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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are live in san jose where a woman has died in a driveway after being struck by a car. we'll tell you what we are learning about the driver. high winds have left one stretch
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of highway litered with big rigs. >> if you are in the sierra, snow is falling and the changes ahead. the growing passenger demands in san francisco with munis. it's starting this morning. all on channel 2 morning news.. good morning, we continue to follow this case now. a deadly accident. janene is there. >> welcome back. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, we are going to check your weather and
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traffic. steve has a lot to tell you about. >> i do indeed, snow in the mountains, snow continues now. it would not surprise me napa county and so we'll mention some possible shower activity and as the cool air moves over the ocean. partly cloudy and breezy but not as windy as yesterday. the sierra snow continues in the sierra nevada. about 14 inches of snow. 39 napa. that condition is dropping. that temperature tomorrow is going to be cold. it's very light rain. we'll go for a high today of 62 under partly sunny skies. it will be gone by tomorrow but the cold air is beginning to filter in. you need an extra hold
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on that hairspray. 50s or 60s. thanks, steve. that extra hairspray is going to help. it's better now. there is still wind advisory on the left. on the bay bridge. let's take a look if we can at 237 on the millpitas area. nothing too major. on the hayward area traffic is looking good and on peninsula. it's not as windy as it was before. good there and no traffic. topping our news at 6:00, we have breaking news from the south bay police are investigating a traffic incident involving a pedestrian
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and sui and suspected drunk driver. what do you know? >>reporter: the traffic investigation team brought in a van with more equipment so it can help them piece together what happened. they said they would be here at least two more hours. the body of a woman is laying in the driveway where you see that suv there. police were called after they heard a woman crying in san jose. officers arrived and found the woman near the town home where cpr was performed but she ended up dying at the scene. officers say the suv backed into woman and the garage. the driver is a 27-year-old female. she was reported of vehicular manslaughter and was
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reported of driving at the scene. there were beer cans found there. the woman is 22 years old and police don't know where she lives. we know this is the 34th traffic fatality of the year and back here live, a spokesperson for the police department just arrived on the scene and getting more information for us and we'll have the latest as soon as we have it. time now, 6:05 overnight winds caused havoc in several areas. several vehicles knocked out. >>reporter: we are at east mount
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parkway. one of those big rigs has been toppled. the driver was able to get out of this car. the winds have died down and we are getting some big gust in the area and wind advisories for this past area. this happened in the mountain parkway last night. police tell us that 5 big rig trucks over turned overnight. we have a video of a truck driver and his wife who were from los angeles to liver moore and they were a few miles when their big rig flipped. we don't know how seriously they are were hurt. the truck drivers said it was pretty treacherous. >> trying to stay straight on the lane and a lot of people veering side to side.
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the dust, it's like they are driving in the fog. >> just about a half hour ago, we spoke with a truck driver who told us this is the season for high winds. the wind actually pushing that light off the truck there. he says this is the season for high winds and so he expects it when he's out driving around town. he says his advice for other drivers on the road to avoid sudden lane changes and that's when the wind can pick the car up or other big rig drivers. we'll continue to monitor the situation and chp to see if there are more -- over turned big rigs. that wind knocked out power to 15,000 homes in the bay area. 55 hundred people lost their power
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in the east bay, 3200 people lost their power in antioch. out in the peninsula, p gshgs andg & e crews restored power. it should be back up early this morning. a tree crashed into a home in antioch. a man was siting on a bed with a child. he was taken to the hospital and treated for scratches on his back. fortunately the child was not hurt. >> this is the scene at the forever 21 and the victoria secret store and no one was hurt in that incident as well. drivers should expect winter driving conditions in the sierra.
