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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 31, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and napa to go into the 30s in the next hour, san francisco warming up, go to 66 today after a 49 low, sunny side up though for morning, noon and afternoon. 27 tahoe, 33 reno, 39 you are reek ska, monterrey 48, high cloud deck yesterday but there is nothing upstream except sunshine on the way so sunny and warmer today after a cold morning, there might be a patch or two of fog, usual ail something shows up, 60s and 70s coming back here, the 70s returning, 60s closer to the water. i believe it is sal. >> hello, steve, good morning to you, already starting off the morning with a couple of issues out there. first i do want to look at the toll plaza because the issue is not there. a lot of people worried about that, always worried about that, in marin county, one accident northbound 101 near the parkway between civic center and the parkway blocking one of the lanes and another crash that is southbound 101
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near atherton avenue and this crash is -- oops, sorry, just messed up the maps here, let's get rid of these maps will you? >> southbound 101 traffic is slow, let's go back to the desk. >> topping our news this morning a vicious dog attack injured four people, tara moriarty joins us live from the neighborhood where police had to shoot one of those dogs. >> reporter: all is quiet now but shortly before midnight neighbors heard people screaming and gunshots, a man was walking his dog and ended up there when two dogs approached him and started to attack, some neighbors came out to see what the could motion was about and three others were bitten by the dogs. >> officers arrived and the dogs charged at the officers and the officers were forced to fire upon them, killing one, one of the dogs ran away.
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>> police captured that second dog when it returned an hour and a half later, no word on where the owners are and we do not know the breed but the victims were treated at the hospital while the dogs are being tested for rabies. >> happening today a state agency will vote on the plan to overhaul safety rules to california rail workers. the contra costa time reports it is in response to the death of two inspectors earlier this month. the puc is expected them to immediately create a new three way communication system, it would prevent any possible communication break down between transit command centers, train operators and crews at work sites, the puc is also expected to impose a number of other new safety rules at rail work sites. the coroner's office has released its report, they say
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christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels died of multiple blunt force injuries, a train struck them while they were inspecting the tracks there. >> passengers on board a flight from tokyo to san francisco landed safely at sfo last night but that is after having to make an emergency landing in a remote part of alaska. it was diverted there when the engine warning light flashed. here are photos of the unscheduled layover, a delta spokesman said the pilots acted with extreme caution, the plane was carrying 167 passengers and 11 crew members, which interestingly enough is nearly double the population of cold bay, where they landed. a second aircraft was sent to take everyone safely to sfo. >> we have new information about the disappearance and death of a patient at san francisco general hospital. the body of 57-year-old lynn spaulding was discovered in a
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stairwell earlier this month. she had vanished there for more than two weeks before her body was found. ktvu has been told that today investigators from the california department of public health will interview 5 deputies about the case. currently there are both state and local investigations into the incident. this is the state department of corrections' 20th year of operation boo, a program where officers, deputies and police check up on sex offenders, officers will make sure they are not trying to lure children to their homes by offering halloween treats and set up special centers for offenders who don't have anywhere else to go and are trying to stay away from kids. san francisco's top cop is a crime victim himself. several weeks ago someone broke into the car of police chief greg sur, at 4:41 the reaction from the chief and the item stolen. >> max wade awaits sentencing after being found guilty of
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crimes that could put him in prison for life. after deliberating a jury convicted him of attempted murder and of stealing the celebrity chef's lamborghini, prosecutors say he was infatuated with a girl and could not handle seeing her with another guy. >> that is their theory and what the jury convicted on, you know it is an entirely differently scenario than if a 25-year-old or 30-year-old or 45-year-old made those same decisions. >> his lawyer hopes the judge takes this age and maturity level in account when he is sentenced, wade was just 17 when the crimes were committed. wade was found not guilty of trying to kill the girl in the case and her mother gave us a statement. she said," wish he put all that effort he put into the crimes into something more positive." >> time now is 4:35. new uc president janet napolitano announced she is
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setting aside 5 million dollars to support students who enter the u.s. illegally, she gave her first major address as uc president in san francisco last night. some critics have objected to her roll saying undocumented students will feel unsafe because the large number of deportations carried out while she was homeland security secretary. >> let me be clear, uc welcomes all students who qualify academically, whether they are documented or undocumented. >> mean time they channeled outside her visit to oakland tech high school recall early yesterday. inside she encouraged low income students to apply to uc, telling them if their families earn under 80,000 dollars a year they don't pay any tuition. california could lose billions to education after dumping its old state tests, but officials say they are surprised by the letter from
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the u.s. didn't of education threatening to with hold 3.5 billion dollars, the state says it was working with the government to work out differences in how state tests are handled this year as california transitions into a new testing program. >> the boston red sox are the world series champions and their fans partied into the night. fans poured out of fenway park and near by bars to celebrate, we have video of unfortunately there we go that fans tipped over, 9 people arrested, probably not bad considering the number of people out there, that was according to a tweet from police with the hash tags go home and celebrate responsibly. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox are world champions. >> that's right, 95 years, boston had not won it at all
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home since 1918, this is their third championship since 2004 though, they defelted the cardinals 6-1 in game 6 last night if you missed it david ortiz was named mvp, they say the timing could not be better after that in april. >> the highway patrol and bay area health workers are reminding them to take precautions when taking children trick or treating. they teamed up to distribute reflective goody bags, lights and glow in the dark duck tape, they say it is important they fit will so they don't trip and they wear something bright so drivers can see them walk across streets. local law enforcement also reminding drivers not to drink and drive, there will be patrols throughout the bay area. >> i did get out and get the glow sticks, glow bracelets. >> important. >> yeah so get those it is good. all right, 4:38 is the time. halloween celebration on the
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campus got scary, the explosion that injured two people. >> a loophole in california law us costing taxpayers millions in uncollected tolls, how the state is helping toll bridge cheatses skirt the system. >> good morning, we have wet roads and traffic busy, we will let you know more ahead. >> you know when half moon bay is 39 that tells you the coast is clear so chilly readings but warmer today. how much warmer and will it hold into the weekend? i love watching tv outside.
