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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 23, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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jim leyland, the manager of the detroit tigers, ryan dempster gets loose, said summing up the american league championship series, the starters were good. their bullpen was great. >> tim: well said. >> joe: tonight lester was great. with two outs. still 0-2. 11:00 here in the east. the rain stayed away. weather's supposed to be nice tomorrow. carlos beltran left with a right rib contusion. napoli started the scoring.
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ortiz, 16th career postseason home run. jon lester, 7 2/3 scoreless. here's the 0-2 again. skips in. cardinals had a tough time against left handed starters. they rank 20th during the regular season. four games under when a left hander started. right handed starters, they had the best record in baseball. to be a right hander, john lackey tomorrow night against the young 22-year-old michael wacha for st. louis in game two. on the air 7:00 tomorrow night on fox sports 1. 2-2 on jay with holliday on
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deck. every phase of the game here tonight. so far the red sox have outplayed the cardinals. defensively. getting key hits. driving in runners in scoring position. and the matchup of the two number one starters, lester outpitched wainwright. inside corner. struck him out. lester applauds and these fans were applauding him all night long. ♪
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>> joe: coming up after the world series, from the big awards to the big deals, nobody covers the offseason like mlb network. three prime time shows and tv's only morning show dedicated to baseball, it's on mlb network beginning monday, november 4th. carlos martinez just turned 22. toward the end of the september. from the dominican republic. you see the numbers during this postseason. he has pitched his way to the top of the list because of stuff like that. just slinging home a 98-mile-a-hour fastball for strike one to the pinch hitter daniel nava. batting for jonny gomes.
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that's strike two. this guy just has they say and it's probably overused by electric stuff. >> tim: i was thinking about that. electricity. i don't know who came up with that term but whoever did must have been thinking about carlos martinez. >> joe: gomes finished for the night. martinez takes over and no real surprise for mike matheny. he's got a young bullpen. guys with so much talent throughout and short on experience and so here in the world series on the road at fenway, why not get them in the ball game? >> tim: you can do it in an american league city because you don't have to pinch hit for your pitcher or the pitcher's spot. could more or less bring in pitchers without paying the price of using a hitter. can't do that in the national league city, of course. >> joe: that's worth talking about as we get ready for the
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game three on saturday in st. louis. here's one in to left! in to the corner. it takes a hop and bangs around before holliday can get it back in and daniel nava who with .300 plus in the regular season and found his way to the bench in favor of him, jonny gomes lately in the postseason just steps off the bench and hits a double. >> tim: nothing but good words by john farrell of a guy understanding like daniel nava is. now think about this. your ace in the american league in hitting and you have jonny gomes, a right handed hitter hitting in front of you or playing in front of you, playing six games, six of the ten prior to this game. and you accept it. so these red sox are teeming with team players. >> joe: here's xander bogaerts. up to get it. this is a 22-year-old facing a
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21-year-old at the plate here in game one of the world series. we talked a lot about bogaerts in the alcs. he's from aruba. speaks four languages. was going to be five but he dumped out of french. thought it was too much. he's got superstar written all over him when you sit down with him and he's just not scared at all of the big stage. >> tim: no. he just so aware of things around him. just can't say enough about this young man. from the island of aruba. >> joe: that goes back to the backstop and over to third goes nava with nobody out. >> tim: that might have been a cross-up right there. molina looked like he was
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waiting for the local. he got the express. and when you're catching a guy like carlos martinez, that can be terrifying. watch molina. he had no idea that fastball was coming. >> joe: happiest guy is john hirschbeck locking over the left shoulder of molina. that whistled right by his ear. it's a white pitch. good breaking ball from martinez. 2-2. infielders are in. nava at third. nobody out. already 7-0, boston on top. well hit. on a line. and holliday for an sac fly. nava can walk home and bogaerts has got his first postseason rbi.
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and you can bet number 72 will be in the lineup tomorrow night against michael wacha. >> tim: you can bet he'll have a different number next year. it won't be the stratospheric 72. it will be something in the 30s or 40s, i would think. he's earned that. >> joe: a double, a wild pitch, an sac fly. here's stephen drew. drew tonight has a hit. so for a guy who struggled with only three this postseason coming in, he'll take it, but that was the pop-up in front of the mound that wainwright just let drop. 2-0. 2-1. fox sports live has you covered with complete postgame insight and analysis from game one.
