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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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happening now a police dragnet near sacramento where a gunman shot and wounded add federal agent and then shot three other officers. >> they've seen him as he's looked out and we know he's in there. >> reporter: good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. at this hour s.w.a.t. team have surrounded the home where a gunman is held up after he shot a federal officer.
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police can be marching in line through a residential neighborhood as the man hunt. roseville is located northeast of sacramento. ktvu -- ktvu's jana katsuyama is in roseville. >> reporter: the entire neighborhood is in lock down. some of the residents have been unable to leave their home or get back into the neighborhood to get to their home since about 3:00 in the afternoon. we're just west of the house. you may be able to hear the helicopter, they've been here through most of the evening. the suspect is hideing in a house near by. he's about 32 years old, and
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this has been a very tense situation that has been going on for seven hours now. roseville police say they were with a immigration special agent to arrest this man sammy duran. he's a wanted parolee who had been spotted in the neighborhood. but when police approached him they say there was an exchange of gunfire. >> as far as i know he has an assault weapon, that's all i know right now. >> reporter: police say the i.c.e. agent was shot in the head. two others were taken to the hospital. one hit by shrapnel, two others hit by bullets. >> one that's been hit in the jaw and two other officers that were hit in the shoulder. >> reporter: there was a woman inside with her mother and her daughter. they managed to sneak out the front. >> they were actively on the telephone with our dispatcher
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at& -- dispatcher at the time. the dispatchers told them to get out of the house. >> reporter: authorities are trying to end it without anybody being injured. an i.c.e. agent told us the agent is stable and we've learned one of the three police officers who was shot, he is, he is in serious condition. but they are hoping he will be okay. the other two officers are doing fine right now. we do understand that there's going to be another update within this hour. we will get that information and bring it to you as this stand off continues right now. again, one suspected gunman who's involved in a shoot out with one ice agent and those officers here in a house in this neighborhood and they're hoping to bring this to a peaceful end. reporting live in roseville for right now, jana katsuyama, for right now we send it back to you. >> we will continue to monitor
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this ongoing situation in roseville. jana is going to stay on the scene and will bring us more coming up at 10:30. also happening now, the end of a day long protest in oakland. demonstrators have been marking the two year anniversary of a confrontation with police. when officers raided the occupy oakland camp. ktvu's eric rasmussen joins us live with the new cause protesters rally around tonight. >> reporter: the last of the protesters just cleared out of here. they had been picketing the conference at the marriott. things have remained peaceful but there was a large confrontation watching as the protesters hit the ground. declaring occupy oakland still alive. >> just like last year it's peaceful. just like this year it's
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peaceful. it's about the people. >> reporter: oakland police clashed with protesters as officers broke up a large camp at frank ogawa plaza. the new battle cry this year, urban shield. all day protesters surrounded the marriott where law enforcement held conferences all weekend. >> we don't want this corruption relationship between companies and police, we want no more urban shield. >> i want justice. my son was shot over 48 times. >> reporter: people in this rally included the parents of a teenager shot in stockton. yet this crowd is smaller than those that occupied the plaza at the start. >> we want to see what happens after we leave and after our demonstrations are done and we
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get the blame for that. >> reporter: the crowd has just cleared out here for the evening. most of the extra police presence that was here has also cleared out. they had remained on scene just to make sure everybody remained peaceful. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. tonight's demonstration is a far crime from with one that took place two years ago. the protest cost tens of thousands of dollars and police and city leaders were criticized for their handling of that protest. we are learning more tonight about this week's horrific car crash in lodi who left six members of a family and left one of those family
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members in critical condition. police have named the suspect, the driver of the car that hit them was on his cell phone and speeding just moments before the crash. the sacramento bee reports the suspect morales was recently released from san quentin prison after serving time for evading police and reckless driving. he has not yet been charged and is hospitalized in critical condition. one of the six members of the miranda family, their 9-year- old son is the only one who survived. he is also in critical condition. relatives are now coming from mexico to be with him. turning now to b.a.r.t.'s tentative contract agreement. ktvu news has learned the two unions have decided to hold votes on the same day instead of two different days. members plan to vote next friday. union leaders are recommending approval and at least one worker we talked with today indicated reaction is positive.
