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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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san francisco's marina district. how craigslist played a roll in that incident. >> we have lots of trick or treatedders later today, law enforcement will be out in force, we will tell you what to expect. >> plus the plane had to land on a remote location, we will tell you about it coming up. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we take you to san jose, oh, a lot of people excited to celebrate -- that is a nice display, some glow in the dark, yeah, that is cool because it shows for us at this early hour many people excited
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to celebrate, happy halloween, october 31st, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, steve a nice forecast. >> yes, yes, clear skies, cold for some, plenty of 30s, 37 santa rosa, napa 36, 40s around, more 30s popping up and 38 at petaluma, san francisco upper 40s but generally around 50 and will end up warmer today at 66 so each day bumping up. those are your temperatures in those areas so a chill there, otherwise severe clear today so sunny and warmer but a cold morning. there might be fog but the air is drier today than yesterday for sure. back into the 70s for some. 60s closer to the water. here is sal. >> steve good morning. we are looking at traffic that is getting busier by the moment as we get to this thursday, i want to show you the track on
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highway 4 is slow but parts of the antioch construction zone, antioch and pittsburgh are closed until 5:30 or so, begining to pick pick up the cones but you will be detoured, just want to let you know about that. also the commute here driving on the bay bridge approach westbound bay bridge still looks good. marin county southbound 101 a couple of problems there, southbound 101 at atherton av the clearing a crash there, northbound 101 there is a crash there clearing. 5:02 back to the desk. >> the latest from antioch this morning several people hurt last night in a dog attack. it all ended with the police
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opening fire on the dogs, tara tara moriarty is there with the details. >> he was walking his dog through a grassy area and when he approached the corner, when he turned it that is when two dog as tacked him and his dogs, this happened before 9:00 near the corner, some neighbors came out to see what the commotion was about and three were bitten by the dogs as well, we are not sure of the breed and the victims had to drive themselves to the hospital to be treated for wounds. >> i heard like screaming and a bunch of cop cars and i was scared and i heard gunshots and i ran inside. >> police shot and killed one of the dogs and captured the other when it returned later. no word yet on where the owners are or whether or not they are facing charges but the dogs are being tested for rabies.
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live in antioch, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> later today a man accused of attempted robbery shot and wounded by police is due in court, ramel is accused of that, police say he went on craigslist and then tried to rob him, he was shot after the pointed a gun at them and fired blanks, last night they held a town hall meeting to address the residents concerns. >> this is frightening i must say because you don't expect something like this to happen you know in the middle of the day. >> police released a surveillance photo they say shows na vair is holding a gun in broad daylight and also facing similar charges in san mateo today. >> the state public commission will vote on overhauling safety rules for california rail
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workers in response to the death of two bart track inspectors earlier this month. the puc is expected to require them to immediately create a new threeway communication system, the goal is to prevented break downs in communications. the puc is expected to impose other new safety rules. the coroner's office just released its report but the deaths of those two workers, investigators say christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels died of multiple blunt force injuries. a bart train hit both of them while they were inspecting the tracks near walnut creek during the first full day of the bart strike. bart says there are no immediate plans to upgrade the systems to take credit cards, thousands of rider whose sometimes come up short at the exit gate use the machines to get out of the bart station and
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some of the riders complain because the machines only take cash or change, back in 2005 those machines were upgradeed to take credit cards to pay for parking a spokesman said it would cost too much money to upgrade them again. >> passengers on board a flight from tokyo to san francisco landed safely at sfo last night but that is after making an emergency landing in a remote part of alaska. the plane was diverted when the engine warning light flashed. here are some of the photos. a spokesman said the pilots acted with caution, the plane was careying 167 passengers and 11 crew members, oddly enough nearly double the population of cold bay where the landed, a second aircraft was sent there to take every one back. >> later today trick or treaters will be out and the police reminding all of us especially drivers be careful. law enforcement agencies have
