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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and their unions are negotiating. outside if tone seems to be more upbeat. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. several homes broken into by burglars using garage door openings and the thieves did it while the people were still at home. ktvu's rob roth live in wood side where he talked to one of the victims, rob. >> reporter: two of the burglaries have been here, the others a few blocks away. but the troubling part is in all three cases the victims were home at the time. >> we were sitting in the house, and apparently they just came right town the driveway. >> reporter: emerson shawn showed us what happened in his home. someone pulled the garage opener from his car. >> we were silly and didn't lock it. >> reporter: then it was a straight shot through that door into his kitchen. he says his wife's purses,
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wallet and jewelry were gone. and while all of this was going on, they were in a different part of the house. he says the dogs everyone began barking. and not only did they suspect anything but the barks did not scare the burglars. >> someone has the stones to come into a house with the dogs going nuts and they can hear it in another room watching television. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says in all of the three burglaries that happened in this wood side hill neighborhood sunday night to monday morning people were home and didn't hear anything. and inall three cases, the thief or thieves got inside by using garage door openers. >> there are people that people can do to help themselves. whether it's locking their vehicles, locking your front door. >> reporter: swan says he's learned his lesson. he will keep his car locked,
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keep his garage door opener hidden and a third thing -- >> i'm looking at website where is i'm looking at camera surveillance systems. >> reporter: anyone who saw anything suspicious should call police. rob roth, ktvu news. a large scale drug sweep targeted a mexican cartel. fbi agents carried away bags of evidence and a computer from a house in pittsburg this morning. this was just one of several raids. and neighbors tell us they're stunned. >> disturbing because overnight all of this activity is going on and you have no idea these things are going on in your neighborhood. >> reporter: four people were taken into custody. workers were back at the
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job at the new stadium after a death yesterday. a bundle of rebar fell on lake and killed him. there was some scary moments when a 7-year-old was hit by a light rail train. tonight that boy is listed in stable condition at the hospital. ktvu's anne rubin talked to a family member about what happened. >> reporter: the vta light rail train travel between five and 55 miles per hour. power passengers sometimes take for granted. >> they don't realize how it won't stop. >> reporter: an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. >> we were talking about standing by the train that's your kid's life. >> reporter: it was yesterday evening, a 7-year-old leaned over the track. the train couldn't stop on time. >> i guess he was playing with his older sister and i guess she threw something right here and he was trying to get it.
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and i guess the train came and, hit him. >> reporter: the boy was rushed to the hospital in serious condition with an injury to his head. but overnight his family says his condition improved. he's now awake and asking for his favorite snack. >> he's talking, he's crying. i just talked to him a couple of hours ago, he's doing fine. thank god he lived. >> reporter: a vta spokesperson says passengers just need to be more cautious. >> people need to stand behind the yellow strip. take your ear buds off, get off your cell phone. look both ways before crossing the tracks. it's absolutely imperative. >> reporter: train service was halted in this station until after midnight last night. the train operator remains on routine administrative leave. anne rubin. a san jose father is pleading for the safe return of his two missing teenage
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daughters. volunteers handed out fliers today. 16-year-old madeline and 15- year-old -- went missing when they were going to a church service. a missing persons report has been filed. san carlos officials say an internal pga e-mail raised questions about a san bruno like situation on that line. pg & e insists the line is safe. line 147 has been shutdown as a precaution and will remain out of service during the investigation. there is still no deal and a b.a.r.t. strike is still a very real possibility. ktvu's tom vacar live outside
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the negotiating quarters there in downtown oakland. so tom where are we right now. >> take a look. we're right now waiting to hear from anybody who can tell us what the latest update is but this is what we know. to make an analogy. the grand canyon is wide and deep even at the narrow parts. and no bridge across it just yet. >> i know that the riding public would like to know what's going on. and what's going on is that we're working very hard to achieve an agreement. >> b.a.r.t. insists it's $57 million offer already on the table is as far as it will go. >> the best and final still on the table but we're open to their ideas. as long as we're staying within those parameters. >> the key question. >> what are the unions going to do tomorrow. they haven't made that announcement yet. we're hoping they will. >> obviously if we can't reach an agreement there will be a strike. we're hoping we can. >> reporter: we're waiting to see if there's been any progress any time today.
