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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the bart staying today because of the good news this morning. -- bart stations today because of the good news this morning. bart stations are running. we will be here early tomorrow because the bart deadline is extended to midnight. we are going to continue this throughout the morning. it is monday, october 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. colder in the morning, sunny and warmer later on. clear skies, cool, cold. sunny and nice by noon. sunny and warmer. 40 degrees in napa. a lot of 40s around. san jose in the upper 40s, 77.
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that's 4 degrees warmer. not a cloud you to be found. patchy fog toward l.a. severe, clear, a little bit warmer on the temperatures. even 70s around the bay. right now we are looking at the roads and they are clear right now. clear roadways as well. as we take a look at some of these commutes, this is highway 4. it is moving along nicely. a little slow in an crock on the way to pittsburgh. in bay point as you make your way into concord. -- pardon me. no problems once you make it onto the span. i just want to mention if we are looking at the road here, in the south bay you can see for yourself the freeways are
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looking good. so far so good in the santa clara valley. let's go back to the desk. the bart strike deadline is extended until midnight tonight after talks wrapped up at 2:45 this morning. bart management has presented its best and final offer. it is not clear if management will be back. the unions were presented with the offer at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> i really hope they are taking it seriously. we'll try to keep that conversation open. >> our members and our riders deserve better than this. >> the unions say the offer presented is less than the previous offer. they also say they will be ready to negotiate this morning if bart management shows up. bart management says its final
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offer is $7 million more than a previous offer. union workers would need to consider 5% toward pension. state lawmakers including knew tenant governor gavin newsom said the talks are slow and frustrating. others are disappointed and say it is not helping the process. they are surging both sides to continue talking. >> we want bart to withdraw that final offer so the talks can still keep going. >> reporter: lawmakers say they are happy a strike was avoided for today, but say now both sides seem further apart. >> commuters say they just want a deal. kara is his live with how bart riders, in particular, are sharing their frustration with
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social media. >> reporter: that is certainly the right word. frustration. look out here. the traffic has picked up in the last hour. a lot of people fed up with the frustration and the uncertainty. so far folks we have talked to say it does have traffic light. many commuters are frustrated with the waiting game and say another strike would be extremely disruptive. >> it is ridiculous. very inconvenient. i got up real early this morning, not sure if i was taking a farery or bart. >> i understand they need the strike tool as a way to negotiate. but at the same time most of the other states i know of dope allow the strike.
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so i think that needs to be looked into as well. >> reporter: ridership was down on friday because that could well be the case again today. >> if there is a bart strike tomorrow, bart will offer limited bus service to the trans bay terminal in san francisco. but commuters not going to san francisco may have a tough time getting around. county connection will run a small number of buses between the concord bus station and the oakland transit center. wheels will run buses. bart will also charter about 200 buses for the morning and evening commutes in and out of san francisco. commuters can catch a bus
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adenine -- at nine bart stations. if bart strikes, transit will also increase service, especially on the trans bay line. bus stops will be moved out to the streets outside the stations to avoid any possible confrontation. the san francisco bay ferry is on regular service today. it transported more than 1000 commuters a day during the strike in july. that was during the summer. that is more than three times its normal average of 6000 passengers. carbol hours will also be extend from 5:00 actual mto 7:00 p.m. on parts of i-80, 680 and 880. casual car pooling is also available at many east bay locations, including east bay bart stations for a full list of all those locations, you can
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go to our website atv -- we are going to be here at a half hour early just like we did today, you can get updates about alerts by going to, as well as joining us on facebook and twitter. a small earthquake shook the how long bay this morning, a 2.35 quake. a 72-year-old hunter who spent 19 days lost in the forest is speaking out about his ordeal. >> gene was hunting with a friend last month when he is when he stepped into a crevice.
