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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 24, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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scored. 1 of 3 against lackey, and both of the starters at the moment are pitchers of record. lackey for the red sox and wacha who got through the sixth inning for st. louis the. runner at first and two outs with a pitch to matt holliday. one ball, one strike. >> tim: and michael wacha, the last time we saw him, he was slamming the glove down on the bench, and he has a two-run lead, and he cannot lose this game. he can only win it. >> joe: cardinals will go to the bull pen in the bottom of the seventh inning. here comes the 1-1 to holliday, and the runner at first with two outs. down the right e fiefield line,, strike two. >> tim: the biggest pitch of the inning was the 3-2 pitch that daniel descalso took for ball
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four. the infield was in, and the runners on at second and third, and only one out. breslow tried to get the pop-up or jam on descalso, but he e wa not biting and then the sac fly by car ten per. >> joe: and the two errors on the throw home. one on the catcher saltalamacchia, and one on the pitcher breslow. and now the 1-2 pitch to matt holliday is chopped the pedroia, and the inning is over. the cardinals have a three-run seventh inning and lead game two as we go to the seventh inning stretch by a score of 4-2. we join the public address announcer henry mohegan. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the seventh inning
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stretch. throu throughout the year, the red sox have welcomed to fenway park many of those who were affected by the boston marathon tragedy. today, we are honored to have with us once again several who embody the phrase "boston str g strong." families of those whom we lost, heroes who saved others and the injured whose spirited recoveries are an inspiration to us all, and some of whom are walking on to the field for the first time since april 15.
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they are led by the brilliant singer/songwriter who immediately helped to organize the boston strong concert for the one fund. joined by his wife kim and son henry, won't you please welcome once again boston's own james taylor. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪
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♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ >> joe: more than $2.4 million was raised for one fund boston through donations from major league baseball and major league baseball players association, the boston red sox, and mlb licensee 47 brand. the bottom of the seventh in game two when we come back. why is it better to get what you want now instead of later?
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from the walmart october t savings event!t rollbacks this keurig k40 elite brewing system, only $98 on rollback. don't blink. or you'll miss this $5 rollback. get more for your money at the walmart october savings event! >> joe: into the bottom of the seventh inning and saltalamacchia is at the plate. a few changes. kozma is going to stay in the game at short kicking descalso to third, and freese was lifted for the pinch runner, and here is the young right-hander carlos martinez throwing 97 and picking up for wacha who went six. here are the numbers this
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post-season for martinez. and it is going to be saltalamacchia, and stephen drew and xander bogaerts. and martinez worked last night and allowed a hit. >> tim: she is not throwing like he did the first two pitches to saltalamacchia. he aired those e pitches out. >> joe: he misses on the outside corner, and one ball and two strikes as brandon workman gets loo loose. saltalamacchia, 0 for 2 with a walk. and molina throws it back after the strike oout. and now from the big awards to the big e deals, nobody covers the off season like the mlb network. and the three prime time shows
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on tv that are dedicated to baseball. it is on mlb network beginning monday november 4th. here is stephen drew. martinez gets strike one by the bat of drew who is 0 for 2 tonight, and 4 of 41 this post-season. from one 22-year-old right-hander to another for the cardinals, wacha to martinez. that misses outside, a ball and a strike. wacha went six and allowed two runs on three hits. struck out six and walked four and allowed the home run. and now time is called. here's the 1-1. that is off of the glove of martinez, and barehanded pickup
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for the out. >> tim: you have to be kidding me. >> joe: and kozma who committed two errors last night, who stole a base in the top of the inning, and his first chance and what a play. >> tim: well, last night he used the glove and decided not the use it tonight. he used it with his barehand. how about the play of martinez behind his back to deflect the ball to kozma? it was not intended like that and didn't write it up like that, but it we was a great play, and great deflection right there. to kozma with the barehand. my goodness! >> joe: this is the pitch to bogaerts, and the ball will find you when you get into the game. and it found kozma.
