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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 17, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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that goes down. for it to go to the right which would be to the right in your screen. he drops his hands down. it's almost as though he pushes the ball toward home. >> joe: another foul by peralta. three in a row. >> tim: that's an 89-mile-a-hour fastball and looks faster because the player vs to look for the much slower splitter. >> joe: peralta on 3-2. strikes out! and the splitter got him. two away. we talk so often, tim, about a hitter. we said it about cabrera. he doesn't mind -- doesn't care at all about hitting with two
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strikes. koji euhara doesn't mind pitching with three balls in the count. >> tim: yeah, that's right. full count? forget about it. >> joe: here's a shot into the corner but hooked foul off the bat of infante. >> tim: pay attention if you wou would, folks, to this comment. euhara allowed fewer base runners per inning than any pitcher in any season any time. >> joe: guys just don't get on. here's the 0-1. foul out of play right side. i mean, that's comparing him to guys like dennis eckersley. >> tim: yeah, would walk three a year. >> joe: last walk for euhara was august 3rd.
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ninth inning. one-run game. game five. red sox on top. al alburquerque takes over. don kelly does, as well, out in love. jhonny peralta's night is finished. new to the outfield, his night is over here in the ninth. bogaerts is at the plate. now that got pena. already lost avila because of a collision at the plate and all the nicks and bruises he's had. this one cashes we in on the right knee. >> tim: that's on the crease. the shin guard up and over the knee and is flexible and that little crease, the bend there is where it got brayan pena. >> joe: alburquerque is fourth pitcher of the night for detroit. bogaerts with a double and run scored back in the three-run second.
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red sox finally got after a tigers starter early. three in the second, one in the third. led 4-0. it's now 4-3 series tied at two games apiece. a checked swing. he didn't go. we fpena was ready to fire it around the horn. >> tim: i think bogaerts was ready to go back to the red sox bench. red sox got a break with that call. >> joe: see if bogaerts does anything with new life. 21-year-old waiting. now full count.
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in case you're wondering, euhara, two batters have to reach in the ninth inning to get miguel cabrera to plate again. >> tim: i was thinking the same thing. he will be messed up if they get that far. >> rod: now a walk. a near-strikeout on a checked swing turns into a walk. >> tim: here's the checked swing. did he go too far? nope. the look from there does not look like it. that, of course, was ball four. >> joe: now, will middlebrooks will come on and run. that was the earlier pitch with
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two strikes and bogaerts survived that pitch and that checked swing. now middlebrooks will take over in the bomb bottom inning. pena gets there too late. it hit the umpire! that's a catcher's responsibility because cabrera was too far in to make the play. pena may have broke a little late for third base. but watch. he hits the umpire with the glove and can't make the tag. >> joe: good base running by middlebrooks. >> tim: excellent. >> joe: he is standing on third place now with one out.
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the throw took pena around to his right. >> tim: right. >> joe: and that's when he made contact with the third base umpire. now a walk will come to ellsbury. that's a big run sitting over there for boston in a one-run game in the ninth. ellsbury will get the pass with victorino coming up. >> tim: what made that play so startling, middlebrooks wasn't warmed up. he came in as a pinch runner and the first ball was bunted by ross and middlebrooks instead of stopping at second had the wherewithal to go to third base and take a chance with a one-run lead. excellent base running. excellent. >> joe: you're right. pena was a little late breaking toward third base. nobody's there in the moment. by the time pena recovered it was too late.
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now the walk to ellsbury puts first and third, one out for shane victorino. >> tim: and the squeeze. a very big possibility. shane victorino is probably the best bunter on the red sox ball club. batting right handed against the guys who are sliders off the plate away. tough to hit. why not bunt? at least an option for john farrell. >> joe: again, victorino, typically a switch hitter up until this year. into the season. now back batting right handed as he did in the previous at-bat in the seventh inning against jose veras. hit left handed over his first three at-bats against sanchez. infield is in. here's a bunt that will drop foul. >> tim: that was the safety squeeze because middlebrooks at
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third didn't run right away. you have to make sure the ball's on the ground. middlebrooks is not compelled to run. it is not a suicide squeeze but a safety squeeze. victorino got the ball in the air and fielder couldn't make the play. >> joe: victorino with five sacrifice bunts. right handed during the regular season. ryan butterfield talking into the air of middlebrooks at third and a check on ellsbury at third. >> tim: bringing the infield on you do not look for the double play. ball hit to an infielder, he'll come home with the ball. they're giving second base to ellsbury. might as well take it. >> joe: which he does.
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and now it's second and third with one out. 1-1 count on victorino. now a base hit could mean two. that's no small thing taking a base when they're giving it to you. and they do give a stolen base to ellsbury. that's his second of this game and his sixth of the postseason. that's up to the official scorer whether they can say fielder's a difference but in this case it's a steal. first base is open. and victorino who's been frustrated, 2 out of 20 in this alcs with only 1 rbi has a big
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chance. strike two. >> tim: if you're alburquerque, on the other hand, you throw the slider off the plate away. about six inches away and hope victorino bites. a guy like alburquerque could try it two or three times with the count in his favor. >> joe: red sox up by a run. top of the ninth inning. second and third, one out. a pop-up. right side. out of play. >> tim: that was a mistake alburquerque got away with. he did not want that pitch that good with the count 1-2. surprised that he threw the fastball. i mean, here's a guy who lives and dies with the slider. >> joe: middlebrooks, the runner at third.