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he covered himself with weeds. >> 1 days a know was nothing for him. i knew he was there. >> reporter: he kept a campfire burning as a signal to rescue crews but it was never spotted. a hinter finally found him over the weekend and he has been reunited with family. the pumpkin weigh off starts less than a half hour from now. very big pumpkins are waiting for their turn on the scale. that is a fun place to be this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it is so fun to look at these. we are here in half moon bay, surrounded by a lot of pumpkins. these guys are monsters for the 39th annual world championship bum kin weigh off. 50 to 60 growers are here hoping their pumpkin wins the
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contest. growers have been out here early, getting ready for the weigh off that begins at 7:00 a.m. i want to talk to one gentleman, a grower here from napa, tim matheson. he actually broke the world and state record in recent weeks. tim what is your secret? >> a lot of times genetics, weather, a lot of luck. >> reporter: how much do we think this weighs? do you think you are going to win today? >> well, no probably not going to win today. but probably about 1900 pounds. >> reporter: how do you do it? >> the pumpkin is about 105 days old, so it grows very quickly. the most i was gaining was 53 pounds a day, probably mostly water. you plant it about mid-may and
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they seem to grow very quickly. the weather was very good in napa this year. >> reporter: you have this soak not guilty water here? >> yes so it doesn't dehydrate. they will lose certain poundage. >> i was told by people you and the gentleman next to you have the two biggest pumpkins and i was here a company of years ago and had the biggest pumpkin and ended up falling down because it went light. >> so the world record you broke was how many? >> 2032 pounds. >> reporter: weighing starts in at 7:00 a.m. in half moon bay. this is the kickoff to the festival, in a week on saturday
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and sunday. >> it looks like the fairy god mother is going to come up. >> pushing for a new ballot measure. how a man who helped got prop 8 passed is trying to help repeal the state's new gender law. tense moments outside the white house as protesters vent their anger over the government shutdown. right now traffic is actually moving along on 80 westbound, but it is getting a little busier, we'll tell you who are. clear skies out there. darn if it is not cold out there looks like sunshine, i'll have your forecast for you shortly. 5ñ
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we are following breaking news in san francisco right now. police are investigating a homicide in the city's mission district at 21st and bartlett. police got a call shots were fired at that location and when police arrived, they found a man dead from gunshot wounds. a perimeter is set up in the area. we'll have a live report coming up in our 6:30 half hour. americans won the nobel prize for economic science.
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three were named the winners early this morning. the men were chosen saying their work lays the foundation for the current understanding of asset prices. the academy says it is difficult to predict which direction stock or bond prices will go and it is possible to see the movement in periods of three years or longer, which was proven by the work of this year's economic prize winners. kyla campbell in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the stock market could impact the deal making today. >> reporter: pam when wall street opens in about 15 minutes, futures trading shows it will open lower to start off this potentially turbulent week. investors are worried congress won't reach a deal by thursday. senate leaders are waiting to see if the financial markets plunged this morning. not only could it impact your
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401-k, economists warn of worldwide economic chaos. >> if there was a bomb lifting the debt ceiling, it could well be what is now recovery would term into a recession or even worse. >> but raising the debt ceiling is just one battle in washington we are now in day 14 of the partial government shutdown over the renewed battle of cuts known as the sequester. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the government shutdown is impacting federal courts across the country. civil cases have been delayed and prosecutors are operating with skeleton staff. court administrators say they are not sure what will happen if the stalemate continues past thursday. that is when the reserve funds
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run out. the courts have been using those funds since the beginning of the shutdown. growing numbers of protesters in washington, d.c. are angry over the continued government shutdown. >> yesterday demonstrators including veterans broke through barricades and piled them up outside the white house. tomorrow a coalition of 33 veterans groups is planning a demonstration at the world war 12 memorial. -- world war ii memorial. 5500 workers will be furloughed beginning wednesday. only 400 or 500 workers involved in security or other essential functions will remain on duty. the fbi is now handling the
