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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 16, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> joe: 7-1 game in the seventh inning. pitching change. phil coke is out. al burr kerr key is in. victorino takes a strike. base hit by ellsbury chased phil coke. victorino now. pedroia, ortiz lurking. as is drew smyly for the tigers
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out in their bull pen. now jose veras joins smyly. one ball, one strike on victorino. popped up twice, struck out. that was against fister. good pitch by the right-hander for strike two. >> tim: that's that slider. he throws it about 75% of the time. off the plate, away. good pitch. >> joe: fister went six. allowed one run on eight hits. struck out seven, walked only one. 1-2. into left center field, that ball is going to get down and go to the wall. ellsbury will cruise all the way around from first and score to make it 7-2.
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>> tim: that slider didn't bite. it just hung right over the plate. and victorino didn't foul it back. he didn't miss it. easy for ellsbury to score. >> tim: big league hanging slider right there. >> joe: with the count of 1-2, victorino's eyes lit up. ellsbury scores easily to make it a five-run game. still nobody out. pedroia up now. ortiz on deck and it starts to get a little more interesting here in the seventh. the biggest come from behind effort for the red sox in their postseason history is seven
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runs. 2008, lcs. in game five against tampa bay. they were down 7-0. now it's 7-2. here's cabrera. look at the runner. and that almost cost him the out. >> tim: good call, joe. you're exactly right. no sense in worrying about the runner. in that situation. because you're coming in and it takes time. watch. looking toward second. pedroia busting it, as he always does, down to first. and that almost cost the tigers and cabrera. the out at first. >> joe: cabrera's got a great arm and he had to use every bit of it once he looked up and saw pedroia hustling down the line. he was out, but not by much.
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cabrera ended up on his knees after the play. that was too close. another pitching change. smyly coming in with big papi coming up. i see you.
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is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> joe: drew smyly is the third pitcher of the inning and we could see a fourth. with napoli on deck. veras still out in the bull pen. runner at second is victorino. one run home and here's david ortiz, who is 0 for 3. and just 1 out of 13 in this alcs. facing drew smyly. ball one. smyly allowed jacoby ellsbury to walk in the eighth inning of game two. he came on to try to get the left-handed hitter ellsbury. and in that eighth inning, he
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was one of four pitchers and ortiz hit the game-tying grand slam. that was a big walk. which smyly allowed, and ellsbury worked. >> tim: you're right. everything leading up to the grand slam, just as important as the grand slam. well, maybe not just as important. but it certainly put runners on bases for that to happen. >> joe: here's the 1-1 pitch from smyly to ortiz. smyly isn't your typical match-up left-hander out of the bull pen. his stuff is good enough to be a starter in the big leagues. that's where the tigers project him. they've been looking for answers out in that bull pen. during the regular season, had the 24th best e.r.a. across baseball. here's the 2-1. to the right side again.
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infante backed up into shallow right. two out. napoli gives a look into the dugout to see if another pitching change is coming and so far, it isn't. napoli digs in. 2 out of 3. for the moment, veras stays out in the bull pen. >> tim: what you just said, i think, is keeping veras out in the bull pen. because smyly is not your pro prototypical left-handed pitcher. he's much, much better than most left handers in trying to get right-handers out. he's like craig breslow of the red sox in that regard. that's why he's still in there. >> joe: napoli takes a ball. on deck is jonny gomes. >> tim: normally, right-handed
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batters don't hit left-handed pitching. as well as left-handed batters hit right-handed pitching. generally speaking. >> joe: here's a popup. >> tim: see? >> joe: you've proven your point, as prince fielder hauls it. napoli is out. and the red sox, who put their first two on with a run home, get just the one. and here in the seventh inning, time to stretch in game four. tigers lead it 7-2. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments.
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which is handy when you're in a hurry. >> joe: left-hander is franklin morales. he takes over. first time we've seen him in this alcs. ♪ happy birthday to you >> tim: oh, come on. quit it. >> joe: after 18 years of working together, i would know it was your birthday and i wouldn't have to learn about it on a crawl. blow them out before -- yeah, the fire marshall comes in. >> tim: this is a cardboard box. it's a cardboard box. you believe it? >> joe: good job, chris. >> tim: thanks, chris. >> joe: very well done.
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i know you were -- i did see it was your birthday. i did know. i did see it was, it was on a crawl, and you were upset that they had your age on there. >> tim: not really. i was feigning that. i was only kidding. just kidding. i'm 72. big deal. i'm glad i continue having birthdays, believe me. >> joe: bad luck to miss a birthday. >> tim: it's not good. no. >> joe: happy birthday, buddy. >> tim: thank you. >> joe: glad we're here together. what an alcs it's been. franklin morales. this guy's got good stuff. and he gets ready as the fourth pitcher of the night for the red sox. time for the t-mobile player profile. miguel cabrera of venezuela and his night tonight, 2 for 3, two rbis, a stolen base. 24 postseason rbis with the
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tigers. again, a franchise record. again, more opportunities with more layers in the postseason. it was a frustrating day for miguel cabrera yesterday. 19 straight games with a hit in alc alcs. here he is. taking a strike from morales. cabrera, then fielder, then victor martinez. dempster went one inning, allowed a hit, faced only three as he got hunter to bounce into a double play, well turned by pedroia at second base.