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teamed up and watching for drunk drivers, janine de la vega joining us live now from los gatos to tell us about some of the activities planned. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, daveful well, we are here in a neighborhood in las gatos that always does it up big every halloween, you can see residents go all out and trick out their houses like this one here that has glow in the dark skeletons, the street always crawling with kids and while it is fun it can also be dangerous if you are not careful. it is one of the deadliest holidays and the national traffic safety administration say that. on monday a drunk driver was arrested for hitting and killing a woman and last week a couple was walking their dog
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when they were struck and killed by an intoxicated driver, they are deploying officers to look for drunk drivers, children are the biggest risk so they recommend those things, there are numerous events in san jose, trick or treating there today, there will also be a harvest carnival with games and prizes at the church there and there is also going to be flashlight tour held there. and that is just a sampling of the events happening in the south bay on halloween night, live from los gatos, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a san francisco cab company is offering free rides this halloween to make sure everybody gets home safely,
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luxor cabs offering them between 10:00 and 4:00, only the trips worth 35 dollars or less will be free, all you have to do is mention berg injury lawyers. to find that click there and find that guide. >> an explosion and the campus injured a child and burned another person, the daily cal reports that cannister blew up while people were cooking food held by a student group, police said a 10-year-old complained of back pain and an adult had burns to the apartment. an apartment building destroyed will remain rent controlled, there was concern the landlord would demolish it
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and replace it with higher rent but they announced they will maintain that rent controlled status. >> a stunning new development in that castro valley nursing home scandal, shocking information we are getting about one of the patients. >> and vandalism in oakland made national news years ago, now there is a new case tied to that. >> good morning, right now traffic is doing well but getting slow traffic in parts of the east bay and also on the peninsula. >> well clear skies out there, looks cold for sure but the afternoon temperatures look warmer today. we will show them to you coming right up.
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welcome back, 5:12, a child care worker in san mateo accused of kissing and inappropriately touching a young girl, police say he made friends with the girl at the elementary school. police investigated him after a school district worker said the saw the girl sitting on his lap earlier this month. he is a part-time employee with the school district. right now he is out of jail on 100,000 dollars bail. there is also a new criminal case tied to the new defunct your black muslim bakery in oakland. he was among them, prosecutors dropped the charges against
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him, robinson is now charged in the suspected real estate fraud scheme that cost two investers almost 77,000 dollars. >> earlier their week we reported on a massive backlog in cases of guns illegally in the possession of convicted felons, ktvu is going along now as officers try to make up ground one case at a time. >> -- supposed to turn them over to authorities. >> i have no comment, get that out of my face. >> -- why didn't you surrender it. >> heather holmes was with them as they went door to door trying to hunt them down, you can see their work step-by-step some of the surprising places they found them and what needs to change this clear the backlog of cases all part of the ktvu exclusive special report tonight on the 10:00 news. also new this morning syria has destroyed all of its equipment to produce chemical
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weapons according to an announcement for the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons, that was then and they have another deadline for that. >> the president says he is taking responsibility for fixing the troubled website. >> so there is no excuse and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed, we are working over time to make sure it gets fixed every day. >> he spoke from there where mitt romney launched that, that was the basis for the affordable care act, he said their program had problems in the beginning as well. some people are getting letters from this health insurance company saying they need to upgrade their policies because of the affordable care act. >> this says because of the requirements of the new laws we can no longer offer your
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current individual health benefit plan. >> we are told the issue is with individual policies purchased since the act was signed in 2010, under the new law all plans have to include at least 10 basic services like prescription drugs mental health services and maternity care. consumer advocates say some of those old policies did not cost much put they didn't cover much either. >> here in california we certainly have seen plans that you know cover doctors but not hospitals, hospitals but not doctors, that covered your first day of hospitalization but not your second. >> now, if you have the old policies you will have to pick another one by january 1st. analysts say some people will end up paying more, others may end up paying less, especially if you qualify for a federal subsidy. >> the federal budget deficit has fallen below 1 trillion dollars for the first time in 5
