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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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well are live in antioch where a vicious dog attack lands 4 people in the hospital, we spoke to a neighbor and will tell you what he has to say. >> we have more about the police shooting in the district, find out about the craigslist connection. >> making the tracks safer, what the puc is doing that could change things. >> plus police getting ready
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for a busy night, how they are hoping to make it safe for everybody. we continue. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> good morning, we want to take you out to antioch this morning where we are covering just a very scary story of a dog attack. understand that a man was attacked while walking his dogs, neighbors heard, came out to help, they were attacked as well, one of the dogs shot. we will check in with her in a moment out there this morning with more. this thursday, october 31st, halloween. >> yes, it is. >> i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, let's check with weather and traffic, it doesn't feel as cold. >> tell that to them but i know what you mine, no fog but drier, moisture this morning content is not as high as
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yesterday still though going to be a sunny day, temperatures 30s and 40s and 50s, clear, cool could cold, patchy fog there, can't find any yet, sunny for all, warmer there, those are some of your lows in those areas, so everyone under clear skies, and 40s and although a couple in the 50s overall nothing in the way of clouds so sunny and warmer, cold morning, patches of fog, again i put that in but can't find any, 60s, around the coast, bay and 70s inland, here is sal. >> good morning, looking at the roads getting more crowded. i want to take you to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is more crowded, not a huge delay but there, watch for slow traffic there and no major
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problems on the bridge. the traffic is moving along okay. no problems by the way on the bridge lower deck between san francisco and oakland, which is becoming a commute on its own. this is a look at westbound 92, the san mateo bridge, that traffic is okay. i do want to mention in sonoma county stage coach, that is route 116, there is a closure, a sig alert, which means they think it is going to be there f a bit. this was a traffic accident and now power lines are down and pg&e is on the way to get these lines back up so highway 116 in sonoma county, stagecoach road is closed due to power lines down there, so we will let you know more next time around, back to the desk. >> four people are injured after being attacked by dogs in antioch, tara moriarty live in the neighborhood where this happened. people were trying to help the
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man who was being attacked and you just spoke to a neighbor. >> that's right, he said it was a crazy seen and blood still on the sidewalks and the dog got close to his house so he decided to stay inside and lock the doors but if you take a look this is the path where a man was walking his dogs when he was attacked by other dogs, this happened before 9:00 last night there. other people ran out of their homes to see what the commotion was about and the dogs turned on them. we are still not sure of the breed but do know some of the victims were taken away by ambulance and others drove themselves to the hospital to be treated for wounds, mostly to the arms and legs. >> well, i am just like glad it wasn't halloween because with the kids coming out and the like little ones and if that happened during halloween when they were all trick or treating and having a good time with
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their family it would have just been horrific and devastating. >> police shot and killed one of the dogs and captured the other one when it returned. no word on where the owners are or whether or not they will face charges. we put in a call to police. the dogs are being tested for rabies, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is now 6:4. later today a man accused of attempted robbery shot and wounded sunday by san francisco police, he is due in court. 19-year-old ramel navaez accused of attacking a man there, police say he went on craigslist arranged to buy an iphone from the victim and tried to rob him. they say he was shot after he pointed a gun at police officers and fired what turned out to be blanks, last night the police held a town hall meeting to address the concerns of residents. >> you have a lot of folks that just are questioning the
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security of their neighborhood and that is why i think the message from the police department needs to be one of reassurance. >> they releaseed this photo that shows him with a gun and did that also. >> today they will release a man to overhaul safety rules for them. the move is in response to that. claudine wong has been looking over the records in the case and join us now from san francisco. >> reporter: well things could change very quickly for transit workers when it comes to the rules in which they work along the tracks. we are here at the puc building the meeting will be held at 9:30 this morning and if the puc approves what is called a general order 175 it would create for the first time state laws to address worker safety for transit workers. certainly the fatal accident
