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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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walnut creek near the bart station where trains were expected to be running an hour ago. what you are looking at are these passengers getting on charter buses because the trains at this point are not running. bart is working out some of the staffing issues as it tries to get back up to full capacity. some passengers are confused. more on the morning commute. but we want to reiterate trains are not running but charter buses are. >> good morning. good to be back. let's check in with steve to see what the weather is going to be like as the commuters start hitting the roads. >> encounter thick fog. we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00. some of the fog is thick. also thickens up here as we get going the next couple hours. thick fog still warming. cool cold by the beaches except towards santa cruz. they won't be that warm. 70s and 80s. 40s and 50s, a little chill and
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reduced visibility because of the fog. the mornings are cool. san francisco it was near 80. today we'll go 59 for a high and currently 49 degrees. a lot of lows all over the place. the fog is in place. not going anywhere any time soon. temperatures a big difference. 50s to low and mid 80s. we're well out of summer. here's sal. >> we have a new crash. my friend dan on his way to work at the radio station saw it. and he texted me and i saw it on my screen here. let's go right to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a crash right there in the middle there westbound right in the fastrak lanes. traffic is backing up around it. the traffic isn't that busy. combined with the bart service not running yet, we're going to see busy traffic for 5:00. this is pretty yesterday. but one more day of
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more than usual traffic. bart spokesman told us he expects trains to be moving soon. i hear people in the news room talking about that. we'll go to that in a moment. bart has no service but that could be changing right now from what i just heard. cal train and muni are doing okay. let's go back to the desk. >> 5:02. breaking news. despite a tentative deal, bart announced trains are still not running. tara moriarty is live at the walnut creek station this morning where people hoping to board on a train are heading to charter buses. tara. >> reporter: yeah, the line here was very long. everybody is filling up the bus right now. they have about 17 seats left in this bus. see the folks right here? we do want to mention bart service should be restored by 6:00. that is what we were told
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by bart officials. a lot of annoyed commuters here. they were all ready to jump on board a bart train and now if we follow them in here, a lot of them have questions. they are having to take the bus shuttle into san francisco. it is throwing off their schedule this morning. >> very uncomfortably run show. my dad used to call it a snafu. >> have to call someone into work not giving notice is understandable. i wish they would have thought about that before they would have opened it up. >> around 4:00 this morning, you can see the gates going on. people scrambling inside then they were told no trains would be running. what it means is that service will still run. we
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just don't know exactly when. we're told around 6:00 is the target time. off to start to run, they still won't be at that won't happen until this lays this morning. tara moriarty, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> about an hour ago, this crowd gathered behind closed gates and riders say they up early to take advantage of the limited service only to learn trains are still not up and running. within the hour by about 6 a.m., bart hopes to have train running on limited service. rt staffing all in place. janine is talking to riders at the station you are looking at. she's going to have a live report at 5:30.. >> time 5:04. we continue our team coverage on the big problems. alex savage joining us live from the bart work yard
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in hayward. late breaking development. what's going on out there, alex? >> reporter: we are seeing more and more trains moving out here at the work yard. and i can tell you i've seen quite a few bart train operators arriving at work. i'm asking them why service is not up and running. there are a couple issues here. a lot of the trains are scattered around the system and that's out of place. they also say they are here at the work yard where we are and they are having to do a lot of the safety checks before they can start moving them. let me show you the scene from a short time ago. we started to see bart trains rolling about an hour ago. a manager out here at the scene did tell me it has been difficult to get employees back to work overnight. the strike was called off late last night after an agreement was reached between the unions. but been hard to get people back here to work and get the train system up and running again. we're at the bart/hayward maintenance yard.
