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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. the bart trains are running this morning but bay area commuters still face the threat of another strike. >> reporter: ac transit buses are also running this morning but what the governor has to do to keep it that way tomorrow. a pleasant hill neighborhood wakes up to a fire and sounds of explosions. we'll tell you what firefighters encountered and what the family who was inside the house went through. welcome back. we want to take you out live to
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another labor dispute just to add drama and frustration to the commute around the bay area. ac transit now facing a strike deadline tonight and claudine wong is out there covering those developments. of course the big news this morning about the other labor dispute. bart trains are run drag but the negotiations once again went into late night or early morning, however lieu into it. and -- however you look into it and we'll have all the latest developments in a moment. it's wednesday, october 16. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get your wednesday started with meteorologist steve paulson with a of course that isn't uncertain. that's right. we have a lot of certainty here. it's going to be a nice day. clear, cool for some. sunny and nice by noon. sunny and warm this afternoon. 39 santa rosa to 57 san tran.
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so a huge disconnect. we're going for 80 today in san fran. i've seen about 60 toward funston and just a hit of an off shore breeze. it should be in the upper 70s to near # 0. 21 in lake tahoe. 47 sacramento. a little cool there. the system will be enough just to give us a cooldown by the coast. a lot of low 80s. >> 80 in san francisco, my oh my. let's go out and take a look at what we have now with the morning commute. the traffic in the south bay is good and so in the east bay and in concord and contra costa county. a little bit of slow traffic on highway 4 coming up through the construction zone but after that it looks good. 680 from concord to walnut creek. let's go to a live picture now of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been turned on and it's about a 10- minute delay at the toll plaza.
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no problems on the san francisco commute 101 and 680. topping our news, no bart strike at least for today. trains are running once again this morning following another marathon negotiation session. contract talks between management, union leaders ended around 12:30 this morning. the two sides are scheduled to meet again at 10:00 a.m. last night a federal mediator announced the trains would keep running while those talks continue. but meteorologist george cohen did not say anything much else. >> we are intimately involved in the negotiation process. we're devoting all our efforts and energy to achieve an agreement, the peampts to achieve an agreement and i will not be taking any questions. i thank you owe. >> there's no word on the progress in the contract talks due to a gag order. we're learning about why bart workers decided not to go on strike this week. today's chronicle reports the bart unions slowly backed away from their strike deadline
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early yesterday morning. they reportedly made that decision after concluding that bart management was not going to bend in its so-called final contract offer. they were also reportedly worried they risked being on the receiving end of an angry public backlash if there was repeat of the july walkout. many bay area commuters are already giving up riding bart possibly due to the recent strike deadline drama. ridership records show more than 23,000 fewer people than usual rode bart from friday to tuesday morning. that's a drop of about 5%. ac transit buses are also return drag but this time tomorrow they might be. claudine wong is in oakland this morning with more on the ac transit strike threat and how the governor could step in. >> reporter: good morning. ac transit buses are running this morning. we'll take a look over here at 14th and broadway. you can see one of those buses picking up passengers but all eyes are on the governor's office today. as we wait to see if he will grant a 60-day cooling off period, the union gave ac
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transit a 72 hour ur strike notice with no enter -- 72-hour strike notice with no end in sight. they are reviewing the request which was hand delivered yesterday morning. at issue is the impasse between ac transit and its unions. urge like bart in this case there are no negotiations happening right now. in fact, it's unclear what issues exactly need to be worked out. union leaders have twice gone to membership with tentative agreements and twice the union members have voted those contracts down. we asked the drivers this morning to explain to us what exactly is going on. >> reporter: is there frustration amongst members' leadership? >> there is frustration not knowing is it going to be done or not. >> reporter: how do they negotiate for you guys if you keep voting down what they agree on. >> it's not right. it's as simple as that. >> reporter: if workers strike,
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life will be anything but simple. when you talk about an ac transit strike, you are talking for the most part 180,000 detail jiff rides that just go away. >> obviously they -- daily rides that just go away. >> obviously they would have to provide some alternate form of transportation. we wouldn't be able to provide any. >> reporter: the expectation is that the governor will step in once again granting a 60-day cooling off period as they all wait to see what happens next. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on bart and ac transit developments. we'll bring you any updates as soon as they become available during the morning news as well as on twitter and our website we're also following some developing news this morning. a family in pleasant hill woke up in the middle of the night to see their house on fire.