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>> joe: fox is home no the world series and fox sports live has you covered. the first postgame coverage and reaction from our world series
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champs, jimmy rollins and a.j. pierzynski from here at fenway and alex karros and dave kapler from los angeles and the reaction from the panthers and the bucs on the nfl side. from l.a. to fenway, fox sports live is the home for the world series postgame coverage, only on fox sports 1. here's matt adams lead iing off the eighth inning against the new right-hander, brandon workman who has been so good this post -season. and a guy who started the year at aa. adams reaching with a line drive to left, and right into the glove of jonny gomes. one out. matt adams is 1 of 4 tonight, and yadier molina will step in. he has a single, and then an rbi groundout and bounced out to pedroia in the sixth.
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felix doubront, the left-hander is getting loose. strike one on molina. cardinal bull pen is quiet. and why not with what carlos ma martinez showed in the bottom of the seventh dealing with the top of the order in the eighth. that is on the outside corner, strike two. >> tim: you don't know, but seeing doubront up, you have the believe that he could be just throwing in the bull pen with no rhyme nor reason to come into the game, because of the meeting with him and john farrell the day before the game. >> joe: that's just inside, ball one. >> tim: clay buchholz is suppose
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supposed to start game four, and john farrell says it is a situation of having one starter in clay buchholz and then felix doubront in the wings to come in for the third or the fourth inning, and then you will have a flexible two starters for the red sox. he is not sure about that, and it depends upon whether buchholz feels like he can go deep into the lineup, and turn it over once or one and a half times and then go the doubront. i don't think that doubront is going to come into the game. i could be wrong, but i don't think so. >> joe: two balls, two strikes on yadier molina with one out. it has been some speck ulation that buchholz who looks like he is starting to run out of gas might not make that game four start that you talked about on sunday, because john farrell said we expect him to take the ball on sunday night, period.
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>> joe: this is one foul off to the right. >> tim: clay buchholz has been quoted as saying, i feel that i have one more start in me. that is an odd comment coming from the great competitor who has had shoulder problems this year. >> joe: been three months on the disabled list. great year record-wise when he was out there. here's the 2-2. fly ball into center and pretty well hit, and back is ellsbury on the track. two out. cameron diaz is at the ballpark tonight at fenway park. there's paul molitor. >> tim: boy, could he play. >> joe: timothy hutton is here. and jon hamm.
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>> tim: john is from st. louis, right? >> joe: from st. louis. john burrows high school and a big cardinal fan here at fenway park. allen craig taking ball one outside. >> joe: allen tonight is hitless, and he did draw a walk back in the fourth inning, and 1 for 6 so far in the world series. happy to be out there after spraining his left foot and now he is on for the second time tonight, and he has the second hit of the world series. so craig is aboard and you could see him limping a little bit going to first base. when we asked allen as to whether he would be okay to play in the field when the series goes to st. louis, and there is no d.h., and he said, i have no idea. i just don't know.
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i have taken no ground balls since i got hurt, and he got hurt on september 4th. >> tim: there are two questions as to who plays first base in st. louis, allen craig and david ortiz. >> joe: the two-out kozma pops it up. that's pedroia, and that is going to send us into the bottom of the eighth in, game two, and top of the order coming up for the boston red sox who trail by two. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today. ♪ i'm the guy responsible for the quality of your beer.
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>> joe: david ortiz, as he does seemingly in e very game in octobers makes his presence felt. he has the two rbis for the red sox tonight, and the shot in left over the monster there. and this is ellsbury pulling back for a fastball, strike one. we are in the bottom of the eighth, and michael wacha is in the dugout watching as ellsbury is 1 for 3 waits for the 0-1. that is over martinez. it's bobbles and dropped by carpenter. and the leadoff man is on.
