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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 30, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." of the year after -- >> a bit of an accident. >> you won't believe he kept this calm when you see what happened. >> oh! >> high winds mean perfect conditions for some dare devils. how they surfed right through the storm. >> it may look bad, but don't worry, this story does have a
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happy ending. >> the near miss that left the vet amazed. >> and it's the viral hit of a baby listening to mom sing. >> it's just incredibly emotional. >> now mom and dad reveal the real story behind the video. >> he real story behind the video. >> he didn't believe me. >> i didn't really believe it. i got to see it for the first time and i was completely blown away. >> well, that didn't go good. >> get ready for this one because it going to make you just go -- this video is being shot by aimen mcneeley, a well known climber.
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>> oh! is he alone. >> he was with a group of base jumpers. his chute did not open properly. he slaed othe cliff and then sort of just bounced his way down. you can see the amount of blood he's losing. aside from that he's in pain but he's still relatively calm. >> i probably lost my leg. >> oh, no. >> help is on the way! >> thank you! >> you can hear him shouting to his friends. he had basically communicated to them, hey, i'm in trouble, i'm going to need a rescue helicopter. so they're figuring out how to get the rescue hospital to him. >> it's amazing he's still conscious and awake. you'd think he'd faint by taking one quick look at this. >> that's what's incredible about the human body. >> think i lost mai leg on that one. >> aimen says he thi he's lost
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there three pients of blood, said he was fully prepared to wake up with no foot but they somehow saved it. he's not necessarily in the clear yet. there is some chance still of infection, which could lead to some sort of amputation, but as of right now, extremely you have to listen to this. it a mangled mess. we're not going fob able to show you this gritty tv show on our web site but you can click on our "today" show. >> a couple of videos of criminals on the street. this is in west part, florida. police are looking for this guy that walks into his convenience store. then when he sees the right moment, he pulls out a gun, jumps on the counter. each get a really good look at his face.
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he does end up getting away with thousands of dollars. the sheriff's department is looking for any clues, any tips, that lead to this man. we see another customer walking in and just walks out the door. >> you can see him cock the gun. >> this incident happens on a public transit bus. it looks like he may be involved to be his third grohl. instead he goes after the driver punching viciously. >> what a scumbag. >> they might have to give bus drivers mace or something. they're getting attacked all the time. >> this started because of the fare. seemed like this guy want able to pay for his faif to ride the bus and decided to take it out
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on the bus driver. the guy did end up getting away. police released this video in hopes that somebody can help and give them some leads. >> this video is going to break your heart, but i will tell you it does have a happy ending so remember that when you see these images. >> oh. >> what? oh, kitty. oh, he has an air oaf on n his head. >> how is he still moving alive? >> it's right through his eyeball. >> it's unbelievable to seep these images. this is little moo-moo, a loved cat in new zealand. it happens to be the victim of a cross bow attack. nou now, the arrow went through his left eye socket and came out behind his ear. you can in fact see that it does go all the way through. when moo-moo's owner found moo-moo, she immediately took
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him to the vet. the vet said this cat is remarkably lucky because the arrow did not puncture any brain tissue. in fact, moo railroad mi u. what kind of a jerk shoots a video? who does that? >> he claims he was shooting at a different target and the cat ran through the path of his cross bow. >> i call b.s. on that. if the cat was running through -- this would be right toward the cat. >> they're determining whether or not they do want to press charges, but the cat owner, donna ferrari, also wants to interview this guy and deep side whether or not she will press charges. >> it no surprise cats have the reputation of having neen lives
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when you see stuff like this. >> who goes out to play in storm winds? professional court rico and the guys who love the lead, puerto rico, to get to get son of. up if the have the opportunity, you have the skill, go, out and winds measuring 10 to 11 on the buford scale. >> a couple of times it looks like the guys are going to crash and tharp lodsing control and then they land. >> i think the wurt part of it is going into the beach. i think i'd rather be in the wind and water than dealing with
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that. >> it's like a blirz ard for skiers and snobders. >> i love that! >> looks like the end of a bad scene. >> but it doesn't take long for things to go worst. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> and sex was at thatioine rahal sign of lot of people and stuff taking pictures with me. it pretty crazy.
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obviously something bad happened here. >> i would say so. >> but it doesn't take long for things to go worse. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> oh, [ bleep ] me. you have to be kidding me. >> oh, my god! >> i know. i know. you're thinking, no, he gets the car upright and then the car takes off. the chain broke. watch it again. he gets the car upright, everything's going like clock work. the car keeps driving and drives itself into a ravine. >> i would think there was some procedure to keep that from happening. put it in gear, paut it in park. >> i don't know. >> if you're an experienced tow
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truck driver that does this kind of thing all the time, maybe we wouldn't have thought about it but he surely would have. >> you wouldn't expect the metal chain to just break. you would expect the metal chain to just break, especially if you've done this a hundred times. >> it's not like a ford 3,500 truck. you're talking about a small car. >> it's the compact person. >> is it the car of the third unfilming like it. >> oh, boye. >> you have to be kidding me. >> there's a lot of fun to have in just six seconds. >> these are brothers justin and sack and they're dancing to ouch we no speak americano."
