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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that tree. the couple that was walking there last night was killed as they were walking their dog. one person is in custody. ktvu janine de la vega is out there and is going to have more on what we are learning about the accident and the driver now being held responsible for those deaths. good morning, and welcome to the ktvu morning news i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, its safe to say its a little chilly. >> it is chilly out there. and claudine, thank you. we have clear skies for some. partly cloudy for others. low cloud deck seems to be favoring peninsula and south bay. clear skies to mostly clear in the north bay. a little high cloud ban or two coming through. but the low responsible for it will be far enough south. we will get mostly sunny and warmer conditions. 30s and 40s and 50s with the mostly clear skies to the north. temperatures allow to take a little plunge there. the low cloud deck holding some
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in the upper 40s to low 50s. 57 in san francisco. we will bump you up to 51 today. there is definitely breaks on the coast. low here will give us few high clouds. a mix of sun and clouds today. patchy low clouds. they will burn off sooner today. there will be more sunshine today. and temperatures 50s and 60s and also 70s. here's my good friend sal. steve, good morning. we are doing pretty well. i would say that we are getting a little busier though if you are driving in the south bay. we'll talk about that in a moment. but let's talk about now the bay bridge toll plaza. you will be seeing a little bit of slowing here in some of the cash lanes. interesting after the bart strike as you heard us report a few days ago more people had been signing up for fast track and that may actually make a difference in the commute in the morning as more people will be using those fast track lanes and shifting traffic over to the middle of the toll plaza. let's move along and take a look at the south bay commute. you can see the traffic here is looking pretty good.
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everyone on highway 101 now where it usually gets near the capitol express way. its a little lighter than normal. i will show you a live picture of interstate 280. let's go back to the desk. menlo park police are investigating a tragic accident where a couple out walking their dog were hit and killed. janine de la vega is joining us live from menlo park with more on what she is learning. janine. >> reporter: claudine. you can see what is left of the accident behind me. see there broken branches and leaning trunks of trees. now the car wasn't even in this lane. it began over here in the eastbound lanes. the couple was walking right there when the car struck them. they were in the bike lanes. now police are investigating this accident that happened just before 7:00 last night. officers say the couple was in their 50s and out walking their dog on chilco street near constitution avenue when a car hit them from behind.
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officers arrived and found the couple dead and their dog injured. they determined after the car hit the man and woman it crossed over the center divide, clipped a car with four people inside, and then crashed into a tree. the people in the other car were unharmed. >> when officers arrived, they found that vehicle crashed into the tree with a single female in the drivers seat. she was complaining of pain. the officers were able to detect the objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication. >> reporter: police identified the driver of 54-year-old marjorie reitzell of redwood city. she was taken to the medical center for treatment but will be arrested and booked on two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and two counts of dui. the identity of the couple has not been released yet. back out here live you can see there is no sidewalk on either side of the street. and police say that is why they believe the couple was actually
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walking in the bike lane. reporting live from menlo park janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. menlo park police have been awarded a $52,000 grant to help reduce the number of dui crashes. the money which came from the state department will be used for a dui training check points and serving warrants on repeat offenders. there is also money for cracking down on distracted driving and seat belt violations. san jose police are still searching for a driver accused in a deadly hit and run crash over the weekend. police say the victim 43-year- old joel was walking on capitol expressway just after 1:00 sunday morning when he was hit. he was rushed to the hospital but died of his injuries on tuesday night. police say the suspect vehicle may have a broken window and front end damage. we have new information on that sonoma county teenage earn. the one that was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy.