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investigation of a dry ice explosion at los angeles international airport. that explosion happened in an employee bathroom in terminal 2 yesterday evening. it is if a restricted area, not acceptable to the public. the explosion temporarily stopped security screening. time now is 6:17 going on 6:18. >> it is monday, folks. >> and we were here early. for people who are just waking up, we have been on the air since 4:00 i don't that's right and we are going to be on the air tomorrow early too. we want to say it again. the trains are running today, the traffic is not all that bad. let's look at what we have. the bay bridge looks pretty typical. a moderate delay at the toll
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plaza. the metering lights have been turned on. today is columbus day. some people have the day off. san mateo bridge traffic looks good as you head over to the peninsula. this is a look at the south bay, northbound 280. 101 still looks good. if you are taking 101 through the peninsula, it is also off to a good start. clear skies for those who are multi-tasking, you listen but you don't watch. clear as it can be. cold out there this morning. 3 degrees, i swear across the street at half moon bay it is
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59. most locations are rather chilly to cold. temperatures will warm up a little by. napa 76. palo alto 73 to 77 as well. each day will top out as well. san francisco looking good after a chilly start. 71 for a high today. high pressures building in. there will be a little bit of a breeze picking up for the east bay hills. coast, bay and inland, slightly elevated fire danger. we could use some rain. very dry. again that would be tonight into tomorrow. everybody has been pushed out to sea, as far as fog, even down to southern calical.
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40 santa rosa. 40 napa. 42 in walnut creek. stockton at 46. sunshine sunshine breezy, not ridiculous or crazy or anything. it will be sunny and warmer. topping out around the warm category. nice, weather, severe, clear. 70s on the temperatures, 79 alameda. 78 livermore. walnut creek 77. 78 in morgan hill, 60s on the coast, low to mid 70s from san francisco and then on the peninsula, a few upper 70s toward redwood city.
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lots of sunshine here. netflix may be looking for new ways to share its video library. the wall street journal reports netflix is in talks with several large cable companies, negotiateing to make their video available through their streaming boxes. gravity is holding on to its hot spot. the astronaut adventure landed in the top spot for the second week in a row. captain phillips starring tom hanks opened in second, cloudy with a chance of meatballs two, in third. everyone i talked to said gravity is the one to see. >> special effects i heard are
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amazing. coming up, a scare near the uc berkeley campus. rea.
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for a store near you go to
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords toured her first gun show since she was shot and wounded in 2011. giffords and her husband mark kelley, went to a gun show over the weekend, where dealers agreed to perform a background check for every gun sale. >> stopping gun fights takes courage. the courage to do what is right. the courage of new ideas. >> reporter: giffords has made a partial recovery since she was shot in the head during a
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political rally in arizona. 18 were shot. six people died. security was tight for the chicago marathon. the first world marathon held since the boston bombings back in april. a record 40,000 runners from 120 country took part in the race. a moment of silence was observed to remember the three people killed and hundreds hurt in the boston marathon bombings. runners were told to carry everything in see through bags and spectators were closely monitored. coming up the annual pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay begins just minutes from now. strong opinions and mixed reactions from riders here at the pleasant hill bart station. right now the traffic is still looking pretty good on this monday, some people have
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the day off, and bart trains are running. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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♪ a lot of concern over not just the government shutdown but now the countdown to the default on loans if the debt ceiling is not raised, that is weighing heavily on the stock market here and around the world. looks like a pretty good drop, about 100 points for the dow. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. we have clear skies, a little cold out there.
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a couple of 30s and 40s. clear skies out there, cold, sunny and nice. sunny and warm later on today. upper 40s for many, right at 40. 48 san rafael. redwood cities. they are on the water, that tells you that is cool. fairfield 49, san jose we start off at 49. high 77 lots of sunshine once we get going. cold it is 46 near santa fe. sacramento 47. high pressure large and in charge. little bit warmer on the afternoon highs. we'll see upper 70s even some low to mid-70s. right now we are looking at the commute and it doesn't look too bad, even though there is a
6:32 am
back-up. seems like the middle lanes are still getting through. columbus day some schools are not getting in. some businesses are closed. let's move along here san francisco looks okay approaching the split. on the peninsula, highway 101, mostly looking good. there is word of a crash there. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news this morning. again bart is not on strike. ktvu's tara says both sides were at odds.
