portion. suit can go to trial. one of the men charged in the death of an 8-year-old oakland girl last summer is due
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in court. joseph carroll is scheduled to be arraigned in the murder of 8- year-old alaysha carradine. police say carroll helped plan the shooting as retaliation for a gang killing in berkeley earlier that evening. another man has been arrested and charged with pulling the trigger. a 3-year-old is in stable condition after being rushed into surgery. police say the child's father brought the toddler to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the -- child protective services has launched an investigation. contra costa county's animal control department is investigating a dog bite case that sent a 6-year-old boy to the hospital. it happened tuesday night in discovery bay. investigators say the boy was playing in the yard at home when a family member's
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chesapeake bay retriever bit the boy in the face. he was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. no word on his condition. animal control is trying to determine if the dog should be designated as dangerous, a process that could take between 10 and 30 days. undercover police from pleasant hill have arrested three women allegedly involved in prostitution at massage parlors. brian flores is live with details on how long this has been going on. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, pleasant hill police say they've been monitoring these parlors for alleged prostitution for the past two weeks but say it do have gone longer than that. one of the locations we went to was right across the street from a park and playground. undercover officers arrested three women in connection to this -- last thursday, pleasant hill police say they arrested
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58-year-old yuian of pleasant hill at the healing garden spa on gregory lane. this is the location that's right across the street from a park and playground. about 40 minutes after that, police arrested 31-year-old ning wang at the happy 8 massage and spa. two days ago, they arrested a third unidentified individual at kai's new life spa on pleasant hill road. she's unidentified because police say she gave a false name. we asked police if this is a bigger problem in contra costa county. >> i don't know if it's any bigger in this city and county than anywhere else in the bay area. i can say that in the last 10, 15 years i've seen an increase in this type of businesses that have moved out here from the big city. >> reporter: police say these women worked as independent contractors to the parlors that hired them. it's unclear if the massage owners will be facing any
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charges. now, as the lieutenant mentioned, he has seen an increase in this type of thing in the past two years. last june, in la fayette, three people were arrested because of complaints from residents and other businesses. in terms of this case, police say all three face misdemeanor prostitution charges and could lose their license as well. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. we have new information on a suspected dui crash this morning in san francisco's richmond district. it happened around 4:00 a.m. on 10th and geary. police say a woman driving a blue mitsubishi lost control and hit a parked honda crv pushing it on top of a honda civic. >> the driver of the car, 30- year-old maritime deer was arrested of suspected dui and hit and run. the owner of the civic heard the loud crash. >> i heard a loud crash. it was like a really loud crash. i had a suspicion it was my car
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but i just like -- oh, man, i don't even want to wake up. it was like 4:00 in the morning but the cops rang my doorbell. >> doorbell. >> he said before that happened, the -- rekolgy said before that happened, she hit a garbage truck. a sergeant is on paid leave after being arrested on suspicion of drunk and driving and hit and run. thomas haymond allegedly rear ended a park car and fled the scene. he was later arrested at his home. police say haymond was in his private vehicle. this is video of him with an interview with ktvu. he's a 22-year veteran of the police force. and in the, former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa. is expected to be back in court at 1:30 after bleeding guilty
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to expense and campaign finance allegations. there will be a separate felony charge, where he's accused of creating a phony campaign mailer to discredit a 2010 city council candidate. new videof what police say shows two people targeting and attacking a 70-year-old woman. the one item they were after. sunny skies and a modest warmup on the way. ktvu's rosemary orozco will be here to tell you what's in store for the weekend. and an end to the government shutdown could be in sight. what's being done today.
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we now know the name of the man shot to death in the city's excelsior district on wednesday. the medical examiner's office identified him as 20-year-old eric mabry. the shooting happened around 4:00 near mission street and pra still avenue -- brazil avenue. a male suspect was seen running from the scene of the shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. investigators say no foul play is suspected in the death of lynn spaulding whose body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. she was admitted to the hospital with an infection on september 19th. she apparently left her room two days later and went through
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an emergency exit to a rarely- used exterior stairwell. her body was found more than two weeks later. san francisco mayor ed lee says he's launching an independent review of the city-run hospital. police in fremont have released new video they say shows a young man and woman targeting and attacking a 70- year-old woman for her gold chain necklace. this is surveillance video from the walmart last friday. the male suspect is seen targeting his victim as if he were holding a rifle. later the victim leaves. the suspects follow behind out in the parking lot, the young man grabs the victim's necklace and the victim falls to the ground, breaking her hip. >> for him to do this to somebody, that's weak and frail and to break her -- you know, fracture her hip, something that she will be permanently hurt for for the rest of her life, it makes you boil. you want to get these people. >> the victim was it having
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from out -- was visiting from out of the country. a female drove the getaway car, a silver or gray hyundai with tinted windows. if you recognize the suspects call fremont police. san francisco police are investigating two bank robberies yesterday afternoon. the first was at 1:00 p.m., the second was a half-hour later on post street near market. investigators believe the same person committed both robbery, a man in his 50s. to our continuing coverage. a deal is in the works to reopen the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling. justin gray joins us live from our washington, d.c. bureau and justin, is congress really on the path to end the deadlock? >> reporter: well, no deal yet, but they are finally talking. a flurry of meetings in the past 24 hours to try to hammer out some sort of solution. republican senators just left the white house this afternoon. they met with the president to discuss two things, the government shutdown and the
