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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 15, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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three shutouts in six days. you think they were worried about pitch count? >> joe: no. >> joe: here's ellsbury. runner at second one out. jacoby has one hit. his first of this alcs came in the sixth. one for nine. a big out picked up by verlander. middlebrooks did not push through to third. one ball outside. ellsbury in his career during the postseason is a .474 hitter with runners in scoring position. one ball, one strike.
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the tigers in the bottom of this eighth inning will have dirks scheduled and austin jackson, torii hunter, if anybody gets on miguel cabrera. the red sox have not tested him, miguel cabrera by dropping one down yet. in this alcs. when ellsbury's been up, cabrera's been pulled in. no matter the situation. easy in the left for dirks. two out. look ahead to tomorrow, the match-up of doug fister and jake
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peavy. the regular season record, fister was traded to the tigers in 2011. peavy was traded to the red sox july 3rd of this year. peavy no decision in the divisional series name for fister. teams won both their efforts game four. victorino with a line drive caught by peralta. and verlander gets around the runner at second. nobody out. we go to the bottom of the eighth. ♪ ♪ [ man ] go! go! go! [ man #2 ] whoa, whoa, whoa. easy, guys. the battle's over. we got our playstation 4s a while ago, got here early. there were like, at least a million robots.
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>> joe: today's game is sponsored by -- breslow back to work. a pinch hitter will start the inning. former boston red sox, product of their system jose iglesias digs in. he bats for dirks. breslow remains.
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>> tim: this is real confidence in breslow pitching to right-hands batters. we were talking about it between innings, joe, possibility of being in the game once iglesias was announced. but not so. >> joe: next four hitters right-handed. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: two strikes on iglesias. breslow a big part of the divisional series win over tampa bay. got five outs over three different innings in the clincher game four in florida, when 3 2/3 he didn't allow a run in that series. first time for him in the postseason he has not been fazed. strikes out iglesias to start the nvg. >> tim: iglesias got a good pitch to hit 0-2. ball right down the pipes. taken for strike three.
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i think it surprised him. probably thinking breslow was going to wait to pitch. he didn't. >> joe: now it's austin jackson. 1 for 13 in this series. takes ball one low. he has struck out twice in this game, 18 times already this postseason. in 33 at-bats. the 1-0 off the end of the bat, strike one. verlander it looks like is finished after eight. there is action for the tiger out in their pen. right now the focus on austin jackson. craig breslow. just outside.
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two balls and a strike. jackson hits 12 home runs during the regular season. ball three. 120-pitch game. looks like verlander started that conversation where that's it. eight innings. a run on four hits. but on the short end, a one-out walk. torii hunter coming up, john farrell is coming out.
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he's got kaz wow and uehara getting ready in the bull pen. >> tim: by taking out the left-hander you take away the worst move by bringing in the right-hander kazawa. >> joe: breslow is out. red sox make a pitching change in the eighth. of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic
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>> joe: tazawa has not allowed an earned run through the first five games of his postseason. welcome you inside our broadcast booth. i'm joe, that's tim. it's been another great game. >> tim: it's an interesting twist right here because you take breslow out.
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breslow is a left-hander looking right at jackson. jackson the fastest guy on the tigers. torii hunter handles the bat well. you bring in a right-hander. hits run an option. interesting move. by john farrell. >> joe: torii hunter. tying run at first. one out after the walk to jackson. ball one upstairs. hunter does not have an rbi this postseason. 1 for 3 in this game. 2 for 13. 1 for 4 against tazawa.
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good movement on that 93-mile-an-hour fastball, strike one. late swing by hunter, strike two. uehara still getting loose for the red sox out in their bull pen. five saves this season of four
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or more outs. with cabrera on deck. it's torii hunter. and it's 2-2. >> tim: that was close. that's a tight pitch you want to make with the count 1-2. actually, that ball was farther outside than i thought. >> joe: hunter hit 17 home runs during the regular season. into right field. a base hit. you victorino cuts it off but the tying run gets over to third with one out.
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>> tim: torii hunter catches up with the fastball. rifles it down the right-field line. good play from victorino to hold hunter to first base. first and third and one out for the tigers with the best hitter in the game up. >> joe: junichi tazawa, a base hit to hunter. and now cabrera.
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strike one. mvp for the triple crown winner miguel cabrera. 0-1.
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strike two. >> tim: i don't think tazawa can throw the ball any harder than those last two fastballs. >> joe: and he put it in a spot with the red sox, into the alcs trying to pitch miguel cabrera away. still battling that bad groin. set up at 0-2. he goes back out there too far. you have said it 50 times, there is nobody in baseball who cares less about hitting with two strikes than miguel cabrera. >> tim: you got that right. exactly.
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>> joe: first and third and one out. infield is back, looking to double-play ball. the 1-2. two outs. a huge strikeout for tazawa to get miguel cabrera, and how did he do it? >> tim: four straight fastballs. he misses 0-2. but watch where the pitch is. way outside. and an anxious cabrera strikes out. then looks at tazawa. >> joe: tazawa gives up the hit, comes back with a strikeout of cabrera. fielder is coming up 73 uehara coming in for the boston red sox. ukeep in mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money.
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>> joe: there are the numbers this coast season for koji uehara. since the first of july he's been almost untouchable. and in this season he has filled a role for the red sox. he's about to throw his most important pitches with boston. prince fielder digging in, tying run at third. go-ahead run at first. two out in the eighth. game three. series tied. strike one. pitch was up for uehara as fielder fouls it back. >> tim: i don't think prince fielder will see any more fastballs. that devastating split finger
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fastball that goes in to a left-handed batter. down to a left-handed batter. and away from a left-handed batter. three directions. >> joe: fielder may have missed his pitch on that first delivery. >> tim: yeah, in fact he did come back with a fastball. didn't miss a pitch. now, the two-seam fastball to get ahead. >> joe: prince fielder, is in his 15th straight postseason game looking for his first rbi. and it will not come here! the splitter gets him. and ends the eighth. and on three straight pitches, koji uehara the split finger that disappears, and so does the threat for the tigers in the eighth. in game three of the alcs into the ninth. red sox leading by one. are you settling for the same old same old
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> joe: a 1-0 game as the ninth inning rolls in here in game three. it will be pedroia, ortiz, and napoli. against hjose veres. one of four hits with a home run by napoli in the seventh. napoli will bat in this inning.
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look at the numbers in postseason for veras. pedroia 0 for 3 tonight. big breaking ball, swung on and missed, strike two. >> tim: veras featured in his appearances that sharp breaking ball, to right-handed batters. >> joe: pedroia's flied out twice, grounded out. and knew he strikes out. one away in the ninth. guy who started the season as the closer for the houston astros, traded to the tigers. snaps off the breaking ball to get pedroia.
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ortiz is announced. leyland makes his walk. veras strikes out the only hitter he faces here tonight. louis never smiles.
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strike one on ortiz. kelly has taken over in left after the tigers pinch hit. for dirks to start the bottom of the eighth. here's the 0-1. into the seats. two out. infante makes the play. jim leyland will make a pitching change with mike napoli one of the me rose for the red sox so far in this game three coming up.


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