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>> good morning. union leaders had some very strong fighting words against bart management. they claim bart leaders unceremoniously pulled the sorry. bart's general manager announced details it gives employees a 3% pay race per year for four years. requires them to make a 4% pension contribution and a nearly 10% medical contribution. union leaders are blasting bart management. it says this offer is $7 million more than the offer it made a few days ago. >> we are not going to go on strike because the public deserves to have a riding nervous that works. we will give the district one more day. one more day, to get it
6:34 am
together. >> we have given them two weeks to consider the offer, take it to a vote of the members. i really hope that they are going to take it seriously and look at it. we are open to any ideas over those two weeks they might have. >> state lawmakers are not pleased bart said this was its final offer. at midnight tonight, workers could go on strike. both sides are supposed to reconvene here at 10:30. live from oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. the threat of another strike is very stressful for people around the bay area. kara is at the pleasant hill bart station with what riders are saying this morning. kara? >> reporter: a lot of people have been telling us they are frustrated. they don't like not knowing if
6:35 am
they are going to have bart as an option. sometimes it seems a little slower than usual. many commuters have had strong opinions about this waiting game. some say they are fed up, and another strike would be extremely disruptive. one woman says she supports the workers. >> it is not just about the money. it is about health benefits, it is about safety. >> i understand both sides, it is just getting awful old. you know, it is getting frustrating that you can allow an organization to basically just shut an entire city down and hold them hostage i don't i'm happy i don't have to drive through the traffic. that was a big worry for us. >> reporter: a bart spokesperson says ridership was down friday. and that could well be the case again today, seems as if traffic is a bit slower than
6:36 am
usual. we are live at the pleasant hill station. >> reporter: in case of a strike bart says manager could operate trains, but only as a last resort. that would only happen if the strike goes on for a long period of time. there are about a dozen managers trained to operate trains. that plan would endanger passenger safety. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will be on the air a half hour early just like today, that is going to happen if they do go on strike. you can also get updates online at governor brown vetoed 30 bills, including one that would have extended the statute of limitations for victims of
6:37 am
sexual abuse. governor brown says no valid a claim, the statute of limitations is there because, over time, memories are lost, and evidence is lost. governor brown also vetoed a bill that gave prosecutors the option of reducing aaron and cocaine possession charges from a felony to a misdemeanor. police unions say that bill would have dangerously compromised public safety. conservative groups are trying to repeal a new state law protecting transgender students. >> opponents are hoping to gather more than 5000 signatures by november. they have hired a veteran gop strategist. governor brown signed legislation in august that would require transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms for their express yennedter. the suspense is billing.
6:38 am
half moon bay -- gender. >> the suspense is building. half moon bay's pumpkin weighing is about to start. >> reporter: there are about 50 to 60 growers here. they are going to take the stage in the next 30 minutes or so. you can see, there is a big scale here. that is where they are going to weigh the monster pumpkins. they are hoping somebody here actually breaks the world record, set by two days ago. if they do that, they'll win $25,000. i want to show you one of the pumpkins that is a contender for possibly winning. this is gary miller. how much do you think this weighs? i don't hopefully close to 2000 pounds. >> 2000 pounds?
6:39 am
there is an atlantic giant. how long have you been growing it, and what did it take? >> it took a lot of water. no, it's been growing just a little over 100 days. so that is three and a half months or so. at one time when it was growing its fastest, it was putting on 50-plus pounds a day. if you didn't look at it every day, if you took a week off, for some reason, you came back and the pumpkin is like three times bigger than it was when you left. >> reporter: oh my goodness. right here, over to the side of it, is another grower's pumpkin. one of the things i was really curious about, when you touch these, these are pretty rough, and you see all the roots.
