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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 28, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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kendrick of the angels. >> joe: right side napoli tosses it to uehara for out number two. napoli who did not start, but was inserted for what he can do at first base makes the play to his right. he fed koji uehara perfectly. two out. and the red sox really believe napoli in his first full year at first base was gold glove worthy with the job he did after a lot of work with brian butterfield in learning the position. two out, nobody on. here's matt holliday, who hit a home run back in the fourth inning for the only st. louis run tonight. that's into right. nava, got it, and the red sox
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win game five. a final of 3-1, and jon lester now in the world series this year has gone 15 1/3 innings allowing one run on nine hits, 15 strikeouts, one walk. wainwright gets the loss and uehara gets save number seven this postseason. >> tim: what a tall order to come in here an take at least two out of three from a team that was dominant at home in the national league this year, the st. louis cardinals. and the red sox taking two out of three for john farrell and another save for koji uehara. >> joe: by getting the win, jon lester joins babe ruth as the only left-hander as far as red sox starters with three world series wins. back in his time before going to the yankees, he was the premiere
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left-hander in the american league, and one of the best on the mound in the game. let's go down to the field and erin andrews. >> erin: with a very happy david ross who's screaming and then apologizing. don't worry about it. you and jon lester have become quite the pitching/catching tandem. david, what was working tonight against the cardinals that was working in game one? >> jonny, he's just a stud. he goes out and pitches like that. one pitch got hit for a homer by a really good player. you know, what a great teammate and guys that battle and, you know, wainwright is a good pitcher. we had a battle tonight. guys did a good job of putting some bats on him and we were able to squeak out a couple. >> erin: there was a conversation at the bottom of the seventh you were having with john farrell with jon lester about coming back out. what was going on? >> i just thought he hurt himself a little bit. i know something is uncomfortable. jon said he had one more, you
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know, just that's the kind of teammate that he is. he's going to give it all he's got. i told him, you know, let it all eat. this is it. you've got nothing left. and he did a great job. you know, probably a bad pitch call by me with that last hit to freese. freese did a good job of hitting but that's neither here nor there. jonny did a good job. >> you yourself did a good job facing a pitcher that you said is very tough, adam wainwright. what was going through your mind at that at-bat? >> yeah, right. it's nice to drive in runs, that's really nice. you know, i've got to credit the guys in front of me. bogie did a great job. that kid is 21 years old and just having at-bats off a veteran like wainwright and then a huge at-bat and luckily i was able to get something in the zone. i was talking to it really well. and then ells, that's why we never give up.
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guys are having tough nights, striking out, i was striking out. we just keep trying to battle each at-bat and not give up and that's what happens. you know, ells tried one and if i was a little faster he might have drove in two. >> erin: we'll see you in boston on wednesday night. back to you. >> joe: the final here tonight in game five, 3-1 the red sox win it and win two of three here in st. louis. let's go down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. jon, a 0.59 e.r.a. in two world series starts. you were in control from the beginning tonight. what made it happen for you out there tonight? >> i don't know. i think the biggest thing is me and rossie have had a good rhythm the past three or four starts together. early on we just went back to our game plan from game one and just fell back on that and really tried to make them start swinging the bats early. we were able to do that, kept the pitch count down and tried to grind out later innings
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there. >> ken: ross hit the double just before you were scheduled to hit and that put you ahead in the game. would you have stayed in the game if the game had remained tied? >> i don't know. i mean i was out there, so i don't know. obviously you saw my swings tonight, they're not all that great. so, you know, that's manager john's decision and if he would have pulled me, that's kind of the beast of national league baseball. so -- but fortunate for us rossie hit that double, pushed one across and then jake gets a hit after me. seems like it's a different guy every night that picks us up. >> ken: so much time about your glove after your last start. how did you react to that and did it motivate you at all tonight? >> i don't think motivate is the right word. ike the biggest thing was obviously there's a lot of hoopla after my last start and, you know, if you go out tonight and you don't pitch very well,
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people are immediately going to go back to that. so i think that was probably the biggest thing, just making sure that i pitched well, threw the ball well and proved to people that it was what it was and i'm a good pitcher. so that's the main thing. >> ken: you're a pretty good pitcher. jon, thanks a lot. joe, back to you. >> joe: he's proven it in this world series. it was a matchup of the two aces, jon lester/adam wainwright, and it was lester ending up on top. he's now 2-0 this world series, in control from the start. the final of 3-1. uehara got the save, and the red sox will go home and try and win the world series in front of their home fans at fenway. back after this. [ male announcer ] do you know who brewed your beer?