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a winter weather effect advisory is in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. up to 8 inches of snow is expected in higher elevation. we just took you live to kingville. snow chains are required. police in vallejo still searching for the gunman who shot 8 people killing 1 person. they were driving in four different cars when one of them had a flat tire. surveillance shows them pulling over and one white suv pulled up and started shooting. >> i have not witnessed an incident where eight people are shot. >> one 20-year-old victim was
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shot and killed. this was vallejo's 20th homicide of the year. >> an officer involved shooting in san francisco marina district. police say an incident started when they responded to a fight. a man with a gun pistol whipped another man. the man with the gun ran from police. they found him hiding in the bushes. police say they were forced to shoot him as he refused to drop his gun. >> i heard the gunshots and people were running way from the gunshots. >> now, the other man involved in the fight, he left the scene. he was later treated for injuries in a castro valley hospital. police are also investigating whether he was a robbery victim. >> munis is starting a new line
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on the fulton line. they are going to add more buses during the peak hours which means customers will have to walk an extra block for pick up. 16 stops have been eliminated. two bart workers went out to inspect a track when they were killed by a train. that deadly accident has bart taking a look at high use of the system in baltimore. the equipment has sounds that alarm and vibrate when the train is 15 seconds away. last week thomas pleaded to
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not guilty believes to felony manslaughter and hit-and-run. he veered his department truck off a paved pack and hit kristin as she was sunbathing with her baby and dog. he says he swerved onto a grass to avoid hitting a dog. an east bay nursing home now getting national attention after a shocking incident. coming up new information on the staff members accused of walking out on their patients. >> plus, we are going to tell you about the latest glitches on the obamacare website. we have a high wind advisory for another bridge coming up. many locations are seeing a rapid decrease in the breeze. but the snow in the sierras is a big deal and will we see more rain in the
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forecast, coming up.
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music lovers from across the globe mourning the death of one of the most influential song writers. lou reed died in new york. he led the underground in the 60s and had a solo career. he died of complications from
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a recent liver transplant. he's the father of indy rock. chevron asks for approving to modernize it's recovery. it could increase gas house emission. it would be making it more competitive. the senate holds a hearing about the pg & e pipeline. it's after the san carlos brought it back online. the leak calls the explosion in san bruno which caused an explosion. governor brown is scheduled to
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announce a multi-statement agreement to apply climate change. the agreement is between oregon and washington state to premier in columbia for new standards to reducing greenhouse gases. the agreement is very significant because the combined economy of western states and british columbia, the 5th largest in the world. >> the troubled health care website is back up again after reporting new problems. visitors couldn't access the website last night because they had a failure in the networking service provided by verizon. a republican congressman and the chairman of the committee says he is concerned about the possibility for identity theft on the website. >> i know they called a private entity for the security of it. the problem is they may have to redesign the entire system.
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the way it's designed, it's not secure. >> kathleen addressed concerns about the security in a blog. she says health does not retain or store information. today california service workers will start a voting period that could end with a strike authorization. members of the employees region says uc regents announced a change that cuts their salary last month for pay to fund health coverage. let's go to tera sitting in for saul. what's going on in the bay bridge? >> be careful driving across. make sure you drive the speed limit and have both hands on the wheel. i want to show you a very congestion on the freeway, on the 20. it's sluggish as
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you approach the tunnel. now we'll go to a map where things don't look too bad in the peninsula. nothing really major and in the hayward area, again all of the arrows are green. the lights went on around 10 minutes to 6:00. you can tell a lot more folks out there and give yourself more time. let's go to steve? how is dc? >> not so bad. that would be daily city if you don't know the lingo. she said the wind was so bad it sounded like a group of ban geese wailing at
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my window. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy towards south bay. breezy and windy about 38 miles per hour off the coast. the low is favoring area towards the sierra nevada and it's enhancing this push towards monterey. they are getting some light rain there. a foot of snow and weather advisory until 4:00. it's going to be a cool breezy day. temperatures will struggle today upper 50s low 60s. temperatures will pop up but nothing will surprise me. right now you can see some of that cloud cover right near monterey and santa cruz we had a report of some sprinkles. we have some continued snow. there has been some
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pretty good snow. 39 in napa. it's going to be cold. we'll see improving conditions but a cooler breezy partly cloudy, light rain possible here. a little windy at times and that's favoring areas to the north and also in higher elevation. it will not be warm today. brentwood, oakland 61, berkeley, 60. everyone is pretty close. santa cruz and cupertino is close. everyone is within the 50s or 60s. halloween looks good. that temps will drop fast. on friday another system may give the north bay some rain on sunday. viewers on television, the
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nielsen company will watch those using programs on their tablet. it will collection information and the change is not expected to make a big change in television show ratings because nielsen says only 6% watch shows on these popular devices. the younger generation is expected to have a rise in this area. it took bad grandpa to push gravity. it earned $30 million. gravity took about $200 million in the 4 weeks. and cloudy with a chance of meatballs all in the top 5.
