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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we have new information about how yes' bart fire will affect this morning's commute. >> live in concord where there is a strong response as a to you yard goes up in flames, we will show you the damage and bring you the details. [ cheers ] >> a call for justice in santa rosa, after a deputy shoots and kills a 13-year-old boy, new information about what investigators say that boy did before the deadly confrontation. >> also shopping trip at a wal- mart takes a disturbing turn in the south bay, what police say this man did that has them
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investigating, all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, it is another bad morning, sorry to say for bart commuters, live pictures you are looking at, that is that disabled train still sitting on the tracks in arinda in the east bay, damaged in a fire yesterday. it may take hours for the crews to get it out to remove it. ktvu's christien kafton is there. he will bring the latest on this in just a couple of minutes. good morning, welcome to thursday, october 24th, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning, let's start you off with a quick look at your weather and traffic and steve, i know i said i liked it cool but don't cool it down too much. >> always -- >> -- demand -- >> -- demand -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- bigger fog bank today, bigger yes, in that it is lifting a little bit so even inland areas will come down on
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the temperatures today because there is a little low approaching, actually a pretty good-sized low but enhancing that so some but not the amount yesterday, hazy sunshine inland, the breeze picking up, a westerly breeze, friday we get a bigger fog bank as well and maybe drizzle. does not look like this will come in here, move towards southern california, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and it looks like these temperatures are stuck. i don't expect these to move too much. san francisco another tough day for the coast and even in san francisco going 59 for a high after yesterday's 61. i think you had the warmest testimony this week was schwa two days ago. the low there will enhance the fog bank so morning fog, sun inland, wind in difficulta, sunny but cooler so instead of 80s bringing those down, 70s for some away from the coast, 50s, 60s closer to it, here is sal. >> all right, steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good for the most part. we are looking at some of these life pictures, interstate 880 is doing well.
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just as steve mentioned, the fog is there. it is just higher, so it is not going to affect drivers in many areas as it did yesterday. yesterday was really dense and low to the ground and we could not even see a lot of these traffic pictures today we are having better luck with that. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that still looks good, obviously we will watch that closely. i want to mention the bart situation, bart is expecting delays today, they have a train stuck on the track in arinda, you will hear more about that but i will tell you it is expected to cause delays, later on especially. the nimitz freeway traffic on 880 and hayward looking good, back to the desk at 5:03. >> as sal just told you a fire underneath a bart train at the arinda station late yesterday, it is still affecting bart service right now, this morning. christien kafton is there. you are at the arinda bart station, so what is happening out there? >> reporter: we have a lot of
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new developments to get through, first the bart spokesperson just arrived on seen here and let's get the very latest information on how the morning commute may be affected by the train, which is still on the tracks here at the arinda station. >> right now there is no delays but at 5:00 a.m. bart puts a lot of more trains on this line so we will have to see that back up causes as they do that, the problem right now is we are taking blowtorch and physically taking apart a 1600 pound metal reactor box, it is a cube shaped thing, it is attached to the train on the track and preventing us from moving the train, that is what is going on now. we have to take the trunks and literally put it on a separate piece of equipment and get that out of the way and then the train, we don't have an eta but we want them to know they can board but we may have delays on this busy line. >> absolutely at this time you said no delays but again that commute starts to pick up
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around 7:00, if they are still work in on it that is when we could see an impact. >> that's right, the trains could back up, some of the trains are only 5 minutes apart, so hopefully we can get the train out of the way before that happens. >> any claritiy on what that piece was? from the description from firefighters gave me earlier they call a semiconductor box, what is that piece, what does it do? >> this is different from the semiconductor box, which is what the smoke was coming out of, this is called a metal mortar reactor and electrical component of the car, part of the car, it ways 1600 pounds and a cube shape, three by three feet and literally taking a torch to it as we speak to try to break it apart. >> okay, spokesperson thank you very much for the update. we will continue to try to check with you to try to get information out to commuters