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after the union's vote, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors must also sign off on the agreement. the doors could soon be unlocked to dozens of restrooms in b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. closed the bathrooms in 12 underground stations for security reasons after the september 11th terrorist attacks. they have remained closed ever since. so far the two sides haven't talked about the contract provision that would offer relief for transit passengers. a homeless man in san francisco is recovering tonight from injuries he suffered when a homemade explosive device went off very close to his head. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon near jones and golden gate in the city's tenderloin district. the device exploded next to a garbage can. police say the victim was near by collecting recyclables. police are now studying surveillance video to see if they can find the person who set off the bomb. >> our bomb squad did conduct a secondary sweep for any devices in the area that turned up with
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negative results. >> reporter: the device was set to be similar to an m80. the victim suffered shrapnel wounds to his upper body. a possible suspect was seen leaving the area. he was described as a white male about 30 years old, 5'10", weighing about 160 pounds. investigators say the fire started in an electrical room in a below ground garage. a maintenance worker suffered severe burns and another man who was trying to help that maintenance worker escape the flames suffered smoke inhalation. now to the latest on a crash that killed a mother and father in a roseville crash. tonight a memorial is set for the couple who has left behind three teenage children.
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today police have booked the driver on manslaughter. >> we're only teenagers. so we should have our parents here. >> reporter: their parents went out for a walk last night and never came home. now these three teenagers are dealing with an unimaginable pain. singh is very upset with the woman that is suspected of killing her parents. >> i am really, really mad at them. i think they should be thrown into jail for life. i have no sympathy for her. >> reporter: the woman is facing charges of vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated. witnesses say she slammed into the couple with her car as they were out walking their chihuahua. rosel was convicted of dui last
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year. her license was under suspension. these siblings, 15, 16 and 18 years old say their parents were hard working and gave them everything they needed. moving on without them is hard to imagine. >> they were always smiling. and they were always happy. they never said no. they gave us everything we wanted and i just want to say thank you. like i know they're looking down on us. >> reporter: the suspected drunk driver involved in this crash is expected to make her first appearance in court on monday. the victim's children told me they would like an apology from her. even though they say it likely wouldn't do much to lessen their pain. in menlo park, alex savidge. shooting for his trees with only one arm. a young bay area man talks about making it to the big
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screen. >> and i'm tracking big clouds  rolling in tonight. the impact on temperatures in your neighborhood. but first -- demanding justice after a 13-year-old is shot and killed by a deputy. the community's divided response and why the fbi has now been called in.
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we want justice. now to our continuing coverage of this week's deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy
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by sonoma county sheriff's deputies. today hundreds of people mostly fellow students marched in santa rosa demanding justice. the sonoma county sheriff tells ktvu news the fbi will be conducting its own independent investigation into tuesday's shooting. and as mike mibach reports the community is looking for answers. >> we want justice. >> reporter: young students together arm in arm. >> we need justice. we need justice. >> reporter: and armed with a message to deputys in sonoma county. >> he wasn't going to harm you guys and you guys had no right to shoot him as many times as you did. >> reporter: it's one opinion in a city of many. >> shoot to kill. >> reporter: santa rosa police saying lopez left hand was a
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replica rifle that resembled an ak47. >> i would shoot. bottom line. if my life was on the line. >> i don't know if he came swinging around with a rifle in his hand. of course you go to protect yourself. >> reporter: the deputy called out to put the gun down. the barrel was up and fearing for his life, he shot him seven times. today seven is the story. >> that's a trigger happy cop. he needs to be prosecuted to the heaviest part of the law. >> reporter: even with an explanation -- >> i don't know it's an eye opener for everybody. >> reporter: it will never quite be the same. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. also in santa rosa, 10 people were killed in a
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collision. it happened on montgomery drive. police say the car hit the bus. the driver of the car had to be extricated with hydraulic equipment. two of the bus passengers were also hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. santa clara medical center is facing a fine from the california department of public health. it's the second fine for the hospital this year and the third since 2010. the hospital failed to follow established procedures for safe distribution and administration of medication which put patients at risk. santa clara valley medical center is one of eight california hospitals being fined by the state. a free health fair in downtown san jose brought a range of services to people who say they could really use a little help. today's event offered health screenings, social services, haircuts and clothing to those
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who are homes or low income families. >> it should not be ordeal to get health care. >> reporter: is it for the homeless? >> yeah. >> the free health care was sponsored by dave cortezi. a decision about san jose's next police chief may be near. esquizel was named acting chief. fegoni wants to make the appointment before thanksgiving. this comes as the san jose police department is seeing a lot of its officers leaving its ranks. many of those leaving are women. >> reporter: the san jose police department diversity among its rank in file is taking a hit as many female officers are leaving because of cuts in pay and benefits.
