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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. relief for people bombarded with calls from telemarketers. new restrictions take effect today against robo calls. >> a yellow fever scare here in the bay area. the discovery that has not been seen locally in more than 30 years. >> it's all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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. good morning, everybody. no bart strike again today. once again, an announcement did not come until late last night. this is a live picture outside the cal trans building in oakland, where negotiations will resume once again later this morning. >> i'm hearing people are getting a little tired of this. >> yeah, a lot of people. >> most people out and about. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, october 16th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody. i'm brian flores. before we go to coverage on the bart negotiations, let's check in on weather and traffic. steve, i never made it to the beach yesterday. it would have been a good day to go. >> 88 in santa cruz, you should have gone! >> let's go today. >> car's running, pam. we do have clear skies, fog trying to form offshore. i think it runs into way too much resistance. there's still an easterly breeze from about, oh, sunset district and then down towards forth funson. unless that reverses itself, it will be another warm day, especially on the coast. probably the last one. there's a little system coming
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down that will help enhance the onshore push tomorrow. 50s, 60s. 58 in san francisco. for some, it's cold, not bad for others. commute from oakland and san francisco, probably see your thermometer going up. 57 to start in san francisco. 70 at noon. high today of 80. 22 in tahoe. 48 in sacramento. chill in the morning for some, but that system tomorrow will be enough to give us a cooldown. today, sunnyside up, lots of sunshine, one more day of beach weather and it will be warm for many. coast, bay, inland, 80, 81 or 82 should cover most of the locations. here's sal. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we don't see a lot of slow traffic right now. it would be a good time for you to go. it's not a bad commute at all on westbound interstate 80 coming to the bay bridge. even if you're not going to the bay bridge, let's say you're coming in from vallejo, using
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the east shore freeway, that is a nice commute as well. on 80 westbound, coming into berkeley, it has been very nice. one of the busiest commutes early is 580 to 205. no major problems over the hill, looks pretty good. haven't seen a lot of road work. bart, caltrain and muni are reporting no delays. bart riders can rest easy this morning, although many are frustrated. there will be no strike. negotiations are still ongoing, though. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us from oakland where labor talks are being held. any closer to a deal? >> reporter: we don't really know. but at 12:30 this morning, they decided to call it quits and they will be back at it at 10:30 this morning. they have been hunkered down on the 13th and 15th floor of the cal trans building for months, trying to iron out a contract. they couldn't get it done last night, but we noticed they did break five hours earlier than the night before. could it be they know the end
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is near, or are they simply tired and need rest? we've discovered that general manager has spearheaded the talks for bart since monday, when bart's lead negotiator left town for another meeting. his absence and the general manager's presence has helped talks progress. last night around 10:15, we did hear from the federal mediator. >> in support of the public interest and all the riders in this area, there will be train service operating all day tomorrow. >> reporter: on sunday, bart management drew a $57 million line in the swanned a proposal it called its best and final offer. 12% pay raises over a four-year period, pension contributions up to 4%, and average of $144 a month in medical contributions. the union say it's a wash. they didn't accept the offer as it stood. federal negotiators stepped in and said you can't quit
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negotiating. the two sides will be back together in less than six hours. and the good news, no bart strike. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2news. in addition to that, ac transit workers will strike after midnight tonight if the governor does not step in. claudine wong is in oakland covering what appears to be the last day to avoid an east bay transit mess. a lot going on, claudine. >> reporter: yes, a lot going on, lot for ride stories think about, commuters in general. you can see the ac transit buses behind me, because ac transit will be running today. catastrophic is how ac transit describes the situation today, as the threat of a bart strike and ac transit strike loom. bart already got the governor to step in. now ac transit is asking him to do the same. the governor is expected to make his decision today. here's where things stand with ac transit. the two sides have negotiated since march. there had been two tentative agreements. those are agreements the union leaders have recommended to
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their membership. but both have been voted down by workers. once on august 17th, again on october 2nd. >> the work conditions are horrible and deplorable. i don't like it. if we don't get real good breaks and they want us to pin us to the medical and then they say they will give us a raise over the next three years, but the money we're getting is going to the medical costs. >> reporter: the workers issued the 72-hour strike notice on monday. tonight at midnight is the deadline. ac transit says the request for a 60-day cooling off period was hand-delivered to the governor's office yesterday morning. >> a strike would severely impact life in the bay area as we know it, and i'm sure he's well aware of that. certainly he's a resident of oakland, and he certainly has a good idea for a transit strike, what it would mean for the immediate region.