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will be on the minds of the puc when they gather here this morning put the body of this work started 4 years ago in the wake of the 2008 worker fatality. the puc said then there were regulations in place but nothing that dealt specifically with transit workers in california, so the commission put this together to try to change that. the board is expected to approve this today and it would create a new communication system that would keep all better in line with each other, bart is already taking this into account even though it hasn't been approved yet, bart spokesperson told the times that bart is supportive of the rules and since it is revamping its own rules it is incorporating the requirements and language of this order, but it also looks ahead, suggesting within a year of this order they should have back up alarms
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and want agencies to have a process for an early warning alarm technology, that would mean something like a portable track train detector, something they could put on the tracks and then make sure that if a train was coming the workers could actually hear that, what they want is something to look at that, a written report in two years and maybe something in place by four years from now, again it starts at 9:30 this morning. >> last night passengers on a flight finally arrived at sfo but not before they made a landing in alaska there, it was diverted when a warning light flashed on. there are photos, the spokesman said they acted with caution, it carried 167 passengers and 11 crew, almost double the population of the place where
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they landed, a second plane was sent there to take every one to sfo. >> a special panel has been studying that. coming up i could tell you we could learn if you no longer have to put those up. >> an explosion there injured one and burned one. they report a small gas cannister blew up while they were cooking food. a 10-year-old complained of pain and an adult had burns to the arm. an apartment building there destroyed there in a fire will remain rent controlled. there was concern the landlord would replace the property with
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higher rent housing, however it was announced it would maintain rent controlled status. a worker is accused of kissing and inappropriately touching a young girl, police say he met her while working at an after school program there. police investigated him after a school district worker reported seeing the girl sitting on his lap earlier this month. he is a part-time employee with the school district. he is out of jail on 100,000 dollars bail. >> time now 6:10, it is halloween and extra police will be out cracking down on drunk drives tonight. the chp says it is one of the deadliest holidays of the year. dui check points will be sit up in several cities tonight and the police again reminding you and everybody else if you plan to drink have a designated driver or catch a cab. >> yeah, definitely and watch
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out for those trick or treaters. 6::10 is the time. a stunning development in the scandal, the information we are getting about one of the patients there. >> plus that made national news, now there is a new criminal case tied to your black muslim bakery. >> good morning, if you are driving out of the house now things are busier,. >> we have 30s on the coast around the bay and inland, 40s as well but lots of sunshine today and how much warmer on those afternoon highs. we will show them to you coming up.
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tame now 6:13, the driver of a stolen car in san francisco yesterday will face several charges, police say he ran a red light and caused a 4 car crash, this happened around noontime in the richmond district. 5 people were injured had to go to the hospital including a pedestrian hit by flying debris. >> he was gushing blood from his head from -- it looked like a brake pad had blown out from the car. >> investigators say the 25- year-old suspect was driving a stolen honda going at least 40 miles an hour in a 25 mile an
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hour zone. there is a new criminal case tied to the now defunct bakery there, he was charged with that, prosecutors later dropped the charges against him in a case that actually made national news, robinson is now charged in a suspected real estate fraud scheme that cost two investors almost 77,000 dollars. >> airline passengers could find out next hour whether they can start using their phones and tablets during take offs and landings, as kyla campbell reports the federal aviation administration is more than two weeks behind in making this announcement. >> reporter: pam they blamed the shut down for why it has not released findings but in 45 minutes he will talk about that, which could include
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allowing passengers to use phone, tablets and other divisions while they take off and land, it includes those groups and more and studied whether they interfere with navigation and it could mean passengers can keep their e readers, ipods and other devices on, i reached out to my contact to get a sneak peak but she says she cannot release details ahead of the news conference. it starts in 45 minutes, i will watch it live and have the developments for you at 7:15, live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in 45 minutes they will hold a hearing into that. the committee will examine whether the government is doing enough to check the backgrounds of those they hire. suspected gunman and former reservist is accused of killing a dozen people. he was working for a company
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that had a subcontract with hewlett-packard. also today prosecutors are expected to recommend whether to seek the death penalty against boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, prosecutors will make their recommendation to attorney general eric holder, who will ultimately make that decision. a federal judge has recently rejected a defense motion that was seeking more time to prepare a presentation opposing the death penalty. >> 6:16, earlier this week we reported on a massive backlog in cases of guns illegally in the possession of convicted felons, now ktvu is there as police try to make up ground one case at a time. >> reporter: -- supposed to turn them over to -- >> -- no comment, get that out of my face. >> why didn't you -- >> -holmes was recently with special agents going door to door trying to hunt down these weapons. you will see their work step-by- step, some of the surprising places they found illegally owned guns and what needs to