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the maintenance workers we saw them here this morning. they were cleaning up the trains to get passengers to around the system. we caught with bart train operator as he was ready to hop on a train. he is ready to get commuters where they need to go. >> we're all happy it's been resolved. and we didn't want to hold the public hostage here. we wanted everybody to be able to ride the trains and be safe about riding the trains. >> reporter: and now because bart doesn't have enough employees at this point to get the system back up and running, the trains are not able to carry passengers at this point. but we are, again, here at the hayward maintenance yard and we are seeing trains begin to move this morning. things getting much busier here. we'll keep an eye on the situation and be back later on the morning news. alex
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savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> all right. this morning the chp will keep trying to make life easier for carpoolers. they are going to expand the hours for carpool lanes 880, 680 and 580. expected to continue at least through the morning commute. bart will continue to provide the charter buses at nine east bay stations. showed you people packing on the charter buses this morning. this is whatas like in fremont yesterday morning. a lot of buses were filled by 7:30 in the morning. that forced other commuters to find another way. 114 charter buses carried 5900 passengers across the bay yesterday. this morning's trouble on the bart tracks comes after positive news that the strike is finally over. the four-day walk out ended with an announcement ktvu brought you live last night. union and management announced a tentative agreement
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between bart's two largest unions. they did not, however, reveal the details that finally brought the long and bitter dispute to an end. >> we will go back to work and continue our efforts to keep the bay area moving. we did not want to strike. and we are glad to have a tentative agreement that we feel will work for all parties. >> this offer is more than we wanted to pay but it is also a new path in terms of our partnership with our workers and helps us to deliver the bart service for the future. >> the agreement must still be ratified by the union members and board of directors. more than a dozen politicians showed up including lieutenant governor. >> a lot of people's lives have been impacted by what's happened. we're grateful we're here. but mark my word, if there's any lesson learned, it's that this can never happen again. >> some say law makers are pushing for a law that would
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make transit strikes illegal in california. issued this statement in the bart strike. he says i'm grateful and relieved reached an agreement that ends this devastating transit strike. and oakland mayor issued this statement. saying i'm so pleased we're getting the trains running again for hundreds of thousands of barbiturate riders, putting people back to work and restoring daily routines. marin county does not have bart service there but had a huge impact. traffic jumped 15% yesterday when compared to monday of last week. traffic jumped 8% on the richmond san rafael bridge. and 24% when compared to the monday prior. >> federal investigators say the bart train that hit and killed two bart workers over the weekend was being controlled by an operator in training. >> we just struck some individuals at 16 decimal 2 on
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the c-1 track. >> on saturday afternoon, the two men were inspecting tracks near the walnut creek station when they were hit and killed. christopher sheppard was a member of the union. that union's president says before the accident, the union to question an idea to certify bart managers to run trains if the strike continued. >> the certification for train controller is over a year. that has a lot to do on-the-job training. >> the bart responded by comment on the training process. wait until the investigation is complete before they make conclusions. still not clear the operator in training was a bart manager. the two men killed were following procedures that bart put in place in 2008. employees on or near the tracks take full responsibility for their safety.
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to the point bart will not tell them when trains are approaching so they'll stay alert. employees on or near tracks must work in pairs with one person acting as a spotter. make sure you stay with us at k 2 with all the continuing coverage of bart and the service problems this morning as well as continuing investigation into the deaths of those workers. you can get the latest development on our web site or on twitter or facebook. >> time is 5:11. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a house. started at 2:30 this morning. no one was inside at the time and no firefighters were hurt. firefighters are still checking for hot spots. investigating the shooting death of a suspect. begin last night when police officers were called to an argument between
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neighbors on saturn way. they learned one of the suspects was a parolee with a warrant. they say he was armed with coal pipe or bar. >> began to give him orders. he refused to comply . he threatened the officers with a weapon and officers were forced to use deadly force. >> one officer shot the man who later died at the hospital. the officer be placed on paid administrative leave. the family of a berkeley man beaten to death has resolved wrong full death lawsuit against the city. called police to report an intruder and told officers would respond. but he was killed before they arrived. police say they were responding to emergency calls related to occupy march. police dispatchers can tell callers officers may be delayed because of high-priority calls. dispatchers can tell them to call 911.
