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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. bay bridge is light so far. some schools may not be in session in this columbus day. and eventually into san francisco, on the 101, no problems.
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both southbound and northbound 101 look good from novado to san raphael. >> again, bart is not on strike. the deadline has been extended to midnight. we have team coverage. she's live at the pleasant hill station, but we begin with ktvu reporter with the management and what they call the best and final offer. >> here at the cal trans, they are set to show up saying we made our final offer. bart management has said it's done presenting offers. the lieutenant governor attended to negotiations saying inside it is slow, and frustrated. but the two sides are too close
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to let a deal slip away. >> we were at the table, ready, we were so close to getting a deal and when we came to the deal, the district unceremoniously, gave us a last, best, final offer, which is an indication they were no longer willing to bargain. >> we've given them two weeks to consider the offer. i really hope they're going to take it seriously and look at it. we're open to any ideas over those two weeks they might have. we'll try and keep that conversation open. >> state lawmakers are not pleased that bart said this is its final offer. they are happy a strike was avoided for today. they indicated both sides seemed further apart than ever. at midnight tonight, they forewarned workers to go on strike. live from oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. people are frustrate with the continuing threat of a bart
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strike and ktvu reporter kara lu is there with more. >> reporter: so far it's shaping up like a monday morning commute. we see riders at the pleasant hill station trickle in. commuters have been expressing frustration on social media when they said they'd get one more day for a strike. rider call it a, quote, waiting game. one commuter we talked to this morning was cautiousiously optimistic. >> i think even leading up to this weekend, you know, they extended it from thursday night so it seems they're much bet, along at this point. despite what's happened, it'd be nice to get this over with. >> and with many making alternate plans to get to work
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since thursday night. bart was down on friday by about 20,000 passengers compared to a typical day. we'll hear more reaction. we're live at the pleasant hill station, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a bart spokes woman said that would happen if a strike goes on for a long period of time and would require board approval. there are about a dozen manages trained to operate the trains. that plan would endanger passenger safety. >> here's a look at some of the other top stories we're following this morning. a 72-year-old hunter who spent 19 days lost in the mendecino national forest survived by eating snakes, squirrels, and covering himself with leaves of the another hunter found him over the weekend and has been reunited with family.
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>> richmond police are investigating a shoot out that left one dead on ohio and south seventh streets. the driver of that car was killed. and in just a few hours, tons of pumpkins will be in the great bay for the great pumpkin weigh out. and this weekend, congress faces a deadline to raise the country's debt ceiling. if congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling by thursday, they'll have a government shut down. default. court administrators say tear not sure what will happen if the stalemate continues past thursday. that's when the reserve funds that the courts have been using since the beginning of the shut down will run out. the government shut down is now effecting work at lawrence
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livermore lab. starting tomorrow, employees will start shutting down operations and at least 5,500 workers will be furloughed beginning on wednesday of the only about 4 or 500 workers involved in security and other essential functions will remain on duty. and yesterday employees gathered in livermore to hear the fate of their jobs. some people could say this could force people to find work in the private sector. >> some people may get work there, but if they can't make a paying check they have to leave. >> this is one of the leading federal research centers from medical to commuters, and environmental management will be shut down by wednesday. a new report shows that social security recipients, and requires may end up with very small increases. the cost of living adjustment for next year would be in the
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range of one and a half percent. at this time won't be known until the labor department releases the inflation report for september. it was delayed because of the shut down. it was 1.5%, a typical payment would increase by $17. >> people signing up for obamacare are still having trouble signing up. it's been almost two weeks since cover california has been up and running. it still lacks key information for users. the web site was supposed to have a drop down menu to show which doctors and hospitals included in each health plan. that feature appeared briefly before being taken down. no word on when it will be restored. all lanes on highway 101 were reopened after a crash. an alert was issued just been
