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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 11, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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. hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." >> a near riot after too many fans turn out for a rap concert. >> that's when the venue said, all right, you can't do the show. >> what happens when the rapper arrives and commandiers the mic. >> and locking antlers.
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our photographer gets a little too close for comfort. ♪ >> that voice behind the bathroom door is a little boy. >> now holden and his mom reveal the story behind the video going viral. >> it's pretty crazy. >> and a pooch in trouble does the walk of shame. see why -- >> well known rapper being seen here for his song "tamale," holds about 140 people smack. instead of 140 people, a lot of people ended up hearing about this thing and tons more showed up. this is the scene. they eventually started turning people away.
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as you can imagine, the police show up to try to get things under control. apparently five people also tried to rush the doors. that's when the venue said, all right, you can't do the show. so tyler is here and he's trying to figure out how to keep everybody calm. at one point even working with the lapd, they let him get on their p.a. >> all y'all cannot get in. i'm going to figure this out but y'all already know how los angeles cops are, they [ bleep ]. >> they yanked that right from his hands once he said that. >> i'm going to need everyone to disperse. >> the lapd said they had to come because they were holding up traffic.
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in this line formation, they got everyone out of the area. >> i'm going to need everyone to disbur disperse. >> workers weren't as careful as they should have been working on a gas lane. boom! 15-foot flames erupting into the air. they immediately step back but here comes a third worker climbing out of that hole. >> oh, my goodness. >> he's just moving at a normal pace, too. it's not like he's in a big hurry. >> is he okay? >> yeah. reports say nobody was injured in in incident. it's captured by several different angles. surprisingly, though, firefighters were able to contain it to just that area. it did not spread to nearby cars or buildings. >> it's crazy, too, because when it went off, there were some
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cars come being by. >> you see people walking down the sidewalk, cars driving by. >> you're looking at security video from an atm in philadelphia, pennsylvania. a normal fall evening. you know if we're showing security footage on our show, it's anything but a normal evening. a 65-year-old is getting cash at an atm. in the background you see a shadowy figure approaching. this is only 8:15 p.m. not late but dark enough for the man to feel hidden. this man is armed. the man puts the gun to the 65-year-old man's chest demanding cash but the older gentleman refuses. he resists and tries to walk away. that's when the suspect hits the man over the head with his gun, knocking him down. the suspect got no cash from
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this man, fled in a silver ford taurus. the reason we're seeing this video now is police are looking for any kind of information to help them locate this guy. the man who was hit with the gun does get up and walk away. >> that's why i like the drive-through atm. i really do. >> talk about being in the right place at the right time. this video was captured near strawberry reservoir in utah. you can see there are two elk and they're fighting. probably over some woman. you can hear their antlers knocking into each other. >> that sounds painful. >> sounds like test tossed ron to me. >> this guy says it was pretty amazing but he did say i got a little too close for comfort at one point. they get closer and closer and
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closer. but at the end, it was still worth it because he got to see this amazing display of elk testosterone. he said these were two six-point bull elks. >> if it is true that they were fighting over a lady, very typically she's nowhere to be found. she doesn't reall care much about this. >> >> but then at the very end he's like, okay, boys, that's enough. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> it's the flight attendant scrub down, rubbing people the wrong way. >> word is this video has been passed around by the british air ways employees. >> why officials have launched an investigation into the video. and one dude, one wheel, one big gap.
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>> he's got a helmet on but this was not an easy trick to pull off. >> why wearing the held melt was the on smart move here. [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] ever since daryl got gain with lift & lock, he loves the way his laundry smells. [ woman n ] ] hohoneney,y, isn't that the dog's towel? [ [ papantntining,g, g gr] [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] eh, what are you gonna do? ththe e amamazazininglgly y clt of gain with lift & lock.
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let's break down this video. big gap between that ledge and that ledge. the guy only riding on one wheel, not two. >> called a unicycle. >> he made it but the unicycle.
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>> he was out free riding, decided to try to make that gap but comes up a little bit short. >> he did do a little trick. watch in mid-air, he does i don't know what you call it, a tabletop? >> i think he was just trying to get himself over there. >> added flair, that's what got him up. >> know what else got him? some cactus. he said he's fine except having to pull out the cactus. >> thailand. this is what they do in thailand. >> this girl decided to make a really cool vacation video. >> oh, why didn't she stop? >> you have to wait until the rope people tell you to stop. >> she got a really cool vacation video and second degree burns as well. >> oh, geez. >> two women in what look like
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authentic british air way uniforms are going to take a bath together and this video is getting a lot of attention. as a matter of fact, word is that this video has been passed around by the british air ways employees because british airways are trying to determine if these two women are employees. >> they leave them on the entire time? >> one of the girls is taking things off. >> you can't wash your clothes like that. >> there's no way they're actual flight attendants. this is a fetish video. >> every once in a while you see a hot flight attendant. it not then that you go to this dream of them bathing each other but -- >> you keep your fingers crossed. >> what is happening now? >> i think the shocking thing is they procured a an official
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uniform. >> that would be the easiest uniform to copy on the planet. >> british airways have launched an investigation. they said they have been aware of the video for a couple of week but they don't know if it's employees. >> are men buying more tickets thinking am i going to meet one of these ladies? >> gives new meaning to the phrase "fly the friendly skies." >> i'm going to set up a scenario for you. it the zombie apocalypse, the electric grid is gone, no lights. but luckily beth brought along a big bag of brazil nuts. >> really? a seed. >> not only can you eat the nuts -- >> you can make a candle out of
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it. it stays lit as a candle and cuts the bottom off as a base. >> i like his explanation as to why it works. >> i think the oil of the peanuts goes up. >> i guess this could really serve as a candle. >> i'm glad i brought brazil nuts. >> you hear them all the time but you never see them. >> there are three very hot women in radio. >> the story behind the hunt for the best looking deejays. >> what's great is you know they have sexy voices. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a challenge like no other. >> more men have been on the
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moon than have completed this journey. >> now the group leader tells us all about the death defying expedition. >> i wouldn't be setting out if i didn't believe this was achievable. >> and pranks on the shoppers until -- >> the prankee started pranking the pranker. >> what one dude had up his sleeve. wwhehen n babackck p paiain n ,
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trust icy hot for powerful relief. [ malale e anannonoununcer] the icy hot patch. closed captioning provided by:
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guys, it's time for an exciting journey to the end of the south, the south pole, antarctica, for a journey that's never been completed. captain scott attempted to walk from the north pole to antarctica. he died out there. ben saunders and tucker are going on an unsupported trek across antarctica. 1,800 miles through some of the most bitter cold on the planet.