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>> reporter: here's where things stand. the governor's office says it is reviewing the request. the expectation, however, is that he will issue it. and then where things go from there, still unclear. 660 days to cool off, although right now both sides say they are willing to negotiate, no negotiations are scheduled. ac transit says it's not even sure what the unions are demanding. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on bart and ac transit. we'll bring new developments to you, any updates, throughout this newscast this morning, as well as any time of day on twitter and our website, time now, 4:38. here's a check of our other top stories this morning. bursts of sparks and flames could be seen coming from a car on fire -- actually the scene of a house fire this morning in pleasant hill. the house was on dove court off lockwood lane. there were no injuries. two young children in san francisco are safe after a woman stole an suv with them inside.
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she got in and took off last night, while their father was distracted. police say the suv was found abandoned about 45 minutes later. the woman is described as thin and white, with burgandy- colored hair. lawmakers on capitol hill will try again today to agree on a deal to reopen the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling. the treasury department has said it will run out of money to pay the bills tomorrow, which would put the country into default on its loans. and starting tomorrow, most workers at the lawrence livermore lab are being furloughed because of the government shutdown. that impacts the last 6000 employees and also the shops and restaurants in the area. the owner of a nearby italian restaurant says he's already seen his business drop this week. >> at least 30 or 40% less than usual. >> 30 or 40% less of your business at lunch, at dinner? >> all day, lunch and dinner. >> east bay congressman eric swallowell met with lab
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employees on monday. seworking to guarantee back pay to the furloughed employees and asking the lab's credit crun unions to offer interest-free loans to get them through the shutdown. no restrictions on robo calls are set to take effect today. the federal communications commission is regarding telemarketers to have written consent before placing an automated call. the fcc is also doing away with an exemption allowing telemarketers to make calls to consumers with whom the caller has an established business relationship. the new rules apply to both land lines and cell phones. people in palo alto are upset because of an emergency alert message from their fire department that tout add pancake breakfast. 27,000 notices were sent out friday, advising palo alto residents the department was going to land a lifeflight helicopter at the benefit pancake breakfast. palo alto's fire chief said he wanted people to know so they would not call 911.
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but some people say it's not the appropriate use of the system, and some shortened messages mentioned the pancake breakfast, not the helicopter. >> it was from santa clara county, so i opened it, expecting some sort of emergency and i just read about a pancake breakfast and i just laughed and thought it was ridiculous. >> the chief said the announcement met the guidelines for the county alert system, but if he to do it again, he would mention the helicopter in the first sentence. time now, 4:41. coming up, an update on the woman found dead on the stairwell of san francisco general hospital. why the problem with missing patients may be more common than some might think. >> also, burglars breaking into homes in woodside. how they entered with just the push of a button. >> good morning. right now, we are looking at traffic that's doing pretty well around the bay area. highway 4 westbound looks good coming up to the grade. >> lots of sunshine yesterday. temperatures, coast, bay,
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inland, all warming up. will it be as warm as yesterday? are there any changes in the extended on outlook? 5ñ
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. well, the mother of a 20- year-old daly city man who was gunned down in broad daylight is making a plea to try to end gang violence. 20-year-old eric mabrey, jr. was shot to death last wednesday on busy mission street in brazil. candles and flowers now mark the spot. his mother, regina duncan, says her son was involved in gang activity and says it's time for other parents to face reality if their children are also involved before it's too late. >> this is a cryout for public safety. you're not safe. no one is safe. if you're safe, you're in denial. >> duncan says the shooting could have easily killed or injured a number of innocent people on the busy sidewalk. in san francisco, police agreed, showing the gunman showed a callous disregard for public safety. police are asking for the
