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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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for 3. out of play. strike one. coming up on 11:00 here in detroit. 4-2 game. napoli with three hits tonight. he started the scoring. with a home run to center back in the second. alex avila had to leave in the fourth inning after a collision at the plate with david ross. that's a 50-degree night. the rain has stopped. coldest night of this series. is tonight. game five. strike two.
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hunter lays off. ball one.
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here's the 1-2. that is slicing foul. >> tim: i think tazawa does torii hunter a favor by throwing a breaking ball here because hunter is not getting around on the high fastball. you don't want to speed up his bat. >> joe: good battle here between torii hunter and junichi tazawa.
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up by ross. 2-2. line drive into right! iglesias will turn and go to third. first and third.
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nobody out! base hit hunter. >> tim: this crowd realizing what's happening. first and third. nobody out. for miguel cabrera. torii hunter in the hole, 0-2. fouls off the tough pitches. 2-2 pitch. hammered to right field. iglesias to third. >> joe: reaction from the 38-year-old torii hunter after getting a base hit to right. and now it brings in this matchup again. this time, there's nobody out. the last time cabrera faced tazawa was in game three in the eighth inning, first and third, one out. and it was all heat from tazawa for the strikeout.
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and everything away. back out there for ball one. triple crown winner from a year ago. to the second baseman pedroia. will step in to the double play. run scores and it's one-run game. tazawa gets cabrera on the 4-3-double play ball. no rbi.
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and that's it for tazawa. >> tim: and the red sox under the circumstances could not have gotten anything more than they had wished for. the double play ball hit by cabrera. >> joe: now the bases are empty. two out in the inning. red sox clinging to a one-run lead in the seventh. prince fielder coming up. craig breslow coming out of the bullpen. frustration for cabrera. l made . sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yeah. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yeah. yeah, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yeah, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. limited availability in select markets. ♪ investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees.
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>> joe: that matchup between
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tazawa and cabrera results in a double play ball off cabrera's bat. two big double plays induced by tazawa. one in the sixth off the bat of jackson. this one off cabrera. now it's prince fielder against breslow. ball one up and in. 4-3, red sox on top bottom of the seventh. bases empty. two outs. a run home in the inning for the tigers. and then it's been a long time in the postseason for prince fielder. looking for a rbi. he rips it foul. so going back to game two of last year's alcs against the yankees, three more games against the yankees. again, home runs, no rbis. same in four games against the giants in world series. five this year against the a's and first four games of this alcs. no rbis for fielder.
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drove home 106 during the regular season. hit 25 home runs. here's a 1-1. right side. right to pedroia yet again. and that sends this game, game five in to the eighth inning. when you're merging onto u.s. cover your ears... [ horns honk ] want a truck that helps keep the outside out. [ horns honk ] chevy silverado delivers a quiet cabin that's second to nobody in its class. and by nobody, i mean ram and ford. put silverado to the test at the silverado vs. all event. [ male announcer ] just announced, trade up to the all-new silverado all star for this introductory offer of $3,250 total value. see your local chevy dealer today. ♪ ♪
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>> joe: mike napoli leads off the eighth inning. hit a home run, a double, a single. he's a triple shy of the cycle. this is the ballpark that's conducive to triples. breaking ball stays inside from veras and 1,397 postseason games, no player has ever hit for the cycle. mike napoli has eight career triples, two this year. last one coming on july 12th. first up in the eighth, red sox leading by one.
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a big hook is in for a strike. napoli doesn't agree. and it's one ball, one strike. and you can see why he didn't like it. napoli and then gomes and then drew. here's the 1-1. another breaking ball. we have seen nothing but that to napoli. majority of pitches, curveball of veras. it's 1-2. >> tim: three straight curves and if anybody's ever set up for that fastball outside veras features 95, 96 miles per hour, it's mike napoli. >> joe: just couldn't catch the corner. 2-2. >> tim: now he'll probably go
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back to the curveball as the fastball misses. >> joe: another one-run game in this alcs. the 2-2. strikeout starts the inning! napoli retired for the first time tonight. >> tim: second strikeout for veras. after three straight curveballs he gets napoli with the fastball. pretty good sequence by veras and pena then. >> joe: bottom of this eighth inning. breslow is the pitcher now for
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the red sox. no action for boston in their bullpen. one out. nobody on. ball one outside to jonny gomes. who hit only .207 this season with the bases empty. if he lights up with runners in scoring position, hit .345. good curveball. strike one. >> tim: he's got a good curveball that he can throw for strikes on a consistent basis. that is a tough, tough curve.