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again, as quickly as possible, again alicia troughsth. still doing that, if it continues we could see more significant delays, we will continue to update you on how the morning commute will be impacted but taking a look you can see the train is still up there, we are hearing from firefighters just a couple of moments ago they are going to look to break the train apart so some of that train might be leaving, if you take a look here you might notice the fire crews have now gone, that is perhaps a hopeful sign they are getting close to dissembling this piece, we will again continue to check in with alicia troughsth to find out how this morning's commute will be impacted, for now live at the station, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in a couple of hours a
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critical meeting of bart's board of directors, they have to decide if they are going to approve the agreement that ended the bart strike monday night. five board members out of the nine are needed to approve it. there are some reports some of the board members may reject it. they fear bart gave away too much to the unions. the union members still have to approve that tentative agreement as well. the voting by those bart workers could start as early as today. meantime the bart board is also expected to talk about the last saturday's deadly train accident. a bart employee and a contractor were killed near the walnut creek station during a maintenance and training job during the strike. that tragedy is a subject of a very controversial news conference this morning. we will have that story for you coming up at 5:30. >> new this morning firefighters have knocked down a huge fire at a concord storage facility. ktvu's brian flores live to show us the damage and the big response from firefighters. >> reporter: the fire has been
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out for some time but go ahead and take a look at the damage there, you can see definitely where the fire left its mark, car damage, the fire went up in flames and dumpster and the fire obviously leaving its mark here, but if we take a look at the video shot hours ago pretty strong response as you mentioned from them last night. fire started around 11:00 p.m. last night here, firefighters say it started in the to you yard area where it quickly spread. it appeared to damage the building and what looked like quite a few cars were damaged as a result of the fire also. we also understand that firefighters had to deal with the fire outside but inside as well, they reportedly had to deal with the fire burning some cars and propane tanks also inside the building. but overall it took firefighters about 10 or 15 minutes to extinguish the fire. unclear how it started but witnesses say it may have started outside, also unclear whether anyone was here but
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they say there were no injuries, we take you here live, obviously with that we don't see the damage there, but it looks like cars were damaged, obviously the building was damaged as well, we are working with them to see if it appears suspicious in nature at this point but we have not heard back from them this morning, live from concord, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they will also search for the cause of the fire that gutted that home. they report the investigation was delayed because it took 14 hours to find the tenants, fletcher and bonita carson, they were scheduled to be evicted when the fire broke out and later found at a resort, the carsons claims they lost 30 years of belongings in that fire. >> 5:09, dozens of answer recommunity members protested last night on the streets of santa rosa. [ cheers ] >> now they marched through the neighborhood where a deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old
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boy tuesday afternoon. investigators say the officers repeatedly told the boy to drop what turned out to be a replica assault rifle. but they say the boy ignored those orders, then turned with the barrel of the fake gunpointing right at them. >> the deputy then fired several rounds from his service weapon at the subject striking him at least one time. the subject immediately fell to the ground. >> this is like anywhere else, in rural sonoma county, a kid with a pellet gun they would not have done nothing to him but in this urban area they just blast a kid. >> yesterday investigators displayed a real assault weapon next to the fake gun. they wanted to show how hard it was to tell them apart. however many people are still angry and say the shooting was
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totally unjustified. the district attorney is promising a investigation, they are supposed to have those colors and it is illegal to cover them up. police say his rifle did not have an orange tip. >> police are asking for the public's help identifying a man exposing himself, he was spotted walking up and down the isles before he exposed himself to a woman in the store, he is 28 to 35, 5 inches -- 5'9" with a medium to heavy build and last seen wearing those clothes and dark pants and an id badge around his neck, anyone with information is asked to call police. >> 5:11, crossing the bridge may cost you more, we will tell
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you more. >> plus the president will do that, the sticking point with republicans. >> good morning if you are driving there traffic looks good. >> low clouds, so cooler, we will take a look and see if this holds into the weekend. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy...