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well hit into right. back, victorino -- with a leap and a catch. one out. >> tim: boy, terrific play by victorino. that ball didn't have a lot of hang time to give shane a chance to get under it. but with his speed and his glove, he makes the play. nice. >> joe: caught in the heel of the glove. battling hamstring issues for the majority of the season. issues with his hand and wrist. he's tough. fielder flies one into center. and his hitless night continues. 0 for 4 tonight, 3 out of 15 in this series.
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victorino made that catch and had something to say, i'm sure, in response to a fan out there over the wall in right. they love him in boston, his first year in a red sox uniform. >> tim: loved him in philadelphia, too. >> joe: gritty player. >> tim: yes, sir. >> joe: honored well in philly when he came back through. with the dodgers for a short while last year. good player. two out, nobody on. here's victor martinez. ball one. 1-0 pitch from morales.
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94 that missed. it's 2-0. with the bases empty, victor martinez, trying to pump one out of here with the count in his favor, 2-0. came up empty. red sox in the eighth inning will have the six, seven and eight hitters. we saw gomes in the on deck circle when napoli popped up. looked like he was going to bat for nava, and it looks like the night may be finished for cabrera. that one's fouled out of play off to the right. neither that or he's just cleaning up, getting his coat, heading back to the clubhouse to put it away.
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>> tim: i think you were right with your first comment. jim leyland's job, to take no chances. obviously, remembering the eighth inning of game two. >> joe: left side base hit. martinez, 2 for 4 tonight. >> tim: out of the range of xander bogaerts. what a good looking player he is. just turned 21, from aruba.
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>> joe: here's don kelly, first at-bat. took over for peralta in left in the sixth. good breaking ball, as kelly is frozen. strike one. in the second, a leadoff hit by victor martinez. back-to-back walks to per rat that and avila. after infante flied out, austin jackson walked home a run. for the rbi. then a forceout hit into by iglesias for an rbi on what might have been a double play. two-run double by torii hunter, who scored on the two-out rbi hit by cabrera. count 0-2 on don kelly.
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five-run game in the seventh. still 0-2. the 0-2 pitch. just missed. ball one. avila would be next. kelly trying to reach base.
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he is 2 for 9 this postseason, 0 for 4 in this alcs. got a start in game two. franklin morales ended the season with no runs allowed in 10 of his last 11 games. 2-2. would be a valuable guy on a pitching staff to make a start, go long, can set up. >> tim: tough, tough on left-handed hitters. >> joe: don kelly trying to
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figure him out here with the count 2-2. just got a piece. another 2-2 pitch from morales. popped up, shallow right. out is pedroia. inning over. and that sends us into the eighth inning. just so you know, chris over, in the background, is trending on twitter. everybody's a winner on tim's birthday. tigers up 7-2 after seven. [ cheese ] hey, what's that?
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♪ ♪ >> joe: ramon santiago takes over at third base, so, my gill cabrera, who had a nice night, 2 out of 4, even had a stolen base, is finished for game four.
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jonny gomes will come off the bench and bat to start this eighth inning. for daniel nava. gomes made the start here in game three yesterday. nava back in there tonight and gomes replaces him here in the eighth. 7-2 game, with the red sox up two games to one. detroit leading here tonight. chilly night. not too cold in detroit. the 0-1. one ball, one strike. smyly came on in the seventh and got david ortiz to bounce out to the right side. got under it. popped it up. iglesias, if it ever comes down. out number one. >> tim: i don't know if -- if
7:58 pm
you saw that tweet by hunt eer mahan about, remember, you were talking last night about bei being -- referring to the preening of puig. if players are so upset at puig celebrating a triple of clutch hits, then get him out. i'm tires of hearing about baseball's unwritten rules. so, we decided to throw up something that applied to golf, the tradition of golf. we'll have it for you shortly. >> joe: one ball, no strikes on saltalamacchia. one out, nobody on. >> tim: i guess the first thing would be, well, against tradition, let the pros wear shorts. in 110 degree weather. >> joe: that is a written rule, i believe. >> tim: oh, it is?
7:59 pm
>> joe: yeah. go to your next one. >> tim: talk any time your opponent hits. >> joe: yeah, that's -- you can't do that. can't do that. >> tim: that's not written, though? >> joe: if you're in the gallery, you can yell, "you're the man!" "baba booey." >> tim: step onto your opponents putting line. >> joe: that gets you in a fight. especially with real spikes. here's a foul straight back, 2-2. >> tim: and how about driving into more than one foursome? there it is. drive into every foursome in front of you. >> joe: part of the rat pack. look at that. >> tim: allow pros to wear shorts when it's 110. talk any time your opponent is hitting. drive into every foursome in front of you and step into opponent's putting line. i don't know hunter, but i would imagine he's watching the game tonight and he would get a -- a
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kick out of something like that, if he has a sense of humor and i assume he does. >> joe: don't back off. it's your birthday and you are starting words with a pga guy. i'm out of it. >> tim: i'm trying to involve you. >> joe: i know. struck him out here in the top of the eighth. good pitch from smyly to saltalamacchia. see, i didn't even know you were sco skou scouring the twitter world. >> tim: well, the guys in the truck told me about it. here's drew. smyly has two out here in the eighth. >> tim: st. louis, missouri, will see the likes of yasiel puig ino


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