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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 13, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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av avila came in with three hits in the post-season, but he has two tonight. that is foul, and the count goes to 2-2. jose veras who started last night was made to bring into the bull pen by dave dombrowski as they were trying to find the late inning relief. it looked like veras will be on the mound when the tigers are in the field in the bottom of the eighth inning. >> joe: 3-2 on avila.
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that's low for ball four. and the second walk handed to the tigers the night. >> tim: well, looking at alex avila who is one of the few guys in the starting lineup that is a detroit original. the reason? the trade master dave dombrowski traded for miguel cabrera, austin jackson, max scherzer, doug fister, who will start game four, and last night's winner anibal sanchez. don't forget about omar infante who came from atlanta, and he was the real key guy in the deal when they picked up sanchez, also. >> joe: there's a strike. well, dave dombrowski is one of the smartest baseball men that
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you will run in, and to hear his name pop up as a possible su successor for commissioner bud selig. >> tim: he is calling for next year to be his last year. >> joe: and that is hit into right, but now they put their team in position, but we go to bottom of eighth. the tigers take the field up by four. ndy. ooh, house down the street has full-sized candy bars. adding it to our route. glad i decided to trade in our old phones. seriously, even the dog... wait, guys, we gotta stay away from 32 elm street. he's a dentist. he's giving out floss! weirdo. getting new treats. that's powerful. verizon. trade in your old phone towards a new one, like the samsung galaxy note 3 on america's most reliable network.
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>> joe: a look inside of the green monster, and the man yulely operated scoreboard at fenway park. christian alliance out there, and paul d'angelo, and justin depollier are the ones in charge of making that all work. there is a camera out there between the ball and strike, and when they peek out of little slots, watching the action here at fenway as drew leads it off. he grounds to short. iglesias is just into the game. and that is out number one. jose var yeras takes over, and by four, first pitch swinging is
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drew. and he was lifted after striking out dustin pedroia and shane victorino as they were on their way of striking out 17 red sox last night. it has been a couple of nights of whiffs here at fenway. >> joe: and now the red sox are 0 for 17 in this alcs with 11 strikeouts. >> tim: that is amazing right there. and an amazing statistic, and the reason for the score. >> joe: and two off of his career high -- here's a line drive down the left field line. that ball is going to go towards the corner, and middlebrooks will dig into second with a one-out double.
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so john farrell sticking with middlebrooks. he pinch-hit for him last night, but tonight, he lets him go up there and delivers with a double. >> tim: and that double may earn middlebrooks a start in game three against verlander, and we will see. the fastball from veras, and he featured a very good curveball last night. >> joe: and now back to the top of the order. with smyly out in the bull pen. jim leyland is going to reach from behind the right field wall again. veras got the leadoff man and got the double. and now smyly is coming up, and ellsbury is coming up in the eighth inning of a four-run game. that's why we designed the all-new nissan versa note, with more technology,
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>> joe: the numbers from the regular season for the left-hander drew smyly who will eventually be in the rotation for the tigers deals a strike on the outside corner to jacoby ellsbury who is 0 for 2 with a walk. smyly has got starter stuff, and not the typical situational left-hander. >> tim: keep in mind that the detroit tigers do not have a left-hander in the rotation. four right-handers. >> joe: here's the 0-1. they have added phil coke who was very good for jim leyland
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last year, but he is not on the active list. he is available in the alcs, but it has been a while since he has been on the mound for detroit. too much at stake here, so it is smyly. and ellsbury -- on the out sosi corner, and ellsbury didn't like it, strike two. ellsbury walksway away from home plate after this, and you can see why he didn't like it, because it was called strike two. al alburquerque and joaquin benoit, two right-handers are getting loose here in the eighth. double by middlebrooks chased veras. good job by avila to smother that, 2-2. >> tim: and one would think that
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smyly is in there for one hitter, and that is ellsbury, because victorino is showing no signs of hitting left-handed. i would imagine that he will bring in alburquerque to pitch to victorino regardless of what happens to ellsbury. >> joe: and then the right-handed hitting pedroia, and then ortiz, but they like benoit against the left-handers. >> tim: yes, he will be called upon for a four-out save. >> joe: here tes's the 2-2, and took just down and away, and it is a full count. >> joe: two on, one out.
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and here he comes. there he goes. and with victorino coming up, the man whose name bends all of the way around his back, al alburquerque comes in with two on and one out in a 5-1 game. tracy calling hemlock holmes.