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11:00 after a motorcycle barrier hit the on ramp near the yearbubuena was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. it's now 4:38. a teacher accused of misconduct is suing a group of parents. the contra costa times accused john fishler of inappropriately touching their daughters at holy spirit catholic school where he taught physical education. and he's now suing for defamation of character. it ruined his teaching career. uc berkeley police are warning students and faculty to be on high alert after two women were robbed on campus. the robberies happened last week. the first near the beverly cleary housing building. the victim says the robber took her cell phone. the other happened on berkeley way and oxford street where a woman says a gunman took her
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purse. the suspect in the first robbery is described as african-american, about 19 years old, five feet, 11 inches tall, about 170 pounds. the second help also described as african-american, 30 to 35 years old, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 150-pound ones. anyone with information are asked to call berkeley police. a registered sex offender has been arrested in santa rosa after james canada approached a group of children on polk street and started touching himself inappropriately. officers found him hiding in the backyard of a home after conducting a soefrn with police dogs -- search for police dogs. he was arrested on indecent exposure and a parole violation. businesses and people will not be notified via a phone tree system any more, but instead, on the internet. the city has announced it's doing away with the phone system and will alert people through
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the online system known as nixel. a tough lesson for a handful of high school students in concord. the reason they're being forced to repeat a grade even though they did all the work. and epa could put pregnant mothers at risk. more on the dangers the chemical could carry. and the roads are looking good, but they could change as you're looking at high 101. >> a little chilly instead of the lows, but the coast is clear and temperatures will slowly warm up. we'll have that forecast in a couple minutes
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. good morning, everybody. again, bart not on strike this morning. this is a live picture of the bay area toll plaza a where traffic is expected to be normal, if not lighter today because of the columbus day
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holiday. talks wrapped up at 2:45 this morning. the union said they'll give contract negotiations one more day. they said they will be back at 10:30 at the bargaining table, however, bart presented its best and final offer yesterday afternoon. amendment is not expected to continue negotiations today. instead, the union has two weeks to vote on the offer. a day ahead of the official columbus day holiday, san francisco paid tribute to its italian heritage stretched from fisherman's wharf. it's the oldest italian parade in the country. british people release ed two computer generated images show a white man with 20 to 40 years old. separate witnesses say they spotted him in the resort in
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port gull on the evening madeleine mccane disappeared. >> i'd ask the public to look very clear. if they know who this person is, please come forward. >> police have also released an age progression photo of madeleine showing what they'd expect her to look like at nine years old. she disappeared from her family's hotel room while her parents were having dinner at a restaurant nearby. >> time is 4:45 and the red cross says six workers and a syrian worker had been abducted wanted a travelers were travelling with armed guards when people talk them hostage. aid workers and journalists have been come common in syria's civil war. and on a katamar ashgsan
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began taking on water. the rescue came as a busy time. thousands of people were on the water celebrating the long holiday weekend. no one was seriously hurt. in texas, several days of heavy rain triggered floods. more 13 inches of rain forced almost 2 dozen homes to evacuate and organizers had to canceled austin music festival. >> it sucks still. i was pretty excited. >> concert attendees well will be refunded a 3rd of the picture price. it's not even winter but ski season already under way in colorado. excited skiers and snow borders
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hit the ski slopes in arapahoe basin off the loveland pass if people are wondering. >> can't wait for tahoe. time is 4:47. let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic. it's columbus day and not everyone has it. some people have it, and you know, it might help us out a little bit. am i being too optimistic? >> i don't think so. a lot of people made alternate plans because they went to bed. they may just drive or car pool. >> let's go take a look at what we have now. a all kidding aside, we're watching it closely. some people may not be using the trains because it is known as pam said. right now we're looking at these commutes. it still looks very nice here at the bay bridge toll plaza a and
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we'll watch it closely for you. we don't know what's going to happen. we have reporters taking out negotiations and rider reaction on what's going to -- what could possibly happen tomorrow and that could be a strike. stay tuned. let's move along and look at the san mateo bridge, also the san raphael bridge. there's a little bit of a back up, but it's crowded over to marin county. and then we tilt down a little bit and look at 238 and 880 and 580 here and it still looks good. it is 4:49. let's go to steve. >> i worked in denver. it's one the first ones to usually open up there. people are riding, very quiet. not much going on until the end of the month. it looks really sunny and nice. the days are getting shorter. sunny skies, a little bit warmer