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ellsbury at second. one out. the team that leads by one. victorino spoiled it. good i don't know to get the bat on that pitch. on deck is pedroia. after pedroia, ortiz and smyly is up in the bullpen for the tigers. victorino strikes out! and the runners remain at second and third now. two down. what a big strikeout for al alburquerque. victorino chased that pitch in the dirt. >> tim: outside low.
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nice play by pena on the block and complete the play. trying to go that far off the plate it puts pressure on the catcher because you know it's in the dirt. it was. victorino after it. pena went after the play, completed the play. >> joe: now it's pedroia. dustin, two hits in this game. second and third, two outs. off the end of the bat into center. jackson is there and this is a one-run game going in to the bottom of the ninth and the detroit bullpen has done the job so far tonight. euhara will continue to pitch and try to do his job. why is it better to get what you want now instead of later? 'cause you don't want to wait to eat your raisins. you don't want to wait to eat your raisins?
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tonight after the game, complete highlights and analysis of this game and a preview of nlcs game six. also have highlights from arizona where the seahawks took on the cardinals in the nfl and plenty of action around the nhl and nba. so tune in to knox sports live after the game only on fox sports 1. go to will middlebrooks came on to pinch run. adds to the defense. euhara back to work. struck out two in the eighth. misses outside to brayan pena to start the ninth. pena, and then jackson and then
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iglesi iglesias. red sox leading game five, 4-3. that's a strike. here's a 1-1. reaching for it, strike two. if you're just joining us, bottom of the ninth inning of game five. series tied two games apiece. the red sox got what they wanted out of the big left hander jon lester. he went 5 1/3. two runs on seven hits. red sox led this game 4-0. now it's 4-3. in the bottom of the ninth. and a pop-up in to shallow left center. tough play and it's gomes who comes in to grab it. in between ellsbury and crew.
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one out. almost found no man's land out in left center field. here's austin jackson. the bullpen and junichi tazawa got double play balls in the sixth, seventh. breslow retired both hitters me faced and now a ball in to austin jackson to start this at-bat. >> tim: ellsbury in center field telling gomes in left to play straightaway. >> joe: here's the fly ball in to center. easy for ellsbury. two out. and tigers are down to their final out and it's the former
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boston red sox infielder jose iglesias walking in trying to extend game five. >> tim: the fact he doesn't have a lot of power means that the boston outfield does not have to play him extra deep. they can play him normally. >> joe: singled and scored the last time up. euhara retired all four batters he's faced. trying to save it for lester. ball one inside. this game for the series advantage heading back to fenway park. 2-0.
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2-1. in case you're wondering, iglesias three home runs in the regular season. cold night in detroit. 2-1 pitch. off the hands. 2-2. the tigers down to their final strike. it will be at least a 24-pitch
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effort for euhara. >> tim: sleep in november. >> joe: looking for the five-out save. 2-2 the count. good battle by iglesias. if he can reach torii hunter waits on deck. full count.
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to the right side foul. >> tim: that's why mike napoli's on the line at first base. the ability of iglesias to hit the ball to right field. normally napoli would be like ten yards to his right. but he's hugging the line and that is proper positioning. protects the extra base hit. >> joe: ninth pitch of this at-bat. popped up! with this, the red sox win game five! and euhara with a five-out save in another one-run game.
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in this thrilling alcs. 27 pitches from koji euhara. who was only supposed to be a set-up man in 2013. injuries took away hannahan, took away bailey. and that's the way the two celebrate. as big papi lifts up euhara who continues to lift up these red sox. for a team with the way roll of around $150 million, euhara is the best $4.5 million buy that they have on that club. >> joe: let's go down to the field and ken rosenthal.
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>> ken: mike, first three at-bats, sanchez so tough on the team game one and you, as well. what was the difference tonight? >> turned a page. can't dwell on the first start you have. just come out here and try to hit mistakes and put a couple good swings on pitches and able to drop them. >> ken: lester pitched out of trouble. your bullpen terrific again. how impressed were you that the pitchers hold down the good offense? >> lester's been doing a great job all year. tough the whole postseason. it's a great team win and a huge win for us tonight. >> ken: thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> ken: over to erin andrews. >> erin: you said you have few more gray hairs but how can you when the guy like that is on the mound? >> he's a horse for us all year. the horse in the back end. they got a big double play with
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them. jonny lester, he battled late. the mechanical issues, he -- we got a couple leadoff walks. we cannot have them walking. they're too powerful. >> erin: and the bats battled tonight. what was the difference over anibal sanchez? >> we had a good plan going in. nap, that was huge. dustin again a knock in the first inning. it's always good and then nap on the board is huge and then able to capitalize on the mistakes. >> erin: thank you so much. see you in boston. >> erin, always. >> erin: all right, joe. >> joe: thank you. what a game. what a series this has been. another one-run affair. red sox bats got after it early. they were able to hang on and win this game 5-3, final.
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with that, as we go back to fenway park, the red sox one win away from winning the a.l. penna pennant. back after this.
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after the game, tune in to fox sports live and complete analysis and highlights of the game and plus look ahead to the nlcs. a do orr die game six and in the nfl, arizona and the high flying hawks atop the nfc and what caused an entire football team to boycott the practice? that's all tonight after the game only on fox sports 1. another gameo


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