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change to clear up that backlog of cases. all part of the ktvu exclusive special report tonight on the 10:00 news. >> millions of people who use food stamps will see a cut in their benefits tomorrow. the agriculture department says the maximum payment for a family of four will shrink by 36 dollars a month. because the temporary boost from the 2009 stimulus bill is expiring, more than 47 million americans receive food stamps. >> sal has returned handling everything. >> i am and pam's tweet, did you see that? >> yes. >> pam tweeted that. i will go check him out. >> you need to. >> good. good morning. look for a picture on my facebook soon because i got my
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camera right here. let's go, westbound bay bridge you could see slow traffic there on to the tunnel. there are no major problems but it could by a stall on the other side, doesn't usually look this way, slow also at the toll plaza. backing up for about the metering lights on the way -- backing up for a 10 minute delay there. san mateo bridge could be an option. right now doesn't look bad and hayward getting there and traffic moving well, 116 closed because of power lines down, pg&e on the way, southbound 101 as a result is slower than normal, now to steve. >> did you see my retweet on that photo of dave? no. i will look right now. >> the guy in the background scares me. our director kim lawrence -- >> -- that -- >> e-frightening sight, okay, all in fun, we have clear skies, it is cold, made myself laugh, which is e-that is bad,
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all right, let's go, kind of a cold paper but sunny and warmer so no rain of you in sight for those of you, no, nothing right now, today and tomorrow warmer, tomorrow the warmest day and temperatures going up each day, today more so. we do find we see 60s showing up, 66 degrees, 49 to start off in san francisco, the aforementioned ken lawrence standing there looking at me, clear skies there, if you have not heard tremendous amount copious as we say texas reports of 6 to 10 inches of rain and most of the country is dealing with that, not here so you figure that and guess what from there and heading northeast and pacific northwest getting a little bit, here it is very quiet, 30s and 40s and 30s on the coast, pacifica 39, 39 half moon bay an hour ago, now 41, 26 tahoe, 37 ukia, 30 and once
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we get cranked up sunny and warmer but takes while, the nights longer and longer, sunny and warmer, fog, but no reports highs 70s, those are your highs in those areas. alameda 66, berkeley 65 and low 70s there, saratoga at 72, half moon bay the 60s, san bruno 68, redwood city 72 and palo alto as well. clear skies don't have to worry about anything but a chill, nighttime temperatures drops fast, nice saturdayings cooler and breezy on sunday, fall back on the clocks and a cooler breezy pattern monday. >> i could not forget that, 6:21, this morning the labor
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department reported the number of americans filing claims slipped down but still hire higher than that. california says it fixed its problems that delayed claims, if those numbers are up to date it mines the job market is softening again. apple calling some and asking for them back, they are replacing a limited number of the phones because of a defect. the problem can reduce the battery life or make it take longer to charge. apple will not say how many of the phones have the defect but does say the issue is not a safety concern. >> all right. pam. 6:22. do you believe it? somebody robbed san francisco police chief. he says they broke into his car. what was stolen and the latest on the status of the case. >> also a woman in california got a traffic ticket for wearing google glass while driving. now we hear from the woman behind the glass. the great american novel.
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dollars, the mayor says he will sign it into law. the law will take effect six months after he signs it. >> 6:25, hearing from a woman driver, she got a ticket because she was wearing those google glass eyeglasses as she was driving. she software developer is one of the small group of people using and testing these special eyeglasses. a officer pulled her over tuesday for speeding and gave her a ticket because she had a video monitor within her sight. >> and started to ask questions about that and he was very like why like it was a super crime, i got very shocked, i never heard that before. >> earlier she gave a talk about that and talked about the idea that people might be better drivers if insurance companies kept an eye on the use of that device. >> san francisco 49er
6:27 am
linebacker alden smith is free on bail after surrendering to south bay law enforcement on charges, he posted bond and was released. he still faces three charges for illegally possessing assault weapons found at his home and also faces charges for a separate incident last month. he is away from the team as he rehabs from alcohol abuse. the golden state warriors began the new season with a victory against this rivals, clay thompson scored 38 points in a spectacular shooting performance and they beat the lakers in a blowout 125-94, david lee 25 points stef curry had 10, the lakers started without kobe bryant and steve
6:28 am
nash, both injured. tonight is the night for trick or treaters, who police are doing to keep them safe. >> we are here where police arrest an employee for inappropriately touching a student, we will tell you where the investigation leads.
