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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 24, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." >> looking good. a long boarder is hauling down a hill but -- >> here's what it looks like when it goes bad. >> how a slow slide led to one long recovery. mechanics start doing a service check. >> and look what they found in the engine bay. >> the spare passengers the
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owners didn't know about. >> it's a new season of "secret princes" with four new royals and one familiar face. >> now back on season two with a dating coach. >> what it's like to look for love while working for minimum wage. >> and see an elaborate fire prank that has grown men and women -- >> reduced to screaming girls. >> this video shows all kinds of different downhill boarding routes. when it goes right, it looks like it's a ton of fun. here's what it looks like when it goes bad. this video from juken video. >> i'm already clenching just waiting for it. >> this rider, steven, is riding his board down the road. he's in control at first edging
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the road all the way down. has the helmet on but that's about it. oh, boy. >> is that him screaming? >> that is him screaming. steven loses control, slides into the post of that guardrail. and he's down for the count. this happened way back in may. he's been recovering for more than five months. ready for the injuries? open fracture of the tib la and fibbia, fractured pelvis, fractured tail bone, deep cut on the right knee, a ton of sick road rash, two and a half hours in surgery, 37 staples, 5 stitches. >> i wonder if more protection would have helped him get less injuries? >> he moved an immovable object.
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it's like hitting a tree. >> lots of bad guys out there on the loose. you've got video of a few of them that philly police are looking for. the first one in is harogate neighborhood. there's the first one. you see him peering around, approaches this corner, stands there for quite a while. gets smart for about one second because he starts covering his face. eventually he crosses the street and starts doing this. boom, a couple of shots. he shooting at what? i don't know. maybe these apartments. a window or something. another person walking on the street figures out what's going on and ducks down by one of those cars. >> it looks like that's what he reacts to. he reacts real quick and takes cover. police did find several casings on the ground. police have tried to figure out who the heck he is. now from a shooting to a
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robbery. this one also in philadelphia. here are your victims. these two girls crossing the street here, looks like they're talking to two guys and these two start crossing the street right behind them. these are the suspects. as soon as they cross the street within a few seconds, one of the suspects comes from behind, slams one of the girls to the ground, you can see the other suspect trying to get the phone belonging to the other girl. that was unsuccessful. he want able to get that often away from her. then up see these two losers running away afterwards, of course, like we always see these people fleeing from the scene. >> did we see two guys walking in front of those two guys that attacked those women and not do anything? >> didn't even break stride. police on a lookout for these h s. helpful honda guy, they're not kidding. check out this video from harmony honda.
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>> oh, yeah. >> somebody took in this honda for service and look what they fond in the engine bay. that is a cute little cuddly gray and white kitten and the kitten does not want to come out. he really is fighting back. >> did the person who took the car in know there was a cat in the car? >> it appears they took it in for service and they found the cat in there. >> the engine gets hot. it could have injured the little guy. >> this happens in british colombia, canada and hoose p it's cold. he's like, hey, it's cozy, nobody's fighting me for space. but finally they got it out and it's cute. >> oh, my god! >> that's not what you expect when you take your honda in for service. >> these days when up hear the term "drone," you think of spies, you think of governments spying on citizens in countries far away. >> or here.
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>> or here. >> government officials not the only ones using drones to spy. peta, the people for ethical treatment of animals now in the drone game, selling drones to people who may want to monitor the land around where they are to find people who might engage in illegal hunting activities. and in the first 24 hours that peta put these online for sale, they sold 11. >> these puppies aren't cheap. peta is selling these air angels for about $1525. >> this is getting a ton of attention on line. >> it'sle legal since it's a public area. it also might affect th hunting because they might make noise and spook away what they're trying to hunt. >> that's a part drone. it's meant to fly indoors in very low wind, a toy.