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hundreds of people gathered last night to honor the victims of monday's tragic school shooting in sparks, nevada.
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[ singing ] >> the vigil was held at sparks middle school where the shooting happened, police say a 12-year-old student shot and injured two fellow classmates and killed teacher and military veteran michael lancebury and later turned the gun on himself, the mother of one of the injured said her son is making progress. >> we are happy he is on the road to recovery and doing will and in fact he is up and moving around. >> she says her son was shot while trying to help lance bier and doesn't thing her son was targeted, classes have been cancelled for the rest of the week. a student in massachusetts has been charged in connection with the killing of a math teacher, phillip chisolm was arrested hours after her body was found. police say he was arrested based on statements he made and video from the school. he is being held without bail. so far police have not released a motive or have said how ritzer was killed. >> time now 5:15.
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well this morning immigration reform is back on the table in washington. president obama is planning a white house announcement to call on congress to pass new reforms. justin gray is in our washington, d.c. newsroom now with the challenge the president is expected to make to congressional republicans. justin. >> reporter: white house sources tell us the president will be joined on stage this morning by a broad coalition of immigration reform supporters. now the president will ask for what he calls common sense immigration reform, calling it the right thing to do. now that includes strengthening border security, creating an earned path to citizenship and holding employers accountable. the government shut down pushed immigration reform off the agenda but now the president planning once again to put it front and center. >> a lot of important work achieved in that bill that passed the senate that meets the president's criteria and he believes that -- he believes that there is a bipartisan majority in the house and
5:17 am
probably a significant one that would support that similar comprehensive approach. >> of course, the last time the president tried this he found a lot of resistance among house republicans. at 6:15 i will have the initial reaction from that side of the aisle with speaker john boehner. justin gray, ktvu channel 2 must. >> this morning a hearing investigates the problem plagued roll out of the website. several of the contractors who helped set up the website for the affordable care act will be testifying at this morning's hearings. lawmakers wanted health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius there to be there as well but she is in arizona today. she is scheduled to testify at a hearing next wednesday. >> san francisco mayor ed lee has pledged to respond to all petitions with a certain number of signatures. he is the first mayor in the country to make that pledge. the white house is responding to on-line petitions since
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2011, topics range from wall street reform and gun violence to questions from star wars fans about the possibility of a real life death star. they called for stop and frisk programs and those protesters. >> 5:17, sal you are watching the toll plaza, how is it so far? >> it is okay. >> okay. >> as you know we are watching that, the tracks there, they are single tracking, you heard the bart spokeswoman say no delays now, the same thing the dispatcher said, no delays now but later on in the morning when those trains get added on we could see delays most trains of course are on the other tracks heading toward san francisco, let's take a look at the toll plaza, as dave mentioned it is light and we are not looking good -- we are not looking slow -- we are looking good, not looking slow so far coming up to the area, let's move quickly there, it is 880, the fog is not an issue,
5:19 am
overcast but not like yesterday. we also have been looking at the commute here on 880 and 92 and 84, still a nice drive over to the peninsula, where it looks good. 5:18, let's go to steve. >> you and i may not look good but claudine looks fabulous. >> always. >> always. >> always. >> but not as smart. >> the damage is done probably for most of the coast even though the visibility -- visibility will be better, just not warm, i don't think it will burn off for some, santa rosa also those locations will have to deal with low clouds until noon, nothing new there, if you get the sun warmer, 68 in santa rosa, too much in the way of that, the wind picked up there, gusts of 29, things calm there for a while, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, a source of our bigger fog bank is this, looks good, looks good, but expected to get here and drive towards there but lift the fog and give
5:20 am