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tara moriarty is in santa rosa right now where another march for the victim is planned. what is going on tara? >> reporter: that is right a march is planned for noon today. and many friends and students of andy lopez plan to attend. take a look behind me. this is the memorial for him. there are dozens of pictures of andy lopez. candles right on the spot where he was shot and killed. last night hundreds of supporters came out. a native american group did a spiritual dance to honor the 13- year-old. lopez was shot seven times. two fatal. one of the two deputies says the rifle was in his left hand. as he turned toward deputies the barrel was raising up and turning toward the deputies. the deputy fired eight shots within ten seconds at the bay that think believed was holding an ak47 assault rifle. >> i don't think they thought about what they were doing at
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the time. they were quick to jump to a decision. >> reporter: wednesday police showed the fake gun and a real one to illustrate how the two could be confused. the rifle that lopez had did not have an orange tip on the barrel that is required for replica firearms. justice for andy shows 14,000 likes for people all over the country. his mother wrote am posting saying thank you to the public for their kind messages and support. coming up we will show you why the pellet gun did not have that orange tip. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:06. oakland police are getting ready for a long day of protests. the concern is two events in the downtown area that could add up to double trouble. now today is the second anniversary of the eviction of the occupy oakland demonstrators from outside oakland city hall. this is also the day police officers from all over the nation will descend on downtown
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oakland. its start of a three-day training exercise. its designed to get ready for first responders to be ready for a terrorist attack or natural disaster. this morning occupy oakland members will protest outside the city center hotel. that is where 100 vendors will be setting up selling their weapons and equipment to the law enforcement officers attending urban shield. demolition began today on the new town connecticut school where 20 first graders and six adults were gunned down last year. security is extremely tight. workers have been required to sign agreements banning them from discussing the project and onlookers are barred from approaching the site. officials hope to finish that demolition before the one-year anniversary of the attack this december. a california gun rights group says they are planning recall. the recall efforts are targeting john perez and four other southern california
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democrats. that is based on the lawmakers votes. the progun groups say they are encourage by successful recalls of two colorado lawmakers for their support of weapons restriction. there is new report out that says roads in marin, napa, and sonoma counties are some of the worst roads and potholes in the bay area. this report says st. helena, larkspur and sonoma county had the worst roads in the bay area last year. this comes after larkspur is considering a road tax to repair the roads. logging off from facebook. why deeps may be losing interest in -- why teens may be losing interest in that site. shooting death of a vallejo
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mother stuns a community. if you are going to hit the roads soon, i would say this is your window. the traffic is looking good. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams] welcome back. we have new information about a missing man in berkeley. 59-year-old jerald jacob was last seen at the marina on wednesday. police found his wallet inside of his locked truck parked at
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the marina but there is still no word on how or why he disappeared. he was last seen wearing a black san francisco giants cap, a black giants jersey, and some blue jeans. police are also hoping an autopsy will determine how a woman found at an oakland clinic died. the 58-year-old woman was found dead at a veterans affairs clinic on martin luther king junior way on second street yesterday morning. police say her death doesn't appear to be suspicious but they still want to wait for the autopsy results. voters will decide on the controversial plan for a condominium project. proposition b calls for building 134 high-rise condos on washington. it would create a new waterfront park and hundreds of jobs. opponents say the project would block views and create luxury housing few people could afford. >> i think anybody walking, jogging along the waterfront and comes across this space they realize we need an upbraid
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here. we have an asphalt parking lot and a fence. that is not inviting. >> it would take our waterfront backwards to a day we have a freeway blocking it. >> a referendum challenging the san francisco's approval of the project would also be on the november ballot. both sides have spent $2 million in an effort to sway voters. evictions in san francisco have grown into an epidemic. activists rallied on the steps of city hall. the city has seen an 80% increase and the state allows landlords to evict renters if the property owners intend to sell the apartments. activists say an influx of tech money is driving out long-time rentsers. 6:13. france and germany now requesting formal talks with the u.s. after reports of electronic spying. german chancellor merkel said today that reports that she and
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other world leaders had been spied on has severe shaken relationships between europe and the united states. she said that at a summit of european leaders. they intercepted more than 70 million phone records and tapped chancellor merkel's cell phone. documents detailing their secret cooperation with the u.s. have been obtained by former national security agency contractor edward snowden. the material in question doesn't deal woman nsa surveillance -- doesn't deal with nsa surveillance. according to the officials snowden took away tens of thousands of documents. antivirus software pioneer john mcafee says he was asked for advice on how to fix the