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each day, but really without a strong howling offshore breeze. this is upper 70s to near 80. between 70 and 80, most locations about 75, 76 degrees today. san francisco looking good in the city but also along the coast. there's no fog. we'll go for a high of 71 degrees, 54 currently right now. it might cool off a little bit more. temperatures will be warming up. everything on the west coast is being dominated by high pressure are. the rest of the country, very activity for some. we can't find a low cloud or high cloud, yet there's a little chill to that morning air. 42, napa a, 41 half moon bay, livermore, 44, and i expect this to dip in the next couple hours. sunshine. now the breeds might kick up tonight into tomorrow. it's not a how longing deal but some of the higher elevations north and east bay hills. slow warming trend, nothing
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outrageous. temperatures will be a little bit above average here. the morning is cool or cold, however you want to say it. fine by me. we look at temperatures fear 70s to near 80. 60s, 70s around the bay. again, there's not that big of a spread. brentwood, 78, 72 in alameda, santa cruz, 78, mountain view, 76. breezy, a little bit, warmer into wednesday, then i think we keep it there thursday, friday, not much change into the weekend. >> all right are. thank you, sir. new research from stanford suggests a possible link between a chemical used in some food processing and the risk of miscarriages. bpa is used in plastics and canned food findings. high levels could enhance a miscarriage in people who have trouble getting pregnant. the study does not prove a link,
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but adds to the likelihood bpa effects fertility. >> some stay lawmakers and economists are questioning california spending on alternative energy programs. the state will spend nearly $15 million to build ten hydrogen fueling stations even though there are just 227 hydrogen powered cars in the state, according to l.a times, and also in vesting milk trusts that operate on cow manure. some legislatures say the money could be spent on project that would benefit taxpayers. animal rights activists are using more aggressive tack ticks that protect bears at lake tahoe. members of the bear league had been keeping vigils set by game wardens and also pine sol. >> i didn't know there was a bear league. the time is 4:52.
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more student housing at stanford university, and how it would have a major impact on the education of palo students. >> and waiting for vehicles to hit the road across the country.
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. good morning and welcome back to the kwt channel ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> bart is not on strike today and trains will be running. the bad news, we could still have a strike. the deadline has been extended until midnight. talks didn't wrap up until 2:45 this morning. bart presented with its best and final offer, it says. the union say that offer is a reegressive one and they'll be back at the bargaining table at 10:30 this morning, but bart management won't be there to negotiate. >> time is 4:55, and auto makers expect to have self driving cars on the road by 20/20. nissan and mercedes say they've logged thousands of successful miles of the cars. lawmakers and safety experts have to work out details include who would be responsible in an accident, and the car maker and if insurance premiums would go down.
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99 can regulate if -- no one can regulate if the drivers will give up control. the cupertino council is heading up plans for apple's new headquarters for 80% open space surrounding a spaceship like building in the center. the design will encourage collaboration, and campus will be home to 7,000 fruit, oak, and olive trees. schools in palo alt oshgso wants to know what will happen in 2016 when more school age children will need places to go to school. the school district is trying to figure out if it needs to redraw school boundaries since the schools closer to stanford already have some of the largest enrollments. hundreds of people turned out for an annual fall tradition in santa cruz.
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as many as 5,000 butterflies live south to santa cruz. butterflies have dropped due to developments in their habitat. >> we've seen them around thanksgiving time and it's amazing. all right. coming up next no our 5:00-hour, bart trains are running this morning, but still no deal. the agreement the two sidings still have to reach today to avert another commute nightmare. >> and lost in the wilderness for 19 days, how a bay area hunter was able to make it out alive through the ordeal. right now the bart trains are running and traffic is still doing well at the bay bridge toll plaza. find out how this could be a short-lived phenomenon. it's very quiet out there, a little chill maybe in the morning air. the days look sunny and warmer, coming right up we'll tell you how much.
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looking at the pleasant hill bart station this morning. bart is not on strike today. it is columbus day, and could be a little lighter. the big news is bart not on strike today. it is monday,


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