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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 28, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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a pinch runner. just thinking now. you want to take him out. i'm sure john farrell is thinking about that anyway, they have got a two-run lead. put berry in there. berry with a stolen base last night and then napoli for defense. let's see. >> joe: he is not leaving. still in the game with one out. although ortiz, in talking to john farrell before game three, said he doesn't have the range of mike napoli but he's not a liability over at fifrst pace. >> tim: and he's not a slow runner either. he's lost a lot of weight. >> joe: he's on with one out here in the eighth and the batter is jonny gomes. strike one.
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runner at first, one out. 0-1 on gomes. strike two. david ortiz just became the first red sox player all time with back-to-back three-hit games in a world series. we said he's 11 out of 15 in this world series. he'd be 12 out of 15 if beltran didn't rob him of a home run. that was back in game one. a strikeout for the second out. >> tim: sweeping slider from martinez. little pedro.
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kind of unfair to pedro martinez in a sense, because he had such an illustrious career. i always thought a guy who had a career like pedro martinez, you don't want to name someone prematurely. but if you're going to name anybody, it could be this guy, carlos martinez. >> joe: that stays at home plate. not only do they have the same body type -- >> tim: yeah. >> joe: -- but even the delivery is similar. >> tim: the freedom of movement of the shoulder. which scouts just love. >> joe: and a former infielder. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: 185-pound right-hander. maybe six feet. 22 years old from the dominican republic.
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one on, two out, a 1-0 pitch. flied into left. holliday is there, and we go to the bottom of the eighth inning here in game five. jon lester has been dominant here tonight. he's allowed only one run on three hits. will he go back to work? or is it the bullpen's turn? we'll find out after this. [ male announcer ] do you know who brewed your beer? ♪ i'm the guy responsible for the quality of your beer. we work hard every day to make your budweiser the perfect budweiser. [ rippel ] what makes a great brewmaster is a person who truly has a passion for what they do. [ kraemer ] thank you for drinking my beer and thank you for making what i do day to day very special. [ male announcer ] meet the brewmaster who spent 30 days brewing your budweiser at
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>> joe: the world series on fox is sponsored by ford. only ford gives you ecoboost, fuel economy and a whole lot more. by mastercard, preferred card of major league baseball since 1987. and by at&t, rethink possible. ariel coverage brought to you by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. bottom of the eighth inning, and it's jon lester who went 7 2/3 in game one, back to work. that game ended 8-1, tighter tonight. strike one on craig, who's 0 for 2. and that caught craig near that injured left foot. >> tim: of all places. >> joe: tazawa and uehara
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getting loose here in the eighth. yeah, right on the inside part of that left foot. here's the 0-1. lester still throwing hard. one ball, one strike. craig has bounced into a double play, grounded out to second. getting the surprise start tonight. lester had him fooled and the count 1-2. >> tim: david ross doing a very good job behind home plate with pitch selection. obviously an important part of that tandem pitcher and catcher. >> joe: he's done a great job at the plate where he's got two hits, an rbi double. set up that two-run rally in the seventh. craig rounds left side, it's bogaerts to his left with time. one out.
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after the game, fox sports live is your home for world series postgame coverage. jay and dan with all the highlights, plus live reaction from the ballpark. jimmy rollins, a.j. pierzynski here at busch stadium. a complete breakdown of tonight's seahawks/rams game which is just down the street and a one-on-one with lebron james. that's all after the game on "fox sports live" on fox sports 1. here's david freese. strike one. freese with a hit and a strikeout. and he has just four singles in eight games since game four of the nlcs. no extra base hits. the 0-1.
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michael wacha gets the ball on wednesday night in fenway. he was the winner in game two. a rematch with john lackey. here's the 1-1. inside corner, strike two. one out, bases empty. the 1-2 pitch. hard hit, fair past the first baseman and down the right field line. freese will try to make it a double, and he does. with one out. just fair in between the line and david ortiz. >> tim: that was a good pitch from lester too. he tried that cutter, just over the bag. it may have even landed foul,
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but that doesn't matter. if it goes over the bag and lands foul, it's a fair ball. now with the potential tying run at the plate, we'll see what john farrell is going to do with a loose, warm, koji uehara in the bullpen. >> joe: pete kozma is up here. kozma who has just one hit since the start of the nlcs. and i know it's a left-handed heavy bench, with guys like matt adams, jon jay and daniel descalso. there was a decision made with adams on deck to send kozma to the plate here. 0 for 1 tonight. ball one.