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government's troubled website. they didn't like his suggestion that the website should be rebuilt from scratch. right now he's living in colorado where he is reportedly working on developing a new startup company. he is still wanted for the questioning of the shooting death of his neighbor. stanford and uc berkeley lead the nation in creating new entrepreneurs. a survey by the research firm hitch book found 190 stanford grads that received -- uc berkeley came in second place with 160 graduates receiving funds for startups. teenagers may be losing interest in facebook. only 23% of teens in a survey named facebook as the most important media site. 42% said the same thing a year
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ago. the cal bears have been struggling on the football field and it appear this are struggling in the classroom as well. graduation rates have been a  top requirement. uc berkeley as the lowest graduation rate among the nation's top 72 college football teams. the most recent figures show just 44% of cal's football players graduate and that compares to 93% for cal's rival stanford. the pink dot plate unvailed yesterday in san francisco. the widow of young symptom was there. young symptom was shot and killed in the line of duty last year. his donated organs helped save
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the lives of four people. >> now when i see the license plates my smile will be bittersweet for his loss but for their gain. >> officials say as soon as 7500 of those pink dot license plates are reserved, the production will begin. the white house was not white. it was it will up in pink last night. this is in observance of breast cancer awareness month. the observatory where the vice president lives was also it will up in pink. mammograms and other preventive services are available under the new affordable care act. time now 6:17. let's head over to sal for a
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check of the roads this friday morning. hi sal? >> hello claudine and dave. i'm doing pretty well today. we don't have a lot of the fog we've had the other days. but we are watching very closely because things tend to change right at this time. just after 6:00 or so. we start seeing crowds almost everywhere. we are seeing slowing here and there on the way to the tunnel from the contra costa side. and then you get to oakland and it looks good but there is a backup at the toll plaza. especially in the mid lanes. nothing big. that is about a seven to ten minute delay getting on to the bridge. as we look at the south bay, we look at 101 right in the middle of the valley there. traffic looks good as we pull way back. i want to show you santa cruz mountains. also looking at bart, bart is running on time. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. happy friday everybody. we have a little bit of a mixed bag here. yesterday was sold out with fog and low clouds. some fog has now popped up.
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santa rosa and napa. and its cold. 37 and 39 there. low clouds seem to be favoring peninsula and the south bay. and occasionally higher clouds are coming in on a low offshore. mostly cloudy. cool for some. sun and clouds mix. cool to mild. the low cloud deck will burn off a little sooner today. san jose was just sold out. mike texted me and said fog just burning off. i think it was 2:00. 49 to 64. 40s for some. there is even pockets of fog in the minute see though -- mendocino county. it has chewed up some of the fog but not before temperatures have take an pretty good little plunge here. 45 half-moon bay. 43 walnut creek. 48 even fairfield. its cool for some.
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the low doesn't have enough and it says it wants to move more south and east. that will put us into a dry forecast. there will be two lows. one for today and tomorrow. another cool dynamic system will move in. when we meet again. mix of sun and clouds. patchy low clouds. more sun today than yesterday. i promise you. even though its a little tough. 60s and 70s. for everybody. now we had 80s everywhere until the week. getting late in the season for that. 60s and 70s should cover it today. high clouds saturday. it looks warmer. cold sunday morning and then here comes the system to the east which means colder and breezy here. your instagram feed could soon contain adds. its the first paid post could appear in user feeds next week. it will feature companies that are already active on
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instagram. users will have the option of hiding those ads. the lawsuit surrounding that deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. who the family members are blaming for the fire that killed five women including a new bride. and you will see plenty of tiny little monsters this halloween but its the ones you can't see that can pose a danger. we have a costume warning from doctors. ñ
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game wardens have backed up -- it caused a scare yesterday when it roamed near an elementary school. the bear caused that school to go into lock down. authorities had planned to use a tranquilizer gun. but the animal went back into that heavy brush. the fda wants covered restrictions on painkillers like vehicle din. containing less than 1500- milligrams had been classified as schedule three controlled substances. but the fda wants the drugs classified as schedule two medications like oxycodone and
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morphine. unused or expired medication be dropped off. there is no cost to drop off the medications. improperly disposed of prescription drugs can harm the environment and more likely to be abused by teenagers. are you ready for halloween? are you ready for what -- masks purchased at costume stores are apparently filled with germs and bacteria. now a phoenix area television state decided to investigate just how clean the masks are. a biology professor tested swabs taken from the nose and the mouth areas of the masks. he describes some pretty frightening results. >> i was quite surprised at the number of bacteria, the diversity of the bacteria and number of bacteria.