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ktvu's jeanine de la vega is live outside the home where firefighters hope to wrap up their work soon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the smell of smoke is still strong even though the fire is out. you can see firefighters are still doing a lot of overhaul. they're hosing down this whole area. right now they're hosing down the other firefighter but there's a lot of flammable term. right next to these firefighters you can see there's a big pile of debris and that is all insulation that's highly flammable. for the last half hour they've been removing it out of the house. i also want to show you the two cars. they're completely charred. i know it's dark but you can see there's a mercedes and next to it a car i can't even tell what kind of model it is. but most of the extensive damage is actually here inside the house. several explosions heard throughout the neighborhood here on dubb court happened shortly after 1:30 this morning. neighbors called 911 after seeing flames shooting from the
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house. frmplets arrived -- firefighters arrived and found the house fully engulfed as well as the two cars parked outside. extreme heat caused the tires of the car to explode. firefighters knocked down the flames in about 30 minutes. the family who was inside was able to escape. >> the family was not alerted by smoke alarms. i asked that of them specifically. they were alerted by the smell of smoke inside the home and one ever the occupants went to the -- of the occupants went to the garage area, opened up the door and noticed a large amount of black smoke. fortunately he did close the door behind him causing a little less damage inside the home. >> the flames caused a power line to come down and arcing did occur. there's also a broken gas line at the house due to the fire so pg&e shut off the gas. electricity is also out there. the family who lives here was a mother, a father, and their daughter. they are unable to live here. we're told they're getting help from the red cross as far as
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shelter goes. as far as the investigation into what caused this fire, that's still unknown but firefighters are telling me that they believe the fire definitely did start in the garage. reporting live from pleasant hill, jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information in the hospital death of lynne spaulding. the investigation surrounding her death at s.f. general has led to new safety precautions. the san francisco chronicle reports stair well alarms at the hospital now must be manually turned off once they go off. it's believed spaulding entered a stairwell through an aharmed door that may have shut off automatically. her body was found in a stairwell more than two weeks after she went missing. patient disappearances from s.f. general are common. 96 people have left the hospital without teling staff since january. that's according to the san francisco examiner. and the office of statewide health planning and development reports in 2011, more than 38,000 california hospital patients left early or without
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telling staff but sf general says spaulding's case is unprecedented. the cupertino city council has iew nunn mousily approved -- unanimously approved apple's proposal to build a building that looks like a space shift. the complex will sit along interstate 280. it's the new apple headquarters when its complete. it could house more than 14,000 employees and it fulfills a dream of steve jobs. there's one final council vote set for november 15. the western span of the bay bridge will be glimmering through the whole night. usually the light installationists turn it off at 2:00 a.m. but the hours of the show will be extended until dawn. we get to see it on our way to work then. the artist has programmed new light patterns for the extended hours. the lengthened show begins on november 1 with a public sunrise viewing on november 2. time 6:10. the scramble on capitol hill
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continues. the chances for a deal to raise itself nation's debt ceiling before the deadline tomorrow. >> here's something you don't see everybody. a kangaroo in an airport? where he finally ended up. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well out there. if you're driving on to 285, hopping on to 880 so to speak, looks good. >> stole my jokes. a little fog off shore. one more nice beach weather today. what about changes for tomorrow going into the weekend? : [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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welcome back. our continuing coverage of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. senate leaders say they are close to finalizing a deal to raise the debt ceiling before tomorrow's dead lienl. it would also -- deadline. it would also fund the government for a few months. kyla campbell is live in our d.c. newsroom to tell us why the attention will quickly turn to the house. >> the house has not taken up senate bills in the past but house speaker john boehner faces pressure and he is expected to bring the senate plan up for a vote. we are getting more information about the deal that's still in the works. it includes funding the government through mid-january and increasing the country's borrowing limit until early feck. it also requires the house and senate to have detailed blueprints on a ten-year spending plan by mid-december. california senator barbara boxer says there's no reason for the government to be this -- to be in this position