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the only right-hander that the cardinals have on their bench to start the night is the backup catcher, tony cruz. four lefties with adams, wong, jay and descalso. flied into left, easy for gomes. two out. a big out picked up by lester. and now matt adams will come off the bench and try and deliver something big here in the eighth. but it does not look like it will be against jon lester. >> tim: i think this move is being made, joe, because ko koji uehara is equally as effective against left-handers or right-handers. >> joe: mike napoli will be a
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part of the double switch. he'll bat in the number nine spot. david ortiz is finished for the night. and the pitcher will bat in the number three spot. and john farrell will go to the mound. and like it was in game one of this world series, jon lester brilliant through 7 2/3. uehara takes over here in the eighth.
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now it's matt adams taking a strike from koji uehara, as mike napoli takes over at first base. the tying run at the plate. six saves this postseason for the red sox closer. the 0-1. strike two. >> tim: two splitters. we've talked about how uehara, his splitters go down, they go away from a left-hander or they go away from a right-hander. very difficult to pick up. >> joe: koji brings it, adams strikes out. and on three pitches, game number five heads into the ninth. a three-pitch pinch hitting appearance for matt adams. and these red sox have seen a lot of this from their closer.
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with a hit up the middle just past the glove of adam wainwright. a walk to stephen drew, an rbi double by david ross, and with two out, an rbi single by jacoby ellsbury, 3-1. it's still 3-1 as martinez goes one inning, allows one hit, struck out one. now it's the cardinal closer trying to keep it a two-run game as st. louis and mike matheny's game will have the top of the order in the bottom of this ninth inning. strike two on bogaerts. red sox trying to come in here to st. louis and take two of the three games before going back to fenway. strikeout starts the night. >> tim: trevor rosenthal telling us before the game that when
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he's going for a strikeout, he uses the right side of the rubber. but the left-handed batters, he'll use the first base side of the rubber. cheat toward first. >> joe: stephen drew with an important walk that he drew in the seventh inning. he may have only the one hit, but after getting behind in the count, he worked a walk out of adam wainwright, the only walk of the night. >> joe: here's a foul back and out of play. the only walk handed out by either side, and it was big. because that guy, david ross, followed with an rbi double to break the tie. with one out, nobody on, the 0-2 from rosenthal fouled away.
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please join major league baseball in supporting the men and women of the military who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. log on to to see how you can help today. ball one, low. bogaerts struck out. drew has the 2-2 count. cardinals have the second best home record during the regular season in all of baseball. second to atlanta. drew strikes out, two gone. red sox trying to take two of three here at busch stadium in this world series. coming up after the world series, from the big awards to the big deals, nobody covers the off-season like mlb network.
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three primetime shows and tv's only morning show dedicated to baseball. it's on mlb network beginning monday, november 4th. here's ross. big night for ross. strike one. he caught jon lester, helped guide him through 7 2/3. rosenthal could strike out the side.
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>> joe: well, if koji uehara is going to get his seventh save of this postseason and his second of this world series, he's going to have to do it against the top of the cardinal lineup. up 3-1, bottom of the ninth inning, carpenter takes a ball outside. matt carpenter, then a pinch hitter, jon jay, it appears, then matt holliday. if anybody gets on, carlos beltran. uehara struck out the pinch hitter, matt adams, to end the eighth. strike one. the 1-1.
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splitter for ball two. strike two. strike three called. one away. >> tim: after all those splitters, that fastball looks faster and carpenter takes it.
7:58 pm
that was a two-seam fastball. talk about deceptive. >> joe: like john farrell has told us more than once in this postseason, koji uehara has an amazing ability to read a hitter and be one pitch ahead of him. here's jon jay batting for robinson. strike one as he starts in with a fastball. >> tim: a former pitching coach saying he's the best he's ever seen. >> joe: one ball, one strike. that's down the left field line, out of play, strike two.
7:59 pm
the boston red sox win here tonight, they'll have a chance to clinch the world series at home, at fenway park for the first time since 1918. with one out, nobody on, the 1-2 pitch. just up and away with the fastball. 2-2. uehara trying to save it for jon lester. here's the 2-2 pitch. back-to-back fastballs from the boston right-hander. st. louis needs one base runner to have a chance. matt holliday on deck. >> tim: uehara has no breaking ball. he's thrown it one time this year. and when he threw it, he hit
8:00 pm
kendrick of the angels. >> joe: right side napoli tosses it to uehara for out number two. napoli who did not start, but was inserted for what he can do at first base makes the play to his right. he fed koji uehara perfectly. two out. and the red sox really believe napoli in his first full year at first base was gold glove worthy with the job he did after a lot of work with brian butterfield in learning the position. two out, nobody on. here's matt holliday, who hit a home run back in the fourth inning for the only st. louis run tonight. that's into right.


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