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public's help to try to locate the gunman. on the peninsula, police say thieves were able to get into people's homes with the push of a button. detectives say two burglaries happened on crest road in woodside, a third burglary a few blocks away sunday night into monday morning. police say the burglar simply took garage door openers from unlocked cars to get into the homes. in all three cases, the people were actually home at the time. emerson swan says he and his wife were watching tv. >> someone has enough stones to come into a house with dogs going nuts and clearly, they can hear us at the other end of the house watching television. that was just frightening, in terms of what else can these guys do. >> police are reminding people to make sure your car doors are locked, garage door openers stowed away. a new health scare in the bay area to tell you about. mosquitoes testing positive for yellow fever. inspectors first discovered the problem in late august, when a
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yellow fever mosquito egg was found in a trap at the holy cross cemetery in menlo park. since then, they found yellow fever mosquitoes or eggs on 20 properties. inspectors are now going door to door, checking standing water in people's yards. >> so the goal is to eradicate this mosquito species from menlo park, california. >> this is the first time in 30 years yellow fever mosquitoes have turned up in the bay area. experts are not sure how it got here, but say it's possible it was brought in on a plant or some other vegetation. the centers for disease control says vaccines are available for yellow fever, but they are usually only recommended for travelers to south america and africa. it is a live virus vaccine and a single dose can protect an individual against yellow fever for 10 years or more. doctors say a booster shot is advisable every 10 years thereafter. legendary san francisco stripper carol dota faces drunk
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driving charges. the chronicle reports that police arrested her outside a restaurant in the city's financial district saturday night. police records show that the arca after the 76-year-old dota slammed her sedan into a parked car on jackson street. she was not hurt. she first gained international fame in 1964, by dancing topless at san francisco's condor club and that helped set off america's topless bar craze of the 1960s. the alameda county sheriff's office is asking for help to find a woman from san lorenzo. 77-year-old tia herrera was last seen at noon on monday leaving her home. she is described as lat tina, 4' 11, about 150 pounds. there's a photo of her on our screen. police say she was driving a toyota sedan, a white four-door 2003 toyota with license plate
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number 5aua431. herrera is said to suffer from the early stages of dementia. a rally is planned today over the death of a transgender berkeley resident who died in police custody. the death of 41-year-old kayla moore back in february sparked protest at the berkeley police headquarters. since then, an organization called berkeley cop watch has put together what it calls a people's investigation. it says inadequate policies were responsible for kayla's death. the rally is set for 4:00 at the veterans memorial building. two girls face aggravated stalking charges in florida after police say their relentless online bullying caused a 12-year-old girl to commit suicide. we first told you about the felony charges yesterday on mornings on 2. authorities believe the 12 and 14-year-old suspects are part of a group of 15 people who terrorized rebecca saidwick, telling her she should kill herself. rebecca jumped to her death last month and she was just 12 years old. fast food workers staged protest in oakland after
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receiving new support in their demands for higher wages and benefits. the workers and their supporters marched into a wendy's restaurant on international boulevard in oakland yesterday, demanding a living wage. they pointed to a new study by uc berkeley that shows 52% of fast food workers depend on government assistance, like food stamps and medcal. >> basically we think this is pointing to the crisis whereby our taxpayer dollars are subsidizing the low wages in the fast food injury. >> the berkeley study was funded by a pro labor group and says $7 billion in taxpayer money is used. another similar study puts the number at $4 billion. it's now 4:50. let's check in with sal on traffic this morning. >> it's good. pam and brian, if we ended up having a strike like we did back in july, things would change. right now, on the golden gate
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bridge, traffic looks good. i apologize for using that poor english. i should have said if we had a strike, traffic would be different. was that so hard? no, it wasn't. westbound bay bridge, traffic moving along pretty welcoming into san francisco. there's not a big delay right now. and the traffic looks good. we also have good traffic coming in through the livermore valley and driving into castro valley. now, let's go to steve. >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> hold on. where is it? >> what is that? >> behind the building. >> what is it? >> almost full moon, the hunter's moon, the travel moon for october. it's almost here. it will be here on friday. >> where is it? where do you want me to look at, for crying outloud? i thought they would see this yellow ball in the sky or something. we do have clear skies, a little bit of fog trying to form. sunny and warm, highs near 80 for almost everybody today.