7:53 pm
a broken bat again for jacoby ellsbury, and carpenter couldn't make the play. >> tim: you could see it coming. it is probably going to be an error, and it is a tough chance and in between hop. they say that the infielders make their own hops and read their own hops, but this is tough to read and tough to make, but an error on carpenter. >> joe: the reaction from carlos martinez, and that means that the tying run will dig in, and take a listen. victorino is 0 for 3. strike one. the cardinals have literally had to remake the bull pen.
7:54 pm
it happened to the red sox, and it happened to the cardinals. b boston lost hanrahan early in the year, and andrew bailey and they were left with uehara who has been brilliant. the cardinals have young arms in different roles in the final month of the season and in october. and so you have got a 22-year-old in carlos martinez with fenway singing to him out on the mound after wacha and mike ma theethenmatheny's close rosenthal turned 23 this season. >> tim: that is what the cardinals have done this year. they have won and developed at the same time. >> joe: it started early in the year when the cardinals lost jason motte, their close, and that set it in motion. here's the 0-2. got him looking. one away. and a breaking ball throws
7:55 pm
victorino. >> tim: well, that slider came from nowhere to get victorino. setting outside is molina and sliding over the heart of the plate. the thing that is so impressive about martinez, obviously, it is the finish, but it is that freedom of movement of the arm. unencumbered. >> joe: well, pedro martinez was here to throw out the first pitch tonight, and the guy they called baby pedro, carlos martinez, know relation on the mound. slings it home at 96 for strike one. >> tim: and unless there is a double play, by pedroia, big papi will be hitting at least representing the tying run. at least. >> joe: that is why in the bull pen, randy choate, the left-hander just got up again and starts to get loose. right now it is pedroia.
7:56 pm
the count, 0-2. error to start the inning, and a strikeout looking at victorino. the second strikeout for the young right-hander martinez. now the 0-2. breaking ball, foul. let's go back to the chopper hit by ellsbury to start the inning, and carlos martinez into the air. >> tim: look at that. it is like a gymnast. >> joe: he could not get the glove on the ball as he did on the ball hit up the middle on drew last inning.
7:57 pm
and uehara is getting loose. >> joe: another 0-2 pitch to pedroia. fouled away. michael wacha went six. carlos martinez, a perfect seventh and trying to pitch around an error here in the eighth, and big papi is lurking on deck. >> joe: and carlos beltran is playing shallow in right field and pedroia is a good two-strike hitter. >> joe: strikeout. two down. and david ortiz doesn't even move out of the on-deck circle.
7:58 pm
good tight breaking ball from martinez to get pedroia. molina going out to the mound, a and ortiz knows that he is going to deal with randy choate coming out of the cardinal bull pen. >> tim: and choate came in for one hitter last night and one hitter tonight. >> joe: choate got up a moment ago and they are trying to make sure they can stall for as long as they can. molina making the long slow walk back to the plate. what you think? no matheny. he got choate up, but he is sticking with the kid, carlos martinez, and i guarantee you, david ortiz who didn't move after the strikeout is expecting to face the left-hander here.
7:59 pm
>> tim: he thought that choate was in the game. i don't think that there was any question about it. instead, it is the hard-throwing right-hander. >> joe: ground ball up the middle. diving stop by carpenter, but a base hit for david ortiz, and the inning continues. >> tim: matt carpenter prevents jacoby ellsbury from going to the third base, but he can't make a play. a nice play to stop it, but he can't throw it. >> joe: and so now another meeting on the mound and martinez will be facing mike napoli. and mike matheny is sticking with the 22-year-old right-hand right-hander. he has the 23-year-old right-hander trever rosenthal, his closer, getting loose, and right now it is martinez and
8:00 pm
napoli. go ahead run at the plate. two on. two out. strike one. >> tim: mike matheny is a former major league catcher, and he is using that experience to see that carlos martinez is throwing as well as anybody could from the bull pen. he might be wrong, but that is the choice. >> joe: carlos martinez was a starter, and he is new to pitching out of the bull pen, and he is about to throw some of the biggest pitches the cardinals will have thrown for them this


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