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gina barajas born and raised in san jose to join redwood city. >> being from here you don't want to leave here. you get to know the community and they get to know you. >> reporter: barajas is just the latest to go. nine female officers have resign third-degree year. according to the police union, drops to the department under 10% for female officers compared to 16% in san francisco. almost 11% in oakland, 15% in san diego, and nearly 23% in sacramento. >> the problem isn't with the department. the problem is that the city of san jose is a terrible employer. >> reporter: barajas says it isn't just pay and benefit cuts from the ongoing pension reform. she points out there used to be more opportunities for female officers to work in special units. for example barajas worked undercover in covert operations. but now many of those officers are needed for patrol. >> our unit dwindling, we don't
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have anything, there's nothing to offer for officers and female officers to do anymore. >> reporter: the union and barajas say the low percentage will make it tough to recruit. >> i would wonder why the numbers are so small. why are their numbers are small as far as female officers. >> reporter: the mayor's office has vowed to keep aggressively recruiting but may still have trouble keeping female officers. of those who responded 40% are also looking to leave. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a major earthquake struck off the coast of japan and triggered a small tsunami that didn't cause any damage. the u.s. geological service put the came at 7.1. it was centered off fukushima. that's the same location where a nuclear plant was crippled by a tsunami a year ago. one fukushima disaster official
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said there was a lot of shaking but no damage. a lot more sunshine today across the bay area. as a result toáeld -- as a result, today was warmer. no rainfall expected but still a few high clouds will continue to move into the region for the overnight hours basically moving in from the southwest and heading to the north and east and rotating in in that fashion. our time lapse, beautiful sunset this evening. looking out toward the golden gate bridge. some of those high clouds showing up as well. get ready for another cool start to tomorrow morning: cooler locations back into the upper 30s, napa, san francisco 49 and redwood hill 45. some patchy low cover in the forecast. we'll highlight the warmest dale of the weekend an the shower chances we could be added to our five day forecast that's coming up in 25 minutes. new details are released
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about the investigation into the death of jonbenet ramsey. giving the gift of life, later tonight, the emotional meeting between the family of a young boy and a woman who's heartbreak ended up saving his life.
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some big changes could be coming to the busy corner of 16th and mission in san francisco. it's set for a major facelift complete with new retail and hundreds of apartments. but as david stevenson tells us not everyone is happy about the project. >> reporter: for 15 years, the market has served up meat and produce in san francisco's mission district but the end may be near. >> i don't want to get lose my
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income. >> reporter: this store and walgreens are set to close to open up 16th street. a real estate company is proposing a 351 unit apartment building next to the b.a.r.t. station here. >> i hope they get it right. >> reporter: it's a radical remaking of a hot spot that's plagued with crime. >> this area has never really been prosperous. it was just the neighborhood people spent their money here. >> reporter: the cement will be replaced with glass and a building three stories. show the agency has little say in the design. >> the architects are going to have a challenge of fitting a really big new building into a neighborhood that you know has
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a lot of rough edges but the people who live here really like it. >> reporter: some residents aren't happy about the look and design. >> i'm not really in favor of demolishing and building because i think we need to be connected to our history. >> reporter: it must still get approval from the city. david stevenson. >> we started twitter with a very simple idea. >> reporter: the web video is part of the company's road show in which they try to sell the company to investors. yesterday twitter priced its ipo between $17 and $20 a share. jp morgan chase has agreed to pay $5.9 million to settle
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claims about risky mortgage securities. jp morgan was accused of misleading the two agencies about the real value of the mortgage securities before the crash. this deal is separate from a still unresolved issue with the justice department that could cost jp morgan another 13 billion dollars. and wall street ended the week with gains. the nasdaq added 41. positive earnings from amazon and microsoft led stocks higher. an incredible story about a bay area athlete makes toilet makes -- athlete makes it to the big screen. >> a livermore man has his name in lights, the inspiring story next. and a s.w.a.t.
