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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 24, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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napoli. go ahead run at the plate. two on. two out. strike one. >> tim: mike matheny is a former major league catcher, and he is using that experience to see that carlos martinez is throwing as well as anybody could from the bull pen. he might be wrong, but that is the choice. >> joe: carlos martinez was a starter, and he is new to pitching out of the bull pen, and he is about to throw some of the biggest pitches the cardinals will have thrown for them this season. the 1-1.
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here's a little floater, shallow center, out goes kozma and the inning is off. carlos martinez heads off the field and mike matheny's confidence in the young right-ha right-hander is rewarded. the reaction from the second-year manager. 43-year-old mike matheny and the 22-year-old carlos martinez. and let's go to the ninth, 4-2, st. louis. are you making it the original? at pizza hut we brought you the original pan pizza... and our great thin 'n crispy® and hand tossed which made us america's number-one choice. and now we're helping you put your spin on it and create your own original with the $10 any pizza deal. any pizza, any size, any toppings delivery, dine in or carry out. just ask for or use promo code ten any. we all have a choice. pizza hut make it great® hall we do is go out to dinner.?
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. [ cellphone beeps ] this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> joe: carlos martinez got through the bottom of the eighth inning. his meeting with the manager and then as he e got down to the end of the dugout, it was a hug by the pitching coach doug lilliquist. and that is jon jay at the plate. his base hit was a big one because it followed the walk for david freese and it was tehe en
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of the night for john lackey who pitched so well. that is a strike. and then a walk from breslow and a sac fly and two errors on one play to allow the cardinals to take the lead. 4-2 game as jay hits it foul down the right side. >> tim: and we talked about the importance of daniel descalso in that seventh inning, and the walk with runners on at second and third and one out. how did they get to second and third? a double steal, and huge plays in that game. or in that inning. and in this game. >> joe: kozma on the front end, and jay on the back end of the double steal. the count goes the 3-2 from koji uehara who has been untouchable, and who has walked only one batter since the all-star break. so expect a strike. jay pops it up into left. gomes is there. one out.
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the world series on fox is sponsored by the volkswagen sign and then drive event, and that's the power of german engineering, and by taco bell, sometimes you have to live mas and by budweiser the major league baseball beer. time is wasting, grab some buds. the batter up is descalso and then trevor rosenthal. and now he is getting ready for the bottom of the ninth when the scheduled hitters are going to b be gomes and saltalamacchia and drew. and this is a ball over to the shortstop drew, and a low throw, but it is dug out by napoli, two
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outs. if you just joined us, two out in the top of the ninth inning and plenty of drama here in game two. david ortiz with the 17th career post-season home run in the bottom of the sixth off of michael wacha putting the red sox up 2-1. beltran, despite the rib injury last night, 2 of 4 with an rbi tonight and while defense hurt the cardinals in game one, two errors on one play here tonight hurt the red sox in a three-run seventh. here's carpenter, strike one. and you talk about mike matheny replacing a legend in tony la russa and the same can be said for derek lilliquist replacing la russa's long time pitching coach dave duncan. >> tim: that is true. >> joe: and this is a line drive and not hard hit and caught by
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bogaerts and with that, it is a 1, 2, 3 top of the ninth. rosenthal will enter. gomes, saltalamacchia, drew coming up. 4-2, st. louis, game two. [ male announcer ] we invited people from across the nation to help us taste and choose a golden amber lager. they chose the one brewed with toasted caramel malt and beechwood aged. discover the smooth and distinctive flavor chosen by the people. [ cheering ] budweiser black crown.
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thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free. >> joe: fox is the home to the world series and fox sports live has you covered for the postgame reaction and from jimmy rollins and a.j. pierzynski, and dave kapler from los angeles, and they will be talking about this, the double steal, and the rbi sac fly and the rbi tying it, but the throw getting away from saltalamacchia, and then a bad throw plating another run. >> tim: yes, and if saltalamacchia moves to the
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right, he centers the ball and catches it and then either tries for kozma or not, but the thing that is it eliminates craig breslow picking up the ball and trying to get the runner at third base, which is as we have said, when the pitchers handle the ball, and they do something other than throw home, something is wrong and a lot of the bad things happen. >> joe: jonny gomes is first up gai against trevor rosenthal, the new close eer for the cardinals, and you will see more heat from another young right-hander, and the cardinals are trying to win this world series game two by getting six innings from the 22-year-old wacha and then two innings from the 22-year-old carlos martinez and then wrap it up with the elder statesman 23-year-old trevor rosenthal. >> tim: look at that. >> joe: who brings with him post-season experience from last year, and he's got three saves this post-season.
