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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 15, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and we've got great videos from the web "right this minute." >> lightning strikes a lake. >> seven times. >> meet the young pro fisherman behind the incredible video. >> there was a couple of people that said, oh, this is fake. i said, no, i asusure you this s real. >> when a thief jacks his bike. >> see who comes out of nowhere
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to take out the thief. >> cue the sweaty palms. it's not just the hike here. >> i'm sure there's some wind factor. >> why it's the fear factor that will freak you out. >> and move over, rebecca black. there's a new music video vixen. >> a girl named allison gold. ♪ >> why chinese food will never be the same. >> this go pro video is nothing short of shocking. >> whoa! >> lightning striking water directly in front of a fishing both seven times in the same place. this was shot by 16-year-old tucker. he was out on lake athens in texas fishing. he sailed he could feel the storm coming in because he could feel the static almost in his fishing pole and his go pro was
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hooked to the wind smeeshield o fishing boat, thought it was appropriate it head back to shore and this is what he caught. >> that's the same exact spot his boat is footed towards. tucker owings is one of the youngest professionals in the fishing industry. we have tucker via skype. welcome to the show, tucker. >> thank you. >> what was it like going toward this lightning strike? >> it was scary. you weren't expecting it. >> what did it sound like? >> it was repetitive like a dot, dot, dot. there was a couple of people on my facebook page that said oh, this is fake. i said, no, i assure you this is real. when we took a break and it passed, we went back out.
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>> describe the electricity in your fishing poles when you were on the water. >> my buddy garrett put his pole up in the air. little did we know we were creating an electrical field. >> did you learn anything from this? ruff taking anything away from this experience? >> probably when you see a storm coming, head out a lot faster than what we did. >> tell bus yourself. you're one of the youngest professional fishermen out there? >> yes, ma'am. definitely honored. i never let my age stop me, to any other young anglers. >> since you're so young, what did your folks have to say about e incident? >> mom wasn't too happy, dad wasn't either but they knew it was in god's hands and i knew i wasn't going to go out that way. >> this is one of the scarier
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scenes you'll see today. apparently in brazil, starts out with a guy on his motor bike just cruising along. you're think being it's a crash video, driver mishap on the road. far worse than that. guy is pulling up. as he comes to a stop at this intersection, starts to slow down. watch what happens next. another guy bike pulls up with a guy on the back and as you can see, he's got a gun. this is a robbing, a bike jacking. watch how casual he is, pointing this gun. the guy in the yellow hat keeps the gun right on the guy with the camera. he handed something over to him. i can't tell if it's a phone or a wallet. there's a theft there as well specific just when you think this couldn't get crazier, keep watching. all of a sudden you hear
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gunshots. >> the other car. >> did someone else come in and shoot the thief? >> that apparently a police officer near by, shoots the bike thief right there on the spot in broad daylight. you see the other guy on the bike take off it looks like. >> you can't script this kind of event. >> yeah. >> and of course his comrade got away. >> the suspect shot was taken to the hospital after this for emergency surgery. >> highland park firefighters in michigan had quite the tall order when they went into this building. they were luckily able to contain the fire in the basement. >> i'm receiving information from the homeowner here but she's saying she doesn't know where her kids are. >> they get this call saying the
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woman doesn't know where her children are so firefighters begin to look for them. >> the woman doesn't know where her kids are. the woman doesn't know where the kids are! >> they find out the kids were accounted for. on the second floor they found three pets. you can see the firefighters carrying one of cats down. >> if they weren't look are for the kids, they might have found a cat. >> think of how hard it is to find cats. they could be anywhere in any crevice hiding. but they got three of them out. >> there you can see a still shot of the firefighter coming out with a cat in his hand. look at this. two of the three cats needed to have cpr. but there was an ambulance there
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and they were resuscitated and they said they will all live to purr another day. >> that's awesome. >> true heros. >> it's about that time in the show where your hands are going to start getting really sweaty because we're going really high on a crane in ukraine. and that, my friends, is a stunt man, this fearless stunt man. >> is that thing moving, too? >> according to the poster, this is 150 meters high. i'm sure there's some wind factor. >> this guy is like no big deal. >> is that confident or crazy? >> he's very strong. we'll give him that. >> he's hanging from the knees. >> i feel like one day we're going to find out these were all just green screened, almost unbelievable. what if he reaches out and birds take him out. >> or a mosquito. >> we've seen this guy before.