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today. >> the government shutdown self- inflicted. playing with the full faith and credit of the united states of america, self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: credit agency fitch may downgrades the aaa credit rating, a potential repeat of what scrd&poors did with the last -- standard&poors did with the last. we'll take a look at analyst predictions at 7:15. some furloughed government employees have been called back into work, even though they're still not getting paid. for example, the federal aviation administration has recalled hundreds of safety inspectors. the centers of disease control and brought back scientists. each agency has authority to
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call back workers. new proposals are be willing presented. iran is offering a plan to end fears that it's trying to manufacture weapons a. deal could be on the horizon. this is the second day of talks with iran, the u.s., russia, china, britain, france and germany all involved. fast food workers stage add protest in oakland after receiving new support in their demands for higher wages and benefits. >> $15 an hour. >> the workers and their supporters marched into a wendy's restaurant on international boulevard in oakland yesterday demanding a living wage. they pointed to a new study by u.c. berkley that shows 52% of fast food workers depend upon government assistance like food stamps. a scary moment on the ice last night as san jose sharks star dan boyle was carted off in a stretcher. he was hit from behind and
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smashed face first into the boards in st. louis. fights broke out as the sharks were mad over what happened. he was out cold. boyle stayed the night at the hospital. coach tom mcclellan said he's alert and doing well. the man who hit him was' jected and likely faces suspension. the sharks won 6-2 and remain undefeated. the city of oakland takes steps in keeping the as, warriors and raiders in town. they voted unanimously to move forward with as maive project called coliseum city. some deep pocket investors have already indicated me are interested in the proposal. it calls for a newcomb flex for all three major sports franchises plus hotels and housing. it would be built at the current site of the coliseum and arena. police have arrested an employee at lax in connection to several recent explosions involving dry ice.
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plastic bottles filled with dry ice exploded in restricted areas. one happened sunday night. the other on monday. the suspect has been identified at 28-year-old dicarlo bennett. he had worked as a ramp sprf for servisair. two other devices were recovered during the investigation. an unusual site in an airport, even in australia as a kangaroo is caught on camera racing through a passenger area. some people say they thought it might abpromotion by quan -- quan tuesday airlines. it went skidding and sliding through the terminal. >> people were trying to catch up to it which made it more squared. >> pretty quick. it sought refuge in a pharmacy where workers were able to contain t. it's now recuperating at a wildlife rescue facility. >> it's funny to watch the longer version of that video because some people might
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glance and go about their day. >> it's a promotion. >> it's a kangaroo. good morning, everybody. let's see what we have. we're doing the commute. right now it's going to be a little slower than it was even just 15, 20 minutes ago. we're getting to that critical hour. i want to show you some live pictures of the bay bridge. you can see the traffic is backed up for about a 15, 20- minute delay before you make it on to the span. the morning commute looks pretty good in oakland on 880 north and southbound. that is southbound 880 you see with the headlights coming toward you on the picture there. you can see it looks good. let's hope it stays that way getting into hayward. if you cross the san mateo bridge the traffic looks good for san mateo and the peninsula. no major problems into san francisco and south city. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning, clear skies. no fog yet. there's a little trying to form off the coast but there's too much of a component of a slight off shore direction, even in
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san francisco. i think that will hold it at bay till tomorrow. then we'll get atlez bit of a cooldown. today sunshine, nice to warm. starting off 30s to almost 60 degrees. so if you had a little bit of that north or northeast breeze and it's mild to warm, if not it's on the cold side but we'll all end up with 70s to near 80 degrees for everybody on the forecasted high. san jose 81. starting off a little cool. 49 degrees. there is a little system just kind of moving towards us. that will pick up the breeze and turn a little more westerly starting late tonight into tomorrow. if it's quiet here, there must be a lot going on the rest of the country. that's the case. great lakes to the northeast a lot of cloud cover and the tropical clouds continue to scream over texas with a lot ever rain there and heading over the deep south, tennessee valley and ohio valley. for us 43 walnut creek. 46 half moon bay. i think there were 63. they've lost the north breeze so that will allow cold conditions there. 57 san francisco.