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unscored upon in seven games last year. that is outside. 1-2. saltalamacchia on deck. gomes is hitless tonight. and a strikeout starts the inning. >> tim: no sense in wasting the pitches when you throw as hard as rosenthal. 98 miles per hour. >> joe: and saltalamacchia digs in realizing that the cardinals stole only 45 bases in the regular season and had only e three this post-season prior to the night. saltalamacchia takes a strike. the cardinals were last in the national league with those 45 steals, and it was the double steal that set it up in that
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three-run seventh inning. >> tim: both the tying and the winning run right now, go ahead run. and then the hit by carlos beltran for the fourth run. >> joe: count is 0-2 now on saltalamacchia. who allowed more stolen bases, 89, more than any catcher in the year. and strikeout for out two. and another 98-mile-an-hour fastball from rosenthal who has done nothing but come in and throw heat. >> tim: difference between this fastball and the fastball that jonny gomes has is that it is up high eer and tougher to hit. four-seam fastball. >> joe: and now, daniel nava will come off of the bench and bat with two out and nobody on in the ninth. nava hit last night and had a
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double and scored a run. numbers this post-season, was eighth in the a.l. during the regular season. hit over .300 and takes a 95-mile-an-hour fastball for ball one. nava trying to extend it. the 21-year-old bogaerts is on dec deck. that is on the inside corner, ball and a strike. nava is batting for stephen d w drew. the 1-1 on the outside corner, and rosenthal could end this game with an exclamation point by striking out the side. on a cold night in october,
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daniel nava comes off of the bench, and has to look at 98 from rosenthal. struck out the side! and the cardinals win game two by a final of 4-2. and that good young pitching that the cardinals have brought with them down the stretch and into october on display here tonight. >> tim: struck out the side on 11 pitches in the ninth inning. >> joe: wacha gets the win. he is now 4-0 this post-season. lackey with the loss, and his e fir first of the post-season and the first save for trevor rosenthal in a three hour and five minute game, and this world series is now tied at a game apiece. we go back to the last strike
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that ended the night. the reaction from michael wacha, the starter. and now from the closer trevor rosenthal, and that farm system for the cardinals e keeps producing good young players and good young pitching and the cardinals showed it off here tonight at fenway park in a 4-2 win. it is is the first world series loss for the red sox since 1986 world series game seven. we go down the ken rosenthal. >> ken: thank you, joe. yadier, three pitchers all 23 and under, and how hard to believe what they are doing. >> well, it does not surprise me. they have talent and like i said before, they are not afraid to pitch. >> ken: martinez getting through the eighth, and how did he do it? >> well, unbelievable.
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this kid, he is not afraid and he throws the sinker, and doubled down and that is the key. >> ken: so emotional coming off of the mound, and what did he say to you? >> well, last night he gave up the run gamagainst them and to nigh, it was like, nobody is going to get a hit against me, and so he was pumped up, and that is good for us. >> ken: and wacha, seemed like one mistake the pitch to ortiz, and how did you assess the performance? >> well, he pitch outstanding and keep us in the game. that is what we asked for him and just one pitch to a great hitter like big papi and we take a hat off to him, but i mean, he pitched good tonight. >> ken: yadier, thank you very much and over to erin andrews. >> erin: we know that you left the game last night to go to the hospital with a rib injury, and carlos, great night hitting and how are you feeling? >> well, honestly, when i left the ballpark, i was having little hope to be in the lineup,
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but i came and got a lot of treatment and met with the doctors and they gave me a bunch of the painkillers and those times i went to the cage and took some hacks. i was concerned to swing the bat and i felt like i was dragging it through the zone andfelt better, but i wanted to be in the lineup bauxz, because i wor hard to get here. >> erin: and that is the next question, because it he has taken you 16 years to get here, and what would it have to take you to be out of the lineup? >> well, somebody have to kill me to get me out of the lineup. yesterday was a very scary moment for me, a i thougnd i thr a second i did something to the ribs. i had a big bruise on the chest and it is going to be better. >> erin: glad you are out here, and see you in st. louis. joe, back to you. >> joe: all right. the pride of puerto rico, and carlos beltran with a couple of rbis tonight, and a 4-2 win.