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>> joe: two balls and a strike. stephen drew on deck. gomes hit 13 home runs in part time duty with the red sox this year. he's not gone deep this postseason. one out, nobody on. that's behind the plate. out of play. let's look at the geico in game score for the red sox. victorino. 2 out of 20 now in the nls. napoli with a home run, a double, a single. ross has had a nice night batting ninth with a rbi, single
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and a double. here's the 2-2. do i have for iglesias. two outs. coverage continues tomorrow night. postseason action at 8:00 eastern on tbs with the crucial game six of the nlcs, dodgers trying to force a game seven behind kershaw and taking on the rookie waka. saturday, this game six back in red sox. the winner will have a chance to head to the world series. coverage either 4:00 eastern or 7:30 eastern if there's no game seven in the national league. up and away. >> tim: joe, the difference in this 4-3 game is the wild pitch.
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the two-out wild pitch on which mike napoli scored back in the fourth inning. make that the third inning. >> joe: single runs in the fifth, sixth and seventh for the tigers. drew takes a strike. stephen just 1 out of 16 with 8 strikeouts in this lcs. that is back behind short. long run! and caught by iglesias! tigers have scored in three
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>> joe: there's kid rock right in the middle. chris chelios as we look at them to our left, his right. cheli played long time with the blackhawks and the detroit red wings. breslow back to the hill. victor martinez, first up. this is an easy decision for john farrell to -- >> tim: yes. >> joe: victor martinez bat right handed. >> tim: .279 right hander this year. .314 from the left side and doesn't really tell the whole story. his power comes from the left side. not nearly as potent right handed as left handed. >> joe: one career postseason home run this year in the
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division series against oakland. that is right at napoli and lost it and goes to the bag. one out. >> tim: now the decision gets a little tougher for john farrell. off the end of the bat by martinez. good play by napoli. who's really worked hard on his defense. something you could do on the right side of the infield because you don't have to make a throw. unless it's a short throw and this is the right decision john farrell's going to make getting back to that point, joe, about playing this like it's a game seven. that's what farrell's doing. >> joe: this season, including the postseason, he's had one five-out save. that's what he'll be aiming for here tonight. been lights out.
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>> joe: taking over here in the eighth coji euhara. he usually throws nothing but strikes. that efficiency that allows him to be in line for saves that last for more than three outs tmpbl. >> tim: that's exactly right. he doesn't know what it means to waste a pitch. >> joe: peralta takes a strike. fastball will maybe touch low
8:28 pm
90s. his out pitch is a splitter that disappears. >> tim: breaks three ways, down, right and left. >> joe: outside. a ball and a strike. aaron charlton with us and gave us the stat of euhara with five four-out saves. one five-out save this season. misses, 2-1. he's no stranger to working more than just the ninth. behind on the count to peralta. and now he's even further behind, 3-1. >> tim: even this is unusual. 3-1 count on an opposing hitter. he had 101 strikeouts this year and 9 walks. >> joe: peralta with six lcs
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home runs in his career. tried to pump one out of here and it's a full count. that was an i'm going to tie the game swing from jhonny peralta. now a 3-2. out of play. peralta's home run this postseason was a game-tying three-run shot. game four of the division series here in detroit against the a's. >> tim: maybe the biggest hit for the tigers in the postseason. >> joe: another 3-2 from euhara. foul tipped. >> tim: this splitter stays up. that is normally the splitter
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that goes down. for it to go to the right which would be to the right in your screen. he drops his hands down. it's almost as though he pushes the ball toward home. >> joe: another foul by peralta. three in a row. >> tim: that's an 89-mile-a-hour fastball and looks faster because the player vs to look for the much slower splitter. >> joe: peralta on 3-2. strikes out! and the splitter got him. two away. we talk so often, tim, about a hitter. we said it about cabrera. he doesn't mind -- doesn't care ll


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