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team has surrounded --
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returning now to our breaking news. s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded a house in a sacramento suburb of roseville tonight. they're looking for a man who is believed armed and dangerous. >> a man is believed to be inside after injurying an officer and injurying three others. >> reporter: in the past half an hour, we've been seeing a little bit of movement down farther down the block toward those bright lights. that is where this scene is. where this suspected gunman is inside a house. this has been going on since 3:00 this afternoon. the police have basically put this entire neighborhood on lock down. again that suspected gunman who got into several gunfights they say with police.
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and law enforcement agencies leading to one i.c.e. officer being charged as well as two roseville police officers. i'm standing with people who are out here, it's quite a large crowd. i talked to one man who says his mother's house is adjacent to the house where the suspect is and here's what he had to say. >> my mother and my little nephew. my 4-year-old nephew are inside the house and they've been told they can't come out all afternoon. >> my parents backyard is actually on the other side of where the whole situation is going on. >> reporter: and again, there are people out here from the sheriff's department. various police agencies. as well as homeland security. the fbi, they are all out here trying to see if they can get that suspect out. again that suspect 32-year-old sammy duran. they say that he is a resident of sacramento. it sounds like he may have been
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here visiting a relative or being in this neighborhood for some other reason and they were trying to serve an arrest warrant. they say he is a wanted parolee. we know that he has fired at officers. he is suspected to be armed and they are hoping to wrap this up. again some movement here. so if anything develops within this hour we will let you know. for now reporting live from roseville, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, jana, thank you. napa police said today they have busted a major pop growing operation and made five arrests in the process. special agents discovered hundreds of marijuana plants growing on county land in napa. police released this picture of 600 pounds of marijuana seized. they also cash and guns were also found. four of the people arrested were transients from mexico. the fifth person is an oakland resident. the board starts to
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consider a possible toll hike that we first told you about last night. the district says increased toll revenue is needed to fund a seismic retrofit and the doyle drive upgrade. the district has two options, a possible end to the $1 fast track discount. the board plans hearing next year. the toll could be implemented as early as april. one idea is to open a third eastbound lane for the evening commute. officials have approved spending $100,000 for a study. the bridge has three lanes each way but one lane is always used as a break down lane. walnut creek is considering plans to help ease parking congestions by raising parking rates. there's about 30,000 parking
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spots in walnut creek and drivers say it feels like every one of them is full. that frustrates many people who would rather be out shopping or eating. >> you're driving around and around and around and there's never enough garage parking. >> we've come down here for dinner and we can never find parking so we end up needing. >> they're looking to extending meter hours until eight clock at night and to enforce meters on sunday. the board is expected to approve those changes in december. new at 10:00, a hometown kid who seriously beat the odds as the subject of a documentary that premiered in livermore tonight. his story is absolutely remarkable. noelle walker, with the story of the basketball player who was born with all of the tools except for one. >> reporter: kevin lowe told me it's still surreal to him to see his name up there in
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lights. when i asked him how he pronounces his name he says it's lowe like wow. like in his story. >> reporter: the path kevin lowe he took to get here -- >> if you gave me a left hand, i wouldn't take it. >> reporter: what lowe was missing he made up for in height. at 13 he was already 6'10". >> within a year he had a hook shot. within a year and half of that he could shoot free throws and i said we have ourselves a winner. >> reporter: now they have themselves a big screen star too. lowe got the attention of a documentary film producer, long
10:35 pm
shot the kevin lowe story follows him from high school varsity to division one basketball. from teenager to young man. >> it wasn't an easy thing to do with a disability but i made it work with the help of certain coaches and role models who really helped me in different ways to get me where i needed to be to be successful. >> reporter: success is measured in many ways. fans cheering, your name in lights. >> my son wanted to play basketball because he saw you when he was a little kid. >> reporter: but lowe says his biggest success is inspiring others with his perfect imperfection. >> a little bit of faith and a little bit of perseverance you can really accomplish many things. >> reporter: lowe is now a college graduate and speaker.