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currently, it's about minus 70 degrees fahrenheit, a wind chill of negative 170 degrees. >> some of the things we are doing is replacing metal zippers, cutting down the handles of our tooth brushes and trimming the corners off our freeze dried food pouches. >> it's a remarkable journey. to tell us more, we have the lead expedition member, ben saunders. i know you've been preparing for this for years. you're about to set off. are you excited? >> i am indeed. we've been so busy that i'm still waiting for the moment that it sinks in that we're off. we should go around the 22nd of this month. >> so why? >> i've led ten expeditions.
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>> it's never been done. >> nick said this is an unsupported trip. you don't have a sponsor or don't have a cell phone? >> we have a sponsor. we are traveling on food, wearing skis, each dragging a sled indonesia behind us with our food and fleiss for ten months. hopefully once a week we're sending back video. >> i think a lot of people would want to know what you guys eat. >> we're eating 6,000 calories a day. i've fattened up. om 25 pounds heavier. i expect to lose 30, 35 pounds clearly we're not exploring in the same way captain scott was. >> is there any doubt in your mind you'll finish? >> i wouldn't be setting out if i didn't think it was possible. >> scott has 50 really interesting videos.
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go to >> and this time of year, you can always expect some halloween pranks. >> in south africa, they set up this little display in the food court area of their shopping mall. looks like a nice place to come up and maybe take a hallowe photo. as you can quickly tell, that monster is a n. >> it terrifies everyone. >> they've gone a nice sign that gets everyone close. it says "free candy, coming up and take some." >> the guy dropped he is drink and ran. >> this gentleman it a little trick up his sleeve. >> oh! oh, no, he didn't! >> i love it!
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i love it! >> even the monster guy took his mask off. >> he got freaked out. the lady with the clip board was like somebody help, somebody help! the prankee started pranking the pranker. >> he committed. he was like a full-on seizure with his mouth drags across the floor and everything. >> that was the best one. >> all in all, a great halloween prank. >> someone special is coming over to get a few smooches. >> as you notice, that is a tiger. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. well, this looks pretty dangerous. we got ourselves a white panel van on fire in the middle of what looks like a stone fence. this is in vancouver. fire crew at the scene. it took them a really long time to put out this fire.
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this video is pretty long. they're really hitting it with the hoses and something inside is still burning. which led people to believe and investigators to suspect this could have been a mobile meth lab. >> they did have to send out for evacuations in the area because of what they believed was in the van. but they later learned after it all went out, police learned this was in fact a gasoline fire. there were gas tanks in the van that led to the raging fire. >> hands down one of the best videos ever posted on the internet. on the other side of the door is at the time 3 1/2-year-old
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holden. and he is talking about -- ♪ >> luckily holden goes through all of it for us. >> apples, cheese. pickles. >> is he talking to himself? >> he is talking to himself. >> we have him via skype on "right this minute." holden now 4 and his mom courtney. welcome to the show, you are guys. tell us a little about holden and exactly what was happening in this moment. >> well, we just replaced our toilet but our old toilet had a problem with overflowing if a
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certain someone put too much toilet paper in it. i think he wasn't concerned about the toilet paper. >> that was quite a menu of stuff. was he just eating whatever he wanted that day? >> we actually thought twice about posting it because once we watched it, it seemed like a lot of not very healthy things that day. >> did he know you were out there? >> no. no idea. >> do we know what he's trying to identify, the food items? >> he was still sitting on the toilet just thinking about how much was going to come out, i guess. >> of all the stuff you ate that day, holn, what's your favorite? >> he was excited. >> what do you think about people watching itline now? >> it sort of just exploded now.
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so it's pretty crazy. >> now that the toilet has been replaced, does holden still have concerns? >> no, our new toilet works just fine no matter what. >> if fellow loves to get a kiss every morning. as you notice, in a is a tiger. >> whoa! >> that person he's kissing on is marie. she's actually fresh but she was down in south africa doing some work and she said every morning this guy wants some hugging and loving. >> hello, my boy. >> although it was cute, what if this tiger was just gnawing on some raw meat that it was just fed. now you have raw meat bits in your mouth. >> it's just like steak.
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>> biscuit is walking the walk of shame. >> it's not just slow motion? >> no. he's slowly slinking out of it. this video has been out for a while. it was posted and went sue viral. >> he's a well-trained dog. he knows he shouldn't have been on the hardwood. he knows he was wrong. >> i feel bad because he just wanted to be in the room and his little face when he looks up at his owner. he's like siem so sorry, mom. >> rules are rules, even when you're biscuit the dog. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll s
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." >> a woman flips out on a plane after running -- >> up and down the aisle. >> how passengers endured one white knuckle flight. >> she's been freaking out for the last 20 minutes. >> a snake handler grabs one of the most -- >> deadly snakes on the planet. >> what happens when the snake gets his bite on? >> [ bleep ]. >>


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