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well this mork new questions are being raised about the deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez, according to the chronicle he told investigators he didn't recall whether he identified himself as an officer before shooting lopez, the boy was
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holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle, the deputy said he thought it was real and feared for his life. >> a robbery suspect shot by police is due in court today, he is accused of attacking a man in the marina district, police say he arranged to buy an iphone from the victim and tried to rob him, they say he was shot after he fired what turned out to be blank rounds and pointed a gun at officers, last night police talked about it at a town hall meeting. >> you have a lot of folks questioning the security of their neighborhood and that is why i think the message from the police department needs to be one of reassurance. >> now police released this surveillance video, a photo that is they say shows him holding a gun in broad daylight. he is also facing similar charges in san mateo county.
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san francisco police chief grigg sur says even he is not immune from crime, a few weeks ago someone broke into his car outside his home in the golden gate heights neighborhood and made off with a jacket. >> a body found end nevada county is believed to be that of a missing gold miner, it was found year the yuba river not far from the car of where walter steve was found, he was reported missing, his family said he went mining for gold but didn't return home as planned, an autopsy will be done to identify the body and determine the cause of death. >> the mystery surrounding the treasure island continues to grow, they coast guard visited it yesterday, while google is staying tight-lipped but it they have been linked to the project. the coast guard refused to comment but one did acknowledge
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google is involved with that barge but that there is a non- disclosure agreement in effect. two tech giants insist they do not give the u.s. government to their system, the comments come after they reported they broke into datacenters for google and yahoo through private fiber links, it was based on those. according to the post the government could have access to hundreds of millions of user accounts. >> the collection of data today is for ever, it stays around forever, so even if it is not meaningful today it might be tomorrow. >> a tech analyst says there is a lot of stake. he warns it could create at sense of distrust that could hurt silicon valley's financial future. >> corey booker will be sworn in as a senator today. he resigned as the mayor
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yesterday, he won a special election to take over the remaining 15 months of the term for senator frank lautenberg who died in june, he will be the second african american in the senate and have to run for re-election in 2014. >> today investigators from the fbi and the state attorney general's office will hold a special meeting with officers in the east bay and launch an official investigation into a shocking incident at an assisted living facility there. 14 patients were left abandoned there after regulators shut down the facility. 1 man living there edmond bascome has been missing for several days. >> mr. basscom has been a missing person many times in the past so with don't consider him at risk but the fact he went missing during this time
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period is concerning to us. >> bascom was last seen at the san leandro bart station friday afternoon. investigators say he is 5'10," is said to be in good health but does have a habit of walking away from facilities, he was last seen wearing an oakland's raiders shirt and a fishing hat with blue pants and black boots. >> one person suffered moderate injuries in a eight vehicle crash in san jose, it happened in the middle of the commute yes, a big rig hit a light pole on 280 near the meridian avenue exit, the chp says there were three other crashes afterwards as cars failed to slow down. in san francisco the driver of a stolen car will face numerous charges after police say he ran a red light and triggered a 4 car crash in the richmond district. the wreck sent 5 to the
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hospital including a pedestrian. investigators say he was driving a stolen honda and going 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. >> in a storey you will see only on two, an update on our investigation, we exposed bridge toll cheats who figured out a way to cross bridges for free, they are using cardboard placards which can't be traced and we learned this scam is costing the state millions of dollars every year and that california is the only state in the country that doesn't require a temporary plate. >> there are many other states that are able to achieve this, california can't seem to be able to. >> we obtained documents showing an average of 100,000 vehicles a month crossing bridges with no license plate. >> 4:48, normally this time we say traffic is light but sal is back and he saying there is an
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issue on 101. >> that's right, marin county, two crashes there, start in navato, there is an accident, also a crash northbound 101 there, the traffic is light, we don't have a lot of slow traffic in the area but i do want to mention that the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving already from petaluma to navato, it is not stop and go but people on the road and give yourself extra 5 minutes. also looking at the commute -- let's go live pictures at the bay bridge, no problems and the morning drive on the san mateo bridge looks good, mist there at the toll plaza but it is not serious, in fact the man who knows more about that, mr. steve paulson. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> nice time off. >> i did, slept in. >> that is a good thing. clear skies. cold on parts of the coast