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a little cooler, a quiet pattern. sunny and mild, but not as warm. we topped out yesterday. if not yesterday, it will be today. this system will enhance a little bit of the fog. there is some fog off the coast, but it's very patchy and it loses a lot of oomph because there's not a lot of support. high today, 81. high pressure continues to dominate the west, although there is a little, a little dent as the system moves into the north. there's a lot of rain, lot of cloud cover in the great lakes, northeast and the tropical moisture continues to stream in, flowing over texas and the deep south. for us, very quiet. 40s, low, mid, few upper. san francisco at 58. half moon bay at 48. yesterday at this time, 59. they lost the northerly breeze. i have seen a little offshore component in san francisco in many locations. wind has not turned westerly there yet. it will still be nice to warm again today. but see right there, that's going to give us a cooldown. if it doesn't kick in a west breeze by 2:00 or 3:00 today, it will tomorrow. one more nice beach day.
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it won't be that bad tomorrow, but yesterday and today were the prime times. 80s across the board, or 70s, very close. doesn't matter where you go, temperatures will all end up in the upper 70s, low 80s north bay to south bay. san jose, 81, milpitas 81. 70s on the coast, 80 in san francisco, 80 san mateo. we look cooler thursday, still nice on friday. there could be patchy coastal fog, but temperatures still pretty mild. >> steve, thank you. meantime, we're following a disaster overseas. at least 17 people have been killed after a powerful typhoon lashed japan's eastern coast. 50 others remain unaccounted for. disaster agencies say it's the strongest typhoon to hit this region in more than 10 years. the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant was in the path of the typhoon, but it appears to have escaped the worst of the storm. 4:53 is the time right now. there is a scam targeting
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immigrants in san francisco. the new safety campaign launched by the city and the red flings people need to look for. >> also happening today, a popular event on the peninsula, helping people find a job. a rundown of some of the companies taking part.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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4:55. beware of promises that come with a price, after a rise of scams targeting immigrants. the district attorney launched a public awareness campaign about scams that promise immigrants work permits or preferential treatment as they try to get a green card. deputy da said immigrants should be aware of red flags. >> if they say they have connections in government or they know someone who can put them at the front of the line, there's nothing like that. so making promises or guarantees is definitely a sign that there's a problem. >> the da is asking scammed victims to come forward and not be afraid, so that authorities can get those responsible off the streets. happening today, bay area congresswoman jackie spear will hold a popular event to help constituents find a job. it will be the 10th job hunters boot camp since she began hosting the seminars back in 2010. job seekers will get a chance
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to talk to employers, have access to job resources, and take part in interview workshops. some of the companies scheduled to be there are at&t, citi bank, home depot, and safeway. the job hunters boot camp begins at 10:00 this morning. it's being held at the san mateo county events center on saratoga drive. applicants are being told to bring their resume and enthusiasm. later today, both home buyers and homeowners will gather on the steps of oakland city hall. they will join city leaders to promote a successful mortgage relief program that's coming to oakland. it has helped homeowners save on average between 500 and $1000 a month off their monthly mortgage payment. many receive interest rate reductions as low as 2% as well. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, bart trains are rolling this morning, but still, no deal. and east bay commuters have another possible transit strike to worry about. >> also, a woman's body is found a hospital stairwell two weeks after she disappeared. how that's leading to some big changes at sf general.
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>> good morning. right now, traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. showing you san francisco northbound 101, traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. >> the weather also looks very good, if you like sunshine and warm temperatures. no cloudy and cool temperatures today. as warm as yesterday, and are there any changes? ñáçwçñ look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us
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. bart trains are running. how much long letter bart riders have to wait for word? all eyes on the governor's office as ac transit asks the governor to issue a 60-day cooling off period as tonight's strike deadline looms. coming up what one bus driver had it say about walking off the job. firefighters are on the scene of an explosive house fire in contra costa county. the many questions surrounding the fast moving flames. it's all head on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. once again seems like deja vu. once again a live picture outside the caltrans headquarters building where negotiations went late into the night, early into the morning.


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