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welcome back. there is the opening bell live and goose bumps ringing the nasdaq, appropriately on this halloween morning that is a very successful series children's books by scholastic goose bumps and celebrating that and -- >> -- girl on the right. >> look at her, what is she dressed as a little cupcake. >> i don't think -- >> -- cupcake -- >> -- series that streamed on netflix, check that out if you
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like the books, happy halloween, get you the business numbers in a moment. >> that's right, we will smile and say good morning, thank you for joining us here, it is halloween, thursday october 31st, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, steve says that. >> bone chilling cold for some out there, 30s, a bunch around here, i saw that there, we have clear skies, it is a nice day, morning lows there. how about that? winds 39 and even woodsided a 39, throw them in there, those are your temperatures and without that fog it is cooler but once we get going it is a sunny and warmer day, not a cloud to be found, maybe a patch or two of fog but late
6:32 am
showing up, here yesterday but not today, so 60s by the coast and 70s there. >> we are getting busy according to me maps the bay bridge is seeing that, not severe but slowing maybe more on the 10 minute side, on 880 driving there almost no delay especially if you use fast track, 880 oakland that looks good, no major problems, looking at the livermore valley, via the map system, you can see a lot of slow traffic over the altamont pass, it does even out, more slow patches in dublin moving to the nimitz freeway a good start there, back to the desk. >> in the news four people in the hospital after a vicious aclast 9 in a dog attack there,
6:33 am
tara moriarty is there right now and getting new information about what happened. >> reporter: yeah, we spoke to a neighbor this morning and he says he heard get your pit bull, get your pit bull when this attack was happening so he believes they were either pit pulls or mixes and it happened here and actually bled out into the street, a man was walking his dogs when he was attacked by two others, this happened there and neighbors ran out and the dogs turned on them, so 4 attacked, some of them taken away by ambulance, others drove themselves to the hospital for wounds. >> i was staying up here because they kept running -- because there is blood -- there is blood there so they got close as to here then -- so i was -- i was like -- i watched
6:34 am
it for a second then just went inside and watched from the window because you know i wasn't going to try to be on a loose pit that was already on attack mode. >> police shot and killed one of the dogs and then captured the other dog when it returned later. no word yet on where the dogs' owners are or whether or not they will face charges we don't know if they were leashed or simply gotten loose, this is all part of the investigation and we have put in a call to police. the dogs are being tested for rabies, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2news. >> getting new information about the disappearance and death of lynn spaulding. a hospital patient at san francisco general hospital. her body was discovered in a stairwell earlier this month. she had vanished for more than two weeks before her body was found. ktvu has been told that today investigator, from the state department of public health will question 5 san francisco
6:35 am
sheriff's deputies about the case, right now there are both state and local investigations underway. >> today investigators from the fbi and the state attorney general's office will hold a meeting with law enforcement officers in the east bay. they are going to launch an investigation into that shocking incident we have been reporting at an assisted living facility in castro valley, where 14 sick, elderly and bed ridden patients were left alone at the valley springs manor after regulators shut down the facility last week. you are looking at a photo over one man living there, edmond bascom, who had been missing -- has been missing for several days, investigators say he is 5'10," weighs 180 and said to be in fairly good health but has a habit of walking away from facilities. he was last seen wearing an oakland raider shirt and fishing hat with blue pants and
6:36 am
black boots. a 20-year-old after school employee is accused of inappropriately touching and kissing a girl at a san mateo elementary school. brian flores joins us now. >> reporter: yeah he worked here. the incident happened a few weeks ago but last friday they arrested him at his home there for kissing and groping a girl that attends the after school program here. the incident happened on friday, october 18th, according to a joint press release by them. police say they received a referral the following monday and that is when they removed him from contact with kids, police say after interviewing the victim they found probable cause to make an arrest. he was booked but is out after posting 100,000 dollars bail. from what we understand parents were notified yesterday and it
6:37 am
is also reported that meetings are scheduled to take place to meet with them about this, unclear when but we have contacted them and he will be arraigned then. >> 6:36, new questions in santa rosa about the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. the san francisco chronicle says the deputy told investigators he didn't remember if he identified himself as an officer before shooting lopez. lopez was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. the deputy says he thought it was a real gun and feared for his life. a marin county jury found a teenager max wade guilty of stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini, they deliberated for eight hours, the jury convicted wade of auto theft, possessing a stolen car, and the more serious crimes of
