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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cloudy, cool, breezy to windy for some, still about 35 miles per hour for the morning. possibility we could get maybe a stray shower or two. the highs will be very cool, 50s and 60s, 40s, 50s right now. a little bit of clearing has already taken place in the north bay and it's going to get cold tonight into tomorrow. the low turning right there, if it came right over us, we'd have a better opportunity for some rain. it's that cool, breezy pattern or windy at times. more of this on shore push, mainly around the monterrey peninsula. 50s and 60s. very cool breezy. here's tara. very windy out there. somebody's got to clean up the parking lot. there are leaves everywhere. and there are wind advisories in effect. the bay area toll plaza, this is where one of those wind effects and bridges are under an advisory by the chp. highway 2 of through lafayette,
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westbound as you make your drive-thru the tunnel looking good. and 680 to freemont looking good. and gusty winds overnight overturned several big rigs. >> reporter: those wind withes have died down somewhat here, but i can tell you it's still pretty windy. lots of big rigs on their way into the bay area and those high winds knocking some of those big riggings over, overnight. it all happened at the mountain house parkway. chp tells us at least six big rigs were overturned, 1 was hurt. we don't not on how serious or have an update. we'll continue working that out
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for you. a worker at a nearby 7-11 says driving was torturous. >> the winds were going 65, 70 miles an hour. it's going back and 4 from this lane to lane. the dust gets really bad, too right now. >> reporter: now, we're monitoring chp activity and will update you -- monitor chp activity and we'll update your morning commute. we are experiencing some good winds out here at the pass, high winds through out the bay area, but we're hearing that at least for now, some of those winds are starting to subside. we'll monitor the chp and try to figure out where that wind is and you how it might effect you. we're live this morning, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you. high winds knocked out power to 15,000 homes and businesses in the bay area overnight. in san francisco, a scaffolding fell on high street knocking out power to 5,500 people.
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3,200 customers also lost power in antioch and a thousand people were in the dark in danville and elamo. pf and e responded to 1,600 customers without power. it should be fully restored by 10:00 this morning. >> and a home in antioch around 6:30 on 6th and l street, a father who was sitting on his bed with a child was taken to the hospital to be treated for for scratches to his arms and back. >> my boyfriend was hugging my baby so he got out and i told him what was wrong and i saw his shirt ripped and then i saw the big stick and i was scared. i was freaked out. >> the child was not hurt and the tree has been removed from the home. and drivers should expect winter conditions in the
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sierras. this is 80 eastbound. up to 8 inches is expected. chains are required from kingville to the donna lake interchange. now for more information on the wind related incidents go to, and power outages and any weather advisories for your area. and the san francisco parkings worker accused -- parks worker accused of running over a woman in holly park is due back in court. last year, he entered not guilty pleas to felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run charges. prosecutors say he veered his work truck over a woman and her baby. her lawyers said he served to avoid hitting a dog. and the child gens for the old -- begins for the oldest
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suspect of the shooting of an off adulty paramedic during -- off duty parmetric. four other teenagers -- paramedic. four other teenagers are also facing charges two those suspects are 14 years old. and the second of four public meetings in san jose will be held tonight on gang violence at the bascum community center. people will be able to find out what's going on in their neighborhoods and what the city is doing to control the gang activity. tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m. and continue through november 14th. time now is 4:35. muni launch egg pilot program to test -- launching a pilet program to test -- pilot program to test the fulton line. a 20 to 30% increase in capacity during peak hours between fulton street and 6th avenue top and the transbay terminal. the changes mean 9% of customers will need to walk an extra block for pick you up.