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the federal mediator is here. the federal mediator is trying to get something done but whether or not it gets done we don't know. we still have no idea if there will be a strike at midnight tonight. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the federal mediator at those b.a.r.t. talks. george cohen has been director of the federal mediation service since 2009. he's a long time labor attorney and former professor in law school. he's held mayor disputes including the nfl and it's players association, the nba and it's player unions and the faa -- faa and air traffic controllers. lee delayed his business trip to china and korea over
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concerns of b.a.r.t. strikes. commuters are trying to map out their options if b.a.r.t. goes on strike. b.a.r.t. plans to charter about 200 buses that will run from nine east bay locations that you see here on your screen. the buses will run from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and drop off passengers near the san francisco transbay terminal on howard street. they will make return trips from san francisco between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. ac transit says it will also provide additional buses unless its workers go on strike thursday. casual car pools is also an option. caltrans will extend car pool hours from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. contingency plans are under way. has created a survival guide to help you find the best transit option for
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your commute. just log on to your home page and it's all right there at the top. chuck reid joined the leaders of five other california leaders in filing papers seeking to get a pension reform initiative on next november's state ballot. ktvu was first to tell you about the measure that would change the state's constitution to allow state and local government employers to cut pensions for current workers. benefits they've already earned would be protected. public employee unions are against the plan. mayor reid led a pension reform fight in san jose getting measure b approved by voters but the police union is challenging in court. gun rights supporters lashed out at governor brown. one of the bills that the governor signed last friday will ban lead bullets in game hunting. gun rights group say it is bill goes too far.
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>> by banning the use of any ammunition that contains lead for hunting, will in effect ban hunting with rifles and handguns in the state of california when it goes into full effect. >> in the meantime gun control supporters are also critical of the governor for vetoing a measure introduced in response to the sandy hook massacre. that would ban semi automatic weapons. what is being called the high cost of fast food sparked protests. new claims that taxpayer dollars are subsidizing low wages in the fast food industry. fast food workers marched into a wendy's restaurant on international boulevard in oakland today to make a point. it's one of the rallies that
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took place in chicago and seattle. similar to the nationwide protests we saw back in august. a uc berkeley study out today find that while 25% of the u.s. work force is on some kind of public assistance that figure is 52% in the fast food industry. >> these corporations should be paying their workers a wage that would allow them to sustain tear families as well as benefits that would allow them to sustain their families. >> reporter: uc berkeley studies concludes that $7 billion in taxpayer money goes to support fast food workers. in california alone, researchers say those employees need $717 million in food stamps, medicaid and other assistance just to make ends meet. the protest come as california prepares to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016. up next, math, science and drug rehab. the unique new program that will help teenagers fight addiction at school. >> then beach weather in october. how long temperatures in the
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80s could stick around where you live. >> and new information about the america's cup sailor killed in a tragic accident. the final report detail explaining what went wrong.
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a suspected stolen car crashed into a home in east oakland this afternoon. the chase started on 23rd avenue and ended in an alley near east 21st street and 21st avenue. after the suspected stolen car hit a house. one of the people inside the house said she thought it was an earthquake. fortunately no one in the home was hurt. at least one person in the car though was checked out for possible injuries. but no one was taken to the hospital. the driver tried to escape before police were able to catch up with him. police say four juveniles in the car will be released to their parents. new at 6:00, these
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classrooms are doing more than teaching kids the basics. it is the first of its kind as schools tailor to teens in recovery. david stevenson got a look at this program today as it targets teens to get clean while getting their education. >> reporter: the program is set to launch next week and they tell us it will help teenagers change their lives for the better. lunchtime at san francisco civic center school. the continuation program targets students on drugs.
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>> it's not good. it's not healthy. >> reporter: in conjunction with the county school system the school is now launching sf act a probation type program aimed at aiding teens with addictions. >> there are other school based programs but they're not intensive in the treatment this one is. >> reporter: it's a combination of classes and treatment for students 14 to 18 years old. >> we will also provide family support and outreach support. >> there's still student that is end up cycling in and out of treatment. who have a number of different program support and quit. >> some students who have been doing it for years they need support and they need help to stop. >> reporter: the program
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officially starts next monday. completion of the probation based program can help teens get into vocational training and hopefully out of the legal system. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. nor details now the most recent re -- more details now. the most recent research shows marijuana and synthetic marijuana are by far the most commonly used drugs by teenagers. prescription drugs such as aderol and vicadin are frequently used. xtasy is only used by 3% of teens and cocaine use is everyone lower than that. has more information you will find the national institute of drug abuse research plus a list of factors that put teens at increased risk of drug use. just click on web links. the contra costa county sheriff is hoping to win an $80 million grant from the state to build a new high security ring at the richmond jail. the board of supervisors today unanimously endorsed the sheriff's request for permission to submit an