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>> joe: good pitching here tonight, an error-free game and the red sox win it 3-1. we'll go down to the field and erin andrews. >> erin: david ortiz coming up from the clubhouse. you got both, what is it, achilles, anklesized. what's going on here papi? >> i'm just old. i mean i have to play on the field the past three days and, you know, i don't normally do that but i'll be fine. >> erin: we saw your manager, john farrell, run out to first base when you were running
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there. some of the guys were joking in the dugout, papi is trying to run like he's 22 years old. did you pull something there or was it from playing the past three games? >> no, i've just been a little sore but i'm used to it. >> erin: you're used to it and making up for it, obviously, at the plate. papi, you joked with me today, this is what i was born to do. i was born to play in this kind of setting in this month. why are you in such a zone right now at this time of the year? >> i don't know. i mean it's the time of the year that you've got to bring everything you've got. you work for that. i just refer to be on this stage every year and this is it. it's not tomorrow, you know. >> erin: and we saw, obviously, the inspirational speech that you gave here last night and then running up to the dugout to hug jon lester, what did you think of his performance tonight? >> unbelievable, unbelievable. jon is the guy that i -- especially in those games like that, he always comes through. and he brings everything he has.
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he came here in those years when we weren't going to the playoffs and he saw the big dog at the time, you know, doing it. he learned from it and now he's our ace. he knows how to do it. >> erin: you go back to fenway now up three games to two facing a great pitcher in michael wacha. is that the inspirational speech for game four, what's the speech for game six? >> no speech. we've got to bring our "a" game. we know we're facing a good pitcher, wacha is a guy that has good stuff, everybody knows that and i know he's going to bring his "a" game, we'll bring ours. >> erin: guess what, you can play dh at fenway. >> yeah. >> erin: thanks so much, go ice up. >> joe: thank you and thanks to david ortiz for the interview. 3-1 is the final, lester over wainwright. red sox lead it three games to two. wednesday night, it's game six
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of the world series, michael wacha, 4-0 this postseason, against john lackey who was good last night, good in game two as we're back at fenway park. our pregame coverage begins on fox sports 1 at 7:00 eastern followed at 7:30 eastern here on fox, as we lead you up to the first pitch of game six. for more coverage of game five tonight, including live press conferences and clubhouse access, please turn to fox sports 1 for "fox sports live." coming up on fox except on the west coast, it's your local news. red sox win tonight game five in the books, game six on wednesday night. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> today, we got our first look inside assisted living facility where elderly patients were allegedly abandoned, some bed-ridden and in wheelchairs. i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight.
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>> welcome to this special edition of ktvu news following game 5 of the world series. world that many staff members had left days before horrified neighbors. john fowler went inside that facility. >> reporter: the care home closed up tonight. we got a look inside. residents moved over the weekend to other facilities. neighbors told me for years conditions here were appalling. >> just elder abuse and neglect of needy people. >> reporter: he told me he found one resident naked and shivering on the sidewalk. >> i would hear screaming and yelling and things like get me out of here. >> reporter: as we showed you, paramedics removed 14 residents saturday after someone called 9-1-1. there were just three staff on duty. the owner said she spent over
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100,000 fixing the place up. >> they were preparing the temporary suspension order without knowing what we had done the last working day before they started to do that. >> reporter: they denied clients abandoned that a staff of three were enough. state guidelines require adequate staffing. the owners asked for a hearing with the judge. has had problems with state reg ulthors. the sheriff told me there is a criminal investigation but no arrests are imminent. celebrity chef guy fierri took off to testify in a murder case about his pricey sports car allegedly stolen by the defendant. he's a tv permanent who -- á personality who likes to talk but his testimony went something like this. >> nope, see you later. >> it was his lam bord genie
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that tangled the celebrity chef. wade is accused of stealing his car while it was at a san francisco car dealership in 2011. >> my car is a very small, quite frankly, might be inconsequentiel. there's a bigger issue on the table. >> reporter: prosecutors said wade stole the lam bor genie in an attempt to impress a 19-year-old woman. wade is accused of riding a motorcycle next to the woman and her boyfriend while they were in a car, opening fire, but missing. >> wade was arrested at a storage unit in richmond where investigators said they found evidence linking him to the shooting, and also found the car, which he says went to the insurance company and won't get another. >> we'll kind of move past it. >> reporter: closing arguments
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began late this afternoon beginning with the prosecution, the case decided by a jury. >> our coverage continues on you can listen to guy fierri's entire testimony today. look under hot topics on our home page. it was clean-up day for some people around the bay area following last night's windy weather. public crews spent much of the day clearing sand from the great highway. we're told the southbound section between skyline and lake merset boulevard is closed to traffic. it took down trees, triggering many power outages and caused a number of other problems. tom vacar has a look at the clean-up in the east bay. >> this morning, cherry's tree service responded to an emergency call in danville. >> i'm surprised by how much damage there was. you couldn't see it last night because it was so dark. this morning, we got up and could see all the damage. >> we were having a dinner party in the cottage behind the main house and we heard this creaking
