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tv   KTVU News 49ers in London Special  FOX  October 26, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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he is a winner and there is a winner out at second base too. >> joe: shane robinson, batting. and robinson gets out of the way of ball one inside from doubront. on deck is carpenter. the night for maness is over. he goes two-thirds of an inning. robinson pops it up. right side. pedroia sends us into the seventh inning of game three. we're tied 2-2. back after this from your local fox station. ♪
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>> joe: the geico ingame box score for the red sox as we go to the seventh inning. ellsbury has a hit and ortiz doesn't have a rbi but big hit last inning to send the tying run to third. and daniel nava singled him home. victorino led off the inning with a walk. now it's kevin siegrist. the hard throwing left-hander out of the bull pen. seventh game of this postseason. pit. cardinals turn saltalamacchia around and make him bat
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right-handed and the count is one ball, one strike. siegrist finished the season with a 25-inning scoreless streak. however in game one, he came on and on the first pitch, he delivered. david ortiz homered into right center. the 1-1. 96 for strike two. >> tim: first home run this year that a left-handed batter has hit off kevin siegrist. >> joe: it looks like stephen drew's night is over. will middlebrooks is in the on-deck circle and then gomes is waiting. here is the 1-2. a strikeout starts the inning at 98 from siegrist! one away. >> tim: left-hander turning saltalamacchia around throwing 98 miles an hour. rosenthal, 98 miles an hour. martinez, 97, 98 miles per hour. >> joe: here is will
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middlebrooks. this postseason, he is 4 out of 23. and he has watched his starting spot fall to xander bogaerts. he waits around and sees the first pitch and pops it into center for jon jay. t two outs. middlebrooks will stay in the ball game and play third and we will get a look at xander bogaerts at shortstop in the bottom of the seventh inning. two out, as craig breslow gets loose and he'll take over for felix doubront. carlos martinez just started to get loose. you said something during the break and i agree with you, jonny gomes is at the plate. red sox looking for something big out of jonny gomes here, but with two out, nobody on, you could see john farrell leaving felix doubront in the ball game. >> tim: i think that would have been -- i don't think you could argue with that move. because felix doubront is almost
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like a starter. he was -- john was planning to use him like a costarter, backing up buchholz tomorrow. and he has been very effective against cardinal hitters and he gives them a different look. i think i would have left doubront in the ball game. >> joe: red sox and farrell hoping for something big out of gomes. the 1-0 pitch. inside. 2-0. gomes batting with two out, nobody on. during the regular season, he hit 13 home runs. that is in the air to center. will carry to jon jay. siegrist has a 1, 2, 3 seventh. red sox are just left with
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napoli and quentin berry on their bench in a tie game in the seventh. as part of their ongoing commitment to our troops, bank of america will donate $1 on behalf of each person in attendance tonight to welcome back veterans and wounded warrior project. now for the introduction of "god bless america." let's join theeñ public address announcer john ulett. >> ladies and gentlemen, we now take a moment to sing "god bless america." we are led toned tonight by retired navy petty officer first class jernaldo wilson. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪navy petty of jernaldo wilson. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪
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♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> joe: wow! it's great to have moments like these where we can thank our service membersñt÷ and veterans!
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join bank of america in support of our troops and share your gratitude for our troops at #troopthanks. to the bottom of the seventh in st. louis, tied at 2. was a peacekeeper in haiti... before william hughes fought in vietnam... and john hughes jumped into normandy... and john anderson hughes served in world war i... and before robert hughes joined the spanish-american war, there were families connected to the belief that freedom was worth fighting for. join us in thanking them at
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night, another left-hander. it's breslow. a check swing, foul. and we are under way in the bottom of the seventh. bogaerts moves from third to short. middlebrooks, very good defensive third baseman, in the game after pinch-hitting in the top of the seventh. when he did it and then gomes did it, we talked about who is left. i left off david ross who is the other catcher available to manager john farrell. that is inside. a ball and a strike on carpenter. doubront, two innings, no runs, one hit, one intentional walk. that's it. he was good in relieve of jake peavy who really hung in there tough. here is the 1-1. strike two. >> tim: breslow is shaking off saltalamacchia. i assume it was a breaking ball away that salty wanted.
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breslow wanted to come back with that inside fastball to carpenter and he got the call. >> joe: breslow trying to bounce er @&hc% game two. when he took over in the seventh. check swing. ground ball. left side. bogaerts has to surround it and too late. gets away. but carpenter will stay at fi t first. >> tim: just no way to defend against a check swing. bogaerts, the first play. short hop to ortiz. can't make the play. and it's a base hit. tough play for bogaerts. tough play for ortiz. >> joe: it's an infield base hit. and it brings in carlos beltran. >> tim: funny. had the red sox had a lead, david ortiz wouldn't have been at first. mike napoli would have been at
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first. and mike napoli, we have seen him throughout the postseason make great pickups on balls thrown exactly like thatdlúñ >> joe: looked like carpenter had the play beat. >> tim: yeah. yep, yep. >> joe: didn't advance as the ball got away. a ball then gets beltran to put two on with nobody out. just grazed him and no argument from saltalamacchia, the red sox catcher. and it got him on that guard on his left elbow. >> tim: beltran showing the home plate umpire dana demuth. i'm surprised that the red sox are not arguing that play because beltran made no attempt to get out of the way. always a tough call for an umpire. >> joe: so a base hit on the infield and then a hit batsman on a ball that just touched that
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guard of the right elbow. now with john farrell coming out, tazawa is coming into the ball game with holliday coming up. so breslow suffers some bad luck here in the seventh. a check swing, ground ball that goes for an infield base hit. and then this pitch that just nicked carlos beltran. two on, nobody out for st. louis in the seventh. i see you. so, maybe, we're just... hello! our son jeremy is in europe and his wireless company charges extra for data outside the u.s. so, we're getting huge bills. turn your phone off, jeremy. turn it off! if you see him, can you tell him t-mobile has coverage around the world with no extra charges. for crying out loud, jeremy, close an app! t-mobile's nation wide data covers over one hundred countries at no extra charge.