us drizzle as well probably tonight into tomorrow, maybe today, maybe today, but overall there is a lot of low clouds and fog, i mean from cresent city down to san diego and more extensive there, so some may not see the sun and bigger fog bank then and cooler in with maybe coast drizzle, so morning fog, some sun, wind picking up, if you are on the edge of the low cloud deck a westerly breeze, which is not something we have seen really, i mean it has been kind of calm around here at the surface hence all the low clouds and fog. 60s for some, 70s for others, but even bringing down clear lake to 79, 70s antioch brentwood, oakley, livermore down, walnut creek, 62 berkeley, 64 san leandro, oakland 63, 70 and jose, santa cruz, cool, cool, today no exception, 70s gilroy, morgan hill, fremont 68, 50s coast, in san francisco and 60s san mateo, redwood city, palo alto and woodside, too much of a low
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cloud deck in place, a cool morning, cooler day, mostly cloudy friday, higher cloud troughs that low saturday and sunday looks pretty good, next week though could be much colder and breezy which would chew up the fog though. >> wal-mart is expanding its operations in china, the world's largest retailer plans to on 110 new stores here or there rather by 2016 it already has 400 there. last year wal-mart bought control of its chinese on-line store which claims 24 million registered users, markets in taiwan, south korea and japan got a boost after china reported its manufacturing sector hit a 7 month high but china's own shanghai composite and hong kong's hang sang lost ground, analysts say they are worried that could hurt long- term growth, major european markets open trading today with gains of half a per sent, u.s.
5:22 am
stocks broke that, down much, dow down 54 points nasdaq 24 points, s&p eight points we are looking for a higher opening today, people happy still the federal reserve says it will not tapper off asset purchases until next year so we will keep an eye on them, they open in just over an hour. >> all right, claudine, time now 5:21, police are angry but what taggers did during the strike, we will su show you the damage and tell you what it costs to clean it up. >> a learn takes a dangerous turn at a school, the mishap involving an officer's gun that injured two students.
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welcome back, 5:24, a bizarre incident in southern california, a police officer's gun goes off by accident during a drug prevention event. it happened yesterday morning at newman elementary school in chino. police say one of the students pulled the trigger of a rifle that was mounted on a police motorcycle. >> one fail safe that was effective was that the bullet did disintegrate when it was discharged by striking the metal plate where the barrel rests. >> luckily none of the kids were hit, police say metal debris hit the students and that caused injuries. >> new concerns about mosquitoes carrying yellow fever here in the bay area, santa clara county officials
5:26 am
are worried the problem may spread to their area, mosquitos that carey the disease have been found there just 800 feet from the county line, specialists say it is critical people get rid of standing water because that is where mosquitoes breed. santa clara county and state officials are using traps to eradicate another pest, two fruit flies were found in cupertino, the bait stations will by placed there where the two flies were found. the mixture used in those traps attracts only the fruit flies, agriculture officials say the flies probably hitchhiked in on fruit brought in from another country. >> all right, claudine, time now 5:26, a worker who says he was hurt during the filming of the movie chasing mavericks is now suing the production company, eric hatton says he fell when the stairs on the bank of portable toilets gave way and suffered injuries, his
5:27 am
lawsuit claims the production company left the stairs in place even though they were broken, the movie chasing mavericks is about surfing off the san mateo coast where the movie was filmed. we have developing news for you from the east bay, a fire underneath a bart train in arinda at the end of the evening commute yesterday, well, we will tell you what is happening out there right now, how it is affecting bart service this morning. >> we are live in fremont where a case of indecent exposure has caught the eyes of fremont police and they are asking for help. >> good morning, interstate 280 downtown san jose looks like the train is going by there. the traffic is moving well in both directions. >> well, a lot of low clouds out there today, more so than fog, how will that play into a cooler inland forecast? [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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good morning, welcome back, the ktvu channel 2 morning news, this is live pictures in fremont where police say a man exposed himself to shoppers we will tell you about that but our other big story, more delays after a fire, more updates on those, welcome back, good morning, thursday, october 24th, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning, your time now 5:30, let's start you
5:31 am
off with a look at weather and traffic steve watching that for us. >> it is called a big fog bank and actually lifted so it is not as thick as yesterday when we had the advisories, the bases have come up a little bit. doesn't mean it is warmer, 50s or 60s, inland temperatures will have the biggest impact, santa rosa low clouds, probably slow to burn off, only going for a high today of 68 so that is coming down. we had a huge difference in the temperatures, 50s to 80s, now 70s, this low right there is enhancing that and might give us drizzle but means cooler temperatures, 50s, now 60s and 70s, here is sal. >> we just found out about a crash on 580 westbound there. blocking three lanes, see it there on the indicator. what i want to let you know is that traffic is already beginning to slow down coming in from livermore to the crash scene, westbound 580 at santarita road, three lanes blocked, and we are not sure exactly how serious the injuries are but it is reported