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we'll have the latest on the injury to carlos beltran and analysis and just what went wrong with the cardinals defensively and exclusive reactions from fenway park. ground ball right side. adams to the bag. two out. that's after the game from fenway to l.a. fox sports live has you covered only on fox sports 1. the world series on fox is sponsored by -- number nine man in the order is david ross. and again, time is granted late. ross tonight with a sharp single his first time. struck out his next two times
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up. now deals with martinez. that rides up and in and that's got david ross talking to himself. >> tim: well, you know what happened? david ross called time-out too late and that does not make pitchers very happy because there's a real danger that you could hurt yourself so what does he do? he comes up and in. little calling card. >> joe: and yadier molina immediately popped up and went out there to talk to the 22-year-old. >> tim: right, right. >> joe: here's the late time called. >> tim: pitcher cans hurt themselves like that. particularly the loose, limber wind-up so the first pitch to ross, don't call time-out that late. that was the message sent there. >> joe: and then yadier molina delivered his own message to the
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rookie right hander. >> tim: right, right. >> joe: count's 2-0. fourth world series for yadier molina. he was a rookie in '04. was the primary catcher in '06. 2011, now 2013. ross flies to right. and it's a run in the eighth inning for the red sox on the way to a game one victory here in the world series. i need to be unrecognizable. somebody that i can pull off a fun prank with.
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>> joe: don't forget. fox sports live on fox sports 1 coming up after the game with analysis of this one, latest on carlos beltran. eric carros is dialed in and you will hear from him on fox sports 1. daniel nava stays in the game. he's in left. ryan dempster takes over on the mound after tazawa got the final out in the eighth. 8-9 record this season for dempster and a guy that used to pitch in the back end of the bullpen for the cubs. he delivers a strike to matt holliday and while we talked about, tim, some of the young guys getting a chance to get their feet wet in the world
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series for the cardials, i understand why john farrell doesn't want to bring euhara out of bullpen for the cardinal ts get a look at the splitter before the game is on the line. he's getting loose just in case but right now it's dempster. holliday, 1 for 3. strike two. >> tim: when you think about the rest of the american league, though, they have had a look at euhara and they can't do anything. >> joe: doesn't matter. >> tim: doesn't matter you face him the first time or the tenth time. the guy's unbelievable. trevor rosenthal, the closer for the cardinals who's turned in to be the closer, he's so overpo r overpower overpowerering. >> joe: well hit. back at the wall. it's gone.
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a home run for holliday and the cardinals are on the board. it's 8-1. third postseason home run for matt holliday this year. that ball was pounded in to left center. >> tim: matt putting all of his 245 pounds behind that one. over the boston "be strong" sign in left center field. hit a ton. fastball. >> joe: ball outside to allen craig. we started to go into last inning the difference between playing here in the american league park and fenway opposed to in st. louis and busch stadium where there is no dh. it's a big disadvantage to the
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red sox, a team that's got the best dh in the history of the designated hitter and david ortiz and constructed like a strong, american league club. david ortiz who played first base in interleague play this season, you lose ortiz or napoli's bat when the series goes to st. louis. >> tim: napoli's having a red hot postseason. two home runs against detroit. we showed one of them. that was a game five. against anibal sanchez. >> joe: the only against verlander and a three-run double tonight in the first inning. >> tim: yeah. the game against verlander, it was the only one scored in the ball game. that was game three. >> joe: craig pops it up. out is pedroia. in comes victorino. one out. the batter will be molina oo who's 1 for 3. >> tim: it always has been a
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problem for the american league team because they lose the designated hitter after grooming one all yearlong. grooming one not only one with david ortiz. he is as you said the best one. >> joe: been a star for the red sox since 2003. as molina takes a strike. as that big alcs in 2004, a big reason why the red sox came back to beat the yankees. he's homered tonight. almost had two. >> tim: swinging the be the like that, i would think john farrell plays david ortiz and sits mike napoli. he's just swinging the bat so well. >> joe: cardinals do not have a left handed start er.
