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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 23, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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the performance that jon lester could have hoped for coming in to game one. he gets the win. so does boston. final 8-1. back after this.
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>> the san francisco 49ers are in london and so is ktvu. we're talking with the faithful across the pond. >> i was praying they would get a touchdown. >> tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2.
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>> joe: red sox leading this world series one game to nothing. they have now won nine straight world series games. tonight 8-1 behind jon lester against adam wainwright. mistakes really cost the cardinals early. the error by kozma. the ball that dropped didn't go as an error but it hit for drew right in front of wainwright. second error for kozma and then one by freese later that added a
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couple of more runs. typically, a very good defensive team struggled here with the gloves in game one. once again, the final score here tonight in game one, 8-1 boston wins it. tomorrow night, 8 two of the world series from fenway. pregame coverage begins at 7:00 eastern with a fox sports live world series special followed by 7:30 eastern here on fox as michael wacha, the 22-year-old, 3-0 this postseason, takes to the hill against john lackey. for more coverage and live press conferences and clubhouse access, turn to fox sports 1 for "fox sports live" and on fox stay tuned for your local news except for on the west coast. thanks to pearl john mccain and their new album "lightning bolt." here's this song from pearl jam,
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"sirens." from all of us, good night from boston. ♪ the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >> smoke and flames spewed from underneath a bart train as
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commuters were headed home from their work day. panels had to evacuate the train and tonight bart is trying to figure out how the fire started. >> welcome to a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news following game one of the world series. that pittsburgh bay point train was stopped at the orinda bart station as smoke continued to come from the train. heather holmes is at the orinda station now where she spoke with bart and passengers about tonight's emergency. heather. >> reporter: julie, we are here as our firefighters, i'm told the fire is out. crews remain here on the scene, as does the train itself. there it is on the elevated tracks. i've learned that this fire started right smack-dab in the middle of the train in the fifth car of the ten-car train. i want to show you what it looked like by those passing by. take a look at this video. you can see all of that smoke billowing from underneath this train. it has not been a good couple
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of days for bart riders. they were just heading home when suddenly they were told they needed to evacuate. listen to what one passenger told us. >> they told us to get out. and yeah, we smelt the smoke, but seemed to get progressively worse. >> reporter: now, a few minutes ago i spoke with a bart spokeswoman. she tells me that at this time, they have determined that this was some sort of equipment malfunction, an electrical shortage. the fire chief tells me indeed this fire was a bit of a challenge. of course, they had to deal with the third rail and energized car so it took time for firefighters to get to the source of this and actually put it out. by as i mentioned happened just about 30 minutes ago. but frank and julie, a rough night for commuters. some of them had to take buses to other locations. the gentleman you heard from actually hopped in a cab and shared it with some fellow passengers as he tried to get to walnut creek. the big news is right now that this train is going to be here. bart technicians are here on
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scene. they're going over the train and the tracks and also looking through that equipment to try to pinpoint the exact cause and determine when they can move this train and get full service restored here. the latest from walnut creek, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you've been talking with passengers and bart. there were major delays in service. are there still delays or is it getting better right now? >> reporter: it is getting better. there are still delays there. as long as the train is on the track there will be delays. what i learned is firefighters have within the last 5-10 minutes cleared the southern end of this flat form. we've seen a couple of trains stop, allow passengers to board and deboard the train. they're hoping in a little while they'll be able to restore service on one of those tracks. again, this train is going to be here for many more hours as they try to pinpoint the exact calls of this fire. >> long night for bart commuters and drivers heading east toward orinda tonight on
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highway 24. a sonoma county sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave tonight after authorities say he shot and killed 13-year- old boy yesterday afternoon. ktvu's mike tells us people who knew the boy are trying to come to terms with what happened. >> he was a good kid. he wasn't into gangs or drugs or anything like that. >> reporter: neighborhood residents came to pay their respects. >> i just feel really sad as a parent. >> reporter: and to vent their emotions. >> shot seven times. i don't think that's right. >> you have to be on drugs to shoot a 13-year-old seven times. >> reporter: in a late- afternoon news conference, santa rosa police, the investigating agency, sailed it was 3:14 in the afternoon when a sonoma's sheriff's deputy shot lopez multiple times. the teen died at the scene. as he walked out was this replica rifle with no orange
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tip. it's what drew the attention of the deputy. >> i know the deputy shouted at the subject to drop the gun. and that his statement is that the subject did not drop the gun but instead turned toward him with the gun. >> reporter: today police showed what the replica looked like there on the left compared to a real assault rifle there on the right. >> again, if your question is do the weapons look similar, i believe they do. >> reporter: today the crime scene tape was back up as they searched the field looking for bullets. at the same time and the same spot, friends are remembering the boy who loved basketball, 13-year-old andy lopez. tonight they're reflecting on the shooting that took his life. >> we're not going to let this one slide, you know. enough is enough. it's time for a change. >> reporter: that superintendent of the school boar said that andy lopez had no behavior issues and was well liked at school and on his basketball team. in santa rosa, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now on