5:32 am
as an injury-accident so we will let you know more about this. westbound 580 at santa rita road almost at 680. now getting a big back up here. this could be a huge problem to you if you are at home listening to this you might want to expedite out the door and get out -- get yourself out there earlier rather than later. all right, let's go to some other things here. i have it on the line up the bay bridge is getting slower now in some of those. not huge but there is a lightly slu down there. this morning on interstate 880 traffic is looking good. back to the desk. >> we begin with developing news from the east bay, a fire underneath a train at the arinda station yesterday is still affecting bart service this morning. it is taking longer than expecting to remove the train, which is still at the station so bart is being forced to single track, which is expected to create delays, the last hour we talked to a spokeswoman about what crews are trying to
5:33 am
do right now. >> this is a busy line, some trains run 5 minutes apart from each other and so hopefully with can get everything out of the way before it is really crunched time with the passengers -- >> passengers first spotted milk -- smoke billowing out from underneath the car, there you see it rear there, you can actually see the flames too, this after it pulled in last night. bart immediately shut down the entire line and authorities were able to get the passengers off the train. christien kafton is going to join us with a live update at 6:00. >> 5:33. a bay area labor group wants a criminal investigation into the cause of saturday's deaths of two workers at the walnut creek bart station. the group called united public workers for action says bart and bart managers should face criminal charges as a result of that accident. the group is planning a rally this morning outside the bart board meeting in oakland, a manager, being trained to drive trains in the event of an
5:34 am
extended strike was operating the train that hit and killed christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels. a federal investigators continue to investigate their deaths, a stretch of tracks was closed for several hours yesterday while they re-created the accident. >> you have to have re-created as best as mankind can, an exact duplication of the conditions in which the incident or accident, whatever your phraseology you would like to use occurred. >> the passengers traveling between lafayette and pleasant hill, they were transferred to buses. bart is also changing the controversial policy after the deaths of those two workers there. san francisco chronicle reports bart has suspended a 30-year- old procedure that makes the workers solely responsible for their own safety when they are on the tracks, crews will be required to slow down trains to
5:35 am
27 miles an hour, or come to a complete stop when work is being performed on the tracks. also today a decision about bikes on bart. coming up at 5:45 the vote scheduled today that could be a big victory for people who bike to work. >> fremont police are asking for the public's help in trying to track down a man who exposed himself in a shopping center. janine de la vega joins us live from fremont now with a photo of the suspect. >> reporter: claudine the incident happened here at the wal-mart. it was caught on cameras inside the store, police are looking for the man in this photo, store security provided these images to officers, which shows the suspect here wearing dark pants, a red shirt and a vest. it appears he is wearing glasses and a landow yard around his neck, police say he exposed his groin area walking in the store, we reached out to
5:36 am
them to find out if he was doing this in front of children. we know it happened at around 2:30 on tuesday afternoon, we are still waiting to get more details from police. if you recognize the man police would like to hear from you. a first time offense of indecent exposure is a misdemeanor and could lead to six months in jail, a second offense is a felony and could involve time in state prison, if convicted the person must register as a sex offender. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> fire ripped through the facility sending flames into the air, brian flores live with video of these huge flames and a look at the damage left behind. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, yeah, dramatic video which you will see then, but go ahead and look at that damage from the fire from last night. this is a towing company, a storage facility from what we are hearing. as you can see damage to the
5:37 am
building from the fire obviously a car was damaged it looks like, used tires, dumpster, then if we pan to the right there if you can do that, you can see the door looks like that, looks like that was also damaged as well but take a look at this from then. pretty strong response from firefighters, this fire started again around 11:00 last night here, firefighters say it started in the tow yard area in the back and quickly spread and appeared to damage the building and it looks like quite a few cars from that. we also understand they had to deal with it outside but also inside as well, cars damaged inside and also hearing propane tanks were also there too, took firefighters overall 10 or 15 minutes to extinguish the fire, unclear this morning how the fire started but witnesses say it may have started from the outside, also unclear whether anyone was here but they say