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years, it dropped to 680 billion dollars, both the obama administration and republicans are citing their own cost cutting efforts for the dip in the deficit but economists point to several reasons including a growing economy and higher taxes on wealthy americans. millions of people who use food stamps will see a cut in benefits tomorrow, the agriculture department says the payment for a family of 4 will shrink by 36 dollars a month, that is because a temporary boost from the stimulus bill is expiring. more than 47 million americans receive food stamps. >> time is 5:17, the fda says almost 7% of imported spices were contaminated with salmonella, the fda says more than 80 different types of salmonella were found during a three year period. it also says imported spices were twice as likely as other inspected foods to be contaminated. >> 5:17 is the time, we have sal back this morning. >> welcome back. >> thank you, dave, pam, you
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know it is good to be back here on my very long thursday and friday week of work but we will get through somehow. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound. it is a nice looking drive up to downtown oakland and you can see that the weather is clear as well. 580 looks good. driving this morning out to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic does look good. there are no major problems as you drive through, there hasn't been a problem with south bound 101, they cleared that, northbound 101 that is gone, the person taken to the hospital, the lanes clear, 5:18, let's go to steve. >> thank you, a very good morning, clear and cold, 30s, 40s, 50s but mainly 40s and so far can't find fog, doesn't mean it won't form but maybe patches or two but not anything close to yesterday so we start
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off cold, sunny for all and warmer, 70s here, sunshine and warmer today and tomorrow, looks like still okay on saturday and cooler sunday. warmer pattern, maybe puff of a offshore breeze, temperatures come up a little bit, not a lot, we will see warmer temperatures, back into the 70s for highs around the bay and inland and looks clear and will stay clear, not much happening unless the northern part of the state, 40s here but also 30s navato, santa rosa, petaluma, half moon bay 39, walnut creek 41, livermore says 45 but i bet you can find close to 40 degree readings, otherwise if you like sunshine and warmer temperatures today is one of your days cold, fog, not yet but maybe pop up here, 60s and 70s again but the days are short here, i always double clutch on those, i apologize, i
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do. 60s and 70s, alameda 66, walnut creek 72, brentwood 73, oakley 73. 72 danville. 70s even for morgan hill, gilroy, las gatos, cupertino, and there, santa cruz looks good, 60s coast and low 70s for much of the peninsula including san mateo looks good today tonight though once that sun starts to go like that the temperature drops fast but clear, warmer friday, saturday looks good but cooler, don't forget we fall back yes, we do on those clocks sunday, cooler and breezy on monday. >> they are half up and half down, some worried about that in the near future. invisitors have similar fears, they dropped down that much. our numbers the futures indicate a lower opening across the board for the dow, the 
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nasdaq and s & p 500 and that follows losses yesterday as well, keep an eye on facebook stock this morning when it opens up, it showed a 60% of revenue in the third quarter, analysts say that comes from that but some worry after they said there was a decrease in daily use by younger teenagers instagram instead. >> the red sox won the world series, the city of boston was filled with emotion, a very impromptu the fans stayed into's ton strong and honors victimmed of the bombings. >> we will tell you where cigarette sales will soon have the same age restrictions as alcohol. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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time now 5:24, a move in new york city to raise the cigarette buying age from 18 up to 21. the new york city council approved it. they also approved making all packs of cigarettes cost more than 10 dollars. mayor bloomberg says he will sign it into law. that law will take effect six months after the mayor signs it. >> we are now hearing from the california driver ticketed for wearing google glass behind the wheel. san diego software developer is
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one of the a small group of people using and testing the computer you can wear like glasses, a officer pulled her over for speeding and gave her a ticket for having a video monitor within her field of sight. >> he started to ask questions about why are you wearing google glass why are you driving and he was very like why like it is a super crime, i got shocked, i never heard it was illegal in california before. >> earlier this month she gave a talk about it and touched on the idea people might be better drivers if insurance companies monitored the use of the device. >> 5:25, an organization of doctors want more studies on concussions in young athletes, the institute of medicine and the national research council says far too little is known about the risk of peewee athletics like that. the doctors want a national
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system to track sports related concussions. tomorrow is opening day for skiers there. a spokesperson says there has enough snow to open early, only offered on the advance terrain, season passes valid and it costs 20 bucks. san francisco's top cop a crime victim himself, somebody broke into his car outside of his house, how he is reacting and what was stolen. >> and good morning, the puc will be meeting to talk about worker safety. we will tell you about the new rules they are expected to approve. >> and if you are driving into san francisco on the bridge traffic looks good, getting in on the span. >> well, a little chill in that morning air but it is going to give way to sunshine and warmer temperatures today. how much warmer and how long will they last?