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fake or toy guns. federal law requires that they have a bright orange plug in the barrel and an orange stripe one inch thick must be on both sides of the barrel. it's also illegal to cover those markings. union city police identified a man today who was shot to death by an officer monday night. investigators say 47-year-old timothy lopez was confrontational when they responded to his home on reports of a disturbance. police say lopez threatened officers with a pipe before he was shot. investigators say lopez was on parole and had a prior warrant for resisting an officer. a suspect in an attempted homicide is under arrest following a police pursuit and crash in berkeley. this is how the crash ended when the suspect's car crashed into a tree on the alameda north ofhopkins street early this morning. dwayne naylor of texas was injured but expected to survive. he beat a man just prior to
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that chase. at east oakland, a neighborhood is boiling over with frustration tonight because of sideshow activity this last weekend that turned violent. a 69-year-old man was beaten all because he just wanted some peace and quiet. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, city leaders and police are joining residents in their frustration. >> reporter: the signs after sideshow are obvious at the corner of foothill and mcarthur in east oakland. >> we can hear it, smell the burnt rubber. >> reporter: just a block away on sunday afternoon, residents had enough. >> we don't have the protection that our property tax pay for. >> reporter: dangerous side shows are common in many oakland neighborhood. residents say on sunday they called police repeatedly but that officers took too long getting here. so 69-year-old jack morton took matters into his own hands. armed with this baby bat, he told the drivers to leave. >> in one sense i don't care what happens to me or them. it's got to stop. >> reporter: that didn't go
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well. numerous sideshow participants attacked him. >> i got a number of bruises and scrapes and the beating in the head. they hit me in the head. >> reporter: a neighbor helped rescue him and firefighters rushed morton to the hospital. >> they really rolled him in a sense. gashes in his scalp, he now has staples and stitches in his head. >> reporter: residents say officers didn't arrive for a full half hour after their first 911 call on the sideshow. police say since they're so short staffed they have to prioritize calls for service. >> if it's a life and death situation that's going to be priority number one as opposed to property crimes. >> reporter: the mayor said i can't promise anyone it will be a safe city until we can get more police officers. >> my husband's life is worth something. if he's got to go down, it's not going to be because of these thugs, because we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder and let them know not here, not now, not ever again.
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>> reporter: police stress never take matters into your own hand away jack morton did. morton tells me he won't be doing it again. in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. an elderly san francisco couple has lost their eviction fight. the lees have reportedly left their apartment at the base of nobody hill. it happened -- nob hill. as we showed you last month, the pending eviction drew protests. the building is set to be converted into condos. advocates are trying to find the couple an affordable place to live. the mayor race got more crowded. dave core testy announced -- cortezy announced today he is making a bid for the mayor's bid. cortessi says his platform includes hiring more police officers. >> this was the safest city in america five years ago and i want to bring it back to that
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level. it will take a lot of work, a lot of healing and a lot of trust. >> mayor reed is being turned out of office at the end of next year. the field of candidates to replace him also includes san jose vice mayor wynn and others. after flip-flopping several times, facebook has now decided to remove a gruesome video after beheading. the social networking site says it did not change any policies because of the worldwide controversy but decided this particular video glorified violence. the social media issued this statement explaining its position on violent videos. if it is being shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence, facebook removes it. and a dense fog continues to top our bert headlines. we had fog this morning. it's redeveloping right now. it's going to be a key factor into the forecast for tomorrow. right now you can't see the
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coverage basically hugging a portion of the bay area coastline and pushing into the bay. here's a closer inspection with our mapping system. that cloud deck will continue to increase in coverage at least in the short tim. more cloud cover near the immediate coastline. our live camera shows you some haze out there. here is our live camera in oakland and lingering haze and more cloud cover pushing over the region in the next four to eight hours. that will have an impact in your visibilities for the morning could newt. as far as the dense -- commute. as far as the dense fog advisory, until 11:00 tomorrow morning for the north bay valley up toward napa. visibility could be down to less than one quarter of a mile. for the bay's short line, out toward oakland, hayward and fremont. watch out for big drop-off in visibility first thing tomorrow. tomorrow the cloud cover clearing back to near the coast. it will take its time until the
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early portion of the afternoon. the weekend a sun cloud mixed. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. overnight lows will be back into the lower 40s for sap take rosa -- santa rosa, napa. liver more 46 degrees. dense morning fog, hazy sunshine. the next system i'm watching offshore, this will be drifting closer to southern california. by friday this will definitely generate higher cloud cover. the shower activity remains offshore. something we'll keep an eye on. but all week the forecast models keeping all the shower activity out on the west. close enough, this could actually help mix out the cloud deck and have earlier clearing times of the fog. here is our forecast model tomorrow morning. 7:00 san francisco, fremont, san jose, santa rosa and napa. forecast for tomorrow, only in the upper 50s in pacifica,
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santa rosa at 70 degrees. fremont 69 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. your weekend is approaching. few extra high clouds for friday and then saturday morning. clearing skies for sunday. big temperature drop for day five on monday. stepping outside the door first thing tomorrow morning definitely want to bundle up. it will be cool out there. 40s, right around 50. >> thanks, mark. >> sure. he is accused of driving a city truck over a mother who was sunbathing in a park. the show of support in court today important at the time city worker now facing criminal charges in her mouth. a payout for the usc davis police officer involved in the pepper spraying of student protesters. the impact he says he suffered that prompted the financial settlement.