5:38 am
overall there were no injuries, as we take you back out live lots of damage, the gates closed so we can't see that, hopefully when it opens up later we can get access to see the damage and we are working with them to see if this fire looks suspicious in nature but have not heard from them. when we do hear word from them on the details and whether it is or not we will pass that along. live here in concord, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a man who says he tried to stop a sideshow in the streets says he was beaten up for it. it happened sunday afternoon there. neighbors say they called the police about it but it took them too long to get there. 69-year-old jack morton says he finally took matters into his own hands. he confronted the drivers out there with a baseball bat, and then several people attacked him. >> we don't have the protection that our property tax pay for. >> in one sense i don't care
5:39 am
what happens to me or them. >> right. >> it has got to stop. >> now one of the neighbors helped to rescue morton. he was rushed to the hospital. residents say the police didn't arrive until 30 minutes after their first 911 call. the police say since they are so short staffed they have got to prioritize the calls. >> in lodi they are continuing to look into what caused a crash that nearly wiped out an entire family. a vigil was held for the 5 people killed, a man, his pregnant wife and their three children or three of their children, the only surviver is a nine-year-old son, the mexican consulate is working with officials to contact relatives in mexico, six vehicles were involved, witnesses blame the crash on a man talking on the phone and speeding through an intersection, safety advocates hoping to save lives with that campaign, this safety week for teen drivers, the national highway traffic safety administration says they are
5:40 am
the number 1 killer of tines ages 14-18. distractions, inexperience and failure to obey laws are blamed for many. it challenges parents to be good role models and practice that with them. >> tomorrow morning they will talk about if they will raise the price of the tolls, they face a 142 million dollar budget deficit over the next 5 years, according to a staff report a one dollar toll hike could help to close that gap. if the increase is -- is approved that could take effect by next april. the last toll hike was in 2008. all right, you may be seeing something very new during your next drive across the new bay bridge. crews are planting -- you ready -- palm trees, yes, palm trees on the oakland side of the bridge. there will be 30 trees once the
5:41 am
project is finished, sometime next spring. however the bridge landscaping is causing questions and concerns, they are 20 or 30 feet tall and can grow 50 feet and some are worried about them. >> he says he is announcing he is running for mayor, he also ran for mayor in 2006 and in his announcement yesterday he expressed support for the government unions and their battles with city hall over pension costs. san jose's current mayor will finish his second term next year. now he joins 4 other contenders who have already said they are in. the vice mayor and san jose council members. >> time now 5:41, question which state is the birthplace of that? there are three states claiming they are the one. >> plus how muni is working to protect bicyclists after that. >> good morning, on the freeway
5:42 am
it looks okay but getting more crowded there. >> i -- a bigger fog bank today, not down there but lifted and that will equal a cooler inland forecast. how much cooler? we will show that and talk about the weekend as well.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
new this morning the german foreign ministry has summoned the american ambassador to a meeting this morning because of allegations the united states tapped the phone of the german chancellor, the chancellor spoke on the phone with him about that. they say it is not currently being monitored but did not comment on those allegations. all of the surviving victims of the airlines crash are now out of the hospital. the only victim who remained at san francisco general hospital finally was released this week. she is now at a rehab center. doctors say she spent 109 days at sf general. she underwent 30 separate surgeries. the chief of surgery says she was one of the sickest patients that she had ever treated but she adds the woman was actually
5:46 am
smiling when she left the hospital on tuesday. >> muni is trying to better protect bicyclists in the wake of an accident there. 800 buses are being inspected to make sure they have a safety feature called the s-1 guard and is designed to protect bicyclists and pedestrians, here you see it demonstrated and there you go. it does that. these changes come after a bicyclist was hit and kill by a bus doing that. >> it is not a requirement but it is something we outfit with our buses and most do have them. >> according to the san francisco chronicle the bus however did not safety guard, friday's crash was the 4th deadly accident there this year. bart's board of directors are scheduled to hold a final vote today on whether to allow bikes on trains. bart has been testing a program allowing riders to bring their