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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>> boo, good morning, welcome back, happy halloween, live pictures, from los gatos, do we give you halloween on a thursday morning? i have got a bone to pick with that guy but anyway we are out not only talking about that but also talking about being safe with the kids trick or treating. talk more about that in a
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couple of minutes. welcome back, brand new day, thursday, october 31st, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, that is dave clark, quick, we have a bone to pick with you, steve paulson i don't have any bones to pick with you because it is nice forecast. >> i do it for you pamela. you know that. clear skies looks good, cold though so bundle up, temperatures today though will rebound a little bit here we are bumping them up, 60s and 70s and 30s and 40s, a few 50s but mainly 30s, mountains as well, santa cruz yesterday hit 64, today 66, cool but dip it to 49 and warm you up, 26 tahoe, 39 eureka, 49 there, clear skies and nothing upstream except dry, 60s by coast and bay, maybe 70s there,
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here is sal. >> good morning, looking at traffic becoming busier. now looking at some of these commutes showing signs of slowing down at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have slowing in the left lanes. still looks good on the right. not much of a delay at all as if you are in the left it might take you a minute or two and that is about all. the morning commute does look good if you are driving this morning on the san francisco drive. northbound 101 track looks good as you drive through. no major problems there. southbound 101 in marin county an earlier crash off the san mateo bridge the traffic looks good to the peninsula. now back to the desk. >> happening today a state agency will vote on a plan to overhaul safety rules for california rail workers. the move is in response to the deaths of two bart track inspectors earlier this month. ktvu's claudine wong has been looking over the puc records in this case and joins us from san
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francisco good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, yeah this sack of papers is called general order 175 and deals with that safety and talked about at this meeting here at 9:30. the purpose of this general order 175 is to," significantly enhance and promote safe rail transit systems and provide effective protection for california rail transit workers. this does come as the ntsb continues its investigation into the deaths of two bart workers on the tragedies, and while that is considered by the puc the bulk of the work has actually be in the works for a while. it started in 2009, they started to look into the safety rules after the worker fatalities there. the commission found the work regulations in place that specifically applied to them, instead most was freight transit. now the commission looked at 12
5:33 am
accidents, 12 fatal accidents across the country and came up with this list of recommendations and that is what has brought us here. so what will change for workers? there are adjustments will how they communicate, how flags are used and orders bart and other agencies to begin testing some type of alarm system and also addresses this idea of simple approval, that has been talked a lot about in the wake of these other two fatalities along the bart tracks where a worker goes out and basically is responsible for their own safety. that was suspended after the accident and also addressed by them. we will take a look at these more and have more for you in the morning news. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2news. >> we also have new information about the disappearance and death of a patient there. the body was discovered in a stairwell earlier this month. she had vanished there, been missing for more than two weeks
5:34 am
before her body was found. we have been told that today investigators from the california department of public health will interview five san francisco sheriff's deputies about this case. now currently there are both state and local investigations into this incident. also today investigators from the fbi and the state attorney general's office will hold a meeting with law enforcement officers in the east bay and launch an official investigation into the shocking incident in an assisted living facility in castro valley. 14 sick, elderly and bed ridden patients left alone there after regulate, shut down the senior care facility last week. now you are looking at a picture of one there living there, edmond bascome, missing for several days. >> mr. basscom has been a miss in person many times in the past so we don't consider him at risk but the fact he went
5:35 am