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>> but this crane is even higher than the ones they've done before. >> it almost looks like the same crane. >> it is the same crane in these two videos. so he's a pro. he knows the cranes. >> so what's the difference between 130 meters and 150 meeters? either way you're going to be insane if you fall. >> a hit and run leaves a college student with serious injuries. >> you're seeing her get hit, fly across the lane and the car doesn't even hesitate. >> the piece of evidence that has people outraged. and he was stealing honey from neighbors' bee hives. >> he was lured in by bia smorgasbord of delight. >> why the traps was no match for this bear. hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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to everybody out there watching, if you're the suspect in this video, just turn yourself in. this is about 10 p.m. a person got hit in the crosswalk there, a 19-year-old university student received some fairly significant injuries, a broken leg and displaced hip and some cuts and abrasions. and the driver of the vehicle that struck her then left the area without stopping to check on that individual's welfare. >> didn't even look like they slammed on brake when is they hit this woman.
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>> the police department is of course looking for this suspect, who they believe to have caught on camera. they used traffic cameras to track the vehicle. you can see what looks like a woman in medical scrubs get out in this parking lot. she even checks her front bumper before getting back in and taking off. >> this is disheartening if she is part of the medical community because they're supposed to take a vow to help people survive and live through all these different traumas. i can't believe it. >> there is a significant crash where the operator of the vehicle should have known what had occurred there. >> so they're of course asking for the public's help in identifying this person. somebody's got to know who this was. i got to imagine the more this video gets out there, if the person sees this, a guilty conscience has got to creep in. >> you guys are looking at a trap set up by the nevada department of wildlife. they are trying to trap this
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black bear. the person taking this video says this black bear was get into his neighbor's bee hives, raiding it for honey. the nevada department of wildlife shows up with this trap. the bear has been lured in by a smorgasbord of delight. >> he looks a little hesitant. looks like he might be thinking this is a trap. >> he's eating. he's like, hey, they put out to me, that is nice. >> the trip lever trapped the bear. the bear ate some of the food on the floor and then ate the food on the trip lever and got away! >> a smart bear. >> maybe he did know what was up. >> he looked at the security camera, too, like y'all think had you me. >> he saying you can trap the
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bear with stacks but you can't make him trip the trap, or something like that. >> you work on that. >> you can trap a party with treats but you can't make him trip a trap. everyone knows that old rhyme. >> i use it. >> this is a video that is pretty cool. it's called the fire hands. i want to say don't do this at home. just watch the video at home and enjoy. he has a flammable foam mixture. when he lights it, he gets to see what that looks like in slow motion. >> he doesn't have any hair on his knuckles. it's all been singed off. >> i will toast your bread for breakfast from my hands! >> he does credit the crazy
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russian hawker as giving him the idea. >> this is slow-mo. in realtime this is a very quick couple of seconds. he shakes his hands and it's gone completely. >> it's fun ton see it in slow motion, too, just how the flame travels and moves. it's mystifying. >> it actually makes it look more dangerous because do you see that the fire is not just in the foam. so you see that your whole hand is not protected. this is why you shouldn't try it at home. >> extreme sports meet extreme -- >> i can't see what this is. >> on the next "right this minute." >> and still to come, it's not any ordinary heist. >> watch what the suspects take. >> banana. >> that's a six-foot inflatable banana. >> plus, see why this doll is the hottest new toy. >> it's like a sparkler. >> what is this? is this real? this isn't real.
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don't forget, you can upload our videos. >> this is the broward county transit. pay attention to the man in the red shorts and white t-shirt who gets on the bus. notice this man in the white t-shirt and red shorts. he is standing next to the door but there is a woman in the seat right to his left. look what she's got in her hand.