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a city worker accused of running over a woman in holly park appeared in a san francisco courtroom today. as ktvu's david stevenson tells us, so were many of the man's friends who say it was all a horrible accident. >> reporter: flowers and photos mark the spot where christine svanemyr was killed september 5th. today the recreation and parks worker accused of running her over entered a plea in court. >> immediately, when i heard the charges, i said, oh, my gosh, that was an accident, absolutely. >> reporter: friends and family of the defendant filled the courtroom as the attorney entered not guilty pleas on vehicular man slaughter and hit- and-run charges. he recklessly veered his truck off a paved path, prosecutors say and ran over a woman as she lay sunbathing with her baby and dog. the father of six is devastated and said he swerved on to the grass to avoid hitting an unleashed dog, his attorney
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said. >> the dog scampered out from underneath the car and then he was okay. but then he started thinking maybe he hit something else because he mentioned he had seen a baby about 45 feet to the right. >> reporter: his attorney says he left the scene but quickly notified a supervisor and cooperated with police. prosecutors said he told his supervisor, quote, i hit something, maybe a dog or a child. >> the right thing to do would have been to come to a stop, not to go over the lawn and certainly not to continue to drive over the lawn. when you feel the bump and you run over something to stop and see what was going on. >> reporter: the husband was described as too devastated to appear at the arraignment. the judge allowed the bail to be reduced to $100,000. he'll be back in court on monday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the uc dallas police officer at the center of the notorious pepper spraying
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episode on campus received a workers' compensation settlement. the davis enterprise reports 40- year-old john pike will receive over $38,000 as a result of that settlement. the video of officer pike pepper spraying occupied protesters in 2011 made headlines all over the world. he was fired in 2012. in his workers' comp claim, pike said he and his family received death treats and he suffered from depression and anxiety. continuing coverage now, the bart accident that killed two workers. this is a look at that re- enactment staged today along the same stretch of tracks where those two men died. it's all part of the ntsb's investigation into last weekend's accident. ktvu ali rasmus. >> reporter: it traveled the same speed and direction as the train involved in the deadly accident. at 1:50, it passed a spot where
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two men were struck and the train hit the brakes next to the track were two life-sized mannequins. today's re-enactment is the latest step into the deaths of the two men. john earl participated in three ntsb investigations in his 30- year career. even though they were aircraft negs investigations he says the ntsb methods are the same. >> you have to have recreated as best as mankind can an exact duplication of the conditions in which the incident or accident, whatever your phraseology you like to use, occurred. >> reporter: he says every last detail is taken into account. >> having people sitting in the same exact seat, possibly even the same size of individual. they try and recreate it to a t. >> reporter: while the re- enactment took place there were no passengers running on this section of track. shuttle buses ran from the
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laugh pay yet bart -- lafayette bart station where the tracks were closed. >> it's important to find out what happened. it's very troubling. >> reporter: bart had 10-15 bus us running between the lafayette and pleasant hill stations this afternoon. they carried 4,000 passengers while the track was out of service. in walnut creek, ktvu channel 2 news. >> no a.c. transit strike at least for now. an almeet da county -- alameda county judge order add cooling- off period. we are on the scene in orinda tonight where a fire underneath a bart train caused an emergency evacuation during the evening commute and it is still causing delays. the very latest coming up on the 10:00 news. >> we're always here for you at thanks for joining us. we'll be back in about an hour with more news. until then, good night. >> good night.
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