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but his hoop hopes have not died. he is speaking to the globe trotters about trying out. temperatures trending up in time for your weekend. when you can expect the warmest weather where you live. digging deeper into the cause of that deadly crash at sfo. the information investigators traveled to korea to seek out.
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the da at the time did not file charges siting insufficient evidence. the ramseys were later cleared and the mother patsy ramsey died of cancer in 2006. the mystery of maria has been solved tonight. she's the little blond girl found in greece living with a roma or gypsy family. dna tests show maria is the daughter of a bulgarian roma
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couple. one of maria's nine siblings says she wants her back home. greek authorities initially took maria away from a gypsy couple because she looked nothing like them. section by section the school in new town connecticut is being torn down. workers are under orders to destroy anything that could be identified to the school to protect the victims. a new school is going to be built on the site. officials traveled to korea as part of their investigation of the asiana crash at sfo. officials gathered information
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on airline training. the ntsb also reviewed records of the plane that crashed. they plan to hold a two day investigative hearing in early december. today for the first time the food and drug administration announced that stricter regulations are in store for pet food manufacturers. the proposed regulation comes days after the fda asked the public for help in its investigation of a deadly outbreak caused by jerky streets. nationwide 580 dogs have died in recent years from jerky treats made in china. going forward the fda intends to treat dog food much like it does people food. but before making changes federal officials want to hear from the public. the last of three meetings hosted by the fda on the matter will be in sa -- sacramento is december 6. giving the gift of life. tonight an emotional meeting between two families, how tragedy led to a new lease on life for this little boy. >> the weekend is here and you may like the forecast.
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mark tamayo tracking just how far temperatures will rise. >> and ringo star may have solved the mystery behind this photograph. how part of the answer was right here in the bay area. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car...
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and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. it's one of mankind's greatest gift. the giving of life. today we were allowed to be there for an intimate meeting between strangers. as heather holmes reports a tragedy for one family meant a new lease on life for another. >> reporter: on this sunny fall day the next chapter begins in the winnet family's journey. >> since he's been 5 months old he's been on medication. >> reporter: today, their son received a kidney transplant. he will take rejection medication for the rest of his life. a fight that continues because
10:45 pm
of a tragedy. >> we never lose site that someone lost their life to give us another one. >> i'm praying that it brings her family peace. i'm hoping she can look at matthew and that she can see it all right there. >> reporter: the couple was a mix of emotions, nervous, anxious. but when the front door opened it was joy and gratitude they felt. while maggie was grieving the loss of her 22-year-old brandon a soldier in the army. the dates matched and it clicked. >> this is my son. the first one was liver and kidney two year old male. >> reporter: she then reached out to the family via facebook. and today the emotional meeting. seeing her army son's legacy continue in a little boy. >> he wanted to help globally humanity by bettering people's
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lives. he couldn't have helped anybody in a greater way. >> he's served our country and even in passing he continued to serve. he found a way to give and continue to keep giving and i think that says a lot about him. >> reporter: mom christie tells us she was floored when she received that facebook friend request from maggie. she says the social media connection proved to be invaluable. allowing these two families to finally meet today for the very first time. i'm healther holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area temperatures warmed up a bit today back up into the 60s and 70s. that trend will continue into the first half of the weekend. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. you can see the readings ranging from the low 60s in san francisco. san jose 69. livermore yesterday 64 degrees today back up into the upper 70s at 79 degrees. you probably noticed a few high clouds moving into the region as well. moving in from the pacific, from the south and the west. those high clouds will stick