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>> tim: no. you know, the approach you take, hope he drives in more than he lets in. >> joe: john lackey, tomorrow night's starter. molina waits far 2-1 pitch from dempster. these two have seen a lot of each other. count's 2-2. boston team that added seven free agents. dempster on the list and a new manager in john farrell who spent two years in toronto. ben sherington, general manager, what a job he's done constructing this team. that's pedroia. two outs.
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got rid of over $240 million worth of contracts in the trade last year with the dodgers. beckett was gone. adrian gonzalez was gone. carl crawford was gone. nick punto thrown in. dodgers got to the postseason this year. red sox are in the world series. one out away from a game one win. strike one on freese. >> tim: yeah, the players they got in return from the dodgers were not important. it was shedding the red sox of that money. freeing that money up so they could sign seven free agents. here's john henry, the principle owner of the red sox. >> joe: tom warner, the front office. now one strike away. dempster's 16 years he's been around. his first taste of the world series. he's allowed a home run but now
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he's one strike away. from ending game one. 1-2. freese 0 for 3 tonight with a pair of strikeouts. bounced in to a bases loaded double play back in the fourth. it was a 5-0 game at that point. it's now 8-1. 2-2. euhara's stopped throwing for boston out in their pen. tomorrow night, john lackey and michael wacha. veteran right hander, the rookie
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right hander. here is the 2-2. in to right. base hit. victorino! safe. as freese just beat the throw. >> tim: by sliding. feet first. victorino plays a shallow right field and with david freese before the series is over, he could be burned playing too shallow because freese has great power the other way. just safe is freese. better shot -- oh. >> joe: and napoli, he was ready for the throw. and safe is the call by mark wegner. dempster thought the game was over. looked like the right foot went over the bag. safe was the call.
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>> tim: maybe. >> joe: the first night of the night for freese. matt adams. he's the guy that took over for allen craig when he went down with the basis at first base and boy did he take over. dempster has two strikes on the hitter. ball one inside. adams had a hit taken away and a
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diving catch by gomes left in the fifth. he's 0 for 3. st. louis with seven hits. boston with eight runs on eight hits. cardinals had played 11 postseason games coming in to tonight. had committed three errors. they committed three errors here tonight in game one. red sox win game one! dempster getting the final outs. a big night for david ortiz.
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who drove home three. and almost had his second grand slam of this postseason. 8-1 is the final in a 3:17 game one. napoli with a big swing in the first inning unloaded the bases with a three-run double against wainwrig wainwright. first-year manager john farrell given high fives. second-year mike matheny was watching the celebration as he peels away and goes back in to the cardinals clubhouse as the red sox are up one game to nothing and down to ken rosenthal. >> what made them so good? >> locating both sides of the plate. the cutter's so tough and when we goes away to righties and locates the way he does, pretty impressive tonight. >> ken: the play in the first inning, play overturned, what
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did you think when you were called out at second base? >> well, i was trying to slide in there and break up two and kind of saw wasn't on the transfer. but i mean, he calls you out you have to run off the field but they got it right. >> ken: how surprised were you that they overturned it? >> i don't know. they have great umpires out there. there's a lot of them. they try to get it right. that's the best way to do things. >> ken: last thing, dustin. 2007 was your last world series. how much fun is it being back? >> it's a blast. we're the last two teams playing. both teams played their tails off all yearlong getting to this point and you have to have fun and enjoy it and play the best you can. >> ken: thanks a lot. over to erin andrews. >> erin: thanks so much. papi, the call that was overturned. how did it affect you guys? >> well, it was pretty obvious it wasn't a transfer. you know?
8:29 pm
seems like he missed the ball and the umpire got the right call and got some momentum. >> erin: for you at the plate. a nice night. almost a grand slam out there. what was the difference for you at the plate? >> nothing. just like i said before, you know, and the one series against the tigers, i didn't get that many hits but putting good swing on the ball and stick to my plan. >> erin: what was the reaction seeing carlos beltran come up with the ball back there? >> but no. we keep on playing. at least we got a rbi and it was a good situation. we was up by four and continued the momentum. >> erin: thanks so much. appreciate it. >> all right. >> erin: joe, back over to you. >> joe: so the celebration after game one down on that field here at fenway park. an 8-1 final boston wins it. it started with this reversal of a call at second base and then the red sox like all good teams do took advantage and they got
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the performance that jon lester could have hoped for coming in to game one. he gets the win. so does boston. final 8-1. back after this.


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