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san jose 54. clear skies today looks nice. that system beginning to move right in giving us a cooldown starting tomorrow but tomorrow beach weather one more day. sunshine for everybody here. 70s and 80s but a lot of upper 70s to near 80. a lot of low 80s for many here. napa one of the warmest 83. alameda and berkley at 80 degrees. same with brentwood and antioch. concord 81 degrees. it's that kind of a pattern. san jose 81. santa cruz we'll go 88 one more day. they'll be cooler tomorrow. pacifica it's 73. warm weather. then a little cooler on thursday. i think there will be patchy fog coming back. won't make much of an impact inland but the coast and bay will cool down. diet coke may be losing some of its pop. it is the second highest selling soft drink in the country behind regular coke. however, executives say the
6:22 am
diet coke is under some pressure because of public concerns over ingreed yenltses, such as -- ingredients such as artificial sweeteners. later today home buyers and homeowners will gather on the steps of oakland city hall. they'll join city leaders to provide a successful mortgage relief program coming to washington. it has helped homeowners save an average of $500 to $1,000 a month towards their mortgage payment. a remark of car break-s in targeting a specific group. where victims say their cars are being burglarized over and over again and what the city might do about it. a drug bust that was just too easy to make. how a slip of a finger loonldzed one woman behind bars -- landed one woman behind bars.
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welcome back. time 6:25. four people arrested in a major drug bust in contra costa county are expected in court today. f.b.i. agents raided six spots yesterday as part of a large- scale narcotics sweep targeting mexican drug cartels. federal investigators say they found meth, cocaine and cash. many neighbors say they couldn't believe it. the operation involved the f.b.i., the drug enforcement at managers and the contra costa
6:26 am
county sheriff's office. investigators in novato county are calling it one of the easiest drug busts they've ever made. they say a woman contacted them saying she had drugs to sell. the suspect tried to text a friend but she was off by one number and accidentally texted a deputy. after a few texts back and forth, the deputy arranged to meet her and arrested her on the spot. >> she probably felt a little bit silly that she had contacted law enforcement. >> investigators say mulligan was trying to sell an opiate similar to morphine. she now faces three felony charges. the list of nominees for the 2014 rock 'n' roll hall of fame is out. among them linda ronstadt, peter gabriel, link ray, nirvana, ll cool j, paul butterfield blues band, sheik, kiss, hall and oats, the
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zombies all nominated. the actual inductees will be announced in december. the induction ceremony is scheduled for april. if the combination of science and star war -- it's the combination of science and star wars. we got a sneak peek at the tech museum of the new exhibit. it offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the technology depicted in all six of the star wars' films. it opens officially to the public on saturday. for more information and video on the exhibit, just go to our website coming up, we're following developing news of a fire and explosion overnight in pleasant hill. a live look at the damage it caused and what investigators are saying. >> there is no bart strike again today. we'll bring you the very latest on when a deal may happen. >> good monk. right now traffic is doing pretty well in many areas, but it is beginning to slow down on the east shore freeway. we'll tell you where the other
6:28 am
slow spots are. >> clear skies out there. cold for some, insome 30s. -- some 30s.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we're looking live at the opening bell. seems like it shouldn't be that loud because the nasdaq should be quieter because depack chopra is there. signing a lot of wonderful books. he's launching a new series so they're celebrating that. a lot of investors not celebrating what's going on in washington because it's causing a lot of attention, the government shutdown and debt ceiling but right now looks like a big rebound where the dow jones will probably open up
6:31 am
about 100 points. that being said as dave clark says, we'll smile and say good morning to you. thanks for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm brian flores in for dave clark this morning. good morning. i'm pam cook. one more beach day says steve. >> one more. i think it will be a couple more. today and yesterday look to be the two main ones. sunny and warm, highs near 80. that includes part of the coast. cooler tomorrow. i think there will be patchy fog. going into the weekend it will be nice. a system will come in and give us a hint of a westerly breeze tomorrow. there's fog off shore, patchy but it's not on the coast yet. 30s, 40s for some inland or as or upper 50s for some. san francisco 57. but i've seen a 59 at the western edge of golden gate park so there's still a very mild pattern for a few. 08 today in san fran. we hit 78 yesterday. i think tomorrow we'll start a cool young.