6:40 am
kids must want to sit on this all the time. would that kill it? >> if i was a kid, i would want to sit on it also. the stems, that is what they want to walk on. they'll use that as eyliad tore get onto the -- a ladder, to get onto the pumpkin, and sometimes, if the child weighs enough, it will break the stem off. it is not going to grow after that. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: again the world record was broken by a grower here 2032-pound pumpkin. we are going to see if either of these are going to beat that. weighing starts at 7:00 a.m. and goes until about 11:00 a.m. ktvu channel 2 news.
6:41 am
can you imagine if you were able to launch one of those? held back because their credits didn't transfer. why students at a bay year charter school are being forced to repeat a year. just arrived on scene of a fatal shooting in san francisco's mission district. what we have learned about any witnesses related to this homicide. if you are driving to the roads right now, seems pretty good. a little lighter than usual on this monday. the sun is coming up right on cue. we'll end up warmer though, we'll tell you how much warmer, shortly.
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. breaking news out of san francisco. police are looking for the suspect of a deadly shooting in the city's mission district. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: brian, police are still canvassing the neighborhood because at this point they have no suspect description or witnesses. what we do know is the shooting happened around 4:30 this morning. you are looking at bartlett street between 21st and 22nd. officers tell me there was a report of four to five shots fired -x when police arrived on scene, they found a man face down in the middle of the street. they performed cpr, but he did
6:45 am
die on scene. they are unsure how this shooting occurred, when they arrived it was just the victim in the street. so they are on scene interviewing people in the neighborhood. however, at this point, they say no witnesses to the shooting. we are working to learn more about the victim. we are told it is a male victim, no idea yet on his ethnicity or age at this point. but a lieutenant and plane detectives are on scene, we are hoping to speak with the lieutenant and get more information about any events that led up to this shooting and also about the victim. also new this morning, a man was shot and killed during a gun fight in richmond. police say at 5:30 last night shots were exchanged between two cars. one of the cars crashed a few blocks away on ohio and south seventh streets. the driver of the car died at
6:46 am
the scene. we have not yet heard back. uc berkeley police are warning students and faculty to be on alert after two women were robbed on campus. the robberies happened last week, the first near the beverly clearry housing building. the other happened on berkeley way and oxford street, where a woman says a gunman took her purse. the suspect in the first robbery is african-american, about 1 years old. 5'11" inches tall, about 170 pounds. the second suspect also described as african-american, 30 to 35 years old. and 150 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. eight students who attended a san jose charter school are being held back because their credits won't transfer. they have been told the
6:47 am
campbell union school district won't grant any credits for their work. not even p.e. students who transferred to school districts other than campbells have been apart the full or partial credit for their classes. there is new information about the red cross workers who were kidnapped in syria. the red cross says three workers have been released. officials say the eight workers were traveling with armed guards when gunman stopped their convoy and took them hostage. it is unclear who is responsible for the absolute deductions. when one american soldier has been killed in afghanistan. the soldier, whose name has not been released, died when a man wearing an afghan security force uniform opened fire on a group of foreign trainers. the shooting came a day after afghan president karzai and u.s. secretary of state john kerry announced they had
6:48 am
reached a tentative deal to keep american troops in afghanistan beyond next year when the nato combat mission ends. time to check in on for a look at what is coming up on "mornings on 2". >> reporter: the mayors of san francisco and oakland are scheduled to go to china this week. also do college admission counselors look at social media pages? some do, others say they are not, for a very simple reason. halloween came early to a professional golf tournament near the south bay. how golfers opened with this rather un-- coped with this rather unusual hazard. >> oh, spiters. >> that is how i would react. back in the newsroom where
6:49 am
sal is. >> a little busy. maybe even scary. highway 4, let's look at it now. a little slow coming up through bay point. the traffic is also slow at antioch and pittsburgh. we are getting a little bit of a break though, because it is columbus day. whether or not you celebrate it, other people have school off, and are not going to school or work, so it is a holidayish, i guess. i'm just kidding about the quotish "-- about thish"" part. thank you, sal. once we get going, it will be nice. beautiful, hardly a breeze. a little puff of an offshore breeze. overall sunny and warmer today, clear skies as far as the eye can see, for sure.