missing during this time period is a little bit concerning to us. >> now bascom was apparently last seen at the san leandro bart station friday afternoon. investigators say edmond bascome is 5'10," weighs 180 pounds, again there is a photo on our screen. he is said to be in fairly good health but does have a habit of walking away from facilities. he was last seen wearing an oakland raiders shirt and fishing hat with blue pants and black boots. >> 5:35, new questions in santa rosa but the sheriff's deputy who sot and killed 13-year-old andy lo pest, the san francisco kong kel says he told investigators investigators he didn't remember if he identified himself before shooting lopez, lopez was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle, the deputy says he thought it was reel and feared for his life. max wade the young man accused of attempted murder and
5:36 am
stealing the scar of a celebrity chef now awaits sentencing after being found guilty of crimes that may put him in prison for a long time, the jury deliberated for eight hours and convicted him of attempted murder and stealing the celebrity chef's lamborghini. prosecutors say he was infatuated with a girl and could not handle seeing her with another guy so he targeted that young man. wade was 17 at the time those crimes were committed. >> a life with parole allegation, i don't think that should apply to someone that you know when -- when the conviction happened when they were 17. >> his lawyer is hoping the judge takes his age and maturity level into consideration when he is
5:37 am
sentenced, he was found not guilty of trying to kill the young lady, her mother said that. >> san francisco police chief says even he is not immune to being a victim of crime, a few weeks ago someone broke into his car there. the chief says he car burglar made off with a jacket and it is unsolved. tonight means the streets will be packed with trick or treaters, that has them stepping up enforcement efforts, janine de la vega joins us from there to tell us about some of the axtifts. you are looking kind of spooky out there. >> reporter: yes that is my photographer george bustos set that up. i don't know what it looks like but it is dark here, you can see that here. there is going to be a lot of kids on the street tonight and something to keep in mind if
5:38 am
you are out walking and trick or treating, just because 1 car stops doesn't mean the next one will, it is one of the deadliest holidays of the year on the roadwayings and they say the latest statistics show 52% of all the national fatalities occurring then involve a drunk driver, on monday 1 was affidavitted for hitting and killing a woman and last week a couple was walking their dog when they were killed by an intoxicated driver, they are deploying additional patrols to look for drunk drivers, pedestrian injuries are the most common to children on halloween so it is recommended to walk in groups, use reflective tape on clothing and carry a flashlight, if there is no sidewalk walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic so you can see what is coming.
5:39 am
here is some events, there is trick or treating in willow glen there from 3:00 to 4:30, and also a harvest carnival at the church there from 5:30 to 8:30 and flashlight tours held at the winchester mystery house from 6:30 to midnight so lots of activitys to choose from because those are just a few happening in the south bay. reporting live from los gatos, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> love the look. i have heard that is cool. if you are looking for that go to our website, click there and you will find a halloween guide. >> 5:39, following developing news now, a big earthquake just hit taiwan, they said it was magnitude 6.6, now information is still coming in but we have nod had reports of damage or
5:40 am
injuries but a big earthquake there, we will bring you details when we get it. >> they have scheduled a conference to give the report but changing the rules on passenger use of electronic devices in flight. a special panel has been discussing allowing them to use cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices even while planes are taxiing, taking off or landing. the group includes the tsa, airlines, amazon executives and more, they studied whether they interfere with navigational systems. >> 5:40, california education officials say they are surprised but a letter from the federal government that threatens to with hold more than 3.5 billion dollars, california is changing the type of testing it conducts and this is scheduled t be a transition year, the state doesn't want to force every student to take pot the english and math exams and doesn't plan to make public the
5:41 am
results of the tests taken. well the federal government says other states harve found ways to make the changes and still comply with the testing laws. the new uc president janet napolitano announced she is setting aside 5 million dollars to support students who entered the u.s. illegally, now she made her first major address as the president of the uc in san francisco last night. some critics have objected to her new job, saying undocumented students will feel unsafe because of the large number of deportations carried out while she was homeland security secretary. >> let me be clear, uc welcomes all students who qualify academically, whether they are documented or undocumented. >> still protesters chanted outside her visit to oakland tech high school earlier yesterday. inside she encouraged low