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the victim's family did not ask for money. they wanted to make sure this wouldn't happen to anyone else. >> 5:13. we have new information about the death of a woman. her body was found in a hospital stairwell in san francisco. what we're learning about another incident involving a visitor who got stuck in that same stairwell. >> good morning. bay bridge toll plaza . we did have that crash. they've moved it from the middle lanes. already a big back up which is earlier than normal. people are waiting around or taking the car today on this transitional day. >> some very thick fog out there. some so thick we have a dense fog advisory out. ♪
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good morning. welcome back. we're following breaking news this morning. if you are joining us, the bart over. bart trains are not carrying passengers at this hour though. this is a look at the dublin bart station. you can see the gates are opening. that's a hopeful sign. some stations did have the gates open only to close earlier this morning. bart is trying to workout staffing problem. trains are supposed to start running abou00th goal we are noo have the trains up and running at 6:00 this morning.
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about 45 minutes from now. that will also be a limited basis. full service is not expected until the afternoon. we havetrains leaving hayward wk yard. this comes after bart management and unions announced a tentative settlement. stay with ktvu for live team coverage of this breaking news story. >> time now 5:17. >> programmers involved in building the web site for president obama's health insurance overhaul say they were given deadlines to get the web site up and running. they were pressed for time and frustrated by last minute changes to the affordable care act web s problems sense it went online -- since it went online. president obama acknowledged the glitches on the web site. >> there's no sugar coating it. the web site has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process. and i think it's fair to say that nobody's more frustrated by that than i am.
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>> republicans already critical of the affordable care act. say the problems with the web site show the government isn't capable of managing a program this big. in california, the cover california health insurance exchange is the state's marketplace for the affordable care act. at 9:00 this morning, covered california's executive director will give a progress report on the october 1st roll out to the contra costa county board of supervisors. one of the state's call centers is in concord. >> 5:18. in a few hours, apple is expected to unveil next generation of ipads. ceo tim cook will host the event. the new ipad mini will have a higher resolution screen which is already used in the full sized ipad hchlt and also be faster processors speeding up. apple still dominates the market but market share is only about half of what it was last year.
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>> all right, time 5:19. the bart strike is over. they are working out glitches but sal is watching our commute. how are we looking so far? >> it looks okay. more people are driving . i don't think -- at least the early people they didn't know what was going to happen with bart. we saw live on our air they are raising up the gates at the dublin station there. so you will see trains running, bart says by 6:00, if not sooner. some people are already on the roads. let's take a look at the roads. you'll see that people are in the car. for 5:00, we don't have a back up like this. once bart service is up for good, i think by tomorrow when people realize it's up, we're going to have less traffic than we do right now. the good news is it may not be as bad as yesterday. yesterday when there was no service period, we had a
5:20 am
terrible morning commute. not a lot of options for you. interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic is moving along well. another issue we're dealing with is dense fog. if you are driving on the bridges or causeways, might hamper visibility and it's cold out there. let's talk about the commute here in the east bay. traffic is going to be looking okay so far on 24, 580 and interstate 80. little different from yesterday already. let's go to steve. >> you are becoming weather savvy. >> i learn from you, steve. >> thank you, sir. you i deputy utize you very thick fog. dense fog advisory until 9:00. usually something we show in june, july or august. there is warm air and squashing that fog. the bases are low. some of that is really thick. 29 in tahoe. 40s for many. monterey. even sacramento at 49 degrees.