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>> doctor stan says the main danger from this would be exposure to the bacteria that could lead to staff conditions. he says you should soak it in rubbing alcohol as a sure fire way to kill germs. there are several halloween events in the bay area today. 3:00 san francisco stern grove. the city will host the family celebration scare grove. at 5:30 the scare island haunted trails entails. and at 6:30 halloween fun night in pleasanton. an elderly woman claims she was burned by a hot cup of coffee. she suffered second degree burns when a coffee spilled on her lap. and she wants more than $2 million in damages in a trial set for next year. mcdonalds could not be reached for comment. but it does put a warning on
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the coffee cup saying to handle in care. a judge later reduced that amount and mcdonalds eventually reached a confidential settlement. a deadly accident in menlo park. the charges the drivers are facing for hitting two people who were just out walking their dog. occupy oakland organizers plan to picket a major law enforcement event today in oakland. i will tell you about the warnings sent out. it is getting more crowded out there and if you are driving to the bay bridge or to the sunol grade or the san mateo bridge, you will see more people. a little different pattern today than yesterday. finally that low cloud deck broke up for awhile but we do have some holding on. so does that mean a little cooler or warmer? we'll take a look at it. ♪
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getting ready for that opening bell. check out the left side on your screen. the new york stock exchange. 100 days to go to the super bowl. you have the chairman and ceo of the jets. the president and ceo of the new york, new jersey super bowl. host committee. ringing that opening bell this morning. there it goes. we are expecting a higher opening this morning. we are getting some good numbers in from amazon and microsoft. those are stocks to watch this am. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. its friday, october 25th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. in for pam cook. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. and its a nice night to maybe start a fire. >> be careful. >> in the fireplace. >> dave this is one of the moments where a guy says let's get to the weather.
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we have a lot of low clouds in place. we have higher clouds associated with as i can say associated with this low right offshore. claudine, you threw me for a loop there. [ laughter ] we have this low chewing up but it will be moving to southern california. the weekend looks better. today a mix of high clouds, sun, and low clouds. very cold with fog being reported in santa rosa and napa. 30s, 40s, and 50s. san francisco which was only 57 yesterday will go a little warmer today. but temperatures really kind of slow to rebound here because this low it does help chew up some of the low cloud deck will keep us on the cool side today. sun, clouds. but it looks a a little better by this afternoon. temperatures 50s and 60s and 70s. here is sal. we are looking at more slow traffic approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup here has built a little bit. its certainly not huge. about a five minute delay before you make it on to the
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span. no problems this morning if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. the traffic here looks pretty good. westbound 92 the fog is not an issue as you drive through. i want to mention the south bay because we've seen some light conditions so far on the south bay freeway. let's go back to the desk. tragic story this morning. a couple on the peninsula out walking their dog last night hit by a car and killed. and police have arrested a suspected drunk driver. janine de la vega is there in menlo park right now with the latest developments. good morning, janine. >> reporter: i want to mention that the victims in this accident they are relatives they just walked off a short time ago. we are about to talk to them. but i do want to show you some of the aftermath. this damage here of the trees that were mowed down by the car. the car wasn't even in this lane. but the couple was struck
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across the street. lets go to some video police are investigating this accident that happened last night at around 7:00. officers say the couple was in their 50s. they were out walking their dog on chilco street near constitution avenue when a car hit them from behind. officers arrived and found the couple dead and their dog injured. now they determined that after the car hit the man and the woman it crossed over the center divide. clipped a car with four people inside and crashed into a tree. the people in the car car was -- the people in the other car was unharmed. we are learning more about the couple that was deceased. here are their family members. you just came out here because you wanted to see the accident scene. is that right? >> yeah that is true i like to see the accident scene because i was at the family's house. i was there all night and i wanted to just come out and take a look here where the accident happened. >> reporter: you said your
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relatives they are from fiji and have two children. tell me a little bit more about this couple. >> they got three children. two girls, one boy and they are hard working people. very hard working people. and living in east palo alto. i don't have much to say. >> reporter: do you realize the police are suspecting the driver was drunk? >> yeah i heard over the news that the driver was a drunk and a female. and things happen. >> reporter: your feelings this morning? >> my feelings is very bad. for the family. i see the little kids and all under 18 and i got my own kids. and they are young. and i feel so bad about the family. they are good parents. very good parents. very hard working, good people. >> reporter: thank you so much for taking the time.