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of timber and a big thud. >> a half century old red bud killed over. red woods are a soft wood. so this is a case where the whole root ball didn't come up but the tree was rot sxen just broke. >> reporter: it could have been worse 92 there's other surrounding trees that slowed down the fall and broke the fall. if it would have had a nice clean free fall, it would have levelled that house for sure. >> we're going to have to get somebody to look at our house for sure. >> reporter: at 8:00 a.m., a huge branch that didn't appear to be rotted or previously cracked fell, cutting off power to 46 ala mohome. >> about 46% of outages are cause caused by tree. >> reporter: much of the broken power lines remained up in the trees here. >> there's always the possibility that a tree could be energized in the ground below it as well. >> reporter: bottom line fthe
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tree is big enough to do damage in their house, get an expert to check it out before it happens. tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. that weather system that brought the wind and even showers is moving out of the area. snow flurries in lake tahoe. take a look at that system. up to 8-9 inches of snow. it snowed in the mountains, that cool air in place. with that cold air lingering overnight, we'll set up with cold overnight lows. that's why there's a frost advisory in napa to the sonoma area. so a frost area. just because your area doesn't have a frost advisory doesn't mean you'll not see frost tomorrow morning. lots of low to mid-60s in the area. it's going to be a lot like today with mid-60s in the forecast. the five-day forecast shapes up like this. a warm trend as we go towards the end of the week. thursday, halloween is going to
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be warmer. obviously don't have any rain in the forecast. as a matter of fact, check out the specific clear skies on halloween, in the 60s and 70s in some spots when the kids head out the door to go trick or treating. daylight savings, we'll spring forward this weekend -- i'm sorry, we fall back, we'll have daylight for the kids until about 6:30 or so. >> you know they'll be liking that. >> candy, candy, i'm sorry. >> thank you. >>. new developments tonight in the civil trial accusing the san francisco fire department of falsifying test results to deny some firefighters promotions. this afternoon, a judge ruled in favor of the firefighters and found the department of guilty with tampering with exams since 2008.
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15 current and former firefighters have been ruled against. the judge ruled that tests results were doctored after the initial scoring test and they were denied promotion. he wants justice for his son's death and wants a deputy to go to jail. sonoma county sheriff's department released the identity of the deputy. >> scandal by candle, this memorial's grown. >> andy lopez was killed on tuesday, a 13-year-old. some of them knew the teen personally. the sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the deputy who killed him. 48-year-old eric gailhouse is a veteran. department. he served in the national guard
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and worked as a weapons structuror, and was a writer for swat magazine. he was a field training officer for the sheriff's office and was on a training mission tuesday night when he was holding a weapon that --. >> shame sonoma county sheriff. shame on you. you have broken oir hearts. >> reporter: there are two marches this week. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. state organizers handed out flyers so students could be excused to attend. there is another march planned for wednesday at 5. terry is organizing that event. she didn't know andy personally but is disturbed by what's happened. >> i think the community is tired of being persecuted. >> reporter: all afternoon, organizers of the two events have been standing on the street corners handing out flyers about this week. representatives refused to speak
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on camera, but we're told they'll be meeting with the latino advisory committee tomorrow. and the goal is to find ways to help with the healing process and make sure this never happens again. in sonoma county, alley rasmouth, ktvu. a felony assault charge against chris brown has been reduced to a misdemeanor. he was released this afternoon. he was raevsed last night following an altercation outside a hotel. charges were reduced to a simple assault but that arrest could have some consequences. he returns to court november 20th. michael jackson's former doctor walked out of jail earlier today after serving two years of a four-year sentence. conra murray was released after midnight. he was escorted just after midnight out the back door.
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in 2011, he was convicted of giving jackson a deadly dose of the gain killer propofol. >> murray's jail time was significantly reduced by a change in california law. his medical licenses are suspended in three states. george was arraigned felony charges. the santa clara county district's office handed down an indictment last thursday, but the da issued the arraignment today. he was labeled as a communist. he resigned from his post in march after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds in a separate incident and is awaiting sentence nothing that case. an unexpected surprise in time for halloween. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we will take you to the
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sierra to see the october snow and the ski preparations under way. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> good night.
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