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>> tim: you know, a lot has been made about a player wearing a guard of sort whether on the ankle or on his elbow. he puts that guard on, it becomes part of his uniform and had carlos beltran for the being wear that black guard on the left elbow, he doesn't get hit on that pitch. he shows home plate umpire and naturally dana demuth has to say and give him first base, but now he doesn't have the guard on. >> joe: it does two things, the guard for the hitter. not only does it make you a little bit bigger in that situation, get more area for a pitch to hit but it also makes you, i would imagine, a little more fearless. >> tim: oh, definitely. that is the biggest thing of wearing a guard is because if you get hid solidly, you don't feel it. but that was an instance where because of the guard, the cardinals have runners on at first and second instead of ball one on beltran. >> joe: now matt holliday deals
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with tazawa. the guard comes off when beltran runs the bases. time called as holliday steps out. tazawa has been part of this terrific bull pen for the red sox this postseason. holliday waits. and takes inside. ball one. tazawa induced only two ground ball double play balls in 68 regular season innings, but he's induced three of them in just 5 2/3 innings this postseason. >> tim: it was big. it was miguel cabrera in first and third and nobody out situation in detroit. >> joe: here is the 1-0 to holliday. runners at first and second. good fastball from tazawa.
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strike one. >> tim: you can count on tazawa throwing that pitch until he gets holliday or holliday gets him. >> joe: he came right after miguel cabrera in the alcs. >> tim: yes, sir. >> joe: holliday 1 for 3 tonight. past the third baseman and down the line! in to score is carpenter. here comes beltran. they wave him home. and the cardinals lead 4-2.ryh
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it's a two-run double for matt holliday. took third on the throw. he has got three rbis tonight. carpenter, who led off with that infield hit, scored, as did beltran, who was hit by a pitch. something happened out in1@"#÷ field. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: assess nava was talking to the left field umpire and the crew chief john hirschbeck after getting that ball back in.
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think about it the ball that matt holliday hit was out of the strike zone down. down around his ankles or mid shin. >> joe: now matt adams, m$+rq @% infield in. still nobody out. and holliday is at third. ball one, inside. >> tim: down and in. check it out. >> joe: got it under the glove of middlebrooks and into left. here is a 1-0 pitch. 2-0. >> tim: in fairness to will middlebrooks, that's a tough play for somebody just coming into the ball game. tested immediately.@t
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as was bogaerts at short. >> joe: here comes the 2-0 to adams. and adams is out in front. the count, 2-1. >> tim: boy, that's a change-up right there. that is something we have not seen him feature for the most part in the postseason. >> joe: here is the 2-1. 2-2. the runs are charged to breslow. he faced two batters.
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the ball didn't leave the infield, but he left with two on and nobody out. tazawa gave up the two-run double. holliday, the runner at third. adams. just out of the strike zone at 96. let's see where this missed. >> tim: close. >> joe: tazawa does not get the call. and the count is full at 3-2.d
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a big one for tazawa to get adams. >> tim: he goes upstairs to matt adams. we talked about it earlier. adams telling us before the game, that's where most national league pitchers try to pitch him. very upset. >> joe: now it's molina. last time molina stepped up in the fifth inning, the red sox walked him with a runner at second and two out. infield is in.&0&uy blocked by saltalamacchia.
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this 1-0 the count.8!ff molina waits. 1-1. molina looked like he was going to drive that baseball into the ground after the check swing or the little foul tip. missed it. you don't see that too often. come here, ball!
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>> joe: he just flicked it away. waiting for a 1-1 pitch. runner at third. one out. two runs home in the inning. molina, tazawa. ball two. on deck is freese. the 2-1. 2-2. >> tim: that was hittable right there. that first foul ball was a ball out of the strike zone. this one is in his wheelhouse and he missed it. two-seam fastball.
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>> joe: two balls, two strikes. >> tim: halloween early. >> joe: tazawa struck out adams and looking for the same with molina up. full count. john farrell's bull pen came into this game with an e.r.a. of 1.00 this postseason. doubront, two scoreless innings. breslow did not retire a batter and allowed two to reach and that was carlos martinez in the cardinal bull pen. here is the 3-2.
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struck him out! got it by molina up. two down. >> tim: another high fastball out of the strike zone. first adams, then molina. here is matt adams. high fastball. on a 3-2 count. now here is yadier molina. high, fastball. >> joe: and so now, with the runner at third, two out. holliday was there with nobody out. the batter is david freese. everybody backs up on the infield and ball one misses up and away. hitting just .178 this postseason, he's 8 for 45.
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red sox will have the top of their lineup to the plate in the eighth. here is the 1-0. left-handed hitting jon jay, on deck.q david freese waits for a 2-0 pitch. holliday at third. two out. taza tazawa. gets strike one.


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