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time now 6:22 another meeting in san jose about gangs. how residents can find out what's going on in their neighborhood. also a football player right here in the bay area. i love watching tv outside.
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>> welcome to the ktvu channel news. the largest since facebook went public last year. the anorexia new york stock exchange is not taking any chance. the world series now tied two a piece. the bay area native became a hero last night. donny jones from petaluma hid a tie. the red sox beat the cardinals 4-2. >> i know i'm going to be swinging. i was fortunate up there to swing
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on a good pitch. >> a barbecue contest. the game 5 of the world series that's tonight and you can see it here on channel 2. our coverage begins at 4:30 >> hundreds of leaders will attend the warriors to promote the bay area's pro basketball team. the warriors begin the season this week. they plan to move into a new arena on the san francisco's water front by 2017. a big tree crashes into a
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home in anti-orange county. >> >> the wind have calmed down. you can see it is congested. we'll have your hot spots coming up. >> there is some rain in the south area. a little bit of snow in the sierra nevada.
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>> there is the opening bell on the new york stock exchange. factory output but largest gain in 7 months. it's not a very big gain, but it looks like it's good compared to what
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we have seen. futures indicate slightly a little bit opener maybe the dow keeping the low end in the nasdaq. >> thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam brooks. i see it's getting chilly. >> it's 30s, 40s and some 50s. it's a wrap around and i include later today towards napa county. some areas get the breeze and others are calmed. nothing compared to what we have yesterday. the high sierras low 50s
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and cooler toward mountain view. sun and clouds cool and breezy, i will mention some isolated showers. sierra nevada light snow. maybe this afternoon, but temperatures are not warm today. we have 50s and low 60s. we are experiencing wind advisory across the span. it's congested. give yourself some extra 20 minutes to make it into san francisco this morning. 101 in san francisco you can see the traffic is flowing nicely. the area there is the northbound traffic
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on the bridge toward sfo not too bad. this is highway for westbound. you can see in antioch is typical for the morning. same story in marin county. a little slow on the southbound 101. >> police still investigating a tragic incident early this morning involving a pedestrian, an suv and a suspected drunk driver. just a moment ago we got some new information. >>reporter: they sell us the suspect and victim new each other. that they were friends. the 27-year-old suspect is talking to detectives while officers are investigating and taking measurements here at the accident scene. please are called to weeble way
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which is near lee and hamilton after a neighbor heard a woman cry. officers found a 26-year-old woman lying in a driveway badly injured. the emergency crew tried to revive her but she died a short-term later. police please the suv may have backed into her in the garage. it appears she was a passenger of the car and why she got out and why the accident took place. here is what police had to say about the driver. >> the female driver was arrested for suspected drunk driver as well as vehicle manslaughter. detectives are speaking to the driver to determine what exactly happened. >> there were beer cans found at the accident scene.
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it's unknown if they were inside our outside of the vehicle or if the victims were drinking. although police did say she was arrested for driving under the influence. we are also trying to find out if the victim or the suspect lived in the neighborhood. this is san jose's 34th traffic fatality of the year. we are also told that it is the 21 fatal vehicle accident this year. >> in the meantime those winds we had over night caused major problems for big rigs and high profile vehicles over the alt mont pass. the wind knocked out several vehicles.