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>> they admit on their web site saying it's a hobby drone. >> many are saying there are game wardens hired to monitor hunters so they feel this is redundant. >> rival soccer fans come face to face and throw down. >> it is an all-out brawl. and it's brutal. >> why this may not be an impromptu beating. >> and this slope has no snow but it's no problem for these guys. >> just ski on the dirt. >> what? >> see how they're riding dirty all the way down. now that we're retired, we don't have time for stuff like laundry. we're too busy having fun. we get everything perfectly clean by tossing one of these in the wash. and that's it. i wanted to do that. oh, come on.
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[son]hi! [mom screams]
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this is a fan phenomenon that's completely foreign to me and most likely you guys. here's a russian face-off that has nothing to do with hockey and everything to do about soccer. apparently these are fans of two russian soccer teams, the blue we believe is representing the moscow dynamo. the guys in white representing st. petersburg. it is an all-out brawl and it's brutal. this video a little brutal but it's popping all over on many different soccer sites. three-on-one. kicks, punches. if the guy is on the ground, doesn't matter. you still kick him when he's down. i wanted to draw attention to the people around watching this.
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there's a guy in the background with a camera on a tripod. there's some sort of organization here, people showing up to tape this. people are starting to get exhausted. you can see who is gaining the upper hand. there's a lot more blue shirts standing and a lot more white shirts on the ground. toward the end of the three-minute brawl, the guys over to the right, maybe referees or officials call the match in the favor of blue and the guys go nuts. watch. >> if any single one of these dudes was my husband, my brother, my dad, i would not let them back in the house. i would be stay out of the house, ding dong, nurse your wounds. you're not getting dinner. >> some still don't have snow but why should that keep you from skiing on them.
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these guys are so eager, they put their ski boots on and their skis and they're supposed to be really good skis. and they just ski on the dirt. >> i guess you don't need to get bundled up. >> no, but you're going to get friction burns if you fall. >> they do fall. >> they do have passion. think about how -- this could be like a training thing. you're doing this now, obviously it's real more difficult than real skiing. when the snow does fall and up get on the slopes, it's going to see like the easiest thing in the world. hopefully the snow does fall for these guys. >> imagine falling in love with prince charming and finding out that he is, in fact, actually a prince. that's the premise of a show on
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tlc called "secret princes," going into its second season. >> i might just be able to find a lovely girl who will hopefully like me for just me. >> four princes take on minimum wage jobs. they go out, look for the ladies and then after they've wooed them with just their personalities, they then hold a grand ball to tell these ladies that, yes, in fact i'm a prince. last year a prince featured was robert jonathan walters. now back on season two as a dating coach. he joins us via skype right this minute. rob, you took on this task of trying to find love in america last season. did you find love? >> i did find love and then i lost it again. to be completely honest, it was the distance. >> what advice do you have to give? >> i'm teaming theching these g
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not make the same mistakes i did. if you find someone, keep them because the opportunity doesn't come around that often. >> does this work to lie to them. basically you're sitting on a thrown of lies. >> everything that we connected on a personal level is all true. you're not lying about who you are. you're lying about how much you make and your name. >> what was it like for you princes to work minimum wage jobs? >> it sucked! it really sucked. >> don't the girls know something's up because the cameras follow you guys around. >> we told them we were a paper sales company. that didn't work. we decided to say we were making a canadian documentary and they bought it. >> talk to us about what we can expect from season two. >> it just all exploded on season two and you've got some crazy characters on there.
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watch out for lorenzo. you'll know what i'm talking about. >> it's known on the internet you like to show off your abs. >> that's not true. i've done it for fitness -- >> do you want to do it now for an american tv show? >> no, i'm shy. >> okay. no arm pulling. now i've literally revealed everything. >> season two premieres friday, october 5th on tlc. >> he's talking to his baby and all seems well. see where this nightmare chat ends. and christina's prosthetic isn't going with her fall mood so -- >> since we are in halloween time, why not make it a pumpkin
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prosthet prosthetic. >> see how she pulls together the pumpkin look.