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around a weak low. they are all weak . the next system coming in, there were early indications it might give us light rain. and speaking of, there's a little low down there. the end result is we get a lot of fog and that's it. pretty good hurricane. 115 miles hour. hurray mond. might drift back. any travel plans down there, going to call your carrier. 40s for many. a lot of cool or cold conditions. 49 san francisco. it was a cold day yesterday for many. if you are inland, it doesn't matter. starts off cool and gets warm. some areas got very warm yesterday. temperatures, 80s for some. 60s for others. coast and bay looking at 50s and 60s. it's getting a little late in the season to get this
5:22 am
spread. that's what we have for a few. 50s on the coast in the city. 60s south san francisco. those are what we call soft 70s. fog or sun. no big changes. i don't see anything changing. >> thank you, steve. time is 5:22. european markets are trading in a narrow range this morning as investors wait for the september job's report. markets in asia closed with mixed results. china and hong kong finished with losses. but japan and south korea had small gains. won't scale back program because of the turbulence caused by the u.s. government shut down earlier this month. that september job's report was delayed. we're still waiting to see that today. here's a look at yesterday's closing numbers. dow was down 7. nasdaq up 5. at this point u.s. stock futures
5:23 am
are flat as we await that job's reported to. >> 5:23. a 12-year-old starts shooting at a middle school in nevada. the latest that injured two students and a popular math teacher dead. >> an nike marathon mix up. the numbers people were given when they called to complain about the noise. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up,
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time now just about 5:26. hurricane raymond expected to drop rain. 120 mile an hour winds. it's a category 3 storm. that area still recovering from tropical storm manuel. hundreds of people have been evacuated from mountain commutes just as a precaution. >> game one in the world series in boston tomorrow. they have already started to take to the field for practice. the teams will face off for game one tomorrow night. meantime in st. louis, security measures are being put in place for the world series game there. agencies are working to make sure the big event is safe. game one and two will be played in boston tomorrow and thursday. you can watch game one right here on ktvu tomorrow night.
5:27 am
our coverage begins at 4:30. >> time now 5:26. people who called to complain about the noise from sunday's marathon in san francisco. they were given the number to a phone sex line. music and announcements when the race started at 5:30 in the morning. when people called to complain about the noise. they were told to call 800-run-nike. the complaint line is 866-run-nike. not clear yet how that mix up happened. bart passenger trains still not running at this point this morning. the latest on this morning's staffing problems and when bart expects service to actually resume. >> reporter: we're live at the dublin bart station. we'll update you when trains are supposed srt operating again. >> and it's crowded at the bay
5:28 am
bridge toll plaza. we had an earlier crash in the middle there. and some people still have not really gotten on the trains because they are not running yet. we're going to see slow traffic.
5:29 am
5:30 am
good morning. time now 5:30. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures. looking around at walnut creek bart
5:31 am
station. none of the stations are open yet. the security gate still down. there's a tentative agreement in the bart strike but the trains and buses are not up and running yet. they are trying to staff it. they just haven't done that. there are reports they are hoping to have limited service this morning hopefully by 6:00. right now not happening yet. we'll keep you posted on how things are is. let's toss it over to steefsh. >> a lot of fog. very thick fog out there. be careful. some of the visibility is awful. dense fog advisory until 9:00. some of it is cold. slow to burn off. still be a nice mild to warm day and some are really warm. clear lake was 88. 70s and 80s. cool and cold. except by the beach . 40s on the temps. a lot of 40s unless you are stuck in the low cloud deck. 49 in san francisco. and the high which was 57 yesterday.
5:32 am
59 today. last week had a high at 80. couple lows impacting us with a few high clouds. the fog is not going anywhere. so fog, sun, mild, cool to cold by the coast. here we go again. 50s, 60s closer to the coast. 70s and 80s continue inland. here's sal. >> the traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving in some areas. this is the transitional day even though bart trains will run. some people are taking the car. let's take a look at what we have with that. traffic at the toll plaza is backed up yesterday. we're not expecting as big of a back up. there is a back up now. this is early for the normal commute. i have a feeling the early people are going to have a much different experience than the later commute. people who go at 8:00 might have a different experience because trains by that point should be running.