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there when you get the clear skies sunshine though and warmer temperatures today and tomorrow, maybe even a hint of an offshore breeze although i can't find one now, mild, warm to warmer as we head to friday, the weekend starts off all right then cool down especially by sunday, today cold readings, 30s, 40s, maybe fog, can't find it yet but pops up around 5:00 to 7:00, sunny for all today and again warmer, looks like a nice day, clear skies, had that provided us with winds and clouds unless there and that is good, 40s there and i expect that to come into the 30s without that breeze and fog that will help send temperatures cooler but after we get ramped up here sunny and warm, cold morning, fog, doing that to cover myself, see if it shows up, temperatures 70s north, 75s or 60s, brentwood
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73, 73 gilroy, santa cruz, santa clara, san jose 71, menlo parks, redwood 70, 70, san mateo 66, san francisco and 64 half moon bay looks nice up until about sunset then that temperature as you know this time of year drops fast. warmer into friday, saturday still looks nice, don't forget sunday fall back on the clocks, cooler then a cooler breezy pattern next week. >> another hour of sleep thank you. 4:50 is the time. we are hearing from the california driver ticketed for wearing google glass behind the wheel. san diego software developer is one of a small group of people using the testing -- the using and testing the computer that you can wear like eyeglasses, a chp officer pulled her over on tuesday for speeding and gave her a ticket for having a video monitor within her field of site. >> the way the device is designed not designed to be on all the time so the screen was off and i wasn't actually
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interacting with it at all. >> earlier this month she gave a talk about google glass and touched on the idea people might be better drivers if insurance companies monitored the use of the device. apple says it is replacing a," limited number of new iphone 5s after the company discovered a manufacturing defect that limits battery performance. apple says it is contacting individual phone owners and adds there is no safety problem with the batteries. >> a los angeles county judge is scheduled to decide today whether to halt production of a popular asian chili sauce, the city of irwin dale is suing the makers of the chili sauce, some people who live close to it complained about it. the city wants the company to stop production until it can do something about the smell. >> 4:52 is the time, san francisco star alden smith out
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on bail this morning, the criminal charges he faces in connection to guns found in his home. >> a housing boom in contra costa county, the debate over new development projects in walnut creek.
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welcome back, 4:54, alden
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smith free on bail after surrounding to law enforcement on weapons charges and posted bond and was released and still faces charges for possessing assault weapons found in his home and separate charges for an incident last month, he is away from the team as he seeks treatment. an ex-boyfriend who accused him of assault is refusing to testify against him. however san mateo county prosecutors say that does not men the case will by dismissed. they say they will use a description of the violence the ex-boyfriend had provided during a preliminary hearing. opening arguments could begin next wednesday. 3 golden state warriors began the new season with a opening night victory against their rivals, clay thompson scored 38 points in a
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spectacular shooting performance. the warriors beat the lakers in a blow out 125-94, david lee had 25 points stef on curry had 10 points they started without kobe bryant and steve nash, both injured. >> several development projects are underway in walnut creek but some say it is more than they can handle, it will provide apartments and condos and retail space, two others have been approved but construction has not started, they say growth is good but not every 1 agrees. >> if they do what they talk about people will make a point not to come to walnut creek because it is to difficult to get parking. >> we are hopeful that people will talk wants to walk, to bike, to use bart. >> there are plans to tear down part of broadway plaza to add extra shopping space, that plan
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however still has to be approved by the city council. more than 300 homeless children celebratedded halloween early in san francisco. yesterday they hosted a halloween party at twitter headquarters, they weren't able to choose their own costume and go trick or treating in the building and also treated to a magic show, they were all donated by organizations and businesses including the boy scouts, san francisco schools and microsoft. >> coming up next in our 5:00 hour, a vicious dog attack in one bay area city, what we have learned about the dogs and the people who were attacked. >> also a new complaint about bart, what is making some riders very angry. >> good morning, traffic is getting busier, we have a couple of spots that may be just a little bit slower than usual. >> well, good morning, temperatures 30s for a few, 38 petaluma, temperatures will warm up a little bit but how much and can we hold it into the weekend?
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live in antioch where a dog attack has neighbors on em. we will tell you what happened to the dogs and how the victims are doing. >> new information about the attempted robbery that led to a police shooting last weekend in
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san francisco's marina district. how craigslist played a roll in that incident. >> we have lots of trick or treatedders later today, law enforcement will be out in force, we will tell you what to expect. >> plus the plane had to land on a remote location, we will tell you about it coming up. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we take you to san jose, oh, a lot of people excited to celebrate -- that is a nice display, some glow in the dark, yeah, that is cool because it shows for us at this early hour many people excited


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