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time for a sneaky version of congos with -- >> he tapes the conversation with one of his kids and the adult acts out with what the kid
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said. >> this 2-year-old daughter. it's his 6-month-old. >> what's going on? doing your jumps? >> so far i think this could be the real conversation he had with a 6-month-old. but here's where things take a turn for the spooky. >> ah! >> a bit of drool there. ow! i think you have some teeth coming in there. >> the zombie attacks him. >> ow, ow! >> what's going on? >> he looks back. >> he's cute and charming. and everything's back to normal, right? >> or is it? >> oh! >> now the wife and his daughter are zombies, too. >> i'm not going to lie, this might give me nightmares. >> when life throws you lemons,
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you make lemonade. well, in this case it's pumpkins. you remember christina. she is an occupational therapist, also an amputee. but she doesn't let that bring her down. she creates really creative prostheti prosthetics. since we are in halloween time, why not make it a pumpkin prosthetic. >> she's the girl that did the leg with legos. >> yeah. she has a channel where she does share a lot of videos sharing her experience in her journey as an amputee. so she has a larger pumpkin, two smaller ones. she puts a metal record inside the pumpkins and then measures it to the length of her prosthetic frame. >> how is she going to walk with it? >> you watch. >> then she starts putting the other small pumpkins on.
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takes a break for a carmel apple. >> always have time for that. >> there you go. >> now she has a two-pumpkin prosthetic. >> look at that. >> it's probably a little heavy. looks like she's carrying a lot of weight on that leg. >> you can do anything with pumpkins. >> why not. >> uber popular youtuber shea carl has created a really fun music video and the song is going to stick in your head. ♪ i got my socks on, i got my socks, i got my socks on ♪ >> we've probably all been in a business meeting where we kind of zone d out thinking about other things. >> so we go from a nice little
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whistly tune to the argyle sox remission. >> club version. ♪ i got my socks on, i got my socks on, i got my gosh darn socks on ♪ >> why would he create a music video about argyle socks? >> it's about time someone made a song about argyle sox. >> if you're not a follower behind shea carl, let me explain what's going on here. on sundays, his family creates a one-take video. one day they were all dancing around with their socks from church on and this song came into being. >> you look like -- i don't know what you look like. ♪ ♪ i got my socks on, got my argyle socks on ♪ >> he made it up and every sunday they just started wearing
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argyle sox and singing the argyle sock song. >> if you want to see the entire video, check it out on our mobile apps. >> it's a prank giving people the creepy crawlies. >> no, spider. do don't say that. >> see why this
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what we have here is a 2013 version of a carrot on a stick. the rabbit, a.j. he needs to be able to juggle 40 times this soccer time in a row without messing up. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven --
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>> his mom filming and counting. >> 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. >> come on, kid! >> 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 -- >> and for good measure he does a couple more. then the ball gets out of there. he cares, he got to the goal, got to the carrot. the xbox game is his. >> is he going play fifa soccer? >> he should be. that's impressive. >> it's a body check. ♪ ♪
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>> just in time for halloween, the magic has a spider prank. >> i'm going to walking around with a spider tank on top. i'm going to secretly plant there spider on the back of their hand. when i'm done tying my shoe, i'm going to point out the spider came out of the cage and they're going to hand the stuff back and notice the spider on the back of their hand and freak out. >> what an elaborate prank. >> thanks, man. appreciate it. >> no problem. >> spider -- >> no, no, don't say that. >> it just broke. >> oh, he's huge! >> you see grown men reduced to screaming girls. >> i think i'd be one of them. >> there's a spider in there. i don't want you to be freaked out. what's on your hand, man?
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>> oh! >> it's on your hand. dude, it's on your hand! >> this could really happen. it's not like we put a spider on the best computer. she understands it's fake, right? >> take it, take it, take it. ah! >> this is so well executed but so simple. just putting the thought in your mind that there is a crack in the spider cage. >> you don't see it? did it get on you? [ screams ] >> that's it for us on "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, kirk fox and his secret about his show "the test" plus ian drew is back and wendy has inside scoop about one of hollywood's hottest hook ups and all the latest, juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] [ music playing ]


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