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>>reporter: yes, we are on i-80. one of the rigs you can see here lying on its sides. we are getting some occasional gust in the area. the big rigs turned over last night. the chp tells us that at least 5 big rigs and one pick up truck turned over overnight. we have a video of this big rig and his wife after the big rig over turned. they were on their way from los angeles and liver moore and this is where they big rig flipped over. we are told 1 person was hurt in the series of the overnight accidents. they tell us that this is the season when the high winds start to comeover the alt mont pass. >> you end of having a lot of
6:37 am
wind all of a sudden. >> seems the driver and his wife may have escaped through windshield of this big rig. here we do see a number of signs warning the drivers about the high winds in the alt mont pass area. we are also continuing to monitor the chp to see if there are any further accidents. we'll continue to bring you updates and let you know how this can affect your morning drive to work. well, police in san francisco continue to investigate an officer involved shooting in an unlikely place, right in the middle of the afternoon in the marina district. brian flores joins us now where police are now with this investigation. >>reporter: still lots of unanswered questions this morning. they are asking anyone who saw anything
6:38 am
to call them. the police are also gathering information from this bank of america footage. this happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. two men were involved in a scuffel where 1 man pistol whipped and shot another man. the suspect ran and hid in some bushes a few blocks away. when police were approaching the suspect, that's when the suspect pointed the gun and officers and that's when they opened fire. the latest this morning is that the suspect is at san francisco general hospital in serious condition after having surgery yesterday. we spoke with residents who are a bit shaken up as well. >> i drove around the corner and heard the gunshots and people were running away from the gunshots.
6:39 am
>> the victim was treated for cuts at the head at valley hospital. typically a very safe neighborhood, unlikely place where this happened. some of the requestes questions to be asked is did the victim and suspect know each other. and some of the items in the backpack the victim had. we have yet to hear back. we hope to have update in the newscast. brian flores. all right. brian, we are finding out more about a shocking incident at an assisted living facility in castro valley. they found 14 sick and elderly patients that have been abandoned after staff apparently walked out. their considering feeling elder abuse. >> how can you just abandon
6:40 am
them. they are human beings. >> ktvu news spoke to the lawyer. the lawyer said the client is getting out of the business. police are asking the public to help find an at risk woman. this is a picture of 80-year-old tran. tran was last scene on interstate 680. she suffers from diabetes and short-term memory loss. she weighs 100 pounds. she only speaks vietnamese. anyone who see's her is asked to call police. the sending of four public meetings about gang violence will be held.
6:41 am
it will be at this baskin community center. residents can find out about what's going on in their neighborhood. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight and will continue through november 14th. helping students recover from tragedy. the plans for a middle school in nevada for the first day back after a deadly shooting. strong winds topple trees. we'll show you the damage of a home in antioch and what happened to the family inside. as we take a live at the east shore freeway, you will see that everybody is out on the way to work. that rip roaring breeze is calming down a little bit. it's not going to be very warm but the sierras is getting some snow. more details coming up. ♪
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welcome back. a man and a boy in antioch have a story. they were sitting at home in their bed when a tree crashed through their roof and landed on them. they are lucky to be alive. >> a really close call for them. neighbors tell me winds were howling in antioch. we are going to push down the side of the house and you will see what is left over of a portion of the
6:45 am
backyard tree of this home came toppling over and came crashing through the roof. this is at this home near 6th and l street. a large branch from a dead oak tree broke off and fell through the roof. a man and baby were on a bed in that room at the time and the branch hit the man an he had scratches on his arm and back and had to be treated by paramedics. the baby was not hurt. the mother was in another room at the time. >> this is crazy. they just recently moved in there. so, i feel bad for them. but i was, once i seen the ambulance and firefighters i was double checking my trees. >> contra costa firefighters removed the branches from the house and
6:46 am
this morning contractors will be repairing the hole in the roof. last night firefighters tell us they were responding to areas with the heavy wind. they tell us no other serious damage done in this area. state workers officials warning that low water levels in california reservoir is a sign that water conservation measures maybe a sign to get us through. they are not declaring a drought at this point but if 2014 is another year that is where we are headed. last winter was one of the driest records in southern california. most of the water comes from the sierra snowpack. schools resume back in nevada