6:32 am
21 in tahoe. 47. it doesn't matter. inland temps will be near 80. coast temps near the 70s to near 80. overall a sunny day but that system beginning to work its way down there. will give us a little cooldown starting tomorrow. today will be sunny and warm. one more beach weather day and lots of sunshine for everybody. we can't find a cloud. can i find some off shore, just not on the coast. 70s to near 80. here's sal. good morning. we are thinking about good traffic commutes or looking at good traffic commutes in some areas but it is getting busier. let's take a look at the bay bridge. that's about a ten-minute delay. it hasn't become busier than that. as a matter of fact, it looks pretty good coming into san francisco at this hour. there are no major problems on interstate 880 north and southbound and the commute has not been busier because people have been wondering about the bart strike. i do want to remind everyone bart trains are running this morning. there is no strike today so you can take your bart train wherever you take it normally.
6:33 am
it's running as normal today. highway 4 and 680, some times for you. 12 minutes to loverrage. you can see the road sensors are showing about the same. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. topping our news there's no bart strike as least for today. trains are running this morning following another marathon negotiation session that ended early this morning. tara moriarty on joins us live from oakland where negotiations will start. >> reporter: in less than four hours the two sides will be sitting down at the negotiating table. every day they think it's going to be the last day and then the two parties come back. i am sure that's how a lot of bart riders here feel in the bay area, when will this finally wrap up and no one knows. at 12:30 this morning the two sides decided to break after nearly 12 hours of talks.
6:34 am
around 10:00 last night, the term mediator came out to announce there would be no strike and the leaders agreed to keep negotiating. the details are what the two sides are trying to work out. >> we're working within the financial parameters of the last and final. we've taken some of the union's ideases and trying to getting great them and costing them out. >> i do not know where bart would continue to make statements about things when we are under a gag order trying to reach a deal. it is the unions' attempts as it has always been to get a contract deal. >> reporter: the general manager has led the charge for bart since monday. that is when bart's lead gerktor left town for another engagement. -- leader left town for another engagement. we don't know exactly what's
6:35 am
going on but talks will pick up again at 10:00 this morning. the good news is there's no bart strike today. live from oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. ac transit workers will strike after midnight tonight if the governor does not step in today. how it got to this point and how the strike would affect tomorrow morning's commute, that story coming up at 6:45. we're following developing news out of pleasant hill this morning. a family now looking for a new place to live after their house caught fire. jeanine de la vega is outside the burned out home where the flames were shooting from the roof. jeanine? >> reporter: some firefighters are still here on the scene. you can see right now they're hosing down one of the cars that caught fire. they're worried about anything sparking back up because there's a lot of flammable things inside the house, including the insulation. but that mercedes as well as the landover parked near it caught fire. most of the extensive dooj is in the car. a neighbor -- damage is in the
6:36 am
car. a neighbor who escaped, his wife and young daughter ran out the back all after smelling smoke. these were the explosions heard in pleasant hill whether this house caught fire around 1:30 this morning. flames were shooting up in the air and the couple and their young daughter were sleeping inside. they told firefighters that the smoke alarm did not go off. it was a husband who smelled smoke. he looked in the garage and saw the fire. they immediately ran outside. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to knock down the flames. >> for every fire we do an investigation and just from an interview of the okay pangtses we were able to -- occupants we were able to determine the fire probably started in the garage area but from the damage we're unable to exactly determine how it started. >> reporter: the two cars that were parked right outside the garage, the mercedes and landover caught fire and the heat caused the batteries
6:37 am
inside to pressurize and the tires then started exploding so those were those sounds you were hearing earlier. power lines also came down during the fire. there's a also pro -- there's also a problem with the gas. the garage and attic suffered the most damage. those are gutted. there's so much water and smoke damage inside the house that it's completely unlivable. i also want to point out to you the big pile of debris. that's the insulation firefighters have been hauling out the last couple of hours because it's extremely flammable and they want to make sure that doesn't catch on fire again or anything to spark back up. as far as the family goes, we're told by firefighters that they are getting help from the red cross as far as shelter goes. reporting live from pleasant hill, jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san jose mayor chuck reed joined the leaders of four other california cities in filing papers to get a pension reform initiative on the