6:38 am
attempted murder and firing shots into an occupied car. wade is 19 years old. he was 17 at the time. prosecutors say he fired those shots at a young mandating a girl he liked. wade was found note guilty of trying to girl the girl, the mother said i wish he put that effort into something more positive. wade will be sentenced in december. >> the police chief said he is not immune to crime, someone broke into his car there, the chief said the thief took a jacket. that case remains unsolved. later today they will by out and police want to remind drivers to be safe. law enforcement agencies have
6:39 am
teamed up. janine de la vega joins us from los gatos and has creepy things to show us as well. >> yeah we are trying to be creative with our spooky lighting here, we are here on bachmann where they go all out and decorate and we have seen those and when it gets dark again it won't just be the trick or treaters out, extra deputies are patrolling, halloween is one of the deadliest holidays of the year, the national highway traffic safety administration says the latest statistics show that 52% of all national fatalities occurring halloween night involve a drunk driver, on monday police say a drunk driver was arrested for hitting and killing a woman, and last week a couple was walking their dog when they were struck and killed by an intoxicate driver,
6:40 am
the task force is deploying additional patrols to look for that. pedestrian injuries are the most common to children on halloween so those are recommended. if there is no sidewalk walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic so you can see what is coming. here is some events going on, there will be trick or treating in downtown willow glen on lincoln avenue there among the businesses there. there will also be a harvest festival and a carnival there and tours there and back out here live you can see it is dark and that street is blocked off, closed to any vehicle
6:41 am
traffic because they know a lot of trick or treaters are going to be out there, still track here on bachmann but again people from other neighborhoods come over here to just see this because it is quite a spectacle here in los gatos, so to make it safer for cars on kate, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a cab company is offering free rides to make sure they get home safely between 10:00 and 4:00, only trips worth 35 dollars or less will be free, so dave we can't get a free ride to work tomorrow morning but all you have to do is mention berg injury lawyers and if you are looking for that go to our website and click on that link and find a complete halloween guide. >> 6:41, some people in boston
6:42 am
having champagne with breakfast celebrating, boston, yeah, they are happy because the red sox won the world series. >> there has been a lot of talk, we will tell you how that could by changing starting this morning. >> delays are ramping up. i will tell you that. >> sky is clear and cold for some, temperatures though will rebound a little bit but for how long and can we hold it into the weekend? really special.
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happening today a state agency will vote on a plan to overhaul safety rules for california rail workers, claudine wong has been looking over the records and joins us now from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, this is called general order 175 and it is about that long, more than 100 pages as it goes over rail worker safety. if this passed it would be the first time. we are at the building, this meeting is held this morning at 9:30. they are going to go over this, we should till you even though this happens in the wake of this accident earlier this month, the body of this work
6:46 am
actually started 4 years ago after that. the puc said then that while there were federal regulations in place nothing that dealt with that so the commission for the together to change that, the board is expected to approve this today. this order would immediately create a new communication system with them between them, bart is apparently already working with the new rules even though it hasn't been passed yet, revamping everything in line with this. they are also changing on the horizon. within a year the puc wants them to have a back up alarm system and want agencies to find a way to test and evaluate early warning technology such as a track mounted portable train detector to warn workers that a train is coming, the puc wants a written report about that within two years and in place within four years, the
6:47 am
goal of all of this of course is to make the work place safer for work whose work place is inherently dangerous. >> california education officials have been told they may lose more than 3.5 billion in federal funding because they got rid of the old state advertises. california is transitioning into a new testing program, the federal government says some of the steps they took violent federal law, state officials say they are working with the federal government to try to settle those differences. >> boston red sox are the 2013 world series champions and the celebrations continue this morning. >> -- this is unbelievable, everybody want to come down -- some -- >> -- fans poured out there, unfortunately there were problems, nine people were arrested for that, probably not
6:48 am
bad considering that. that was a tweet from police with the hash tags go home and celebrate responsibly. the win caps off an emotional season following the bombings there in april and after the game fans gathered there to pay their respects and acknowledge how far the city has come since then. the team wore boston strong logos on their uniforms to commemorate those affected by the attacks. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years, the red sox are world champions. some it was loud because boston had not won it all at home since 1918. this is the team's third championship since 2004, the red sox defeated the cardinals last night 6-1, game 6, david ortiz named mvp, the title comes after a last place finish for the team last year. >> all right, time 6:48, let's