5:47 am
bikes, it has been ongoing since july. the program will end on december first unless bart's board of directors vote to make it permanent. bikes are not allowed on the first 3 cars during peak hours. >> bart says clean up has started at stations hit by vandals during the strike, take a look at that last night. police say this is one of nine locations vandalized from the maintenance yard to the storage area and will cost thousands of dollars to clean it up. >> it is pretty bad. you really noticed it when you got off the train. just like i said they looked like they came up through the tunnel and just -- just feed everywhere. >> police arrested 23-year-old lob bonnie hernandez and zachery borders in the case, police say they caught them vandalizing the richmond yard and checking video looking for even more possible suspects.
5:48 am
>> three states are now in a war of words over who can claim bragging rights as the site of the first flight. north carolina says wilbur and orville wright conducted the flight in 1903 but ohio says it is the birthplace because that is where the wright brothers were from, now connecticut also joined the fray, saying one of its residents was the first to make a powered airplane fly two years before the wright brothers, today they joined forces to dispute connecticut's claim. >> i will settle it. i will say sal discovered flight when it is all done. >> the answer is always sal. >> i have not discovered anything except this cup of coffee is cold now -- >> that -- >> -- that -- >> -- go -- >> -- good morning, i do want to mention we have good news out of that crash i told you about, all the lanes are open, a motorcycle and a big rig but the injuries not as severe as they first thought, able to get every one off the road but the bad news is we have a back up, i will draw from -- well you see my line here? backed up for miles now, but it is early enough and maybe i am being optimistic but it is early enough to use this commute and will improve before it gets slow so we will let you
5:49 am
know. the traffic is good there, we are watching bart, they moved the train but watching for delays, we will keep watching for you, right now no delays on that line into san francisco, the concord- pittsburgh line. the last thing is the toll plaza, a back up for a 5 minute wait, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. >> all right a-lot of low clouds in place, helped along and lifted by this low moving into the picture, it will give us drizzle maybe as well if not today then tonight and tomorrow. it is going to stop and slide towards southern california so some fog but nothing compared to yesterday, sunshine inland but cooler as we pick up a breeze and friday a bigger fog bank and cool down as that makes a bigger push there, 40 ukia, 45 redding, 28 tahoe, 38 reno, big changes next week for the sierra nevada, which might wipe out fog, until then dealing with fog there. this low though will continue
5:50 am
to march slowly towards us that lifts the fog and also picked up the breeze. i will show you that later. 40s and 50s and i expect them to stay there. the key though is towards travis, one of them, 20s, gusts of 29 last hour, this has been a quiet week in the wind department unless higher elevations but a big sign of a change here, a westerly breeze from sfo for livermore, a sign inland temperatures which are warm are coming down, this low will continue to influence our weather for two days then slide south by saturdayth but wind picking up towards the delta, sunny but cooler inland, not 80s, 70s, not much of a change by the coast except better visibility, so 60s, 70s, now, had 50s to almost upper 80s for some here then, things are getting closer now in the high temperature department, and some of these are just low 70s and some of these are 50s, 60s, i kept all 60s on the peninsula, i think there is too big of a fog bank there, mostly cloudy into friday, we bottom out there, high clouds saturday but mostly sunny nice on sunday
5:51 am
it looks like colder breezy pattern early next week. >> a few minutes afor the labor department reported the number of people collecting unemployment benefits for the first time dropped to 350,000 last week, down 12,000 from the week before but it may be distorted because of computer problems with that, the numbers also do not include employees furloughed for the first half of this month during the shut down. yahoo is still buying start ups, now acquired look flow and will bring that technology to flicker, they have been interested in that. financial terms have not been released but they get 5 of their engineers. target is catering to them with a new service. the retailer is offering a service that lets them shop on- line and pick up their
5:52 am
purchases at a store. target says it is in place at half its stores and expects to be in all of them by next month. wal-mart, best buy and sears all have similar services. >> 5:51. let the public see it. what a judge now says about sealed documents in the jon benet ramsey murder case and how the little girl's father is responding. >> plus why oakland is not just preparing to host a conference on planning for disasters, why police also worry about what may happen outside on the streets.