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application. that new wing would have 240 cells and room for services intended to reduce the number of repeat offenders. the sheriff also says it would allow him to move inmates from the martinez jail which lacks the room to expand reentry services. a final autopsy report reveals america's cup sailor andrew bart simpson suffered trauma before he drowned. the catamaran overturned during a run. simpson was thrown and then trapped under the hull. the 36-year-old british sailor died of blunt trauma and drawning. the coroner report revealed simpson's death was accidental. another beautiful day around the bay area. these are the national highs. it may have been a little warmer or cooler in your backyard. really what you can expect tomorrow the same numbers maybe
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just a little bit warmer in some places. but for the most part it's going to be a really nice day tomorrow. with temperatures working their way back into the 70s. and even some low 80s. there's the satellite loop. you can see just the high pressure, you can't see it but that's how you know the high pressure is there. because the clouds are sinking. where's the high pressure typically. today's system pretty clean so it's dry out there. it's clear out there. and we've got temperatures 78 in livermore, 76 in fairfield. tomorrow is a very nice day. fire danger elevated. there's no red flag warning like we saw a few weeks ago or a week and a half ago. we're looking at extreme increased winds. it's been cool overnight so these are the overnight lows forecast for tomorrow. these are cool. 40 in napa, 48 in fairfield. you get east and south and north of these areas out in the urban centers and you will find
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some 30s. you may everyone find some frost. slightly cooler as we go into the next couple of days. you want to see slightly cooler or one or two degrees cooler. temperatures in the 60s and 70s there because of the offshore winds. 80 in clear lake. these are your forecast highs for tomorrow. definitely about what they were today maybe a little warmer. in the santa clara valley you have 81. los gatos your wednesday forecast a lot like today. even in the morning you start off clear, you start off cool and you end up kind of warm. i think the kids go to school it's cold, they grab a jacket and forget it at school every time because it's warm. it's hard to remember you brought a jacket at all. these are the five day numbers. look around saturday afternoon starts to cool a little bit. a little on shore flow on monday. and temperatures trend down. it was way worse a week and a
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half ago. even though it's dry, even though it's warm it's not that  bad out there. >> still be careful out there. >> yeah. on tv 36 we're staying on top of b.a.r.t. negotiations with the chance still out there that a strike would happen as soon as tomorrow. the force and the friends of the force part of a new exhibit where the mind meets matter. join us on tv 36. they can't go trick or treating so the halloween fun came to them. the early celebration for some children facing tough circumstances.
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>> from teens to toddlers some youngsters got to enjoy some halloween fun and also take their minds off their surroundings. children's hospital oakland hosted its annual halloween party today. the patients played games, made masks and dressed up in costumes. all part of an ongoing effort to make the hospital feel a little less clinical. >> obviously they can't trick or treat, but by having a party and costumes and decorations it does make it feel a little bit more like halloween. >> reporter: the spirit of halloween stores donated all the decorations and costumes
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and volunteers from local stores also came to help the kids with the crafts and the games. >> always a great event. all the great volunteers helping out. >> mark is here now. a lot of baseball today. one game already under way and one game already decided right. >> right. we're seeing incredible pitching and i think the tigers know a little bit about how the a's felt. the shutdown but this time it's justin verlander on the short end. he pitched sensational again against boston. one mistake mike napoli takes him deep. prince fielder robbed by petaluma's own johnny gomes. tigers trailing 1-0 they have runners at first and third and a great opportunity with last year's triple crown winner miguel cabrera. this year's batting champ goes
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down on strikes and following that fielder down on strikes. end of threat and that pretty much ended it. the red sox bullpen stellar alex avila strikes out to end it. cogi yohara with the save. they go up in the series 2-1. the warriors are way far away in china. 15 time zones away in fact. they're playing an exhibition game. ryan and curry big names for the crowd out there. and seth does not disappoint. the crowd loves it. perfect to andre iguodala and there's the alley oop. 100-91 win. in that other play off game the
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dodgers have scored early 3-1. dodgers trail at 2-1. >> mark, thank you. >> we're following breaking news at this hour out of san francisco where police have just confirmed to us reports of a stolen car at 22nd and fulsome. what makes this story significant is there's a one and 3-year-old inside that car. officers are now looking for a 2007 dark blue soaks -- volkswagen. we're working to get more information and we will bring it to you tonight at 10:00. today, sam riley kicked
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a soccer ball, and it hit another kid so hard, his eye popped out. awesome. really? his eye popped out? well, got to hit the sack. big saturday tomorrow. that's right. it's somebody's birthday. not just that -- the ipad comes out on my actual birthday. it's like steve jobs and god got together to say, "we love you, phil." what is so great about that doohickey, anyhow? "doohickey," elly may? it's a movie theater, a library, and a music store all rolled into one awesome pad. a library is a place where people get books. a movie theater is a place where people go on dates. i better load the beach chair into the trunk. i'm gonna need it for the line in the morning. wait, honey, hang on. you can't spend your birthday in line.


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