5:33 am
let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. this traffic looks good heading across to the high rise. the commute there is taking 15 to 20 minutes. and if you are driving into walnut creek, southbound 680, that traffic looks good heading south and we're looking at the commute from walnut creek to danville. very nice drive and 580 westbound looks good. 5:33. back to the desk. >> all right. we continue to follow breaking news sal mentioned. the bart strike is over this morning. but at this point there's no bart service as was first planned. bart says a staffing problem forced a delay in running trains this morning. they were supposed to begin on a limited basis at 4:00 this morning. the goal is to have some trains up and running about 30 minutes now at 6:00. tara moriarty is live at the walnut creek bart station where earlier this morning some passengers expected to board on trains. they were told to take a charter
5:34 am
bus. curious what you are hearing from passengers. >> reporter: some folks have been wandering in only to be turned away from the gates. the gates are shut down and there are folks standing here waiting before 5:00 this morning bart announced it would not be running trains just yet. staffing issues forced to delay until 6:00. >> saying we're closed. >> everything was open and ready to go. they keep lying to us. >> angry bart riders demanded to know why the gates opened and shut again about 45 minutes later. passrs trains were not coming. most scrambled across the parking lot for shuttle buses. many were understanding but annoyed bart didn't deliver what it promised. >> you have to take the bus. >> i have to. >> is it delaying your schedule this morning?
5:35 am
>> not really. but screw up my sleeping habits. >> now, obviously we're off to a rocky start. when things pick up, we won't be at full service. limited until this afternoon. delays into the city this morning. try to monitor a couple commutes from the east bay into the city for you. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:35. the gates are open at the dublin pleasanton bart station. a lot of passengers that went in turned around and left. janine is there now to tell us about the frustration out there. good morning. >> reporter: yes, thatas earlier in the last hour. people are up about an hour ago. bart says service will start at 6 a.m. now. let's go to video we took earlier. bart riders arrived before 4 a.m.
5:36 am
they heard bart service would resume at that time. a bart policeman informed the riders trains were still in hayward and still waiting for staff to arrive and people would et on the train. lots of commuters left at that time. shortly after 5:00, the gates opened up and commuters were relieved but that was short lived. >> got here. i paid for my ticket, went up stairs. but there's a sign that says no train until 6 a.m. find another means of transportation. so it sucks. but got to do what you got to do. >> what are you going to do? >> start dri. looking at a live picture of the bart station here. where commutersre are actually l up there. again, i checked with a bart employee who is manning this information booth. he says he hasn't gone up to check. he's hearing in the next 20
5:37 am
minutes to half hour that people will be able to get back on. we will continue to monitor the situation. we do know that service is limited today and to expect delays. try to come early if afternoon service we're told is supposed to be back to normal. reporting live, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> bay area ferries expected to be packed today despite the end of the bart strike. the bay ferry says yesterday morning rider ship almost tripled. this was the line at the square. commuters were waiting for that boat ride to san francisco. more than 7500 people road thec0 people on an average m is 5:37. bart's recent labor troubles are directly tied to a boom in business for fasttrak. allows you to pay tolls electronically instead of
5:38 am
by hand. swamped with drivers wanting to sign up for service since bart workers first threatened to walk off the job earlier this month. many drivers say they notice fastrak lanes moving faster. governor jerry brown has until tomorrow to decide whether ac transit needs a 60 day cooling off period in on-going labor dispute. yesterday a panel appointed by the governor heard from managers and the public about the impact of a possible strike. several people told the panel a strike would most likely hurt low income riders, students and the disabled. >> over 60% of the families and individuals who take advantage of our services rely on public transportation. >> ac transit union members have rejected two contract offers. one of increase in the amount of money they would have to pay toward health insurance.