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here's another video. this is zach now wearing the green suit. he's dancing to "earthquake" by d.j. fresh. >> it's like a running man variation. >> these videos became a viral hit. to tell us all about the videos, we have zach here on "right this minute." where did the idea come from? >> i was always like pretty big on vines and it worked out. >> what do you think about all of the attention you're getting from this? >> my brother, it's on his page. i think he has like 12,000
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followers. i've been getting a lot of attention, people coming up and taking pictures at work with me and stuff. >> is this what you're actually wearing for halloween? >> we have four of them. we're going to walk around, dance around, go to the doors and get some chocolate. >> they haven't popped yet. >> i would think the semation would be to smash each into each oh. what came first, the dancing or the enjettic? >> do you feel you'll need to have the sumo record to inpiece everybody know you are and kroger and walked around. like i wasn't even wearing nothing. seeing eem what's reaction.
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>>. >> still a will the of questions to bea answered on this one. that man in the the blue is not an officer. he's a paramedic. they were responding to a medical emergency. bar net saw the parking lot was getting crowded that he claims face, ramedic said by the gave him a witness, to try to tell him to off him. another paramedic goes oaf there and also tries to get this man off of bar net and eventually he just gets up and walks off. >> it's hard to judge here without seeing what happened
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before. we're on hearing one guy's side of the story. you will say a paramedic's job is to help people, not hurt people. >> it interesting, bar net did go back to work after this, said he was shaken up, not injured. >> the company his method full investigation trying to determine what happened here. >> he looks like a famous rap star and even has an entourage. next "right this minute." >> and still to come, dude standing in the way of a train taking off so -- >> somebody comes over and is like, dude, you're blocking the door, pushes the guy and that's when this man zum up. >> was see reaction to wrom's.
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he we >> here's a free lesson on how not to board a plane. you'll see somebody's riding the train on top of the cars. young boys in their teens.
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eventually the kid touches a wire up there. you're going to see the sparks right there. falls down to the end of the car, almost falls in between the two cars there. a bunch of people get out of the car. the kid looks lifeless. he went to the hospital and was released two days later with minor injuries. this one i watched out country like. >> this is a davidville at a toronto tpt station. people is supposed to tn going here and the people are not happy. eventually the doors start to thut on this guy but he keeps them open and is like, somebody, comes over, blocking the door and pushes the guy. that's when this guy busts into some kung fu karate moves. >> oh!
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>> i think i saw an elbow, all kinds of kicks. at one point i think he tried to do like a fire ball. eventually he just starts kicking the closed door and continues to do so as the train starts to pull out of the station there. >> that's pretty funny. >> that guy in the red shirt is like the savior for everybody on that team. it's just annoying. >> captivate your hearts. ♪ i don't want faux come round here no more, i geg you for mercy. >> in pressure little girld is 10-month-o 10-month-old, she's going to sending her the version of a song. >> noet i'm going to wake up
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missing you, i'm going to wake up missing you ♪ >> she's just incredible at the depth of this song but also her mother's choice. the lyrics are so beautiful, about loving someone who doesn't love this back. and if it as if this feeling was adult crying. >> we were eager to know more about this beautiful bond between mother and daughter. we have dad, elaine, mom, amanda and precious lee lind. does she kiem like this at every song? >> it's actually just this one. >> were you blown away the first time you saw her react? >> yeah. it's almost as if she understands, which i know at ten months old there's no way she would understand the lyrics. >> what did you think of this emnal moment, zach?
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>> i didn't really believe it. one day we got to record it and efs completely blown away. >> what do you think of all the atengs this video is getting online? it's cute and all. it's a lot of walking for a family. and they're just in. >> because your voice. ♪ no matter how i try to convince myself in time i won't lose control ♪ >> jack is developing a spooky prank, as halloween's most
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beloved character. [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams]
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stephen, in russia the cars dance. check out this car. it almost looks like it's made of jello. if you're an audio file, everything's right with it. listen. >> there's like bits of it breaking off. this thing is loaded with wattage. this sound making this car just quiver. >> vibrating. how do the windows operate? >> i guess because the windows
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were open. if everything is closed up, maybe you would have an opportunity to break a window. but i don't think so. >> and it's not even from bass. this is just the music. >> hey, guys. jack here. it's halloween again. >> yub funny man jack veil never disappoints with miss halloween pranks. >> time to jump out and scare people as halloween's most beloved character. >> all right, let go. >> oh, the kids! >> oh, my god! >> [ bleep ]! >> so he stands next to
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buildings and just as people creep close, attack! >> because he so tall in this costume, i think that makes it extra scary. especially if up see him motionless, he looks like a guy, eight feet tall. >> that's uncanny somebody jumping and looking at you a. >> he gets everybody, ken, men, women. he's even scared of dogs. the dog's going to kill you. >> the doug has failed and has it open. there's an equal opportunity employer. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile.
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a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the great videos from the web that you've been looking for "right this minute." >> street race takes one very wrong turn. >> did you see that stuff going spraying? >> how that stuff had them racing to get away. >> rescuers try to free a baby hump back but run into -- >> several adult whales circling around. >> see the dangerous encounter with 40 tons of trouble. >> when a guy surprises his girl friend with a


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