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around for a couple of hours. right now no rain drops expected. in fact, all the showers are mainly offshore. that could be changing as we head into your monday forecast. here is our live camera. we do have for the most part partly cloudy skies out there looking out toward the bay bridge and the san francisco out in the distance a. fairly nice evening out there. right around 52 to 55 degrees. here we go with the over all upset up. tomorrow a little bit warmer or about the same as today. now the key change, that begins into early next week in fact, by sunday night and into monday this weather system drops in from the north. the exact track of this guy is a little bit in doubt but close enough it will cool us off into monday. wind really cool off to the coast. as far as shower chances you can see our forecast model keeping us dry all weekend long. we'll take this into saturday. into sunday, we're going to cool things off a little bit
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for the second half of the weekend. by monday, here we go clouds, a lot of clouds out there and showers developing out toward the sierra. close enough to the bay area there is a slight chance of a shower. we're going to have to monitor those developments as we head into the weekend with a slight chance would be for monday. temperatures for tomorrow santa rosa 76 degrees. stinson beach at 65 and warmest locations inland mid- to upper 70s right around 80 degrees. oakland will go 71. these temperatures checking in right about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose at 74 and patchy cloud cover in the morning but partly to sunny skies. your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. the weekend headlines we do have this. saturday being the warmest day of the weekend. some patchy fog returns at the coast. cool mornings, upper 30s to the 40s to 50 degrees. sunday the winds do pick up especially near the coast for the evening hours and we're close enough to halloween. still a few days out but here's
10:49 pm
our scary forecast draft. and we do have partly cloudy skies. no rain drops to worry about at this point. last halloween we had a few showers but this one looking okay. we'll have the keep an eye on monday changes possibly a few rain drops. >> holiday looking good. >> i love that graphic. >> no big storm. >> no big storm but that could be changing as we head into november. >> good news for the ghouls and goblins. after an odd start to the national anthem, instead of the star spangled banner, taylor launched into america the beautiful -- >> ♪ so smooth, taylor segway from one song to the other one.
10:50 pm
he also sang america the beautiful during the 7th inning stretch. a 49er-year-old mystery involving beatles drummer ringo star. that picture is in a recently released book. a new jersey man says it's him and five friends. they all skipped school that day to see the beatles arrive in new york city. and the one on the far right there is charlie schwartz who just happens to know live in sonoma. >> this is very cool. can you imagine. finally busted after missing school after all these years. the warriors had a great year last year. there's new news about them today. >> this is pretty good news if you're a warrior fan. center andrew boget was busy
10:51 pm
agrees to a contract. his three year extension ends all this lame duck extension. he ae -- he agrees to a three year extension. so there's still some concern that he is a health risk. the warriors cut curry. yeah. well no. no stephan curry, his younger brother seth curry. he earned one assist in three preseason games. 49ers just spent the last two days in the uk. 49ers heavy favorites to win. it'll be 6:00 p.m. over there. some players like linebacker willis played in london two
10:52 pm
years ago know you must deal with jet lag. >> what you tell your mind the body will follow. that's what i've been trying to do. try to go to sleep when it's time to go to sleep. and wake up when it's time to wake up. just try to have the same regiment as i would back home even though the time difference is a little different. my body wants to stay up but i tell it to go to sleep. >> reporter: sleep on this. former 49ers quarterback steve young will get paid $36 million over the next 13 years from the long defunked league. starting in january, he will be paid 36 million from a bankrupt football team in a league that no longer exists. wow. by comparison current 49ers
10:53 pm
collin kaepernick is making a cool $880,000. and we have a match up at the kings academy. we'll run it all down, next.
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el camino high traveled to take on the kings academy. the kings academy took a quick lead. holmes look at him outrun the knights. scores a 55-yard touchdownful knights retake the lead -- touchdown, knights retake the lead. frisky feeling a little frisky hauls it in. it's a 20-20 game before the colts start to take on the night. threads the needle. watch this thing. between two defenders. el camino ends 22-20.
10:57 pm
david ortiz will start saturday's world series game at three. that's where the dh is not permitted. game time tomorrow is 5:00 p.m. right here on ktvu channel 2. and matt corean will become the diamondbacks new manager. that's sports as we see it this friday night. >> fred, thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> they'll be following that s.w.a.t. situation in roseville if you missed part of tonight's newscast you can always catch the rebroadcast right now over on tv 36. your can also follow us any time on twitter, facebook, and ktvu apps. have a great weekend everyone. >> good night. just yes.
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