5:39 am
the panel will deliver their report tomorrow. >> 5:39. police in vallejo investigating a shooting last night that injured three people. happened at 8:00 in north vallejo. one of those victims was found inside a restaurant. police found two other victims at nearby hospitals. all are expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. a proposal to enforce tougher regulations for gun dealers attracted a full house at a city council meeting. gun dealers would have to get annual permits from the police department. also need to install alarm systems and have surveillance cameras. all of their employees would have ciuncidid not vote on that yet. >> time is 5:39.etermine what prompted a middle school student to bring a gun to school and
5:40 am
opened fire. injured two 12-year-old boys and killed a popular math teacher. the unidentified student began firing a semi automatic handgun after yesterday's morning bell at spark's middle school. he brought the gun from home. other students say the shooter had been bullied in the past. >> the best description is chaos. cannot say if he was targeting specific people or going on a shooting spree. >> the boy shot and killed himself. he was also 12 years old. >> time now 5:40. new development in the story of a patient whose body was found in a fire stairwell. a hospital visitor got stuck in that same rarely used stairwell five months before the body ofre. the woman that got stuck there say security workers didn't come to find her even though an alarm
5:41 am
went off. the patient who died disappeared on september 21st. her body was found more than two weeks later. ktvu has confirmed the report was made several days before spalding was found about a person lying in the stairwell. a lawyer for spalding's family says that raises questions about the thoroughness of the search. >> you don't go to a hospi to be treated for a condition and die of obviously tragic circumstances all alone out on a balcony. >> the lawyers calling for investigators to share their findings in the case with spalding's son and daughter to help ease their pain. >> time is 5:41. fire broke out early this morning in san rafael. why it was such a challenge to put out. >> unexpected stop for passengers. why they had to make an emergency landing and
5:42 am
how some got to their destination. >> even though the strike is over, looks like some people are taking the car. services slow to ramp up. people are choosing to get on the road. >> there's a lot of fog out there. so much so we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00. makes sense. any temperature change and extended rain.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:44. breaking news. if you are just joining us, the bart strike is over. however, bart trains are not yet carrying passengers at this hour. these are live pictures outside the walnut creek bart station. you see the gates are down. you can't get in yet. bart says there's a staffing problem. that's delaying the trains from running. they were supposed to begin on a limited basis at 4:00
5:45 am
this morning. now the goal is to have those trains up and running by 6:00 this morning just 15 minutes from right now. we did see some trains leaving the hayward work yard about an hour ago. all of this comes after bart management and the unions announced a tentative settlement last night. stay right here with us at ktvu channel 2 for live team coverage of this still breaking story. >> in other news this morning, no one was hurt after a delta airline's flight had to make an emergency landing. it made the landing in washington. passengers say a sensor went off in the plane about a fire in the cargo area. >> everybody was really calm and the crew did drama and we ld tt rental car to go to spokane. >> some passengers did take
5:46 am
rental cars and buses. others are waiting until this morning to catch a flight. >> islamic extremists may have hurt negotiations to replace him. some analysts say in fighting including some linked to al-qaida has strengthened the grasp on power. today in london, an international meeting is taking place with 11 nations from the west and mid east to attend peace talks next month. >> 5:46. back here at home. the city of san jose wants the community to help end gang violence. held the first of four gang violence forums. residents had a chance to speak out, vent their concerns about crime, gangs, prostitution and street safety. >> there was things going on that were like outrageous. >> you can see neighborhoods that are neglected cause the streetlights are out.
5:47 am
>> they would be held for the next three monday nights. the input would be used in the san jose gang task force action plan. >> residents behind a move to bring private patrols say they've raised enough money to start those services next month. right now the residents say they are in contract negotiations with a private company to begin patrols november the 4th. they say they are alarmed by recent rash of robberies and they can't wait for the city and the police to deal with crime in their area. >> time is 5:47. we are 15 minutes away from when bart trains are supposed to strike e. let's turn over to sal. what do you advise drivers at this point? it's kind of a do you wait for trains or get in the car? >> i would say, if you can and have flexibility, wait until later in the morning. or get to one of those charter buses. all
5:48 am
reports say those buses are not being used. they are sitting at the station empty. you can take the bus into the city and take the trains back tonight. they will be running at full service according it to bart. you don't have to do what i would do. but that's what i would do. let's go sxout take a look -- that's what i westbound high. you can see highway 4 traffic is moving along welcoming up to the pass grade. traffic time is down. southbound 680 the same thing goes. not really all that badf you are driving through. you can given yourself a little extra time if you are driving on 680. i do want to mention traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's better already than it was yesterday. not quite as crowded. 880 is slow. we started a little early. once trains start running , going to see a decrease in the traffic here. we're also looking at the
5:49 am
roads. yesterday at this time, we had a lot of red on our maps. this morning, less than that. there's slowing coming on 24 to 580. let's go to steve. >> sal, i'm in the fog. >> you are in. >> there's a lot of it out there. very thick fog. a dense fog advisory until 9:00. this is east shore by berkeley. some of that visibility can be pretty bad here. keep that in mind. pockets where it's clear and other areas really foggy. a big difference between the coast and inland temps. last week it wasn't that bad. is my computer stuck? no, it isn't. thick fog and cold if you are stuck in that with reduced visibility. it's getting late in the season. that's what we have open. 52 cloudy. a high of 66 today. down considerably. and even colder temperatures than that towards san francisco. 40s for many including redding. a very weak low.