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>> you're welcome. >> reporter: very sorry for your loss. i also want to mention the identity of the driver. police have id'ed here as marjorie rites sell. marjorie. the couples dog was injured an its now being cared for at the peninsula humane society. we don't know exactly right now the actual identities of the couple. their names haven't been released by the coroner. as you heard from the relative he was able to id them as a couple from east palo alto. reporting live from menlo park janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. new information now in the fatal shooting of a vallejo woman. the shooter was the victim's son. the 17-year-old is being held in the solano county juvenile detention center. she is being booked on one
6:36 am
count of homicide. he shot his mother several times earlier this week. >> that is tragic. a child killing their parent. nothing gets that bad. >> brown was 35 years old. she had a baby believed to be less than a year old. that baby is now with relatives. update now. a man is recovering from serious injuries after being shot in a road rage incident in fremont. that happened around 5:15 yesterday morning. police say the shooter may have been angry because the victim was driving too slowly. the gunman is described as latino or portuguese. 25-30 years old with dark hair and a widows peak. happening today large agencies from all around the
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nation will be gathering in oakland for a three-day training exercise. its called urban shield. occupy oakland protestors will be there too. katie utehs is live now with the warning sent out to visiting police officers about these protests. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. the e-mail left local law enforcement agencies and visiting agencies and volunteers know about the planned protests that are scheduled for this morning here in front of the marriott in downtown oakland. it also lets visiting law enforcement agencies it serves as a reminder to them that protests are considered a form of free speech and protected under the first amendment. so a warning to those visiting law enforcement rocket agassis as -- law enforcement agencies as well. let moe show you -- let me show you video from last year. they practice and test their skills during terrorism and natural disaster scenarios. some 5,000 people are expected to attend this year's event. vendors are also in town to sell weapons and equipment to
6:38 am
law enforcement officers which is what up a organizers say that are upset about. oakland police sergeant says this is the first time the event has had opposition. >> i think a lot of those people are misinformed to exactly what will happen. at any case we are prepared. >> reporter: oakland police say they are bringing in extra officers and have notified nearby agent cities should the protests get out of hand. occupy organizers say there are no plans to engage with police. today also happens to be the second anniversary of the edition of occupy protestors from city hall. that could add to the tension here today at the the planned protest. there is also a march scheduled for this evening. organizers of urban shield are expected to arrive here within the next half hour. so we plan to speak with them as this event kicks off. protestors are planning to arrive around 9:00 a.m.. we have still not seen a sign of them. but we will check in with the
6:39 am
occupy movement and police. katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. no criminal charges were filed, the victims families of that deadly limousine fire are now filing a series of civil lawsuits. brian flores is live in our newsroom with the companies the families are blaming. >> reporter: attorney for one of the companies named in the civil suits filed in san mateo county says he knew that this was coming and he will fully defend his client in process. a copy of the civil suit says the families are claiming wrongful death and negligence against several companies involved in the production and maintenance of the vehicle. the biggest name in the civil suit ford motor company which made the 1999 lincoln town car that caught on fire back in may. five women died. four others were injured in that limo fire on the san mateo bridge. one of the victims killed was 31-year-old fojas which was a new bride.