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♪ ♪ (ringing) ♪ >> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by taco bell. sometimes you to live mas, and by ford, it gives you fuel boost economy and a lot more. this is turning into a ball game here in game two. four-run tiger lead, and two on and two out, and the heart of the order is coming. >> tim: what is not a bad play here is that the red sox trailing by four, and if victorino can lay down a bunt for a base hit towards third base, he might get it out with
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cabrera and that bad hip. >> joe: a strike. over the out sooside corner. victorino has been hit by a pitch, and he got the first hit of the night for the red sox in up with of only two for boston against shucherzer. >> tim: he is going to see all sliders from alburquerque. >> joe: that one is high, and the count is 1-1. that first hit came with two out in the sixth. inside part, strike two.
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>> tim: alburquerque's slider is inconsistent, and it works in his favor, because of that. you don't know which way sit it going to break. >> joe: that one in the dirt. and avila moving around well, and he is as healthy as he has been in the post-season here in 2013, and he had to slide out the stop that. >> tim: that is really a good play by avila, because if that ball gets by him, it is runners at second and third in the four-run ball game. >> joe: off of the end of the bat. and victorino checks it to make sure it is still intact. the capper in the four-run sixth
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inning, the two-run homer by avila is looming large here in the eighth. two outs. >> tim: he went wider with him. he just threw the slider off of the plate away to get victorino. we talked about it last night. alburquerque with the slider that just keeps sliding. there it is. good pitch. >> joe: two on, two out for pedroia. he has the only rbi tonight for boston with a double in the sixth. that is by the way, the 31st
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strikeout in these back-to-back games for the tiger pitching which ties the post-season record. base hit, right field! they are going to hold the runner at third. hunter comes up ready to throw, and that is a wise decision by brian butterfield. the bases are loaded and two out s. >> torii hunter was cheating on dustin pedroia knowing that pedroia likes to shoot the ball the other way, and with the count 0-1, and make that 1-1. pedro pedroia, and you are down by three, and two or three and maybe you send him, but not four, because now one swing of the bat by big papi to tie this game. >> joe: it will not come against al alburquerque. everybody moves up one spot.
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their own lugnuts and bolts in front of 20 million fans. these boxers might not deserve all the credit for breaking the track record... but they sure aren't slowing anyone down. >> joe: john farrell and the red sox talk about finding a way, and they have found a way to bring the tying run to the plate. >> tim: finding the hard way. >> joe: no hit through 5 2/3 and now they have got ortiz who has never homered against benoit in his career. bases loaded, two outs. hard hit into right. back at the wall. tie game! the grand slam!
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>> joe: and torii hunter injured himself going over the wall into the red sox bull pen. he appears to be all right. boy, that was a nasty spill over the wall. looked like he had blood on the back of his head, and what did you say? david ortiz had never homered against joaquin benoit until now. fastba fastball. >> tim: he he's be's been more
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that any other hitter in the game in october since he came to the red sox. >> joe: i did not think that initially torii hunter came that close, but he did. it was caught by the bull pen catcher of the red sox. nasty spill. >> joe: thankfully hunter is okay to continue. these fans are packed into fenway salute ortiz after the 15th career post-season home run.
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>> joe: napoli is off of the bench to pinch-hit. two out and nobody on. ball one inside. jim leyland talked to us before the game as the red sox have tied it here in the eighth. about the issue of closing out the games. they hoped for the young right-hander bruce rondon, and he was not ready. they tried to bring back valverde. that didn't work. ventually benoit settled into the role. here in game two after the tigers had dominated leading into the bottom of the eighth, benoit greeted with a
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first-pitch grand slam hit by ortiz. 1-2. >> tim: talk about out of the depths of despair. my gosh. >> joe: phil coke is the lefty, and rick porcello is the right-hander. that is foul. >> tim: let's go back to first and second and two outs. the single by pedroia to right field. brian butterfield, the third base coach, up with the stop sign. knowing that one swing of the bat could tie the game, and it
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did. >> joe: and hunter did everything that he could all out, and able to continue now. another 1-2 to napoli, and another foul ball, out of play. this inning has seen four pitchers. the 38-year-old torii hunter over the wall in right along with the baseball. napoli keeps it 1-2.
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scherzer went the first seven and then veras with the first pitch hit to drew, and then smyly walked ellsbury, and alburquerque with the strikeout and then allowed the base hit to pedroia, and then benoit came in and david ortiz got him. the strikeout ends the eighth. david ortiz, the dh an eighth inning hero here at fenway in game two. he tied it. 5-5 into the ninth. is the new dodge durango. she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway.
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