5:42 am
income students to apply to uc, telling them if their families earned under 80,000 dollars a year they won't have to pay tuition. >> the red sox are the 2013 world champions -- champions and their fans pottied into the night. >> this is unbelievable -- >> -- fans pouring out of fenway park and nearby bars to celebrate. fans unfortunately though we got video of this, a car that was tipped over, nine people were arrested for unruly behavior, according to a tweet from police with the hash tags go home and celebrate responsibly. the win caps off an emotional season following the bombings of the boston marathon in april, after fans gathered there to acknowledge how far they have gone, the team wore them on their uniforms to
5:43 am
commemorate those affected by the attacks. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years, the red sox are world champions. >> that is right, this is their third championship since 2004, the red sox defeated the cardinals 6-1 in game 6, if you missed it ortiz named mvp, the title comes after a last place finish for the team last year. a good friend of mine grew up near boston and he tweeted and sent me a text there is a potty tonight in boston. >> potty, that is the way say it. >> yeah. >> back here two dogs attacking a man and several people who came to his aid, the latest on those injuries and what happened when the police arrived. >> also toll cheats who figure out a way to cross bridges for
5:44 am
free, we have new information on this investigation. >> good morning. if you are driving soon getting on to the bridge or the south bay commute looks good so far. >> the weather will be pretty good not so far because it is cold but will by later today with warmer temperatures but how long will they last?
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elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and time now 5:46, flash flooding in parts of texas this morning, storms overnight dumped more than 7 inches of rain in some areas. there may be three to five more inches of rain later. we have seen several water rescues there with drivers caught in these floods one woman in the austin area was
5:47 am
rescued while going into labor. meantime back here at home a body found in nevada county is believed to be that of a missing golds miner from san jose, found yesterday afternoon near the yuba river not far from where his car was found, he was reported missing monday, his family says he went mining for gold last week and didn't come home as planned, an autopsy will be performed on the body to identify it and determine the cause of death. >> in a story you will see only on two, an update on our investigation when we exposed bridge toll cheats who have figured out a way to cross bay area bridges for free. those cheaters are using cardboard dealer placards which can't be traced as we have been reporting, this scam costing the state millions but it appears california is the only state that doesn't require a temporary plate. >> there are many other states
5:48 am
that are able to achieve this. california can't seem to. >> we obtained documents showing an average of 100,000 vehicles a month crossing bridges with no license plate. >> 5:47. two very big south bay technology companies say they are not opening up their systems to the federal government. yahoo and google said that after a washington post report. the post said the national security agency secretly broke into the datacenters of both of those companies. that could give the government access to hundreds of millions of user accounts and that could create global distrust among -- about using those companies which could hurt the economy in silicon valley. >> 5:48, check back in with sal for a look at traffic and keep reminding people it is halloween, be careful, so watch out. >> yeah, you know you just have to drive a lot more carefully
5:49 am
because a lot of kids wearing dark costumes out there. let's take a look at the commute now, traffic moving along well on the bridge into san francisco, there are no major problems on the way through into the city. small delay at the toll plaza. san francisco itself does look good, northbound 101 the traffic there is moving well, northbound 280 traffic out to the extension is off to a descent start and the peninsula the traffic is moving along nicely on 101 and 280 heading south looks good to san mateo now to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. >> he said thank you. >> is that you. >> thank you. >> sfo clear skies and can't find any you show you that in a second, high pressure built in will hang around, maybe cooler by the weekend but still dry, no rain in sight so we start off clear, cold this morning maybe fog, i think i saw some
5:50 am