6:40 am
attorneys for the victims families alleged defects and design and manufacture calling the car defective, dangerous, hazardous, and unsafe. we spoke to one of the attorneys representing one of the companies. >> the vehicles had routine maintenance. it was last in the shop two weeks before this incident happened on april 18th. so i don't know from a maintenance standpoint what more they could have done. >> reporter: the other defendants named include accubuild inc, limo stop inc the driver of the limo was not named in the civil suit. one of the attorneys says it could take 12-18 months to get to trial. the complaints did not specify a dollar amount. ultimately it will be up to a jury to decide that if it goes to trial. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:40. the cools on the golden beat
6:41 am
bridge are welcome some of the highest. we talk about raising the tolls to $7. the higher tolls play be needed to deal with a pronecked $. the end of the part strike has not ended the bitterness. >> the arrogance and callouses in which the entire negotiations was handled are offensive and now we have two people dead. >> how last weekend's deadly tragedy on the bart track led to very explosive comments. we are live in santa rosa where autopsy results are revealing more about how a 13- year-old was shot and killed by a deputy in this spot last week. we'll tell you what this week what his friends have planned for today. good morning. on the golden gate bridge and in marin county.
6:42 am
southbound 101 traffic getting busier. the weather is looking okay. better than yesterday. we still have fog out there. but what about the higher clouds?
6:43 am
6:44 am
the gunman behind a standoff at a pharmacy in north
6:45 am
carolina has surrendered. the man tried to rob a cvs in belmont. he reportedly took three hostages and fired at the first responding officers with a rifle. the man let the hostages go and surrendered about two hours ago. new details are emerging about the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy shot by sonoma county sheriffs deputies. tara moriarty is joining us live from santa rosa where people are still very outraged that the deputy mistook the boy's fake gun for a real gun. tara, what is happening today? >> reporter: friends of andy lopez are planning a rally at noon today. they will be marching. and behind me this is the memorial here for lopez. its quite impressive and beautiful in the dark here. flowers, pictures, candles. this is the spot where the 13- year-old was shot and killed tuesday. last night hundreds of supporters came out. a native american group did a spiritual dance to honor him. autopsy shows he was shot seven
6:46 am
times. two fatal. the deputy fired eight shots within ten seconds that he believed the boy was holding an ak47 assault rifle. >> think they would have gone at it differently if office a young white kid. they would have used better judgment. we live in a society that is saturated with people being treated differently based on the color of their skin. >> reporter: wednesday police showed the fake gun that lopez had that day and compared it to a real one. to illustrate how it could be confused. the rifle did not have an orange tip on the barrel. we are hearing reports that the tip broke off when lopez dropped it once. shows 14,000 likes from people nationwide. his mother has posted a thank you in spanish to supporters. live from santa rosa i'm tara moriarty. time is 6:46. the bart strike it may be over but there is still a lot of tension between bart management and the unions. yesterday several union leaders
6:47 am
were at the bart board meeting in oakland. they blame the board for last weekend's deadly accident on the bart tracks near walnut creek. two track inspectors out there on the tracks were killed during a training run. >> the arrogance and callouses with which the entire negotiations are handled are now offensive and now we have two people dead. this would be a quiet time for them. >> union leaders say the split between bart workers and management has never been deeper. both union members and the bart board are set to vote on the new tentative contract. >> the fda is proposing new rules to make pet foods safer. the new rules would require anyone who sells pet food to follow certain sanitation practices and have detailed safety plans. that announcement comes after 600 dog deaths that may be
6:48 am
linked to pet jerky treats. the search is on for california's first big power ball winner. someone in fresno county bought a power ball ticket worth $213 million. the winner has not come forward yet but the owner of the fast and easy store that sold it gets $1 million for selling that winning ticket. this is the first time that a ticket with a huge jackpot was sold here in california. let's take a look at the winning numbers. once again that ticket has not been claimed. the numbers are there on your screen. let's check in with tori campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up in minutes the san francisco giants are in a bit of hot water. why the labor department is investigating the pay practices
6:49 am
of two major league baseball teams. the giants being one of them. now that eight states including california are pledging to get millions of electric cars on the road, here's the hard part. what are they going to do to make that happen? and a historic cemetery in santa cruz has a couple issues. not ghosts or goblins but it has become a hangout for the homeless. what the museum that oversees this property plans to do about that. those stories and more coming up. now back to you. thank you. time now 6:49. let's head out to sal castaneda and a check on our roads. friday light sal? >> in some places claudine. and in some places it looks normal. we are looking at highway 24 westbound. that looks somewhat normal. it is a little bit slow. it is about a 12-15 minute drive as you drive through. there are no major problems on the other side in oakland as you head down to the 580 interchange. let's move along and take a
6:50 am
look at the toll plaza. this is a five to eight minute delay before you actually make it past the metering lights and led on to the bridge. i'm also looking at the south bay and the speeds are actually doing very well here on south bay freeways. highway 85 we are seeing 66 miles an hour. i will put one here on highway 101. you get the point. this as claudine mentioned friday light. yeah a little bit. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have partly cloudy skies. there is clearing taking place. low clouds. high clouds. some areas are clear and cold out there. temperatures though will be a little warmer than yesterday. few high clouds spinning in. but most of it the bulk of it stays offshore. occasionally some might drift in. low clouds seem to be favoring. there are areas of patchy fog. so mostly cloudy. partly cloudy. cool to cold out there.