5:50 am
another locuming in here . it will dive towards southern california. there's like three lows barreling around the west coast. a whopper of a hurricane off aculpulco. it's expected to drift aittle out to the west by tomorrow. today it is definitely right there about 100 miles west giving 4 to 12 inches of rain. 40s on the temps for many including coast bay inland or low 50s. san jose at 54. circulation around that low . only high clouds for the north bay. fog, sun, mild, cool coast echlt temperatures all over the map here. last week it was easy. about 75 to 85. this week 50s to 80s. really warm. san rafael. napa 73. concord 77. brentwood, oakland. 60s alameda.
5:51 am
72 san jose. not much warmer for many . 73. 50s half-moon bay. san francisco, mid 60s. not much warmer. low 70s. not much change here as we go forward. maybe higher clouds spinning . that's about it. temperatures are not changing much. >> thank you very much, steve. 5:51. the over do september job is out. the labor department announced the economy created 148,000 new jobs last month. that's about 32,000 less than most economists had forecast. but the unemployment rate slipped to 7.2%. some job seekers stopped looking. recalling the cars which were built between april 2008 and march of last year. owners of those cars are being asked to
5:52 am
bring in the vehicles for a break-in specs and replacement of brake fluid. >> 5:52. how good are south bay restaurants? the new focus on grading thousands of restaurants and how businesses and their customers will be affected. >> plus baseball takes a backseat at at&t park as one of the most celebrity couples gets engaged overnight at the home of the giants.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
good morning. we're looking at westbound 580 right near the dublin bart station. the freeway may be more cr just got a tweet from bart saying they are now running -- it is now running limited service. expect 30 to 45 minute delays system wide. now back to the desk. >> nice to hear that. time is 5:55. bu stock is being blamed for smog in china. schools, flights and highways have been shut down because of the low visibility and health risks. measures have now been taken to prohibit farmers from burning stocks or leaves. smog is expected to continue for the
5:56 am
next day. >> 5:56. you know the san francisco 49ers are in london and got there yesterday and already a big hit. yesterday the players spent some time with kids in a soccer facility. there's colin kaepernick there and other players. tossed around a football and taught fundamentals about american football. the 49ers play the jaguars this sunday. joe fonzi is right there following the niners. joe will file reports and post updates on twitter. you can follow joe at hash tag ktvuinlondon. >> kim and kanye are engaged. happened right here in the bay area. west at at&t park last night. rented out the stadium and invited all their friends and family. when the two stepped out on the field, the screen read please
5:57 am
marry me. it was also her 33rd birthday. the two have a daughter who is four months old. >> the bart strike is over but the chaos still going on. there was a big announcement came moments ago. >> the latest from union city where a man has died after an officer involved shooting. what police are saying this morning. >> good morning, right now traffic is moving okay. but we just got a tweet, i was just looking at that. bart says it is now running limited service. stand by. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. >> for some, it's foggy and cold. temperatures today will be a huge difference after we get rid of that dense fog. forecast coming up. the great american novel.
5:58 am
so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
5:59 am
good morning. welcome back. breaking news. after we rarted problems this morning. we can tell you the trains are running. the new development that happened moments ago. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning.
6:00 am
these are live pictures. this is the hayward bart work yard. the trains are getting ready to start rolling this morning. there have been delays this morning but we're told limited service will be available for you this morning on bart. they hope to have full service this afternoon. ktvu's alex savage is out there. we have live team coverage. sal and everybody else covering th


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