there but that is all i scan find, sunny for all and warmer today, sunshine today and tomorrow, trying to get a little hint of an offshore breeze, i don't see much. most locations say scam but warmer today and friday as well, top it out on friday, some of the morning lows sebastopol, petaluma, felton all 39 and they are 39 so clear readings, sunny all over the place and the aforementioned stuff is coming from there, look at the rain that stretches there and everybody in between so there is a lot of active weather just not here and even some there, not much but a little bit, we just get high pressure and temps 30s and 40s and 50s san francisco and also sfo, everyone else though checking in much much cooler, clear skies looks good today, sunnied a warmer weather on the way after a cold morning, might be patches of fog hit there and
5:51 am
onbut not a lot, temperatures warming up here, 70s 74 clear lake, flaft to 71, kent field 71, napa, vallejo, fairfield 73, 68 richmond, 73 concord, pleasant hill, berkeley 67, oakland 68, antioch brentwood, all around 73, 74, pleasanton 72, low 70s from there to gilroy even santa cruz, 73, 60s on the coast in san francisco to san bruno, men low 70s on the peninsula including redwood city, palo alto, 72, nice day but once that sun drops the temperature does fast. maybe a breeze and don't forget we fall back on the clocks and cooler on monday. >> they will make a cup of
5:52 am
coffee then. they will test sales before doing that. not offering any details but sells bags in canada for the equivalent of 9 dollars a pound, they sold that, they say its loyalty program brought them in and they also benefited from the lower cost of coffee beans this year. the super bowl advertiser known for its racy ads toning it down, today go will announce two ads in the broadcast and will keep danica patrick but insiders say these ads carey a new brand message and use humor to get this point across. >> they are always different. 5:52, investigating a terrifying car crash on the streets of san francisco, how a stolen car caused chaos, collisions and injuries and what the police are telling us now about that driver. >> plus who is big enough to
5:53 am
unseat the leader of the catholic church this the pint- sized surprise made himself right at home at the vatican.
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5:55 am
5:5, walnut creek has several big development projects underway but some are saying it is more than the city can handle, three new buildings
5:56 am
are being built in walnut creek, they will have 475 new apartments and condos as well as retail space. two other apartment buildings av been approved but the construction has not started yet, three more are under review, city leaders say growth is good for the city but not everybody agree. >> if they do what they talk about people will make a point not to come here because it is to difficult to get parking. >> we are hopeful people will talk opportunities to walk, to bike, to use bart. >> the are mans to tear down part of broadway plaza there and add an extra 300,000 square feet of shopping space, that still has to be approved by the city council. later this morning tesla mortars will show off its model st. electric sedan, two cars are in the midst of completing the west coast super charger --
5:57 am
charter route from san diego, to vancouver, british columbia, there are powering stations there and this morning tesla will document by that hosting an event there as those cars go zooming past the city. >> this weekend 150,000 people jammed into the square to see the leader of the catholic church but it was a little boy who joined the show, there you go, he joined the pope and quickly settled into the seat, sat in the white chair, he liked it so much he decided to stick around there and look at that, at one point he even hugged the pope's leg. you know what a -- what an amazing testament to this pope, he just kind of patted him on the head. >> absolutely. >> look at him. >> amazing. >> me and my friend the pope. >> we will see more of that
5:58 am
kid. >> 5. 57, still ahead a dog attack left several people, were it happened and what happened when the police got there, we will update everything. >> plus what we now know this morning about the man san francisco police say they were forced to shoot last weekend and the photo police say is proof he was a dangerous man. >> good morning, right now traffic is getting busier, especially on some of the core commutes including there. >> well 39 at pacifica, how about that? cold readings on the coast, a nice day, temperatures warming. but how long will that last? send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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well are live in antioch where a vicious dog attack lands 4 people in the hospital, we spoke to a neighbor and will tell you what he has to say. >> we have more about the police shooting in the district, find out about the craigslist connection. >> making the tracks safer, what the puc is doing that could change things.


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