5:53 am
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so you can getck on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day. chase freedom. so you can.
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well it is one of the more recognizable images stemming from the occupy movement, this video of a uc davis police officer pepper spraying protesters. the school now says former lieutenant john pike was awarded more than 38,000 dollars in workers compensation for the suffering he experienced following the incident. after this footage went viral the police union says pike got 27,000 angry or threatening e- mails, texts and letters. earlier this year uc davis settled a federal lawsuit by paying 1 million dollars to the three dozen protesters who were pepper sprayed. oakland police say they are bracing for a potential confrontation tomorrow with occupiers, protesters say they are planing a peaceful demonstration outside the oakland marriott hotel where vendors are setting up for the
5:56 am
urban shield, which is a in training exercise for law enforcement officers from around the country. tomorrow also marks the second anniversary of the day police first removed occupy campers from the plaza, that removal led to clashes between them. >> if you wanted prove they have fans all over the world here it is. 49ers practicing in england today getting ready for sunday's game against the jaguars at wimbley stadium, a group calling itself the 49er faithful uk says there will be lots of friendly and colorful support. >> -- sleep over for the super bowl at my friends house, three of my friends and myself and when i turned out they all had dolphins pajamas and hats and shirts, that is not for my, that team in red and gold, that is for me. >> i wish i could talk like
5:57 am
that. casual -- social media has helped bring them together there. the group by the way has about 400 members, earned -- they have earned official 49ers booster club status, don't forget joe fonzi is over there, find him there. halloween now one week away and can't come any sooner for a couple in santa barbara county. wayne stellar and his wife, they spent eight months getting this display together. now, this year's theme is a haunted christmas. features all kinds of skeletons, goblins. they decorated their home for the past 16 years, wayne says they were engaged to be married on halloween so it is a very special time for them. >> it has been another tough morning for bart -- >> yeah -- >> -- still causing problems this morning, the new
5:58 am
information we just got in the last 30 minutes. >> also a protest in santa rosa last night after a departmenty fatally shot a teenaged boy this week. he was believed to have a deadly weapon, what the protesters want and what is now in the investigation. >> good morning. right now we have the busy commute developing here, we are looking at 280 northbound, traffic is getting busier all over the bay area. >> well there is a bigger fog bank today, it has lifted so visibility is better but cooler inland, we will have that cooler forecast for you coming up. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
5:59 am
6:00 am
we have new developments on that bart train that was stuck here and we will tell you how it will impact your morning commute. >> a storage facility there goes up in flames overnight. the big questions surrounding that fire. >> the search goes on for a man accused of exposing himself at a wal-mart, the photos of the man police are looking for now. >> we need justice. >> the controversial police shooting of a 13 year old boy leads to a street protest in one bay area city. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.


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