6:47 am
after a deadly shooting. counselors will be at sparks middle school. a 7th grader is accused of killing a math teacher and wounding other students before he killed himself. they don't know if he had a motive and if he chose the victims at random. dui cases, now they are going after prescription drus use. almost 10 years ago the family lost their 10-year-old troy and 7-year-old lana to a driver who was drunk on vicodin. the driver convinced the doctor at a hospital to prescribe the pills. it's known as doctor shopping. >> it doesn't go away and i don't think it's ever going to go away. you just learn to live with the ache. >> the troy an lana pack safety
6:48 am
act will require doctors to submit to drug testing and prevent malpractice lawsuits. they hope this will get enough signatures to be placed on the november 2014 ballot. it's time to see what's coming up. >> coming up in minutes. it's a common site, most weekend to do car washes. the city of san jose is putting a break on such fund raising. efforts. the one crime that was a final straw for resident in a high tech way he raised thousands of dollars. new york city is being ridiculed for it. san francisco is the next city to try to put a soda tax on the
6:49 am
ballot. why one supervisor thinks he can convince voters to support it. those stories new. interesting. time now is 6:48. you have accidents popping in the east bay. >> that's right. we are going to show the worst problems now. it is a 2-car crash. two lanes are blocked. if we zoom closer to the hayward area, 80 southbound is not looking too great right now. it's going slow westbound, but the peninsula is looking good. looks like you are going to need an extra 20 minutes. the wind advisory is still across the span.
6:50 am
let's check in with steve. a very good good morning. the snow in the sierra nevada and some light snow and it's not much for those in santa cruz mountains. it's going to be a cool and breezy day. partly cloudy and there are plenty of breaks in the clouds right now and in the 40s and 30s. you the in the sierra there is snow there for today. 50s and 60s for highs for us. upper 50s. it's going to be in the higher elevation. snow level 5,000 feet. and we've had a foot of snow already. 39 eureka. 44 in sacramento and there is a little
6:51 am
chill in the morning. there is so the moisture stacking up as the colder air moves across the ocean. there has been a few sprinkles around san jose as well. last checked blue canyon all reporting some form of snow. although it's starting to move south. 40s and 50s. there is a lot of 40s. tomorrow is even colder, but cooler and breezy. especially along the coast. some of the higher elevations. 50s and 60s. everybody is lumped in the same temperature category. oakland 62, liver moore is there, pleasant on is 60s.
6:52 am
and santa claire aity -- the days look colder and we'll get some rain on sunday. tonight a south bay city could register a house as historic. plus big win overseas for 49ers. how they beat the jaguars.
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>> welcome back. no big news. new study in this morning that 9 out of 10 workers are satisfied with their jobs. interesting. well most casual restaurants look a ghost scene on halloween. they are offering free kids meals. you have to have a coupon from the website.
6:56 am
obvious olive garden is giving away pancakes and crispy cream is giving away a free doughnut. dr. conrad walked out of jail. he's accused of killing michael jackson. he was found giving a deadly dose of propofol to michael jackson. a 49er is accused of assaulting his board of. he was a former tackle and admitted he was gay and he
6:57 am
kept his sexuality a secret during the entire football career. he played the entire season with the 49ers and one season with the raiders. quarterback kaepernick rushed to thirds and touchdown of his own, 49ers win. they will recover from jetlag. >> raiders made history in running. he ran 93 yards for a touchdown. that's the nfl record for a longest run by a quarterback and anybody in raiders history, they won the pittsburgh steelers. the outside could be called
6:58 am
the historic resource inventory. the house is on chris drive where jobs launched the apple computer. that historic resource designation will add another review if anyone wants to make renovations to the house. we have new information about a deadly crash. it involves a suspected drunk driver and a pedestrian. also powerful winds created big problems overnight. we are going to have team coverage on our windy weather. stay with us.
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. ktvu channel 2, with a full- time staff of reporters, dedicated to covering the south bay. ktvu channel 2 news, complete south bay news coverage. we're live in san jose, where a woman is is arrested for hitting and killing her friend with a car. we'll tell you what we're learning about the driver and the accident. overnight winds made driving in some areas treacherous. we'll have advice for people hitting the road this morning. last night's cold temperature and wild winds bringing white presence to the sierra nevada. how much snow will they get. and which areas are most


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