6:38 am
november state ballot. the measure would change the state's constitution to allow state and local government employers to reduce pension and retiree health benefits for current employees. public employee unions are against the map. marie reed worked on getting besh b approved by students. another student is robbed on campus. the latest happened between northgate and university drive yesterday morning at 7:15. police say two men approached a young man, showed a gun and demanded his valuables. the victim eventually handed them over and was not hurt. this comes after another robbery on campus sunday night. a student was pushed to the ground while walking near moffit library. the suspects ran off with the student's cell phone. there were two other robberies near campus last week. pleasanton police say a 65- year-old woman hit in a crosswalk over the weekend has died. she and her 72-year-old husband
6:39 am
were crossing the road at san francisco street saturday evening when they were hit. he remains in the hospital. the 49-year-old driver stopped at the even and is cooperating with the investigation. as you can see people running across the street. neighbors say the intersection is dangerous and they have complained to the city for months that the flashing lights at the crosswalk are not working working. >> it's fairly dangerous. the light has not been working. please fix it. >> in fact, last week we took -- we don't go that way because the light wasn't working. we went all the way down to that light and then we crossed. >> a pleasanton city attorney says crews are investigating the problem. that's four days before the accident they had removed the solar powered flashing lights embedded in the road so they could install new hard wired lights but officials hope that will improve liability. he also says the other four overhead flashing lights at the better section were working
6:40 am
properly at the time of saturday's accident. 6:39. the city of san carlos will donate a quarter million of dollars to look over pg&e's records on the pineline that runs across the city under britain avenue. an internal e-mail raised questions of the possibility of a san bruno-like situation on the line. pg&e insists the line is safe. the gas line has been shut down and will remain out of service during the investigation. in the meantime pg&e is doing pipeline safety work in san bruno today. utility crews will be at the intersections of estate and glean view roads to work on the pipeline. they may briefly smell natural gas and hear the sound venting from the pipe but the utility says the gas will quickly disappear into the atmosphere and is not harmful.
6:41 am
time 6:40. privacy concerns versus the public's right to know. the new controversy over the connecticut school shooting and the mystery surrounding the demolition of the school. >> the strike deadline set by the union for ac transit is at midnight tonight. the question today will the governor step in. >> good morning. right now traffic is getting busier by the minute. as you can see from this live picture, we'll tell you where the busy spots are and what to avoid. >> clear skies. some fog is trying to form off the coast. will that make it today or can we expect another beautiful day on not only inland but also by the beaches. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want
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welcome back. as we've been telling you, bart trains are running this morning but aside from bart, there is another possible strike that has crept on those who use public transit. ktvu reporter claudine wong is live in oakland with what riders need to know. >> reporter: ac transit buses are running. take a look behind me. you can see one pulling up there and another across the street. this is a good sign for riders who are worried that it may not be the case today. however, if it wants to be the case tomorrow, the governor will have to step in and all eyes are on the the governor today. a hand delivered request for a
6:45 am
60 disai cooling -- 60-day cooling off period was delivered to the governor's office yesterday in sacramento. the governor's office will only say that that request is being reviewed. so at this point we wait but what we do know is that ac transit and its unions have been struggling. they've been in negotiations for months. no negotiations are scheduled right now. two tentative agreements have been voted down by members. so at this point there's still a lot of uncertainty. are you ready to strike? >> if it's what has to be done, it has to be done. >> reporter: do you plan on being to work tomorrow? >> i plan on it. i'm going to get dressed but if it doesn't happen, you know, it doesn't happen. >> reporter: where does that leave riders? ac transit said yesterday that if the workers strike, they really don't have any alternatives to present to its 185,000 daily rides a day. basically those would just go away. >> we all catch the bus