6:51 am
sun and clouds. cool to mild. won't be that much warmer. san jose had a tough day yesterday starting off cloudy at 49. we all warm up you up den grows. 40s for some. did chew up some of the fog. it looks like its on its way to southern california tomorrow. 30s for some. 40s for others. napa was 39. now they are 41. 40s and 50s. 53 livermore. some areas a little warmer than others. some are definitely cold. you can see the little low spinning there. this low will hold on to the south. then we will focus our attention next week on a system coming out of the north.
6:52 am
it will be a colder and windy week next week. that is next week. weekend looks better. patchy low clouds. more sun today. temperatures they will be in the 70s for many. 60s for others. 60s and 70s brentwood, oakley, antioch. santa cruz at 70. saratoga is in there. 50s and 60s on the coast. few high clouds. but warmer. we will take that into sunday. time now 6:52. one of the workers at the new stadium was arrested. we'll tell you what he is accused of stealing. a california congressman saves a mans life on a flight from washington d.c.. why he was especially qualified to be a hero. [son] all right,she has no idea.
6:53 am
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
6:54 am
6:55 am
all right. we are expecting a bit of a higher opening this morning. it looks like we got it. dow is up 25 points. the s & p also up. nasdaq up 22 points. you can thank the tech stocks for that. we also got new reports endurer usual goods this morning. new orders are up. when you talk about transportation, equipment, and things like that. aircraft orders are pushing over all orders more than expected. five people were take ton
6:56 am
the hospital with injuries after a ride malfunctioned a the the fair last night. the ride had stopped and the ride operator was helping people get off that ride. a california congressman is being praised for helping a man who lost conscious while on a flight. ruiz is an er doctor helped save a fellow passiers life. he was on this flight from washington, d.c.. the passenger that got sick was a man in his 60s. a diabetic. who stood up and collapsed. >> we applied oxygen and applied the automatic di fiblator on him and he passed out twice. >> ruiz said he made a medical judgment that this man's worst case scenarios were severe and got the flight crew to divert the plane and land in raleigh.
6:57 am
he revealed this is his fourth time providing medical assistance to a passenger on a flight. he's 37-year-old vincent john he works for a company called cupertino electric. he stole materials that included copper wires and we don't know if those materials would have been used ons stadium project. investigators say the stolen items belong to his employer and they were stored in cupertino. later today the opening ceremony for the world's most famous surfing contest mavericks. the opening ceremony is a special gathering of the tribe. a chance to get together before the competition starts off the peninsula coast. the official contest window for the surfing is between november and the end of march of next year. 6:57. coming up we hear from the loved ones of two veterans
6:58 am
killed while walking their dog last night in menlo park. >> unbelievable. very painful. >> the heart ache family members are feeling and what we are learning about the two victims and the suspect. an occupy anniversary and hundreds of law enforcement officers in oakland. that could mean double trouble in downtown oakland today. stay tuned. we'll be right back. ♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99.
6:59 am
but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party.
7:00 am
a couple is dead and their dog is injured after a suspected drunk driver plows into them in menlo park. we just spoke with some family members and we'll have the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: occupy oakland protesters are planning on picketing a major law enforcement event scheduled for downtown oakland today. it also happens to be the second anniversary of their eviction from city hall. i will tell you what opd is doing to prepare for the protests. and the san francisco giants under investigation for federal labor violations. the role unpaid interns are paying


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