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and it is the young arms with the cardinals down 1-0 games, and they stepped up for the cardinals. wacha, martinez, rosenthal on display here tonight bringing the heat. cardinals win it, 4-2. the series is even at a game apiece, and back after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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passing the buck to you, the proposed rate increase across golden gate. >> and what police think caused a road rage shooting tonight on the 10:00 news.
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the world series game two is in the books, but the coverage is getting started here on fox sports live and complete postgame analysis from fenway and with jimmy rollins and a.j. pierzynski and harold reynolds will have postgame coverage. from fenway to l.a., fox sports live has you covered. come hang with us on fox sports live only on fox sports 1. >> joe: 4-2 is the final as the cardinals win game two. michael wacha is the winner and lackey with the loss and the save for trevor rosenthal. he is standing by down on the field with erin andrews.
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>> erin: all right. first off, let me ask you about, 22-year-old, obviously, on the mound, and michael wacha, and what did you notice from him tonight? >> well, he was dominant from the beginning like he has been all post-season, and you know, facing a tough hitter in that situation and giving up the run, and kit can happen in this park and we know that, and he did the damage control and we were able to fight back to get the runs for him. >> erin: what will you say to him in the clubhouse, because he e w was upset after giving up the home run to big papi, but obviously able to come back the win. >> well, we appreciate the emotion for sure, and we will tell him that we have his back and keep battling for him, and he did everything he could do the night. >> erin: and you saw quite a bit out of another youngster martinez out there, and what did you see? >> nasty pitches and working
8:24 pm
ahead, and the breaking ball and looked like they were having trouble picking it up and great job again. >> erin: and going back to st. louis with the series tied and coming from the club, they said that you were embarrassed about what happened on the field last night and what was the vibe heading out tonight? sglel, we felt like we didn't play our type of the baseball last night and we wanted to come out the night and give it everything that we had and play the game the right way, and that is what is it going to take in the series. it is a close one against the team, and we know that they will come out here to battle every night. >> erin: see you in st. louis. thanks. >> joe: there's the final, 4-2, st. louis, and they even up the beth best of seven, 1-1. and coming up tomorrow, texas tech visiting the oklahoma sooners and coverage starts at 3:00. and then saturday night, game three of the world series as we are in st. louis at busch stadium and it starts at 4:30
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pacific and 7 c:30 eastern. for more access turn to fox sports 1 for more "fox sports live" and coming up on fox except on the west coast can, it is your low e ccal news. we say so long to fenway for the moment, and head to st. louis for game three, but in game two, the cardinals came alive. -- captions by vitac -- ♪
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> a case of road rage ends in gunfire, a bullet riddled car and a man in a hospital. it was a wild thing on 680. i'm frank somerville. this is a special edition of ktvu news obviously because of game 2 of the world series. >> and i'm julie haener. the man behind the wheel of that car was shot three times but amazingly, he was able to give investigators a very detailed description of the man who opened fire on him. mike mibach spoke with investigators who say it may have triggered the road rage shooting. >> are you the one who called 9-1-1. >> reporter: call tied to a story who police say started with road rage and ended with gunfire. >> just before 5:30, we got a call from someone in the area stating a shooting had just occurred. >> reporter: police say seconds earlier, the 59-year-old driver
8:30 pm
of the mercedes was heading south on mission boulevard, destination, work, when a confrontation occurred with another vehicle. >> some early information is that maybe one of the two parties involved was driving too slow, and the other party was upset with that. >> reporter: after exiting on mission boulevard, shots were fired, the victim was struck three times, once in the abdomen. >> that's why you have to be very careful on the freeways. >> reporter: also in his car, a german shepherd. we tracked the dog who was not hurt to this home in pleasanton. the man who didn't want to be identified was that the shooting victim's name is mark. his wounds were considered serious but not life threatening. >> the victim was conscious at the time we were able to get preliminary information from the victim. >> reporter: that preliminary


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