6:46 am
together and all know each other so it's throwing everybody. got everybody off balance. >> reporter: what happens now? the deadline is at midnight tonight. the governor's office is reviewing those right now. it is expected that sometime today he will grant the 60-day cooling off period and then everyone will go back to work as scheduled which is good news because we still have this uncertainty with bart and ac transit is one of the alternatives for any possible strike there. however, where it goes from there, that's still unclear. there are no new negotiations scheduled. they're not sure what the new demantsdzs from unions -- demands from unions will be. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on barpt and ac tran -- bart and ac fran sit developments. we'll bring you updates on our website. two children are back home
6:47 am
safe. family members say the 1-year- old and 3-year-old were in the back seat last night at 22nd and folsom when a woman jumped in and drove off. the suv was found about 45 minutes later ban donned in a driveway on sweeney street two miles away. the children were not hurt but police are still looking for the woman who is described as thin, white, and pale with short curly, burgundy colored hair. some people are wondering whether protecting the families in the newtown, connecticut school shooting will go too far. crews will begin demolishing the school building next week. they plan to finish before the december 14 anniversary. contractors are being required to sign confidentiality agreements while workers will guard the perimeter of the school to prevent onlookers from taking photos or videos. >> i think it would make sense to keep people from taking souvenirs from the school or making comments in the wrong way. >> critics, however, are saying
6:48 am
keeping the demolished -- the demolition, rather, hush hush is raising security costs for taxpayers. the site is monitored by surveillance cameras. supporters say it's needed to ensure sensitivity and caution for the families who already suffered so much. happening right now, two congressional committees are holding hearings on allegations by republicans that the national park service is blocking access to parks and monuments for political reasons during the government shutdown. some republicans say it makes no sense to close off open air memorials and national parks but the director of the national park service says just because a park or memorial is open air doesn't mean it takes care of itself. he says he doesn't have the staff to properly monitor the sites so they need to be closed. time now 16:48. -- is 6:48. let's check in with torrey campbell with a look as what's coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. coming up on mornings on 2, a major scare in the air. >> the explosion goes bam and we saw the flames come up the
6:49 am
side of the plane which lit up the whole inside of the plane. looked like the inside was on fire. >> reporter: we have more reaction for passengers on board a plane after their engine exploatds -- explodes in mid flight. turns out the salmonella outbreak traced to foster farms plants in the central valley is raising even more alarms. why food safety experts say this could be the beginning of a medical nightmare. and it could be pretty hard to resist some sugary sweets but eight not just poor willpower. how a scientist proves that oreo cookies can be as addictive as cocaine. those stories new on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. >> i was going to say, pretty addicting. 6:49 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we don't have any oreo cookies in the newsroom, do we? >> we might. i don't know. >> i'm asking for a friend. >> oh, okay. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the compute now.
6:50 am
traffic is moving along pretty well at the poll plaza for the morning commute i should say. it's backed 230u7 about -- backed up for about a 10 to 15- minute delay. someone asked me on twitter if we've seen a spike in bay bridge traffic and the answer is no. it's been normal. of course we would if there was a strike. no question about that. let's take a look at the commute. northbound 101 approaching the 880 split. that traffic is moving well. in case you're just joining us, barth trains are running -- bart trains are running this morning. we'll have more on the labor negotiations coming up. this is northbound 85. at the bottom the road sensors are turning red. that's the first freeway to show slow traffic. also slowing on 101 getting to sunny valley. beginning to slow on the way to mountain view. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies. some fog is trying to form. i'm show you in just a second but clear right now. not much of a breeze. but there's a slight component for a few of off shore yet. some locations like pacifica and also half moon bay.