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16 parking spaces along the route have been eliminated. and a member of san francisco's mountain police unit is retiring today. horse shoes from all the horses he road to be added to the display -- rode will be on display. thor is money and retirement breakfast starts at 10:00 this morning. a man is in serious condition after an officer-involved shooting in san francisco's marine district. they responded to a fight at pierce and chest nut the street yesterday where a man pistol whipped a man. the man was found hiding in the bushes. they were forced to open fire when he refused drop his weapon. >> i saw some police men in the street. i drove around the corner and heard the gunshots and people were kind of running away from
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the gunshots. >> the other man left the scene. police are investigating whether he is the victim of a robbery. the search continues for the gunman responsibility for the drive by that killed one young adult and injured 7 others. it happened on saturday night in vallejo. a group of friends in san francisco were driving in four different cars when one got a flat tire. this is surveillance video showing them pulling over to the side of the street. a white suv drove up and opened fire. i've been working here at the police department for 40 years and i've never experienced a single incident where there have been eight people shot. and a 19-year-old man died at the scene. neighbors have lit candles in his honor. police say there are still no word on a motive. this was the city's 20th homicide of the year. we are learning more about an incident at an assisted
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living facility in castro valley. alameda found 146 and elderly patients abandoned after most of the -- found 14 sick and elderly patients abandoned. ktvu spoke to the attorney. he would only say his client is getting out of the nursing home business. and today will begin a three-day voting period that could end for a strike authorization. members of the employees region say they forced a change that cuts their take home pay to fund their health insurance. the union accuses uc of trying to intimidate members. there's no word on when it would happen if they approve a strike. the house where steve jobs grew up could be given a new status, part of the historic
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resources inventory. this is where he launched apple commuter and assembled the first 50 apple 1 commuters. that historic designation would add another review if anyone wants to make renovations. time now is 438 and the oakland raiders made history at the colosseum. quarterback prior ran 93 yards for a touchdown, the nfl record for the longest record by a quarterback, and also in raiders history. they would beat the pittsburgh steelers, 21-18. meantime, the jacksonville jags were beat by the 49ers monday. frank gore also added to the final score with two touchdowns of his own. niners would win with 42-10, and this is a by week while the team recovers from jet lag. the world series is tied
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after two games a piece. outfielder johnny gomes was raised in peta luma. they beat the cardinals 4-2 last night. >> you can guarantee i'm going to be swinging when i'm in the lineup. i was fortune right there to get a swing on a good pitch. >> did you see his beard there? unbelievable. >> he was 0 are in 9, in the world series before last night's big homer. now game 5 is tonight. you can see it right here on ktvu channel 2 at 4:30 after a special edition of the ktvu news. fun to have a local guy to route for. and changes could be coming to bart's alert system. coming up at 5:00, the technology bart plans to look into following the death two of workers. >> and the fight against prescription drug abuse, how one family is trying to make sure
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their only personal tragedy doesn't happen to anyone else. >> and we'll be sure to let you know which bridges those are. bay bridge not being one of them, next. and snow is on the go up in the sierra, nevada. things should be better today, but not very warm. we'll have the cool forecast next
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welcome become. we have some breaking news. san jose police are investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. we understand it happened shortly 3:00 this morning. no other details are available. we have a news crew head hadding to the scene and we'll bring -- heading to the scene and we'll bring you more. 4:44, is the time. the dr. playing a role has been
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released. he walked out of the los angeles county jail. he served about half of his four-year sentence. now, in 2001 a jury found murray guilty of providing a deadly dose of painkiller, and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. >> and a delegation a arrives in washington d.c. seeking answers on the latest round of reports of spying activities. the national security agency monitored calls of 35 world leaders. the allegations come in documents leaked by edward snowden, former nsa contractor. >> i think the revelations from snowden and the secrets that have been revealed are doing significant damage to the bilateral relationships. >> the reality is the nsa saved
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thousands of lives, in france and germany and throughout europe. >> now, they began in 2002 and president obama was made aware of it in 2010. the nsa denies the president knew anything. the troubled web site is up and running. a spokes woman says visitors were unable to access the web site last night because of the a failure of service provided by verizon. and >> i know they've called in another privatentity to try to help with the security of it. the problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system. the way the system is designed, it is not secure. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sabilias addressed concerns in a block
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post the published on saturday. she says does not retain information. and a family that made strides in toughning the state's dui laws going after prescription drug abuse. nearly ten years ago the pack family lost their 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter to a driver high on drugs and vicodin. the driver had convinced multiple doctors to prescribe the pills, a practice called doctor shopping. >> i don't think it's ever going to go away. you just learn to live with the aches. >> the packs have just learned a campaign to prevent doctor shopping. it would require doctors to submit to random drug testing and would increase the amount of money awarded in medical malpractice suits. they hope it gets enough signatures to make the
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november 2014 ballot. time is 4:47. it was windy. >> tara, any problems out there? >> a little bit. not too much at this hour. a lot of leaves and pine needles on the roadways and those city crews will be busy cleaning it all up. we did have wind advisories in effect for your bridges at the golden gate here at one of them, so are the venetia, as well as the altamont pass. and this is a look obviously at the south bay. can you see the roadways are clear. moving into the peninsula, same story and across the san mateo bridge on into to the hayward bridge, everything is looking good. a live look at 880. you see the headlights passing the colosseum. 4:48, here's steve. >> our system is dropping in, giving it heavy snow. a little bit of a light rain,
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sprinkles from san jose. >> my friend john down there in san jose, with sprinkles. not nearly as bad. we had gusts to about 45, 50. that's not the case right now. it's still rather blustery. 50s and 60s for highs. the snow up in the sierra nevada, 4:00, so easily 4 to 8:00. they'll probably be more than that. 5,000 coming down a little bit. snowing in tahoe, 30 there, reno. 44 ukia, and 48 in sacramento. see some of that, and again it's the wide spread, and pretty good looks like they're almost on the back end of this. and the afternoon may be some pop up. i'm trying to find it. around selenas, down to santa cruz, and monterrey, coming off the ocean from about san jose.