6:50 am
napa 7 today. fremont 71. concord 74 to 77. palo alto from 73 to 77. san francisco looking good, 2 better than yesterday. 71 today, starting off in the 50s. a lot of 40s and a few upper 30s. half moon bay airport, 39 degrees. high pressure is our fair weather friend. overall, coast bay everybody close to 70 year 80 degrees. let's face it, we could use some rain, there is nothing on the 5-day or 7-day, that is for sure. might be a little bit of fog toward catalina island and that is about all i can find. 40 in napa. 41 in walnut creek.
6:51 am
definitely cool readings around. a lot of 40s around. a little bite to the morning air. sunshine and a slight northerly or northeast breeze. breezy and warmer, but not a lot. nights and longer days are getting shorter. warmer weather but nothing outrageous, we'll just get into the mild to warm category. today nice, little warmer in the afternoon highs. step outside you'll feel it for most, not all. a few locations 70s san rafael, clear lake 79, 71 sauce lito -- livermore, brentwood. berkeley 72. alameda 72. upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy, 77 in san jose, low 70s to mid 70s to san mateo, palo alto 77.
6:52 am
breezy a little bit and warmer, low 80s for a few. we'll keep it there and i think not much really changes. all the way into the weekend looks really quiet. in texas several days of heavy rain triggered flash floods and shut down a popular music festival. rising flood waters forced families in two dozen homes to evacuate and organizers to cancel the final day of the austin music festival. right now it is 6:52. a party near a college in north
6:53 am
washington state turns rowdy. how police were able to control hundreds of students. and new information surrounding the status of 49ers linebacker alden smith. why he is not expected to return for the rest of the season.
6:54 am
6:55 am
taking you live to the big board, the dow down about 75
6:56 am
points, recovering a little bit from its opening. could be down further today, the nasdaq and s & p 500 down about the same, percentagewise. investors here and around the world getting nervous about the october 17th debt ceiling deadline this week. one of twitter's highest paid executives is a surprise to some outsiders. twitter is paying its senior vice president of engineering more than $10 million a year. that is more than the chief financial officer, chief technology officer or even the chief operating officer at twitter. that is because the number of top engineers hasn't kept pace with the demand for them. pumpkins are popular this time of year. they are the flavor of the month. brian and i were talking about the yummy pumpkin stuff out there the flavor is being added to everything from mand ms to vodka to pop tarts and
6:57 am
pringles. police had to pepper spray and disperse a group of college students in bellingham, washington after a house party led to a riot. the incident happened near the campus of western washington university. officers tried to break up the party, when students began to throw bottles and yelled at officers. no one was seriously injured. the san francisco 4ers are reportedly not counting to linebacker alden smith to return. he took an undisclosed absence to head to a rehab facility. the niners say they hope smith will benefit from the help he receives at rehab. the 49ers continue their hot streak, arizona down six.
6:58 am
larry fitzgerald and the 75- yard touchdown pass. the niners would eventually pull ahead. fourth quarter niners up by 2, san francisco wins 32-20. the chiefs are celebrating the con situation of their perfect record this season while fans are celebrating a win in the record books as well. yesterday chiefs fans broke the record for the loudest sports stadium during their 24-7 victory over the raiders. next another chapter bart's labor crisis. where negotiations stand right now and the latest strike deadline the unions put on the table. and we continue to follow developing news out of san francisco this morning. latest details on a deadly
6:59 am
shooting, coming up. stay with us. ñáçwçñ
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sdz no b.a.r.t. strike. the trains are running but there's a good chance that could change tomorrow. more on labor talks. how close are the two sides.


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