6:51 am
at 6:50 it's 57 degrees. there you go. for some it's about 39, though. let's move along to the weather graphics. we have little systems coming into the north. that's going to give us more of a westerly breeze. maybe late this afternoon, tonight. but the fog is still off shore and is running into a little bit of resistance. so sunshine, nice to warm. temperatures today will probably -- if we didn't top them out yesterday, they'll top out today. high pressure still reluctant to break down and it's only going to breakdown for just a slight day or two and then be right back by the weekend. 70s, upper 70s to near 80s. clear, cool, mild, cold, depending if you have a breeze or not. if not, then probably cold. sunny and nice this afternoon. 47 concord. 48 livermore. 48 redwood city. there are cool numbers. other locations are running much warmer. it's noticeably cooler from pacifica to half moon bay. that little system, though, is definitely ramping up some fog. you can see bits and pieces right here but it's still pretty far off shore and again
6:52 am
there's still -- at golden gate park a little easterly breeze. 30s, 40s and 50s will give way to a lot of temperatures near 80 degrees today. there's just not much of a breeze south or north or variable. oakland still has a little hint of an off shore but most locations are calm. sfo has a southwest at 3. that won't do it but that little system will get us cool starting late tonight or tomorrow. it will still be warm today. beach weather one more day. could be a westerly breeze kicking in this afternoon but not before it's another beautiful day. temperatures starting off ins 30s, 40s, 50s. will end up in the upper 70s to low 80s. its-of-it's 33 in clear lake. brentwood 81. alameda, berkley 80. san jose is in there, santa clara, cupertino. 88 in santa kruz but after today they'll cool down. 70s or 80s on the coast. in the city south san francisco and on the pa minutes lacht cooler on thursday into friday but then it looks like back to a hint of a northerly breeze on the weekend which means sunshine and warm temps.
6:53 am
>> thank you, steve. time 6:52. coming up a victory for frustrated cab drivers in san francisco. what they're celebrating that could increase competition for your business. if you haven't seen this story, a giant fish tale, you have to see to believe. the encounter of a woman snorkeling off catalina. q
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. futures indicated a good strong opening. a live look at the dow jones up 152 points. about 1% even. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also up. nearly 1%. maybe some hope over a last- ditch effort on this debt ceiling. twitter's upcoming ipo promises to be one of the year's biggest. twitter will list its shares on the new york stock exchange, not the nasdaq when it goes public likely before thanksgiving. the company is hoping to raise $1 billion. it's a story you'll see only on 2. some county workers in oakland say they have become the targets of repeated car break-ins. county health department workers on telegraph avenue contacted ktvu about a rash of car burglaries. they say most parking spaces in the area have a two-hour limit so workers often park under the freeway overpass on telegraph to avoid getting a ticket. but it's actually become a ticket to trouble. one woman had the battery stolen right out of her car.
6:57 am
>> i tried to start the car and then my c worker she walked me -- coworker, she walked me out there and noticed this was a little bit open. i said, oh, no. >> there is a team that looks at parking issues around the city. they say the situation is one they could add to their list. cab drivers in san francisco are applauding new rules on taxi permits. yesterday the municipal transportation agency board approved an amendment that only lets a permit holder or taxi company operate what's called a ma daleon. a medallion is a permit that allows a cab to operate. cab drivers say the old rules led to many -- led to too many people operating cabs without permits. it's an unbelievable but true fish tale. if you haven't seen this, take a moment to look at your screen. a southern california marine instructor says she was snorkeling off catalina island last week and she looked down and saw an eyeball the size of
6:58 am
a hall dollar. she swam closer and she found a giant ore fish. it took 18 people to drag the eel-like fish to the shore. they dive to depths of 3,000 feet. look at this. people holding it. they're rarely seen and largely unstudied because they're usually very, very deep. >> she swam towards it. >> towards the big eye. a lot of people on twitter responding to our comments. yeah, if i see a big eye, i'm getting out. >> coming up on mornings on 2, no deal, no strike yet. bart and its unions continue to negotiate. the reason we are finding out as to why the unions may not be striking. plus, incredible video of a house fire in pleasant hill. the danger firefighters encountered that made fighting that fire even extra difficult.
6:59 am
7:00 am
no b.a.r.t. strike today. we're live in oakland where negotiations are set to resume in three hours. we'll tell you why the unions say they are staying at the negotiating table and not the picket line, at least for now. >> reporter: explosions are heard after cars and a house catch fire in pleasant hill. we'll tell you about ho


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