6:49 am
check in with tori campbell to see what is coming up on morningses on 2, good morning. >> good morning, in minutes the san francisco chronicle is joining a growing chorus of media who will no longer use the term redskins when reporting on the team. how they will get around that word, which is considered by many to be a racial slur. an 83-year-old woman is behind bars this among in palm springs but she is not your average citizen. >> when you see somebody that old you don't think that they are going to steal something for you. >> doris payne claims to be an international july thief with a 5 decade career, what she is accused of stealing this time and why the world will soon know a lot more about her. a suspected home burglar
6:50 am
wishes he could do a do over, those stories and more. >> thanks, 6:49, the time, how is traffic? >> it is doing okay. what may happen is they get out early so they can leave early, those are probably the parents, that is 280, it is early for it to be backed up to way but there it is, 101 is also slowing down and 85, we don't have major problems there though. also looking at the commute here on 680, i want to move the view here if i can over to this part of 680 in pleasanton an accident near bernal and another accident there, driving there give yourself extra time. let's go to steve, oops i am sorry, one more thing the bay bridge is a 15 minute delay, in
6:51 am
fact let me look at my guide here, 15 to 17 minutes, i was right on it, no problems on the bridge, 6:50, let's go to steve. >> all right, 40s and 50s there, an offshore breeze, a clear day, wall to wall sunshine, severe clear, cold here for some, just heard from a friend of mine there and she said it is so cold so it must be cold, fog and sunny and warmer today, temperatures bumping up that will give us that so we bump these temperatures up even though the nights are longer, days shorter, the angle shorter but even though those are your lows in those areas, they made it to 39 as did half moon bay, winds 39 and woodside also 39 and i
6:52 am
saw that, clear here, maybe the north coast might get clouds, a ton of rain, i mean just unbelievable amounts through texas and deep south so we are color and look at that racing across the country here so if you have travel plans there at least it is not snow but it is raining and a lot there, a little bit of rain and snow there, nothing for us here and nothing on the horizon. a lot of cold temperatures, 30s north, navato 37, 39 there again, walnut creek 31, 26 there and 45 there and sacramento 32, with 37 there but again temperatures warm up here so sunshine and warmer temperatures after a cold morning, might be fog but drier air than yesterday so i can't find too much. 60s, 70s, kind of low to mid spies for almost everybody here if you are far enough inland, oakland 68, walnut creek 72,
6:53 am
danville 72, livermore 73, brent word in there, 70 milpitas to there and santa clara 71, 60s on the coast to the city then there as well and palo alto 72, clear skies looks good tonight, the temperature dips fast but other than that everything is good to go, nice start, cooler remember we fall back on the clocks set those back one hour and cooler and breezy into monday as well. >> 6:50, new information about the toll cheats who figured out to go across bridges for free, the latest on our investigation and how california is different from the rest of the nation. >> and we have the story you have to stick around to see the whole thing, the little boy who upstaged the pope in front of 150,000 people.
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6:56 am
welcome back. live look at the big board, out there dow jones down, nasdaq and s&p down as well, the wall street journal head lane cleaver today, facebook status, we are keeping an eye on them and it is down a dollar, facebook reported earning that much in the last quarter after
6:57 am
yesterday's closing bell. it -- that is after 59 million dollars lost in the same time period last year. now at first facebook stock price almost would spike to almost 58 dollars a share but did start slipping after this finance chief said younger teens daily use on facebook is down. >> 6:56, the story you will see only here, an update on our investigation, we exposed the bridge toll cheats. they figured out a way to go across bridges for free, using placards you can't trace them, costing the state millions of dollars every year, it appears california is the only state that does not require a temporary license plate. tomorrow the ski slopes will open there, they say it
6:58 am
will open early. skiing and snow boarding offered on the advance terrain, lift tickets 20 dollars season passes are valid. >> you have to see this to believe it, this weekend people jammed there to see the leader of the catholic church but it was a little boy who stole the show, the child joined him on stage and quickly settled in to the best seat of the house, that chair looks nice, he sat in the pope's special white chair, he liked it so much, he decided to stick around there, you can see he even hugged the pope's leg at one point. >> 6:58 coming up last night in antioch a vicious dog attack, a lot of people hurt, what we learned. >> change in the air, the faa is about to make a big announcement that could lead to
6:59 am
changes for millions of airline passengers. stay with us, we will be right back. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
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