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deadline to raise the debt ceiling. democrats in the white house agree the government must be reopened for any deal on the debt ceiling. republicans say they want democrats to negotiate a way to the end of this shutdown. the president has refused that so far. >> the president has taken what you might call an unorthodox approach to governing. his basic position could be summed up in three words, he won't negotiate. >> reporter: the house could vote as early as this afternoon on a deal that would extend the deadline but that deal would not end the shutdown. that's something that democrats in the senate say is a no go. the president say these two things have to be tied together in order for there to be a deal. justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. three central california chicken processing plants linked to a major salmon fell you outbreak are a --
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salmonella outbreak are allowed to stay open. usda inspectors are also promising intensified sampling for at least the next 90 days. federal officials say the outbreak has made nearly 300 people sick, with most of those cases here in california. some parents and students are disappointed after a south bay school board upheld a principal's decision to cancel a long-time halloween parade hand costume tradition. the district superintendent says the decision to cancel the halloween tradition was made because of the financial pressure it puts on families and the distraction from academics. but students and parents are still disappointed. >> i like wearing costumes to school. >> i just don't think it's fair. >> i've been told several times it's not the parents 'choice. >> one frustrated parent has started and online tradition to bring halloween back but the
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district says the cancellation is final. berkeley police are searching for a man suspected of stealing laptop computers and tip jars from three businesses in north berkeley. here's the police surveillance video. the first theft happened last month in the recent -- and the most recent incident this past sunday. police say the man was between 25, 35 years old. he had a black ponytail with a receding hair line and was wearing eyeglasses. it's a cooler day around the bay area and for some, adding to the chill, cloudy conditions. the clouds are clear, turning mostly clear. a little bit of haze. to the east bay hills, we have that. we have good air quality. in the 50s to 60s around the bay. 55 in santa rosa. 55 half moon bay. mid-60s in livermore. 64 in fairfield. some of the warmer spots at
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least in this map here but as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will continue to warm. i put on a two-hour time lapse so you can see how the clouds have begun to clear from the bay. we have partly cloudy, mostly sunny skies. even half moon bay reporting a little bit of sunshine at this point. it's very thin what i am seeing. even though i've got a little bit perhaps over santa rosa, over richmond, chances are you are seeing -- chances are you are seeing blue sky. in the bay, a few patches remaining here. mostly sunny for the afternoon. temperatures will remain on the mild slide. we'll be 5 to 10 degrees below the seasonal average for this time of year. we have this weak system pulling through the pacific northwest. you can see a few high clouds yoifer head. that's where -- overhead. that's where these are coming from. that will be about it. temperatures will remain on the cool side for your weekend mornings but the afternoon will see a modest and gradual warmup saturday and more so on sunday.
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for today, 70 degrees for novato, 68 for san rafael. mid-60s in sausalito. east bay, mid-60s to low 70s. a few mid-70s for areas like brentwood and antioch. 70 for san jose. 73 for morgan hill. for the peninsula this afternoon, 65 san bruno. 68 in woodside. 72 redwood city. a cool day in san francisco with 68 degrees. mostly sunny skies. your extended forecast there. again, notice the warmup. it's a gradual one. we may not notice it that much. a lot of 40s and 50s. plan for that if you have early- morning activities on sunday, i think if will be a cool start as well. but get into the afternoon and then the temperatures rebound. 2 takes all the way -- it takes all the way into next week before we get back. but all in all, not a bad forecast. >> can't complain. >> yeah. >> thank you. a live update from newschopper2. hundreds of people are still
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investigated as a bomb squad investigation shf investigates -- as the bomb squad investigates a suspicious package at the federal building on nevin in richmond. police say the social security office received a package that appeared to have metal and wires inside. the building and some nearby homes have been evacuated. the bomb squad robot was sent into the building a short time ago. now, again we're monitoring the situation and we will have an update tonight at 5:00. mark zuckerberg goes on a real estate spending spree. why the facebook founder spent millions and millions of dollars buying up a few homes in his palo alto neighborhood.
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stock market remaining higher in afternoon trading on growing hopes that a resolution to washington's budget impasse is getting closer. two of the biggest behaviorals in the u.s. reported earnings. j.p. morgan chase reported a third quarter loss after a big charge for legal expenses, while wells fargo's profits were up. its revenue was done. the dow is up 74. the nasdaq is up 24 and the s&p up 7. from berries to apples. that could be the transition for some workers laid off at the canadian smartphonemaker, blackberry. a few weeks ago, apple held a job fair for those laid off at
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blackberry. intel has invited the workers to a similar meeting. google says it plans to open up a motorolaly office near -- motorola office near blackberry. facebook founder mark zuckerberg has spent $30 million buying four houses near his home. one of the homes sold for more than $14 million. according to reports, he bought the houses after learning a developer plans to buy one of the properties and then resell it by advertising its proximity to him. zuckerberg plans to lease the home to the tenants already living there. today is national coming out. today the president tweeted this message "today is a celebrate being who you are" according to the human rights campaign, the goal is to celebrate coming. this the 25th national annual
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coming out day. we're monitoring talks between b.a.r.t. and the unions after the cooling-off period deadline passed. and a 72-hour strike notice has been issued for a possible strike on monday morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. have a great day.
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