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she's got an ipad. as soon as the doors open, he snatches it and runs but she runs after him. unfortunately she can't catch up with him. see, there she is. >> she's not expecting it so it gives him a giant head start. what a bummer, man. that stinks. >> now, we leave a pembroke park, florida and jump over to west suffolk, england. i have to say this robbery is unusual. >> banana. >> that is a six-foot inflatable banana. they don't just take one. they were two guys so they each got a giant inflatable banana. the owner of the henry house health spa said they're not very expense i, it's not about the financial issue here. she said this is part of a scheme for bike to bananas. so if you cycle, you get a free fair trade banana to help support sustainable transport.
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>> why would they steal -- >> it's one of those things dudes thinking it's funny when in actuality it's not cool. >> kitten cam fest. >> go get it. go get it. come on, boy. go get it! >> they're hilarious. >> this video is actually a review of a new doll. >> something that really caught my attention, it's actually a dolly. >> who looks like a doll owner. >> she starts to -- >> is she like a porn doll. >> face down with her arms outstretched and head in the
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ground, then lays her highs above her head. >> and then she starts doing this with the doll. >> lift the skirt to expose flame and light it. >> he takes a lighter and puts it right by her butt. lights it. and then -- >> it's like a sparkler. >> it's sparkling out of her booty. >> what is this? this isn't real. you can't buy this. is this in a fireworks store? >> or a doll collector, like this gentleman with the goatee. >> this gentleman with the goatee is known as big clive and this is not real. >> no, it's not. >> apparently he made the video and people started asking, dude, is it real? and he does confess he did rig
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this doll. >> why? >> that's the internet for you. >> the l.a. beast is taking on a new challenge and it's got nothing to do with food. >> see how many rubber bands i can put on my face at one time. >> i'm not going to lie. this looks really painful. >> see
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this is one of those cool videos that shows us really talented dudes. in this case it's peanuts. we saw him a few weeks ago. once his fingers are greasy, he starts doing this. >> what? ♪ ♪ >> now, what he's doing is actually a dance song called finger cutting. it's a style that was influenced by ancient egyptian pictures. >> yeah. can you guy does this?
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>> i can do that. >> can i do that. >> not only is it that he can actually physically do those things but also think of that many things to do with your fingers. >> his fingers look like they don't have bones. they've all wavy. >> watch this. >> that's really good. ♪ ♪ >> recently released music video i want to show you ladies, i think a lot of people are going to be talking about it. starts with this guy cooking up some noodles because watch the noodles because out of the noodles comes a girl named allison gold. ♪ ♪ ♪ i love chinese food, you know
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that it's true ♪ ♪ cho mein, chow mein >> she made it rain with chow mein. ♪ ♪ >> this is the latest video release from teen-age producer, he brought us rebecca black's "friday." this one could be up there. keep watching. ♪ ♪ >> i thought this was going to be funny and clever. >> some people are pointing out in the comments that they're upset about a number of things. also not so happy about the
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girls dress in the video. >> click on best of rtm or go to our mobile challenges. >> this guy is known for eating challenges. this time he's doing something different. >> see how many rubber bands i can put on my face at one time. >> i've seen this stunt before but l.a. beef has done this time of thing before. >> seems like i look like the joker from batman. >> i'm not going to lie. this looks really painful. look at him go. >> it feels like the duchess just injected novocain into my face. >> he looks like the revolting blob wrestling character from billy madison.
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love it. >> i can't see anymore because my eyes are closing. >> it looks like he's got a bunch of plastic surgery. as much as it hurts going on, it's got to hurt coming off. >> he makes the point. >> how the hell am i going to get them off? >> oh, that looks look it hurts even more, ripping your hair out. look, he lives to eat some weird stuff another day. >> that's going to do it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us. "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it it's tiit's time for great t the stories behind them "righ this minute."p>> it'>> no other. hhow no other. hho spinning toward earth witha badp badbadly tangle badly ruffle this dude.p>> i wrp of like t>> v p>> a 7- minivan.


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