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40s, 50s. if it wasn't for the breeze we'd be colder than that. definitely breezy for everybody. some of the higher elevations off coast -- off the coast getting pretty strong there. there's our system. it's going to start to take the turn to the right and that'll allow things to calm down a little bit. some light rain, sprinklings, possible east and south mainly. windy at times. 50s and 60s. this is going to be a very cool day. doesn't matter coast, bay, inland. everyone's pretty close. take your pick. there's only going to be a couple degrees spread. other wise it will be calming down. the mornings are going to be cold for the next couple days. sunny and warmer. and maybe another system kind of clipping the north bay on sunday. this week marks the first anniversary of super storm
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sandy, one of the worst natural disasters in history. super storm sandy ravaged the island, left it without power for several months. ellis island is best known for ushering emigrants into the u.s. for years. >> and many remember the horrifying scene as it slammed into the famous jersey shore. new jersey's governor admit there is have been major delays getting help to the victims. governor chris christy says it took congress three months to finally approve the $51 billion relief package for sandy victims. >> in all, super storm sandy caused billions of dollars in damages. and they say studying the storm
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has given them a better perspective on storms. and a 12-year-old brought a gun to school, the school is opening back today. and guy fierri is expected to a san raphael courtroom to testify against a teenager accused of stealing his sports car.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news. time 4:53. we're learning more about a murder in oakland. chen had been struggling to hold down a job since immigrating from china. he's accused of killing his cousin's wife and her four young children including a 1-year-old boy. >> we believe that he acted alone and we are now trying to determine what caused him to create the act that he created. >> police say he had been staying with the family for a week before the murders saturday night. neighbors say they heard several arguments at the home in the days before the murders. classes will you resume today at a sparks nevada middle school after a deadly shooting. >> extra counselors will be there. a 7th grader is accused of
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killing the math teacher before turning the gun on himself. and the operator of a ride that injured five people at the north carolina state fair is expected to appear in court today. timothy rowe is charged with three felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon. this is video of him saturday. the vortex ride restarted as people were getting off. the ride had been tampered with and critical safety devices were compromised. they say more arrests are possible. celebrity chef, guy fierri is expected in a san raphael courtroom. around 1:30 he'll be testifying against the teen accused of stealing his lamborghini. wade shot at a girl and he then boyfriend in mill valley.
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wade was upset he did not have romantic feelings towards him. and now, some restaurants are offering special holiday deals. olive garden and red lobster are offering free kids meals most of this week. i do have to have a coupon from the websites. >> ihop is giving away pancakes decorated, and most krispy cream stores will give anyone in costume a free donut. and sfroo% of all spend -- 72% of spending will be on chocolate. rees peanut butter bars, round out the top five, and kit cats. and a bad grandpa can beat
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gravity at least at movie theaters. johnny knoxville stars at the accident-prone grandfather in the hidden camera comedy that pulled in the most movie fans this past weekend. >> and gravity came second, cap tin phillips, the counselor and cloudy with a chance of beat balls 2 round at the top five. >> coming up, breaking news in the south bay. a pedestrian killed in san jose. we also are talking about high winds across the bay over overnight and a look at the damage that was caused and havoc caused on one roadway in particular. >> plus, what came crashing down on to several cars and a sidewalk and why things could have been a lot worse. >> and you can see how windy it is. 880, our cameras are bouncing a little bit. we'll tell but wind advisories in effect. >> that rather vigorous low
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dropped into the sierra giving them snow. for us, it won't be very warm before we get any rain.
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